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It’s not like I can’t understand the hate behind this series. I myself am incredibly biased against overacting moe stereotypes. so any build-up of atmosphere or character gets lost on me for those shows (that’s also why I am not going to bother with The Idolmaster no matter how good people say it ends up to be). But found this episode to be amazing.

I’m really glad to see that this series knew how to build up. A major problem of mystery series is that they are excellent in asking questions, but rather straight-forward in answering them. This episode revealed the nature behind this world, and it did a wonderful job at it. The backstory of this show is very imaginative. The previous episodes hinted enough to it, but this show really has a unique role for its main character, and in particular the side characters, even though they took a huge risk with it.

I mean, the drag turned out to be a major part of the plot: Saya herself just wouldn’t remember, and so the side characters all got sick of waiting and pretending to be stock characters. Saya staying the same: also part of the plot: the whole point of it was to see whether she could do that. I especially love how just about every character has been putting up a huge act in front of Saya. I mean, I saw that coming, but not in this magnitude. Seriously, in terms of overall plot, I’d say that the balls of this series this season are second to only Penguin Drum. I love the shows like these that take risks like this.

With this, I can really forgive the wait. I mean, I dislike series that focus too much on building up, but I absolutely love the kinds of series that just build up to one climax, and make that count. This all came together wonderfully. My one complaint is that at times the acting was a bit awkward. Mostly when characters started yelling, it wasn’t the most believably drawn.
Rating: *** (Awesome)

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  1. Carbine Gammaximon says:

    . Mostly when characters started yelling, it wasn’t the most believably drawn.

    I know right? It almost struck me as a “vent-your-fears-session”, until HE shows up.

    I can’t believe we went through 9-10 episodes without fully knowing what was going on until now. Awesome.

  2. Leo says:

    wow, characters just did an 180 flip… I am so shock, Poor Saya

  3. betawatcher says:

    At least Idolm@ster isn’t half as bad as shows like TWGOK & BakaTest 2 (I admit I enjoyed the 1st season but the 2nd just draaaags and boooores me now). It’s not even THAT fanservice-y (like panty shots and stuff), which is why I like it. Too many things cater to guys these days…

    You can skip episode 2 though. That was bad. (Yukiho & Yayoi’s voice just annoys me in general)

  4. betawatcher says:

    Edit: episode 3

  5. Obsidian says:

    As I said Blood started gestating after Episode 8 and I had a feeling on most of the characters in this series. I know *spoiler* that Fumito was kinda eerie so I wasn’t surprised seeing the guy as a antagonist in the show but Tokizane annoyed me Tomofusa and Yuka look genuinely worried about Saya *spoiler end*

    This episode was one of the best ^_^

  6. KrazyKobun says:

    I highly disagree about Blood-C and The iDOLM@STER. The characters in iM@S proved to have much more depth than anyone in Blood-C as the girls are always developing. The stories are lighthearted while entertaining and the girls give you reasons to like to them other than the fact that they’re “moe” too. I guess people who hate moe for biased reasons wouldn’t notice that right?

    Blood-C just drags on and has cheap emotional manipulation throughout (by using cheap shock value with exploitative violence), except many of us didn’t buy any of the bullshit. Half of the series could have easily been removed and the plot wouldn’t show the slightest hint of compression.

    This episode was unintentionally hilarious. It takes this long for plot, characterization, and intrigue to happen!?! It’s like watching a really over extended and crappy M. Night Shamaylan film. Sorry, that’s pretty awful storytelling. Yes, this episode was interesting but at this point, there is no saving this series from bashing. It’s too late. This intriguing twist does not rectify or justify the rest of the series. It was monotonous, boring, gratuitous, and annoying for 9 straight episodes. Saya doesn’t provide any valid reasons for viewers to care about her.

    I do agree that Blood-C is genuinely horrific at times, but that’s it. This show is so mediocre. I don’t understand your constant praise of it. If a moe show was doing this nonsense, I think you wouldn’t be as nice about it.

