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Short Synopsis: Casshern arrives at a robot graveyard.
Highlights: Nico was awesome.
Overall Enjoyment Value: 9/10 (Fantastic)
Oh my god. This was without a doubt the best episode of Casshern Sins yet, and with such a series, that really has to say something. I can’t believe how easy these writers make it seem to just create such wonderful stories, episode after episode. This episode not only evolved the storyline, but it also created one of the most awesome characters of the series: Nico.

There were lots of different characters with prominent roles in this episode, and it was much, much more than just another episode of Casshern the “chick magnet”. Nico was kind to everyone she ran into, not just Casshern. The most notable of this was of course the male robot (there really needs to be some sort of general term for them): finally one of them gets a bit of depth, and the results are wonderful. As a robot, he doesn’t feel pain like normal humans, so if he loses a bunch of limbs, all he can just do is sit at one place and wait for the destruction to kill him completely. He’s also the first of his kind to see that Dio was wrong, and have a change of heart.

Of course, I could write pages about how incredibly awesome this episode was, but you really need to see it for yourself. At this point, the creators have really established themselves as masterful storywriters, who really try to make the best out of each of their episodes and take nothing for granted. I’m really glad to have given this series a second chance after its lacklustre first episode and decided to blog this.

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  1. indr008 says:

    and there are people out there who chose to watch meaningless fanservice shows rather than this…..seriously, this show has even overcome my fanboyism over Gundam 00 and thus makes me able to say Casshern sin is of a better show than Gundam 00

  2. choco says:

    Ringo and Nico = cutest things that ever existed

  3. Haven’t seen it yet as the Casshern Sins page of zomganime has been down, but your comments kinda make me proud that I’ve been a fan of this series and even decided to start my own blog about it (albeit a mere few aspects of it). I now feel sorry for those jerks who completely trashed the show after watching just the first or the first two episodes. They don’t know what they’ve been missing, and should they even reconsider now or later, it could only be pathetic as hell.

  4. Solaris says:

    Well, i was waiting for this show. The mood and atmosphere is fantastic, but there’s someting yet missing.
    I’m not happy about Kyashan right now. It seems to me it’s progressing far too slowly.

    And by the way, what’s with that chick magnet? It ruins all the pahots.

  5. Cylph says:

    I am really impressed by the story and the animation (depth is so rare too!) and I don’t know what it was based off of was like this or what? BTW Ojisan is now Boulden apparently.

  6. Solaris says:

    Cylph, the old (very old indeed) serie was far more deep than this emo haremish opera.
    Don’t count in the fucking awful movie though. It wasn’t anything like Casshern ought to be

  7. TCoFA says:

    Picked up the series and I must say. I am amused. Even so, the falling-on-knees-and-screaming parts aren’t really my thing and everyone important he seems to meet, with two exceptions, is female.

    That said. I share your opinion on Nico.

  8. Fabienne says:

    Oh,theres someone who blogs Casshern Sins,thats nice ; )

    This anime really got style,with this thick atmosphere and the way the story is told,its very enjoyable.

    In this Episode I was surprised that that a big bad Mecha even could be nice to others.
    In the other episodes the big bad Mechas were always stupid hooligans.

  9. I finally got to watching this episode. You know me; if there’s a Casshern-x-Lyuze element to the episode, I automatically like it and I’d say it’s awesome. But that wasn’t really the case with this episode.

    There’s surely have been more development between the two characters here than any other episode (Casshern calls Lyuze by her name now, they talk and hang out like they’re friends or something, and they are now shown facing in the same direction), and I don’t know if it was just my bad mood at the time of watching, but there’s something about the progression of the scenes and story that’s rather “jerky”. It feels like everything’s going a bit too fast, and things are happening a little too abruptly.

    I’ve actually been waiting for an episode “with flowers”. I’m thinking, Casshern would pick a flower or a bunch of ’em (a blue rose perhaps?) and give them to Lyuze as a peace offering *slash* “token-of-affection”. Well, this episode has a lot of flowers in it, but I guess that is just too much to ask for. On the other hand, this episode shows that Lyuze is not indifferent towards flowers and I hope Casshern somehow picked that up. If he was able to just know Lyuze’s name without anyone telling him, there’s no reason for him not to.

