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Requested by tman, and not a bad idea if I say so myself as well. One of the joys of watching anime is that at times, you run into series that really blow you away. Inspired by Wakaranai, these are the ten anime that I consider best.

Some series who barely didn’t make this list: Paranoia Agent, Hi no Tori, Haibane Renmei, Les Miserables, Toward the Terra and Mushishi.

10: Fantastic Children
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Fantastic children probably has one of the best plot twists ever, but that’s not the only great part of this anime. Its narrative style, great characters and deep plot made this an anime I won’t forget anytime soon.

9: Shion no Ou

At first, I didn’t have that much hope for a series that was about a game I knew nothing of (Shougi), but Shion no Ou came and totally proved me wrong. With an amazing cast of characters and a terrific plot to back them up, Shion no Ou quickly dominated all the other shows in the season it aired in for me with its quality

8: Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Ah, Utena. You’re probably one of the strangest, most eccentric anime out there, but also one of the best. Its first half never failed to entertain me, while especially the final episodes starting from episode 30 were insanely good. For the first and probably only time, recycled scenes actually helped to improve an anime, giving it a ritualistic feeling, which turned out perfectly.

7: The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo
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I consider The Third as one of the best action-series, due to its incredibly versatile character of Honoka. She really is one of my favourite characters so far, and this show never failed to entertain me. It’s also one of the few shows with an actually great ending, which is a very rare thing in anime.

6: Bokura no

It may have turned down a lot of fans from the manga, but nonetheless I personally adored Bokura no. When it started, it got to work with one of the most promising premises I’ve seen, and it has definitely lived up to these expectations. The huge cast of characters has proven to be amazing as they move through the tragedy-filled story, without ever degrading into a pointless emo-fest.

5: .Hack//Sign
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.Hack//Sign has a considerable sentimental value for me, as it was the first anime I managed to see from fansubs, and I still consider it as one of the best anime ever. Okay, it’s slow, but because it was so slow, it made sure to take its time to develop its characters, only to feature a brilliant second half, full of thought-provoking character-development. It really utilized some of the best aspects of MMORPGs.

4: Simoun
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Ah, Simoun. This series has been an awesome character-study, featuring some of the saddest but also grandest scenes I’ve seen. Everything seemed to fit. It’s a true gem that doesn’t deserve its negligence.

3: Visions of Escaflowne
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Up till episode twelve, I just thought this as a normal series. But then with the arrival of episode thirteen, Visions of Escaflowne stole my heart, with one of the most intense scenes I had ever seen. To make things even better, starting from that point, the quality of this anime never even once declined, making Escaflowne a truly memorable story.

2: Noein
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At the end of the first episode, I knew that this series was going to be something special, but I never knew that it would turn out this awesome. Noein has been an amazing ride, featuring some of the best character-developments ever.

1: Mahou Shoujotai

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to see this one at the #1. Everyone has probably one series which stands miles above the others. If you haven’t yet seen such a series: keep searching, as it’s out there somewhere. For me, Mahou Shoujotai captivated me like no other, heck, it’s one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. It’s got one of the best stories and settings I’ve ever seen, the themes are awesome, and it seems like every single episode featured a new plot twist. Add some thought-provoking themes, excellent storytelling, and I’m hooked.

I’ll continue updating this list as I finish anime who are good enough to take up a spot. Obviously, anime which I haven’t seen completely are left out of it, as you’ll never know when they might turn bad or disappointing.

Now that that’s said, I’d love to everyone else’s favourite series. Don’t be afraid to drop a comment. :)

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  1. tman says:

    aaaah… cool psgels, heres my list

    (1). Cowboy Bebop & Wolf’s Rain -tie-
    (2). Berserk
    (3). RahXephon
    (4). Planet ES
    (5). Eureka SEVEN
    (6). Gankutsuou
    (7). Vision of Escaflowne
    (8). Twelve Kingdoms
    (9). Black Lagoon I/II
    (10).Samurai Champloo

    i’ll give commentary later… i have class in about 15 mins

  2. DPulver says:

    Interesting list. .Hack/Sign, Escaflowne, Simoun and Utena are certainly choices I’d agree with. Haven’t seen enough Noein or Magical Girl Squad Alice to make a decision, but both are rather nice. (Do they share a creator? There were similarities…)

    My favorite recent TV series (as opposed to movies or OAV series) would be:

    10. Saikano
    9. Revolutionary Girl Utena
    8. Gundam Seed
    7. Vision of Escaflowne
    6. Noir
    5. Maison Ikkoku
    4. Elfin Lied
    3. Nana
    2. Serial Experiments Lain.
    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    If you want to add in OAV series, Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo (OAV series), and El Hazard (OAV series) might displace some contenders.

  3. Christopher says:

    Your comment filter said my comment was filled with spam, and I had written commentary and everything :(

    Anyway I really liked your list, most fave anime lists I see are filled with Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyasha.

    Here’s my list:

    10. Wolf’s Rain- Story is confusing as heck but I still loved the characters and couldn’t help but get a little emotionally connected, plus Yoko Kanno’s music was excellent.

    09. Witch Hunter Robin- Great mood, great music, great characters, and great story made me enjoy this series all the way through.

    08. 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother- most touching anime series I’ve ever seen, really made me want to cry. A little boy goes in search of his missing mother across Latin America and he goes to go through so many difficulties for other people you can’t help but cry!

    07. Brother, Dear Brother- Some good yuri drama with some great intensity and a look into the minds of fragile/twisted young teenage girls, I really liked how dark and serious this show was.

    06. Revolutionary Girl Utena- I pretty mcuh loved it for all the reasons you said.

    05. Red Garden- You’ve blogged this series, you know how great it was!

    04. Angel Heart- beginning was sorta meh with some decent action and suspense but once we get into the part of the story when the killer starts becoming human, the story gets really touching.

    03. Arjuna- extreme environmentalism was annoying but the characters were all great and the music was incredible.

    02. Kaleido Star- this shoujo was awesome, it featured great drama, nice comedy, excellent animated circus performances, and the best female lead of any series I’ve seen.

    01. Koi Kaze- this is probably the most realistic series I’ve ever seen and I really feel how the characters are tormented by their incest. Although I don’t like what they do still I liked the characters and enjoyed seeing them go through their struggle and staying strong-willed.

  4. TL-chan says:

    That’s an interesting list. it’s not typical like many of the top 10 lists I’ve seen in the past.

    Here’s mine, though my list tends to fluctuate based on my mood:
    1. The Melody of Oblivion
    2. Gundam Seed
    3. Fafner
    4. Slayers
    5. Black Cat
    6. Peach Girl
    7. G-Gundam
    8. To Heart
    9. Cowboy Bebop
    10.El Hazard Wanderers

  5. psgels psgels says:

    Christopher: ah, that cursed spaminator… It does a fine job of keeping the spam out, but sometimes it’s a bit too enthusiastic. Luckily I managed to restore your original post, sorry for inconveniences. ^^;

    Anyway, about your list, I must say that the only ones I’ve seen were Utena and Red Garden. These other series are definitely looking interesting. :)

    Dpulver: not that I know of, Mahou Shoujotai was produced by Studio 4C, while Noein came from Media Factory and Lantis, among others.

  6. Immelman says:

    It’s quite weird to see that I loved some of the titles of your list (Noein, Visions of Escaflowne, Paranoia Agent), and others that disapointed me (Hack Sign, I’m not as impressed as you on Mahou shoujoutai). And even if I don’t have the same taste as you, I keep enjoying reading your blog. Here is my list:
    10)2 hilarious titles: School Rumble, and Hare+Guu
    9)Samurai Champloo
    6)Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
    5)Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
    4)Full Metal Alchemist
    3)Cowboy Bebop
    1)Last Exile

  7. Petrouch says:

    As you said, there’s got to be a #1 series for each person. I was lucky enough to find mine, it’s Haibane Renmei. It starts as a slice-of-life series in an unusual setting but turns into a deep, thought-provoking drama with two greatly developed main characters.
    I love the series I listed below as well, but in a way they’re just no match.

    2. Mai-HiME… Yeah, I know, the ending, the fanservice and so on. But I still really enjoyed it for some reason, even if I couldn’t exactly tell why.

    3. Simoun. Unique. I wish it could have got more attention.

    4. Battle Athletes Victory : a futuristic sports-anime with an annoying whiny main character, but the others are really interesting, especially the two friends who support her despite her being so weak-willed (they get my respect just for that). It also has a great balance of drama and comedy.

    5. Azumanga Daioh : I love slice-of-life comedies, but this one is definitely my favourite. There’s not even one weak episode and it manages to be both hilarious and heartwarming.

    6. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s : Nanoha stands out not for its plot but for its characters (well, in 13 episodes it would have been hard to develop both as much). By the way, I was worried about the third season, but now I can say I like Subaru and Teana. Maybe not as much as the “old” team, but Nanoha & Co. are still here, so it’s fine to me.

    7-8. Top wo Nerae ! Gunbuster/Top wo Nerae 2 ! Die Buster : the first OVA series is excellent. The second series has many flaws, but I can’t judge the two separately. The final scene of Die Buster was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

    And now I need two more shows… Maybe Chicchana Yuki Tsukai Sugar (great mahou shoujo, you might want to try it if you haven’t seen it) and Kino no Tabi (the first novel is waiting for me on my shelf).

  8. Rednights says:

    1. Kare Kano – minus the last episode … hands down the most fun 23 episdos ever made ….
    2. Evangelion – rei rei rei
    3. Turn A Gundam – Ugliest Gundam designed series turns out to be the best.
    4. Rorouni Kenshin – fun watch
    5. Crest of the Stars Trilogy –

  9. Wyrdwad says:

    Don’t know if I can really rank them, but here are what I’d probably consider my 10 favorites of all time, as of this moment:

    – PopoloCrois: I still say Pietoro and Narcia are the greatest fictional couple of all time, and this show just plain warms my heart every time I see it.

    – Planetes: Has what may be one of the best endings of any anime I’ve ever seen, one of the most believable worlds, and some of the most intense and realistic character development I’ve ever encountered in a work of fiction. By the end, I KNEW these people, and honestly cared about them!

    – Ashita no Nadja: I have no idea why this series isn’t more well-known, as the only possible things a person could DISlike about it would be its extreme girliness, and its melodrama. Everything else is damn near perfect. This show is just plain amazing.

    – Mahoujin Guruguru: Another gem that’s inexplicably under the radar, Mahoujin Guruguru is quite possibly the single best parody of console RPGs that has EVER existed. But amazingly, it’s not just a FUNNY show, it’s also a GENUINELY GOOD show, with really lovable characters, creative and original story arcs, and just a whole lot of fun. No RPG fan should ever go without seeing this show.

    – Kodocha: What is there to say about Kodocha except that it’s 102 episodes long, yet NEVER GETS BORING? This really may be the perfect anime, as it’s got something for just about everyone. Simply astounding.

    – Paranoia Agent: Satoshi Kon is a brilliant writer and director. There’s really little else that needs to be said. This show is just… mesmerizing.

    – Millennium Actress: See above. (: This is probably my single favorite movie of all time, animated or otherwise. I’ve never been so absolutely blown away by a work of fiction before. Everything about Millennium Actress, from the visuals to the soundtrack to the characters to the story to the pacing… EVERYTHING… is perfect. This is simply an amazing piece of work.

    – Air TV: This may seem like the “odd man out” on this list, but I find Air to have a truly unique brilliance to it. This is a show that depicts a truly REAL magic: the kind of magic that can’t be explained, and can’t be fully understood on a conscious level, but if you kinda “zone out” and let your subconscious work on making the connections, it all somehow makes perfect sense. Air also has one of the most unexpected, dare I say POSTMODERN plot twists I’ve ever seen in an anime series. It’s an amazing show, but it always seems to either get far less credit than it should, or get the right amount of credit from the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. (:

    – This is cheating, but… three-way tie between the anime works of Katsura Masakazu, including Video Girl Ai, I”s Pure, and DNA2. I really can’t pick a favorite among them, and I don’t think all three deserve individual spots in my top ten list, but at LEAST one of them does, as this guy obviously really understands romance from a man’s perspective. As a single male, every one of his works leaves me feeling lonely, but INCREDIBLY moved, usually to tears. (Well, DNA2 less so, but that show makes up for it with nonstop comedy!) Katsura is definitely some form of genius. Probably a very lonely genius, but a genius nonetheless. (:

    And finally…

    … … … I don’t know! There are a lot of anime that could potentially fill in this 10th spot, and I know if I pick one, I’ll think of a better choice later. So I’m going to stop at 9 (or 11, depending on how you look at it). (:


  10. tman says:

    @wydward, i couldnt agree with you more about planet ES

    Planet ES is a truly amazing and magnificent anime. As a matter of fact i can honestly say that this anime knocked me on my ass. I have heard so much about this anime, but the concept of garbage men in space just never appealed to me.

    Can you believe i had this on my computer for 2 months without watching it because i just didnt feel the urge or motivated to. Then couple of days ago, i was just like wut the hell, i’ll try it. And can you believe that ui watched the entire series, all 26 episodes in a row that saturday.

    Not since Cowboy Bebop, Wolf’s Rain and Berserk has an anime just shattered me. And how glorious it was. I was overwhelmed with exhileration, joy, anger, sadness, contemplation so many emotions. I wish i could meet the production team and shake their hands for this masterpiece.

    The animation is perfect in every single way. No hyper-realism in emotional expressions and no exagerrations. Just plain reastic art of perfection. The Space scenes are just breath taking.

    The sound is also realistic because they take into account the concept of a vacuum unlike star wars. The music was just incredible and blended perfectly with every scene.

    This anime is about the characters and the concept of space and the future itself. Believe me when i say you can honestly relate to each and every character, because you either experienced their emotions or no someone like them. These characters grow and u live their lives… their joy, fears and pain.

    The Value of this anime is not only treasurable but it also has a great rewatchablity concept. like i said i watched every single episode in a row. from 5pm to 2 am.

    The story is the greatest part of this anime. words cannot describe its greatness… JUst absolutely perfect in every way. You will laugh, you will awe, you will thrill, and you will cry.

    Give this anime a chance… open your mind, Not only is this masterpiece intellectual, its also funny, touching, exhilerating, breath taking, heart breaking, entertaining and fun.

  11. asdf says:

    1. neon genesis evangelion
    2. ghost in the shell: stand alone complex
    3. monster
    4. noir
    5. escaflowne
    6. lain
    7. great teacher onizuka
    8. love hina
    9. record of lodoss war
    10. elfen lied(although this might just be because of the op)

    i’m honestly surprised at the lack of evangelion

  12. Cathy says:

    These are my favorites. Not very many of them though.

    1. Simoun
    2. Cyborg 009
    3. Yami to boshi to hon no tabibto
    4. G-Gundam
    5. SDGF (forgot what it stands for)

  13. 1) Fruits Basket. I loved the amazing characters, the drama and the humour.
    2) Noein. Great drama. I loved it so much.
    3) Tsubasa Chronicle (I don’t know why, but this anime has me always hooked with its stupidity:))
    4) Simoun
    5) The Third
    6) The Law of Ueki. That’s one anime to remember.
    7) Fantastic Children. It was so confusing in the beginning but I’m so glad that I’ve seen it.
    8) XXXHolic. Great one.
    9) Tales of Phantasia. Episode two was awesome.
    10) Samurai Champloo.

    Here is my list.

  14. XDXD says:

    i’m into the thinking anime lol… Most of these are psychological/action shows, with the exception of ghost hunt (mystery/shoujo)
    3.full metal alchemist
    4.noien garden
    7.ghost hunt
    8.jigoku shoujo
    9.wolf’s rain lagoon

  15. phoenix says:

    i agree with you on noein,utena,and the third,they were awesome.
    Ok,now here is my list,but i don’t know if i can make it to 10 :) :
    1.Mai-Hime:A criminally underrated show.Well,maybe not underrated,but everyone seems to have forgotten about it. You get the comedy,the story,and above all,believable characters and character developpement.Oh,and music (Yuki Kajiura rocks!!!) Ok,now the ending may not have been the best,but at least it was an ending.
    2.RahXephon:Usually,i don’t like anime with mechas in it.RahXephon however,has a great story,great music,and great characters. I feel people as doing it a great disservice by even comparing it to Evangelion (which,IMO,sucks BTW).
    3.Noir: One of the first animes i watched,and it still holds up to today.
    4.Rurouni Kenshin:What can i say? This anime just rocks.
    5.The Third: Yes,i’m a sucker for character developpement.Yes,Ikus may have been a bit boring,but Honoka and Paife more than made up for this.
    6.Saiyuki (The first series):A shonen series with nearly excellent character developpement.
    Anything else? Sadly,the sequels were frankly quite sucking.
    7.FMP!Fumoffu: The funniest anime i’ve seen.This anime just knew how to get its characters into sticky situations,and make laughs of it.
    8.Hunter x Hunter:Another shonen that doesn’t go the conventional way.But,for the sake of it,stop at the first ova.The 2nd and 3rd ova are frankly very sub-par.
    9.Fushigi Yuugi:Yes,Miaka and Tamahome were really boring with their lovey-dovey.But it made up for it with the other characters,namely Tasuki,Nuriko,and Chichiri.
    10.Night Head Genesis:A story that doesn’t show you bunnies or invade you with cute,this mystery series shows that animes aren’t just about love and whatsoever,and paints a darker view of the world,with successs.

  16. psgels psgels says:

    Nice taste you have, phoenix, as these are mostly series that are considered flawed by others. I agree with you on Night Head Genesis, by the way. It’s a brilliant mystery-series, with a few flaws perhaps.

    And regarding Mai-Hime (another great series, by the way), I think the reason nobody talks about it anymore is because its sequel, Mai Otome, which rather sucked in comparison.

  17. MM says:

    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    2. Spirited Away
    3. Deathnote
    4. Escaflowne
    5. Ghost in the Shell
    6. NANA (it’s a really awesome josei!)
    7. Gundam Wing
    8. Haibane Renmei
    9. Higurahsi no Naku Koro ni
    10. Ayashi no Ceres

  18. Palstela says:

    10.Mezzo DSA
    7.Welcome To The NHK!
    6.Eureka 7
    4.Samurai 7
    3.Azumanga Daioh
    1.Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex

  19. Wyrdwad says:

    I completely failed to mention R.O.D. the TV, somehow, despite absolutely *adoring* that show. That will be my 10th anime, I guess. (:

    And tman: Yeah, Planetes definitely is all you say, and more. Absolutely outstanding anime, destined to remain in my top 5 from now until the end of time, no matter how many other great shows may come along in the meantime. (: Like I tell everyone, you should really check out some of the others on my list, particularly Ashita no Nadja. I just can’t over how bloody EXCELLENT that show is, and yet NO ONE seems to know about it, save for the lucky people who get to watch it on TV in South America and Italy. (:


  20. phoenix says:

    thx psgels!!
    and yes,sadly,the greatness that is mai-hime has been forgotten because of the suckiness that is mai-otome. I mean,like really,it only took the PREVIEW of episode 2 to convince me that i had to jump to episode 16 (where the plot picks up) in order to not drown under half a dozen episodes of fanservice. and i didn’t really feel that i skipped 15 episodes. Mai-Otome was truly forgettable.

  21. phoenix says:

    ugh! holy!
    i forgot to include Utena!
    It’s been so long that i watched it (in fact,i watched it before all the other anime in my list) that i almost forgot it.if i had to include it,it would be at 9th place,in place of fushigi yuugi.(nhg is still 10)

  22. atomisk07 says:

    1.Cowboy Bebop
    2.Vision of Escaflowne
    3.Fullmetal Alchemist
    5.Samurai Champloo
    6.Eureka Seven
    8.Samurai 7
    9.Yu Yu Hakusho
    10.Ghost in the Shell:SAC

  23. autotwilo says:

    everybody loves a good list :)

    10 – Samurai Champloo
    9 – Haibane Renmei
    8 – Genshiken
    7 – Ergo Proxy
    6 – Welcome to the NHK!
    5 – Kamichu
    4 – Mushishi
    3 – Planetes
    2 – Ghost in the Shell: SAC
    1 – MindGame

    Hard to cut it down to size!

  24. psgels says:

    There’s so many good animes…but these will be my top 10:

    1. Ippo: Great boxing actions and comedy. I’m a girl and I actually like this boxing anime. It’s awesome. The story is captivating and Ippo’s journey to become a great boxer is uplifting and funny. At first I didn’t think this anime will be good because the art was kind of “old school.” But the story line is so good that I got hooked. The story teaches you to work hard towards your dream. And I also liked how it’s realism because it had to use boxing techniques in the characters. It’s such a great anime…more people show watch it.

    2. Escaflowne: This is the first anime I saw as a kid and it’s what got me into anime. Escaflowne has a great story line and the English dub is awesome. Usually I hate English dub in animes, but this one was a success.

    3. I’m surprise you didn’t include Mushishi in your top ten list. I thought you love this anime. Well, I do…each episode has its own unique story and it makes me feel unusual inside, but it has me thinking maybe mushis do exist. Maybe they are a replacement of what we think are spirits in this world. Even though some parts were slow, I still love this anime. The ideas behind it is great and the music is also awesome. It’s just like “Spirited Away,” which I also love.

    4. Eureka Seven: It was so much better than I expected. I love the story line and how Eureka, a half human half Coralian girl learned to become human. It’s also funny in some parts.

    5. Angel Heart: I like the theme behind this anime. It’s an emotional anime about a girl’s ability to develop emotions and to become human. Even though it’s not a complete anime yet, it’s been good so far. I do hope that it continues to be good.

    6. Koi Kaze: I read someone’s top 10 list and this was listed as his #1. I do like this anime. I went back and rewatched it several times. I just wished it was longer. The music was great in the moments when the emotions between the characters were climaxing. It’s also very realistic and even though the theme of incest love between brother and sister is sick, I do like that they are falling in love. The creators did a great job that it gets you hooked onto this anime and then you don’t feel so negative about the characters’ incest love.

    7. Nana/Paradis Kiss: I enjoyed Ai Yazawa’s animes. The creator is female and I liked that. Most anime creators are male. Well, I’m into drama/love story and these animes delivered it.

    8. Blood+: I wished there was more episodes to this. I found some really good songs in this anime, especially Chitose Hajime’s song and Angelina Aki.

    9. Death Note: Even though it’s not completed, I like the theme.

    10. Otogi Zoushi: The first half was awesome; the second half was okay. I just wished this anime was longer.

  25. psgels psgels says:

    Headachebaby: apologies for the strange behavior of my spaminator. For some reason, it seems to dislike this post a lot. I managed to restore it, thankfully.

    Anyway, about Mushishi, I think it’s probably very close to being number 11 on my list. These other ten had a bit bigger impact on me. The anime is brilliant, though. Like you said, there’s so many god anime.

  26. headachebaby says:

    I’m surprised that I was the only one to mention “Hajime no Ippo” as one of my favorite animes. I’m not sure if it received great or even good recognition since it was made in the early 90s. The art work is good and even though special effects wasn’t introduced at the time, the creators have done a great job with the intense fight parts. It’s a great anime if you haven’t checked it out. Am I advoacting for viewers to see it? Yes…please take some time to and soon you’ll love it. I certainly have and it turned out SOOO much better than I expected. It’s an action/drama/love story. If you want to see great, more realistic fighting, than watch Ippo. It’s a story about a boy who is a victim of bully. It wasn’t until he discovered boxing that he changed and realized that he has potentials. He also found a path to what he wanted to do after high school. Besides, this anime is about boxing so it has to cover realistic ideals. You get to learn about boxing techniques and see the various harsh trainings that Ippo have to go through. Besides, Ippo has to train over a period of time to gain the skills to get good. Hey, that’s realistic! Unlike some animes, the main character is surprisely blessed with some great skills that he/she wasn’t aware of and they don’t break any sweats…that’s really unrealistic. Well, take some time to check out Ippo and you’ll see his great accomplished COMBO moves. The fightings are intense that it has me on the edge of my seat and rooting for Ippo to win. :)

    Another anime I highly recommend is “Koi Kaze.” I guess it doesn’t have much recognition too. Well, it’s about incest love between a brother and sister, so if you’re totally against incest, then stay away. Even if you don’t like the idea (I don’t either), I would say have an open mind because the realism in this anime will blow you away. It’s the realism in the emotions of the characters and the wonderful music that makes this anime good. The music is done very well in certain scenes where the emotions are intensed and heightened. I certainly love the brother’s agony to stop his attractions for his sister, but in the end, he cannot denied that he loves her. The realism draws you into the anime and it is done so well. The dialogues are also great (in terms of it being realistic). Most love animes I seen don’t convey realistic dialogues, which are so annoying that at times, I feel like whacking myself. It’s a short 12 episode anime so it won’t take much of your time to watch it. I certainly didn’t like the incest love, but the creators did such a great job that in the end, I actually want them to continue loving each other even if society deems it to be taboo.

    So, have an open mind and check these animes out even if they don’t seem like your genres of good animes. :)

  27. Spike says:

    1. COWBOY BEBOP (sessions & film);
    2. ghost in the shell SAC(series & SSS Ova ) ;
    3. Samurai Champloo ;
    4. Samurai 7 ;
    5. Wolf’s Rain ;
    6. Basilisk ;
    7. Gankutsuou (Count Monte Christo) ;
    8. Jin-roh ;
    9. Gungrave ;
    10. HEATGUY J ;

    ————————-and that’s it ……..

  28. ltzmuah says:

    omg nobody mentioned hajime no ippo b4? that anime is great, even for ppl who dont enjoy sport animes, i think they’d enjoy hajime no ippo, it was just THAT good, one of my top picks for sure

  29. ltzmuah says:

    I can’t really number my animes, so I’ll just number 10 anime i enjoyed alot.