    I can’t wait for this show to be over, and no matter how “amazing” the ending may be, Blood-C will still receive a 4/10 in my book, as only a quarter of the series was actually interesting.

  7. Cassidy says:



    Where are the haters? e_e

    Anyway, GREAT episode, can’t wait for the “end” next week. But I really doubt the anime will end next episode… I bet in a cliffhanger that will leave us in rage until the real End in the following movie.

  8. qwerty1 says:

    Is it just me…

    Or are the twins even more awesome as sadistic criminals.

  9. M0rg0th says:

    “It’s not like I can’t understand the hate behind this series. I myself am incredibly biased against overacting moe stereotypes. so any build-up of atmosphere or character gets lost on me for those shows (that’s also why I am not going to bother with The Idolmaster no matter how good people say it ends up to be).”
    Uh, do you mean to say it’s biased to hate Blood-C?
    “I mean, the drag turned out to be a major part of the plot”
    Yeah, a real comedy, right? Doing something bad storytelling-wise isn’t *really* bad as long as it’s done on purpose – that’s a great philosophy for making animes in the future. I think, even if it’s part of the story that the story dragged that much as to force people other than the main-character to act, just so the plot could finally progress – it’s still a story that dragged until now (which isn’t good no matter what the explanation is). The series admitted it even that it was a totally useless farce overall until now and the bad storytelling just doesn’t disappear only because the series agrees with my complaints of the story.

    But it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here and it might become really good if including all these morally ambiguous characters means that the story will be as morally ambiguous from now on.

  10. dominus says:

    Big Spoiler# Saya is used and abused and is in a constant druged state and you so long discourses about her self nature is pure nonsense I like the job they did in the serie and theres a reason why the side characters have no big back story They are actors in a big farce they are bland because of that everything is made up they are simply used as “presssure points” to realease saya´s true nature.
    I especialy like how most of them turn out to be just plain bad humans and not some halfass crying moe characters simply said theres is really people like that that do everything for profit or for a new clean life(evil twins)simple normal humans can be the “real monsters” and this episode is a prime example of that .
    Saya is seen as nothing more than a Beautiful doll with a dark side that everybody fears but end using for their own goals this fact is the central point of every blood series and blood c does that with a heavy dose of mystery .

  11. Frost says:

    Saya has to be the worst main character ever, period… Its just depressing how much they ruined the character, she seems to have the brains of a peanut and just stands there in shock as if everything they were saying wasnt obvious 7 episodes ago

    Heres the problem, a boring show doesnt become good just because it is boring on purpose, thats just bad execution… Like many people said this episode ended up being hilarious because of all the reactions and the stupid twins etc, “so bad its good” type, so I guess it deserves an extra point for that

    But the best part is the plot is the stupidity of the plot… Sure, I bet lots of teenagers would go to a random island full of monsters risking their lives, just for some money, makes perfect sense LOL

    For those people saying “IF you hate it why are you still watching it?” – duh, for the same reason you watch indian movies etc, train wrecks = guaranteed lulz

  12. psgels psgels says:

    Frost: while I can understand some of the complaint mentioned here in the comments, I do think that you’re severely overexaggerating. Getting annoyed by Saya is perfectly reasonable, but “worst main character ever”? Seriously?

    And yeah, I bet lots of people would go and borrow money from the mafia risking their lives, just for some money. Makes perfect sense LOL.

  13. Joojoobees says:

    I think it is hilarious that people have complained week after week about this or that as if the writers overlooked something only for it to turn out that the writers were two steps ahead all along. Yes, it is strange that she starts singing the morning after she sees her friend killed — except when you consider she is drugged and hypnotized. To some of us it was quite clear that the show’s creators were trying to create a strange situation that hid a mystery, to others it was a bad show because everything wasn’t explained to them in tiny little bite-sized chunks. The creators decided to SHOW NOT EXPLAIN, and we get people decrying this as bad writing because it wasn’t obvious what was shown, that Saya was acting illogically for the situation.

