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I usually don’t wait for DVD-only or other kinds of extra episodes for writing a review, but for Bakemonogatari I made an exception because I thought that the final three episodes would air quite soon after the end of the TV-series. So I was wrong. My memory may be a bit fuzzy about the series right now, but I do want to talk a bit about why I didn’t like it.

But first, let me say the following: I’m usually a big fan of shows that feature lots of talking. Ergo Proxy, Mouryou no Hako, Amatsuki, I can’t get enough of them. I also like series that do something interesting with their art and visuals, to give us some kind of unconventional eye candy. I was set to like this series when I first started watching it… but the way it turned out just didn’t work for me.

Now, the reason I’m a fan of anime is the way that it combines storytelling, visuals and music into one. Even with series who have a ton of dialogue, they really focus on portraying these characters as they tell their stories. With Bakemonogatari however, this combination is completely gone. There are way too many scenes that don’t focus on the characters, but on some random eye, object in the background, or just a very far away shot of a bunch of people talking. The creators go out of their way to avoid animating the full faces of these characters. There are a number of episodes in which this gets carried way over the top: one episode has scenes of three minutes, at which it just does nothing but stare at the same landscape without any variation. Another episode consists for about thirty percent of just black and red screens with random text on it. The rest of the episodes are also riddled with these blank screens that don’t really do anything except break pace.

All of this results in the fact that this isn’t really an animation about a bunch of characters having conversations with each other. It feels more like an animated slide-show in which a bunch of voice actors read a story. If I wanted something like that, I’d go for drama CDs or something.

The way that the source material was adapted leaves also a lot to be desired. Scenes are dragged on for way too long with boring dialogues, while the dialogues that matter are rushed through. This series has this very annoying habit of hinting at back-story, while only devoting a few lines to what happened, if any. This is especially annoying considering that this is a harem, in which everyone and his dog just ends up falling in love with the lead character. Most of the motivations for these characters and their crushes turn out to be just superficial. For me the worst was the snake arc. It wasted so much time with pointless stuff and weird fanservice, while the real story was rushed, glossed over with hardly any attempt given to give the characters some depth.

Now, the series also likes to play around with poetry: there’s a ton of symbolism, and the original novel is full of wordplay, but in the end that doesn’t really amount to anything. Yeah, there are a bunch of word jokes, and when the characters talk about cats you see pictures of cat ears, those kinds of things. They will strengthen the experience if you did like the series, but for those who aren’t a fan like myself, they’re pretty much pointless.

Granted though, the budget and focus do get better near the end: the creators finally take their time to fully animate episodes, it wastes less time with pointless stuff and there are a number of scenes that have some really sweet animation. But even then, it’s not really worth it to sit through the rest of the series just to get there. This series advertises itself by fleshing out its characters through its dialogues, but to me, that’s rather failed. There are still too many characters who just have one side to them, and just feel like caricatures.

There really was a time at which I liked Shinbo. And I still consider him to be a good director. However I’d much rather see him put his full attention on just one series, instead of churning out a bunch of half-assed product that might or might not have their moments.

Storytelling: 7/10 – Badly paced, and badly portrayed.
Characters: 7/10 – A lot of bark, but no bite. Most characters fail to impress.
Production-Values: 8/10 – I give this one the benefit of the doubt here. It cuts a ton of corners, but granted there are a number of scenes that are really well animated.
Setting: 7/10 – There is no explanation of the magic system here. Things just… are there, but I failed to see any cohesion or depth.

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  1. meow says:

    Hm. I haven’t seend 15 yet but I still like Bakemonogatari and hope they finish the entire story. They’ve been dropping hints and building up the story all the way. The most important arc will be Shinobu’s, where all will be revealed, including a flashblack into that fateful Golden Week.

    I have to agree that all the use of kanji and symbolism to express ideas and moods is frustrating when you don’t get them. But I’d like to think it’s a pretty unique way to tell a story. We gaijin miss out from our lack of facility with the language but I refuse to deride this production for it. If a proper translator could come out and give meaning to all that randomness, one might have a new appreciation for how they told the story. I still like the subtlety of what they have revealed. All the little hints thrown out about what is about to happen. I’m still trying to figure out what latest development happened that drove Shinobu away…that pile of dust Oshino was cleaning up in episode..13?14? looked very suspicious. I first thought that might be all that was left of Shinobu herself. There’s just so much not yet revealed and 15 episodes just isn’t going to cut it.

  2. Odda C. says:

    The problems you touched on with this anime are the same ones I had with Angel Beats, not that it matters since I liked neither. At least we have Katanagatari.

  3. theone says:

    I dropped this show after the episode with the ghost kid who couldnt find her parents home or some shit like that, I found the show way too fucking pretentious and BORING *oohh theres some artistic words and English characters floating around the screen with flashing backgrounds, OOh theres fast talking and random shit popping up everywhere, its DIFFERENT so therefore I HAVE to like it blah blah blah*

    If I wanted some Pretentious Bullshit, Id go listen to some indie punk rock, or swoon with some douche about how awwwwsome rocky horror picture show is

  4. Bruce says:

    I remember watching the opening to the first episode of this and being blown away. Unfortunately the rest of the anime was completely different than what the opening seemed to promise. It wasn’t action packed with excitement, but rather it was a pretty slow series with a lot of dialogue and a semi-harem. The lots of talking would have been fine if it was interesting and fleshed out the characters, setting, and plot, but a lot of it was just plain unnecessary.

