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Gonzo… on one hand they search the borders of anime and storytelling, and work with greatly original premises…

… and on the other hand, we have this; generic premises that only stand out in their mediocrity. While others may have loved it, all I saw was a dull, predictable story and annoying characters. For this series, the people from Gonzo decided to bring their own version of the classic by Shakespeare, but this series might also just as well be called “Pete X Catherine”, because the only similarities are the names of the characters. Oh, and the Capulets and the Montagues are still mortal enemies.

This is another anime that suffers from the “bad main-character-syndrome”, as I’d like to call it. Both Romeo and Juliet are incredibly whiny teenagers who prevent the storyline from progressing smoothly, and instead they force the series to delve in cheesy and naive morals. Their relationship starts out nicely, but once they’re in love, their relationship starts behaving like that of a bad soap-opera, with excessive amounts of “I love you but I can’t stay with you”. Predictably, the ending for the series is a horrible one, where characters have convenient increases of powers for the sake of storytelling, complete with some screwed-up physics.

In terms of storytelling, this series also leaves much to be desired. It took me twenty-four freaking episodes to realize that the characters are supposed to be living on an island, floating in the sky. If that wasn’t bad enough, the characters themselves didn’t even know this. I mean, why was there nobody who would have thought at one point: “gee, I hate it here; why don’t I just travel to a very distant place and see what happens?” It doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve said this before; the best people from Gonzo were definitely working on Bokura no during the spring-season. The writers failed completely to make me care about the characters and setting, due to poor writing. These guys need to learn that lots of angst and drama don’t necessarily make a great anime; well fleshed-out characters are much more important.

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  1. kiseki gurl says:

    I don’t want to be too biased but this is GONZO. Generally they either make classics (Gankutsuou) or crap (Kaze no Stigma, Dragonaut etc.). However, I found Romeo x Juliet to be flat in the middle because while it wasn’t anything wonderful it was tolerable and somewhat enjoyable to me. Well most of the time anyways.

  2. Ivy says:

    Oh I loved this show. I’m just glad they tried to do something a little new, I mean it avoided being completely predictable we gotta give them that right? I’m talking about the tree side-plot lol (it might seem silly and tacked on but I rather liked it) OH and I thought the ending was extremely beautiful especially since Gonzo love ending their shows explosively. All in all I loved it, no matter how chessy it got it’ll always have a special place in my heart, as the show that Gonzo finally was able to deliver in and then some hee. (I thought Bokurano was horrid for the most part really, sorry)

  3. L.A says:

    Sure, there were some boring and unnecessary parts through middle and some of the characters were wasted, but I think things went pretty well in the end. And some beginning parts were definitely enjoyable to watch.
    And though I never liked Juliet, but Romeo was quite cute comparing with the original Romeo… I thought overall it was a good series.
    And no offense, but I personally liked RomeoxJuliet much more than Bokura no.
    The biggest problem I had with Bokura no was that simply it wasn’t entertaining to watch. Every episode just made me feel miserable and depressing (although that was what creators??intended to) and at some point, I felt that the plot just went too far to an extension that I don’t care any more.

  4. Doughnut says:

    I found this series started out quite well, it was enjoyable to watch the first 10 episodes maybe, but I completely lost interest afterwards. The tree sideplot was absolutely awful, I think if they chopped out that whole concept and knocked it down to 20 episodes it could’ve been great.
    The quality of the animation throughout the series is definately not stable, some of it was awful around the middle.
    I’m not sure I agree about Bokurano, I only watched up to around episode 8 of that and found it awfully slow, it bored me. I might consider reading it sometime though.

  5. charlie says:


    I never thought I’d say this…

    But I completely agree with you on this review! To me, Romeo X Juliet was the biggest disappointment of last season. All the characters were one-dimensional and much more interesting in the play. The producers basically took the premise of Romeo and Juliet, and literally screwed up everything. The anime could of been done in 13 episodes, all the middle episodes were mindless filler. The character designs were bland, as well as the animation. I honestly didn’t believe the romance and it all felt fake to me. Not one single character in the anime was better then it’s play counterpart.

    The story never went anywhere…I was expecting a lot more out of this anime, but it didn’t live up to these expectations.

  6. Avisch says:


    Same opinion here. The original play is better than this 24 episode wannabe (thankfully I stopped watching after episode 14).

    Whoever decided on the plot should have been smacked from the beginning.

    Overall GONZO created what was not supposed to be a supreme cliche of a anime adaption of a 17th century play.

  7. Issu says:

    I third the agreement in this one failing for me.