  14. Puran says:

    So here is the problem. People find it boring. I caught up with the series yesterday and I have to say, I enjoyed it. I know it has a lot of the usual Clamp style …”mystery”. A lot of unfinished sentences at critical points, always something is about to happen but never does etc.

    But it did manage to build an atmosphere, and it did throw enough bones to maintain my interest. Maybe it worked better for me because I marathoned it.

    (on a completely different sidenote: psgels, I’ve been trying to post on the shoutbox for the last couple of days and it’s saying that I’m banned?… Is it my ip? I have dynamic IP so it will probably change in a few days I hope.)

  15. psgels psgels says:

    Puran: oh sorry. Were you perhaps Bent Faker?

    The thing is, that I have a very straight-forward policy with random trolls: ban and ignore. With that, I unfortunately didn’t realize that it was you. Apologies.

  16. Whisperer says:

    yeah, psgels, totally with you on the moe aspect. For example, there I was, watching the first episode of Higurashi, and everything was a-ok until a girl started speaking for the first time. When I realized that ALL their voices were BEYOND horrifying just for the sake of “cute”, I ran away and never looked back. Of course, there is such a thing called “moe done right” – Gintama’s Kagura, for example.

  17. Watainu says:

    This episode made one thing clear: Blood-C rules. S*ck it haters!

  18. Snowolf says:

    I’ve just given up on trying to explain it to people; if you hate Blood C, that’s fine, but to think it’s the worst thing ever, god, you really must be narrow minded.

    I’m DONE. If you hate a show, stop WATCHING IT. It is not so hard to drop a show. I did it with IDOLMASTER and god it was a good action. I haven’t regretted it since nor have I been consistently whining about it like the five year olds you all are. You are fine not liking Blood C, but if you can’t do anything but talk about how boring it is and how predictable it is and then yell at psgels for liking it, then I pity you.

  19. Blue Bomber says:

    I sooo called this in the ep 6 comments. :3

    Can’t wait to see how they wrap this up next ep and lead into the movie.

  20. notintheface says:

    I find it baffling how the people who so obviously hate this show still watch it, presumably so that they can come here and tell us all how bad it is. Luckily we know that they secretly love it.

  21. notintheface says:

    I find it baffling how the people who so obviously hate this show still watch it, presumably so that they can come here and tell us all how bad it is. Luckily we know that they secretly love it.

  22. Blood-C = LOL show in disguise says:

    There is no twist because this drug and action stage stuff has been predictd by everyone since Episode 4. (excepts CLAMP fan who only WAI WAI at crossover and CLAMP universe and such)

    Now I know why I keep watching Blood-C. I watch it because it keeps getting worse with every episode to the point that it became LOL show and I no longer take it seriously.

    It makes me LMAO to CLAMP and the director and I love it. This show is such a stress relief.

  23. yellow says:

    (it’s out of subject, but i re-realised how long the character’s necks are xD)
    well, it’s clamp^ ^

  24. Puran says:

    ( @psgels: I actually hadn’t posted in the shoutbox in a while and I surely didn’t post under a different nickname, which made the fact that I was banned even weirder. It seems I can post now though, cheers! )

  25. ShyBlue says:

    I really dislike Blood-C, but I stuck with it for a long time because the fights were amazing, Clamp’s character designs were eye candy, and I used to like Saya. Plus, I had hope that the story would still unfold in an amazing way since CLAMP had a say in it.

    But by episode 11…I realized that it wasn’t going anywhere. The plot twist could be seen from MILES away. And I just didn’t like Saya anymore. Because she was just becoming cruel. Yeah, she was drugged, I get that, but she was drugged TO THINK THAT THE MONSTERS KILLED PEOPLE. In other words, she thinks that the furukimono killed her friends, and she STILL doesn’t give a crap.