    Also, I really have to agree with how you said that the setting isn’t explained at all. There’s a lot of mystical forces, but they are just touched upon and everybody seems to accept it without any questioning. Also, some things like Senjougahara fighting with school supplies was seriously only there for one episode and never referenced again.

  5. mds says:

    I guess that it just not your type of show,plus with some horrible ‘fanservice” decisions that Shinbo made into it (Hitagi changing her clothes? check.The entire Nadeko arc? check.)

    I personally found the artistic style in this anime quite stunning,with these floating words,strange background art,cartoonish and sudden chibi mode,etc.I think that’s Shinbo’s way of creativity.

  6. meow says:

    It’s his trademark, I think. Arakawa under the bridge has a similar feel, as does Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei.

    I think Bakemonogatari has some of the best art I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s also fairly light-hearted (for the moment) while maintaining enough curious mysteries to keep me interested in how everything will turn out. Hitagi is one of the hottest heroines in an anime I’ve seen in a long while. I also find Koyomi banter with Mayoi pretty entertaining, although I was a bit disturbed at how violent Koyomi got with Mayoi. Some of his actions with Sengoku were a bit inappropriate too. -.-; As for the lack of action though, I think things will start to heat up once Shinobu’s arc starts up.

    “Also, some things like Senjougahara fighting with school supplies was seriously only there for one episode and never referenced again.” Haha, I do miss this too. But now that Hitagi’s gained her weight again, carrying that much stationery isn’t an option for her anymore. It will be interesting if she starts using her stapler on Koyomi once in awhile though, especially if he winds up two-timing on her with Tsubasa in order to save her.

    The biggest mystery is still the Golden Week when Koyomi first met Shinobu. I’m not sure how much has been revealed in the novels but my current theory is this: During the Golden Week, Koyomi met Shinobu, who wound up sucking his blood, awakening her true power. Her awakening attracted many “Kai”s from all over the world to her – possibly to get her power. During the Golden Week, Oshino appeared and together with Koyomi, defeated the various Kai and Shinobu, sealing off her power and leaving the remaining Kai weakened. Because Koyomi himself was still a Kai (still possessing vampiric powers), Kai become attracted to him too and start affecting people around him, including Tsubasa. Oshino remains near Koyomi to deal with Kai as they get close to Koyomi. However, during/after Tsubasa’s 2nd cat awakening, something happens that makes Shinobu leave, possibly in order to protect Koyomi, by drawing some new Kai away(?) or to enable Koyomi to return to normal. Oshino also prepares to leave to escort Shinobu. Alot of weird hints are dropped that may or may not be related. Oshino tending a pile of ashes that may be the remains of a defeated vampire. Shinobu’s weird stern look at Sengoku when she was staying overnight at Oshino’s place. Something more to Sengoku than meets the eye? Possibly something leading up to Koyomi’s sisters’ arcs.

    I don’t have access to the novels so all this is speculation. Not sure where to go for discussion or sharing of info. The lack of interest in this series is a bit sad to me.

  7. c160 says:

    I actually like this show quite a bit,even though I can’t tolerate Arakawa Under the Bridge.All those screaming by that main character really annoys me,but it didn’t bother me in Bakemonogatari even though its from the same voice actor..But really though,I hope Shinbo would stop using his “unique” style everywhere..Sometimes it just doesn’t fit and ruins the show for me.Like the recent Negima OAD for example..

  8. Bruce says:


    Of course it’s his style, it’s his style exaggerated a hundredfold to the point where it’s not enjoyable to watch anymore. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (season 1) had good production values. Bakemongatari seemed like Shinbo got really lazy of figuring out what to do and just slapped text and eyeshots everywhere.

  9. Johnson says:

    You have some valid beefs, but this one isn’t.

    “There is no explanation of the magic system here. Things just… are there, but I failed to see any cohesion or depth.”

    This is where suspension of disbelief comes into play. There’s simply no need to explain any of it, because any explanation would be really pointless and boring. Bakemonogatari isn’t trying to construct some escapist fantasy world. No one complained that the mushi in Mushishi were totally arbitrary (they were “little things that could do… arbitrary things” — how much more vague can you get?) but no one complained about it there. The reason is the same. The mushi really weren’t the point, and neither are the random gods or spirits here.

    You clearly don’t really like this show, and that’s fine. But I think this is an example of your bias (your dislike of other aspects of the show) influencing your analysis on a particular aspect.

    Pretty much most of Bakemonogatari is pointless, i.e. do not drive the plot or characterization. You clearly have an affinity for these two qualities, so that’s why you don’t like Bakemonogatari. But pointlessness isn’t necessarily a bad quality, as long as it’s fun.

    • triviper says:

      ^ + 1.

      Completely agree. I also think the pacing was just fine for what the series is about. The start of an arc is usually whimsical and then builds up as it comes to an end, basically once Oshiro appears. This pattern happens in most of the arcs.

  10. Westlo says:

    “There are a number of episodes in which this gets carried way over the top: one episode has scenes of three minutes, at which it just does nothing but stare at the same landscape without any variation. Another episode consists for about thirty percent of just black and red screens with random text on it.”

    They got fixed on the dvd/bluray, you know the actual finished product which people actually buy. It’s okay when they can fix shit like that, it’s not permanent like Giant Killing taking 5 minutes in episode 12 and 13 to even get to new content.

  11. Tuskus says:

    I love how you hate on the series but still give it 72%. How the hell is your rating system supposed to work? You never give anything lower that 50%!