    Ergo Proxy
    Hajime no Ippo
    Full Metal Panic series
    Berserk(actually manga was WAY better)
    Fate Stay Night
    Gundam SEED
    Great Teacher Onizuka
    Hikaru no Go
    Kimi Ga Nozumi Eien
    Eureka Seven

    Well, It was more than 10, but a good list for people go to and watch, it contains a little bit of each genre, so if you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT!

  30. deltazechs says:

    1. FMP Fumoffu
    2. GTO
    3. RahXephon
    4. Scrapped Princess
    5. Pale Cocoon
    6. Death Note
    7. Fate Stay Night
    8. Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
    9. Kenshin
    10. Lucky Star

  31. tman says:

    First off, i am going to say that no movie, no tv show, no book, no form of entertainment in this world, has touched me as this anime has. Wolf’s Rain is plain and simple the greatest anime i have ever seen.

    It all started my spring semester of my freshman year of college when i got back from the library. I was sooo tired yet i could not sleep. My room mate was knocked out and i figured i would watch some television till i fell asleep. Lo and Behold, i was watching Adult swim and then something caught my eye. I saw a white wolf that suddenly became a man within conversation. And then i was hooked.

    After i watched one episode i was entranced by the mystery and the story. I did not know what episode i watched, i didnt even know what the name of the show was, yet i was hooked. I didnt really understand about Anime then. All i knew was that Dragon Ball Z was the shit. But then i did some research and i found out the show was called wolf’s Rain, and i started on the second episode.

    I would look forward to this anime every saturday unaware that it had been around for a while and that i could have gotten it through other means. But every week, i looked forward to each and every episode. Remember the show is 30 episodes and every week i looked forward to an episode since my freshman year spring. I was done by my sophomore year.

    So why does this anime mean so much to me?? Because this anime touched me in ways i could not explain. I learnt so much about life, blossoming love, courage, beauty, tragedy and so much more. The story is supremely original on every level and the characters truly become ur friends. People you love and when they laugh u laugh and when they hurt… you weep. Because they mean so much to you.

    The story is about wolves trying to find paradise. What is paradise?? what is it like?? how did man fall from grace? These are the questions u as urself when watching this masterpiece.

    The animation is perfect. just perfect.

    The soundtrack of this anime is probably the one cd i have had on repeat the most. The music is simply astonishing. I have made love with 3 girls to this soundtrack. Not only is the music powerful, but when u hear it, u cant help but remember what the characters were feeling and experiencing at that moment.

    This anime stays with you. It touches you at the very core of ur being, if u are willing to search for paradise with them. If u r an anime critic and ur are looking for flaws or u r paying too much attention, u cannot enjoy this anime because wolfs rain is not something you watch. It is something you experiece. it is not entertainment. It is a world to travel to where you meet Kiba, Hige, Tsume, Toboe and Blue. You’ll get to know them, love them, laugh and cry with them. And i cried very hard. And though you will say good bye, their howls will stay with you for a long time.

  32. Tamir says:

    #1 Fruits Basket
    #2 Black Cat
    #3 Bleach
    #4 Naruto
    #5 Elven Lied
    #6 Wolf Rain
    #7 D.N.Angel
    #8 Final Fantasy
    #9 Full Metal Alchemist
    #10 Tsubasa Chronicles

  33. natalie_rae says:

    -this anime is sooo cute! kinda weird..but there are really good episodes.. i think its very cool too. =]

    #9: GTO
    -i think this anime is so cool. Onizuka is amazing throughout the show! i love to watch this. and i think anyone who hasnt seen it [that is in the right age] will love it! ;b

    -very cool plot. you’ll be haunted by its beauty.

    -so cool! very admiring! i use to hate soccer..but when i saw this, i started liking it sooooo much.

    #6: SLAM DUNK
    -sooo coool! i love this!! rukawa is soo cute!

    -i just love this anime soo much! i love the plot.. it made me cry a few times too. =]

    -this is just awesome. i saw all the episodes, OVAs, and movies… its just something that will truely touch ur heart. and i like how it makes you trust on true love. ;b

    -i love this! very creative of CLAMP to do.

    -i love the couple syaoran and sakura! the whole journey of this anime is just cool and amazing! the 2 movies of this just completes it.. =]

    -i just love both of these animes! like love it from the bottom of my heart! (very deep huh)

    well..thats my list.

  34. ichigo says:

    nyc list hah,,hhaha,,well,,,heres mine,,

    10.AiR gEaR
    9.tHe Law of uEKi
    7.CASe cLosEd
    6.dEatH notE
    5.geNsoMaDen sAiyUki
    4.sAmuRai 7
    3.rUroUni kensHin

    haha,,,,,well thats life,,

  35. audrey2 says:

    this is hard to do, my favorites are all based on how much they affected me…..
    1. Naruto-I’ve cried so much over any anime, ova, or Hollywood blockbuster than the first 100 or so episodes of Naruto.
    2. Bleach-still the coolest anime, a visual delite. More bishies and all different
    3. Aishiteru ze Baby-it’s sweet.
    4. Hikaru no go-pure fun.
    5. Yakitate Japan-pure fun 2
    6. PoT-dbz style tennis
    7. DBZ-The original, one and only show that got me hooked on anime. I’m fmale, I should have been watching Sailor Moon, but Vegita stole my heart. He wasnit the strongest but he was the coolest saiyan then.
    6.Ouran High School Host Club-the most fun from begining to end. Take a clique , turn it on it’s head, then meet it around a corner.
    7. Sukisyo-bl great story, characters, and animation.
    8. Tenshi na Konamaiki/ FMP/School Rumble-loved all three.
    9. GANTZ-first gory anime, gettingready to watch for 3r time to see if I missed anything else.
    Is it true it’s not over?
    Let’s kick reason to the curb!
    10. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-honorable mention as it is the ony mecha anime I’ve watched and it keeps getting better and better, and it’s only episode 8.
    Thanks for your Bokura no blogs, I’m on dependent them with no subs.

  36. Zato-Sama says:

    audrey2 – vegeta rocks ^_-

    Anyways, since everyone is writing their own top10 list or list of anime’s they like then i feel like i should do the same. But i wont put them in any order, just let them float around :D

    Full Metal Alchemist
    Wolf’s Rain
    Dragonball (they’re all good)
    Samurai Champloo
    Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
    Death Note
    Eureka Seven

    Also, anyone that has Elven Lied in their list has no idea what their talking about, if i could id demand back the time i wasted watching all the episodes, probably asking: why did you watch it then? …i was expecting something to happen, something to make me understand why people like it so much… But nothing came, first episode was ok and i thought it might have potential…But holy crap ò.Ó

  37. psgels psgels says:

    Zato-Sama: ah, no I see why you requested that Elfen Lied review. :P

    Anyway, I think it’s a matter of tastes here. Personally, I loved Elfen Lied because the characters really grabbed me, and the ending was one of the best I’ve seen. But yeah, if you can’t seem to connect with the characters, I do imagine that it can become quite dull.

  38. Zato-Sama says:

    psgels, Yeah i understand what your saying but the 2 characters that took Nyuu in were really boring, very unrealistic and cant see anyone acting the way they were acting in real. The anime itself wasnt realistic with girls having those kind of powers of course but i coudltn really “feel” myself into the anime with those 2 characters, niyuu in the first episode (i think) when you first see here naked with a big helmet on killing off guards with ease made me think it had potential. Innocent looking little girl, hidden identity under the helmet, facility with guards scared, gore and so on. Made me think, this might be something. But it wasnt :P

    Ofc everyone has their own taste like you said ;)

  39. Junko says:

    um.. i guess i’m kinda late in replying..but here’s my list:

    jungle wa itsumo hare nochi guu
    ouran koukou host club
    full metal alchemist
    samurai champloo
    paradise kiss
    samurai 7

  40. tika says:

    Not having seen Mahou Shoujo Tai, The Third, or Simoun, my Top 10, in no particular order, are:

    Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien – I came across it without knowing the plot or type of game it was based off of, and although it does have ‘adult’ scenes, it is still an emotional rollercoaster about choices having to be made between love and friendship. It is definitely something worth watching, if only to see an interesting slice of life. I especially loved how weak the characters were, making it more realistic when they had to make decisions (sometimes the wrong one), and then deal with the repercussions for their actions. It’s a welcome change from the eternally optimistic and unbelievably strong lead characters animes usually portray.

    Noein – Getting over the animation was the first step, but the plot and detail was so amazing and interesting that I couldn’t stop.

    Scrapped Princess – I came across this as a fluke, but it was most likely one of the most interesting animes I’ve seen in a while. I wasn’t impressed with the first episode, thinking it would be your regular, predictable, run-the-mill fantasy genre, but I was sorely mistaken. It was wonderful – the plot unfolded at a great pace, and the way they added twists made me twitch for the next episode. When I was coming up to the end of the series I couldn’t help but wish it was longer.

    Fushigi Yugi – I loved the story, the characters (ok, Miaka/Tamahome are still rather annoying), and the world that was created. It still is very memorable to me. I can’t help but love it, from beginning to end. This is one of those few series that I know I can watch over and over and I’ll never get tired of it.

    Full Moon o Sagashite – This was adorable. While I loved the story and and advancement of the plot and character development, I couldn’t help but feel sad in a way with the way the story unfolds. I also couldn’t help but feel that while this is a relatively unmentioned and underrated anime, the manga must be much better, because for one, it doesn’t end.

    Fruits Basket – It’s great. Moving, adorable characters that I feel in love with… the only complaint I have is that they should have made more episodes. At least the manga was thorough enough.

    Revolutionary Girl Utena – Nuff said.

    Ruroni Kenshin OVA – While the series itself didn’t appeal to me, the OVA was phenomenal. If anyone ever asks me for a rec I’ll usually offer this one first – short, somewhat historic, and contains action, love, samurais, and the weakness of human emotion.

    Blood+ – The ending, IMO, was weak – but the entire series leading up to it was fantastic, and it is also another anime I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

    Hana Yori Dango – Once I got over the animation style, the story pulled me in. For someone like myself, whose attention usually stems from fantasy or magical characters doing something out of the ordinary, this ‘slice of life’ anime had everything I wanted: comedy, drama, love, angst.

    Honorable mentions:
    Wolf’s Rain
    Cowboy Bebop
    Samurai Champloo

    Manga I really wish they’d make into anime:

  41. psgels psgels says:

    tika: Full Moon wo Sagashite indeed has had a wonderful final quarter. I always thought that it was one of the more well-known shoujo-series.

    And regarding to Fruits Basket, I agree with you about its flaw. If there ever was a series in need of a second season, it’d be .Hack//Roots and Fruits Basket. I’ve heard some amazing things about the parts of the manga which didn’t get animated, and the ending itself indeed was rather rushed and incomplete.

  42. blue heaven says:

    here’s my list

    1.Welcome to the NHK
    2. note
    3. REC
    4. Samurai Champloo
    5. Noir
    6. Cowboy Bebop
    7. Paranoia Agent
    8. Gundam MS 08th Team
    9. Tenchi in Toyko
    10. Outlaw Star

  43. yrose says:

    My favs ^^
    1. Sailor moon + Ouran High School Host Club- just amazing.
    2. NANA. another. it’s deep and funny.
    3. Gakuen Alice.
    4.Howl’s Moving Castle- first watched it in russian subs, loved that so much got it in english :D
    5. Saiunkoku Monogatari
    6. path of being a lady
    7. fruit basket
    8. suzuyima haruhi- obvious reasons corda d’oro
    10.condors heros

  44. Galectic says:

    1. Full Metal Alchemist (I would definitely say this is the best I’ve ever seen so far, the originality of the story, the way you get used to characters and the whole things was just well thought….only bad thing is that it was short)
    2. Naruto (This anime if you really look closely you can notice that it gives a lot of messages on sentimental stuff like what happens to naruto and the way he tries to succeed and be approved by others…many people could feel this way….plus the way all the character are used in the story is amazing since theres so many!
    3. Yakitate Japan (I would never have thought it would’ve been this good)
    4. Bleach (the story seems a little dumb at first but it starts getting better and more ineresting every next episode…I would definitely recommend this.
    5. Death Note (This anime would be my favorite in the way things are done in this story…I cant belive the writer how he thought of the ideas he puts in the story and how well thought they are….like the problems that the main character has and all the things that happend is just incredible.
    6. Dragon Ball Z- (grew up with this anime I would say this story is not that deep as some other anime is just really well made theres tons and tons of character and they are all used very well in many situations evil becoming good and good becoming evil…friendships and yes a lot of actions which is why it was so entertaining.
    7. Samurai Champloo- (I thought this anime was actually really good…but what dissapointed me was that they gave really good personalities to the characters but later on didnt know how to continue and expand the story to different paths (like naruto) they coul’ve easily expand the story since they had really rich personalities in those characters but it just ended in a bad way with only one journey instead of making it a lot of journeys.
    8. Cowboy Bebop- This anime I liked but to be honest dont remember by detail the best or the worst things…the characters where decent plus the story was ok…although not to entertaining as the ones I mentioned earlier.
    9. Gintama- (This anime is kind of funny and good but the story always stays in the same spot same place…eventhough I believe the characters could do a lot since they are really good ones…it would be great to start getting more action and showing gintamas powers or action….whatever that it will make it entertaining.

  45. axzaqava says:

    wow… interesting list indeed. here my top-ten
    1. Gungrave
    2. Samurai 7
    3. Samurai Champloo
    4. Wolf Rain
    5. Cowboy Bebop
    6. Basilisk
    7. Hellsing
    8. Ghost in the Shell
    9. Tokyo Tribe 2
    10. Gantz

    well i more like anime with fighting + sad ending..but of course i still watching funny anime genre like yakitate… to hard to make top ten list with all of kinds genre.

  46. Brie D Man says:

    1. Naruto
    2. Baki
    3. Hajime No Ippo
    4. Full Metal Alchemist
    5. One Piece
    6. GTO
    7. Bleach
    8. Samurai X
    9. Initial D
    10. Crayon Shin Chan

  47. CO says:

    Some of yall had some good ones and made my top 10 a difficult but here goes anywayz
    2.Cowboy Bebop
    4.Samurai Champloo
    5.Fullmetal Alchemist
    6.Macross Plus
    8.Read or Die
    10.Ergo Proxy (I loved Pino)

  48. jack says:

    Ypu shoukd also try watchin Mamoru-kun and Kage Kara Mamoru .These are Hilarious but at the SaME TIME A SERIOUS LOVE STORY WITH GREAT ACTION SCENES.

  49. Chandler says:

    Granted – am limited in my scope but I’d put my ratings at this:

    1. Beck
    2. Death Note
    3. Trigun
    3. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu!
    4. Full Metal Alchemist
    5. Cowboy Bebop
    6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    7. Samurai CHamploo
    8. Bleach
    9. Last Exile
    10. Wolf’s Rain

  50. Rhesian says:

    I tend to go for the more mature-themed, thought-provoking anime series, so my list may be a bit biased:

    10. Read or Die OVA
    9. Samurai X – Trust/Betrayal
    8. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    7. Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate
    6. Gankutsuou
    5. Planetes
    4. Cowboy Bebop
    3. Kino’s Journey
    2. Elfen Lied
    1. Haibane Renmei

  51. Andy says:

    Been watching anime for 14 years now, was 15 when i started ‘guess my age’ lol. My top ten list looks like this:

    10. Patlabor
    9. Slam Dunk
    8. One Piece
    7. City Hunter
    6. Tenchi Muyo GXP
    5. Claymore
    4. Space Adventure Cobra
    3. GTO
    2. Detective Conan
    1. Lupin III

  52. Josh says:

    9-Black Lagoon
    8-Neon Genesis Evangelion
    7-Fruits Basket
    6-Last Exile
    5-Haibane Renmei
    4-Cowboy Bebop
    3-Death Note
    2-Full Metal Alchemist
    1-Welcome To The NHK

    I’ve only been watching anime for two years, but have viewed more than 50 series. These are the ones that will stay with me for the laughs, irritations and good memories. I’m sure my list will change as long as i continue watching anime, but this list has had a great influence on my life and my expectations of this great medium.

  53. Matt says:

    I like to watch anime whenever i have some spare time and from the series that I have watched so far, here are my favorites.

    1 Trigun
    2 Fullmatal Alchemist
    3 Cowboy Bebop
    4 X (movie)
    5 Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

    6 Ninja Scrolls (movie)
    7 Dragon Ball Z
    8 Trinity Blood
    9 Bleach
    10 Neon Genesis Evengelion

  54. Tibby says:

    1. Elfen Lied
    2. Fushigi Yugi
    3. Blood + – It’s Bloody. I loved it.
    4. Claymore!
    5. Evangelion
    6. Fruit Basket
    7. Tokyo Mew Mew – It’s cute

  55. Azil says:

    on my livejournal a group of my friends and i made our lists not too long ago. I’m happy to say i had paranoia agent and .hack//sign in my top 10 as well =).

    To briefly summarize my list (i wont repost all my excrutianingly long details.(this is a mix of manga and anime))
    10. Furuba
    9. Paranoia Agent
    8. .Hack//Sign & Liminality
    7. Majutsushi Orphen
    6. Nana
    5. HareGuu
    4. FLCL
    3. King of Bandits Jing
    2. Kino no Tabi
    1. Digimon (ah nostalgic purposes)

    haha although now, Bokurano is fighting for a place, we’ll see if it does end up in my top 10 after the ending, although i still like the manga better.

  56. jason says:

    1.cowboy bebop
    2.ghost in the shell/SAC
    4.outlaw star

    if you have one of these you should have them all on your list they are all interchangeable.

  57. Mira says:

    Huh…never heard of any of em
    This is Mine:

  58. eccentrrick says:

    01. Chrno Crusade – The storyline and action was just awesome!
    02. hellsing – Alucard, one of the most amazing anime characters created.
    03. Tenshi no Konamaiki – Very hilarious! I thought the drawings were kind of strange at first, but its a great anime tho.
    04. Eyeshield 21 – this anime makes football interesting!
    05. Death Note – It was a good, serious, anime.
    06. Blood + – I loved Haji’s cello music!
    07. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – I thought it was a shoujo anime at first, the character’s are so deceiving!
    08. Ai no Kusabi – one of THE best yaois i’ve seen. ever.
    09. Bleach – its good. lol.
    10. Simoun – intense, great anime!

  59. Der Xiong says:

    wow..ive seen so many good animes..i dont think i can really rank them..well heres some off the top of my head..

    bleach – wow..what can i say…it gets better and better..but few of the episodes are nothing to do with the story, but its a very good series..

    naruto – i like this because its actiona and comedy..i like these types of action animes..

    ghost hunt – this anime is excellent!good drawings and very exciting!!

    zombie loan – this anime is good!

    KIBA – i liked this a lot!very coola at the end.

    wolf’s rain – really good action and so sad at the end..

    gakuen alice – hilarious anime..

    school rumble – this was a very funny anime!!

    saiungoku monogatari – makes you want to do good in life and try hard..good drawings too!!

    blood + – wow..this anime was really good!!!

    death note – loved it!!makes you wonder what happens next!!

    kamisama kazoku – funny and good!

    peach girl – very confusing love triangle but its good!

    lovely complex – good comedy romance anime!!i love this!!

    full metal panic – a really good action comedy anime!!its really funny too!!

    full metal alchemist – stroy line is good and love the series!!

    kekkaishi – i love this anime!!its hilarious and very good technique ish anime!!

    d-gray man – this is a very good series!funny and good action!!

    samurai champloo – this anime was really good and its full of action!!but its also very funny!!

    wow…and so many many more!!but these are all the ones in my head so far!!i love them all!!

  60. Falconsight says:

    ok ya um I like anime with some comedy and action so … here’s my list!

    #2.Fullmetal Alchemist
    #3.Yu Yu Hakusho
    #7.Zatch Bell
    #8.Rurouni Kenshin – Reminiscence
    #9.Samaurai Champloo
    #10.Samaurai X – Swords of Betrayal

  61. Falconsight says:

    Ya um adding one more realy realy good anime show….


  62. hei says:

    My top 10

    Busou Renkin
    Code Geass
    Elfen Lied
    Ergo Proxy
    Full Metal Panic!?
    Ghost in the Shell
    Gundam Seed+Destiny
    Midori Days
    Shakugan no Shana

    I’m really surprised Shana was not mentioned once… b/c it really got my attention/stands out.. even after all the anime i’ve seen… =) Black Lagoon would also be on the list if the series ended (As in something happens with Revy/Rock)~ Deathnote would’ve been on this list, if the series ended when L died~~

  63. Berkles says:

    10.higurashi no naku koro ni
    9.ouran high school host club(wouldve been way higher if tamaki and haruhi had done more than hugging in the end)
    8.he is my master
    7.ergo proxy
    6.full metal alchemist
    5.master mosquiton OVA
    2.sailor moon(i cried when it ended)

  64. Eruruu says:

    1. Utawarerumono
    2. Kanon
    3/4. Higurahsi no Naku Koro ni (Kai)
    5. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
    6. Fate / Stay Night
    7. Saikano
    8. Air TV
    9. Death Note (kinda odd one out eh :$)
    10. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

    That’s right, no shonen. Animes with 50+ episodes are just terrible, with little no no plot *cough* naruto *cough* bleach *cough*

  65. kailyn says:

    Wow, I’ve been reading all of these comments and it makes me realize just how many amazing anime shows there are! I just started watching anime, my friend got me into it, actually….so I’ve only finished a couple of them. The ones I have finished would be:

    *Jigoku Shoujo
    *Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
    *Ouran High School Host Club
    *Elfen Lied

    I don’t really know how to classify good anime form bad, because I haven’t seen hardly any, but I DO know that I now crave it. I’ve stopped watching tv now, and instead download anime off my computer to watch. Anime makes the tv shows here seem pointless, pathetic, and boring, I think. It’s so addicting…even my sister loved OHSHC, just because it was really good-humored and fun to watch. Jigoku Shoujo was pretty slow in the first season, but towards the middle I thought that the plotline was really great, same with Futakomori. I loved watching that series. Elfen Lied was a bit too gory, and I wish more would have happened in it, but overall, I think it was a very good anime.

    But yeah, that’s just what I think, and like I said, I just started watching anime.

  66. HotShot says:

    Most of the animes listed above, i have never seen. I mostly prefer action/fighting over romance and comedy in animation of course.

    Heres my most fantastic action anime list:-
    -Bleach (Its damn too good)
    -Death Note (really really really addicting, the plot is THE BEST i have ever seen.)
    -Black Lagoon (short series but amazing)
    -Naruto (I prefer the manga more)
    -Hunter X Hunter (fun to watch at ease)
    -Get Backers (pretty intresting)
    -Inuyasha (one of my favourites, but due to many animes, i dunt know which rank to give it..)
    -Samurai X (well made anime, fightning scenes are good, but could be better)
    -Basilisk (bascially a war with two ninja clans, if u want action this isnt a bad choice)
    -Berserk (BAD ending..but good choreography)
    -Trinity Blood (cant think of anything to say about this one)
    -Black Cat (could have been better..the way it ended disappointed me, black cats continuation would have been better)

  67. Windspirit says:

    Wow. Quite a nice top 10 you’ve got there, you’re making me thinking about watching them, especially Mahou Shoujotai which you seem to adore.

    A question about Noein : I don’t study quantum physics before this year, so should I wait or watch it now ? I’m afraid to not get anything about the storyline since I probably won’t understand a thing before the ends of the coming school year. ^^;

    My top 10 ?
    Please, don’t laugh. I know I have bizarre tastes.

    1. X : I dunno. Everything seemed to fit so well, and it’s basically a melting-pot of my favorite genres, which are Action, Drama and Romance. Numerous, very well-developed characters, incredible storyline (and I was expecting something stupid and michaeistic, with the eternal final fight between “The Good” and “The Bad”)… Even though I prefer the manga, I think that this is was THE anime that I will never forget and that will never quit his first place in my top 10.

    2. Monster : The story. The so varied, well developed characters, all linked to the same guy, the story’s “villain”, a psychopath/sociopath young man name Johann. Naoki Urasawa is probably the best mangaka ever, his storylines are just perfect, well though, well developed, full of intense moments, of mysteries, of suspense, of drama, of blood…

    3. Cowboy Bebop : Simply epic. Some animes have good stories and great characters, others just shine with their perfect animation and unforgettable OST ; Cowboy Bebop is the best of both worlds.
    Just kinda sad that Watanabe came up with Samurai Champloo, which I did not like as much as everyone else who has seen it. It lacked the Cowboy Bebop spirit, the drama. But it was hella funny, granted…

    4. Kanon : What surprised me is that for ocne, the main hero isn’t in love with all the girls and all the girls aren’t tall babes with enormous breasts who are all in love with the hero. Here, we have situations where the hero is somehow the key to solve the girls’s very complex problems, he becomes more liked their friend, maybe their confident or their savior… rather than their sex-thirsty lover.

    5. Wolf’s Rain : Seems you didn’t like this series, psgels. This anime is more like a living myth, a mythology, more exactly, its originality just makes it the best anime Bones has worked on ’til today.

    6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni : Probably the best fantasy/mystery anime ever. How it manages to keep the mystery and to reveal only the essential at the perfect moment is probably what hooked and will continue to hook many viewers.

    7. Neon Genesis Evangelion : The characters and the storyline, again. The characters are all sick, and it is such a pleasure to follow them evolving in this post-apocalyptic world. The storyline, while seeming to be a stupid fight against the humanity’s future destroyers, turns to be one of the most complex ever seen in anime, very philosophical, dramatic and astonishing sometimes.
    Too bad they’re making movies to sell among the Gundam Seed-fan-teenagers who wore diapers when the original anime aired…

    8. Death Note : Well, yeah, did not like it as much as everyone, but easily one of my favorite. Here, as in Ohba and Obata previous work, Hikaru no Go, the one essential thing you need to beat the opponent is your head.Characters plotting against each other to overthrow themselves, it is such a feaking pleasure to follow it.