    Just to back up what Charlie said, I DID in fact skip all the middle of this series. I watched maybe the first 4 episodes of this series and the last three, and I have to say if I can get every character and the entirety of went on with just that much its kinda sad how much of the show was filler. Given, I’d say knowing the original story helped me understand the end, but considering how far-off and obscure it went from the original, I’d say it made no difference.

    I can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like to have to watch everything else in between. I’m only sorry you had to waste your time getting through the rest of it where I only got the beginning and end. And what the heck WAS that ending about?… Oi, very frustrating to watch.

  8. crintodesu says:

    i just accept everything… if u think like that everything is good. so overall it didn’t really disapoint me..

    so what.. did they both become the two parts of the “tree” or some shit?

  9. nahrub says:

    don’t get me wrong… i love cheese, but this show is just too cheesy. i stoped watching after 9 episodes… too painful. eye-catching though… beautiful animation, great action, but it’s just too cheesy.

  10. Noelle says:

    In some way I DO agree with you… I thought the anime started off pretty well… But after a while it does get boring and dull. No to mention, characters such as Juliet gets on my nerves. Same here, couldn’t take too much angst and drama, around 3-4 episodes is enough, but not… half of the anime series… But anyway, I admit, I DO like the ending, but sadly, it didn’t end up ‘matching’ the anime.

  11. Denizen says:

    I hear this anime even forsakes the classic “both commit suicide” ending. How can you ruin the most important part?

  12. janae says:

    it was this wonderful story showed into a japanese fantasies light

  13. GidgetDigit says:

    Both Romeo and Juliet are incredibly whiny teenagers who prevent the storyline from progressing smoothly

    I burst out laughing when I read that. That’s what the original story’s about.

    I agree that the character are archetypal, but it’s very difficult to break the mold when using the general plot line of a Shakespeare play. No, it’s DEFINITELY NOT Shakespeare’s original story, but it certainly stays true to the insane love-at-first-sight and swordplay-crazy spirit of the play.

    It took me twenty-four freaking episodes to realize that the characters are supposed to be living on an island, floating in the sky.


    How many times did you watch the opening credits? It’s right there.

  14. . says:

    this is a pathetic review.
    you obviously don’t know anything about anime.
    sure, there were some boring parts, but i’d like to see you do better.

  15. 16 says:

    #15 YOU are fucking pathetic

    romeo and juliet had potential, and I thought juliet wasn’t that much of a damsel in distress…or maybe she is. whatever. it could have progressed well, but the tree shit ending was totally weird. I’d rather have something that tied to the beginning and the tree was stupid and out of the blue. Melodramatic sometimes too. Romeo was laughable and boring.

  16. Jenny says:

    Okay. Personally I love this anime. You made some good points….but still I found no parts of this boring. The tree part was beautiful and put a new spin on a Romeo and Juliet story. I think the whole thing was well thought out. No disrespect to your opinion though. We all like what we like. As for predictable….well not to me. I was shocked at each episode. The whole red whirlwind thing was nice, and added another new spin on things. It had humor, romance, action, tragedy, everything really. No disappointment here.

  17. DADADAM says:

    This anime is bullshit!!! I was hoping he killed juliet, get the seed from her and offer himself to the lady that can fly whats her name again operia??? that way he’d be the one enduring eternal torment I really wish for that shit I never got the tragic I wanted!!! crap crap crap
    one more thing I hated all the parts of it because romeo deserved the roll of juliet and vise versa I mean what the hell whats up with japanese anime whenever you talked about forbidden love its always the girl who has something different about her saikano, chobits, ef a tale of memories, ef a tale of melodies main plot yuko and that dude with glasses not the side of course, elflen lied, The ugly yet beautiful world, to Love ru, rosario vampire and a whole lot more not worthy to be mentioned and whats worst is that most of the time this jerks make the lead male characters powerless and thats what pisses me off the most

  18. Miss V says:

    Well, I’ve been reading through your reviews and found that our tastes are fairly similar…but I think we greatly differ on just about anything having to do with romance (you know, which isn’t actually surprising, since I’m a die-hard romantic)

    This reply is late, but I do have to say some things here that I believe you’ve missed.

    First, Romeo and Juliet (the original) is a tragic story about the idiocy of rivalries and how it can impact one’s family and how a young heart can’t understand hatred like that.

    In between that, we have some of the stupidest, and yet most heart-felt romantic prose Shakespeare has every written.