  12. Bruce says:

    He doesn’t have a lot of things below a 50 because they are unbearable to watch and he would just drop it. Also, he doesn’t hate it. A series he hates, for example, would be Shakugan no Shana.

  13. AidanAK47 says:

    Yep, pretty much the points I thought as well. Though I think this show deserved a 40/100.

    However I would add on the points of Senjougahara disappearing for about half the series despite being the poster girl and the only real interesting character and the repeating storyline. Every arc is the same.
    Guy meets girl with strange problem. Guy talks with said girl. Brings said girl to his teacher or consults teacher about her problem. Solves problem through some strange method. Another girl to the harem.

    I hated this show with a passion.

  14. Johnson says:

    @Aidan: Oh, when you put it like that… man, you know that show Yojou-han? It’s so annoying. Every episode is the same. Guy goes to college. Guy joins a club. Guy looks for girl. Guy fails. Guy does something stupid. Guy ends up in crappy situation. Time rewinds. God, what a terrible show.

    Oh wait, it’s one of my favorite shows. Let’s try another.

    … Or how about this one?

    You know that show Mushishi? God, it’s so repetitive. Guy wanders around. Mushishi finds a mysterious happening. Mushishi investigates. Mushishi identifies it as being caused by Mushi. Mushishi explains problem. Problem is either solved, unsolvable, or people don’t listen. In last two cases, problem ends in tragedy.

    Oh, whoops. Another one of my favorite shows. I guess I just have bad taste.

    You might have valid reasons for disliking the show, but what you just said isn’t one of them.

  15. m says:

    I don’t really like meta-wanking, but if someone finds the formula of a show’s arcs boring it’s as ‘valid’ a reason as any other for not liking a show. I imagine there are people that don’t enjoy episodic shows at all, and others still that just come to loathe a show’s formula as it fails to captivate them in other areas. If someone invents a reason out of whole cloth the ‘your reasons are invalid’ shtick might make more sense.

    As it pertains to explanations of magic, well it largely depends on what one means by explanation. Since magic is inherently nonsense in our own world, it can only make sense in terms of the system presented by the author (though they can depend upon expectations from the culture), and there are settings in which authors have fleshed out the rules, limitations, and what I’ll refer to as the ‘economy of magical power’ for a lack of a less stupid phrase in my vocabulary. Besides adding coherence to a world and aiding the suspension of disbelief, in the context of a mystery story where the application of magic plays a role in explaining the mystery, it enables the reader (or viewer in this case) to at least make an effort to solve the mystery instead of waiting until the designated time for the author to give the answer. If someone would prefer that I don’t see a problem.

    I think the magic in Bakemonogatari is mostly incidental veneer for psychological issues, which is why the arbitrary nature of the oddities doesn’t really matter to me. I would compare it to the oddities in Mononoke.

  16. orpheust says:

    Huh? There’s no magic in this show… just Shinto rituals and folktales come to life…

    and the screens with random text flashing are not really that revolutionary… they’re just subliminal messages that pop up in commercials, tv shows and movies all the time.

    I admit the “harem” part of Bakemonogatari was quite strange, since I was wondering where the male population (other than the Shinto priest and the main character) had wandered off to in a co-ed school and community, but that’s really the only problem I see with this show. If they made some of the characters introduced with the oddities (like Kanbaru) male rather than female, that would fix the nagging prejudice against harem shows lodged in my brain. The fundamental premise of the show that involved Araragi coming to terms with and solving an oddity every 2-3 episodes was quite enjoyable to watch for me.

  17. Johnson says:

    My point is that you can always describe a show in a way such that it sounds repetitive and boring. It’s not a valid criticism because what he’s doing is presenting his own crappy summary of the series and then using that to criticize it. Perhaps I should have said valid criticism instead of valid reason. Reasons are personal, but criticisms should have at least some basis in objectivity.

    However, m, you’re right on the mark about the nature of magic in Bakemonogatari. I agree 100% with that.

    @orpheust: It doesn’t really matter what he calls it (“magic” vs. “Shinto ritual” — who cares?).

  18. AidanAK47 says:

    @Johnson: Fine Johnson. I will flesh out my statement and show how it is a “Valid” reason.

    You can argue that a lot of animes follow a certain formula and still prove to be great. However the reason for that is that the formula is seemly invisible. You watch the show and you don’t think that “this has happened before.” For example Mushishi would sometimes changes the formula by showing some of the main characters back story or showing him telling his story to little girl or making it that a certain Mushishi is not quite as easy to get rid off as the others.
    Bakemonogatari on the other hand does not do this. While changing the situation of the girl the key facts remain. The second he brings the issue to his teacher then everything will be solved. And when you know the ending of the story it makes it much less entertaining to watch.

    So sorry if I was not clear the first time but I just don’t like to waste my time writing out paragraphs that people will most likely skip over.

  19. Solaris says:

    Hey PSG, last time i said those kind of stuff i really risked being inpaled in the public square while hordes of angry Narutarded danced around my dead body

  20. Hogart says:

    When they focused on the “ghost story” aspect of the series, it was pretty darn good. But the harem stuff was tedious, and it felt like a contest between NisioisiN and Shinbo to see who could be more pretentious. The characters felt fake, situations conveniently contrived, and the tip of iceberg was the wait for the last story-arc.

    I agree with others that this was a bit like Angel Beats, in terms of how disappointing it was and how confusingly popular it was/is. But then, it never reached the same lows as Angel Beats, and I honestly wanted it to be better.

