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Let me start this review by stating the following: I did manage to finish watching Neon Genesis Evangelion a couple of years ago, before starting this blog. I ended up really liking the second half, though the first half of the series was a pain to get through. So yeah, after watching a movie that does nothing other than recapping episodes 1 to 5 (or 6), of course I’m in a bad mood. I want those 90 minutes of my life back!

Really, I fail to see the point behind this movie. All it does is follow the exact same storyline as the series did, with perhaps better graphics. To make matters worse, the only scene I was looking forward to (Unit 01’s little “itadakimasu!”-moment) ended up being cut out, for goodness’ sake! At least Death and Rebirth had a clear purpose: to silence the angry fanboys who were upset with the ending of the original series.

If you were planning to watch this movie, and you already saw both Neon Genesis Evangelion and Death and Rebirth, then don’t. In that case, this movie is just the same as a recap-episode. In fact, it’s even worse, because it’s freaking five times longer than your regular recap-episode, making you sit through scenes you’ve already seen for an eternity. I guess that if you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen the original Evangelion, you might give this movie a try, but I don’t see why you should pick this movie above the original series, apart from flashier graphics and a slightly shorter length. Gainax: stop trying to milk your dead cow!

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  1. Avatar Archer says:

    i have watched the original anime and i have not seen this movie but i have it on my pc so i can contradict u on one thing or more:the animation u said “perhaps better graphics”,not sure what format you watched but the graphics are amazing,also this movie was a total success in Japan,i know that the movie theaters were full so Gainax achieved their goal of getting more money out of Evangelion that seems not to be a dead cow and i doubt all those people were hardcore fans,also i did not even expect major changes maybe some minor ones in the story and in the characters (maybe more changes in the other 3 movies) and it seems the end will be different so when i will watch this movie i will just enjoy the great graphics and see again a good story anyway i did not care about the rating u gave only about a few things u mentioned

  2. Avatar Keith says:

    As much as I know, the Rebuild of Evangelion is going to take a different route than the show. The beginning is primarily building up and establishing the situation and characters, so I knew that it would be similar. However, I know that they introduce Kaworu early, so right there you know that it’s going to be different, and hopefully the next 3 movies make that worth it.

  3. Avatar Solaris says:

    Enough with these old revivals. It’s time the dead rest in peace. And Eva sould be already dead for ageing long time ago.

  4. Avatar Perneta says:

    I watched and liked. This new version is way more cohesive. I think the objective was to make the story understandable and explains a lot more what is going one for a normal person.

    But I too don´t understand why they are remaking the same thing again. They should be doing something in a time placed before or after the original.

  5. Avatar nahrub says:

    lol… naruto is a total success; that doesn’t mean that it’s any good. it just meant that the targeted viewers crowded the theater, naruto with little kids n eva with its fanboys. the cgi was impressive, but i’m a little disappointed that they didn’t redrawn the whole thing.

  6. Avatar Archer says:

    @nahrub:your comparison is just so wrong,in naruto the producers are clearly interested in the money more than in the quality while evangelion is such a influential anime(but what anime company does not want to sell and obtain money), with your logic success does not prove anything but anyway i did not say it was any good i only said it had success and that is what the producers wanted,you think that it was not worth watching it others think it was and i doubt they all are fanboys,each with their opinions

  7. Avatar Papilo says:

    Well, I don’t like the first half too, perhaps because the characters look so…empty. There is no personality at all an coming from nothing, all characters becomes more complete, with desilusions and problems. First Half = Angel come, destroy angel.

    OK, there is a superficial personality that suddenly becomes a lot more complex and interesting to watch. All the philosophy that most of the “Evatards” loved comes from the second half.

    Oh yeah, and about this remake, nice comparation. Indeed, they need a new goose to laid some golden eggs.

  8. Avatar Patrick Monti says:

    Well evangelion was so great because it was one of the first good anime with that style. The same happened with Dragon Ball fist good anime with that style. After “the original” we get plenty of copies and the studio trying to milk the cow. You cant blame a company for making money.
    As evangelion is more adult than say dragon ball they can try to market it at the non-anime crowd by making the movies. That’s all there is about it.

  9. Avatar R says:

    So, psgels, I take it you won’t be reviewing version 1.01? ;-)

  10. psgels psgels says:

    R: oh god, there’s more?! Indeed, I don’t want to experience the same boredome all over again, unless I hear from others that it’s totally different from version 1.0.

  11. Avatar Houlgrave says:

    A pretty understandable review: Too bad you didn’t mention what happened in first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds of the movie. Pretty much destroys the idea that this is simply a re-imagining of the original series.

    Considering your attention to detail I’ve seen on your various other reviews psgels, I’m disappointed. :/

  12. Avatar Papilo says:

    Houlgrave, are you saying that something around one minute is original stuff. =)

  13. Avatar Houlgrave says:

    Well, it’s enough to warrant a atleast a single watch of the film IMO. Puts EoE in a new light and all. That’s all I’m saying. :/

  14. Avatar sara7890 says:

    totally agree here – although I was impressed with the cube (name?) attack sequences – everything else bore me to death – some are even exact recaps… so I don’t really see the point

    If Gainax wants to get another million-dollar franchise going into their palms, they need to start brainstorming.