    Have you ever been in love? Like, that initial crazed infatuation where you seem to be interested in nothing but that other person? If you have, then you’ll get Romeo x Juliet. This is a shoujo, through and through. Every moment is classic, spurred on by sweeping orchestral music and that damn “you raise me up” song (who knew it wasn’t only about Jesus/yourdad/someoneyoudon’tdesperatelywanttobang!)

    Basically, what I’m saying is…the show suffered from trying to throw this big fantasy plot into a short time. It wasn’t exactly perfectly constructed and there was a lot of confusing points that made absolutely no sense. Not to mention that some of the relationships were just insane. Largely that Tybalt and Mercutio practically switched places. The more original characters were quite fantastic and pretty well developed.

    But my favorite part of the story is that despite how much he’s worked for his country and to become a better man, in the end, Romeo’s obsession with Juliet completely outweighs his desire to save his country. That ending is fantastic, because it shows how stupid and powerful love is. But in the end, things work out and all that, as always.

    Also, you seem to have forgotten that this story was largely focused on Juliet herself, who was a strong-willed, very original character. She’s a great shoujo heroine by the end, sacrificing herself for all the people she fought for.

    I have noticed a tendency in your reviews to be incredibly harsh towards shoujo, and I understand that it’s just your opinion…but just because you can’t buy the classic moments that build a story that makes a woman’s heart flutter, doesn’t mean that it’s trite and boring.

    All in All, RxJ is a classic shoujo tale, with great desire and despair, and a good mix of just squee happy moments. Ultimately endin in a sad, but satisfying moment. One of those “oh, they’ll be together forever” that make you feel better about everything going to hell.

    (for the record, there were eps that were SO boring. But damn, I loved Romeo’s mom. What an awesome woman.)

  19. TS says:

    Lol…why do so many people hate on kaze no stigma…i loved that series! It was definitely better than this one for sure O.o.

  20. Thresch says:

    I actually liked the anime, but I have to agree with the review. At the beginning, I thought “Wow, awesome!”. The middle-part was unnessecary, yes, but it was fine too I think.
    The ending was horrible.
    1.It didn’t make any sense. At first, Juliet wanted to sacrifice herself. Then she changed her mind. Then she changed her mind again. WTH?! Neither Ophelia nor Romeo had to die. ô_O

    2.It was soooo off-story, it felt like the story writers hadn’t had any ideas anymore. They just needed a reason to let them die.

    3.Felt Neo Verona down or not? It was just too confusing @____@

    I would have liked it much more if they stayed with the original version. Really, the ending was soooo horrible. It could have been such a great Anime T^T

  21. Lana says:

    I really, really loved this anime and I thought it was great. There were things left to be desired but over all I found it amazing. I really love the original play but I like how in this one they actually had to die to save everyone else instead of just being love-stricken kids who decide to commit suicide. I like the changes they made. They aren’t as good as the play, but most movies and shows that are based on books and plays are never as good as the original. It is an anime and a really great one and you just have to accept it for what it is. I agree it should have a more quotes from the play and I felt the balcony scene was not as good as it could have been but I found the rest really good! I found the music and animation beautiful and I thought the story was great. Although they did fall a little when they went to Romeo as the main character. Overall this is one of my favorites and I really loved it.

  22. Ran says:

    I know you guys have all your tastes. I noticed a great deal of you don’t like Romeo x Juliet. But I respect every single one of your opinion. No offense meant, but to be honest, you guys didn’t have to be so harsh… Well, there may be some few parts which aren’t so nice, but that doesn’t have to mean that you have to say all those stuff… Hey, and before you guys pass judgement, think about it… You weren’t the ones who had to go through all the effort and expenses just to make this anime… Have you even done something as producing your own show? You talk like you own it and say all you want when in truth, you haven’t even done anything like it…

  23. Maxia says:

    Y’ll are so DUMB. All of you who criticizes romeo x juliet. You definitely don’t know anything about anime! How could you ever judge an anime without knowing about the whole story?! How could you ever understand the whole story if you stopped watching it because you said it was boring?! You said, ever since you’ve watched the first part it was boring?! The hell you are thinking!

  24. secret says:

    5/10 stars it wasn’t anything special

  25. 〓∑v¡lz〓™ says:

    I don’t know what the sh¡t u’re talking but it’s absolutely crap! Who the hell gave u the right to criticize about this anime! Can u even draw an anime? if u didn’t like it u don’t have to watch it and WTF this review for!