    Another thing I’ve noted in this episode is how the people behind it seemed to have highlighted the contrast between Casshern’s sensitivity and Lyuze’s roughness. I’m talking of course with the way they treated Nico. So basically, the the lead couple of this series (if I may call them that this early), is a sensitve, emo-but-not-a-pansy-by-all-means guy, and, a tomboy who-hasn’t-lost-touch-with-her-femininity. Exactly my kind of couple: a guy I can relate to, and a chick who’s just my type. Another reason for me to like this show.

  10. Solaris says:

    CasshernXLyuze what “flowers” did you smoke? I want some too o.O”

    It shows you kids never watched the old classic :S

  11. @ Solaris:

    I’m straightedge, I don’t do shit like that. And I’m not a kid.

    I am aware of the original Casshern, but I haven’t watched it. I also saw that 90s Casshern and I don’t remember liking it. Do I have to? I mean, to enjoy this series, I have to have watched the original?

    The problem with people like you is that you have trouble accepting more recent titles in a franchise as independent of the original and later predecessors. I think it has already been pointed out that the storyline of Casshern Sins has nothing to do with the original series. Even if no one did, it should be obvious for someone of your supposed experience and intellect.

    It shows how you think you already know a lot, and how quick you are to pass judgment without a decent amount of basis. And yeah, keep your garbage to yourself.

  12. Solaris says:

    Eheh don’t be mad at me, cause i was joking with your flowers back then :) Just make a big laugh and go on, k? ;)

    The 90’s OAV was a very quick summary of the older serie. It wasn’t that bad, but lacked a lot of introspection. Anyway the basic plot was still there.

    Let me introduce you the real Casshern and the contact points between old and new series.

    Short summary. Dr Azuma build a new serie of AI with the purpouse of solving the greates issue of pollution. But the AI disfunctioned and become “alive”. The new generated Braiking interpreted the task Dr Azuma gave them by literally removing the main agent of world pollution, that is, ironically mankind. Braiking build an army of robots and declared war to humanity.
    Dr Azuma, from savior of the world was addressed as the Fool Scientist that ruined the world.
    Dr Azuma tried to find a solution and developed a new kind of cyborg to defeat Braiking’s army.
    The new project is revolutionary: a biological mix of robot and living form, moved by solar energy. It combined the strenght of the robot and intellect of humans. But a sacrifice is necessary to operate it: someone must give out his humanity and become that monster.
    The first experiment on a living creature was successful: Tetsuya’s pet Friender was turned into a multi task robot. It can change to an airplane and other kind of veicles at command. It also equipped a firethrower in the mouth.
    But Braiking came aware of Dr Azuma’s plans and prepared to strike.
    On a dreadful night, Braiking attacked the lab. Tetusya, Dr Azuma’s only child, decided to be the sacrifice for Casshern birth. Aware of loosing its own humanity he takes farewell from his family and his love, Luna and went inside the machine. Tetsuya’s body was disintegrated and fused with Casshern’s mechanical skeleton.
    An horrible view awaits newborn Cashern the subsequent day: The lab is destroyed, his parents are missing. He gets friender and begins his quest. Some time later he also find Luna. That is another beautiful story, but i’ll leave that for now.

    Given this prologue, there’s much more plot in the first serie than in the new one, right? But that’s not all… [continues]

  13. Solaris says:

    Casshern now is neither a human nor a robot. He’s an halfbreed from both races at war. Nonetheless his appearence is still human and he pretends to be one. But he knows he’s not and fears to be rejectd from mankind in the first place. He fights robots but what to do if humanity that he loves so much, would turn against him knowing the truth?
    Luckily enough nobody noticed the superhuman strenght and agility, and Casshern quickly becomes a new symbol of hope. He’s the new saviour people relies on. By now, cause Braiking will eventually find out the truth and would use that info against Casshern.
    The only ally of Casshern is her: Luna. At the start of the story Casshern resused Luna. Being no more human he feel sorry not to be the man she loved anymore. But Luna still loved him and would never say farewell to him.
    Casshern is aware that the robotic body is slowly taking over of himself and he’s loosing his mind. Whenever that will happen nobody knows what it will be of him. Cassher will turn in am emotionless fighting machine and Testya will eventually fade away.