    9. PlanetES : Space mature drama, how could I miss that ?
    First half are stand-alones that tell us more about the so interesting (somehow kinda “stupid”) characters and this tomorrow’s world which is actually not pretty different from ours ; second half is more linear, our to protagonists will stop looking at each other and Hachimaki signs for a mission in Jupiter where they’ll get Helium 3 ; the fact is that the rich countires will eat it all and the Third-World will still starve, therefore, this world’s political personnalities will clash in a beautiful and quite dramatic way.
    Guys, do NOT miss this.

    10. Last Exile : Its animation is what strikes first. Probably the darn best animation seen in an anime, great combination of 2D and 3D, and the ships are all animated in a magnificent way. Storyline actually interested me starting episode 3, and among the 26 episodes, the enemy changes many times, the real f***ers of the story them reveal themselves and clash with the two manipulated countries who will eventually ally themselves against those who make them live only to enjoy watching them killing themselves.
    Oh, impressing psychological relationships between the characters. All of them are quite interesting (OK, some of them started pretty plain (Alex, Sophia), but they soon take importance and become… just so cool !), but what’s more astonishing is the constantly evolving relationships between them.
    I hate Gonzo, granted (they have good animation and sound, but their storylines always start well but turn into a piece of trash), but this time, I was pleased, and I just hope that they do things as well as this time in their future animes.

  68. psgels psgels says:

    Heh, don’t worry about bizarre tastes. I have them myself. :P

    About Noein: you’ll probably be unable to follow one half of a minor episode, so you should just go ahead and ckeck it out. I’ve seen lots of people who knew absolutely nothing about quantum physics and still enjoyed it. :)

  69. Windspirit says:

    And I’m still hearing everywhere that this series is purely quantum physics everywhere, all the events are explained by quantum physics, etc.

    Thanks for enlighting me. ^^

  70. Puerto Rican Boy says:

    here is my fuking list Americans Gays
    1- Gundam ( all the series )
    2- Dragon ball , z , gt ( all the series )
    3- Blue Gender
    4- Heroic Age
    5- Samurai x (cool )
    6- Naruto ( not the lame and gay episodes )
    7- Fate/stay night
    8- Bleach ( greate serie )
    9- Eureka Seven ( Nice )
    10- Inuyasha

  71. Caedn says:

    1. Twelve Kingdoms
    I’d seen many animes before I saw this one. Mostly they were general favorites like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Evangelion, Escaflowne, Ranma 1/2, etc. I’d agree with everyone that these were awesome animes (though I now DESPISE Ranma 1/2), but, if posed the question, I couldn’t have given any reason why. But when I saw Twelve Kingdoms, I was left almost in shock. It had a great story/stories, but many other animes have that. What blew me away was how well the plot progressed. I think that the plot for that anime is the deepest and most well-told of any anime I’ve ever seen. It was like having a hearty home-cooked meal after living off of microwave dinners and pizza. Though this is probably due in part to Twelve Kingdoms being based on a book series instead of manga and the 40 minute episodes. Be warned though: production of it got cut after episode 45, so it’s incomplete with a lot of loose ends.

    2. Beck – Mongolian Chop Squad
    I’d searched a long time until I’d found another anime I liked as much as Twelve Kingdoms. Then I found Beck. Though the episodes are only the standard 20 minute length, I still got the same feeling that I got from Twelve Kingdoms; by the end of an episode I’d thought I’d already watched 2. But I’ve probably got a big bias when it comes to Beck as it strikes a chord with my own life. I’d recommend watching the English dub as the major songs are written in English. Yes the Japanese voice actors are better than the English ones, but the English music is so much better (even rarer, the dubbers can actually sing at an acceptable level!)

    3. Infinite Ryvius
    Ok, this one is definitely not for the kiddies. Not because of nudity or gore, of which there is none of the former, and barely any of the latter. It’s mature for much the same reason Faust or Dante are considered adult reading. Infinite Ryvius can be pretty much likened to a Lord of the Flies in Space. Even so, the end left me with a rather warm ‘n fuzzy feeling inside.

    4. Azumanga Daioh
    There’s really only one reason for this, and that’s characters. All I have to say is that this anime has some great characters. Which I guess it would need to have for it to work when all or most of its plots are intra-episode, which was a nice change of pace.

    Edge-Teetering 5: FLCL
    6 episodes. 23 magnitudes of crazy.

    Honorable Mention: Excel Saga
    Not what I would consider to be a “good” anime, you’ll still find me recommending it to everyone, if not just for pure WTF? factor. It’s the only anime I actually own. I’d highly recommend watching the dub rather than the sub, though. Unless you’re pretty fluent in Japanese, you’re going to miss out on a good chunk of humor. Its the difference between reading Mitch Hedburg and hearing Mitch Hedburg. And if you’re watching it on DVD, you can turn on the popups which will fill you in on jokes and pop culture refrences that just don’t translate.

  72. VaL says:

    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Death note
    Elfen Lied
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Higurashi no naku koro ni

  73. Rutix says:

    1. Fate Stay Night
    2. Tsubasa Chronicles
    3. PlanetES
    4. Elfen Lied
    5. Full metal panic
    6. Black Lagoon I/II
    7. Code Geass
    8. Gundam Seed
    9. Rurouni Kenshin(OVA’s)
    10. Hellsing Ultimate

  74. Dianne says:

    3.Blood +
    4.OUran high school host club
    5.Fruits basket
    6.Death note
    7.Wolf’s rain
    10.DN angel >

  75. Ace21 says:

    Thee is so much good anime out there and so little time to see. So here it goes:

    1. Simoun
    2.Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
    3.ROD THE TV
    4. NANA
    5.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
    6.Ouran High School Host Club
    7. XXX-Holic
    8.The Third
    9.Black Lagoon

    I have to say that all of these are great to watch. Special mention goes to Simoun, it was just so fanastic on so many levels, from the soundtrack to the storyline. It was darn near perfect…REALLY. Also if you haven’t seen Daphne in the Brillliant Blue, you are missing a treat,it has so many funny moments…Claymore which is new is probaly going to be in my top five if not the top three has reallly become my favorite this season. So I will wait and see.

  76. etherinmeria says:

    I’m surprised that some of the animes didn’t appear more, but here is my top 10

    1. Ouran High School Host Club
    2. Death Note
    3. Gundam Seed+Destiny
    4. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
    5. Ah! My Goddess
    6. Claymore
    7. Naruto
    8. Bleach
    9. Prince of Tennis
    10.One Piece

    Need to get my weekly filling of these anime or….

  77. sweetburntlips says:

    Sugoi! Most of the series mentioned above are those that I’ve never heard of. I’d definitely try watching them.


    1. Ouran High School Host Club
    2. Death Note
    3. Fullmetal Alchemist
    4. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal
    5. Prince of Tennis

    I can’t add another five since it has been a long time since I stopped watching anime and watched again. I started watching again January 2007 from stopping last 2000. So I guess, I’ll just mention those that I’ve watched and liked, but cannot decide whether they should be included on my top ten:

    1. Bleach
    2. Honey and Clover
    3. Rurouni Kenshin
    4. Air Gear
    5. Yuyu Hakusho
    6. Flame of Recca

  78. v0id says:

    Here. 10 is absolutely not enough. Actually I’d add 10 more, but…
    01 – 5 Centimeters per Second
    02 – Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade
    03 – Berserk
    04 – Planetes
    05 – Voices of a Distant Star
    06 – Beyond the Clouds, The Promised Place
    07 – Wonderful Days
    08 – The Little Girl Who Conquered Time
    09 – On Your Mark
    10 – Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal
    11 – Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
    12 – She and Her Cat
    13 – Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
    14 – Pale Cocoon
    15 – Millennium Actress
    16 – Welcome to the NHK
    17 – His and Her Circumstances
    18 – Neon Genesis Evangelion
    19 – Battle Fairy Yukikaze
    20 – Ninja Scroll

  79. Studuptot says:

    Well hers My top 5:

    It is as you said above all others by many miles, I love it, it is an very awesome show especially in the later ep, I highly recommend giving it an shot

    3.)DBZ, (not GT)

    I dont realy have an 4-10 but I am going to try some of the shows above and broaden my horizon

  80. my 10 best says:


    1. zombie loan

    2. murder princess

    3. lovely complex

    4. ouran high school host club

    5. black blood brothers

    6. the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

    7. monster princess

    8. NANA

    9. kanazuki no miko

    10. el cazador le burja

    11. kyoshiro no towa to sora

  81. kimdelearth says:

    my favorites are:

    1.Samurai Champloo



    4.Ghost in the shell

    5.paranoia agent

    6.crayon shin chan

    7.spirited away

    8.castle in the sky

    9.grave of the fireflies

    10.prince of tennis

  82. cassie says:

    that’s a really unusual list, it’s cool to see such high opinions of anime that aren’t the “mainstream” choice.

    my top ten areeee:

    1. cowboy bebop: i have yet to see an anime i enjoy, respect, and love as much as this one. it is the only series that i consider the perfect mesh of drama, comedy, and action. i’m still searching for one to top it.

    2. wolf’s rain: with all the formulaic anime out there, all it took was a summary of this show to go out and see it. so. fucking. amazing.

    3. the girl who leapt through time: i rarely find anime i enjoy anymore, but after seeing this movie, i was blown away by how fulfilled i felt. i sincerely recommend it to anyone, even for people who aren’t fans of the genre.

    4. vision of escaflowne: i’ve become really nitpicky as i got older, but in general, this anime had it all. a really enjoyable watch, for all the reasons you mentioned before.

    5. princess mononoke: this movie is a classic. it is genius. it never stops being good, no matter how many times you see it.

    i can’t think of five more animes i respect and love enough to put them on a list. i’m superrrr picky. but i can easily make a list of some animes i consider wayyy overrated.

    1. kare kano: okay, granted. i eventually stopped trying to watch shows like this one once i realized i don’t like slice-of-life animes (just mangas) and i don’t like comedies (most anime comedies are way too slapstick and immature). but it was just sooo highly recommended. why? just…. WHY?! so boring.

    2. evangelion: okay, so i see why some people love it… but i don’t. i just don’t feel the love. i was bored, i hated the characters. gainax just doesn’t do it for me apparently.

    3. voices of a distant star: it’s definitely a style that requires appreciation, and i LIKED it. but nothing about this movie stood out to me besides the visuals. and it’s okay when you see it once, not so bad. but then i tried to watch his other films. and i felt like i was running through the same half hour flick over and over and over…

    4. FLCL: i tried the anime. i tried the manga. both times, i got confused, got bored, and tried to gouge my eyes out. i really do hate gainax.

  83. yitjuan says:

    i must say i like your choices! quite eye openers , i personally have not heard of the top 3. I stumbled onto this blog while looking for an English translation of Dennou Coil and must say i truly enjoy reading them :)

    I don’t really have a top ten list, but here are some of my favourites:

    FLCL – far from being a random story about a boy reaching puberty, it has parallels with Japanese culture and outlook. see for a very interesting post on FLCL symbolism.

    Now and Then, Here and There – very sobering anime for me. I really liked watching stuff like that.

    Cowboy Bebop
    Please Save My Earth
    Samurai Champloo
    Futakoi Alternative – draggy but ultimately satisfying
    The Place Promised In Our Early Days
    Wolf’s Rain

    well … quite melancholy i would say. i might have to check out Paranoia Agent to perk me up a little :P

  84. razor says:

    always hard to put together a top 10, first 4 or 5 are pretty much easy but the rest changes that often with each new series i watch.

    1- Full metal Panic series

    the original series and TSR rock with the combination of witty/sarcastic type humour and action (though TSR is more action). and FUMOFFU is the funniest anime out there

    2- Samurai Champloo

    best samurai anime out there, fight scenes are brilliant, also has a great story

    3- Death Note

    death note is just awesome with the way the story is put together

    4- Eureka SEVEN

    one of the best mecha animes out there

    5- Last Exile

    last exile is excellent, great story and animation (typical of gonzo)

    6- Elfen Lied

    loved the characters and the way the story was told

    7- Tenchi Muyo Series (OVAs, Universe, GXP, ryo-ohki OVAs, )

    first anime i really watched. still watch. great fun anime.

    8- One Piece

    pirates are so cool

    9- Naruto Series

    the naruto series are awesome (apart from the fillers) prefer the manga though

    10- Bleach

    pretty much the same reasons as naruto thought the anime is better than the manga

    Notable Mentions:

    Afro Samurai
    Cowboy Bebop
    Ghost In The Shell (Series, Movies, OVA)
    Gundam SEED series
    Beck mongolian chop squad
    Tenjou Tenge

    quite surprised of the lack of the full metal panic! series in peoples lists.

    Evangelion is overated. one of the worst endings in an anime (movies included),though i didnt mind the first 3/4 of the series. sorta died down at the end, leaving me disappointed

  85. weboofgt says:

    gosh i never heard of most of these japanimations
    here is what i like!
    thats all the anime i ever watched >

  86. my top 10 says:

    ok here’s my top 20 ( i guess 10 is just not enough )

    2)FMP the entire series
    3)Terra he
    4)Fate/Stay night
    5)Seto no hanayome
    6)Hayate no Gotoku
    7)Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no kishi
    8)Kaibutsu Oujo
    9)Devil May Cry
    11)Doujin Works
    12)Da Capo Season 1 and 2
    13)One piece
    15)Gundam Seed/Destiny
    17)Ah my goddess
    19)Mahou Sensei Negima
    20)Darker than black

  87. my top 10 says:

    Oh… forgot to add something just in case… There are also other series that i watched and which i liked very much and of course wanted to put them in… just that there isn’t enough places…lolx

  88. shinigami says:

    most of u guys did not metion all the good ones
    1. death note
    2. naruto
    3. bleach
    4. samurai champloo
    5 gundam seed
    6. samurai x
    7. witch hunter robin
    8. dragon ball z
    9. case closed
    10.wolf’s rain

  89. Rennui says:

    First I wanted to thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it. ^^ Right now I’m reading on Dennou Coil and Baccano! because I’m following those series. Also, thanks for putting The Third on your list, I’m enjoying it so far. :P

    1.)The Twelve Kingdoms
    What can I say, I just love this anime. I happened upon it recently… well, not really… I avoided it for a long time because I thought it looked stupid. ;) The whole concept of a school kid getting spirited off to a mysterious place where they have to fight just annoyed me. That may have been just me looking at the picture, though. So, I avoided this series until about a month ago when I got bored. The story took me by surprise. The first episode seemed to follow the criteria I just set up, but then it became so much more than that. Then, amazingly, the first story ended. It’s the stories after that make this number 1 for me.

    2.)Crest of the Stars Series
    If I hadn’t watched the Twelve Kingdoms, this would have been my number 1 anime. Even now the Twelve Kingdoms only barely beats it. This was the series that showed me what anime could be. That it could be used to tell an amazing story, while developing amazing characters.

    3.)Full Metal Panic! Series
    This is a series I certainly couldn’t leave out. Another very unique world, but this one is so close to our own. This is just like my other top anime so far in that it just keeps getting better and better.

    4.)Last Exile
    This contains what is probably my favorite anime ending. It’s a beautiful series that pulls me in every time I’ve watched it. I still cry at the end, I just can’t help myself.

    5.)Rurouni Kenshin
    This was the anime that got me into anime. I was surfing channels, a lot like tman earlier, when I happened upon it on Cartoon Network. After the first episode I made sure to watch it at every showing, even if I had to tape it. After one episode very early in the series, I freaked out, got online and ordered the box sets. The first arrived before the next episode aired on TV. ;) So, yeah, I love the characters, I love the setting. I love the first OVA, although I could never get into the second.

    Each episode of this anime was so unique and well done. All stories in themselves. Usually anime with no overlying plot line bother me. That’s the reason I never could get into Kino. Mushishi’s different. The stories have emotional value and they don’t always end or begin as you’d expect.

    7.)Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
    Yeah, this is the only movie on my list. It’s wonderful, well thought out and like so many on my list, made be cry. For me it’s the time travel tale of anime. It easily has as good a story as any time travel novel I’ve ever read, with the Anubis Gates as my only exception.

    8.)Fantastic Children
    This is another anime I put off seeing. I heard it was good, it came up for me all the time on that anime recommendations site, but I ignored all that. This one I got around to watching during finals last year. Once again the problem was that I had run out of anime. It started out sort of slow and was fun to pass the time with, then the plot thickened and it thickened and blew me away.

    9.)Gundam SEED
    By Gundam SEED, I also mean Gundam SEED Destiny. I love this anime. The characters, the fights, yeah, I just love it.

    10.)Shakugan no Shana
    This anime got me into uploading, lol. The first downloaded anime (in avi form) that I cared about enough to upload on YouTube one episode at a time. Yeah, that was back when if you got a full episode down to 100 mb it was fine to upload. I don’t do that anymore, since I got banned and now YouTube deletes all my uploads. So, back to Shana. Fantastic. Another of those different animes that is pulled off so well. The second series will begin in October, let’s hope it will be as good as the first!

  90. meh says:

    FullMetal Alchemist
    Scrapped Princess
    Howl’s Moving Castle

  91. avradeep says:

    my top 10:-
    3.12 Kingdoms
    4.Honey and Clover
    5.Infinite Ryvius
    6.Now and Then,Here and There
    7.Neon Genesis Evangelion/Seikai Trilogy
    8.GTO/Ergo Proxy
    9.Full Metal Panic:The Second Raid

  92. avradeep says:

    I had forgotten to mention these 2 also,Ghsot in the Shell Standalone Complex:both first and second gig,superb and Gundam Seed:one of the best mecha series out there.Also regarding Full Metal Panic:Fumoffu would take the cake for being one of the best comedy series I have seen after GTO.

  93. avradeep says:

    and FLCL,the best OVA and parody anime I have seen with an awesome OST by The Pillows.A nice coming of age anime

  94. avradeep says:

    Actually there are quite a few animes that I like-top 10 is too small i guess-I liked Koi Kaze,Higurashi no Nako koro ni,Hunter X Hunter,Jin Roh,Spirited Away,Pale Cocoon,Beyond the Clouds,The Promised Place,Hoshi no Koe

  95. Aki-kumiko says:

    personally, for me, i like
    1. Saiunkoku monogatari(this is one of the only animes that i find very meaningful^^)
    2. Gakuen Alice
    3. Ouran High School Host Club
    4. Ayashi no ceres
    5. Scrapped princess(this is nice too!)
    6. strawberry panic!
    7. paradise kiss
    8. Howl’s moving castle

  96. Pegah says:

    I can’t wait to get started on your list. Can you also make a list of anime that’s not in the top 10, but you consider really good?

  97. graymouser says:

    Yea I agree with several. 12 kingdoms was the finest piece of anime/writing. Ive seen. It was more than girl meets guy who is alien who tells her shes a princess. It had real pathos and shows us how people can grow and change. (The Japanese are big for taking people and putting them through the grinder to make them better human beings).
    2. FLCL because it’s simply histerical. Ive watched it 7 times and laughed through all the episodes.
    3. Kenshin OVA’s because its a beautiful story with the tragic but bittersweet ending so many good writers enjoy.
    4. Wolfs Rain. Birth Death Rebirth. Story as old as mankind. great story and well told.
    5. Claymore because it again is a story of love.
    6. Gunslinger girl. I hate it but I love it. I am sorry they made it but the beauty of the art, the bittersweet nature of the plot and the sterile and morally decrepit nature of the state made it a great anime, but one I only watched once. Besides who doesnt like the 9th or the delgados. :)
    7. Mahou Shoujotai Thank you for this suggestion. It was all that you said it was.
    8. Noein: beautiful and haunting. Fate driven epic.
    9.Black Lagoon, I loved it. Funny, and tragic and superb.
    10.Blood+ What can I say I love cello! and it had this mystic sense of time borrowed and urgency. Great anime..
    This isnt all that I love about anime but I think that the Media has transformed into one of the best story telling methods their are.!

  98. Windspirit says:

    I have a question for you, psgels. I see that this entry is now 6 months old : did your top 10 actually change during these six months ?

  99. psgels psgels says:

    Pegah: Just click on the review-index in the side-bar. ;)

    Windspirit: yup, it did, but I’ve decided to wait one month after finishing a series, mostly to avoid any bias as much as possible.

  100. dave says:

    I like your blog!


    In no particular order I would include Moshishi, Monster, Death Note, Noein, Elfin Lied, Wolf’s Rain, NANA, Hellsing, Haibane Renmei, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, GTO and a few more too. Of course Bleach is on there also.

    I still have so much more anime to watch though. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  101. adelos says:

    my two favorites are
    death note and bleach

  102. trey says:

    i doubt that anyone would scroll down far enough to read this, but in my opinion, BLEACH is one of the best animes out there, the way that every detail is important and comes into play makes this anime extremly awesome. i have to say that this anime is pure awesomeness.

    my other favorite anime is definetly yu yu hakusho. there are no ways to accuretly describe this anime except awesome.

    please e-mail me your opinions on these animes or any other animes at

  103. Yokimura says:

    i’ve noticed that no one has mentioned a great series.
    Shura no toki.
    its a great martial arts series best martial arts seens i ve ever seen in an anime. based on hand to hand combat. It has nice graphics as well as good story line. some one should check it out.

  104. Old Man says:

    hmmm, some good choices, so ill go for it

    10: 12 Kingdoms, a good piece of writing, but slightly marred by episodes that take forever to go anywhere………
    09: Gunbuster 1 : One of the few series that really got to me….
    08: Full Metal Panic First and Second Raid: A great ongoing story, with good humour/action combo
    07: Blue Gender, really liked this, mainly due to me trying to imagine it as starship troopers, just with more bugs, guns and mecha… story isn’t the best, but still enjoyed it
    06: Cowboy Bebop: what more can i say??
    05: Elfen Lied: A great series, dark, grim but with a well written story, well animated and produced.
    04: Claymore, a good story and who doesnt like big swords and demons?
    03: Teggen topa Gurren Laggan: A series combining all the best bits of mecha anime with a great plot.
    02: Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the best series ive seen, a good story, coming of age series…with mecha
    01: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, one of the few series that made me walk away and think about the content, rather than let the story just wash over me, well scripted and i heartily recomend that you watch, stop reading and go ewatch it…..or better, read it!!

    well there you have my selection, tommorow ‘ll proprably change my mind on some of the choices i have made, as my likes and dislikes chance almost daily…..keeps life interesting!! Also, if there are any aliens, time travelers or epser’s out there contact me :P

    (im not serious, so dont)

  105. Archer says:

    i won’t write them in a particular order since all these 10 anime series were the best i saw so far and i still cannot chose one as my top favorite:
    *Death Note
    *Cowboy Bebop
    *Hunter x Hunter
    *Honey and Clover
    *Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen
    *Great Teacher Onizuka
    *Ghost in the Shell
    *Full Metal Panic

  106. jim says:

    top 10 in no order

    Gundam Seed
    Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex
    Cowboy Bebop
    Fate Stay Night
    Black Cat
    Full Metal Alchemist

  107. svld says:

    # 6~10 (alphabetic order)
    Azumanga Daioh
    Byousoku 5 Centimeters (movie)
    Serial Experiments Lain
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    # 2~5 (alphabetic order)
    Millennium Actress (movie)
    Nausicaä of The Valley Of The Wind (movie)
    Princess Mononoke (movie)
    Spirited Away (movie)

    Haibane Renmei

    Only several months ago, I don’t think there will be any series that stands out in my top list and become #1. But after I saw Haibane Renmei, I was stunned. This is THE series I can put it #1 without hesitation.

    # unknown (I really don’t know)

    Grave of the Fireflies (movie)
    A great movie. However, I can’t persuade myself to like it, but neither can I forget it. I always like the series that give me strong feeling and this is the only exception so far. Definitely not a good choice for those who don’t like depressing sad story.

  108. Dk86 says:

    Here is my top ten:

    10) Azumanga Daioh!
    9) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    8) Slayers Next
    7) Revolutionary Girl Utena
    6) Noein – to your other self
    5) Paranoia Agent
    4) FLCL
    3) Fullmetal Alchemist
    2) Visions of Escaflowne
    1) Neon Genesis Evangelion

  109. BrikHaus says:

    Wow! 6 of the shows you have listed, I have never seen! I guess I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. Thanks for the list. After I get around to watching all of those that I’ve missed (as well as others I’ve got waiting), maybe I’ll make my own top 10….or maybe top 15 ;)

  110. Marko says:

    Ok and here is my list

    Initial D (all stages)
    Devil may Cry
    Perfect Blue
    Trinity Blood
    Cowboy bebop
    Blood +

    well this my first choise:)

  111. Erin says:

    After reading through all of the recommendations, I’ve been convinced to pick up Simoun when it comes out in a week or so, as well as to pick up Planet ES, which I had been debating about. Anyways, to my top ten…

    1. Princess Tutu – I can’t believe that no one’s mentioned this series yet. The first episode had me wondering if I was really going to watch this series, with its vaguely over-the-top Nutcracker music. And then I fell in love somewhere around episode five. A fantastic soundtrack, amazing use of western ballet, and two of my favorite characters of all time (Rue & Fakia)

    2. Haibane Renmei – The only thing that comes close to Tutu. Another wonderful soundtrack, although a completely different feel. Every time I watch this show, I’m drawn in by its enchanting, captivating story and environment.

    3. Nodame Cantabile – Yes, like Princess Tutu, another soundtrack composed primarily of pre-existing pieces. But beyond that (and the accurate animation of instruments), it’s a funny, sweet show with wonderful characters. The underplayed (or underlying?) romance aspect of it is just perfect, too.