    Sadly I feel it’s a high-point for Shinbo, because he rarely does anything more than change a character slightly when he adapts things. At least here he tried being creative. While it ultimately failed as per your points, PSG, it still felt like he put more effort into it than usual.

  21. Z.N. Singer says:

    Bakemonogatari was very, very popular for whatever reason…but I’m with you: I didn’t like it at all. It failed my three episode test utterly, and that was it. Very weird animation style that would have better suited some horror/psychological thriller story. Fanservice – I avoid it anyway, but yeah, they did it so weird I’m not sure what to call it, I don’t think it counts. A little under ten minutes at the end of episode two were sublime, the rest torture. Goner.

  22. Skoopman says:

    I think Anime like Bakemonogatari are not for the typical Anime fan, simply because it’s hard to understand. Seyonara Sensei was the same, not everyone likes black humor. The people who don’t/can’t understand shouldn’t watch it, but that doesn’t mean, that this Anime is bad. No, it’s is not for everyone, its a niché Anime. I loved it and can’t wait for more.

  23. Bakemonogatari says:

    Well, shows are meant to be enjoyed. Dont like it dont watch it.

    This anime though was quite literate. Alot of foreshadowing and symbolism, if you can read the japanese kanji, im sure alot more meaning would come out than if you couldnt read them.

  24. Scruffy says:

    According to your rating 72.5 means “These series did quite a few things wrong here. They’ve got some nice parts, but overall they’re not worth it”

    I think that is WAY too harsh for Bakemonogatari. Clearly you didn’t like the animation style and some of the random fan-service things that was chucked in there (I agree that the opening sequence panty shot is just odd) but for me this has been one of the most unique anime I have watched. In particular the last arc i though was amazing, full of suspense and then a final resolution that for me just worked.

    In terms of of the back story, the reason why the references to it are so vague is that the novel detailing what actually happened during Golden Week has not been published yet.

  25. Scorcher says:

    Im not going to take seriously a review from a guy whose favourite show is Mahou Shoujotai…

  26. BOB says:

    then get the fuck out of here

  27. GPrieto says:

    I hated this show with a passion. It’s really crap.

  28. Unknown Internet guy says:

    Bakemonogatari is a very shallow narrative and quite an unfocused work. There are no unifying themes or any meaning whatsoever. The visuals also, a lot of the time, make no sense in the context of the narrative and are obviously Shaft’s usual way of putting random shit on a screen because it looks avant garde.

    Shit like Senjogahara walking out of the shower naked and most of Mayoi’s Snails scene were worthless, fanservicey garbage engineered in to peddle DVDs. Some anime are actually concerned with telling a story.

    Bakemonogatari isn’t even concerned with that since the whole “helping people with supernatural problems” is just a flimsy pretense to have the main character interact with a selection of beautiful females (N.B. supernatural disorders seem to only afflict beautiful females in Bakemonogatari land, in addition to the main character), the majority of which are hungry for his cock and show no next to no interest in any other males their age. Not that there are any other males Arararagi’s age in the whole show.

    Visually, it was basically a ton of eyeball closeups, frames of random text, oversaturated lighting, bad 3d backgrounds and awkward animation that varied between long still shots and sudden moments of high fps.
    The narrative was awful, with the characters holding long, boring speeches and they didn’t even have a shred of personality. It’s like watching a poorly written play held by a bunch of highschoolers with no range.

    the art style was absolutely appalling. It was like watching anime with the brightness and contrast turned up all the way, and a flashlight pointed in my face.
    And the constant babbling was absolutely idiotic. I don’t mind conversations, but they were basically just babbling about a lot of nothing. If they actually had something worthwhile to say, it could have been interesting.

    people who like it, because they think awkward directing makes it artsy and deep, when it’s really just a shallow, simple story that’s really poorly told.

  29. WildNinja says:

    3. a group of female animals of the same species that are the mates of a single male

    The only people who liked Araragi was Senjougahara and Hanekawa. And in Hanekawa’s case you don’t find out until way later in the series. I’m pretty sure it’s over the top to call it a harem. If this had all of the girls making a move on Araragi and making it apparent that they have an interest in him then yes it would be a harem.

  30. Blacksun88 says:

    i am sorry to say that, this show are not meant for you guys that do not understand the basic of kanji and japanese culture. you will definitely lose and not understand anything, simply because this show is very culturally based. so dont said it is bad just because you dont get what it means, it will only showed how prejudiced you are.

  31. ShyBlue says:

    I personally enjoyed Bakemonogatari very much. The nadir of the series is definitely the Sengoku arc since…well, it was moeblah and not even properly animated in the second half.

    The first two episodes were amazing if you ask me. But I do agree that the creators spent too much time on the comedic parts without making an effort to make it funny. And the final few minutes where Senjougahara admits to Koyomi that she wants him to be her friend were pretty rushed.

    About the Hitagi fanservice, the novel explains why she appeared naked and showed her body a lot. It was because she wanted to show Koyomi her scars from the operation and indirectly ask for his opinion.

    Bakemonogatari has its problems for sure. But I think Shaft’s budget was ridiculously limited. The dialogues probably lacked impact because of the lack of good visuals to go with it.

    As for characters…Hanekawa’s your cliche class president, Sengoku is moe crap, but I liked Kanbaru, Senjougahara, and Hachikuji. Senjougahara for her “tsundere” attitude (it’s not really tsundere, lol. But I guess tsundere’s the closest a cliche will get). Kanbaru for her blatant directness about awkward subjects and her bright personality. And Hachikuji is just a funny little girl. They may all fall a bit flat, but they all are very interesting at the ver least.

