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So, imagine that you’re a general of an army. There is one particularly nasty country who keeps attacking others and killing your own people. At this point you’ve finally managed to find the opportunity to form an alliance with other parties who were in the same situation as you. You’re in a meeting between all kinds of leaders in order to complete this alliance, and suddenly some random girl starts yelling things about love and peace and how you should not attack each other.

This episode showed that the final third of this show will very likely be its worst part. This is simply because the story of this show is pretty much its weakest aspect. Last Exile is about world building. Show us more of that! The big problem with this episode was that Fam wanted to bring peace to the world by bringing the grand race back. That’s nice and all, but that’s not exactly the right way to stop an evil psycho with a misguided cause of trying to get revenge for some leader who was killed. Fam just fails to see the core problem of what’s going on here.

The core problem here is that we have some guy exploiting the fact that there is a country that’s being run by a six-year-old. And the annoying part is that a lot of other characters DID figure this out. Focus on them! The part where they have to guide this young of an empress into getting control of her subordinates: that’s an interesting storyline. This show was actually well on its way to do that, until Fam stepped in and started to distract her with that Grand Race.

Children being stuffed into an adult setting. It’s not like that can’t work. However, they need to know their place and what they can do. The big problem is that Fam can’t do anything aside from piloting a vanship really well, and skill has been completely pointless for the past months. Heck, my favorite series, Mahou Shoujotai, is about something very similar: a girl of Fam’s age with very big pacifist ideals. The thing is, that Arusu actually tried her hardest to stop the conflicts, and she actually did stuff that mattered, not to mention that she was in a position and a world where she actually could.

The more I think about it… what has Fam actually done in this series? Um… she stole a bunch of ships, I guess. She saved this princess. In terms of politics however, she has been completely useless, and yet the creators keep shoving her in that role. And I think that that’s the thing with the production of this series: Koichi Chigira is a very good director, and you can really see how he breathes life to this setting and scenario despite the limitations. Kiyoko Yoshimura however just isn’t cut out to write original stories. You can really see that she just isn’t a good writer. The producers at Gonzo were most likely responsible for putting Fam into the position of the main character. It was her job of fitting a good conflict for her and making her a likable character. Instead, this feels like a story where she was just pasted into, without really considering whether or not she really fit. And it just feels like a very sloppy job at that.
Rating: (Enjoyable)

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  1. Myssa Rei says:

    Well, at least we have some idea now what Luscinia is trying to find and… it’s not good, really. The laugh he gave was part born out of triumph, part out of madness, in my opinion. Why Liliana is still supporting him just boggles the mind. Will the peace Luscinia brings be worth it, after everything is dust and rubble? He ALREADY has an Exile, giving him yet another ultimate weapon really stacks the odds against ANY party going against his ‘justice’.

    Heck, even Sorush is worried right now if they’re doing the right thing in supporting Luscinia.

    Lastly, yeah, Fam is definitely out of her depth in the meeting between the adults. Too bad they let her be alone with the empress afterwards, giving her the opportunity to brainwash… er, ‘convince’ Augusta Sara of how great the Grand Race is.

    • Anca says:

      It was the first time we saw Augusta Sara honestly childishly happy. She’s 6, not 16. Last Exile isn’t the kind of dark series that would have properly shown the mental trauma putting all this responsibility without proper relief on such a young child would have caused. What Fam did was likely a good thing, grand race or not.

  2. Mike says:

    at this point I’m hoping an errand meteorite would just land on Fam to put us out of our misery of having to watch her continuing to ruin the show.

  3. Guest says:

    Agree completely. There is an interesting story here and an interesting world, but Fam as main character is a colossal mistake. Would have been far better to give her a simple mission of delivery girl while the story plays out around her, or just cut her completely.

  4. momotsu says:

    I would not mind if they let’s Milia solo the story. Let’s she develop her story with the whole side-cast, anything.

    In fact, Fam has been just her annoying chauffeur.

  5. Anca says:

    I feel like I’m the only one liking Fam at this point. Her character archetype is my favorite for female characters, and I’m fond of her naivite and inner strength. Millia is indeed more useful and Giselle fits her setting better, but as characters I like them a lot less – I honestly wouldn’t enjoy this anime told from one of their viewpoints. Millia, for instance, is only ever interesting when there’s plot flying around her, her lighthearted scenes were all abysmal.

    …and oh my, that scriptwriter really has some series under her belt.

    Though I don’t get why you have to fit characters to a plot. Isn’t the whole enjoyment of it watching the characters grow to adapt to a plot, struggling all the way? I watch anime for the characters, tbh. (maybe that’s why I enjoy long running shonen and series like Guilty Crown more than others do?)

    • Mike says:

      problem is that Fam HASN’T grown, at all, in any way shape or form. She’s just as much of an naive airhead now as she was at the beginning of the series.

    • Myssa Rei says:

      I actually like Fam, but her lack of any visible growth can’t be ignored. The Fam we have right now is the same Fam we’ve had ever since Turan got destroyed.

  6. Takatin says:

    I’m dropping this. I hate to drop this late into a series but too much is too much. Fam get on nerve every time she speaks.

  7. HK-47 says:

    Looks like we’re going to see Claus, Lavi, and company in the next episode. At least in flashbacks.

    And yeah, Fam is annoying. She just sticks out like a sore thumb, as if some character from K-On was suddenly transported to the world of Last Exile.

    As for going up against Luscinia’s latest Exile, I would imagine that Alvis and her Exile would be involved one way or another.

  8. tktym says:

    “Kiyoko Yoshimura however just isn’t cut out to write original stories. You can really see that she just isn’t a good writer. The producers at Gonzo were most likely responsible for putting Fam into the position of the main character. It was her job of fitting a good conflict for her and making her a likable character. Instead, this feels like a story where she was just pasted into, without really considering whether or not she really fit. And it just feels like a very sloppy job at that.”