    4. Escaflowne – A true classic. I’m not sure what all can be said that hasn’t been already; this was, though, the first anime that ever “sucked me in” to the point that I watched a large chunk of the episodes in one sitting.

    5. Crest of the Stars Series – Ah, what a sci-fi show. I’m usually not a fan of science fiction, because it so often lacks a unique plot or strong characters, but this one just blew me away. Slow, deliberate pacing was united with fantastic characters for a great show.

    6. Cardcaptor Sakura – I always hesitate before putting this on any list, because I know that it’s no longer one of the top ten “best” shows that I’ve watched. But it’s definitely one of my very favorites. Always an enjoyable watch.

    7. Last Exile – Oh, how I want to rate this series higher. For all of its fantastic appearance and high level of enjoyment, this series fell a little short to be ranked higher because it lacked true emotional depth (except for one moment near the end that choked me up badly). Still, definitely one of my favorites.

    8. Asatte no Houkou – say what you will, but I really enjoyed this one. Granted, the second half fell off in comparison to the first, but it was still a great show. Unlike some other reviews I’ve read, I thought the ending was very fitting.

    Well, I suppose that’s only eight–and that’s because not only am I getting to the point where I can no longer sort the shows out numerically, but I have a feeling that Baccano! and Mushishi are going to take over the two remaining spots once I’m finished with them, anyways. Honorable mentions to Aria, Geass, Howl’s Moving Castle, and The Place Promised–all of which I thought about but ultimately couldn’t pick. The first three are the only ones with rankings set in stone, too; the rest are so closely tied that they could be in a different order tomorrow.

  112. the ghost who walks says:

    i’m a new anime fan.i want to watch a lot of animes.this wud b my top10 anime:

    10.Night Head Genesis
    9.Devil May cry
    8.Black Lagoon
    7.Full Metal Alchemist
    5.Get backers
    4.Fate stay night
    3.Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu/Claymore(dint like the last 2 chapters bcoz its different from the manga)
    2.Naruto(xcept the filler n shippuden is kinda slow)
    1.Bleach(xcept the filler)

  113. Justin says:

    Ok, so i have seen quite a bit of anime, and i happen to love almost all i have seen. There were a few exceptions, as all fans would say.

    My list of top anime is actually very difficult to narrow, so i won’t, i will just list some of the anime i have seen completely, but i am unable to rank them.

    Death Note
    Gundam Wing
    Blue Gender
    Tenjou Tenge
    Chrono Crusade
    Air Gear
    Tenchi in Tokyo
    Big O

    so far, that is all i can think of off the top of my head, but all of those were great anime series to me

  114. Anya says:

    i like anime becaose it is nonefiction and i can lernjapanese!
    right now I almost know 2 languages russian and enghlish my language is russian.

  115. animewatcher says:

    Well, since everyone made a list, i’ve decided to create one as well. As of now, i only have 6 animes that i have deemed worthy of my list. Here they are:

    1. Death Note – if you know me (i’m assuming you don’t, of course) you know that i’m an avid anime watcher. NOTHING has captured my attention as strongly as Death Note. Why? Well, because of many reasons. Very rarely is an anime popular if it requires you to have an intellect in order to view it. When people watch anime, they don’t want to think about it. They just want to WATCH IT lazily. this is why many anime producers avoid this when making their anime. I’m very happy that the producers of death note decided to diverge from the norm to make Death Note. Even though Death Note forces you to pause an episode(this occurs VERY rarely) and process what just happened, you will soon catch up to the pace of the story and watch as Light and L fight it out to the death (there, something to look forward to). The combination of an epic score, an intellectual storyline, and even some aspects of ethics make this anime a joy to behold. THANK YOU DEATH NOTE!!

    2. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden – There is no surprise that naruto is #2 on my top five list. People with a soft spot for animes with emotional values should definitely watch this. Trust me, you can’t help but to pity these people and what they go through everyday (keep in mind that they are about 12). The score does nothing but inhance the emotions that well up within. Aside from sentiments, action is definitely not a weak point here. I mean, come one. Ninjas fighting other ninjas with supernatural abilities; what’s better than that? My only complaints are two-fold: fillers and the progression of shippuden. some fillers are enjoyable at best. keep this in mind. Other wise, this is a great anime. Watch it. You’ll be happy you did.

    3. Bleach: Pure action and satisfaction! You know that feeling of satisfaction when you get a new ability as Samus (either on the GBA or the Wii) and you can’t wait to use it? Well, when a character gets a new ability in Bleach, you can’t wait to see them tear a hollow or *SPOILER* arrancar *END SPOILER* to pieces with it. The basis of Bleach is a concept known as “Pwning Hierarchy.” Basically, this means that characters are always saying “You think you can beat me with that Bankai?” or “You’re Weak…” This is satisfaction for the eyes and ears… WATCH IT or *SPOILER* Aizen-sama *END SPOILER* will be angry at you…

    4. Noein – Wow. This is also a very good deviant from the norms of anime. Intellectual and visually pleasing at the same time. There are very prominent themes of betrayal and love in this anime, mind you. The score is awesome and the presentation for the opening credits is very appropriate. It is very common that you will be pausing the anime every-so-often in order to get that little bit of information on quantum mechanics. That’s right, i said Quantum mechanics. Once you understand everything or even if you don’t, this anime is amazing from beginning to end. Watch it…

    5. .Hack//Sign & .Hack//Roots – Just amazing. this anime will definitely not displease you. Watch it and be amazed. my only complaint is the slow progression of the story. If you watch it all the way through to the end, though, you will be satisfied.

    6. Elfen Lied – this is the first Mature anime that i’ve watched. Please do not take the Mature rating as “Oh, don’t worry. There’s only a little bit of blood and sex. It’s no reason for me to miss it.” I disagree on everything except for the missing it part. ALOT OF BLOOD AND DEFINITELY ALOT OF NUDITY. This anime is VERY sentimental and might even make you cry. Please try to ignore the nudity. The story is actually very tragic.

    Anyways, i haven’t watch Wolf Rain, Neon Genesis, 12 Kingdoms, crest of the stars, or full metal alchemist. i might end up revising my list, hehe.

  116. Yui says:

    The plural of “anime” is not “animes”. Sorry, just saw so many comments like that I had to mention something.
    Anyway, I’ve gotten a few good ideas from this that I would like to download. Too bad alot of these are licensed, it makes finding torrents alot harder.

  117. Pegah says:

    Yui: you don’t have to download all anime, you know. there are plenty of sites that have anime streaming. go to, or if forced, youtube. but there are other ones too. just type in anime streaming in google and you’ll find plenty more sources.

  118. Pegah says:

    in the order that they came to mind:




    the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

    ouron high school host club (oh, the prettyness!)

    full metal alchemist

    samurai champloo

    Howl’s moving castle

    sprited away

    HIkaru no go

    that’s my top, i suppose-tho theres probably a bunch i forgot about.

    princess tutu (was also good, but not enough for my top ten.)

  119. Edward Elric says:


  120. Kaos_nyrb says:

    1: One piece
    2: Death note
    3: Naruto (it may be burning passion but it’s burning passion at it’s best)
    4: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    5: Trigun
    6: Cowboy Bebop
    7: Beck
    8: GTO
    9: Nodame Cantabile
    10: Ouran High School Host Club

  121. meiliken says:

    You all stated some good ones, I’ll hand you that. However, some are not Anime. Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle are both American made, thereby not considered Anime. Only 1 of you stated the great one which layed the standard for Anime, Akira. Here is a couple others you all missed. Biohunter, Wicked City, Devil Hunter Yoko, and Golgo 13.

    Welcome to the big time.

  122. psgels psgels says:

    Err… Meiliken: where did you get the idea that Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke are American made? They’ve been directed by one of the biggest legends in anime: Hayao Miyazaki. Everything about them is Japanese…

  123. Clammie says:

    What a cool list! Of course, some of my favorites haven’t made the list (XD) but I’ll be sure to check out a few of yours. Most all of them look really sweet! :D
    (Here’s my own list.)

    5) Ouran High School Host Club
    I’ve never loved wacky characters so much. It’s such a fun anime to watch.

    4)Card Captor Sakura
    When I was little, I really loved this. I had to watch the dubbed version, because I couldn’t find the original Japanese (neither did I know there was an original Japanese, I was very small), but I loved it none the less.

    3) Azumanga Daioh
    Oh, how I love Azumanga. I’m such a wimp ) I didn’t know it was going to be so sad. I really didn’t. Everything about AIR was wonderful, the music, the characters, the story, the artwork… Just fabulous. At the end, well… I could barely stop crying. Just beautiful.
    I would highly recommend AIR to anyone. It’s darn good, to put it bluntly. Don’t watch if you’re not the kind of person who likes crying, though. XD

  124. Clammie says:

    D: My comment cut short! XD Well, 2 was Howl’s Moving Castle, and the comment in the middle of Azumanga Daioh was for AIR TV. Definitely my number 1. (:D)

  125. m0nkeysensei says:

    In no particular order

    Welcome to the NHK – Very interesting about all the ways people can fuck up in life.

    FLCL – Crazy fun awesome.

    Paranoia agent – loved it

    Magical Shopping arcade abenobashi

  126. Jeremy Low says:

    How could you leave a few animes that are obviously awesome out?
    The first being Evangelion, which is the best anime ever.
    Second is the more recent Code Geass. Third is Death Note. Admit it, all of us could identify at least a little with the Kira.

  127. Laddie says:

    My favorites, no particular order.
    Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Gankutsuo, Hellsing, Bleach.

  128. Terry says:

    1) Full metal alchemist
    2) Azumanga Daioh
    3) Death Note
    4) Dragon Ball (not Z or GT)
    5) Welcome to the NHK
    6) Eureka Seven
    7) Ergo Proxy
    8) Serial Experiments Lain
    9) BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
    10) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

  129. Mike says:

    It’s a shame, I live in the UK, we get *4* TV channels – none of them ever show anime, so I never get exposure to any of these stories.
    We get Akira about once every decade or so, but that’s as far as it goes.

    It was a revelation holidaying in Canada recently to find that there was a TV channel devoted to these programmes – or certainly in these evenings.
    I don’t suppose I’ll ever get a chance to see any of them, and I feel like I’m missing out. Ah well, things are as they are.

  130. Pegah says:

    don’t despair Mike! I only have 7 channels, but we all get our anime from video streaming sites like or youtube. You can access these from the UK, right? go crazy!

  131. Pegah says:

    oh, yea. make sure you don’t watch any with english dubs,they suck. watch them in japanese with subtitles.

  132. Lumpia says:

    Seriously guys, someone that isnt including Death Note or Elfen Lied in their top 10 really needs to consider what those 2 anime bring to thr table. Well here is my love 10

    1. Death Note
    2. Elfen Lied
    3. Ouran Highschool Host Club
    4. Love Hina
    5. Air TV
    6. Honey and Clover
    7. Kenshin OVA
    8. Rumbling Hearts
    9. samurai champloo
    10. Cowboy Bebop

  133. Pegah says:

    I’m gonna have to add dennou coil to my list, that was freaking awesome!

  134. Gu3st says:

    #1 fate/stay night
    #2 chrno crusade

  135. Tommy says:

    I can’t believe that out of all of you, Caedn is the only one who even mentioned Excel Saga, and only as an “honorable mention”.. *Sigh* It definitely deserves to be higher up on people’s list. And NO ONE mentioned Kiddy Grade? You people disgust me. I digress.

    1. Elfen Lied.
    2. Azumanga Daioh!
    3. Fruits Basket
    4. Excel Saga
    5. Kiddy Grade
    6. Love Hina
    7. Cromartie High School
    8. Bleach
    9. Furi Kuri
    10. Samurai Champloo

    And for those listing nothing but the animes seen on Adult Swim, I strongly suggest you go out and see some others. There’s a wide world of anime out there, and I assure you that [AS] does -not- show the best of the best.

  136. Hard says:

    Comments are still coming, so why not, I guess.

    (in no particular order)

    1. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

    Long-winded series, but the reward is immediate, and every character ends up a hero in their own way. It’s even better after reading the book it’s based on, or vice-versa.

    2. Kimagure Orange Road

    What a ride. This is the romantic/comedy, with the greatest love triangle in the history of anime. The soundtrack, with 80’s J-pop and saxophone solos, melts you in your shoes.

    3. Top wo Nerae: Gunbuster

    The absolute best mecha in history. Super Dimension Fortress Macross is close, Code Geass is close, but not very. Time Dilation is a scary idea.

    4. Top wo Nerae 2: Diebuster

    The best sequel ever, to the best mecha ever. Diebuster captures the spirit and swells the emotion of Gunbuster almost flawlessly.

    5. Kare Kano

    Probably the greatest pacing I’ve ever witnessed in a show; better than Eva’s direction. Everyone that’s seen the show in its entirety can all agree that the ending was like pissing out a cactus, but the rest of the series more than makes up for it. They should’ve made more.

    6. Crest of the Stars

    Probably not for those who relish in large amounts of battle scenes (that’s for the sequels), CotS excels in its plot detail, especially the celestial quality of the narrative. Just be sure not to watch the dubs, they’re horrible.

    7. Code Geass

    The best mecha in a LONG while. Also the first where you haven’t seen the main character accidentally “fall” into the shell of his eventual mech of choice and save the world. Can’t wait for season two.

    8. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Probably the “runt” of the group. But, it is up here for a reason. Yes, it’s quite shonen, but it has a few things most shonen lack. First of all, it has style. Uncut it the only way to watch this show. The dated feel, the swearing, and the dry humor of Yusuke push it that extra mile. And second, the battles are short and sweet. Whereas most shonen battles drag for episodes, YYH concludes them within two episodes at the longest, with the win based on tactics rather than power alone. The only shows that top YYH in terms of battles is Getbackers and Hokuto no Ken. It begins to lack that quality after the Dark Tournament (except with all of Kurama’s battles thereafter), but the ending is so fitting that you’ll be glad you saw it through. The dubbed intro and ending songs are just as good as the originals.

    That’s about it. Most of the shows in comments prior to this I would agree to be awesome shows as I’ve seen quite a few of them, but were left out because either I haven’t seen them entirely, or they simply didn’t have the same impact.

  137. chilli says:

    1. Bleach
    2.Death note
    3. Gantz
    4. Naruto
    5. One piece
    6. Full metal alchamist

    not in the right order of my favorties but the only anime i have seen and liked

  138. Chloe says:

    Mike – if you have sky, there’s always anime central. They’re changing the line up just after Christmas so I don’t know exactly what’ll be there, but it’s a good channel – it’s only a few months old and seems to be on its way to creating a subtitle block. (Eg. .hack//SIGN and I think Cowboy Bebop aired twice a night in dub and once in Japanese with subtitles). Which is more than most channels bother doing! There’s some info on stuff they’ve aired here:

    …Right, as for favourites, that’s tough. Let’s see:

    1. Monster – Hands down. Great adaption, brilliant plot, some great characters and a very creepy atmosphere all around. It’s brilliantly psychological too – just all round good here.

    2. Fullmetal Alchemist – I really liked FMA – it’s just one of those things I didn’t think I’d like but got really sucked into. Plot and characters are decent. Good stuff.

    3. Jigoku Shoujo (and Futakomori) – It’s formulaic, you know exactly what sort of thing will happen most of the time, but more importantly than that it keeps you interested. You feel for the characters, even if it’s just that you want to punch somebody in the face for being an idiot.

    4. .hack//SIGN – I really like this. Sure, it’s slow moving at first – but then, I love Monster, which takes four episodes to even set up its premise. Slowness doesn’t matter to me if it keeps me interested – and it does. It also has some brilliant creepy moments and a fantastic soundtrack.

    5. Death Note – Good adaption. So some things changed – I don’t think it particularly killed the series. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t think there’s that much of a downfall in the plot (though there is some) – it’s just people angry over what happened getting to them. It’s still a damn good show.

    6. Ayatsuri Sakon – …I like murder mysteries. I was interested in the puppetry. When something combines them so well, what on earth is there to complain about?!

    7. Black Cat – Sure, it changed stuff from the manga. I don’t care, I thought it was funny and had decent action – and while I love thought-filled shows (see: Monster, Death Note etc.) when I’m watching an action show, all I’m looking for is action. This does it decently.

    8. Rurouni Kenshin – Not much to say about this one – I like the premise and think it’s executed well.

    9. Bleach – This blends action and comedy well, but it’d be much better if it got out of the habit of having arcs drag onto the point where you’re either more interested in the sub plot than actual plot or where you’re practically banging your head on the desk wanting the endless stream of fights to at least take a break for a tiny semblance of plot. That said, I do like it, or it wouldn’t be on my top 10.

    10. Dragonball (not Z or GT) – I liked this. Random action adventure show about a kid with a tail and pretty much his journey through adulthood – it was interesting, it was funny and decently executed. And Goku wasn’t all that overpowered (especially compared to Z and GT) – the humans could actually -compete- with him. Always good!

  139. Nobody says:

    Thanks people who have contributed so many fav lists to the comments here; helped me develop an absurdly long list of stuff I want to check out..

  140. A. N. Other says:

    i know this is going to sound like a rookie comment, but i require help. there are so many anime to choose from that i don’t know where to start. i got into anime about a year ago and i’m so hooked! particular favs are Naruto (it’s still awesome apart from the break of bollocksness), Death note, Darker than Black and Bleach…i need more tho! any ideas on a high quality animation with strang storyline? i’m also noticing that FLCL is not really mentioned…truly great anime, has you confused beginning to end!

  141. paglie says:

    I can’t quite put this in order since i love them all so much

    Last Exile
    Elfen Lied
    Scrapped Princess
    Rurouni Kenshin (series and ovas)
    Nodame Cantabile
    Kino’s journey
    Ergo Proxy
    Wolf’s Rain
    Devil May Cry

    uhhh i think i went over 10
    oh well
    i never get bored of watching these shows over and over again

  142. paglie says:

    To A.N. Other

    If you enjoy watching Death Note and Bleach
    you might want to give these shows a shot
    Wolf’ Rain
    Ergo Proxy
    Full Metal Alchemist
    pretty much everything i included on list above!
    hope this helped!

  143. T.S. says:

    mahou shoujotai and noein i definately agree with. They really capture the imagination. I dont understand why seirei no moribito isn’t up there though. Its truely the most beautiful epic that’s been produced in many years. Beutiful in its visuals, beautiful in its music, characters, and moments that make you cry.

  144. Windspirit says:

    Seirei no Moribito isn’t here because psgels made this list about a year and half ago, when Seirei no Moribito probably wasn’t even planned.

  145. Kate says:

    my list would be:
    1.Gakuen Alice – although it’s very short
    3.Detective Connan
    Really i think most of them should be no. 1 but youcan only have one no.1

  146. AKA: aka says:

    I really love this blog! It made me see more anime than I ever imagined! Well here’s my favorite anime//movies (no specific order):

    School Rumble
    Spirited Away
    Higurashi no naku koro ni
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Rorouni Kenshin
    Cowboy Bebop
    ROD the TV
    Honey and Clover

    I’d say my number 1 at the moment is REC ! It will just really make you cry. Its just 13 episodes with barely 10 minutes each but they’re filled with reality of humans. Though it was ‘kinda slow and it got serious in the last few episodes, I’d recommend this. =)

  147. DBZ_1 says:

    1-Dragonball Z
    6-Blue Gender
    7-One Piece
    8-Blood +
    9-Fulmetal Alchemist

  148. the critic says:

    F**k TMAN a.k.a T-back Number 31 post !!! wats so great about wolf’s rain its a goddamned boring anime!!
    he said dragon ball is a shit nah you are more shittier!! dragon ball z is a legend!!

  149. ippo says:

    my Top 10 favorite anime
    1.Hajime No ippo- the new release manga is
    Freaky cool! i was very surprise because the
    lastest enemy is a filipino like my self..first time i saw filipino anime character LOL..
    2.Naruto-the best anime dis year!
    3.yuyu hakusho & Dragon ball z(tied)- ahh Memories!!
    4.jigoku sensei nube(Hell teacher nube)-COOL
    5.GTO (Great teacher onizuka- Very Funny
    6.Death note – Eliminate! Eliminate Eliminate
    F**king Cool
    7.Claymore – i Love “Teresa of faint smile” the
    coolest female character i have ever seen! even
    she was killed..damned!
    8.The Melancholy of Haruni Suzumiya – i like dis anime because its weird,funny and the girls are cute.
    9.Detective Conan – Who is better “L of death note” or Conan A.k.A “shinichi kudo”?
    10.Bleach – the soul society saga is cool but the bounto and arrancar saga sux! wat a let down!

  150. teddy says:

    OOO boy I just read all the comments. interesting lists. I might as well post my own just for fun

    1. Claymore (though the manga is better)
    2. Rozen Maiden (I didn’t see this on any list – I wonder why?)
    3. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito (I have no idea why)
    4. Full Metal Panic!
    5. Simoun
    6. Air
    7. Azumanga Daioh
    8. Hayate no Gotoku!
    9. Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (my favourite movie)
    10. Sailor Moon

    Yay! anime is awesome!

  151. urmom says:

    Some stuff people didn’t put down.

    Bastard!!(6 episodes)
    Blue Submarine No.6(OVA’s)
    NGE: End of Evangelion(movie)
    Most of studio Ghibli’s movies(Howl’s Moving Castle, Tales of Earthsea, etc.)
    Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society and the two movies before it. 1st better than 2nd.
    FMA Conquerer of Shambala

  152. A.Alaalas says:

    Obviously FLCL is too intellectual for you retards.

  153. kaykay says:

    2-blood plus
    3-death note

  154. xiaohu says:

    ahh i’m gonna cheat =P Had a realy hard time eliminating and then ranking them, so I’ve got a compromise.

    Top 10 Fav Anime Series
    1) Mushishi
    2) Seirei no Moribito
    3) Fruits Basket
    4) NANA
    5) FMA
    6) Mononoke
    7) Saiunkoku Monogatari
    8) Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan
    9) Windy Tales
    10) Denno Coil

    Top 10 Fav Movies/OAVs
    1) Spirited Away
    2) Kigeki
    3) TokiKake
    4) Howl’s Moving Castle
    5) Totoro
    6) Grave of Fireflies
    7) Tokyo Godfathers
    8) Only Yesterday
    9) Millennium Actress
    10) Pale Cocoon

    Honourable mentions: Blood+, Ergo Proxy, 12 Kingdoms, Kino no Tabi, Haibane no Renmei, OHSHC, Monster, Shion no Ou, Rurouni Kenshin OAVs

  155. misak says:

    sorta my top 10

    1.Elfen lied
    2.Ruroni kenshin
    4.hunter x hunter
    5.full metal panic series
    6.death note
    7.code geass
    8.wolfs rain

  156. Krawndemon says:

    My top 10 are.
    1. Please Teacher
    2. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch!(it is a fantasy and is a wonderful love story)
    3. Love hina
    4. Ah! my Goddess.
    5. Elfen Lied
    7. Cardcaptor Sakura
    9.Honey and Clover
    10. Please Twins

  157. Canned says:

    i will admit im not the kind of personwho watches anime or even sitcoms etc often, i have seen NONE of these animes but i did watch a anime (i think it quilifies) and since it was the first to be aired on uk or usa tv.. Pokemon. this is the only show ive ever watched all eps of (well not all … some were in jap so i never bothered with them) but i think this is gotta be ma favoratie tho i aint seen these animes i have seen one or two eps of naruto and thats kinda crap with pepole walking around after bieng stabbed in the head.. i like pokemon since its something all ages can watch as it has adult and kid humor and NOT MANY PEPOLE GET STABBED.. yeah it may of lost appeal since its 10 year release but its still one of my fav. and one more anime a bit old i think .. but just started wathing it 1 month ago, Love Hina, tho it has only one season doesent that deserve a mention? now that was made for adults and its realy funny .. tho at times a bit abstract, but i gess since its a anime it aint so obvious.

  158. this is my Favorites anime ^__^
    Bleach, Clannad, Gundam, Hayate no Gotoku, Naruto, One Piece, Shana, Spice and Wolf, True Tears

  159. yenny says:

    1) Hunter X Hunter

    -Samurai X
    -Full metal alchemist
    -Neon genesis evangelion

    -Vision of escalflowne
    -Saiunkoku monogatari
    -Fruits Basket
    -12 kingdoms

    -Chrono Crusade
    -Fate/Stay night

    -One Piece

    -ROD the TV

    -Now and then, Here and there

    -Kiddy Grade
    -Mai Otome

    -Cluster Edge
    -Scrapped Princess
    -Fushigi Yuugi

    -Magic Knight Rayearth
    -El Hazard
    -Ayashi no Ceres

    Special: Sailormoon, Slam Dunk, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ninku, Saint Seiya, Dragonball Z (coz these are my first few animes)

    I think animes like Monster, Last Exile, Rahxephon, Death Note are good too, they leave a strong impression on me. (although they aren’t my personal favourites)

    Of course, i absolutely love anything that Studio Ghibli produces and all the Final Fantasys.

    *actually, there’s a whole lot other animes that i like but i can’t remember their names something like è™??-think is a very recent anime.. another one that i like is called the violinist of hamlet? -the female lead is of royal birth and she has this huge cross mark on her back and the male lead plays the violin (it looked more like a viola or cello) and is one of the devil’s offsprings (the other being a twin sister who has angel’s wings)…ummm….if you come across them, do watch them…

  160. Juan says:

    Azumanga Daioh
    Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
    MS Negima
    Shakugan no Shana
    Ouran Host Club
    School Rumble

    I’d like to include a couple more.