  32. Irene says:

    Now I’ve realized why I couldn’t sit through Amatsuki and Ergo Proxy. Too much talking. Before, I thought they were just slow. XD Still, I managed through Aoi Bungaku, Otogi Zoshi and Meine Liebe.

  33. Paul says:

    Even though I really liked Bakemonogatari, it’s very distinctive, so I can totally understand being put off by the style or just the amount of dialogue. A single annoyance, felt strongly enough, can disrupt your enjoyment enough to cause otherwise fine elements of the show to fall apart. I have the exact same complaint about Katanagatari. I like the idea, I like the art, but the execution leaves me completely bored.

    However, I think most people here simply don’t _get_ Bakemonogatari. It’s a parody. It’s a deconstruction of the tropes in multiple genres, including harem, coming-of-age, and supernatural mystery. Each girl Araragi encounters is an examination and inversion of common female anime characters. And each arc is an investigation of aspects of Araragi’s adolescence.

    It would take pages upon pages to explain all of the ways in which Bakemonogatari accomplishes these thematic explorations, and it’s a lot more meaningful if you catch these things for yourself. So I’ll toss out one of the most obvious scenes as an example: Hanekawa’s confession to Araragi in the final arc.

    Hanekawa is largely a mirror that reflects how Araragi wants to see himself. She’s the first person he helped. She’s the first girl to love him. She also helps him, calms his mind, and gives him advice. The rest of the women in the show, by contrast, are big problems to him and are unpredictable even after he wins them over. Hell, she’s even basically perfect in physique, mental ability, and temperament. For the friendless dude with a very dark secret to make her weak in the knees is a perfect adolescent fantasy – exactly how he wants to see himself. We actually don’t even get to see her when the stress gets to her. She transforms into something else, keeping the Hanekawa we and Araragi know intact.

    So, it makes sense for the perfect fantasy to change at the end, after he has settled things with Senjougahara and when he knows deep down that Oshino is leaving. It’s a face-off between the reality that Araragi is beginning to accept and the fantasy of a lonely, confused adolescent. Is Hanekawa performing her part in the classic anime confession scene? Or is the unsuspecting (brainlessly so) Araragi going to get straight up killed? How will Bakemonogatari subvert the First-Girl-Wins trope? Or is Shinobu the actual First Girl despite being neither human, nor a character with much established personality (effectively a force of nature)?

    The classic anime confession scene is twisted into something massively deadly. Araragi is being fought over by truly terrifying embodiments of cliche anime eroticism: the cat girl and the loli vampire. The irony is overwhelming, albeit not exactly subtle.

    This type of thematic dialogue is the very core of the show. So to criticize for the presence of a harem or the magic system or superficiality of relationships is to completely miss what the show is doing: it’s pointing big fingers at such things in anime in general, making jokes about those things, and using them as a template to build an actual commentary on growing up. For a show that covers very similar ground in a very different way, check out FLCL.

    This definitely doesn’t mean you should like Bakemonogatari more. This might make you think it’s even more pretentious and detestable. But I think it does invalidate many of the criticisms here. Embarrassingly long comment just to ask you guys to dislike it for the _right_ reasons, but if just one of you likes it more for my effort, it was worth it.

  34. ahelo says:

    harsh? I thought Bakemonogatari was a masterpiece.
    Though I would understand if someone like you hates fan service to the ends of the earth but Bakemonogatari wasn’t all about that. Its geniusly written, has a great dialogue interaction, great visuals,and a mystery too boot.

    I mean i thought how they spend so much time on the dialogue is a very daring decision and I like it because when they interact its awesome. If you don’t like SHAFT’s artistry then you might as well not watch this at all because this is SHAFT at the extreme.

    Though opinions are opinions. I for one loved it.

  35. Fedek says:

    I love this blog, and psgels is great reviewer, but I don`t agree with bakemonogatari`s score.

    Is a personal opinion, I liked it more that Tatami Galaxy, both are great dark comedies, but bakemonogatari clicked the right points in my opinion. Maybe is too Shaft for it`s own good.

  36. VyseLegend says:

    I just can’t watch through more than 3 episodes of this show. I really can’t understand this show’s overall praise because, quite frankly, it is terrible and vapid. I wish you’d have given it a 6.0

  37. To the retards who keep saying “you dont like it because you cant read Kanji/Understand Japanese Culture” Kiss my ass… I CAN read Kanji…and living in Japan for four years…I think I understand all I needed to know about Japanese “culture”enough to know that this show was total Crap this show was as unknown internet guy said “the fapping fanboys like this show because they think awkward directing makes it artsy and deep, when it’s really just a shallow, simple story that’s really poorly told.”

    • Jerry says:

      It’s already been established that the show is pretty much indulgence, but what makes it interesting is that it accepts that fact. It doesn’t try to be serious or anything as with SAO. In fact the LN was never suppose to be published, the Author wrote it for himself. It might be considered shallow, but it understands that it is shallow and doesn’t try to be serious when it knows its not.

      Personally I thought the mysteries were simple and entertaining enough to follow through each arc and the word play was funny and clever at times (even you must agree since you understand “Kanji/Japenese Culture” unless you REALLY REALLY hate puns).