    This is SPOT on psgels. I have face-palmed so many times during this show from the bad writing its just ridiculous, any person above 5 years old can pretty much tell exactly what is going to happen in the story as its just based on so many worn out and tired cliches that are executed poorly one thing I DID like about this episode was the numerous times fam was told to “STFU” but yeah, I’m dropping this series as well, I already know whats going to happen from episode 16-the end. to the ONE person who likes fam much (most likely because she’s a female protagonist) if you want to check out some great female protagonists characters, go watch Moretsu pirates, holy f**k the main character(s) are good, I don’t know how you could watch her(Marika) then still see fam in the same light of awesomeness unless you are just being stubborn for the sake of attention whoring.

    this show really just makes women into some perverted objectification (they call it “moe sells” in Japan) instead of just women being as strong, capable, and great as anyone else. which is why many people like Millia and view HER as the main character and cringe when this caricature of a girl(fam) is shoved down our throats every episode. Its offensive and Infuriating.

    • Anca says:

      I, um, I don’t like Fam because she’s female. I like her I guess because she’s a great contrast to her setting without being grating (well, to me).

  9. DangerMouse says:

    Going to break this up into two posts since it’s going to be too long. :)

    “I feel like I’m the only one liking Fam at this point. Her character archetype is my favorite for female characters, and I’m fond of her naivite and inner strength.”

    I’m with you Anca, while she’s not perfect and could have used more growth I’ve liked Fam and she gets way less of a pass than much worse offenders as main characters let alone whiny, preachy, or emo leads in war-based shows or ones who stubbornly don’t even admit when they mess up or don’t try to make up for it, both things that Fam does when she messes up.

    “This episode showed that the final third of this show will very likely be its worst part. This is simply because the story of this show is pretty much its weakest aspect.

    Koichi Chigira is a very good director, and you can really see how he breathes life to this setting and scenario despite the limitations.”

    I actually disagree with this. Not only do I think that the final third will be it’s best part since this show is at it’s best during it’s epic parts, as in my opinion the show has been on a high ever since ep 7-8 not to mention especially with all the escalating conflict ever since Luscinia and Liliana’s power play interrupting Millia’s alliance (and 1-3 was another exceptional arc). The story itself with all the different characters on both sides and the conflict of the nations and fleet actions and Guild mysteries has been great and characters on both sides have been really likeable and they’ve done a superb job with even the enemy generals where most of them have actually been quite likeable or honorable for most of the show and way more so than I was expecting.

    I totally agree on Koichi Chigira being an excellent director, I think he’s done a great job with the pieces he’s been given, the way he’s directed everything from the setting and scenario, to how things are shot, to the action and flight scenes and breathed life into everything and used everything from the animation to the fantastic soundtrack has been great.

    And I agree that a better scriptwriter could have really worked some more development out of Fam herself even within the same screentime and events (Millia’s growth has been great so I’m not sure why they didn’t have Fam change much too), however I also think that despite Fam getting to talk about her goal of reviving the “symbol of the Grand Race” (the nations gathering in one place as well as pilots from around the world without the intentions of killing each other) some are harping on that a little too much since her actions and the events that follow her voicing that are rarely allowed to go that smoothly and in fact as expected her wish is usually just treated as a long-term goal and her way of giving the other character the chance to make their choice with a more level head, which still usually leads to them having to fight if she’d like to see that day come some day.

  10. DangerMouse says:

    “The big problem is that Fam can’t do anything aside from piloting a vanship really well, and skill has been completely pointless for the past months. Heck, my favorite series, Mahou Shoujotai, is about something very similar: a girl of Fam’s age with very big pacifist ideals. The thing is, that Arusu actually tried her hardest to stop the conflicts, and she actually did stuff that mattered, not to mention that she was in a position and a world where she actually could.”

    I kind of like that Fam, Millia and Giselle have their roles in the world and occupations and need assistance outside of what they are good at and/or familiar with rather than do-it-all protagonists.

    Loved that show and Alice.

    I think that works really well sometimes in more personal battles where characters can fight directly but personally in this show’s world with combat being mainly between fleets and looking at some of the complaints about Fam I think many would hate her more if she had actually been the type who tried to preach her idealistic views directly in the middle of a battle or directly tried to stop conflicts through it mid-battle like that in such an adult world (something tons of other protags get away with), instead while she has idealistic hopes and she shares them in non-combat and planning sessions, especially when other people are facing moments of despair probably in order to get them to make their big decision in a better state of mind, she also is the type to take action in the middle of the war and help those in need as we’ve seen and not just be a whiny, preachy, emo protagonist, she actually goes out there and takes action. And even if she believes in peace she’s still a fighter, she’s proven that when she needs to fight and also if her allies choose to fight she will be there to support them and fight willingly without needing to be coaxed into it which is quite refreshing.

    “The more I think about it… what has Fam actually done in this series? Um… she stole a bunch of ships, I guess. She saved this princess. In terms of politics however, she has been completely useless, and yet the creators keep shoving her in that role.”

    In terms of politics, she’s actually the one who’s made potential alliances possible through intoductions, first by saving Liliana and Millia facilitating Turan’s alliance with the Sky Pirates, even if Liliana’s plan failed thanks to Alauda, and being their for Millia after the fall of her nation and almost getting the remains of Turan on Anatoray’s side crewing those captured ships (if only Liliana hadn’t ultimately put a stop to that Fam would have probably gotten more credit if they’d at least gotten to use them for at least one battle, but I’ve noticed some people not giving her credit for it just because Luscinia managed to outmaneuver them before they could really use them, though you did mention it so you did give her credit for it) and Fam’s choice to save the unknown Glacies pilot opened the door to them returning the favor. I think one issue for personal victories for Fam is that combat is on too big of a scale for anyone outside of a captain (Tatiana, the enemy generals) to get many personal victories to get credit for, but she did get one, and the inherent lack of opportunity as she hasn’t had any enemy fighters to dogfight with like Claus and Tatiana had to do with the Guild Starfish (or Dio and Alauda’s hand-to-hand combat).