  26. Solaris says:

    @user #26 with the weird nick: If you don’t like here you can simply get lost far away. :D

  27. Tiff says:

    I finished watching and I must say, it was predictable but I still enjoyed it.
    I do not know Gonzo well but I watched simply because I loved Shakespeare.
    I loved how they cared about the people and everything and how they tried so hard to balance their love at the same time.
    Anyway, I admit this anime is not particularly interesting but after watching it, it gave me an enlightened feeling and made me want to love and be loved.
    Romeo and Juliet, suteki da ne!

  28. Tiff says:

    Can everyone stop being so hateful towards others that don’t have the same opinion?!
    Yes, some found it boring, some found it good but well, it’s drama, it can only ally half the world and no more!

  29. Sumire says:

    I completely agree with Miss V. It’s a shoujo anime, what do you expect? Blood everywhere like BLEACH? Uh, no. It’s aimed at ten-to-eighteen-year-old girls who are in love with the romance genre, like me.

    And personally, I liked the Escalus tree and Red Whirlwind-subplots. It added more drama into the story, and that’s what I like to watch. And, honestly, I like this more than the original play, actually. Not to offend anyone, but I find this much more interesting than the real thing. Call me crazy all you want.

    So, that’s just my two cents. Didn’t mean to offend anyone/thing, and I respect all your opinions, but mine is that this has to be one of my favorite animes. I really wish that Romeo and Juliet didn’t die and it would go on for just a little longer.

  30. Superbad says:

    If this review was shown on youtube then the reviewer would surely get the title “the biggest retard of the century.” Seriously, I don’t see the big deal y you motherfucker hate this anime over some lame acion shits. At least here, it shows you what love is, if you don’t appreciate it, then SCREW you.

    Well, I know that not all people have the same taste but this review is just pathetic. For all who think that Shakespeare would be crawling under his grave, then Alexandre Dumas would do the same when they made that 2002 Monte Cristo movie. Because they ARE adaptions, no matter however things change are not mainly important, as long as the plot is great then it matters. The plot of RxJ maybe boring to some but at least Gonzo still kept some parts of the original.

    Heh! Even if there’re people disliking this anime, they are just a bunch of anonymous fools, Romeo x Juliet is still undeniably one of the best-acclaimed works of Gonzo.

  31. Superbad says:

    Oh, I forgot, this review isn’t worth reading, that motherfucker of a reviewer is only judge the characters while (s)he doesn’t understand anything about the whole thing. How pathetic and ameteurish!

    Instead of reading this garbage, people should read reviews done by professional writers not some good-for-nothing.

  32. Me says:

    Okay I’ll be honest. It did get boring but as a person who loves watching anime I couldn’t skip any episode. So in the anime the roles of Romeo and Juiliet were switched if anyone of you who didnt caught that. I was expecting for Tibalt to get killed somehow but Gonzo never had him die. The ending was beautiful instead of the cliche of the tragic ending. The first couple episodes were the most interesting and cute. Overall it had beautiful animation. I would recommend this to anyone who love spinoffs of Romeo and Juiliet. But to those who may hate it give it a chance watch an episode a day to yearn for more.

  33. Yeah! says:

    Fuck all the haters, do you even know the meaning behind this anime? If you don’t, then you’re a born retard.

    And the reviewer should eat shit, suck cock and die. That will make 2011 a better year. Your reviews are all suck. What about the art, sound and such? Worthless piece of shit of a review in history.

  34. otakugirltoo says:

    hi.. i just wanna say that romeo x juliet is a good anime to watch.. the balcuny scene really made me cry.. of course each of us knows what love is, i must say, though its not as good as any other anime, this is just worth watching..

  35. Meow says:

    this anime was only LOOSELY based on “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare…just think of this anime as an anime completely separate from the original play…most of you guys are saying that this anime sucks because it’s not like the original play…forget about the play…just watch the actual anime! ahaha

  36. Animefan000 says:

    I haven’t gone through most of RxJ yet, getting there. Though not my top favorite anime series, I actually found it enjoyable, more so than the actual play.

    I don’t really care if it was terrible or not, everyone has different tastes in anime.

  37. o0kittylover0o says:

    I completely disagree with this review…

    I guess you have to be a Shakespeare fan to really appreciate this anime, because when I saw it, what I saw was a genius masterpiece.
    They went above and beyond to actually flesh out the story, make it their own, and add in references and characters from Shakespeare’s other works for the benefit of a true Shakespeare enthusiast.

    And I think you didn’t quite understand the enormity of the world they lived on… it was a giant CONTINENT floating in the sky, probably around the size of Australia or bigger. And they did travel in the series, quite far and didn’t reach the edge.

    This anime was brilliant. ‘Nuff said.