    This is the very connection to the new serie. Hundreds of centuries in the future, Casshern has (supposedly) ommitted the greatest sin, killed Luna and his own humanty is now lost. This new serie is a journey backway to humanity for Casshern.

  14. This is the very connection to the new serie. Hundreds of centuries in the future, Casshern has (supposedly) ommitted the greatest sin, killed Luna and his own humanty is now lost. This new serie is a journey backway to humanity for Casshern.

    Where did you get this? I got the part that Luna was “summoned”… does this mean she time-travelled to the future or something?

    This is what’s currently in the Wikipedia article:
    The series has been remade, completely discarding the continuity presented in the original Neo-Human Casshern anime series, in which Casshern was a cybernetic superhero battling the evil robotic forces of Braiking Boss in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Instead, in Casshern Sins, Casshern is presented as a cyborg subordinate of Braiking Boss who was ordered to assassinate the savior of mankind, and has thus doomed the Earth to ruin.

    Of course, in no way am I saying that you’re wrong and whoever wrote that part of the article is right. I’m just sharing the information.

    Honestly, I’m just in this for the “Lyuze” and the “Casshern-x-Lyuze” sides of it. I don’t really care about everything else. Some people probably have negative things to say about that, but so what? That’s what I like about this series.

  15. Solaris says:

    Remember that wiki is written by people and can be wrong. Sure the director changed something, but the only difference with respect to the old serie looks Casshern being subordinate to Braiking. We don’t know what really happened in the fictional time line as there’s a huge gap between the old and the new story. I can tell you how it finished and you know how it restarted. Then you can do your calculations. Mine is a nice teory after all.

    About Luna being there centuries later, sure you heard hints in the last episodes about Luna possibly being alive and immortal, didn’t you?

    Btw, let me continue the essay from above.
    So, themes such as pollution, racism, lost humanity, war and sacrifice were themes of the wise old Casshern. Now we have a very nice mood and atmosphere about a dead world and the few living and robotic beings that still live there. The manin theme here is just Casshern doing his journey in search of his lost humanity and love. Luna, the wonderful character lost from the first serie is now a symbol of hope and redemption. You see what a change in 30 yeasr of Casshern.
    Casshern was once the main actor in the war between Humans and Robots. Now all the story centers around him.
    But the old Casshern was a char eternally struggling in the fight for an higher mission, that was to take remedy of the mistakes of the past and to save the future.
    Today Casshern has no aim, no mission. He just wanders off in search of something missing, but finds only the ruin of a lost forgotten world, and its insane inhabitants, old remaning of the robot who took the world over humans.

  16. psgels psgels says:

    I think that the major theme in the new series is a bit more than just watching Casshern wander around. It’s also about how people and robots choose to live, knowing that they’re going to be destroyed anyway, which is one of the main reasons why I’m so interested in this series.

    Also, at the end of this particular episode, Casshern most definitely gives himself a clear mission: if he was the one who caused the destruction, then he’s going to be the one to stop it.

  17. Solaris says:

    Yes, Psgels, you are right, but it happened in the last episode. Yet there were nine long episode worth of wandering for Casshern to decide to move on…

    That’s why i said elsewere the serie is progressing far too slowly. The “short summary” i wrote down before is only one episode and it has more plot than nine episodes of the new serie!

    So, if i’d to give out marks (non tech stuff):
    Environment and mood: 10
    Char development: 8
    Plot: 2

  18. About Luna being there centuries later, sure you heard hints in the last episodes about Luna possibly being alive and immortal, didn’t you?

    Let me ask you this then; why is it that Luna (here in Casshern Sins) had to ask who the intruder is? If she knew Casshern from back then, that won’t be necessary, and she’d probably be a lot more emotional than that. And is the Luna in the original series also “immortal”?

    But we could argue and question all we want. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just wait for the rest of the series to unfold.

    But the old Casshern was a char eternally struggling in the fight for an higher mission, that was to take remedy of the mistakes of the past and to save the future.

    That’s because the “old Casshern” was intended to be a superhero. This Casshern, while still saving people and fighting bad guys, obviously wasn’t. Even if he were, I’m still not seeing it.