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I want a muv-luv anime that isn't a spinoff.
Because I'm too lazy to read the VN.
I always get those funny looks when I say Saya is my favourite VN.
I must ashamedly say that I did read Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o, if only just to read a VN that was all about the ecchi/H.
I've also played phenomeno.
@Anon: Been meaning to get into that.
I've played sharin, maou, saya, cartharga, fate/stay night, swan song, planeterium, narrcissu, Eden, both kara no shoujo games, some of fata morganna, some of comyu.
I don't know forest either.
I didn't like one thing I read by the ever 17 author, it kept annoying me to get any worthwhile end out of it. Even though I liked the premise.
@Sash: I enjoy the stories VNs offer, Aidn recommended me a share, but while I've liked them, the format I needed to get used to and yes the time commitment.
Not key, but Phenomono or narrcisu seems safer a bet, unless you hate horror then avoid phenemono.
I don't like any of the Jun Maeda Key melodrama anymore, but there are all ages versions of their visual novels.
I believe Aidan still needs to read kara no shoujo 2 . I don't know what Ignarock or sharnoth is . What is the name of the post(or was it pre) apocaypse shoujo-ai visual novel?
@Amagi: I played saya first because of story, atmosphere, short length.
Actually based on his reactions, recommend him the freeware stuff.
@Sash: I was also going to say I was worried about recommending any visual novel then. I said kira kira, sharin and g senjou because they seemed safer, but there is H scenes in them, but not tonnes.
@Sash might be useful. You can search with tags there, including technical aspects like "voiced", "moving mouths" and stuff like that.
Or rather, none hentai
I also tend to be open to most genres, but please keep it PG...
lone = long
Thinking back I am pretty sure Saya no Uta actually was my first VN. It was popular back then and rather short so it was kind of a good entry level VN (for me), same as with narcissu and Planetarian which I read right after that. Think my first lone VN was either Ever17 or Sharin no Kuni.
@AidanAK47: Yes, it such a huge time commitment! That's the sole reason I don't share your sentiment. As for what my taste is... I don't know since that was my first ever Visual Novel. For now I would like ones with voice actors in it.
I should really read more stuff I haven't read any VN the last year for some reason.
Speaking of VNs I wish one of this utsukushii series would get an anime adaption someday. Maybe Sharnoth or Inganock. I loved Forest as well which had a similar style and other stuff with Meteor involved (of courise including the Fate series).
Allow me to re-phrase in layman's English: "If he could handle something as explicit or dark as saya no uta we could suggest it if he thought he was up for it, he could read it at some point if he thought he could handle it, sash, do you think you can handle something messed up like that, if not, perhaps you should play sharin no kuni instead"
It isn't even annoyingly edgy to me. Just why even bother watching/reading it at all was my reaction.
I've seen bits of the ovas for euphoria, I stress bits of them. Not something I'd dwell on or bother to watch more fully, it went too far to where it just produced a numbing effect where I just don't react to it, to where it neither becomes shocking or laughable.
The reason I mentioned tolerance level was because I wanted him to respond to confirm if he cold handle those darker games because hell if I know what he's able for.
Also kirakira is another safe recommendation.
Thats why I stated sharin and maou were safer recommendations.
Jesus Kaiser, why not chuck Subihibi and Euphoria on top of that if you are so determined to traumatise him. None of those should be first time recommendations.
Ideally we could recommend him saya no uta, kara no shoujo or Swan song, but we don't know his tolerance level. Based on that Sharin no kuni and G senjou maou might be the safest recommendations.
Though I'm wondering if he played a version without the H-scenes.
Aiyoku no Eustia and Comyu adaptation and full translation WHEN.
@Sash, That's good to hear. Also fair play on playing it as it is a pretty huge time commitment. If you haven't I would recommend checking out other visual novels as you might find something that would be more for you. I can even throw out some recs if you are interested.
*allows us
I will probably watch shojo kageki dubbed.
I've fallen behind on shoujo kageki and sirius.
....was lovingly semi-oneric.
That kids backstory is so depressing in happy sugar life. Nail pulling scene messed me up. I also watched the new satsuriku no tenshi episode, this is definately going at a quicker place, they skipped a whole character and by doing so, also a flashback involving Cathy. Though I'm not too bothered by it as it also us to get to the big bad quicker and focus on Zack/Rachel. First bit of this episode
This is Sash by the way, name keeps changing back to anonymous
@Kaiser-Eoghan: yes... I meant that...
Talking about being born in a digital age huh?
@Kaiser, for my old roommate maybe. I dont think ive ever bought a magazine in my life
@Sash: Do you mean visual novel?
Admit it Lenlo, you would buy that magzine with Ash and Eiji on it.
@AidanAK47: i have recently read the light novel of Fate Stay Night and, though I don't share your sentiment, I do see why you love it so much
Sword art is one of those things that everywhere you look you'll see it hated, yet in rolls in the money.
Well, its hated by certain parts of the community. Usually western parts.
@Mitsuko, yep we are well aware. But as an FYI, SAO is hated heavily in the anime community. So another season isn't exactly a cause for celebration but rather a dejected sigh.
Banana Fish, back on track. Also, this ED is my favorite of the season.
@Lenlo i agree that was one of the best i cried in that part
Oh I know it is. Doesnt mean I have to acknowledge it. Mothers Rosario was the only SAO arc I actually liked, and Kirito had almost no involvement in it
@Mitsuko: Its gone on for too long.
i dont know if anyone said this already or that you know but sword art online is coming out with a season 3 in october right
i miss Shino god i hope there is another season were she gets out of her coma and haseo and Shino get together if that happens then god it will be amazing
Don't think I brought this up, but I've only seen one season of Bleach, random episodes of DBZ, few episodes of Naruto and two volumes of one piece, most I got was 32 episodes of hunter x hunter.
Another example is I can't get into most shounen because it isn't seinen. Too often I can't separate shounen jump stuff from each other in my head even if I know they are different.
I suppose I do experience exceptions , I could probably find one dark moe show that'd work for me like Happy sugar life, but in general I utterly despise mixing moe cute girl antics with horror.
@Anon: Its because often the time travel/reset thing is used in those stories as an extra lives/chances cheat.
I can agree that, largely, avoiding a genre or style you dont like is fine. It just means you will miss the occasional exception. Because there is always an exception that fits the mold, but is good enough you enjoy it anyways.