  38. jm says:

    i watch a lot of anime and this certainly one of the best love story anime series,. although the ending is a little bit disappointing,even if this is Shakespeare’s work,.they should have to change the ending,all the hard works the two couple did..I think they deserve a Happy ending,..If Im not mistaken out of 24 episodes only 1 episode that they spend time together and the rest only last for 30secs..

  39. Mitars says:

    I started watching this anime cuz I read that it is a really romantic anime.
    The first episodes were quite interesting to watch but afterwards my motivation for this series got less and less. I was happy when I reached the last episode and saw some romantic by keeping their vow in life and death. The part with the “tree spirit” and the magical tree felt really weird to me; it just didnt fit in this story. Another thing are the characters, in my opinion there are just to many secondary characters in this anime; characters which are just showing sometimes but are mostly unimportant. If it were just a love story btw the two lovers and the conflict btw their families it would have been a great story but like this I just didnt feel much romantic nor I think that Im gonna rewatch this ever again. Kinda disappointed me :d

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@Amagi, Where you hear that stuff about the translator cause that is news to me. Being skepical about Sekai is fairly understandbale thpugh. I mean hell recently that PSVR VN they are shilling on kickstarter was about to fail but mysteriously got 23 backers put in large amounts which booted up the thing to the goal.
I wish I could enjoy some of the generic ones but I probably wouldn't.
When I was about 14 I found out what a visual novel, well, more date sim was due to an episode of Excel saga.
@Kaiser: You mean World End Economia. It's a three part VN. Haven't read it yet though.
@Aidan: The stuff I read about the translator for this and Sekai in general doesn't sound too good. Guy was kicked from Mangagamer ages ago for lying and bad translations and the project is still at 50% after years. Meanwhile they licence 30 new VNs.
The spice and wolf author wrote a visual novel I think. I also remember there was a visual novel, a scifi one set on a space station.
@Amagi, We will eventually provided Sekai doesn't go under.
But yeah I wouldn't expect any time soon.
Man we will never get that English Baldr release.
@Amagi, that scene is one that you really need to see though the eyes of the protagonist. It is doubtful an anime could capture that moment. It was one moment you truly resonated with the protagonist.
@Sash, Any VN you can find on Steam is All Ages(Meaning that sex scenes are cut out. Not that it's not graphic as All Ages Vans are certainly not for all ages.) I would recommend Sharin no Junior. There is sex scenes in it but you should only encounter one playing through the main route. The House in fata Morgana is also a good one.
They'll never manage to make THAT scene as shocking as in the VN.
The VN is great. It's linear story telling but one of those VNs I doubt anybody can adapt properly.
I want a muv-luv anime that isn't a spinoff.
Because I'm too lazy to read the VN.
I always get those funny looks when I say Saya is my favourite VN.
I must ashamedly say that I did read Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o, if only just to read a VN that was all about the ecchi/H.
I've also played phenomeno.
@Anon: Been meaning to get into that.
I've played sharin, maou, saya, cartharga, fate/stay night, swan song, planeterium, narrcissu, Eden, both kara no shoujo games, some of fata morganna, some of comyu.
I don't know forest either.
I didn't like one thing I read by the ever 17 author, it kept annoying me to get any worthwhile end out of it. Even though I liked the premise.
@Sash: I enjoy the stories VNs offer, Aidn recommended me a share, but while I've liked them, the format I needed to get used to and yes the time commitment.
Not key, but Phenomono or narrcisu seems safer a bet, unless you hate horror then avoid phenemono.
I don't like any of the Jun Maeda Key melodrama anymore, but there are all ages versions of their visual novels.
I believe Aidan still needs to read kara no shoujo 2 . I don't know what Ignarock or sharnoth is . What is the name of the post(or was it pre) apocaypse shoujo-ai visual novel?
@Amagi: I played saya first because of story, atmosphere, short length.
Actually based on his reactions, recommend him the freeware stuff.
@Sash: I was also going to say I was worried about recommending any visual novel then. I said kira kira, sharin and g senjou because they seemed safer, but there is H scenes in them, but not tonnes.
@Sash might be useful. You can search with tags there, including technical aspects like "voiced", "moving mouths" and stuff like that.
Or rather, none hentai
I also tend to be open to most genres, but please keep it PG...
lone = long
Thinking back I am pretty sure Saya no Uta actually was my first VN. It was popular back then and rather short so it was kind of a good entry level VN (for me), same as with narcissu and Planetarian which I read right after that. Think my first lone VN was either Ever17 or Sharin no Kuni.