    Yet there were nine long episode worth of wandering for Casshern to decide to move on…

    That’s why i said elsewere the serie is progressing far too slowly. The “short summary” i wrote down before is only one episode and it has more plot than nine episodes of the new serie!

    I agree on slow part. If you’ve seen an older comment of mine, I said that 12-13 eps. is just right for this series. Then it became clear that this is gonna go up to the 24-26 range through the use of “fillers”. But I learned to just deal with it, sit back, and enjoy it.

    Was the original series that “unresolved” for you to want this series to pick up where it left off or be an improved version of it?

  19. Solaris says:

    Luna was human. Her weapon was a magnetic gun that destroyed robots but was harmless to humans. She was completely different in the old serie. That’s a real pity cause i liked very much that character of hers.

    In this serie the two seem to be complete strangers. Well much time has passed in the timeline anything could have happened, such as memory loss. Most likely in the eventuality of Luna being turned into a cyborg too.

    As a matter of fact, this is a new serie. It’s normal that there are differences and given the time gap, i demand for explanations that the serie didn’t yet provide me, being over 1/3 of the planned airtime.

    What’s with my tentative of explanation that bother you so much CxL? I thought about it and tried to join the old with the new in the most logical way.
    As a matter of fact the two series are very different, but the’t what we’d expect after 30 years gap between the two ;) Anime has changed and also the public has changed.
    We an also skip on some discordances in the happenings for the sake of the new plot continuity.

    Last note: Casshern is still a superhero. He just forgot it. With some luck the plot will start moving soon and we well have all the answers we derserve.

    Super last note: I really hope for your sake that Luna will be dead or something unless there’ll never be place for Casshern X Lyuze, Sopithia, Nico or whatever else chick ;)

  20. Eldar says:

    Solaris, some of us have seen the original Casshan anime (thank you youtube) and I can frankly say that it doesn’t even approach the current incarnation in terms of quality of animation or writing.

  21. Cassh says:

    How about we all just get along..
    Love this episode. Thanks for the blog.

  22. What’s with my tentative of explanation that bother you so much CxL? I thought about it and tried to join the old with the new in the most logical way.
    As a matter of fact the two series are very different, but the’t what we’d expect after 30 years gap between the two ;) Anime has changed and also the public has changed.
    We an also skip on some discordances in the happenings for the sake of the new plot continuity.

    It’s not the same storyline.

    Look, we could argue about this endlessly and that would just be a waste of time. So I say, let’s just keep watching the series and see if it turns out as you say (a continuation of the original), or not (a completely different storyline).

    Last note: Casshern is still a superhero. He just forgot it. With some luck the plot will start moving soon and we well have all the answers we derserve.
    The series hasn’t even reached half its intended number of episodes (I hope they don’t cancel it), so expect more “delays”.

    If Casshern’s “still” a superhero in this series, I don’t recall a single line in the dialogue that supports the idea. What he forgot was everything prior to his reawakening, which of course revolves around the act of tracking down and killing Luna. And so far, I haven’t seen any indication of him being a superhero during that time or prior to it. In addition, if he was even considered a “good guy”, he could have simply walked up to Luna and not have to be confronted by Lyuze’s sister. And considering his superiority as a fighting machine, he could have even been the one charged of protecting Luna.

    Super last note: I really hope for your sake that Luna will be dead or something unless there’ll never be place for Casshern X Lyuze, Sopithia, Nico or whatever else chick ;)

    Take a hint from the opening, the list of seiyuu in the ending, and the list of characters in the official website. They obviously intended Lyuze to be the “hero’s girl” of the show. I don’t know why they decided not to put Luna in that role, and instead come up with a new character for it, but I like the end result.

    And you don’t have to hope that. I know “Casshern-x-Lyuze” is gonna happen regardless of what state Luna is in. Believe it!

  23. Solaris says:

    Eldar, do you watch anime on youtube and yet argue about quality?
    Nontheless it’s quite obvious that a 30 years old anime looks “quite much outdated” in comparison to a modern one. But about the plot, please, don’t even bother telling its writing was worse cause it’s absolutely not true.

    CxL let’s see what it will happen. Of course we’ll write our own final notes at last when the anime will be finished.