    She and Giselle also got the other pirates out of the trap back in ep 7 when Orang tested out the new anti-vanship/anti-Glacies weapons on them and bravely risked trying to rescue Liliana again in the opening arc. So I disagree that she hasn’t contributed much but I agree that she hasn’t yet been given that “big contribution” moment.

  11. Alec says:

    I don’t really hate fam that much. To me, she is just one part of the terrible things the anime does

    • DangerMouse says:

      I think the show’s been really good myself outside of one or two episodes and the first series is probably my all-time favorite show.

      So I haven’t really seen anything terrible, I just think that Fam herself could have been quite a bit better and less safe if they’d made her grow through some of those earlier events like all the other characters did and I expected, though I still like her.

      Personally outside of her not being given the opportunity to reach her potential by the writer playing it oddly safe with her, I think the anime has done a lot of great things in pretty much all of the other aspects and areas involving the story, characters, and fleet conflicts.

  12. DangerMouse says:

    “this show really just makes women into some perverted objectification (they call it “moe sells” in Japan) instead of just women being as strong, capable, and great as anyone else. which is why many people like Millia and view HER as the main character and cringe when this caricature of a girl(fam) is shoved down our throats every episode. Its offensive and Infuriating.”

    I can understand not liking some of the writing or Fam’s character’s views but WTF are you talking about…maybe you really should drop it and not see the end.

    All of the prominent female characters in this show have been strong characters fighting for what they believe in. None of the female characters in this show have been objectified nor are they used for tons of fanservice, pandering, or the perverted stuff that so many other shows get away with doing tons more of without facing posts like this.

    Fam’s character and actions whether you like them or not could relatively easily have been male as there have been many male protagonists like her and she’s as good and skilled as most male protagonists despite her preference for a peaceful world she’s still a fighter and way more willing to get into the action than a lot of pacifistic wussy leads out there, she’s certainly no “moe lead”.

    You’ve already admitted Millia’s been well handled, and Giselle is a caring young lady and an ace tech head and navigator who could even disect most of the Silvius’ functions from a recon image, and Liliana as we knew her at the beginning was a very competent and compassionate leader, and Vasant is another prominent female character who’s been very well portrayed both in politics as a general and taking over as Sara’s caretaker ever since Farahnaz’s assassination, and Tatiana is a strong highly skilled commander of one of the strongest vessels in the skies with a woman as her second in command and a female extremely skilled acoustics officer, and Dian is an ace combat pilot who leads her own squadron, and Giselle’s mother has been portrayed really nicely in her brief screentime as a loving mother, yeah the female characters have been shortchanged as just “perverted objectification”.

    • Myssa Rei says:

      Dangermouse: For all your defense of Last Exile: Fam, it always seems that you’re trying too hard. Yes, every thing so far has been handled great, but the fact is we keep on coming back to the titular character, which is to say Fam. It’s her point of view that we’re seeing the conflict through, but it’s not one that many people think fits the feel of Last Exile.

      I admit that much. Heck, I think I’ve pretty much uploaded 60 to 80% of ALL Last Exile: Fam content on Danbooru (no, really), and I still think that Fam needs a dose of reality.

      • Anca says:

        What ought to be the feel of Last Exile? It’s not supposed to be dark, it’s not supposed to portray despair. And although politics are a necessary element, it’s also not the main theme. If it were from Millia’s POV then the story would have been less action and worldbuilding and more coming of age. Whatever her flaws, Fam excels in pointing out just how beautiful and grand that world is.

        • Myssa Rei says:

          Last Exile has been an adventure series, true, but for all the highflying idealism and joy shown it was also always grounded in some measure of realism. See Claus and Lavie: they always wanted to cross the Grand Stream, but even they had to put that dream aside as the conflict between Disith and Anatoray, and eventually the Guild, took precedence.

          Indeed it’s easy to forget that Claus actually became a fighter pilot. His dream to cross the Grand Stream remained intact, but he had to FIGHT to make sure it happened, because as long as Delphine ruled Prester there was no way it was going to happen.

          Compare that with Fam. Fam so far has been all talk, which makes her sound preachy and whiny instead of convincing. She wants to restore the Grand Race, fine, but she needs to DO something about it. As it is, she’s just a bystander, a helpless observer in events way over her level of understanding.

          • Anca says:

            In turn, I never liked Claus. I don’t really remember the details of the first season, just that he got on my nerves a lot.

            Opinions, I guess. Last Exile 2 without Fam would be too dreary.

            Like the scene with the council: it was obvious that the empress was highly uncomfortable and that even Millia would have raised her voice if Fam wasn’t there (and she’d have been put down just the same). I cheered a bit inside that Fam spoke just then. Calling for a massacre out of revenge wouldn’t lend itself to peace, her idealist conclusion was even rationally obvious. And having Millia put down there would have undermined her authority something fierce, Fam saved her there.

            And really, what could she possibly do more than she already did? She convinced the Empress that it was a great idea, and while Fam doesn’t hold any power herself the Empress does.

        • Myssa Rei says:

          Had the series been titled something like “Last Exiles: The Azure Skies”, there wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But the thing is, it’s not, and instead it features Fam’s name front and center. As a titular character, there’s an expectation that, you know, she’d be the focus of things. The thing is, Fam ISN’T. Okay, she facilitates (literal) movement of Milia, but it’s hardly something you’d expect of someone who’s ON THE SERIES TITLE.

          I don’t dislike Fam. Like I mentioned, I’m probably THE uploaded on Danbooru who’s added most to the pictures on Last Exile there. I just want her to do *something* that warrants her being on the title, instead of Milia.

          • DangerMouse says:

            On this I agree that I’d like her to do something more and really strike her name to a big “hero moment” as befitting the title character, however I’ll still defend that she hasn’t been useless either and that her willingness to get out there and help and her willingness to help both Millia and the Glacies pilot opened the door for two of the important potential alliances, and almost no other character has been as willing to put themselves out there for other people, which is clearly supposed to be an important characteristic of hers.