Like im not normally a fan of rom-coms or melodrama, but I enjoyed Toradora. Never would have watched it under normal circumstances either
@Aidan, Well Evangelion was a bad example as I had read a bit of the manga version at one point.
A better example would have been Steins Gate which I avoid for the simple reason that time travel stories annoy me, especially if they involve changing the past.
Thing is though, I don't agree that this is any different from avoiding fanservice or "standard crap", even those can surprise rarely.
There were some I knew I wouldnt like and tried anyways, like Clannad, but some that pleasantly surprised me like Space Dandy.

@Aidan, yeah. I had to experience it. I just... there was so much wrong in the episode I am having a hard time writing it up without feeling like im just ragging on it non stop
@Anon, I don't really argee with that mindset as I feel you don't really know if something is for you until you see it for yourself. Not saying you have to plough though it even if you hate it. But giving it at least one episode I think is needed. Well unless it's something like a fanservice show or standard crap.
@Lenlo, I was thinking about warning you when I seen you got excited about that but decided it would just be better to see for yourself.
Happens to me with plenty of things, for example I refuse to touch Evangelion since I know enough about it say that I have no interest.
There has to be a moment where you just accept somethings just not going to click for you.
For example I will never watch darling in the Franxx because of kill la kill.
Have you reached the point where you no longer care when you hate something popular or refuse to watch it out of sheer disinterest?
Do you all think there comes a time, where you get to where you know you don't need to even bother watching a certain show because you know yourself enough to know there is no hope it'll be your thing? To where you simply pass on it, not even watching the first episode.
@Mario: The Hanebado death stare is real, the eyes THE EYES man the eyes =O
Stupid steins; gate, why must it bully Lenlo. Although I've not watched the episode I right in saying things may be heading in the direction we feared?
*sigh* Steins;Gate physically hurt me this week. I am disappoint
In general I tend to turn my mind off to scientific inaccuracy in fiction and because honestly, I have a fairly poor memory for much of the facts.
I remember school biology classes, couldn't bring myself to cut an animal heart/frog/worm and tapped out of doing it. I remember being told, someone thinking it was all a laugh and they threw one of the hearts into a bush somewhere on the school grounds.
Then again, biology is amongst my least favorite subject :(
@Vonter: I'm still following Cells at Work but I have long since given up on making a real life connection. But let's see, i think your first statement was right but I'm not sure about the second one
I've been watching Cells at Work! And I'm not sure if I get the analogy of an allergy. The allergens makes the body counter act with a chemical that in turn makes the body over release another chemical that irritates and produces sneezes. And an steroid counteracts the allergy by breaking down in a small degree that section of they body?
Honestly, im not sure if its intentional or not, because the rest of the english in the paper is actually pretty good.
The Dairy Cod? Oh yes
Did you happen to notice the L/R error/ no differentiation in the top left screenshot in your banana fish post? Sayss Dairy Cape cod instead of daily cape cod.
I keep listing to those mixtape and vaporwave things on youtube very frequently.
Oh so that was the name of that show where I saw Urasawa and Itou being interviewed.
Look up Manben on youtube. Its basically where they do an hour long episode on a Mangaka, film their process, and talk about their philosophies while making it
If your interested in the manga process
Now that I remember, there was a part where they were praying for the idols. Someone said it has become like a pseudo-religion.
I'd love to see some documentaries about anime/manga and more about Japan .
Adding to what I said though, as bad as Japans idol thing is, the music industry everywhere has its awfully sleazy side.
In a way, I sort of feel like I can't fully judge the guy who paid for 100s of idol concerts....when admittedly I've spent my fair share over the years on hentai.
I saw that documentary I talked about a few comments ago, because the post would have been 500 words long, I put it on pastebin:
I dunno, I quite enjoy the characters. Endeavor had an arc recently that was particularly good.
Actually I want to specify on that comment, I'm not looking down on hero academia, more suggesting the broadness of its appeal.
In terms of planet with, I've only seen the first episode of it.
I have found though that Academia, much like titan, is partially an anime for people who don't watch anime.
On Hero academia, on my end it would probably be more accurate to say that its not a case of hating it, moreso not my thing.
I don't hate Hero Aca. My problem is that it really isn't doing anything new. Every beat traced from shounen legacy. It's executed well no doubt and I am sure animation wise it trumps old shounen. And if it can avoid the trap of every long running shounen of going past it's due then it could end up the most polished. But it's still a new dog doing old tricks.
But in all seriousness. Regarding Planet with, sometimes you have to care for whats been subverted before you can get anything out of the subversion.
@Aidan: If you don't like my one-liners, you should sea my ocean liners, they're practically to drown for.
On Fate GO, yeah I really think that some banners are more generous than others. Hoping the Prisma banner is generous because I need to get together the Emiya family.
Really? I quite like Hero Aca, its probably my favorite current shounen, granted this current arc isnt the best. Granted I also keep up with the manga so know how it all plays out.
And subversion in a good way. Not like Fate Extra over here which subverts expectations by having the endboss leave the show offscreen but instead subverting to keep you on your toes while keeping the satisfaction of a well conculded fight. That moment when he pulled out the clog for a finisher was unexpected, hilarious and amazing.
@Amagi, Yep. To me Boku hero is how to use tropes and settings wrong, essentially recycling them wholesale. Planet With uses them but uses them to subvert your expectations when you think things will go according to the trope but NOPE.
I am close to banning you for that pun.
Everyone is watching planet with....