  24. GGear0323 says:

    while i am pretty sure that this series has nothing to do with the original, there are always ways to somehow connect them if you want.

    anyway, the writing is excellent in this series, even if 90% percent of the time it has nothing to do with the plot and more to do with the atmosphere. just because the plot is slow moving doesnt mean the writing is bad at all.
    i mean the plot is simple enough, Casshern is told he caused the ruin by killing Luna and so he wants to find a way to somehow help the world or stop the ruin altogether. while we dont really have established villains (Dio being an antagonist and all but he also wants to end the ruin, and Braiking Boss just wandering around himself) the series as a whole has been wonderful so far and i cannot stop watching it.

    so far, most of the deepness in the writing pertains to how they portray the robots trying to live in such a world that in effect they also helped create, and in that aspect, this show is VERY deep and moving.

    on the casshern side, we dont really feel his pain because even though he has been told he caused all this, he still doesnt remember anything and just takes everyone’s word for it. when we start to delve into his side of things a little deeper, i suspect the writers will do just as fantastic a job as they have been doing so far.

  25. while i am pretty sure that this series has nothing to do with the original, there are always ways to somehow connect them if you want.

    Thank you.

    on the casshern side, we dont really feel his pain because even though he has been told he caused all this, he still doesnt remember anything and just takes everyone’s word for it.

    I don’t think it’s just “taking everyone’s word for it”. He saw for himself the kind of destruction he’s capable of (late episode 02 – early episode 03), albeit when not in control himself. And that seemed enough to convince him that the accusations he just one day woke up to are true. He doesn’t have any memory of his “sin”, but he acknowledges it as if he does.

  26. wtf says:

    man this episode made me tear up a bit at the end :'( Very powerful character. This episode reminds me a bit of Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume (a little star’s dream). If you have not played that, YOU MUST!! It will make you really teary by the end (and its fully translated =))!! Very powerful. You could probably torrent it by a cursory search of google. Fairly short, about 2 or 3 hours if i remember correctly.

  27. the op of kurozuka is weird says:

    this series is boring. . .