    Well, right now, I’m still only watching this show for its production values, its atmosphere (I’ll give it credit for creating a nice mood) and only because I’ve come this far. Might as well watch the last few episodes of this thing.

  26. ShyBlue says:

    Oh, and my thoughts put aside. (>.>) I think the title of the post needs to be edited. ^^;

  27. Aidanak47 says:

    As a hater, please let me explain why people keep watching this show.

    1: At this point we have watched almost the entire show. There’s only a few episodes left. Those of us with completionist attitudes say “Well I might as well…”
    2: Believe it or not we do hold out hope that this show might surprise us. Even the worst shows can sometimes bring remarkable twists. For example the ever17 VN was very boring but I must admit that twist in the true route was ingenious.
    3: This relates to 2. We read people saying “OMG MY MIND IS BLOWN! BLOOD-C RULES!” and think that maybe….just maybe this episode might pull something interesting only to watch and get disappointed. Then we lash it out on you.
    4: If only those who liked the who watched it then it would get overrated and mislead others into watching it and wasting there time. Some people need to say the truth. Plus I will admit that there is some joy in hating something. We love to hate it.
    5: This show is an excellent example of poor storytelling. For those of us who wish to be writers ourselves it’s a good learning experience of what to avoid.

    And there you have it. All I can say now is that if you think a big unimaginative infodump is better storytelling than explaining it over the course of a narrative then it’s best to keep it to yourself.

  28. Vera says:

    I’m with Aidanak47’s no. 1 point: the only reason I kept watching was because I wanted to know what happens.

    I mean I bloody watched Rainbow Gate till the end (though that was more an exercise in “surely things can’t end up being even MORE ridiculous”). So I figured this show couldn’t be worse.
    On the one hand, it turned out to be much better (am looking forward to the movie). Nevertheless dragging the story on and on till episode 8 was a rather poor choice of a story, most especially considering that the show is only 12 episodes long.

    Ah well, I guess I might as well finally watch the first Blood movie :P

  29. jzar says:

    Aidanak47 you nailed it. A very well stated premise.

    As a hater, please let me explain why people keep watching this show.

    1: At this point we have watched almost the entire show. There’s only a few episodes left. Those of us with completionist attitudes say “Well I might as well…”
    2: Believe it or not we do hold out hope that this show might surprise us. Even the worst shows can sometimes bring remarkable twists. For example the ever17 VN was very boring but I must admit that twist in the true route was ingenious.
    3: This relates to 2. We read people saying “OMG MY MIND IS BLOWN! BLOOD-C RULES!” and think that maybe….just maybe this episode might pull something interesting only to watch and get disappointed. Then we lash it out on you.
    4: If only those who liked the who watched it then it would get overrated and mislead others into watching it and wasting there time. Some people need to say the truth. Plus I will admit that there is some joy in hating something. We love to hate it.
    5: This show is an excellent example of poor storytelling. For those of us who wish to be writers ourselves it’s a good learning experience of what to avoid.

    And there you have it. All I can say now is that if you think a big unimaginative infodump is better storytelling than explaining it over the course of a narrative then it’s best to keep it to yourself.

    The only thing I can add is…….

    Just don’t read the comments if you don’t like what they say.

    You can’t can you?

    I have enjoyed the comments much more than the show itself at this point. I will still watch the last episode just to see it. Hope for the best and expect the worst. You won’t often be wrong.

  30. AidanAK47 says:

    [quote]Just don’t read the comments if you don’t like what they say.

    You can’t can you?[/quote]

    You got me there. I am afraid it’s impossible for me. When I read something I disagree with I read it fully to find contradictions to exploit. It’s one of the drawbacks of being an egotistical bastard who always thinks he is right.
    Still I wear the title of egotistical bastard with pride.

  31. No says:

    It really is like a Shamaylan movie. Except after he turned crappy.

