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Note: this is a rant, and a pretty big one. Mushrambo, or Shinzo as it’s also been called, is one of the guilty pleasures that I watched when I was still in my early teens, back when Dutch children’s television had yet to descend into utter crap. My taste was pretty bad at the time, but I loved catching the latest episode on television despite the series’ very obvious flaws (the two biggest fights took up 6 and 10 (!) episodes respectively and the plot suffered from some pretty bad inconsistencies (what can I say, my taste was pretty bad at the time; I was fourteen…)). So when I learned about a remake of this series on movie, by none other than the director of Mononoke, I obviously got excited to relive my teenage memories.

Well, I’d like to thank this series for completely destroying them. The movie became nothing but a freaking recap. And a very bad one as well. It’s clear that there went absolutely no budget whatsoever in this thing, and I have no idea what the director of Mononoke was thinking here.

The problem with recap movies like this one is that they take series that have a slow pacing which they use to build up their characters for A REASON. Ultimately we now have a cut-and-paste job of the best scenes of the series that move way too bloody fast to prove any sort of credibility. It’s here where a capable writer manages to condense the story so that it can create a proper story within ninety minutes, but either the director had a really bad day when he wrote this series, or the producers were sleeping through the production process and only realized that nothing had been done a day before the deadline (because really, this is the kind of movie that you can easily make within a day, and I’m really not exaggerating here).

Nothing is explained whatsoever for the ones who are new to the premise. In fact, at one point it’s so bad that the characters look back at events that NEVER EVEN HAPPENED IN THE MOVIE. At one point in the series, for example, the lead characters get an upgrade in power. This upgrade is completely skipped in the movie, and yet the characters costumes magically changed themselves.

One of the things I hoped for in this movie is an number of very sweet graphics (because despite the clichés, I remember how a lot of very nice ideas were put into the setting and it would be awesome to see what they’d look like with a movie budget), but to my despair, the graphics look even more horrible than I remembered them. It’s one thing for a movie to simply look the same, but this movie actually looks and sounds WORSE than the TV-series. WHAT!?

If I had to mention the worst part of this movie, then it’d be the voice acting. If there’s anything that comes close to downright abysmal, then it’s the voice actors of the lead characters. These guys did the impossible: they made Dutch voice-actors sound awesome. I never knew that depths like these existed.

Overall, I watched this for the sake of nostalgia. There’s no possible reason why you should torture yourself with an hour and a half of this thing. I can’t believe that Toei put Mononoke’s director on such a large piece of crap when there’s so much potential left in the guy. I know that the original series wasn’t exactly good, but it was still pretty successful in terms of its entertainment value and it had some really neat ideas for a shounen series; it was nowhere near the levels of crap that the movie explores. I’d almost say that this is some kind of rickroll, but why would someone go through the trouble for such an unknown series, let alone find its raws?

Storytelling: 1/10
Characters: 1/10
Production-Values: 1/10
Setting: 3/10

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  1. Avatar AlexS says:

    It was a shock to see such a rating… I think it’s your absolute record so far º_º)

    I had no clue about this franchise, but I think I will remember it if only for it’s incredible capacity to elicit low ratings from you ‘^^)

  2. Avatar olivia says:

    I don’t even know why you bother to review such pathetic things

  3. Avatar shirokiryuu says:

    I have a guilty pleasure of reading reviews that shred bad movies apart =D

  4. Avatar dotever says:

    I have to say, mushrambo is new to me … I think i grew up on that show with the poopy boy (can’t remember the English, but his name sounded like poop). Some things should just be left unchanged…

  5. Avatar Windspirit says:

    I watched Monster when I was fourteen. XD

  6. Avatar mushra lover says:

    You Say some pretty harsh things, i love this anime and im dying to see this movie.
    i think it’s a case of different opinions and judge for yourself.

  7. Avatar Hikari says:

    Okay the movie sounds crappy, but I LOVE the anime! I think it’s good, maybe we should hear my review… Here it is!
    Mushra- A violent and devious boy, you can’t leave him alone for over a few minutes or you’ll find him running around controling a giant robot or imperrsionating a king… -.-“‘
    Yakumo- A peace loving girl that has ideals that aren’t really that realistic, but if you actually payed attention, you’d realis that she was perserved from her 6 year old self and now appears as a 16 year old, so she has a mind of a 6 year old, a pretty mature one at that…
    Kutal- A cat enterran who loves to eat and lies a lot, he often gets the gang in trouble with that appetite of his
    Sago- A water enterran who is the jokester and gambler of the group, though Mushra’s jokester, too, he does it accidentally, Sago does it on purpose, you got to love those lines, though
    The story takes place 500 years in the future, it has a pretty good and firm story, but I have noticed some minor glitches in it, basically they are showing memories a bit different then they were the first time or the wondering how those enterran generals are like 500 years old but look so young, and they didn’t get perserved or anything, I think they should of explained a little bit more about this… And it could have been longer, because there were seven leaders and they only fought four because one of them killed the other three and absorbed their cards, and another one killed that one and absorbed all the cards, so technally they only beat three of them
    This anime is very old, back before Sailor Moon was made, so there is a bit of bad voice acting and a bit childish, but I think it should be loved by many and thought of as a classic, like superman, batman, spiderman, ect.
    It takes place 500 years in the future and they travel to many different places like future Canada, future New York, the rain forest, a robotic city, ect. So you can never really get tired of a setting since they travel around

  8. psgels psgels says:

    Hikari: my question is did you mean by this review the tv series, or the movie? I agree that the series was pretty enjoyable, but in this review I was strictly talking about the complete and utter hackjob-recap that was the movie.

    Oh, and the series was produced in 2000. That was five years after Sailor Moon came. ;)

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