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Also there's a reader in the comment section of Berserk 07 who wants to know if we have a notification system. I vaguely remember a widget that links the site to a FaceBook page. If anybody knows how that works, or if it's still functional, please shed some light on the matter for him/her. Thx.
@Aidan @K-off @Mario either one of y'all has any post near completion? I'm almost done with Berserk 08 and as previously mentioned, really prefer not to put two reviews up back to back. I think the length of them is already a hassle for some to get thru, let alone two right after eachother. I think it hurts the viewership, but if nothing's on hand then I'll guess I'll just finish up and post mine.
@Kaiser: I was actually camping near a mountain, but aren't all mountains somewhat holy? That could be my bias tho, since I was raised on the Alborz mountain range, and for me there is something therapeutic about the mountain air.
Kaiser Eoghan
Yes! Looks like the shoutbox is fixed and not deleting posts after 24 hours anymore!
Kaiser Eoghan
lol Or you could live in the shitty suburb where I do and spend your time just waiting for when your internet connection randomly cuts out twice a month or as it has the past few days two-three times a day.
Kaiser Eoghan
Basically bam went up the Holy mountain .
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: ....guy I know who loves war films and I've ended up inadvertedly/un-intentionally gotten him to buy some fucked up Polish horror film that just happens to be set in WW2. lol he's going to be pretty freaked out when he watches it.
Everything been cool here? Hehe ... looks like I conveniently missed all the hard parts.
@Mario: thx m8. I wish I could just make it down to Rio on a whim, but then again, I took a much-needed vacation, so I ain't complaining.
Welcome back Bam, I was already convinced that you went to Rio for screwing around. Lol
Also I apologize for the absence. I was gone somewhere without reliable internet access, and looking back I should've gave a notification.
Either way, I'm back now, and will be jumping on getting those Berserk reviews out as soon as possible.
Man looky here with the renovations; I like it.
@Vyse: wow. So how was the sites then back from 2005?
@Kaiser: and what is that sh!te you're talking about?
<— fixed
<— me
Ive been a reader since 2005
Kaiser Eoghan
Haha, this'll be fun lol
Kaiser Eoghan
.....that feeling when you keep going on about a show or film but fail to give all the details...and someone goes out and buys it not knowing the full extent of the mad shit their in for...s--t lol
any reader from 2005 here....
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: This guy seems interesting:
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Hmm, not familiar with him.
I really really loved in the mood for love, alot, it emotionally effected me. I even watched it three times.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I couldn't seem to enjoy any of Zimou yangs films apart from Hero, which had some pretty creative fight scenes. I've seen the story of Ricky and some of John-woos films but they were more just silly entertaining exploitation films.
Don't know if you know the Vietnamese-French Tran Anh Hung. His works are stunning too. If you want to check out East-Asian cinema don't forget to check him out.
@Kaiser: Yeah, but Park Chan Wood changed the ending, so the author insisted that the Handmaiden is more "inspired" than "based". The third chapter is the weakest part for me
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Of interest, The handmaiden was based on some British book/tv show.
Kaiser Eoghan
I need to completely re-evaluate/get into more Chinese cinema.
Kaiser Eoghan
Doesn't look like I've seen anything by Hong-sang-so.
My favourite Korean actor is song-kang-ho.
Kaiser Eoghan
Theres an anime convention over here in Dublin in three months. Although I haven't been to one in years.
I'm heading to anime convention today. Normally I don't really care about those conventions but I figure I'd come this year to see the taste of it. The only hassle is it's 3-hour drive, which gonna be a pain when I drive back after a long day being there.
Bong Joon-ho, on the other hand,is incredible at writing. His scripts are often layered, sharp and best of all fuses many tones/ genres into one coherent whole. The best thing about this Korean New Wave directors is they all have very distinctive voices. But my favorite director isn't the ones that you list. That would be Hong Sang Soo. I just love his simplicity style so much.
@Kaiser: Park Chan Wood is a master of visual. Whenever I come to his movies I expected to be blown-away by his visual. He can write compelling characters (he loves his characters) as well but his screenplays in general are weak. You can watch his lesser effort "I'm a Cyborg, but That's Okay" and see many things that made him good/bad. That's the movie I feel he made without the care of the critic
@koff: Yeah I can help. But midterms/finals are coming up so I can't dedicate to much time.
Kaiser Eoghan
I always felt Bong-jong and Chang-dong , kim-di-duk and Kim-jee-woon were better than Park-chan-wook. Oldboy did have that one hell of an ending, so did lady vengeance but I feel that those are the bits people tend to remember and the rest was good but not great.
For anyone that doesn't regularly browse /r/anime, Godzilla is apparently getting an anime adaption by Polygon Pictures with Urobuchi involved. Should be good.
Well, I climbed to rank 52 in Overwatch with Tracer alone. Looking forward to season 2 already, but I do wish Blizzard had somehow implemented a single-player storyline since the lore in Blizzard titles is always so vast. Kind of surprised they didn't make one with Overwatch.
@Kaiser Watch Train to Busan if you can. Me neither, I can't dig too deep into Korean films due to the language barrier. Sure would be convenient to have Vincent recommending films again.
@afgm Hey, are you still interested in helping out with the site? At this point I'm looking over the site's code & doing some rewriting - if you think you can help, let me know.