  161. Staz says:

    Oh, but I couldn’t have a list without Baccano, Cowboy Bebop, and Gurren Lagann (though that one is a bit iffy). I will agree with you that Paranoia Agent is a topnotch anime, though.

  162. shinji says:

    1. Bleach
    2. Naruto Shippuden
    3. Shakugan no Shana(both seasons)
    4. Darker than Black (cool story line)
    5. Black Blood Brothers (too short)
    6. Claymore
    7. Full Metal Alchemist
    8. Fate Stay Night
    9. Ninja Scroll (TV Series)
    10.Samurai Champloo

  163. mooogles says:

    I know its late.. (1 year late) since this topic started.. BUT Heres my list! (for those who cares lol) Note: only the top 4 is in order, the rest … well i just like it in no particular order.

    10. Monster – JOHAN

    9. Love Hina – what can i say. i enjoyed the
    mindless humor

    8. Beck MCS –

  164. AKI says:

    Better late than never, I guess.

    01. Love Hina – The first anime I’ve ever seen. When it comes to an anime that you hold close to one’s heart, Love Hina comes to my mind.

    02. Elfen Lied – My most watched anime. I’ve seen it like more than ten times already. The enjoyment – never less than the previous watch.

    03. Ouran High School Host Club – One of the most enjoyable anime I’ve ever seen and one of my Most Recommended

    04. Eureka 7 – Mind-blowing from the first episode to the last one. I still can’t believe I marathoned it in just two days.

    05. Bokurano – Mind-boggling anime, which poses more questions than answers. Best anime series of the 2007, I think.

    06. Darker than Black – A bit disappoining, but heck. It turned out great, anyway.

    07. Ergo Proxy – “ore ga proxy”

    08. Vandread – no love for this anime?

    09. Gantz – yes, even though its end is soooo far away from the manga, i still enjoyed its run.

    10. xxxHolic – better than Ghost Hunt, i think

  165. Daniele says:

    1- Kino No Tabi
    2- Noein
    3- Ergo Proxy
    4- Fate/Stay Night
    5- Serial Experiment Lain
    6- Death Note
    7- Ghost In The Shell
    8- Samurai Champloo
    9- Mushishi
    10- Fushigi No Umi No Nadia

    The best series for me. ;)

  166. relmneiko says:

    Mixed bag here, but now I have a bunch of new shows I need to see! Anyway, my list…

    1) Utena. No questions asked. ^^
    2) Ghost in the Shell – series and movies. Beautiful animation, rich characters, and enough depth for many a re-watch.
    3) More love for Princess Tutu! One of the best shoujo out there, IMHO.
    4) Twelve Kingdoms – epic story. EPIC story. Epic gay unicorns.
    5) Berserk – the manga is way better, but it had to be here.
    6) Gankutsuou – I actually read the book first, but I liked the anime better. Go figure.
    7) Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade – I won’t say anything because it will spoil it, but… I think everyone should seriously watch this film. Freaking AMAZING.
    8) Macross Plus: Along with the expected pop singers and giant robots, there is the most epic love triangle ever written. Dramadrama

  167. relmneiko says:

    …site ate the end of my last post.

    9) Armitage III – this is where I get random and list obscure stuff that needs more love. It’s kind of in the vein of Battle Angel Alita.
    10) Iria: Zeiram the Animation. Actually similar to Armitage III, now that I think of it, only with less cyborg-chick and more revenge.

    Seriously, check the last two out. Other than that, I think everything here has been listed already…

  168. Cyn says:

    I can’t think of top 10 ATM but when I see these the, first animes that come to my mind are [B]NANA[/B], with its amazing story and development, though the main character can be annoying a times. And [B]Code Geass S1[/B], every episode left me wanting to watch more and more and so many amazing moments. I’m watching code geass R2 atm but so far its just like the first season to me and not much difference.

  169. nahrub says:

    cant really figure out my top 10 anime, watched way too many. just list my 10 fav that came in mind in no particular order:
    -wolf’s rain
    -samurai 7
    -rurouni kenshin tsuiokuhen
    … damn this is hard, i give up

  170. Sneakin says:

    Man Neon Genisis Evangelion i think was way overated. Everyone in there has to much ankst. and they all have some stupid dark past that i got tired of. just way to overrated.

    10. Gunslinger Girl
    9.Death Note
    8.Wolf’s Rain
    7.Samurai Champloo
    6.Ruroni Kenshin
    5.Elfen Lied
    4.Black Lagoon
    2.Samurai X: Truth and Betrayal
    Yeah those are my top ten at the moment. 3- 10 could prolly change but #’s 1 & 2 are prolly gona stay where they r forever. They both are simply master pieces
    anyone got and good suggestions for anime for me to watch send me an email
    preferably serious more mature anime. im not much for dragon ball z type anime anymore and hate comedy type anime

  171. yoshi927 says:

    1- Hunter X Hunter: The first few episodes didn’t shine at all, but when they started the Exam, I was hooked, and the quality never dropped off.

    2- Mahou Shoujotai: I picked this up after reading about it on your blog. It was awesome. Enough said.

    3- Akagi: Awesome psychological battles, and it doesn’t hurt that Mahjong is my favorite game.

    4- Last Exile: Some people said that they couldn’t understand the ending. I never had this problem, so I thought that it was awesome. What really makes this series shine is the strong cast of characters, I’d say.

    5- Gintama: I don’t know if the quality is going to drop off, but Gintama has almost never failed to make me laugh. But more than that- I once had a writing teacher who said “A comedy is only as good as it is if you take out all of the jokes.” And Gintama’s plot-driven elements are also amazing. You could take out the humor and it would still be worth watching.

    6- Full Metal Alchemist- Although I’ve always thought it’s vastly overrated, this series is still incredible. Loved it from beginning to end.

    7- Shion no Ou: I wasn’t too excited about this because I don’t play any Shougi, but it was nonetheless an amazing series. I imagine that it would’ve been brilliant if I knew anything about Shougi.

    8- Hikaru no Go: Another great game-series. It’s a bit like Shion no Ou, only on a grander scale. Although it’s second in quality to Shion no Ou, I’m still amazed by the fact that I never once got bored in sixty or so episodes of a game that I don’t even know how to play.

    9- Cardcaptor Sakura: Another series that I’m amazed didn’t bore me. But it was awesome, and so it places.

    10- Law of Ueki: I would recommend it to anyone in search of a comedy to watch, and I love the tactical battles, but the thing that drags the series down this far is one thing: Rinko’s voice. I’m serious. By the end I was just muting the volume whenever she started talking. It’s the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard. I could rant for hours.

  172. Chris says:

    Well I figured I’d just like to share an updated list myself since… I’ve got nothing else to do before class lol, it’s cool to see Shion on the list now since that series really was great. I’m surprised Saiunkoku hasn’t made your list!

    10. NANA- unique josei style with an excellent look into what 20 something year olds go through with struggles with love and finding their identity. The series did turn into a rock star drama but it still was ecellent and also had one of teh strongest soundtracks around.

    09. Asatte no Houkou- Another series I’m surprised didn’t make your list, the series was excellent with a great blend of drama, slice of life, family, and comedy not to mention one of the best soundtracks.

    08. 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother- most touching anime series I’ve ever seen, really made me want to cry. A little boy goes in search of his missing mother across Latin America and he goes to go through so many difficulties for other people you can’t help but cry!

    07. Bokura Ga Ita- Finally a series that showed what a real relationship between teenagers is like, with difficulties with past relationships, their first time, and the boyfriend’s anger issues. The series really was an excellent look into how deep teen love can be, and although the ending was a little cliche it was also very emotional.

    06. Gad Guard- A very ineteresting mecha show that actually mixes both excellent teen age character development and great animation and fights. The series is surprisingly touching especially since the start of the series is only so-so and the characters all become well developed with a good look into a single parent family and friendship through times of struggle. The fights in the series are all fast paced and fun since it is from Gonzo.

    05. Red Garden- You’ve blogged this series, you know how great it was!

    04. Emma a Victorian Romance- I’ve never seen an anime really have such excellent historical accuracy. With one of anime’s best composers and a semi-cliche story, this series plays out excellent in every single way. Although the premise may be cliche, the characters, the plot development are completely original and the series is charming, heartbreaking, and a true romance.

    03. Stellvia- Developed by XEBEC, another look into a teenage school life with an annoying start with the biggest cry baby lead, but she eventually develops into an excellent heroine. The character development is excellent with a good realistic look into first dates, trouble passing school, and best friend troubles while also mixing some exciting sci-fi action.

    02. Kaleido Star- this shoujo was awesome, it featured great drama, nice comedy, excellent animated circus performances, and the best female lead of any series I’ve seen.

    01. Koi Kaze- this is probably the most realistic series I’ve ever seen and I really feel how the characters are tormented by their incest. Although I don’t like what they do still I liked the characters and enjoyed seeing them go through their struggle and staying strong-willed.

  173. Stranger says:

    1: Bleach
    2: Mai Hime
    3: Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

    I can’t finish my list, I would like to watch other anime’s like these here.

  174. nirvash says:

    It’s pretty hard to rank them, but i guess i could give it a try:
    1. Samurai Champloo
    2. FMA
    3. BECK (best music i’ve ever heard in an anime)
    4. Ouran High School Host Club
    5. Rahxephon (i’m not crazy about mecha, but i couldn’t stop watching this one)
    6. Nana (great great anime, not so great ending)
    7. FMP? Fumoffu (one of the funniest anime ever)
    8. Nodame Cantabile
    9. GTO
    10. ParaKiss

  175. L.A says:

    It was really hard for me to rank them since there are so many anime series I loved…

    01. Martian Successor Nadesico
    02. Ojamajyo Doremi
    03. His and Her Circumstances
    04. Honey and Clover
    05. Paranoia Agent
    06. Kamichu!
    07. Mushi-shi
    08. Denno Coil
    09. Kaleido Star
    10. Pani Poni Dash!

    Dadesico anyone?! I can’t believe this…

  176. CRaZy says:

    1. Death note
    2. Neon Genisis Evangelion
    3. Bleach
    4. One piece
    5. Fullmetal alchamist
    6. Fullmetal panic series and novel
    7. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
    8. Hunter X Hunter
    9. Serial Experiment Lain

    fuck you

  177. rv says:

    My top 10 are:

    1. neon genesis evangelion
    2. blue drop
    3. shakugan no shana
    4. sola
    5. onegai twins
    6. this ugly yet beautiful world
    7. byousoku 5 centimeter
    8. Ef – A tail of memories
    9. elfen lied
    10. death note

  178. Niquo says:

    My top ten anime are:

    (It is so hard to decide!)

    *Drum roll*

    10. Darker Than Black- This anime is quite cool. The only part in which I didn’t like it is when it ends. lol. I hoped for more episodes.

    9. Wolf’s rain- The animation is great! The expressions of the wolves are just so true! The twist to the story is also good. I also like the way they change the image from wolf to human, and human to wolf, depending on which of the characters are looking at them.

    8.Nodame Cantabile- A musical anime packed with hilarious characters. A “MUST SEE” for people who like anime, classical music, piano, and orchestras.

    7. FLCL- Short! But totally fun! If you want something to make your day you should consider watching this.

    6. Inu Yasha- I’m not gay but i gotta love Inuyasha! His character is strong-willed and spunky. I also love how Kagome looks. *Whistles*

    5. The Law of Ueki- Why is this anime underrated? The fight scenes are cool, the characters uses their limited powers correctly, they are mostly funny, what more could you ask?

    4. Fullmetal Panic!- ACTION! COMEDY! MECHA! COMEDY! romance??? This may be the only anime that I loved the fillers! lol

    3. Romeo x Juliet- It may be a different twist from the original play but the writers really mixed it correctly and nicely. A very great story.

    2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan- I think it only was 24 episodes but I feel like I’ve watched 40 episodes!! The story moved fast and smoothly. The comedy was ok ok, but the action scenes! Wow! Great characters as well. I was inspired, and I don’t know why. lol.

    1. Fullmetal Alchemist- I personally want to kill the person who MANAGED TO WRITE THAT STORY!! GEWD!!!!

  179. Shiro Long Tail says:

    10. Mushishi – A very surreal show that I’m always in the mood to watch. It also introduced me to the Sore Feet song.

    9. Mobile Suit Gundam & 08th MS Team – Ah Gundam, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a giant robot fan. Even so the timpani solo for the intro of Long Sleep (part II) makes me giddy to this day.

    8. Chrno Crusade – Certainly not the best out there, but I certainly enjoyed it. The ending was very moving, and also a tear jerker.

    7. .Hack//SIGN – I loved the air of mystery in this series, wonderful soundtrack, and the cast of developed characters. The games aren’t half bad and fill in some of the missing parts and some background (the kite saga, I’ve no experience with the GU stuff).

    6. Cowboy Bebop – Ballad of the fallen angel will always be one of my favorite scenes.

    5. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu – I was looking forward to each week when this was airing.

    4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Themes and motifs were very well played in this show.

    3. The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo – You’re one of the few people I found that actually blogged this gem, and I’m really glad for that.

    2. Shin Seiki Evangelion – I can’t sum up the all the reasons I like this show in a sentence or two.

    1. Iria: Zeiram The Animation – Waay back in the day they showed this on the scifi channel. This is the show that got me really interested in anime.

  180. WUt says:

    1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – It’s filled with a lot of PASSION.

    2. Air Gear – Also filled with lots of passion, has a very unique feel to it.

    3. Gintama – Hilarious.

    4. D.Gray-Man – Amazing characters, filled with many mysteries.

    5. Rurouni Kenshin – Classic.

    6. Bleach – Of course.

    7. Naruto – Of course.

    8. Code Geass – …Crazy

    9. Full Metal Panic – Insanely entertaining.

    10. As of now, Macross Frontier.

  181. sawe says:

    wth why is everything after 2000, hell nothing before1995.

  182. AggroVendor says:

    10) Love Hina. A guy and a load of girls in one girls boarding house. One of the funniest animes I’ve ever watched.

    9) GunGrave. I watched it out of boredom, I almost turned off the first episode since it didn’t interest me much. Really glad that I didn’t now. Great story of friendship and betrayal.

    8) FLCL. One of the best new anime series that I’ve watched.

    7) Death Note. In my opinion it ends after episode. (In my eyes, Death Note ended after episode 25, I hated the real ending)

    6) Bubblegum Crisis (and Tokyo 2040). One of the first animes I’ve ever watched (It was on late night tv when I was younger) Absolute classic.

    5) Naruto. Every friday is naruto manga and anime day for me.

    4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The first episode (Episode 00, The film) just hooked me instantly to this series. It’s even spawned its own religion, Haruhism.

    3) Neon Genesis Evangelion. No need to have to speak about this series. If you haven’t at least heard of it, then you know jack about anime.

    2) The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Tylor joins the military for an “easy life.” It just sets the tone for the rest of the series. Brilliant story and excellent characters.

    1) Excel Saga. Everything from beginning to end is just brilliant. The humour, the ridiculous side stories, the serious episode. Just find it and watch it!

  183. rick says:

    i am trying to find some new rely good anime love based iv seen a lot not rely any that i would go gaga over o and email me if you can of any you would sugest plz

  184. KILLU says:

    i don’t have ten but here are the ones i like

    1. Bleach
    2. Inuyasha
    3. Death Note
    4. Blood+

    I haven’t found anymore worth watching yet biut those are very good… Death Note came out recently so there’s only 15 episode right now.

  185. Jack says:

    Nice list you got there
    Here is my fav top 10:

    10.Dragon Ball Z
    8.Tenjou Tenge
    7.Yu Yu Hakusho
    5.School Rumble
    3.Death Note
    2.Rurouni Kenshin
    1.Samurai X – Trust and Betrayal

  186. Leon cranny says:

    ok my list (some of which have been under rated or over looked)

    1* best all time fav ELFIN LIED no other story has ever been as deep as this it really give a good comment on how people treat others and why we need to change also the blood and gore are cool to

    2*FATE STAY NIGHT come on whats not to love engaging story line about love redemption betrayal and forgiveness the ending was really sad so if your some one who gets emotional over an anime make sure that you have another great anime to go on to because the ending will rip your heart out

    3*GUNGRAVE yes it has an anime it’s fucking incredible to watch it i dont care if you hated the game do it any way also if you not covinced search it on wiki it’ll give you an idea of what it’s like

    look since no one likes reading long comments ill get goin








    P.S the ones bellow 3 are in no order i could add another 20 but thats off the top of my head also any one wants to bad mouth ELFIN LIED like some other people get your ass to Perth (it a major city it will be hard to miss)Australia and call 0408 945 618 and tell me where you are i will be more than happy to come there and personly beat the living crap out of you

  187. stephen says:

    Hmm, i can find some interesting anime here. Well here’s my Top 10

    1. Rurouni Kenshin
    2. Deathnote
    3. Full Metal Alchemist
    4. DragonBall
    5. Ouran High School Host Club
    6. Naruto
    7. Code Geass
    8. Bleach
    9. Hunter X Hunter
    10. K.O

  188. Brett Wright says:

    1. Last Exile
    2. Eureka Seven
    3. Bokura no
    4. Full Metal Alchemist
    5. Gundam Seed
    6. The Vision of Escaflowne
    7. Rahxephon
    8. Hellsing
    9. Trigun
    10. Berserk

  189. FireChick says:

    My top ten are…

    1. Shounen Onmyouji
    2. Kamichama Karin
    3. Nanatsuiro Drops
    4. Shugo Chara!
    5. Clannad
    6. Pokemon
    7. Gundam 00
    8. Mokke
    9. Rozen Maiden
    10. Digimon Savers

  190. XiixMetalHeadxiiX says:

    1.Family Guy
    2.Whatever Show is on at the time

  191. Tree says:

    Ahh I love the way this post is still getting comments, over a year after posting ^.^

    10 – Ghost Hound

    9 – Samurai Champloo

    8 – Animatrix – For a series of shorts i thought this was fantastic… some in particular really shined; Beyond, Kids Story. Good showcase of anime styles

    7 – Black Lagoon – Just great fun, very well animated and tasty fight scenes

    6 – Darker than Black – Let down by some ‘meh’ episodes, but some, 13 – 14 in particular, were some of the best anime I’ve ever seen.

    5 – Naruto – Ok so the quality dropped post filler but it was the first anime I watched, and I have very fond memories of marathoning late into the night.

    4 – Baccano! – Perhaps not quite as good as I had anticipated but I loved it. Awesome pulp fiction-esque storytelling. And it’s how i found / started reading this blog, for bonus points.

    3 – Noein – Saw after reading PSGels review, and I was suitably impressed

    2 – Beck – Figured Id wait till i finished watching before i wrote this comment. Just brilliant fun to watch, great characters, plot, great music – so good I learned the guitar parts.

    1 – Death Note – Gah this was one of the first anime I watched and I still can’t find anything that touches it. Absolutely superb twisty plot.

    And good films and OVAs… Spirited Away, Comedy, Pale Cocoon…

  192. rob says:

    1. Monster
    2. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    3. Haibane Renmei
    4. Yawara!
    5. Mushishi
    6. Paranoia Agent
    7. Beck
    8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    9. Bokura no
    10. Last Exile

  193. chris says:

    Ah a series that I’ll have to tie for first place is Read or Die the Tv series, an excellent spy adventure and action series where the 3 main leads are personal bodyguards for an author and they can manipulate paper into anything they want, as cheezy as it sounds it is very very fun. A pretty cool and intelligent show with an excellent James Bondy atmosphere and soundtrack. The series was also surprisingly heavy in the character development and slice of life area with a lot of good family drama, everyone should check it out!

  194. mikeclem says:

    01) Yu Yu Hakusho
    02) Bleach
    03) S-cry-ed
    04) Kenshin
    05) Dbz
    06) Cowboy Bebop
    07) Outlaw star
    08) Dragonball
    09) Gungrave
    10) Trigun

  195. Ookami says:

    i saw that not alot of people had Inuyasha in their list at all i was disaponted this is a great anime and the first anime i ever watched which was long before i knew what anime was haha but lots of people had the animes that used to come on right after inuyasha but anyway here is my very long(way more than 10) list which i cant rank quite yet obviously

    -elfen lied
    -vampire knight
    -tsubasa chronicles
    -tsubasa chronicles tokyo revalations
    -cardcaptor sakura
    -higurashi no naku koro ni (kai too)
    -fruits basket
    -wolves reign
    -case closed
    -naruto shippuden
    -cowboy bebop
    -Samurai Champloo
    -Death Note
    -Rozen Maiden
    -Shugo Chara!
    -Ouran High School Host Club
    -.Hack (all of them)
    -witch hunter robin
    -lucky star
    -tokyo mew mew
    -absolute boyfriend (not made into a anime yet)
    even though the title sounds really girly the manga itself isnt really all that girly but it is kinda a love story but it is still RELE good and sad i cried at the end

  196. Ookami says:

    o and one more
    -kamichama karin

  197. Sanderman says:

    I only recently started watching anime actively, here’s my list so far.

    1. Naruto, just awesome in every way, except for the fillers.
    2. Death Note, just incredible, the suspense and intellect… too bad it was short and I didn’t like the ending.
    3. Full Metal Alchemist, great story, great fights, though short and sometimes very sad.
    4. Bleach, same as Naruto, just more fights and less plot.

    Some time ago:
    5. Dragonball Z/GT, loved it, grew up with it on tv.
    6. Gundam Wing, potentially awesome, though I never really got into it as it only aired on shitty times, I never understood the story.

    Actually, I think I’m going to download gundam wing right now to catch up.

    I also really like Final Fantasy: Advent Children. It even made me play the original FFVII game on emulator to experience the story. :)

    There were some other animes though I didn’t really like them enough to be worthy of this list. I’ll keep looking for the good ones.

    I’m gonna bookmark this page with all the great advice you guys are giving here.

  198. kami says:

    that is my list :
    10- Full Metal Alchemist
    9- Read or Die
    8- detective conan
    7- death note (the movie)
    6- mushi uta
    5- higurashi no naku koro ni
    4- shinjestutan stuki hime
    3- Tsubasa Chronicle
    2- air tv
    1- code geass

    that is my 10 best anime …

  199. saytoh kana says:

    for me … i have many animes … so i will try to find the top 10:
    1- code geass
    2- full metal alchemist
    3- air
    4- detective conan
    5- myself;yourself
    6- shinjestutan stuki hime
    7- Tsubasa Chronicle
    8- read or die
    9- mushi uta
    10- shakugan no shana

    this is my top 10 animes ^____^

  200. BlueYoshi says:

    Numero 200! Well, I can’t remember if I’ve commented here or not, but I bet my top 10 has changed a lot in recent months anyway.

    10: Sola
    I’ll certainly agree that it’s overrated in Japan, and that there were plot holes, and that the main character pretty much annoyed everyone. But hey! I like the female cast of characters. And the stunning music, animation and atmosphere. Still a guilty pleasure? Hell yes.

    9: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
    My first ‘real’ anime, and I enjoyed every bit rewatching it all over again 5 years later; this time seeing the whole plot.

    8: Baccano!
    I’ve only encountered one person on MyAnimeList that doesn’t like Issac and Miria. What is wrong with that guy…

    7: Ghost Hound
    Psychological anime at its best. Although, it could have been even better…perhaps a better ending?

    6: Shion no Ou
    Shion’s eyes, serious shogi, red herrings and a lovely trap.

    5: xxxHOLIC
    This anime had a little bit of everything, with a brilliant cast of characters.

    4: Gankutsuou
    I haven’t seen Last Exile yet, but for the time being, Gankutsuou is GONZO’s best work.

    3: Kaiba
    I haven’t even finished the anime yet, but I’m pretty sure by your review that things won’t screw up in the final 3 episodes. Simply a creative masterpiece.

    2: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    The second season was solid, solved pretty much all of the questions, and featured some great moments, but it was the first season that wowed me like no other anime had done in a long time.

    1: Samurai Champloo
    If I did comment here in the past, then SC would have been No 1 anyway. It’s been more than 2 years, but this is still No 1.

    Excel Saga, Chrno Crusade and Witch Hunter Robin just missed out. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is on its way for a Top 10 spot in the future as well.

  201. xDaishix says:

    Tough choices

  202. luke sambrooks {THETRUEVEGETA} says:

    hi my names luke, also know by my freinds as the true vegata, dont ask me why.My top 10 anime are
    10. dragon ball,z not gt!
    9. Akira
    8. Spirited away
    7. Howls moving castle
    6. Code Geass
    5. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    4. Gurren Lagann
    3. Naruto Shippuuden
    2. Bleach
    1. Eyeshield21

  203. Yougen says:

    Excludding movies, my current top 10 is something like this:
    1. Mushishi
    2. Elfen Lied
    3. Honey and Clover
    4. Welcome to the NHK
    5. FLCL
    6. Koi Kaze
    7. Haibane Renmei
    8. Escaflowne
    9. Kaiba
    10. Serial Experiments Lain

  204. Gottis says:

    Let’s see… Difficult, but I’ll give it a try! ^_^

    1. Fantastic Children
    2. Lady Georgie
    3. Bokurano
    4. Ghost Hound
    5. RahXephon
    6. Peacemaker Kurogane
    7. Slayers NEXT
    8. Detective Conan
    9. Digimon Tamers (why yes. >.>;; )
    10. Trigun

  205. Emily says:

    Hmm…my top 10 are:
    10. Utena
    9. Death Note
    8. Red Garden or Venus virsus Virus
    7. Escaflowne
    6. Marmalade Boy
    5. Higurashi
    4. Elfren Lied
    3. Lucky Star
    2. Kanon 2006
    1. AIR

  206. Caio says:

    Well, since I watched very few animes, it’s probably a poor list, but IMHO:
    10.Full Metal Alchemist
    9.Full Metal Panic
    8.Great Teacher Onizuka
    6.Eureka Seven
    5.Elfen Lied
    4.Neon Genesis Evangelion
    3.Spirited Away
    1.Death Note

  207. Afro says:

    1) Noein
    2) Welcome to the NHK!
    3) Dennou Coil
    4) Last Exile
    5) Sword of the Stranger
    6) Eureka Seven
    7) Darker than BLACK
    8) Seto no Hanayome
    9) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
    10) Bokura no

  208. Lala says:

    I see you placed Mahou Shoujoutai on your #1 spot!♥♥ I’m so happy that someone else out there thinks that this anime deserves more raves than what it’s getting. I absolutely love the animation, and the story is so magical!X3 I am forever searching for unusual anime like this. I have one for you, it’s called Fuujin Monogatari~Windy Tales~. I really love it, it’s light-hearted, a slice of life type of anime. But I think it takes an acquired taste to really appreciate this wonderful series. See if you like it!=)

  209. muzzy says:

    I love haruhi suzumiya though i was really sad when i saw the last episode because there was nothing left for me to watch of my favourite show!

