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Short Synopsis: Kuro attempts to get rid of the final two villain-henchmen.
Overall Enjoyment Value: 7,5/10 (Good)
This is going to be a short entry, since it was a minor episode anyway: it just meant to set the stage right for the finale of the show. Thankfully, most of the episode was spent on the fight with Kuon, and the “evil overlord” went down pretty quickly. His fight was fun and didn’t drag, thankfully. And yeah, like predicted: everyone dies apart from Kuro and Kuromitsu. What I also liked was that the kabuki-players at the beginning seem to have an actual role in the series. They’re like, the real evil overlords it seems, but what I especially loved was the way Kuon met his end. Such a befitting death for him. ^^;

My one disappointment was that this was THE time for the animation to get back up to those awesome levels of the first episode, but unfortunately it’s still of the same level. It’s a shame, I would have loved to see what the director can really do, without him having to resort to epic chips-bag-opening-scenes.

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  1. the op of kurozuka is weird says:

    ehhh! the fuck? so wheres teh red Emperor. . .??

    was it the crazy guy? I thought it would be benkei or something . . .oh well I dont know what the fuck just happened. . .sucks that kuon killed the blond chick, kidna annoyed me. . .

    This episode was just pure “wtf” for me, but at least the fight scenes were cool

    Wouldnt be surprised if the final ep turns out to be a “wtf” one too…

  2. ayami says:

    fuck how did kuon change from being serious to such a fucking insane bastard Y_Y hate that it also annoyed me that he killed the girl Y_Y

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  • Bam
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 02:04 AM)
    @Vincent: actually a brain-machine interface is far from impossible and we currently have the hypothetical structure necessary for such a system. What’s holding us back is our limited understanding of neurology and the obstacles in translating the signals, since a lot of the functions of the brain are handled physically through neurotransmitters, and each brain has unique individual key.
  • Vincent
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 02:03 AM)
    Also, the final blow to why it’s impossible: the human spinal cord. The spinal cord is connected to all of the body’s nervous system, so it is crucial to motor, reflex, and sensory functions. So we would not be able to move,feel,or be mentally sane in SAO. Obviously you’d be fine in the real world, but once Kirito plugs into SAO, he’d be a paralyzed lump.
  • Vincent
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:49 AM)
    There is no way some measly helmet would be able to process the neural impulses in our brain to electronic data. At best (and we’re still stretching the limits of logic) we’d need to stick nodes into our brain.
  • Vincent
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:47 AM)
    But K-Off, as for the chances of NerveGear coming out in the distant future; it’s near impossible. Much less 2024, in SAO.
  • Vincent
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:43 AM)
    I’d like to get an Occulus just to try it out. I mean, if the whole Virtual Reality thing actually catches on, I’d like to be there at the beginning.
  • K-Off
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:33 AM)
    @Zo No, you’re a troll because you get overzealous on an anime chatbox.
  • Zo
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:14 AM)
    @k-off Again, I’m not a troll. What, just because I was making a joke about the tenga, I’m now a troll?
  • K-Off
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:10 AM)
    In all seriousness, the OR seems like a hassle, especially for a casual gamer like me. It really seems like something you’d only want to try out, like the Wii when it was first announced.
  • K-Off
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 01:07 AM)
    @Zo Still not sure if you’re a troll or not. Anon, if you’re there, could you check?
  • Zo
    (Tuesday, Sep 2. 2014 12:55 AM)
    @Bam Will you use the Tenga attachment?

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