  15. Avatar lucky_huh? says:

    I watch it and i said MEEEEEEEEEEh, it doesn’t have the same impact anymore, when i first saw it back in 90’s maybe becase of my multiple watching, i guess the only thing that stood for me about this anime was the shocking value, it my be because now i take Psychology and human understanding clases, ”THE IRONY” the thing that was the most atractive about this anime to me, is now the thing that i criticize the most now, unless this radicaly different i see it as a way to make more cash, and no 30’s in the begging and the end doesn’t count, and better animation ether, if it were for that i would have stop watching anime alonf time ago XP.

  16. Avatar maskerade says:

    According to this, Rebuild won anime of the year. And while I dun usually put much thought into awards, Dennou Coil and Gurren Lagann both won TV anime series as well. So something has to be going right there.

  17. Avatar nahrub says:

    anime of the year? for real? i admit that it’s great n all, but i dont think that recycled stuff should won an award. that’s dangerous. somebody might make a recap haruhi movie n won every award available.

  18. Avatar wackedfoo says:

    it was worth it for the Ramiel fight.

  19. Avatar Denizen says:

    Surely it would be better to judge this movie as it is, and treat it as if the original series never existed.

    Me, I immensely enjoyed it. It served both a as suspenseful and interesting action film – and a nostalgic look at a really entertaining formula NGE started out with.

    Methinks you’re being a bit harsh on Gainax. I expected a movie-quality version of the first episodes, I got one and with some awesome additions.

  20. Avatar panaghoy88 says:

    Thank you for blogging this. I was planning to watch this but as you said it was just a recap with better graphics. That doesn’t cut it for me. I was expecting it to be an expansion, sigh. There’s still hope for NGE with the live-action movie in production and the last 3 Rebuild of Evangelion episodes.

  21. Avatar Venneh says:

    Actually, in my opinion, the last half-hour of the movie, when all the new content finally kicks in, is probably the best part. I’m actually kind of surprised that you didn’t mention it — or perhaps you just dropped it before you got to it?

    Yes, the recap-ish nature of most of the movie was annoying. However, based on what’s in that last half-hour, the next three movies probably will have a great amount of difference.

    (Also, question – have you seen End of Evangelion?)

  22. Avatar TORU says:

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  23. Avatar coffeecup says:

    Reviews like yours have been making me angry all day. Every negative review for this movie bitches about two things: either A) They didn’t change enough, or B) Shinji is too whiny. Let me address these two points in order:

    a) From the day the Rebuild project was announced, Gainax/Anno stated that 1.0 was going to be very faithful to the first 6 eps of the TV series, and that all the changes were going to occur in 2.0 and onwards.

    1.0 just serves to introduce the main characters, their situation, the world, and set the stage for the rest of the plot.

    And anybody who says they changed nothing needs to go back and watch the first 6 eps of the series again, because there were quite a few changes made. (and no, saying “I watched it X years ago and…” doesn’t count).

    B) DUH. OF COURSE HE’S WHINEY. ***SPOILERS AHEAD, AVERT YOUR EYES NEWBIES*** Shinji saw his mother die, shortly after his father abandonded him, and then 8 years later he receieves a letter from him that says “Just come.”. So he shows up, and what happens? He’s told the fate of the entire human race hinges upon him piloting a giant robot to fight off the Angels. Not only that, but any pain inflicted on said robot, he feels. Robot gets impaled? He feels like he’s been impaled. Robot gets it’s arm cut off? Feels like his arms been cut off. You try acting the part of the hero under such circumstances.

  24. Avatar Livia says:

    You should watch Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 and realise how wrong you are.

  25. Avatar DoomRavager says:

    I guess this movie is more or less like the first 15 episodes of FMA:B, a recap of events from its predecessor with hints of something new coming next. The 2.0 is where the new material really starts, and having watched it I feel it isn’t fair to slam all of the Rebuild movies simply because the first movie was practically a shot-for-shot recreation.

    BTW, technically it’s not Gainax milking the franchise, it’s Studio Khara and Studio KloxWorkx.

  26. Avatar grinn says:

    I recommend you watch 2.0 and realise how ridiculous this review is. 1.0 sets 2.0 up perfectly, and 2.0 is just 2 hours of awesomeness.


  27. Avatar Yarow12 says:

    I enjoyed it.

  28. Avatar Grv says:

    Terrible review – you’ve totally missed the point of NGE or the rebuilds.

  29. Avatar Guigas says:

    Nice review. I agree with you, this movie didn’t introduce anything new… disappointing. I love the original series, but 1.0 bored me to death, meh. 2.0 is far superior

  30. Avatar Jedman says:

    Totally disagree with this review, I liked the fact that this film was true to the original series but had updated visuals, some of the scenes in this movie were so epic like the fight against the cube eva. was one of the most epic scenes ive seen in any anime.

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