  210. Nab1 says:

    In terms of series, I’m into action-packed, clever and generally quite gory animes with character development and plot continuity rather than comical intra-episode frolicks. Mind you, a good bit of well placed humour does no harm.

    My top 10 includes both movies and series:

    1 – Samurai Champloo
    2 – Cowboy Bebop
    3 – Death Note
    4 – Ninja Scroll (Movie)
    5 – Samurai X Betrayal (Movie)
    6 – Hellsing
    7 – The Boondocks (Does this count? – not Japanese!! But a hell of a watch)
    8 – Spirited Away (Movie – all ‘Studio Ghibli’ productions should be seen by all anime fans- full versions downloadable via
    9 – Howl’s Moving Castle (Movie, Studio Ghibli again)
    10 – Porco Rosso (Movie, Studio Ghibli again lol!!!)

    Watch any of the above and, I assure you, you won’t be dissapointed…

  211. Carlos says:

    The fact that you didn’t add DeathNote or code geass in top 10 shows this site isn’t realiable. Code Geass should be around top 5, and u have somthing silly like Hacksign+ or w/e its called, and i’ve seen that anime, and its shit. For those that didn’t watch code geass, i think u shud watch it!!

    It’s based on a character called Lelouch, which is known as a price of britan, at that time britain took control of half of EU, and they also taken of Japan. Hes father sent Lelouch when he was like 4 years old to Japan, along with hes blind sister. Lelouch returns to Britain with a special power, and becomes known to the world as Zero, and vows to take revenge for making hes sister blind.

  212. psgels psgels says:

    Carlos: wait… you mean to say that a list with MY opinion is unreliable because a show YOU like isn’t in it? Code Geass in my opinion was a mess of plotholes and deus ex machina, and death note, while good, wasn’t good enough to make my top 10. You may think different, but don’t go and assume everyone has the same opinion you have.

  213. Kurisu says:

    I just wonder whether you didn’t mention Cowboy Bebop because it’s virtually everyone’s favourite and thus kind of redundant to praise or do you really think it doesn’t deserve a top spot? I also wonder whether you watched those you listed more than once.

    I’d agree about the sentimental value of .hack//sign as it was also the first recent series I followed through fansubs and the quality back-then was visually amazing (divx at TV resolution instead of low-res MPEG-1 or RealMedia video). However, I’d also agree with the many people who say they mostly enjoyed it for the soundtrack. It’s a truly awesome soundtrack with nice visualizations. I still love the soundtracks but in retrospective it’s so horribly slow, lacking in substance and plot that I couldn’t bring myself to watch it all again. So this could never make it into my top 10 again. I’m not a fan of such lists though because I’d say a lot of series are equally good for quite different reasons and it depends entirely on my mood which one I’d prefer. Such rankings seem to be a bad habit of pop culture to me. Anyway, similar goes for many series I watched over the years. They were good while they lasted, often because I hadn’t seen anything similar before. But once this novelty factor is gone, it’s not all that great anymore.

    While I’ve only watched Cowboy Bebop thrice so far, I really liked it more each time and it’s about the only series I feel I could watch weekly without ever getting tired of it.

  214. psgels psgels says:

    Kurisu: actually, there’s a different reason why I haven’t included Cowboy Bebop: because I haven’t finished watching that one yet. I once atempted to watch it, and lasted about six episodes before giving up. I’m still planning to watch it some day, but for some reason I missed something that you and its other fans did pick up.

  215. milfa-eun says:

    i Love anime very much since in my elementary days, thoudh im now in college i still watch loits of anime in its whole series and episodes in dvds.

    ~here are my top 5 list:

    -i love the settings of the story, the characters especially rukia and ichigo.. and also the plot of the story. though the anime is not completed yet, i just read its manga and watched its ova.

    2.Full Metal Alchemist
    -i watched FMA over and over but still i wanted to watch it again, hehe. its a kinda action anime and though iam a girl i like this anime. there is a thing that i wanted to know, if edward and winry had a deeper relationship *blush* coz i love the couple so much.
    i also watched the conqueror of shambala its ova.

    3.Full metal Panic!
    – i love the first and its second part so much!. the first parts where souske and chidori met. and the second part was the funniest things i saw in an anime! hehe. fumoffu. i just hoped that i got a lot of time to watch the second raid.

    4. Tsubasa Chronicles
    the grown up syaoran and sakura made by clamp! my fave manga-ka group, hehe. so nice to be an otaku here!. i love the story. though the manga and the anime had a little, ugh nothing!. i just love it.

    -the Hidden Leaf village ninjas, i love my most handsome anime character! its uchiha saske. he is the one that making me feel love the anime.

    ~im just thiking of my other five anime~

  216. aerixthina says:

    –my fEatured toP 10 lists.. i like anime the most^.~ its been a while since i had watched anime..

    tsubasa chronicles
    full metal alchemist
    full metal panic
    case closed
    cardcaptor sakura

    –gosh its not 10!–
    ~i added some i also loved~
    fushigi yuugi
    elementar gerad
    school rumble
    ah my goddess!
    love hina
    midori no hibi
    ichigo 100%
    black cat
    gakuen alice
    haruhi suzumiya
    shakugan no shana
    lucky star
    school days
    sister princess
    samurai x
    rozen maiden
    shaman king
    fancy lala
    inu yasha
    rave master
    alien 9
    ultra maniac
    kare kano
    fruits basket
    sugar a little snow fairy
    galaxy angel
    –can i add more?–
    wew! thats alot^^..
    its just i luv them all..

  217. aksarah says:

    I totally agree with you on Mahou Shoujo-tai Alice. I need to see the rest of that. Great stuff.

    Here’s a top 10 in vague order:
    1) Bebop
    2) Jungle Guu
    3) Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari (you might like that)
    4) Champloo
    5) Ouran Host Club
    6) Soul Eater
    7) Lupin (specials/movies)
    8) One Piece
    9) School Rumble
    10) Sexy Commando

  218. kira yamato says:

    my anime TOP 10….
    1)mobile suit gundam seed/destiny
    2)prince of tennis
    3)fullmetal alchemist
    8)pichi pichi picth
    9)detective conan
    10)dragon ball z

  219. Matej says:

    – Order is random –

    Trigun – all in all after watching last episode sub or dub this is “the anime” for me
    reminded me of my favorite game – fallout-

    Last Exile – awsome, just love it – even though i started hating thoose hidden revalations – time, space stuff.. noein, the third, Escaflone, el hazard, darker then black, ,melancholy of h…. frustrating

    cowboy Bebob -not in top 3 but top 10 def.

    Ouran high school host club – top 5

    Elphen Lied – loved the music it is kind a trashy and melodramatic

    Full metal alch. – don’t know what they said or did but just remember that felling – love it

    the third -was great to some point

    Berserk – love anime that go from crap to awsome – don’t care about the animation it is just great

    Samurai champ. – silly but great

  220. Matej says:

    and 12 kingdoms!

  221. Matej says:

    and i forgot another great one i would recommend to all anime fans – Kenichi – absolutely magnificent anime :)

  222. Maqubex says:

    10) Minami-ke
    9) Higurashi no Naku koro ni (All seasons)
    8) xxxHolic
    7) Lucky Star
    6) School Rumble
    5) Gintama
    4) Ghost in the Shell SAC I & II GIG
    3) Ouran High School Host Club
    2) Nodame Cantabile
    1) Code Geass R1 & R2

  223. ivan says:

    ive been watching anime for a few months i was wondering if any1 could recommend list for like action drama anime, these are animes i watched so far.
    gungrave, hellsing, samurai champloo, cowboy bebop, full metal alchemist, bleach, naruto, and dragon ball z.

  224. psgels psgels says:

    On my list, there are two action dramas with with an equal balance of action and drama: Noein and Visions of Escaflowne, so those are the two I recommend you the most. ^^; Revolutionary Girl Utena also has action and drama, but that one’s really different from the ones you’ve seen so far, so I’m not sure whether it’d fit your tastes.

  225. ivan says:

    alright thanks ill look into it.

  226. BlackFox says:

    I like fight anime’s. I watch everything though.

    1. Naruto Shippuden (If you read the manga theres some awsome fights coming up)

    2. FMA

    3. Shirahama Kenichi

    4. Code Geass (1 + R2)

    5. Samurai Champloo

    6. Claymore

    7. Ippo

    8. Noein

    9. Bleach (Old Bleach was awsome in Shinigami world)

    10. Gundam 00

  227. Kurisu says:

    I said I didn’t like top 10 lists and I really can’t reduce it to 10 or assign a particular order but it wouldn’t be fair not to mention at least some favourites:

    Cowboy Bebop – This takes the top spot, the only ranking I’m sure of. As others have written, I find it’s just perfectly balanced and varied as it combines multiple genres. I don’t expect you to love it but you can’t watch 100 anime and skip this.

    Monster – The only reason to not watch it, is having read the manga as it’s a perfect adaption. An intelligent thriller with as much heart-warming as heart-breaking moments without a single disappointing episode.

    Texhnolyze – Dark and depressing, yet beautiful and inspiring.

    Maria-sama ga Miteru – The best Shoujo/Yuri anime aside from Utena. While it could be considered fairly fake, it’s actually absolutely charming and heart-warming how the smallest issues turn into tear-jerking drama that I’m laughing with one eye and almost shed a tear with the other due to their beautiful innocent characters.

    Kimagure Orange Road – Still one of the best romantic comedies today. No fake over-the-top conflicts, drama or feelings. The superficial elements are mostly plot devices, otherwise it feels quite realistic and down to earth.

    Gunbuster (1988) – Very original plot revolving around time dilatation with Yuri vibes and fan service that doesn’t feel annoying or forced, skimpy suits aside.

    Sousei no Aquarion – Great homage and parody to mecha and shounen shows. The CGI is acceptable because it’s never mixed with normal animation but the fights aren’t the point, it’s about the quirky characters and the challenges thrown at them. The use of Greek and other mythology is commendable. Shoji Kawamori, wrote and directed it. I find it much more
    enjoyable than any of Macross, even its Soundtrack.

    Galaxy Railways – Based on Leiji Matsumoto works. I like almost everything by Leiji Matsumoto albeit it is sometimes maybe too sentimental or childish. This modern franchise might be more accessible.

    Gun x Sword – Very stylish. It’s a homage and parody at the same time but the main plot behind the superficial silliness is serious.

    Haibane Renmei – Very likable characters and overall very imaginative.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Not at all for militarists or war mongers but much more intelligent and political than Macross. The war isn’t just background for romance and the heroes are neither invicible nor do they always act just. You can find a lot of parallels in the far past as well as the present. While it has some obvious messages, these are never demagogic and are rather left as questions.

    Aria – As annoying as the atypical cats and the poor super-deformed mode are, the characters are just too charming, the setting a glorified beautiful replica of Venice. The plots are simple, sometimes surreal, which makes
    it perfect to be watched before having some peaceful rest. It’s about as great as Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, maybe even better except for ugly cats.

    Noir – probably the best variant of the three, though I liked Madlax and El Cazador. IMHO, all suffer from being to long and lack of focus. They all excel at the soundtrack.

    Kino’s Journey – You have to get used to the talking motorcycle Hermes and the somewhat square character designs but otherwise it’s visually convincing and the episodic format which usually resolves around a moral dilemma, is very inspiring.

    Kaleido Star – Could be just another “sports” anime but while you can easily through some of the characters and their tactics after a while, it’s another anime with extremely likable characters. Something that GONZO didn’t ruin with CGI (there isn’t any except Kaleido Stage in the OP).

  228. Sp0rk says:

    My Top 5 :D

    1. One Piece

  229. waltori says:

    1. Chrono crusade

    2. Death note

    3. Elfen lied

    4. Claymore

    5. Fate stay night

    6. Black lagoon 1/2

    7. Higurashi no naku koro ni (kai)

    8. Wolf’s rain

    9. air gear

    10. Ah my goddess (season 1 and 2)

  230. Octavius says:

    1.Death Note – the ending broke my heart though
    2.Samurai X (oav) -so much better than the show
    3.Advent Children – idk if you’ll count it as anime…
    4.Gundam Seed – the kings of giant robot anythings
    5.Cowboy Bebop – doesn’t get much better than this

  231. Octavius says:

    1.Death Note – the ending broke my heart though
    2.Samurai X (oav) -so much better than the show
    3.Advent Children – idk if you’ll count it as anime…
    4.Gundam Seed – the kings of giant robot anythings
    5.Cowboy Bebop – doesn’t get much better than this

  232. Dawson says:

    here is my personal opinion of which anime should be watched

    10. Ranma
    9. Wolfs Rain
    8 Gundam Wing
    7 Trigun
    6 Records of Lodoss Wars
    5 Ghost in the Shell.
    4 Samurai Champloo
    3 Neon Genesis: Evangelion
    2 Case Closed
    1 Cowboy Bebop

  233. Shant-a-bant says:

    All of the lists above hold true (some more than others), however i think my list pretty much sums up the best of the best.

    1. Monster
    2. Trigun
    3. Kenshin (Samurai X)
    4. Hellsing
    5. Samurai Champloo
    6. Full Metal Alchemist
    7. Basilisk
    8. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
    9. Gungrave
    10. Code Geass

    My top 5 movies:
    1. Grave of the Fireflies
    2. Spirited Away
    3. Ninja Scroll
    4. Princess Mononoke
    5. Howl’s Moving Castle
    (as you can tell, i LOVE Studio Ghibli!!!)

  234. sandesh says:

    Well,the starting of the comment was quite disappointing for me.For me, Death note is the best. My list would be the best. My list would be:
    1.Death note
    4.Fullmetal Alchemist
    5.Hunter X Hunter
    6.Code geass 2
    8.The last exile
    9.Bleach(Only the starting 70 episodes)
    10.Xam’d(not completed)
    Comment: I look for a good story,animation either 2d or 3d but with the right complexion of colors and sound, for the story(i like Madhouse studios for this), character development and their character revealed through animation as in motion (i like bones studio for this) and finally all delivered with proper timing. Many confuse character development for the character history,but I believe that showing the proper emotions and psychology of characters and how they change with realism is the true part of it and Death note fits it perfectly and that’s why i like it. That’s all.

  235. sandesh says:

    I accidentally typed-“My list would be the best”. Sorry.

  236. Mr.Entropy says:

    1)Last Exile – Production quality is topnotch, character design by my favorite artist, Range Murata. Wonderful story and characters (unlike some other GONZO works). Voice acting and music were also great. Steampunk Sci-fi also helps heaps.

    2) Elfen Lied – Cry when i see it. Music is meh, but Character development and superb animation make up for it and then some. voice acting is weaker in English than in Japanese.

    3) Full Metal Alchemist – PLOT DEVELOPMENT WIN. Music is great. Voice acting for Japanese and English were wonderful. Wanted a better ending though.

    4)Eureka 7 – On par with FMA, exchanged Fantastic Ending for less satisfying plot development and less likable characters.

    5)Neon Genesis Evangelion – Who seriously doesn’t like this show? Love the characters, Love the setting, Love the animation the music too. The most horrifying english voice acting in this entire list. Ending is weak, but End of Evangelion makes up for that.

    6)RahXephon – Pseudo-Clone of Evangelion. Added twist in plot (time manipulation, and musical apocalypse). Better animation (but was made later than NGE) More likable characters (at first)(NGE follows an exponential pattern of likability)Better voice acting, Better ending. Worse music, enemies are lackluster

    7)Tie between Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei & Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya. both have great artwork, both funny, both have good music,Zetsubou Sensei takes the cake with Kuusou Rumba though, Haruhi has a better storyline, well it actually HAS a storyline.

    8)Bokurano: Artwork and Character development are superb. great OP song. show gets weak halfway through.

    9) Black Lagoon: Shoot-em up action. Some Characters are quite deep, most, not so much. Can’t say much about the music or the storyline.

    10)Serial Experiments Lain: Can’t say i understood all the psychology or symoblism. Wonderful artwork and deep characters.

    the HATE LIST (not really):

    Gravion: not so much hate as amusement. EVERYTHING is stolen from another series. Horrible music (except an oddly likable ending song) Character design is actually quite good. GONZO F*cked me over after Last Exile.

    Bleach: The New DBZ (i mean that in a bad way). Never-ending enemies, long drawn out fight scenes,little to no pathetic attempts at emotional depth after the first 70 episodes (before that it was okay) Makes me pissed at anything shinigami related now. Also, “heaven” apparently sucks and “hell” is apparently a cakewalk to escape.

  237. Mr.Entropy says:

    also, from the topic. Noein rocked and .hack Sign was alright. would probably be in the teens for me. (Noein is probably ~11 or 12)

  238. Disgruntled Monkey says:

    Not necessarily the 10 “best”, but my personal 10 favorites.

    1. Haibane Renmei
    2. Aria
    3. Shingu
    4. Shakugan no Shana
    5. Mahoromatic (1st season)
    6. Crest of the Stars Trilogy
    7. Planetes
    8. The Third
    9. Fantastic Children
    10. Bleach (1st 70 or so)

    A few honorable mentions: Clannad, Naruto (except the fillers), Noir, Serial Experiments Lain, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Full Metal Alchemist

  239. ukinam says:

    10. Slam Dunk/Crayon Shin Chan
    Samurai Champloo
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Azumanga Daioh
    YuYu Hakusho
    Hunter X Hunter
    Ouran Koukou
    1. Beck

  240. stuck without a paddle says:

    with so many ppl voting escaflowne as one of the best, i was pretty irritated when i remember seeing in the “Animerica” (or w/e anime magazine it was) saying that escaflowne was one of the worst animes ever made >.> i for one LOVE it!honestly i think it was that anime and CCS that got me into the anime world. k now that i finished my rant, here is my tops(subject to change):
    10.samurai deeper kyo (can it be #9 and a half?)
    9.blood+ piece
    6. ouran high
    5.soul eater
    4.natsume yujincho (sp?)/naruto(its gotta be here somewhere. i still have some hopeless faith that it will get the canucks..>.>)
    3.ippo and CCS
    2.if “till death do us part” was an anime, this is my 2nd. so i’m hoping this will come out before i formally choose :P
    1.jury is still out for this one. :)

  241. Machi says:

    Hm no real order~
    Dennou Coil
    Fantastic Children
    Hunter X Hunter
    Wolf’s Rain
    Sure I have others but these stick out for me.

  242. pluex says:

    lol….have any1 ever watch “tengen toppa gurren lagaan”?
    try it…its a masterpiece!

  243. akun says:

    10.Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
    9.Prince of Tennis
    8.Devil May Cry
    4.Love Hina
    3.Full Metal Panic
    2.Zero no Tsukaima
    1.The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  244. maney!! says:

    1- vampire knight
    2- fruits basket
    3- kanon 2006
    4- clannad
    5- ashita no nadja
    6- kaze no shoujo emiily
    7- cardcaptor sakura
    8- air tv
    9- sailor moon & sailor moon R
    10- mermaid melody

  245. Seja says:

    Really like your list n_n, here’s mine (well I made it quite randomly so I’m not that sure they are really my favorites).
    sorry for the bad english

    10 lucky star
    9 tengen toppa gurren lagann
    8 higurashi no naku koro ni
    7 paranoia agent
    6 baccano
    5 noein
    4 kare kano
    Romance and comedy, really can’t ask for more.
    welcome to the NHK
    This anime really describes a lot of social problems of the japanese culture, plus there’s a lot of comedy and also some romantic moments.
    2 natsume yuujinchou
    I know it came out just a while ago, but I’m really astonished by the sense of calmness and serenity this anime gives to me. I find it similar to mushishi, but the difference is that natsume yuujincho is able to relax me so much more compared to mushishi. Each time I watch an episode I’m filled with positive toughts. Simply beautiful.
    1 sayonara zetsubou sensei
    Just awesome.

  246. ztory666 says:

    For me,

    Neon Genesis: Evangelion
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Serial Experiments Lain
    Higurashi no naku koro ni 1+2+3
    Clannad + After Story
    Air TV
    Lucky Star
    School Days
    Garden of sinner

    This 10 standout of any anime serie I have seen in different ways. They all good in their genre, so for me, it’s not like one better than other. Just my best list.

  247. kenshin514 says:

    My list is in this order:

    1) Neon Genesis Evangelion & Rurouni Kenshin
    3) Kano 2006
    4) Code Geass (1 + R2)
    5) Aria (Animation + Natural + Origination)
    6) True Tears
    7) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    8) Full metal Alchemist (only TV series. The movie is a big failure)
    9) Maria sama ga Miteru (1 through 4)
    10) Hikaru no Go

  248. Michael says:

    I’m a kind of person who’s really picky when it comes to anime, so i’ll shorten this to a top 5. I tried to not mention any shounen anime.

    1) Michiko e Hatchin (I couldn’t find one thing NOT to like about it, animation was superb, voicing=superb, and characters=the best i’ve seen. Manglobe > Sunrise, KyoAni, J.C Staff, Shaft, BONES, Gonzo) (10/10)

    2) Code Geass R2 (Yes it had tons of plotholes and fanservice, but it was the only anime that i actually payed attention to and wanted more of. As a staunch opponent of Fanservice, i can’t explain how i managed through all the Kallen and C.C pantyshots and nipple showing. Lelouch’s death actually brought me to tears.) (8.5/10)

    3) Natsume Yuujinchou (Oddly enough, i started watching Zoku first, then i managed to spare some time and finish the first season, i have to say, this show is beautiful. I like characters like Natsume who aren’t show-offish, idiotic, perverted, retarded like shounen animes are. There were some boring episodes, but Natsume got me off my Shounen addiction. (8.4/10)

    4) RideBack (Currently Airing 11/12)
    (From the get-go, i was hooked on this. Only 12 episodes long, and i really enjoy this. Other than the not-so-stellar character designs, this show is a strong 8.4/10)

    5) Koukaku no Regios (Currently Airing 11/24)
    (Another great 09 show. A balance mix of Drama, Plot-advances, (minor) Fanservice and great pairings (LayfonxFelli :D). The ED is the best that i’ve heard, and the BGM is really neat. An 8.4/10)

    ~~~Now 5 Worst Animes:

    1) Kurogane no Linebarrels (Dropped)
    An obvious Code Geass ripoff (I say this not as an obsessive fan, but a person with a watchful eye). Giant mechs, naked chicks, heck even some of the Geass Seiyuu’s are in Linebarrels. But this is GONZO folks. (4/10)

    2) Clannad ~After Story~
    Look, i enjoyed Clannad Season 1. I prepared myself for a complete reversal of all of this, and of course look what happens. First Nagisa, then Ushio. BUT NO..Key and KyoAni must of thought this was the Visual Novel and said “Hey, Yall. We’re gonna go back-in-time and prevent anyone from dying!! Yay!!” It should have ended with the deaths of Ushio and Nagisa, not some cheesy “Everyone smiles, No-one cries” ending. (5/10)

    3) Naruto
    This has nothing to do with the fillers (I dropped it before they started). The show is generic, uninteresting and redundant. I’d rather watch paint-dry then this. HELL, I’d rewatch Dragonaut + Linebarrels + Druaga than watch Naruto. (5.4/10)

    4) School Days
    Except episode 12, the whole series was just a steaming pile of failure. But hey, at least there was a Nice Boat.. (5.7/10)

    5) Rosario + Vampire
    Or “Gonzo + Typical”. I couldn’t stomach watching this crap. Only the OP made me. (5.8/10)

    6 would have been Dragonaut (5.9)

  249. Jimmy Figueroa says:

    1.-Ouran High schooL host CluB.
    3.-Death note.
    4.-Vampire Knight.
    5.-Yamato Shichi.
    8.-Naruto shippuden.
    9.-Elfen Lied.
    10.-Dragon Ball.

    Esta lista rifa ;)

  250. greg-hobbs says:

    Okay first things first i was inspired by your blog to watch a vast majority of the anime on this list, so thanks are in order! Thank you.

    1) Legends of galactic heroes: 110 episodes of the most glorious space opera to ever grace the earth. It makes Tytania look a little bit silly! If you haven’t watched this don’t be put of by its age (1988) the quality of animation and story is far above that of most modern anime’s. The music is also sublime with a full classical soundtrack that captures the peaks and troughs of the story perfectly.

    2) Eureka 7: I love this show it brings together everything a shounen mecha series should. It also has a far more convincing and heart felt romance element then almost all the shojo shows I’ve ever watched. Every character has a enormous amount of development. The best example of a 50 episode anime (my favorite length)in my opinion does everything Gundam does wrong right, and is animated sublimely.

    3) Simoun: I love character development! And this anime gets it spot on, it got to the stage that i barely cared about the situation or context, but the characters where so strong that this anime still brings me to tears.Studio Deen got it right with a risky formula with this one.