@AidanAK47: Yes, it such a huge time commitment! That's the sole reason I don't share your sentiment. As for what my taste is... I don't know since that was my first ever Visual Novel. For now I would like ones with voice actors in it.
I should really read more stuff I haven't read any VN the last year for some reason.
Speaking of VNs I wish one of this utsukushii series would get an anime adaption someday. Maybe Sharnoth or Inganock. I loved Forest as well which had a similar style and other stuff with Meteor involved (of courise including the Fate series).
Allow me to re-phrase in layman's English: "If he could handle something as explicit or dark as saya no uta we could suggest it if he thought he was up for it, he could read it at some point if he thought he could handle it, sash, do you think you can handle something messed up like that, if not, perhaps you should play sharin no kuni instead"
It isn't even annoyingly edgy to me. Just why even bother watching/reading it at all was my reaction.
I've seen bits of the ovas for euphoria, I stress bits of them. Not something I'd dwell on or bother to watch more fully, it went too far to where it just produced a numbing effect where I just don't react to it, to where it neither becomes shocking or laughable.
The reason I mentioned tolerance level was because I wanted him to respond to confirm if he cold handle those darker games because hell if I know what he's able for.
Also kirakira is another safe recommendation.
Thats why I stated sharin and maou were safer recommendations.
Jesus Kaiser, why not chuck Subihibi and Euphoria on top of that if you are so determined to traumatise him. None of those should be first time recommendations.
Ideally we could recommend him saya no uta, kara no shoujo or Swan song, but we don't know his tolerance level. Based on that Sharin no kuni and G senjou maou might be the safest recommendations.
Though I'm wondering if he played a version without the H-scenes.
Aiyoku no Eustia and Comyu adaptation and full translation WHEN.
@Sash, That's good to hear. Also fair play on playing it as it is a pretty huge time commitment. If you haven't I would recommend checking out other visual novels as you might find something that would be more for you. I can even throw out some recs if you are interested.
*allows us
I will probably watch shojo kageki dubbed.
I've fallen behind on shoujo kageki and sirius.
....was lovingly semi-oneric.
That kids backstory is so depressing in happy sugar life. Nail pulling scene messed me up. I also watched the new satsuriku no tenshi episode, this is definately going at a quicker place, they skipped a whole character and by doing so, also a flashback involving Cathy. Though I'm not too bothered by it as it also us to get to the big bad quicker and focus on Zack/Rachel. First bit of this episode
This is Sash by the way, name keeps changing back to anonymous
@Kaiser-Eoghan: yes... I meant that...
Talking about being born in a digital age huh?
@Kaiser, for my old roommate maybe. I dont think ive ever bought a magazine in my life
@Sash: Do you mean visual novel?
Admit it Lenlo, you would buy that magzine with Ash and Eiji on it.
@AidanAK47: i have recently read the light novel of Fate Stay Night and, though I don't share your sentiment, I do see why you love it so much
Sword art is one of those things that everywhere you look you'll see it hated, yet in rolls in the money.
Well, its hated by certain parts of the community. Usually western parts.
@Mitsuko, yep we are well aware. But as an FYI, SAO is hated heavily in the anime community. So another season isn't exactly a cause for celebration but rather a dejected sigh.
Banana Fish, back on track. Also, this ED is my favorite of the season.
@Lenlo i agree that was one of the best i cried in that part
Oh I know it is. Doesnt mean I have to acknowledge it. Mothers Rosario was the only SAO arc I actually liked, and Kirito had almost no involvement in it
@Mitsuko: Its gone on for too long.
i dont know if anyone said this already or that you know but sword art online is coming out with a season 3 in october right
i miss Shino god i hope there is another season were she gets out of her coma and haseo and Shino get together if that happens then god it will be amazing
Don't think I brought this up, but I've only seen one season of Bleach, random episodes of DBZ, few episodes of Naruto and two volumes of one piece, most I got was 32 episodes of hunter x hunter.
Another example is I can't get into most shounen because it isn't seinen. Too often I can't separate shounen jump stuff from each other in my head even if I know they are different.
I suppose I do experience exceptions , I could probably find one dark moe show that'd work for me like Happy sugar life, but in general I utterly despise mixing moe cute girl antics with horror.
@Anon: Its because often the time travel/reset thing is used in those stories as an extra lives/chances cheat.
I can agree that, largely, avoiding a genre or style you dont like is fine. It just means you will miss the occasional exception. Because there is always an exception that fits the mold, but is good enough you enjoy it anyways.