            I do think that the one thing she has lacked is something forcing her to grow beyond being a Sky Pirate and ace flyer and into a fighter pilot with more risk and personal combat like Claus had to overcome, due to the lack of Guild Starfish she hasn’t been pushed into having to be able to dog-fight so far which has limited her personal contributions in bigger battles since most of the battles have been on the fleet vs. fleet scale.

            And while it’s true that Claus changed, Lavie for the most part was great but did not, in fact she spent most of the war working on their vanship for the day when they could attempt the Grand Stream, she was a lot like Fam is in a number of ways.

            I agree with you and Hikari though, that one of the things I’d love to see is them finally deliver something for Fam’s growth here in the second half since I expected her to face something that would make her have to grow, I just don’t think it’s effected my enjoyment of the series as much as some people since I still like her and IMO everything else has really delivered and so many other characters have been handled even better than I’d hoped (even the enemy generals have been way more likeable than I expected) and Fam herself has still contributed and there’s still time for her to face something bigger here in the second half and address one of the only remaining under-delivered things in the show, but I know what you mean with her being the title character it would have been better if she’d faced that growth during some of those first half events as expected.

        • Myssa Rei says:

          Also, know this: Claus was pretty much a starchy potato-kun for the first segment of the original Last Exile. However at least there was a clear change to how he was at the beginning, from wide-eyed idealist to the determined war aviator he was in the end. His idealism was tempered by maturity, which is more than what I can say for Fam at this point. She’s a foil for everyone else, but she’s not doing a good job at being a LIKEABLE foil.

          • hikari says:

            Agreed with Myssa Rei in this, I also don’t dislike Fam, I quite like her type of character(which didn’t annoy me so far), but since this is a 24/26 eps anime series not ongoing/long running shonen series, so before the series ending, at least I really want to see her character growth beyond the series as a main lead as it should be deserved anyway.

  13. meow says:

    I could be wrong cos I’ve kinda been watching this off an on on Animax. It’s a tragic war story rather than the cloud adventure set in a war that the first Last Exile was. About Fam….

    I think she’s as air-headed as she is because she’s meant to represent innocence, happiness and peace – the happy ending promised at the end of the first Last Exile – the way the world should be, sort of like during the old Grand Race before everything went sideways. Luc could have been a good guy til he lost the person most important to him in the world and his heart along with it and decided to destroy everyone else so nobody could hurt the people he loved anymore. Ordinarily, you’d want to be sympathetic to this guy but he’s done way too much damage. How many kids like Fam and Giselle died in all the cities he demolished, do you think? And everyone he hurts is getting closer to becoming like him. Look at how the kids winced at everyone declaring revenge. How many of you out there would like to see Luc taken prisoner, have that kid Empress from Aden shot in front of him before executing him and his gang, along with Lil for all that they’ve done together? How about blowing up Aden along with it? Just so we’ll be sure no one else from Aden will pull something like this ever again? But then, whoever does it is going to become just like Luc. They should go too, right? And so on.

    Fam, rather unrealistically, has gotten through this whole mess amazingly unscathed. Almost everyone she cares about is still alive and kicking, even her flight buddies. I was kinda expecting that whole pirate nest to have been wiped clean of life but AFAIK practically everyone got away. (I wonder where that pirate captain with the beard went? Probably on the new Silvanus somewhere.) I’d like to see how far Fam’s happy-go-luckiness will last if someone from Aden were to kill someone close to her, like Giselle, right in front of her eyes. But then, it’s no use for her to get broken like Luc too. I think the point of having her around is to remind everyone of what they would have liked the world to be like before everything went sideways and to keep moving towards that, even after this whole mess is over. She saved Millia from losing her heart to her determination to kill her own sister. Something like that.

    Well, japanese series have been known to go sideways and throw gut punches so maybe things could go sideways again. Honestly I do not want to see Luc or Lil or that Aden crew to get away with what they did. I loved Lil in the first Last Exile but….the weight of all she’s responsible for will get her in the end. Lil is cooperating with Luc in return for his promise not to sic his Guild assassins on Millia, isn’t she? I’m expecting Luc to use this new superweapon to try to cow the world into submission but Millia resisting so Luc will try to use it on her. Lil, to save her, will probably kill herself, passing on the power of Exile to Millia, which she’ll use to stop Luc. Something like that. Tears and apologies just won’t make the weight of all the lives lost to Exile in Gracies and who knows where else go away.

    Sigh..why am I still watching this show, anyway? I hate tragedies. :(

  14. LordMetha says:

    As someone in the “Please get rid of Fam” camp. There is no way in bloody hell that her appearances in the 1st half added ANY value…… Granted it was in character, but as most other people have pointed out, it’s the same damned bimbotic character. There’s no breadth or width to her character, and it’s painful to watch.

  15. Curryp says:

    One fact, IMHO :
    Last Exile was written for teenagers, young adults and eventually adults. Here we have a show for a teenage audience with some adults elements whithin…

    Sorry for my english.

    • meow says:

      Hm. But for something aimed at teenagers, the content seems very heavy. The good guys seem to be losing badly and the bad guys are doing some really terrible things. It’s quite a sad story. It’s past the halfway point and I still don’t see how Fam will be able to do anything to help. Her heart is in the right place but she’s an idiot. She seems to be only good at running away from the enemy and saving just a handful of people. What ships they’ve captured will be no match for even a single one of the Aden fleets, not even including Exile or that new superweapon that Luc has captured. And she seems so vulnerable. Her heart and idealism seem to be her strongest points. I don’t know what would happen to her or the story if someone close to her, like Giselle or Millia, were to die but the situations they get into make it only too easily possible, to the point that it seems odd that nothing that bad has happened to her yet. It’s like she’s sheltered by Fate itself.