    4) Toward the Terra: One of the reasons i love anime is that its challenges me, forces me to think outside the box. Terra depicts a future that is so realistic and strongly depicted in the actions of the characters but also in its story telling that i truly believed it possible. Its also one of the few anime s that develops its characters via aging, and time changes a great many things here just as in life.

    5) Noein: Its got a unique style and possibly one of the best soundtracks ever. Me and my friends have had some very long discussions about this one, very thought provoking.

    6) Genshiken: I’m not normally a massive fan of comedy’s but I am a student and this anime that’s endlessly pervy and Un-PC hits all the right buttons. It depicts a group of people all lovers of anime can emphasize with; simply enjoying each others company whilst making porn.

    7) Dennou coil: This is probably one of the funniest shows I’ve watched simply because i got to thinking what id get up to with a pair of glasses and the possiblitys where endless. It also has a fabulous sense of style and a great ending.

    8) Xam’d: Oh bones i love this show but why wasn’t it 50 episodes long! It had everything awesome art, beautiful music and awesome characters and development. But it also had a rushed ending!!! This show could easily have provided the necessary content for the extra episodes and if produced as well as the rest of the series it would then be my no. 1!

    9) Clannad After story: First of all i hated the original series and the movie, and even the first 12-14 episodes of this series. But then came the tissues this series literally rips your heart out and from that point on its awesome with the best late series cast addition ever.

    10) Zegapain: This one’s a bit dubious but it had some really cool ideas (Tad matrix’y), it also had not one but 3 well developed romances that forced a sense of danger to the proceedings and kept me hooked. Note to potential viewers the main character is also the worst, you have to loom to the other characters to see this anime’s greatness.

  251. Ellipsis says:

    People do indeed differ.

    However a list without Wolf’s Rain and Cowboy Bebop is rather…terribly lacking. I apologize for the arrogance and “most” people are not so inclined to watch such series and genre but incredible storytelling, along with the best character developments, and music…how could one overlook two of the most thought-provoking and entertaining series (by critic and audience standards).

  252. psgels psgels says:

    Ellipsis: to be honest, I actually disliked Wolf’s Rain. A badly connected plot with big plotholes compared to an extremely predictable ending didn’t really impress me. I’ve yet to see Cowboy Bebop, though. But yeah, people do differ. Wouldn’t it be boring if they didn’t?

  253. kasim says:

    my top 3:

    3.naruto shippuden piece
    1.prince of tennis

  254. kelmonduo says:

    guys sort it out…. most of you have crap on your list… this is my top 10

    1. Air Gear
    2. Naruto
    3. Code Geass
    4. Bleach
    5. Full Metal Alchemist
    6. Black Lagoon
    7. Elfen Lied
    8. Avatar
    9. Dragonball series (not gt)
    10. Samurai Champloo

    nuf said…

  255. Machi says:

    I’ll have to add 2 more to my list that I nearly forgot namely Haibane Renmei and Now and Then, Here and There.

  256. psgll says:


    No im not addicted

  257. Khan says:

    1) Juuni Kokki
    2) Full Metal Panic
    3) Shion no Ou
    4) Trigun
    5) Saiyuki (I just like the story – the quality of the anime is unbelievably horrible)
    6) Mushishi
    7) One Piece
    8) Black Blood Brothers
    9) The Third
    10) HunterxHunter

  258. specracer29 says:

    This list was hard for me to make so I made some rules that if you show violates it can’t be in my top 10.

    Rule 1) No “Shinji” main characters.

    Rule 2) No “jar jar binks” characters. This mights need some explanation.

    The character doesn’t have to act exactly like jar jar but their effect on a scene or the show overall show is the same effect.
    (perfect example Kai from Blood+ he seems to ruin almost every awesome scene.)

    end of rules

    Top 10

    10) Now then here and there
    The art and the 1st 10 minutes of the 1st episode fool in thinking it’s some cliche shonen. WOW WAS I WRONG

    9) Banner of the stars trilogy
    One of the best space operas out there

    8) The Third
    You have got to love a strong female lead, but no need for me to tell you how great this show is.

    7) Ef a tale of memories
    quite your sad little romance story with plenty of tear jerking moments. (It’s like 30 first dates)

    6) Haibane Renmei
    BEST SLICE OF LIFE! I was hooked by first episode. I do wish it was long so the could of had more Sin-Bound episodes.

    5) Noir
    BEE TRAIN ROLES! Everything they touch is gold. I had to limit my self to one of their girls-with-guns trilogy I ended up picking Noir because it was 1st (note Ellis from El Cazador de la Bruja is my favorite character)

    4) Toward Terra

    3) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    This is the only show where have the option of either watching it in chronological order or the way it was aired. Every episode left me with a big smile on my face

    2) Saikano
    Wow type in any search engine “saddest anime” and you’ll be hard pressed not to find this show . this show is a spiral of despair and wow episode 9.

    1) Red garden
    This show has the most realistic and human characters I’ve every seen, even in live action shows. While the girls are no long human they act as one would expect for a group of girls tossed in to that situation; their relationships suffer and they even have break downs.

    i don’t know how to phrase this but their arguments awesome.


    – 12 Kingdoms
    epic story great female lead

    – Blood+
    Great female lead but it had a “jar jar” character

    – Witchblade
    the last few episode where great, and this show had my definition of a perfect ending

    – Nijuu Mensou no Musume or daughter of 20 faces
    I loved this show and Chiko is just the best but it had not just 1 but 2 “jar jar binks” characters

    – serial experiments lain
    BEST metaphysical SHOW

    – Vision of escaflowne

    – zegapain

  259. arnold says:

    1.detective conan
    2.hayate no gotoku
    3.chibi vampire
    4.da capo
    5.shuffle season 1,2
    6.onegai teacher
    7.onegai twins
    8.UFO Baby

  260. saito hajime says:

    hey,guess i’m a bit late with my list , but my list is only samurai anime linked. cause i’m in love with samurai stories (espescially edo period)

    here is my top 8

    1) rurouni kenshin
    2)samurai champloo
    4)ninja scroll
    5) samurai 7
    6)afro samurai
    8) samurai deeper kyo

    if any one knows any other great ones involving samurai plz let me know so i can find out for myself

  261. Thalabai says:

    1. Ergo Proxy
    2. Gankutsuou
    3. Karas
    4. Claymore
    5. Kara No Kyoukai
    6. Death Note
    7. Mononoke
    8. Wolf’s Rain
    9. MushiShi
    10. Elfen Lied
    11.Blood +
    12. Gantz
    13. Jigoku Shoujo
    14. FF VII: AC
    15. Speed Grapher
    16. Kemonozume
    17. Berserk
    18. Angels Egg
    19. Grave of the fireflies
    20. Jin Roh

  262. Suou-kun says:

    Here’s my Top 10:

    1. Noein (they just did EVERYTHING right with this)
    2. Dennou Coil (imaginative show full of great ideas)
    3. Azumanga Daioh (hilarious)
    4. Michiko to Hatchin (best background graphics in my opinion, very unique)
    5. BECK (it’s about Indie Rock, what do you need more?!)
    6. Eden of the East (funniest and strangest first episode ever)
    7. Lucky Star (just plain funny – if you need brainless, idiotic fun, here you go)
    8. Welcome to the NHK (interesting topic, great – black – humor)
    9. xxxHolic (funny, light-hearted, great depiction of japanese mythological creatures)
    10. Natsume Yuujinchou (kind of like xxxHolic, only much calmer and not as hyperactive)

    Actually, the numbers don’t really represent how much I like a particular series. These are just my 10 favorite anime series, and I enjoy watching each of them equally.

  263. sweetiekins says:

    My top 10 shows in anime consists of action and suspense, dont hate.

    #1 Macross Frontier
    #2 Bleach
    #3 Inuyasha
    #4 Claymore
    #5 Samurai 7
    #6 Death Note
    #7 Cowboy Bebop
    #8 Gundam Seed/Destiny
    #9 Fullmetal Alchemist
    #10 Ah! My Goddess

  264. benz says:

    1. Speed Grapher
    2. Darker than Black
    3. Code Geass S1 S2
    4. Elfen Lied
    5. Higurashi no naku koroni kai
    6. The Law of Ueki
    7. Nana
    8. Twelve Kingdoms
    9. Kure-nai
    10. Berserk

    All of these deserve the number 1 spot, I just wrote the first that came to mind

  265. silverkid says:

    my top ten animes; 1.Naruto. 2.Bleach. 3.DBZ 4.Avatar 5.Gundam. 6.code geass. 7.Blade of the immortal. 8.Death note. 9.koetetsu sangokushi. 10.kenichi.

  266. dead4left says:

    Wow lot of comments! Where do u find out about all these shows? I’ve only just got into anime (my friend introduced it to me) and I started on FMA. I think it’s great, so where can I find other anime’s like it or any some good ones?

  267. psgels psgels says:

    dead4left: you can start by getting a program called a Bittorrent Client. Utorrent, for example:

    Then you should go to sites as , search for the series you want and download the torrent files. Open these torrent files with utorrent, and they start downloading.

  268. dead4left says:

    Thanks v. much. Only one problem…..I’m gonna get addicted! “Anime, Its like crack. But better”

  269. Alex Dackard says:

    It all started here for me about an year ago. Now here is my top 10:

    10. Monster – Great Premise, some good psychological thrills alas the tautness of narrative peters out at times and lacks an ending worthy of the premise. Still a good watch.

    9. Darker than black – Starts out on excellent note but towards the end peters out. Exciting premise, good screenplay, excellent characters are spoiled by patchy plot and deliberately obscure revelations. Works purely on creative ingenuity. Still a good watch.

    8. Death Note – (The L arc) Fantastic premise, action packed, edge of the seat thriller. The characters hardly develop beyond initial introductions, and storyline sometimes becomes entangled within its own presumptions. However, it carries on the sheer weight of its premise. A worthwhile watch.

    7. Mushishi – A surreal journey of human emotions. As relaxing as a tranquil sunset by the sea. A worthwhile watch.

    6. Witch Hunter Robin – Great music, engaging storyline, decent character development, and sudden revelations makes a it a very good series. Screenplay flounders at times, and some characters don’t get the playtime they should. Still a well etched out series worth a watch.

    5. Planetes – A realistic human drama. Good character development, taut believable storyline, comedic interludes, and attention to detail makes it a very enjoyable series. A definite must see.

    4. Wolf’s Rain – Not everyone’s cup of tea. If you like metaphors, allegories, metaphysical interpretations, symbolism et all you will find this an intense and engaging ride. It speaks in speaks in metaphors and is carried by symbolism. A decent story, some intense characters but most of all it works because of character interactions and emotions that spill out therein. A definite must see if you can take the bouquet.

    3. Full Metal Alchemist – A great premise carried forward by a decent screenplay. Excellent character development, intense interplay of emotions, comic interludes, suspense and edge of the seat revelations makes it a must see. Highly recommended.

    2. Noein – Start to finish roller-coaster ride. Fantastic premise supported by excellent screenplay, well etched out characters, taut editing, and well placed plot twists. A very enjoyable series on several levels. Highly recommended.

    1. Ergo Proxy – Again, not everyone’s cup of tea. Works on same tools as Wolf’s Rain but is less obscure. A great premise supported by excellent screenplay with lethal plot twists and worthy ending. However, it works because of its intense and at times rigorous character interactions. Music is great too. Highly recommended, if you like the bouquet.

    Few other must see: Jin Roh, Bokurano, Shion no ou, Nodame Cantabile, Ghost Hound, Ghost Hunt, and of course, Paranoia Agent.

    PS: Thanks guys for making this list possible.

  270. Mambo says:

    Ojamajo Doremi- The best moral-lesson anime in the world. I prefer showing this anime to my little sister rather than any anime that is mentioned in this page :P

  271. Alyshia says:

    Okay personally, well, I’ve only been hooked on a few animes, not to mention only seen a few animes.

    1. Gintama

  272. Deathklok says:

    1. Elfen Lied : An excelent action packed , dramatic and romantic anine , with an excelent plot and complexe characters.
    2. Death Note : I liked DN v much , for one of my favorite subjects is religion / crime and punishmend , and the main character Light Yagami resembles the twist of one’s mind when handed a god – like power
    3.Vampire Knight : Romantic / Dramatic / Vampire and super natural…what can u ask more :P
    4. Code Geass : The idea is almost like Death Note…But what do u get when u combine war and mecha , with a spice of drama ? Code Geass ;)
    I’ve seen a lot of animes , but these are my favs…hope u like them too :P

  273. Solaris says:

    Thank you Deathlock. If i didn’t notice your post i’d lost this nice 3D.

    Well i really don’t know what anime i really liked the best. Everytime i see a new one it’s a different emotion, like peeking in a brand new world every time.

    I will just name 10 of them, probably not the best but very good in their ow ways. Sure i will miss tens of other wonderful ones.
    Here they come in random order

    Mirai Shonen Conan
    poetic post-atomic tale by Master Miyazaki
    Rozen Maiden
    an apparently light show with a ton of deep meaning if you just looked carefully
    Gunslinger Girl
    I started this skeptically but after that i literally fell in love with the awesome chars
    Eureka Seven
    Very original setup for mecha anime. A very nice love story
    Casshern (old one)
    The first cyborg with a soul. Awesome story.
    Heibane Renmei
    Outstanding but cryptic tale about life and death
    Record of Lodoss War
    Easily the first western-like fantasy anime
    Higurashi no naku koro ni
    I just loved the mistery slowly unfolded by its peculiar non linear and cyclical narration
    Versailles no Bara
    Man if French history was really that awesome adventure!
    Hack Sign
    Very original fantasy featuring the world of a roleplay online game.

  274. Tracer says:

    My top 10 would look something like this (not necessarily in any order aside from the first two):

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    Kaleido Star
    School Rumble

  275. Shasti says:

    My list:

    2.Wolf’s Rain

    Those are my top three. The rest are pretty much tied…
    -Kino’s Journey
    -Juuni Kokki
    -Cowboy Bebop
    -The Snow Queen
    -Ashita no Nadja

    Those that just missed the cut:
    Kaiji, One Outs, Witch Hunter Robin.

    I haven’t watched recent anime, one outs is the latest I watched so I probably missed out some. :)

  276. Sywen says:

    If i have to give a list it would be like this:
    my top 10 out of about 300+ watched anime series ( )

    1)Shion no Ou
    2)The Third, Aoi Hitom no Shoujo
    3)Serei no moribito
    4)El Cazador de la Bruja
    5)Gokusen seitokai
    6)Figure 17
    7)Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    8)Scrapped Princess
    9)Itazura na kiss
    10)Birdy the mighty decode

    and 1 movie: Angel’s Egg: it hooked me on anime ;)

  277. Sywen says:

    I made misytake:
    6) should be Gokujou Seitokai

    also thses just missed my list, but certainly are not less worth viewing:
    Darker than Black
    Minami ke
    Otogi-jushi Akazukin
    R.O.D the TV
    Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

  278. Berserker says:

    The order of the list has nothing to do with how much i like it random ordered.

    [Naruto] (My First Anime)
    [Naruto Shippuden]
    [Death Note]
    [Gun Grave]
    [Rurouni Kenshin]
    [Elfen Lied]
    [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
    [Ef – A Tales Of Memories]
    [Kimi Ga Nazomu Eien / Rumbling Hearts]
    [Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season]
    [Full Metal Panic]
    [Full Metal Panic Second Raid]
    [Full Metal Panic Fumoffu]
    [Gurren Lagann]
    [School Days]
    [Air Gear]
    [Ef – A Tale Of Melodies]
    [Air TV]
    [Zero no Tsukaima]
    [Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi]
    [Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo]
    [H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand]
    [Fate Stay Night]
    [Heroic Age]
    [Busou Renkin]
    [Asu no Yoichi]
    [Clannad After Story]
    [They Are My Noble Masters]
    [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]
    [Shakugan no Shana]
    [Shakugan no Shana II]
    [D Gray Man]
    [Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun]
    [Cowboy Bebop]
    [Love Hina]
    [Samurai Champloo]
    [Blade Of The Immorta]
    [Hayate No Gotoku]
    [Myself Yourself]
    [Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni]
    [To Love-Ru]
    [Vampire Knight]
    [Vampire Knight Guilty]

  279. hellomoto says:

    Sweet list; Escaflowne definitely deserves to be mentioned. I’m planning on watching noein too.

    My list:

    10) Witch Hunter Robin : It was a difficult choice between this and Gankutsuou, but I felt that Witch Hunter Robin simply had to be mentioned. The beginning is relatively slow and mostly focuses on introducing the characters and the institutions, so i actually dropped it. However, it picks up extremely well from episode 13/14, and it definitely reached (or nearly reached) its full potential.

    9) Millennium Actress : I just watched this yesterday, and boy did I love it. It presented an interesting style, and her unending quest to find her love was heartbreaking. Definitely Satoshi Kon’s best film (Tokyo Godfathers is second best).

    8) Haibane Renmei: Perhaps the most thought-provoking series I have ever seen. I originally dropped it since I didn’t like the oh-so sweet, slow-paced, slice-of-life beginning, but from episode 7, the story and the emotions just took off. It really made me think about religion, but moreso about sin.

    7) Princess Mononoke : ‘Nuff said.

    6) Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen I dropped the first episode of the original Rurouni Kenshin tv series (i’ve had enough of those kind of shows), but damn, this was great. The animation was outstanding, and the story was excellent (though I could see the twist coming from a mile away), yet i love the realism–it left nothing reserved, and it shows the true horrors of war. Everything was serious; I don’t even think there was one funny part in the movie, and though some fans may not like it, it kept the tone constant. Even though some crucial scenes were predictable, such scenes tugged at my heart-strings. To say the least, I loved this anime.

    5) Fullmetal Alchemist : Yeah, I know, it’s typical and all, but still, the mix of action and character development really resonated with me. Brotherhood is also great, since i loved the manga, but i love that even though the original anime deviated its course from the manga, it was still excellent.

    4) The Place Promised in Our Early Days : Wow. Just…wow. My favorite romance of all times; in my mind, Shinkai Makoto is the God of romance anime. This was the last of the three famous Shinkai films to see (in order of viewings: Byousoku 5 cm, Voices of a Distant Star, and then Place Promised), yet it was my favorite. Of course, there were a few plot holes, but there were a few scenes that just stole my heart (especially the scene inside the plane), and this definitely deserves a spot on the top 5.

    3) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya : I just know that i’ll be burned at the stake for choosing this. However, I found it at a time when I was experiencing anime burnout, and this got me hyped up again. Kyon and Haruhi are awesome, bar-none, and the anime turned out to be totally different from what i expected.

    2) Death Note : This series has some flaws, and the middle arc pretty much sucked, but the suspense and the thrills left me entranced.

    1) Aria the Origination : It’s not an anime that one would usually find on a top-ten list, but aria the origination (and for any aria series for that matter) was excellent. It’s slow-paced, and one can say that not much happens. Yet, each episodes gives something special to share, and (to put it in a cheesy way) gives you warm fuzzies inside. However, it’s really a hit-or-miss anime; some will think of it as the ultimate boring anime. Still, i’d recommend you to give it a try if you have not already done so.

    By the way, love your blog; it seems that you’re one of the few that punctually writes episode reviews.

  280. hellomoto says:

    Oops, forgot honorable mentions:

    Escaflowne – seems to have every genre imaginable, and it’s definitely a heart-warming story. (I didn’t put it in the top ten because I didn’t really like the art style, and because there were others that had a bigger impact on me.)

    Gankutsuou – they messed with the original quite a bit, but it turned out excellent. I felt the ending was a bit out there, but still, excellent overall. (If anything, the art style is definitely an eye-catcher.) It was a tough choice to put this in the #10 spot between Witch Hunter Robin and this, though I chose the former because I liked it better.

    Welcome to the NHK – An excellent series dealing with the social and mental distortion of the hikkikomori. To say the truth, I really didn’t think much of the comedy; those episodes (such as the “Island closest to heaven” and the MMORPG episodes) gave me those “holy shit” moments that are hard to find. The romance is definitely even more warped, which makes it much more interesting than your regular cutesy couple. There were some arcs that I didn’t really like, but still, it was an excellent series.

    Serial Experiments Lain – from the same director as Haibane Renmei; it deals with the possible consequences of technology. It was kinda scary at times (i don’t like scary stuff), but it was entertaining and very thought-provoking. Even though the technology was more advanced than today’s (not by much, though), the implications of such technologies were scarily similar–especially the part about an alternate identity on the net (which is kinda ironic). It didn’t make the cut ’cause there simply were better anime out there (and it was overshadowed by Haibane Renmei)

    Kare Kano – A true-to-life romance that really brings out the best in its genre. We need neither boob fests nor over-the-top drama to have a good romance; all we want are fleshed-out, realistic characters and a sweet tale to be told. Still, the ending kinda killed it for me.

  281. Mark says:

    Rozen Maiden
    Nadia,The Secret of Blue Water
    Ergo Proxy
    Rumiko Takahasi Anthology
    Paradise Kiss
    Now and Then Here and There
    Tweeny Witches
    Captain Harlock (78)
    The Rose of Versailles
    Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji
    UFO Robot Grendizer (Goldorak)
    Bounen no Xamdou
    Magic Night Rayearth
    Magical Angel Creamy Mami
    Porfy no Nagai Tabi
    3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
    Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Last Exile
    Cowboy Bebop
    Paranoia Agent
    Himitsu The Revelation
    Sugar,A Little Snow Fairy

    Movies and OVA’s :

    The Wings of Honneamise
    Gunsmith Cats
    Miyori No Mori
    Dominion Tank Poilce
    Dirty Pair (Ova’s and Movies)
    Riding Bean
    Robot Carnival
    Porco Rosso
    Millennium Actress
    A Spirit of the Sun – Taiyou no Mokushiroku
    Roujin Z
    Agent Aika
    The Girl who Leapt Through Time
    I Dream of Mimi

  282. You’ve got a great list here. Good for my research too.

  283. Theowne says:

    I posted a list on my blog. It was:
    Honey and Clover
    Whisper of the Heart
    Maison Ikkoku
    Princess Mononoke
    Banner of the Stars 2
    Grave of the Fireflies
    Natsume Yuujinchou
    Ookiku Furikabutte!

  284. Joshua says:

    My top 10:
    1)Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!(season 1-5)
    2)Angelic Layer
    4)Fullmetal Alchemist(either Brotherhood)
    5)Machine Robo Rescue
    6)Sasami:Mahou Shoujo Club
    7)Naruto Shippuden
    8)Nana seven of seven
    9)Tekken:The Motion Picture
    10)Tokyo Underground

  285. Firechick says:

    Did someone delete my list of top 6 anime? I don’t see my comment anymore!

  286. Firechick says:

    Ack! whoops! Never mind! Wrong place!

  287. Osi says:

    1. Code Geass (first&second)
    2. Gundam Seed Destiny
    3. Gundam 00 (first&second)
    4. Macross Frontier
    5. ZegaPain
    6. Asura Cryin (first&second)
    7. Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann
    8. Diebuster
    9. Escaflowne

  288. Tan-Tan says:


    I’m very biased with my favorites; it’s not about utmost perfection, but quality enjoyment, but of course, hitting some realism and challenging perspectives in life. Or just about bloody friendship!

    I think I only have top 5 favorite anime, but to those I’ve really enjoyed, I’ll rank them from 6 to 10.

    1. Toward The Terra
    The most recent series I finished…and seriously in love with. I think it would be nice if they made it longer, because they do a really amazing time with the characters and series. The conflicts really make me SPEECHLESS.

    2. Yu-Gi-Oh
    I like this series…BECAUSE OF THE CARD GAMES. It’s not the smartest character-wise, but the cast was interesting at some points (espeially in the manga, and the violent season 0 :D). The Yugi and Yami personas touched me most and the talk about kindness in the series really made an impact in my life. The only reasn this isn’t top 1 is because Toward The Terra is TOO AWESOME.

    3. Hikaru No Go
    You have Shion No Ou, I have Go. I’ve tried reading the manga, but I didn’t make it so far. I tried convincing myself it’s worth it, but it just doesn’t compel me too. HnG’s slice of life and coming-of-age story just touches me, especially what happened in the end.

    4. Gundam Seed/GSD
    I used to say this is my top 1 forever xD But again, one of the things that made a huge impact on my life. Kind of like Terra E with Naturals and Coordinators, but GS and GSD was a fun ride, especially the tragic moments.

    5. Digimon Tamers
    Each episode wasn’t exactly a fun ride, but the characters and Digimons were. You can’t expect a complex story from a bunch of children, but it somehow becomes one with how difficult they go through just to solve them, and some little matters they don’t realize.

    6. Kino No Tabi
    The songs are amazing and Kino is my hero. It’s too bad it’s short, and sometimes the country makes no sense! But the ride was fun because you know the country would somehow be interesting and you wonder ‘what would kino do???’

    7. xxxHolic
    I didn’t expect to be quite a fan of this, but sometimes, characters can be unbelievable especially Watanuki who is just so flexible it’s annoying xD He can cook and stuffs. It easily covers up the difficult in his life. But the girl (I forgot the name) was an interesting addition and the deep magical root intrigues me.

    8. Nabari No Ou
    I prefer the manga (especially since it’s still going on!) but NNO was really nice. The cast can be cheesy at times, but Rokujo makes a great main character and how the conflicts escalate to something dramatic.

    9. Eureka Seven
    Romance was cute, the events were wonderful, story was deep…ending was funny, in a semi-sarcastic way. I say the ending was all about the ‘power of wuv’! so I generally accept what happened in the end with a nod and laugh.

    10. Detective Conan
    Wow, 10th? This used to be like, my 3rd, but because of the detective cases, it fell here xD Like most people, I’m only after serious crime related, stuffs, like the Black Org. Other than that (and any important Shinich appearance), DC isn’t that interesting. The movies are a plus, but that’s it.