Like im not normally a fan of rom-coms or melodrama, but I enjoyed Toradora. Never would have watched it under normal circumstances either
@Aidan, Well Evangelion was a bad example as I had read a bit of the manga version at one point.
A better example would have been Steins Gate which I avoid for the simple reason that time travel stories annoy me, especially if they involve changing the past.
Thing is though, I don't agree that this is any different from avoiding fanservice or "standard crap", even those can surprise rarely.
There were some I knew I wouldnt like and tried anyways, like Clannad, but some that pleasantly surprised me like Space Dandy.

@Aidan, yeah. I had to experience it. I just... there was so much wrong in the episode I am having a hard time writing it up without feeling like im just ragging on it non stop
@Anon, I don't really argee with that mindset as I feel you don't really know if something is for you until you see it for yourself. Not saying you have to plough though it even if you hate it. But giving it at least one episode I think is needed. Well unless it's something like a fanservice show or standard crap.
@Lenlo, I was thinking about warning you when I seen you got excited about that but decided it would just be better to see for yourself.
Happens to me with plenty of things, for example I refuse to touch Evangelion since I know enough about it say that I have no interest.
There has to be a moment where you just accept somethings just not going to click for you.
For example I will never watch darling in the Franxx because of kill la kill.
Have you reached the point where you no longer care when you hate something popular or refuse to watch it out of sheer disinterest?
Do you all think there comes a time, where you get to where you know you don't need to even bother watching a certain show because you know yourself enough to know there is no hope it'll be your thing? To where you simply pass on it, not even watching the first episode.
@Mario: The Hanebado death stare is real, the eyes THE EYES man the eyes =O
Stupid steins; gate, why must it bully Lenlo. Although I've not watched the episode I right in saying things may be heading in the direction we feared?
*sigh* Steins;Gate physically hurt me this week. I am disappoint
In general I tend to turn my mind off to scientific inaccuracy in fiction and because honestly, I have a fairly poor memory for much of the facts.
I remember school biology classes, couldn't bring myself to cut an animal heart/frog/worm and tapped out of doing it. I remember being told, someone thinking it was all a laugh and they threw one of the hearts into a bush somewhere on the school grounds.
Then again, biology is amongst my least favorite subject :(
@Vonter: I'm still following Cells at Work but I have long since given up on making a real life connection. But let's see, i think your first statement was right but I'm not sure about the second one
I've been watching Cells at Work! And I'm not sure if I get the analogy of an allergy. The allergens makes the body counter act with a chemical that in turn makes the body over release another chemical that irritates and produces sneezes. And an steroid counteracts the allergy by breaking down in a small degree that section of they body?
Honestly, im not sure if its intentional or not, because the rest of the english in the paper is actually pretty good.
The Dairy Cod? Oh yes
Did you happen to notice the L/R error/ no differentiation in the top left screenshot in your banana fish post? Sayss Dairy Cape cod instead of daily cape cod.
I keep listing to those mixtape and vaporwave things on youtube very frequently.
Oh so that was the name of that show where I saw Urasawa and Itou being interviewed.
Look up Manben on youtube. Its basically where they do an hour long episode on a Mangaka, film their process, and talk about their philosophies while making it
If your interested in the manga process
Now that I remember, there was a part where they were praying for the idols. Someone said it has become like a pseudo-religion.
I'd love to see some documentaries about anime/manga and more about Japan .
Adding to what I said though, as bad as Japans idol thing is, the music industry everywhere has its awfully sleazy side.
In a way, I sort of feel like I can't fully judge the guy who paid for 100s of idol concerts....when admittedly I've spent my fair share over the years on hentai.
I saw that documentary I talked about a few comments ago, because the post would have been 500 words long, I put it on pastebin:
I dunno, I quite enjoy the characters. Endeavor had an arc recently that was particularly good.
Actually I want to specify on that comment, I'm not looking down on hero academia, more suggesting the broadness of its appeal.
In terms of planet with, I've only seen the first episode of it.
I have found though that Academia, much like titan, is partially an anime for people who don't watch anime.
On Hero academia, on my end it would probably be more accurate to say that its not a case of hating it, moreso not my thing.
I don't hate Hero Aca. My problem is that it really isn't doing anything new. Every beat traced from shounen legacy. It's executed well no doubt and I am sure animation wise it trumps old shounen. And if it can avoid the trap of every long running shounen of going past it's due then it could end up the most polished. But it's still a new dog doing old tricks.
But in all seriousness. Regarding Planet with, sometimes you have to care for whats been subverted before you can get anything out of the subversion.
@Aidan: If you don't like my one-liners, you should sea my ocean liners, they're practically to drown for.
On Fate GO, yeah I really think that some banners are more generous than others. Hoping the Prisma banner is generous because I need to get together the Emiya family.
Really? I quite like Hero Aca, its probably my favorite current shounen, granted this current arc isnt the best. Granted I also keep up with the manga so know how it all plays out.
And subversion in a good way. Not like Fate Extra over here which subverts expectations by having the endboss leave the show offscreen but instead subverting to keep you on your toes while keeping the satisfaction of a well conculded fight. That moment when he pulled out the clog for a finisher was unexpected, hilarious and amazing.
@Amagi, Yep. To me Boku hero is how to use tropes and settings wrong, essentially recycling them wholesale. Planet With uses them but uses them to subvert your expectations when you think things will go according to the trope but NOPE.
I am close to banning you for that pun.
Everyone is watching planet with....