      I watched the original Last Exile a long time ago but I think I enjoyed it more somehow. It felt lighter, with a more focused scale and path. A grand adventure set in the middle of a major war. It was easier to tell who the good guys and bad guys were and there was good progress on both sides. There were disturbing elements of course, like the creepy Queen of the Guild, and a fair amount of tragedy, but this new Last Exile seems to have it a lot worse. Here, there’s betrayal and the destruction of an entire capital city from the first episode, and by the ship that was humanity’s salvation before. Great impact but also great sadness. That cute little girl from the original Last Exile has fallen so far – is Liliana really supposed to be a grown up Alvin? It’s so sad. Now she’s one of the villains. And even the once invincible Silvanus seems helpless. Claus, Lavie and Alex are gone. And Fam…she’s innocent and daring but….ineffective. It seems like pure luck that she and most of the people she cares about have made it this far. Most of the time she’s escaping from the enemy. She’s very good at capturing ships, making friends and escaping, and she saved some of the Gracies pilots from Aden’s fleet but I don’t know how she can stop Luc at this rate. It almost seems like the best way to save lives is just to surrender to Luc and end the bloodshed. Or resort to some elaborate deus ex machina.

      • Curryp says:

        “but this new Last Exile seems to have it a lot worse.”

        But that’s not really well shown. 3/4 of the pirate’s fleet sunk, and survivors just don’t seem to care. Kingdoms fall, but where are the refugees collumn ? Also, that “to the point that it seems odd that nothing that bad has happened to her yet.” It’s something I can’t stand in a book/movie/anime. Showing war as something we can pass through like nothing – apart for a younger audience – which lead me to say that some elements are just really exagerated, like stealling 15 ships(! 2-3 would have been more “realist” for instance), large as flying destroyers like we steal a car ? By a 15yo ?? Or that 6yo Empress, the fact that 8/10 of the main characters are 15yo girls, etc etc
        It’s a pity since the background is really rich, like a good SF book…

        “Ceci dit”, the relation between Liliana and her sister reminds me a lot that of Van and his brother from Escaflown. No ?

  16. DangerMouse says:

    “That cute little girl from the original Last Exile has fallen so far – is Liliana really supposed to be a grown up Alvin?”

    No, fortunately she’s not, they’re two different people, Alvis hasn’t fallen from her old self, we’ve already seen more grown up Alvis and she’s just as loveable as ever. :)

    “But that’s not really well shown. 3/4 of the pirate’s fleet sunk, and survivors just don’t seem to care. Kingdoms fall, but where are the refugees collumn ?”

    Hmmm, episode 3 spent most of an episode on it in relation to Turan’s fall and the pirates and the customs of the pirates. Also, the pirates themselves are actually the refugees from most of the other kingdoms that have fallen in the past to Ades. Sure they could keep showing it each time but I think the mood has been appropriately heavy.

    “Also, that “to the point that it seems odd that nothing that bad has happened to her yet.””

    This I can agree with, I thought by now she’d have her own “defeated” -> “recovery” arc.

    “which lead me to say that some elements are just really exagerated, like stealling 15 ships(! 2-3 would have been more “realist” for instance), large as flying destroyers like we steal a car ? By a 15yo ??”

    Their age isn’t so bad, 15-16 isn’t really a problem since they are long-time Sky Pirates and by trade know exactly which isolated vessels and pathetic nobles to target that can put up the least resistance and fewest troops (perhaps they really should have driven home why Fam and Giselle picked their specific targets since while I think they made it clear with Giselle’s words there does seem to be some confusion over this, this is also why the gray military Ades uniform worked so well, the outlying nobles probably even from annexed countries are basically expected to comply and follow people wearing those real Ades military uniforms, though Luscinia did mention such nobles’ lower status when he eventually purged them on charges of aiding the enemy), it’s how the Sky Pirates and Fam and Gisey have always chosen their prey, they rarely go after the real nobles or the real military ships. Most of the ships they stole are old and some are clearly essentially trophy ships (though they’re probably still better than Turan’s ships that got annihilated). Plus, as in the first capture, they also likely took along some of the Silvius crew for backup.

  17. RABUJOI says:

    Fam’s idealistic behavior this week may have somewhat annoyingly flown in the face of sense and logic – Luscinia must be stopped, and force is pretty much the only way – but I can’t fault her for being the product of her upbringing, just as MIllia is a product of hers. This is a girl whose life has been defined by three major truths:

    [A] She’s an orphan who was taken in and raised by a generous, loving family in the egalitarian sky pirate colony of Kartoffel;
    [B] She has a preternatural talent for flying (a skill she offers to Millia not long after they meet);
    [C] She watched the Grand Race as a youngster (an event that to her represents the best achievement of humanity; the ultimate key to global peace).

    Being raised among sky pirates [A], she’s going to talk out of turn, even if she’s out of her element (she doesn’t believe she is, because of [C]). Aside from wanting to restart a new Grand Race, Fam wants to use [B] to help people, not hurt them. So she becomes Millia’s wings, and Millia would not have gotten far in this series without those wings.

    In short, I like Fam, and I’m neither surprised nor disappointed that she hasn’t changed much since our first glimpse of her sleepwalking with a bungie cord tied to her leg. I’m just wondering how she’ll actually get this New Grand Race off the ground, and most importantly, what she would do differently so that it doesn’t end up like the last one – in bloodshed.