  289. CodeSquall says:

    Allot of great animes so i thought id throw in my top ten hope u like. :P
    2.Wolfs rain
    5.Valkyrie profile
    8.One Piece
    9.Code Geass
    10.Keteikyoushi Hitman Reborn

    1.Princess Mononoke
    3.Grave Of The Fireflies…very sad movie
    5.Sword Of The Stranger


  290. CodeSquall says:

    Damn i just noticed i wrote ten and put 5…

  291. fluffy says:


  292. billish says:

    might aswell…

    also, every anime on this list I believe could have been much better.

    ..also, Love Hina would have killed it if the ending didnt suck so badly. X TV also could have made it if the middle was redone.

    10. Trigun: I haven’t seen this in probably 8-9 years but it was probably the first series that I enjoyed (probably one of the first I watched)

    9. Phantom, Requiem: I enjoyed it and chose to ignore some of the major problems with it.

    8. Hunter x Hunter: Just gonna count the first series for now. Though slow paced, I love the feel of this anime. This world deserves 200 + episodes imo.

    7. Code Geass: Some major problems in the plot but it turned out well and I enjoyed it. I also thought that the conclusion was very far fetched but hey thats epic series for you.

    6. Naruto Shippuden: Filler not included. This anime gets bashed a lot due to the majority crowd that watches it. However, the plot and the battles are actually quite well managed and the character development is good due to the number of episodes. I had to put this on here somewhere.

    5. Toward the Terra: Loved the ‘world’ and also the 20 year long character development. Also liked its feel/atmosphere and especially the character Sam and his fate. Keith kinda loses his resolve which was built for 17 episodes right at the end tho; did not like that.

    4. Darker than Black S1: Battles were nearly perfect and very realistic (one of the main things I look for in anime)

    3. The Book of Bantorra: Battles were nice and I loved Hamyuts development throughout the plot– This probably could have been number 1 for me.

    2. Evangelion: Alright, this should probably be 1 but the ending was ridiculous; even the movie ending was cracked-out. Thus, this is a temporary #2 as I believe the new movies will do this series great justice.

    1. Death Note: There are big problems with this series. That being said, it is #1 for me mainly because it got me back into anime. Also, Light is the most unique main character in anime because he is the stories antagonist: I was rooting for him in the end but it was obvious what would happen.

  293. billish says:

    I should say, Toward the Terra was nearly ruined for me by a spoiler-comment I read on this site /cry, but it didnt make too much of a difference; for many shows I read spoilers for anyways. However, I should also say that the afore-mentioned ruined part was one of the best moments in anime I’ve ever;will ever;see.

  294. AlexDackard says:

    Having already contributed my top 10, I am back momentarily to pick a bone with you psgels. I have just watched “jin-roh” and I am utterly flabbergasted at its absence from your list of either top 10 or top 20. It is simply the most gorgeous anime I have seen in my life – nothing even comes close. Your blog has made some fabulous suggestion towards quality anime for which I am thankful. But how could you have missed this gem.

  295. Firechick says:

    My top 10 anime!

    10. Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette
    9. Clannad
    8. Kamichama Karin
    7. Nabari no Ou
    6. Ringing Bell
    5. Natsume Yuujinchou
    4. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
    3. Dog of Flanders (anime movie. If the TV series were around, it’d be placed here too)
    2. Amuri in Star Ocean
    1. Shounen Onmyouji

    My top 5 movies!

    5. Harukanaru Toki no Naka de -MaiHitoyo-
    4. Unico
    3. Jungle Emperor 2009 special
    2. Ringing Bell
    1. Dog of Flanders

  296. mdv says:

    there’s a forum now… put your top 10s there. :O

    kk… just wanna put mine here.
    10. One Piece
    9. Naruto
    8. Bleach
    7. ALL Yu-Gi-Oh
    6. Digimon Data Squad
    5. Pokemon
    4. Beyblade
    3. Bakugan
    2. Digimon Adventure
    1. Digimon Frontier

    These are no doubt, the best anime series in the world. Give em a try, yeah?

  297. Ibrahim Peasnell says:

    Below is a list of my top ten anime TV series.

    1.Reveloution Girl Utena
    2.Fruits Basket
    3.Le Chevailer D’eon
    4.The Vison of Escaflowne
    5.The Rose of Versaillies
    9.Macross Frontier
    10.Kurau: Phantom Memory

  298. renegadeviking says:

    1. Cowboy Bebop & The movie
    2. Full Metal Alchemist
    3. Monster
    4. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
    5. Death Note
    6. Neon Genesis Evangelion & End of Evangelion
    7. Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex
    8. Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
    9. Last Exile
    10. Full Metal Panic
    11. Full Metal Panic 2nd Gig
    12. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season 1
    13. Samurai Champloo
    14. Vision of Escaflowne
    15. Eureka Seven & Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers
    16. Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit
    17. Trigun
    18. Outlaw Star
    19. Elfen lied
    20. Wolf’s Rain

  299. Mark says:

    this is kinda fun to think of all the nice animes ^^ .. and yet hard

    notable, but not in top 10
    Itazura na Kiss, Ayashi no ceres

    10. Claymore (the first 3/4… but the ending drifted from the manga too much sadly)
    9. Fruits Basket (one of my earliest anime)
    8. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    7. xxxHolic
    6. Ghost Hunt
    5. Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief
    4. One Piece
    3. Skip Beat
    2. Nodame Cantabile
    1. Ouran Highschool Host Club

  300. psgels,

    Fans picked up Cowboy Bebop and made it in the top 10, because it was the first anime on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network night slot in 2k1)

  301. Firechick says:

    I have my list organized!

    10. Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette
    9. Clannad
    8. Kamichama Karin
    7. Nabari no Ou
    6. Ringing Bell
    5. Natsume Yuujinchou
    4. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
    3. Dog of Flanders (movie + two anime series)
    2. Amuri in Star Ocean
    1. Shounen Onmyouji

  302. rapeaunicorn says:

    these are some of my favorite animes

    -fullmetal alchemist
    -one piece
    -ghost in a shell
    -sailer moon
    -cowboy bebop
    -dragon ball z(all of them)
    -afro samurai
    -pokemon(not alot now adays)
    -yo mama

  303. Alfie says:

    I’m currently seeking for some good animes and I’m glad I found this site. Some of animes I love those old schools like Hunter X Hunter, Detective Conan, Dragon ball, Fushigi Yuugi, doraemon, and many other animes!

  304. Roman says:

    I’ve been watching anime for a few months i was wondering if any1 could recommend list for like action drama anime, these are animes i watched so far.

  305. Spoon says:

    My top 10 list!

    1. Urusei Yatsura
    2. Touch
    3. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (original 1982 series only)
    4. Maison Ikkoku
    5. Kimagure Orange Road
    6. Cross Game
    7. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
    8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    9. Mobile Police Patlabor
    10. Nodame Cantabile

    There might be changes to this list if Tiger and Bunny and Mawaru Penguin Drum stay good through to the end!

  306. Good anime elf song and it’s darker than black. I also like shiki and blue exorcist.

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I enjoy TONS of subtitled stuff, but I have to admit...sometimes to re-winding and pausing when the dialogue gets heavy or complex.
I know Aico has a shit dub but sometimes I find myself watching in English and feeling lazy because its easier to watch more now that way.
I used to be able to marathon stuff so easily but now I can't do the 12 episodes in one go thing like I used to.
Something goes off, even after 30 minutes to an hour "Shit....have to see if something NOW....can't stop myself"
I'm not the kind of person who messes with their phone in a cinema, but at home somehow theres this moments where I just get this distracting urge to keep checking some site, E-mail, snacking, going to the bathroom too often or lie down, look at someones doujin/smut art or write something all when I'm supposed to be doing something else.
What I mean is, I'll be reading/watching something and its not boring at all, maybe even interesting, but I can't stop pausing sometimes for...reasons and it takes me longer to get through something because of this.
I know this is pretty much an effect of living in this generation but, for those of you who experience this, how do you guys deal with "distraction." Sometimes this annoys me....
@Amagi: I'm evasive of "non-old man pubs" at night , particularly late at night, I don't want to come across any "characters" I'd prefer not to encounter.
Liquor goes great after copious amounts of beef and steak
@Amagi, Considering that I am here, you probably should have expected a Fate GO review.
Wow I didn't expect a FGO review here
Well it's the reason why I never drink alcohol at home. Even if I were depressed it wouldn't change my mood so it's pointless.
I can reach a point where I feel like dreaming but none of my character traits change. Guess it always varies depending on the person. Same with my best friend, he's just get tired when drunk, but nothing else ever happens.
@Kaiser: Same here. Often go to pubs with friends at night but not only do I not want to ever get my mind "altered" by alcohol, it doesn't even work it seems. Or maybe it's the will or that I am just not influenceable.
Ah, this is just me being in grumpyKaiser mode =)
I have been drunk, I do not like it. I do like being tipsy, but hate drunk. I generally like beer because it does not muck me up as bad as harder drinks (ouzo, raki, and I absolutely despise tequila). The first time in my life I celebrated Valentine's Day was this year. Have to say that it was not too bad.
Baccardi and Vodka were the only forms of alcohol I felt didn't especially taste "off" to me.
I also dislike Valentines day for the schmaltz, insincerity, fakeness around it and the idea there has to be "a day" for it and the captilization, commercialization of emotions.
In all my thirty one years I have never been drunk and never intend to, I dislike the idea of surrendering my mind to alcohol and feeling "altered". If anything you would be safer doing marijuana.
And Guinness is massively overrated.
@Anon: I care for neither really.
Alcohol culture in a nutshell: if you like to drink sweet alcohol that actually tastes good instead of liquor that tastes like gasoline and piss, you're a pussy.
I've no interest in Irelands drinking culture /festival days much.
Its really just a day off or an excuse for 13 year olds to get drunk.
He was Welsh aswell and there weren't exactly that much snakes in Ireland to begin with.
@Mario: Its technically St Patricks day now yes. Not that I personally care for it, I got going to the parade out of my system over a decade ago, never liked the oirishness and cliches/commercialisim around it, in the end it just makes it impossible to get around the city, plus the weather is so poor its pointless going out anyway.
I saw some Irish flags around my area. Is it St Patrick day today?
I did listen to some of aico's dub, I don't think any of these people are experienced or professional voice actors.
Anon: B the beginning was too much of an awkward genre mix. I was content to just ignore aico because I'm not a fan of Bones as a studio but you're the second person to say it reminds them of some old ova.
@Anon: I enjoyed the combination of old and new with devilman, it even being able to eclipse the ovas, aswell as the experimental visual style and transgression, and as you said, the surprising emotional involvement.
So i finish, B the Beginning, Aico, Devilman( What a feel's ride). and I must say that they're far from perfect, but they remaind me of 90, early 2000 anime, that i loved so much and that is a big plus. Today's anime doesnt feel quite the same in my opinion, what are your thoughts.. Now im getting excited to watch SWORD GAI!.
While obvious an anime series, After the rain often feels like a live action film.
@Mario: Actually that does remind me, I never saw Pola X by Carax.
Miike is extremely hit or miss, but I loved how Audition minipulated the viewer with its slower first half before really taking off, most of Ichi the killer is just a perversely funny black comedy to me.
Chang-dong-Lee is refreshingly less melodramatic then other Korean directors.
Benh Zeitlin is one I'm not familiar with, but it turns out he did beasts of southern wild and I enjoy magical realism.
@Mario: I wasn't aware Carax was still alive, some sgements of holy motors work, others don't , lovers on the bridge was a more accessible film I recall.
@Fluca: okay. Kinda fixed it. I don't think we have a spoiler code so I just changed your spoiler into white color
@Kaiser: I'm checking movies from indie auteur directors that could come out this year, interested Benh Zeitlin's second movie, Lee Chang Dong's and Leos Carax's one
Would love to see Our Little Sister in anime form, actually
Although Miike directs like at least 40 feature films, I only remember his Audition and Ichi the Killer the most, both of which I have extremely mixed feeling about
Every time I here the title Aico, it makes me think its some kind of eco/environmental thing, which I know it isn't.
The fate/extra Alice character (I looked her up) looks like she belongs in rozen maiden.
The modern Japanese directors can be prolific Miike and Sono pump out more than one film a year.
And it shows, that Our little sister adaptation, that live action adaptations CAN sometimes work.
Quick fact, that action crime josei anime, Bananna fish, coming out in April is based on a manga by the writer of Our little sister's manga.
@Mario: The interest being, how he would handle something so removed from his usual style.
@Mario: Actually re-checking, its next week, The third murder , which seems very different, a courtroom drama with some philosophy in it.
I really enjoy Our Little Sister, but I think mainly because the film is entirely within my comfort zone (Slice of life manga material, about the life of these girls)
@Kaiser: Which one will you see? He now directs one movie per year so it's hard to keep track some times. I really like his style and I reckon people who like slice-of-life will enjoy his movies
@Mario: Hirokazu Koreeda has a new film out, seeing it on Friday, I've only seen Our little sister by him.
@Anon: I essentially deleted the rest of the episodes off my computer after struggling through the first, like most, maybe moreso I got very turned off by the genre mixing. Thats not to say that I'm against genre mixes though, but they have to be weird, I mean really weird.
I am not a fan of breather episodes, something most modern anime are pretty keen to insert. I hate breaking of climaxes in order to show three SoL-, fanservice- or formularic monster of the week episodes before the main plot progresses further. When I want SoL I go watch a full fleshed SoL. Aico is pretty straight forward and kinda easy to watch in one go in that regard. Nothing really new though.
Just finished Aico. Had a few downsides like most series but I enjoyed it. Felt like a classic scifi anime you'd see in the 90s.
@Anon, I watched it. Though it was mixed but a decent enough watch. It really felt like two shows hastily combined into one. Been thinking of writing a review for it and Aico once I finish Aico.
*Have you watch
Have toy watch, B The Beginning?
I would call it somewhat lightweight however, but I won't complain/level too much against it, as it is afterall, a family film.
*in my memory
Nice animation showcase aswell though I don't know how long this will really stay i my memory, though it was nice.
Although it relies on being fairly convenient, linear and simplistic, that Mary witch flower anime movie is at its strongest when visually drawing the viewer into its world and wherever it shows spectacle. I'd say its adequately charming. Fair enough.
Hakata sounds like Gangasta. A series I enjoyed, despite its massive flaws
thanks guys. I will probably give it a try. I am also watching the Castlevania anime finally. Not really worth it for me. Also I watched the first episode of Garo Vanishing Line. I can a say it was fun.
Hi guys, anyone here played Sea Bed VN? Just wondering...
@Anon1880687 - I watched a couple of episodes. Feels like a foreign series. Since it doesn't feel like an anime made in Japan. I did like the group of revengers seem to have more personality than the main leads which insinuate chemistry but doesn't go deep into it. I don't remember if they explain why one of the leads chooses to dress like a girl. Though at least they give him/her a male voice.
@KTravlos: me. Not impressed. First few eps were alright with a set of bold characters, but later the lot just goes around in circle for these characters acting cool and cool rules the day. I dropped it after episode 6
KT here. Has anybody watched Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens? Impressions?
@Vonter: It gets more serious later although I agree it's better starting this without any knowledge about the series, like I did. I just loved the tragicomical jokes and the obsessive nostalgia Bojack suffered from and neither needed nor expected any drama but it was pretty good when it happened nonetheless.
@Anon, Not really. They just wanted to find some justification for the trashy aspects for a show they liked rather than accept it.
And while I understand how obnoxious it can be, there are times when people complain about a show doesn't explain itself and then get pissed off when you try to give an explanation.
ProZD nails it on the head yet again The people who continue to make excuses for kill la kill's fan service are the same ones fapping to episodes of the show to this day
@Vonter: From what I hear, while it does have comedy, by the second season not only does it improve, but its more of a drama.
I've been watching Bojack Horseman. It's good, yet watching certain clips before the actual series made me expect a darker show. I know it's a cartoon, but some jokes reduced the impact of certain events. Though I suppose it's meant to be uplifting and not just mean spirited. It gave me some Nier and Aku no Hana vibes.
We watched the first three episodes of B the Beginning. I must say I enjoyed it. We will see how the rest goes.
*whole franchise bar Macross delta
Despite loving the mans work since I got started on anime when I was younger, I still haven't seen Kawamori's most recent Macross series despite seeing the whole franchise.
I think devilman set me up for the idea that netflix would be putting out more transgressive anime.
If i were to rank the three netflix original shows that have released so far in descending order, it would be devilman crybaby, AICO, and then B: the beginning
so i just finished binge watching AICO...give it a watch if you guys have time, it's pretty good
@Mario: A good dose of reality in that episode though.
@Mario: Well I guess I called it completely wrong on who Chihiro was lol
@Amagi: Steins gate spent far too much time on a jokey first half.
Not that I'm trashing polemical writing, I find stuff by Jean-Luc-Godard fucking funny.
Doing a giant mood piece isn't pretentious, because it probably doesn't have a concrete meaning any way.
While still keeping it with enough sophistication .
For example, doing a rant of a film will only communicate to your intellectual friends and people already in the know, the working class guy you want to inform with your societal/political/religious ideas , was probably watching a western back in the 60s/70s, just incorporate the themes into that while not sacrificing the films appeal
With regards to pretension, I think that comes into play when you have a director trying to communicate ideas but ends up becoming ridiculously, overly polemical, its better to communicate thought provoking ideas through something straight, while also remaining some distance.
I think it often happens when authors create things on the fly, at least with manga. You can see terrible forms of comedy/SoL -> drama/scifi switches among webcomics, which are usually done by "amateurs", some of them being pretty young. It's always good when a series hints or blatantly shows what it is during its first episodes/chapters. Not talking about mysteries but genres.
Usually for dramatic comedy to work I feel it needs to let the viewer know early on that the story will feature both....the sudden drama thing generally is a result where a funny film needs an ending and a story needs to be fabricated hastily.
Melodrama is like genre mixes. If it does work it can be something special, but it's really hard to write and most directors just lack the talent to do so. It's like a comedy that turns serious at some point. It CAN work, but there aren't many cases where that happens. Usually they're just alienating their comedy fans and the drama fans weren't there to begin with.
Same here
I think some really old Euro movies, latin ones especially get away with melodrama well because the acting was different and more theatrical .
If the mekodramatics can properly cast a spell on a viewer, I am open to it if the writers strong enough but in general, when I'm watching something, the best stories are the ones where the atmosphere is so assure I forget I'm watching fiction.
I know they just want to make their audience feel good but I think it's a terrible moral or idea. Especially since most people know at least one person they loved that died from such illnesses. No matter what they did or tried to do to overcome it.
Yeah exactly. Honestly most cancer movies are terrible I think. I also hate these series in which the main character, I don't know, wins a match for his cancer-ridden love and then s/he recovers.
@Amagi: Too silly for me, the psycho faces.
@Kaiser: Not using music can be a great method to illustrate serious moments I think.
I've spoken to my father about this, who recovered from cancer years ago, those kind of phrases irritate him, hr said " don't battle, fight cancer, you fucking suffer through it, then if your lucky you get through it"
I mean, again, I loved Madoka but I see how this method they used is kinda cheap. It's still better than many other series of that type. I am aready looking forward to see how terrible Magical Girl Site is, the trailer looks like a psycho face trash fest.
The really annoying thing is when some of these docs and dramas use phrases like "her battle, her FIGHT, her BRAVE fight against cancer.
I enjoyed Madoka but I know what you mean. I think I will never rewatch Madoka but I love to see certain Tutu- and Sailor Moon scenes from time to time. I think Madoka is kinda similar to netflix shows or code geass in that regard. It always ends with some evil cliffhanger to hype you up for the next episode and it throws in one shocking revelation after another for the same reason.
@Amagi: On the music thing, some documentaries do this. What I loved about Shoah and night and fog is that the directors showed the landscapes/buildings where it happened and never used music.
I mean I know how bad ww2 and other things were. I really don't need rain, sad music and lots of actor tears to realize that. It reminds me of the laughing tracks sitcoms have that tell you when you have to laugh. And newer movies have exaggerated effects as well, not a fan of that. I rather see well thought-out content than a bomb-show. Not to mention that I hate sensory overload.
Its also kind of why I can NEVER look at hentai of something I enjoyed when I was young.
Which I admit is bias and a crap opinion lol
I grew up with Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailormoon and looking into lighthearted mahou shoujo , I don't mind nanoha and tutu, but there was always the feeling madoka was corrupting something.
On dark moe, I've stopped with lol edgy when criticizing Madoka, I realize that its the equivalent to Batman porn to me, the idea of that level of a slant on a genre I went for when I was a kid.
I agree. I was interested in Schindler's List when I was ~12 or so because it was something new for me. Nowadays I realize it's not really my thing, there are many western war shows that come of as too "pathetic" to me, they feel too much like, well, Hollywood blockbusters (which is what they actually are) than a serious commetary on war or so.
@Amagi: Thats the trouble I have with Hollywood , a film about Autism like Rain man or a mental illness movie like I am Sam, these American movies never seem real and the depictions feel so hammy and inaccurate.
On the dark moe trope, rather than throwing out words on it, its the tonal inconsistency that gets to me.
Yeah the opposite is bad as well. A show can have good intentions, even lots of good ideas but still have a bad execution.
Schindler's list is a great example of this, personally I think popcorn drama/oscar baiting the holocaust is somewhat distasteful and the film comes off as comparitively ingenuinely when I've seen a couple of eastern war films by people who actually lived during the war.
And "egdy" is very much about the tone a series has and not so much the actual content. Therefore it has to be explained as well, a dark series, even one with lots of blood, isn't necessarily edgy, it depends on the stance the autor has, whom we're supposed to root for and why, how characters and scenes are depicted and the overall tone, moral and so on.
On another note, to go back to "critic proof", this is a terrible practice because it allows people to take an easy topic for a story and it become forbidden to give a bad review.
Yeah, "badly written" for example doesn't mean anything unless you're gonna illustrate how it is badly written by showing and analyzing examples from the show and explain why the writing for these scenes is weak
Thats why I like here, people actually talk about a show in some detail, even the reviewers.
An non-backed up opinion when I'm looking for a show to follow doesn't tell me anything, how am I meant to know to watch something based on a single word or sentence?
I suppose its less of a case of buzzwords and more how people don't explain anything . The reason I say I have to do a 300 word review or long opinion on something is because I feel buzzwords and one word/one sentence opinions are un-helpful.
@Amagi: And I think thats certainly an issue, the lines being bkurred between shitposting/trolling and genuine critique .
I mean there are a lot of badly written shows out there or shows that are too tryhard, but people often use these phrases as buzzwords for everything and don't state reasons for using these terms for a specific show. I see tons of "egdy" posts as soon as a series is a bit darker than the usual harem and it's hard to distinguish these pieces from actual shitposts or trolls.
It sounds better to say that I don't like something because it's too egdy, too stupid and pure pandering (when it's about moe) or "badly written" than saying that I can't relate to certain settings, characters and so one or that I've seen a certain idea too often.
@Kaiser: I think many people just don't want to admit that disliking a series is usually a subjective thing. They rather want to credit their own intelligence for not liking it.
New Boogiepop anime announced for 2018 o/
Alita, eden endless world , ghost in the shell, Lain , blame, biomega , the Japanese perfected a genre America started.
@Vonter: Well deserved oscar for the visuals definately, Deakins got his overdue reward.
Tetsuo , bubblegum crisis, cyber city oedo are other good ones as was goku midnight eye.
@Vonter: It was the rebellion bit that got me worried if they were planning some sort of follow up.
I, robot eh? I remember that one, I don't mind Will Smith but he's not convincing in a serious role.
The replicants preparing for war, took me out of the movie, since it was delivered like a footnote for your action blockbuster, kinda like how they ripped apart I, Robot.
Still I got reminded why it inspired manga and anime like Akira, Cowboy Bebop and many others. There's a lot of atmosphere, and like I said, the visual storytelling is very strong. Since there were a lot of double meanings to several shots early in in the film. The egomaniac Jesus wannabe villain felt very odd, especially his speechifying.
But I'll have to see it again with that extended cut when I'm less the victim of hype.
Theres a certain idea of....they made an OKAY blade runner sequel, it wasn't allowed to be bad or great.
@Vonter: Its a case really of, you had a four star film! Then turned it into a three star!
Then again I am interested when Denis will be going back to his arthouse films instead.
I hope they aren't going for a sequel though.
It does add to the humanity of the replicants but I felt the ending cruel on Goslings character.
Jowie was a bit fanservicey.
And it was kinetic aswell.
What I'm hoping for is that in the extended cut it'll iron and smooth out the film and improve it.
@Vonter: The last act I thought was overstuffed .
@Vonter: But I felt the villain undercooked and its impossible to match up to Roy Batty from the first one.
@Vonter: I felt it was some of Rodger Deakins stronger work on the visual front and Ryan Goslings acting style suited playing a replicant, it invokes the atmosphere better than the first and I loved the idea of the replicants being able to give birth.
I watched Bladerunner 2049 yesterday. I liked 3/4 of it. I don't get why the last fourth was added, it really felt like they put another half hour to make the movie longer. I mean the first half is full of quiet and visual storytelling and the last part adds a lot of things that aren't even solved. I did like the production design stuck to the original.
@Aidan: When I'm review a film, as a general rule, if I can't get 200-300 words at least, there just doesn't seem any point in writing it.
Oh indeed they can, but I feel they can come off as lazy go to words.
But I do understand the frustration with lazy criticism.
Admittedly we all, myself included do fall back on lazy buzzwords but
Edgy and too melodramatic can be legitimate criticisms. Though both are ways of saying trying too hard
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