....WITH each other
I'm watching Planet With!
We all know the cliffhanger fight between Takashi and * +revelation of you know what wouldn't have happend before episode 10 in any other anime. This show manages the time perfectly and it doesn't feel rushed.
It's exactly how I want a show: you are allowed to use tropes and generic settings but be creative, switch the roles, turn stereotypes upside down and make every episode unique and non-repetitive. It's what this show is doing and it's doing this perfectly.
@Aidan: I love it too. I am pretty surprised how few people are watching this considering that it is still shounen'ish and how hyped Bisquithammer is.
Ehhh-? Now got summer Marie with 3 quartz in FGO and Martha with 12 a few days ago Aidan was right about the second summer rate up banner.
Such a shame that nobody seems to be watching Planet With.
Damn, Planet with pretty much concluded and there is still six episodes left. This episode was damn satisfying and it seems the training wheels are off here..
How do you expect men and women to act when they reach the end of economic growth
The idol industry is just a reflection of the broken social contract/financial repression
It'd be interesting if the documentary talks about the effect on men as well, that kind of obsession driven culture can't be healthy.
Still remember that idol (was it akb48?) who filmed herself crying on film with a shaved head because she was caught with a boyfriend
Also planning on picking up A drifting life soon, biographical manga about the 60s gekiga manga period.
Going to watch some Japanese documentary tomorrow that goes into wide detail about how terrible their idol industry is and the effect it has on women.
The only thing I really liked out of Ahin was the villain. That dude was quite intimidating, running around shooting himself every time he got tranqed.
And though I didn't mention it in the review it is rather annoying how the series shafted both Tamamo and Hakunon.
@K-Off, It was a series that had good ideas, I give it that. But it was a mighty dull watch. Some better protagonist could have helped a bit at least.
Speaking of which, I picked up an Astolfo plushie at anime expo and this alone is making me want to play FGO
Yea Ajin flows really strangely and there's really no overarching story, plus nobody has much motivation to do anything. But that's also its appeal, for people interested in an insane antagonist who wants nothing but chaos
Ah Fate Extra sounds disappointing, I STILL haven't watched any of the series and was hoping it'd be a good entry
Ajin is one of those things I just ended up completely forgetting about, although for pretty much no reason.
Also: Ajin is getting pretty freaking crazy with the recent chapters, I love how Sato is so Joker-like and he's actually succeeding at every thing he's doing
The manga is fantastic, feels pretty quaint as comedy manga go nowadays. Also the chapters flow really well with its comedic timing, love the pacing
I'm actually intending to move on to the manga sometime, as I was using the anime as an introduction/taster for it.
Yeah I find Grand Blue just isn't working for me like the manga did. I feel like it needed better animation and a better director. I thought the Gintama director would do good but didn't take into account that with such a long running series he's likely accustomed to doing comedy within a small budget.
Feels like manga with great comedic timing don't translate very well animated, or maybe it's because I've already read the same joke before the adaptation
Woops forgot i wasn't logged in on mobile
So far in the season pretty sad to see Grand Blue not living up to the manga
(i also updated my email on my profile, if you need me for anything let me know there)
Ahaha nah, its the real McCoy, last time we talked was about the backend server iirc
...hmmm is this a fake Psgels situation I wonder.
Ive been too hooked on Azur Lane lately
Hello everyone, feels like its been a while!
Budget really shows in grand blue now, I wasn't really into the first half of this episode, but by the second half it got me laughing again.
@Lenlo: Including shots AT Mayuri =)
And yet, somehow I will find a way to someway forgive the show as hard as I can be on it I can never be 100% mad at the series.
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