@Mario I hadn't watched Old Boy for 6 years when I got to I Saw the Devil and it was out of mind for me, so you may be right.
@K-Off: maybe it was just me but I was underwhelmed by I Saw the Devil. The point it trying to match was similar to OldBoy, and Oldboy's execution was way better (OldBoy's one of my favorite movie). Yes, the soundtracks of OldBoy, Lady Vengeance are exceptional. I still listen to The Last Waltz after all those years...
The soundtrack in a lot of these Korean films are top notch as well, Lady Vengeance and I Saw the Devil in particular.
@Mario Speaking of which, Korean psychological thrillers are hands down some of the best in the last 10-20 years. I Saw the Devil, Lady Vengeance, Old Boy, list goes on.
@Aidan: It just comes to me that we're already half way of this season... Time sure flies
@Kaiser: so please finish up Inside Mari. The last chapter had been out. I need someone to talk about that goddamn manga anw
@Kaiser: I always consider the Korean New Wave started back in 2000, and really peaked in 2003 (OldBoy, Memories of Murders, Spring Summer..., A Tale of 2 Sisters). Before 2000? The only director I can think of was Im Kwon-Taek
About nearly finished Fata Morgana but I might have to finish doom first because that thing is eating a huge chunk of my SSD drive.
Back up to least for now. I have to go to a wedding so It's likely I will fall behind again. Got to admit that I haven't had much of an opinion on the latest episodes. Might be just mentally drained personally.
@K-off: I totally agree with you. 28 Days Later is a gem. Though I'm not really into zombie genre as a whole, I'm more into psychological stuffs more.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Reminding me I need to catch up on boku mari no naka.
Kaiser Eoghan
Although the trailer for train to busan does catch my interest.
Kaiser Eoghan
I've gotten more than enough out of Korean films, I can enjoy them but I probably don't sing the same high praises for them as most bar some exceptions.
Seeing Lee-chang-dongs stuff I'm actually kind of interested in finding some more low key korean films.
Kaiser Eoghan
Very likely a view shared by my indie loving friend and I, but Battery and Wyrmwood were jokey takes on the zombie genre I thought were enjoyable.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Likely my preference for British comedy that makes me laugh more at Shaun of the dead more. Although Hot fuzz is the better Simon Pegg film in my opinion.
In terms of Korean films, I've been wondering, what are the pre-90s ones like. Lee-chang-dong started the Korean new wave in 1997.
I'm still waiting for a good horror-zombie film, nothing has met my expectations after 28 Days Later (and techinically REC), which admittedly is a high bar.
@Mario I am watching Seoul Station next week, that was just me recapping TtB after I watched it a few days ago. It's definitely more of a thriller, it has good "wtf" moments but nothing I'd call horror.
@K-Off: I thought you were going to watch Seoul Station? So I gather that Train of Busan is more thriller than horror? Just thinking of Zombieland already puts a smile on my face. That one and Shaun of the Dead are so goddamn hilarious.
@Aidan: I will review them in the future. atm I'm in watching/ reading mode so I'll push back all the world movie/ full show reviews for a while
@Mario My impression of Train to Busan was that although it wasn't anything ground breaking, it had a great cast of characters and an entertaining gimmick that managed to stay exhilarating. I haven't seen a zombie film this well structured since Zombieland, even though they're completely opposite in tone.
They are all yours if you want to do them.
Reading Inside Mary makes me want to watch Flowers of Evil again. If I remember correctly psgels never actually had a full review on this one, and Ping Pong.
@Vyse, Width wise it's exactly the same as the old chat box. Though it's possible the old one had smaller font.
This chat box is too narrow I think, only see a couple messages.
@Anon18138, Yeah but I don't see that writer making something that truly represents the games. There may be a possibility of it being a good movie but that movie won't be Pokemon.
@AidanAK47 It'll have the writer of Gravity Falls. Though I don't have a high standard in regards to the 3D mascot and live-action style of movies.
They originally planned to male a live-action remake of Seoul Station, as the producer saw a footage of the animation and really loved it; but Yeon Sang-Ho (the director) insisted that if he was about to make a live-action film, he's go for a sequel instead. Hence Train of Busan.
@K-off: I missed my chance to watch Train to Busan but I heard nothing but rave from it. People who watched it really loved it. Damn, you make me jealous man, since I want to watch Seoul Station and review it here. Come watch it and tell me what you think; my bet is you'll enjoy it.
@Mario Have you watched Train to Busan? I'm planning to watch its animated prequel Seoul Station next week. Animation looks shabby as hell but I can always expect a good story from the koreans.
So the live action Pokemon movie will feature detective pikachu. Clearly a necessary inclusion.
I'm reading Inside Mary now and it's quite a gem despite its ridiculous premise. There's a lot of raw emotions. I love raw emotions. As expected from the same guy who wrote Flowers of Evil.
Yep, when she sends the images let me know. It may have been a while ago but I am a qualified graphic designer so even I can lend a hand to the banner design.
Ugh...a new version of wordpress is ready to be updated to. I have a bad feeling updating to the latest version could potentially break things.
Alright, I've got Friend onbaord with a commission for our new banner. She says she'll send us sketches so we can decide if it's something we want.
Considering how much trouble this plugin has given us, i am not up for adding another one. Only thing the subscriber account thing needs is me to tick and box and get rid of that password promt.
@Aidan You can set that up if you'd like, though another idea would be to set up buddypress and link it to there. But it's yet again another plugin.
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