Leave a Reply

Yeah, Kenshin had a whole Kyoto act, but it was more historical anw and I feel it didn't explore the city that much (more of a ruined city)
Really, only uchoten Kazoku, tatami galaxy and durarara come to mind. Are you planning to go to Osaka as well? I heard from my friend Osaka is about an hour drive from Kyoto only.
@Anon174851 Ah good one.
@Mike Thanks. Durarara is a good suggestion, but I haven't watched Rurouni Kenshin.
@Kaiser Sure, the story doesn't do anything for me but it's not a waste of time.
@K-Off You can do pretty much anything in Tokyo I'll bet. Anime in general aside from shows like Durarara don't emphasize the setting very much... Kyoto is more interesting, rurouni kenshin is the first thing that comes to mind.
uchouten kazoku is a really good one set in kyoto!
Haven't heard of it. Anyways, do you guys have any suggestions for favorite anime series set in Kyoto or Tokyo? I'm planning my itinerary and the idea is to take a lot of side by side comparison pictures from their anime depictions to RL. I have YuruYuri, SYD, Detective Conan, and various KyoAni spots in mind, but my brain isn't remembering others.
Kaiser Eoghan
I'm considering finding some War/military manga to read, has anyone read Gunka no balthazar? Is it worthwhile?
@Anon164960, They announced a second season for it so they ain't done with that trainwreck yet.
So Rewrite took the "Bad End" route. Interesting. Their choice, not the show of course which was a freaking mess from start to finish.
Kaiser Eoghan
Ah, reminding me that I have not left Ireland since 2012 when I went to Rome. Although I have floated around the idea of maybe going to Slovakia.
@Mario Thanks, although I'll be working the whole time I'm at Seoul with sundays off. Expecting about 40-50 hours of work a week. Sucks that your trip got canned, in the Winter there's no place you'd want to be other than southern California.
Congrats K-Off. Hope you enjoy the trip. I myself originally planned to go to US on this December but now the plan got wrecked. Should be fun spending Xmas in Japan especially
Got my international drivers permit from AAA today, and it also looks like I'm stuck with over half the travel fees since I've signed myself off the agency plan. It's now official, I'm going to Seoul and then spending my christmas holidays in Tokyo. Been a long time since I left the country, last time was in 2011.
That was me Mario
@Masky: it wasn't, but Gui Niao did mention the pipe has multi-purpose functions: do far he uses the pipe to write, to create a hallucination smoke, to make an actual bushfire, to open the lock, now to be a sword-pipe. What's next? To be a wifi modem? to be a boomerang? to shapeshift into an umbrella?
So Thunderbolts Fantasy :D Totally called the pipe being a sword (assuming it wasn't shown earlier and I just forgot about it)
@Anon146321, typos are hard to avoid when you write fast. What's really important to is that the point gets across, which it did.
Medium not meduim
I wonder if trolls consider people explaining why their trolling is bad a successful trolling .-. I mean, my experience is that most of trolls aren't really smartest or most creative of people, I think most of them are happy if people just talk about them.
@Anon141285, oh come on boy. Put some effort into trolling. You need to get people to actual think you believe what you are saying. Here you have already messed up because you use the old "Chinese cartoons" which is supposed to piss of anime fans because it suggests you are ignorant of the meduim but then you reference the nukes showing full well you know where they are from. You have failed.
Chinese cartoons proof that two nukes weren't enough. Or were too much depending on the perspective
oh, talking about teenage horror female movie, make sure to check out Raw whenever its available online. That is one hell of a fun cannibal ride!
my point is we tend to spend our stupid 20s phase feel like its wasted, but really it does help develop our hobby/sense/wisdom, whatever it is.
Kaiser Eoghan
I find myself now that I've grown up wanting to punch kid characters from horror films lol
Kaiser Eoghan
About the watching stories with younger female characters...its starting to feel like I shouldn't be or that it doesn't feel appropriate, actually sort of awkward/skeevy.
True enough. But remember that even Quentin Tarantino had his 20s basically just a movie-clerk, watched movies like a maniac and he made that classic Pulp Fiction when he was like 33
Kaiser Eoghan
Looking back It feels dickish that I laughed reading NHK.
Kaiser Eoghan
I mean look at Re-life, I mean ow, everyone went through that.
Kaiser Eoghan
I think we'll find that stage where we'll get irritated by stories reminding us of our stupid 20s phases eventually just as some teenage focused anime/manga annoyingly remind us of being teens.
Kaiser Eoghan
In terms of anime/manga, much as I'd still see myself liking NHK I could see myself getting more frustrated with the lead character now being in my early 30s.
Kaiser Eoghan
In the past year I've been looking at hentai/ecchi imageboards not as often as I used to.
Kaiser Eoghan
Judy Delphy and Juliette Binoche have aged surprisingly well...
Ah its less fancying/finding them attractive, moreso taking notice of them.
I can understand the others but Meryl Streep too? Man, you're aging I can tell
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Julianne Moore, Isabelle Huppert, Meryl Sreep, Susan Sarandon, Cate Blanchett.
@Kaiser: like whom if I may ask?
But I'm always interested in women issues myself so Mustang just hit me hard
Kaiser Eoghan
Its a sign of me aging I guess too. I'm noticing older actresses too now where I wouldn't have in the past.
Looking forward to Under the Shadow too, also really keen to see how The Bad Batch would turn out to be
Strangely I've become more engaged with teen, coming-of-age films recently (well, Aku no Hana is sort of teen drama as well),but yes, old man's psyche is my thing too
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Synecdoche, the passenger, winter light, anomalisa , wild strawberries , la notte for example.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: The day is coming where drama centred around twentyboppers won't have the same level of effect on me. Had I seen buffalo 66 5 years ago I would have been all over it. Old man/middle age angst is becoming more my thing.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I'm honestly having a harder time getting into films that focus on young girls/teenagers.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Theres only a few upcoming films left I'm looking forward to, Elle, Valley violence, whispering star and under the shadow.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I appreciate mustang for the issue it deals with and addresses but I felt it predictable and the drama didn't hit harshly enough. It feels like an academy/oscars film.
Kaiser: remember I mention about watching those 96 Cannes line-ups? I think I will get to watch them soon, since I downloaded all the movies already
@Kaiser: btw, you hated Mustang? It's also one of my favorite film so far.