  32. ori says:

    I keep watching cause I really want to like it. I like the Blood series and I like many of Clamp’s series.

    But alas, I really do hate this BloodC. The deaths were so meaningless, the characters are annoying, the episodes are so horribly structure and some parts are so slow I want to destroy my computer.

  33. Obsidian says:

    @ joojoobees its not because people want bite-size pieces and because of showing and telling :\ it’s first episodes were crap except some details — most of us hung on for the action.

    I will admit it had some good story points even comparatively to Blood + but yes like Blood + it has crap too and until episode 8 nothing really is worth watching. The dog tries his best to make Saya realize things but she is too idiotic to understand stuff. In fact she never does question things until episode 10. So yeah after episode 8 the plot starts and before that no one really needs to watch it unless for certain kicks.

    If you think of showing not telling storylines then even Ghost In The Shell beats Blood C with its enigma and gradual information and action build up so unlike GITS which gets a 5/5 Blood C gets 3 or 3.5/5 for trying. It has a nice climax but holes in storytelling are just holes in storytelling.

    There are a lot more you can do with a 12 episode anime show with regards to subtlety but it does not do that so yeah it fails in tacit storytelling but triumphs in gore, blood and finale.

  34. Definitely says:

    Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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@Topgavin, I never quite got that from Honoka but I prefer a character to be imperfect rather than perfect. Saints are boring and having a character always do right is predictable. While I somewhat understand the appeal, one thing that never sat right with me regarding "cute girls,cute things" shows is how utterly manufactured the characters are.
Started watching Love Live and it's made me wonder; is it better to have an mc that does things annoyingly wrong or satisfyingly wrong? Like, Yui from k-on does a lot wrong but it never leads to anything wrong or bad, but Honoka's rather selfish and ends up screwing things up for people. I know doing this is good for char. development but I honestly enjoy these shows more as moeblob peacefulness.
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Ah, how things change, at 19? I think I was at the time I remember un-ironically thinking school days ending/second half was clever/different/subversive. Now I find it idiotic, silly and manipulative regarding the protag being a cheap attempt to get the audiences hate.
Kaiser Eoghan
Some don't seem to like the second season of EF as much as the first, just putting that out there. I remember its visual style being a selling point and shaft at their A-game stylistically. Wish I'd watched it dubbed though, the eyepatch girls voice was irritating as all hell in Japanese.
EF is alright. I can promise it's not another school days.
Bleh 91days running behind schedule and had to run a recap episode. Doesn't bode well.
Do you recommend that I watch EF? I don't want another School Days.
Yep. They are making it out that shes a relative of Luvia.
I mean, I didn't even realize she was supposed to be a Finn before you said that, I didn't caught on that when anime called Miyu "transfer student from Finland", its because Luvia sort of adopted her into Edelfelt family or something?(iirc)
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Anyway I get what you mean but I feel you just focus too much on drawing connections on a superficial level. If you simplify something down you can draw connections between anything but it's the details that make all the difference.
@Masky, But whats the point of making a statement if that statement isn't true or at least holds ground? Generalized statmements are annoying because they are often said in ignorance because the one making the statement hasn't bothered to verify it and is basing it entirely on an unreliable and selective memory.
Things that are generally true tend to be true generally
This is why generalized statements are annoying, because someone always take them too seriously and nitpicks "but it doesn't happen that often" or "when you say always it isn't always" xD
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@SuperMario: lol yeah
@Mario, That sucks. Though I often find realistionships too troublesome to bother with.
@Masky, no you often don't. You tend to make random generalized statements. Hence why I assumed this was also a generalisation based on small cases. And it still is.
But Flowers of Evil is a great series, I agree
@afgm: you talking 'bout the anime, right? Because the events after the anime are when sh!ts just got real.