....WITH each other
I'm watching Planet With!
We all know the cliffhanger fight between Takashi and * +revelation of you know what wouldn't have happend before episode 10 in any other anime. This show manages the time perfectly and it doesn't feel rushed.
It's exactly how I want a show: you are allowed to use tropes and generic settings but be creative, switch the roles, turn stereotypes upside down and make every episode unique and non-repetitive. It's what this show is doing and it's doing this perfectly.
@Aidan: I love it too. I am pretty surprised how few people are watching this considering that it is still shounen'ish and how hyped Bisquithammer is.
Ehhh-? Now got summer Marie with 3 quartz in FGO and Martha with 12 a few days ago Aidan was right about the second summer rate up banner.
Such a shame that nobody seems to be watching Planet With.
Damn, Planet with pretty much concluded and there is still six episodes left. This episode was damn satisfying and it seems the training wheels are off here..
How do you expect men and women to act when they reach the end of economic growth
The idol industry is just a reflection of the broken social contract/financial repression
It'd be interesting if the documentary talks about the effect on men as well, that kind of obsession driven culture can't be healthy.
Still remember that idol (was it akb48?) who filmed herself crying on film with a shaved head because she was caught with a boyfriend
Also planning on picking up A drifting life soon, biographical manga about the 60s gekiga manga period.
Going to watch some Japanese documentary tomorrow that goes into wide detail about how terrible their idol industry is and the effect it has on women.
The only thing I really liked out of Ahin was the villain. That dude was quite intimidating, running around shooting himself every time he got tranqed.
And though I didn't mention it in the review it is rather annoying how the series shafted both Tamamo and Hakunon.
@K-Off, It was a series that had good ideas, I give it that. But it was a mighty dull watch. Some better protagonist could have helped a bit at least.
Speaking of which, I picked up an Astolfo plushie at anime expo and this alone is making me want to play FGO
Yea Ajin flows really strangely and there's really no overarching story, plus nobody has much motivation to do anything. But that's also its appeal, for people interested in an insane antagonist who wants nothing but chaos
Ah Fate Extra sounds disappointing, I STILL haven't watched any of the series and was hoping it'd be a good entry
Ajin is one of those things I just ended up completely forgetting about, although for pretty much no reason.
Also: Ajin is getting pretty freaking crazy with the recent chapters, I love how Sato is so Joker-like and he's actually succeeding at every thing he's doing
The manga is fantastic, feels pretty quaint as comedy manga go nowadays. Also the chapters flow really well with its comedic timing, love the pacing
I'm actually intending to move on to the manga sometime, as I was using the anime as an introduction/taster for it.
Yeah I find Grand Blue just isn't working for me like the manga did. I feel like it needed better animation and a better director. I thought the Gintama director would do good but didn't take into account that with such a long running series he's likely accustomed to doing comedy within a small budget.
Feels like manga with great comedic timing don't translate very well animated, or maybe it's because I've already read the same joke before the adaptation
Woops forgot i wasn't logged in on mobile
So far in the season pretty sad to see Grand Blue not living up to the manga
(i also updated my email on my profile, if you need me for anything let me know there)
Ahaha nah, its the real McCoy, last time we talked was about the backend server iirc
...hmmm is this a fake Psgels situation I wonder.
Ive been too hooked on Azur Lane lately
Hello everyone, feels like its been a while!
Budget really shows in grand blue now, I wasn't really into the first half of this episode, but by the second half it got me laughing again.
@Lenlo: Including shots AT Mayuri =)
And yet, somehow I will find a way to someway forgive the show as hard as I can be on it I can never be 100% mad at the series.
And if it cops out with Mayuri's death, I agree. I wont be happy
@Kaiser, I mean, there are OTHER Mayuri shots I could have posted this week
Godammit Kana Hanazawa, just destroy me already OWO;;;
Be sure to skip past the credits in this weeks satsuriku no tenshi as there's a scene after them. Also Btfo Cathy, this was the part in the manga where I was surprised what Rachael and Zack did in this episode.
@Lenlo: Posting those shots of best girl looking sad =<.
@Lenlo: I'm being cynical about it because I don't want to be overly disappointed is such a cop-out occurred.
And it would probably bother me somewhat if the show decided to cop-out.
As much as I got the feels from that final scene with Mayuri and yes, I would, for the sake of drama, wish for it to remain that way. I'm not entirely convinced that the series won't pull a convenient twist to cancel it out, even though now it seems impossible.
@anon: Shinsekai sorayori shiratori.
sora yori
Lentahlo? Ill take it
@Mario: Apparently this guy gets compared to Wong-Kar-Wai:
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