but maybe think of it that way will make the manga more entertaining...
You see Aku no Hana as a dark comedy? haha I'm speechless
Kaiser Eoghan
Like you Mario I don't care for heavy infodumping and that took me out of the new world.
Kaiser Eoghan
Bebop had that problem for me in that I saw outlaw star and trigun first.
Kaiser Eoghan
I still feel aku no hana is a guilty pleasure manga, a crazy dark comedy or maybe thats just my humour.
Kaiser Eoghan
Hataraku had me laughing up to episode 7, while Amagi felt stale from the start.
Looking back on Baccano I still like Claire and Russo but the other characters not so much, the main series is enjoyable enough but the extra episodes hold back the score.
I've never watched Habane straight through although I have finished the series. Ghost vs ergo? Ergos final episode wrecked the show.
I thing Hataraku was a lot more consistent, but Amagi had some standout episodes. For me the OVA, the pirate ship episode and the school episode were great. "Simply put, we have to go lewder" is one of my fav quotes
How was that by the way? I never bothered to watch Amagi Brilliant Park all the way through because I felt so cynical about it after the first two episodes. Hataraku Mao Sama on the other hand was genuinely refreshing for the first half of the season.
In other news, The Eccentric Family is getting 2nd season. Now I'm filled with joy
Still feel bad to compare an 1-cour series (Baccano) to an 4-cours one. But in this case Baccano would take my cake.
I reckon The Devil is a Part Timer vs Amagi Brilliant Park would be a fun one, and I wouldn't know which would win.
Baccano vs Durarara might make a good matchup. Baccano is the better one but Durarara does seem to be more popular.
Yeah it is a bit obvious and they dont share much in common anyway. Just that they are two of the most well known anime out there. I enjoyed NGE more than Cowboy Bebop, but I agree on the later beeing overall a better anime.
Oh look. Berserks Manga is on Haitus again. this point I ain't even mad. Just disappointed.
Well, new post on Flowers of Evil is out. Come eat it up.
@Syndrome: was thinking about that match-up (NGE vs Cowboy Bebop) but isn't it too obvious? I always intend to pick something that caught you guys off-guard haha
@Syndrome, no contest. Cowboy Bebop wins outright.
On a serious note, for related anime, I would be curious about something like Ergo Proxy against Ghost in the Shell
Go for NGE vs Cowboy Bebop and watch the world burn
Yeah, I agree it's one of the main factors, but even so From the New World had a higher grade too. But I wouldn't pick Haibane Renmei against From the New World if I didn't think it had a chance to win. Those who loved the former really loved it, while people more appreciate From the New World than actually love it. Well, can't beat the consensus I guess.
I'd say a major reason for that would be the popularity difference. On MAL, Haibane has a following of 110k people, with FTNW having 270k.
I'm personally quite disappointed with the results. Will try harder for a more competitive match-up next time
@Mario, if you say so. I say by now the victor has been decided.
@Aidan: we don't need to sticky the Versus Show again, as I will put up the Aku no Hana post tomorrow anyway
Yeah the brightness got a bit much in some places after episode 18.
I thought the brightness was done well in the episode with Rem sitting beside Subaru's bed and her smiling/crying, but yeah this was too much
@anon125687: my thought exactly. While I was watching it I thought to myself that it's too bright!!
Why do final episodes overdo the blur effect and fuzzy lighting its literally over dramatic cancer. Just let it end normally ffs
Well, it's hard, since it doesn't really feel finished, so even if you know it will eventually end well if given a chance, you can't really put your full confidence behind those bets
Got a bit long winded in that review and yet I feel like I really didn't get across what makes the series so good.
Well that's the Re:Zero review written up. I will get to work on 91 days next and maybe Prisms Illya maybe after that. Lost all entuasim after they messed up that last episode in Illya. Overall it's been pretty disappointing.
As for that twist. I think they could work it easily into a first episode. The impact would still be there for people marathoning the thing in the future and it would be a good "Oh Shit!" moment to start the second season. If they jump ahead a bit to a certain moment it would actually make for a great opener.
I say the only chance of season two not coming would be if White Fox doesn't like money. Considering that the pace which the light novel adaption has sped up from every few months to a release every month I guess that they want to make that second season as badly as we want it. At this pace they could start a second season in maybe a years time. Maybe every half a year depending on cour length.
Also, if season 2 ever come (that would be a surprise if not, and truly annoying), I dont know how they will manage with the "twist", as something this impactful would come way too fast without any kind of setup. Wait and see, I guess.
After seeing the last Re:Zero I couldnt help but spoil myself, and I kind of understand why WhiteFox went with that kind of ending, skipping what would be a giant shtstorm on the internet. Even though, in a sad world where there would be no season 2, Im still a bit disappointed with the ending. Its nice to wrap it up this way but its a stale regarding the plot and there is no food for thought.
@aidan: you sure are fast when it comes to Re:Zero haha. Alrighty, we'll go with that then
@mario,I am putting up a Re:Zero post. Tommarrow. I will unsticky it for a day and then we can sticky it again.
@K-Off No worries, it's so messed up. Stay safe.
@Aidan: if you going to post Re:Zero review soon, you can unsticky the Versus Show post, otherwise I will take it down in 2 days
@K-Off: I feel for ya. Glad that there were only minor injuries. I heard a blogger claimed that he did it because of the gay rights. Sound bullsh*t to me
Shit ton of manga have gotten updates but I don't feel like talking about them for a while, lost my appetite.
@Kaiser Living in NYC all my life I remember 9/11, flight 587 crash in Queens, the Hudson River water landing, and now this.
So far it seems most of the people calling it disappointing are those who know whats comes after that last scene and were looking forward to how the fanbase reacts to it. But it would have been a pretty terrible as well as evil way to end the series.
Yeah, I thought it gave enough closure for us to be satisfied yet still desperately wanting the next season.
@Anon120947, I really don't see what's so disappointing about it. I thought it was a pretty solid way to end the series.
Kaiser Eoghan
I think at most the worst thing that happened in my area was two conmen going around and an gangster attack on a nearby hotel.
Kaiser Eoghan
@K-off: Honestly, glad to hear you're safe. And having a bomb go off nearby would make me feel paranoid.
@Anon: I'm waiting, waiting for reviews written after the show ends.
Feels like it has been done this way in case of a never happening season 2... to kind of close it.