It's one of my favorite series
@SuperMario: Flowers of Evil is anti-romance, but it is a celebration of love apart from it. Nothing makes me more hopeful than to watch a protagonist recover from a prolonged and debilitating manic episode.
So I guess technically she does have Finnish name even though it doesn't really sound like it to my ears...
Just to note Luvia is tiny municipiality here, never heard of it before though. Edelfelt sounds like it has Swedish origin, but it is name that is name of apparently somewhat famous Finnish painter. I haven't heard of that guy, but I don't really know many Finnish painters because I'm not into art history.
Joking aside, like I said, Finland is mostly mentioned in otaku pandering material for some bizarre reason. For example, I once saw review of game that is about stripping vampires(not hentai game, can't remember name though) and I noticed it had one random Finnish character who actually did have Finnish name.
@Aidan: Hah, take that for being arrogant "its on your head" : D I know what I'm talking about most of the time
But isn't it fitting that the anime/manga I'm currently following is Flowers of Evil, a pretty much anti-romance manga. Well, might as well write a reflection on the manga if I feel up to it :)
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Really glad to see that Vinland saga has gotten properly good again, it was starting to get back on track slowly but surely, now it, with this new chapters revelation fully has,
Kaiser Eoghan
Ireland was mentioned in Nabari no ou and an episode of original gundam, two of gundam 00s characters are Irish.
Kaiser Eoghan
I don't like generalized statements, much prefer Colonelized ones actually.
Kaiser Eoghan
There was a dating sim adaptation by studio deen in 2003 that did a girl of the week format, one of the girls was finnish.
Just broke up with my girl after 3 years. Figure that it never works out for a long-term relationship... (That's a generalized statement right there)
So that's one. Can't say I remember seeing Finland elsewhere besides that show where all the countries are turned into anime characters.
Luvia Edelfelt is from Finland?! Well damn you learn something new every day.
And now I find a screenshot of them saying Miyu is from Finland. Which is weird because nothing of the sort was mentioned in the manga.
Most I seen was anime characters saying Norway which was generally used as a means of saying NO WAY.
@Anon48363, its sad that when I see a comment like this my first reaction is suspecting its a Bot. Thanks though.
@Masky, nope. No they didn't. I think this may be in your head.
Been enjoying the site for 7-8 years, if not longer. Thank you for your efforts in keeping the editorial line intact wrt reviews and happy to discover new content in the process. Keep up the good work!
Anyway, speaks of your "high taste" I guess. Finland gets brought up in some of otaku fanservice material for some bizarre reason. I'm weirded out by that since Finland is most obscure backwater place I've seen mentioned most out of other obscure countries xD
Of course it is possible I'm remembering wrong too(and did read wrong) and they did mention it only once :P
How funny you say that and then mention that weird magical girl spinoff right after wards xD The part where they introduce Miyu to rest of class has teacher saying she is transfer student from Finland, unless I read subtitles wrong
Gonna wait on the Prisma Illya episode post. Figure I cover two episodes in one considering the slow pace isn't giving me much to work with.
Got to say I thought this would give me much more to talk about.
I don't remember Finland ever being brought up in anime. Or video games. Or anything for that matter.
Speaking of the preview I have at least checked the source material. Just need to buckle down and start writing it.
@Bam: I know right? :D
I agree with K-off regarding keep the business end of stuff off the shoutbox- I just have no means of communicating with all of ya'll. We can Skype, but I suggest Google hangouts for conferencing. That way we may be able to record special podcasts, and now's probably a good time to get this to the next level.
I also volunteer to help with the workload for the season preview. I would be down to cover two series, but they have to appeal to me, cause there's no way I can be fair and PG-13 with the reviews of aweful shows.
@Masky: "Generalized statements are in general rather annoying". Hehe, that awefully sounds woefully like a generalized statement to me m8.
First Dark Souls III DLC titled Ashes of Ariandel just confirmed for an Oct 25th release. Thankfully this time, all regions and platforms are getting the expnasion on the same day. Here is a reveal trailer to launch the Hype Zeppelin:
Friend: please send me, or post, the finished banner once you have it complete. I would like to take a gander. Thank you.
...Espicially since characters supposedly from there rarely have names that sound Finnish.
So anyhoo, so why is Finland one of countries that tends to get name dropped a lot in anime/manga/japanese video games? As Finnish person that weirds me out
@Friend Damn, kind of surprised to see how abstract some of those concept art are for Mulan. But generalizations are just easier to make if all they care about is validation.
Generalized statements are in general rather annoying, but everyone loves to make them anyway for some reason :D
I'm nearing completion with our banner, in terms of work-hours Id say 3 hours? But in real life that equates to about 4 days because of stuff.
Something that annoys me: when a fellow artist makes a generalized statement about the industry by saying something silly like "japanese animated films have more creative input involved." Uggh Google "Alex Nino Mulan Concept" and tell me if you still think that. Sorry about that X/
And it might sound weird to you guys, especially majority of you are in one of the hottest days of summer, but I'm gonna head off to snow mountain for skiing this coming weekend. So expect the weekly posts will be a bit later than usual.
I don't know if that guy @Bond is still lurking around here, but I'm still interested In doing that thing with him
@Aidan: imho, those numbers don't really mean if we have nothing to compare them to. I'll say the ratio between original/ all anime for particular seasons would tell us a lot better
But it does counter the point of "We don't get enough original anime anymore" which in itself was a pretty silly statement.
Of course just because they are original doesn't automatically qualify them as good.
@Anon44887, that logic would apply if it was an exception. 9 original shows last season, 14 original shows this season. 20 in the next. Are they three seasons all an exception?
@AidanAK47: An exception that proves the rule
Just to ask does any of the shows being reviewed have a great soundtrack. Just asking for asking.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: I recall he posted under the name Bold/bond, the same poster who made the chart.
Who was it again bemoaning that we don't get enough original(Not adaption) anime anymore? Cause there are 20 original shows next season. Great for anime but hard for me cause what am I gonna write in the preview?
I am a bit too stubborn to burnout.
@afgm, I didn't change a thing.
I hope AidanAK47 would not suffer an Anime Burnout. I love this site and it pains to think that one day, no one will be writing the seasonal previews and yearly summary.
@Aidan: you have 91 days's episode as 9 instead of 7
Bloody hell, even the spambots are referencing Pokemon Go now.
For future reference, let's direct admin dialogue to email, apart from direct feedback.
@Mario We're working on allowing users to set up accounts.
And the constant anonymous names just keep bugging me. Can we make it back to the old shoutbox, where you have to put down your name in order to write message?
I think it's one thing leads to another. he's getting too burnout that he doesn't know what to write anymore.
@Anon36049, pretty much what he said. Though it seems to be a combination of anime burnout and writers block.
He suffered from anime burnout and is getting on with real life.
Hi guys I havent been around for a long time. Does anyone know what happened to psgels? I see that the new posts are not his.
Disgaea 2 coming to steam. Sweet.
Gotta finish Disgaea 1 and hope they don't screw up the port on release day again.
Illuminati are everywhere, regardless of wherther it's anime or not. Sword Art Online was the work of the illuminati. All in the name of the gaint magic eyeball triange god do they rule the landscape of entertainment medium.
Also Magic Eyeball-kun also argees that Rem is best girl. And none shall dare denounce that claim.
@Anony35181: never thought they're that much interested in anime thou
@supermario, illuminati confirmed
Is it just me or couple of messages from the shoutbox just gone missing?
Haven't been watching it myself, but apparently in Taboo Tattoo, that large-chested high school girl died while running *onto a live battlefield* to check on her boyfriend with a shirt that said "flag". 10/10
@afgm Sent you a message.
@Friend Looks good, I'd be interested in seeing multiple witches as well.
Chemotherapy is a cause of cancer rather than a cure.
If you know someone dying of cancer, immediately inform them that allopathic medicine will kill them and turn them to natural remedies which often work.