Wow, that last episode of Re:Zero was pure straight disapointment... finishing like this feels is real suffering.
Well, we don't know yet. We don't know who did it, if it was connected to the pipe bomb explosion in jersey, etc. But the second device found on 27th street does seem to point the situation towards terrorism.
Luckily it doesn't seem to be a terror attack
Yeah. I was a good 8 blocks away inside a restaurant so I didn't even know until later. It must have been a pretty small bomb since all the injured have apparently already been released from the hospital.
Damn. Just looked it up. Good thing you weren't at the area when the bomb went off.
Fucking hell, transit is so congested I still can't get home. Luckily it seems like there's no fatalities according to the initial reports, there are still a shit ton of people around central for shelter. I didn't hear or feel the explosion at chelsea, and currently I'm at lenox with my bicycle. So congested it looks like I'm going to have to walk my bike a few more miles before I get picked up. L
Watched The Empire of Corpses. I makes me sad to see a great idea be turned into such a mediocre movie. I think this concept could have been put to much better use but instead it decided to go with the blandest option.
The guy who will direct it is a live-action director who only had Psycho Pass the Movie (not a good one) as an anime director. WTH? Don't know what to think about this new FLCL now
and it will be co-produced by Adult Swim on top of that?
How comes I just noticed this old news that FLCL will get two-seasons sequel...
And by that I mean "Huh, haven't checked the blog for two days"
Yay commenting on two days old blog posts
Finished rewatching Re:Zero and now ready for the finale. Let's see how this goes.
I will be mourning the now dead hope of a somewhat decent Berserk adaption.
The last few episodes were not bad but purely on the merits of the source material and not the adaption.
@Bam: I'll be mourning indeed.
@Anon 112098: I haven't watched Chef, but it has more to do with me not interested in chef's life whatsoever. Is it good?
I'm out of town until Sunday evening. The Berserk finale post will hopefully be up early Monday mourning, followed by the overall cour review a bit later in the week.
Habe u seen Chef with John Favreau?
I am quite upset with how Sliver link handled that scene. It was the one scene I wanted done right. Just that one scene...and they screwed it up.
He scored the Prince of Egypt? I didn't know that, but yeah I remember it had a great score. Also "When you believe"
Well, a lot of his earlier work is just brilliant. Prince of Egypt in my opinion is his greatest work.
*nothing wrong
Well, Hans Zimmer could do nothing really; but that's a reason why I have a bit of problem with his scores. Everything he made are solid but ultimately sound the same to me.
Agree that the music has been excellent. Not only the soundtrack thou, but the sound editting in general is great (that ringtone during the Great Whale for example).
@Mario, Understandable. As much as I love this show, I admit that it has elements I am sure could turn off people.
Also I really should have talked about the music in this series more. It really is a phenomenal soundtrack. I hear they were going with a more cinematic approach to it with Hans Zimmer being a primary inspiration.
@Aidan: it has been a fun ride, I'm glad I stick with it till the end; although I'm not as enthusiastic about it as you are. :)
Re-watching Re:Zero in preparation for the finale. Still is awesome a second time through. In fact the middle part of the series I felt dragged fairs a whole lot better when marathoned though. Noticing a number of things watching the second time. For one Roswell has a really goddamn annoying way of talking. I say I will be giving this on a very favorable review.
Hugh Mungus
@TopGavin, I haven't watched it yet but I hope what you said about the animation isn't too bad because this is where they need to be on top of their game.
So that fate episode was interesting, lotsa stuff happened. Seemed like the animation was worse than usual and my god how could the subs screw up the incantation.
@Aramus Why would you want to send the picture to your friend? Tell 'em to see it for themselves at the site! lol.
Most of the time they meant no harm, I think it's always about getting recognition. They quickly take them down after I send them a polite email, and I let them save their ego without smearing them on their page.
(ok maybe a little fault should go to them lol)
@Friend: That sucks, but its definitely understandable. People can be pretty thoughtless at times (no fault to them of course).
tiger mask did make it into the upper quartile though, which is surprising
@afgm I don't have a large internet presence with my work exactly because I've had situations with theft on Pinterest. For work, I just carry USBs with my portfolio pieces in them :/
@Aramus Heya, thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately the fell image won't be available openly unless for commercial purposes, but otherwise feel free to contact me in my business email! :)
ah you know what? I read the title Time Bokan 24 and thought it had 24 votes x)
@afgm: Time Bokan receives 0 vote the last time I checked it. I'm more surprised that people love Haikyuu that much
Such a shame because I enjoy writing it a lot
2 more episodes on Thunderbolt Fantasy and I might break the sites' record (hall of shame really) for covering a show without any comment, haha.
Also what is Time Bokan and why does it have more votes than 95% of the other anime in the poll haha
well it's always iffy giving out images without the creator knowing. You can never know where its going to end up. I strongly suggest you contact Friend.
@Afgm Sorry, I was the anon. The weird username thing is bugging out. And was going to send it to a friend, did she not want it out there?
@anon: you better not be thinking about refistributing the image without her consent. youre better off contacting her on her homepage...
@Anon108797, In the comments he mentions that it's an April Fools joke. So there is hope for humanity yet.
Anonymous108797 Why does this even exist
Kaiser Eoghan
Can't believe I still haven't read Dragon head or the world is mine yet...I need to fix that.
@afgm Awesome! Is there any way to get the source image though, her portfolio doesn't have it unfortunately.
the footer has the source. it was made special by her
Yo, can anyone give a source on the new wallpaper thing? it looks awesome!
@Mari, no problem. Thanks for for the thanks.
I argee that the fall looks to be pretty weak but it's hard to tell until the season really starts. I have been blindsided by series before.
AidanAK47 and those who helped you, thank you for the season preview. Time to pick the series that I will follow. You make this much easier for me!
it reminds me of Durara
Well Occultic;Nine does have pretty good promotional material, too, and the concept is pretty cool.
I think the majority of our readers are Steins;gate fans seeing as Occultic;Nine is currently in the lead on the poll.
Total users: 39

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