"Medicine and science are powerfully institutionalized, but no institution or profession has existed for the purpose of encouraging people to act reasonably." - Ray Peat
@Friend: yeah it's a problem
@Koff: I emailed you a while back. did you get it?
Huh, I can't use my username.
@Bam You're right, I'll work on it.
@K-off: It's moments like these that really remind you of mortality. People pull thru tho. medical science has come far in that field; but definitely not far enough.
@Friend: It's looks pretty good. I like Mario's suggestion of a series of witches, but a solitary one is more in-tune with the current banner. I would say however that there is too much dark in the negative space to the right. Could be just me tho.
@Kaiser: a series of consecutive 'yes'. I was really into Laloux, but FP is the one I liked the most. I've been watching Mr. Robot since season 1, and it's well worth your time. Not really all that cyberpunkish tho; mostly just cyber. And anybody who hasn't read Gibson's masterpiece is a fool of a Took.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Bam: Have you been looking into that Mr Robot series? I heard its meant to be some kind of cyber thriller, it could be our thing. Also have you read Neuromancer?
Kaiser Eoghan
And I suppose that brings me to that stranger things show then, I love horror so I guess that caught my eye, but apparently its a family/kids thing =< don't know whether to bother.
Kaiser Eoghan
I still say it takes me that extra bit of convincing to watch a childrens animated film.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Friend: The banner is in good hands I see.
Well Coraline wasn't written by Laika. It was written by Neil Gaiman. Laika just adapted it. Still I would like to check out Kubo to see what all the hype is about.
@anony29442: I will watch Kubo this coming week so I will comment on the movie then. But I'm not that surprise if Kubo has a weak writing. Laika never really great at story development: I mean Coraline is exellent, ParaNorman is just okay and Boxstrolls writing is just so underdeveloped and full of plotholes
@friend: wow. It looks awesome. But why only one witch? ^^
Hey everyone! Just an update on our new banner, here's my WIP up to now: [link src="
I'm"] trying a witch as a tribute to one of psgel's favorite anime maho shojotai. Feedback is welcome, I have a lot left to do. A 5:1 aspect ratio is the weirdest dimension I've ever painted in
I just saw Kubo and the 2 strings and im really shocked at all the praise its receiving. People calling it an instant masterpiece on looks alone but not enough are talking about how underdeveloped the characters and story were. It felt as if they made the whole thing up as they went along to the point where I couldnt suspend my disbelief any longer and got irritated.
qualidea code's characters havent become better in terms of how they are written; only that they have been fleshed out in the most generic and trivial of ways as to sympathize with them; and sure, they have become some what likeable in the same way you'd like a person who you heard nothing but kind things about but that does not save the characters from being boring. QC is still a bad show
@Anon27511, even if the animation was kept consistent the story still can't really escape the done to death aspect of it's story. I agree that the writing has gotten better but despite that the show just feels...meh.
Fucking Qualidea Code, as the story and characters become more interesting, the animation and drawing proportionately decreases. Sad they simply do not have the budget to pull off what seems like a potentially very good story
@Mike I'm sure you already heard but for some reason I didn't keep up to date. I thought it was strange that releases stopped in March after chapter 68,.
Just learned that the writer of my favorite webtoon is battling terminal cancer, but despite it she hopes to finish it someday. God damn I would've never expected this.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Once spilled hot microwaved food over my hand by mistake, hurt for a day.
Kaiser Eoghan
Kaiser Eoghan
@Bam: The story and ideas however were better in gandahar I felt. Time masters while good was a bit stop and start in its pace and animation.
I’m definitely interested in Laloux’s other, short animations and Mobius’ comic book work.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Bam: I watched Rene Laloux's remain animated films, Gandahar and time masters, I enjoyed both but not as much as Fantastic planet. I remember we talked about fantastic planet two years ago. Did you see the other two I mentioned. I liked the big moments and the ending to time masters, especially those angel things.
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