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#1: Natsuiro Kiseki – 05: What a completely adorable episode. The characters just continue to grow here. even though there was no stone today, this was one of the best depictions of a cold in a long while. – **+ (Excellent+)
#2: Shirokuma Cafe: I don’t get it. Some of the jokes in this seris are horribly predictable. This episode again had all kinds of animals suggest bizarre dishes around their favorite food, and Shirokuma’s bad puns. And yet it’s hilarious and so refreshing to watch. The punchline to the parfait fair also was delightful. – ** (Excellent)
#3: The Legend of Korra – 04: Cheesy romance aside, this is the first time I’ve been impressed by this series. The creators used Korra’s brashness in an excellent way here in combinatiton with the politics. – ** (Excellent)
#4: Kimi to Boku – 17: This episode played up Chizuru’s annoyance to the max again, but I’m not bothered by that as much as I used to. Again this episode was really charming and simple. – ** (Excellent)
#5: Sankarea – 05: Very torn on this episode. It would have been #1 if it wasn’t for that annoying cousin. Excellent build-up and pay-off, although I do wonder whether turning zombies in assaulters was the right decision. – ** (Excellent)
#6: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki – 17: I’m still amazed at how short this series is: not including the OP and ending screen, its episodes are only two minutes and ten seconds long. This episode had 6 different sketches in just that time-frame. All of them were fun. – ** (Excellent)
#7: Jormungand – 04: Good episode for Koko as finally her character was a bit more rounded. Also, “I am an American! I have blond hair, I work for the CIA and I am an asshole!” – *+ (Great)
#8: Nazo no Kanojo X – 04: A bit of a step down compared to last weeks, mostly because the saliva is starting to lose its gimmick, but nevertheless that girl whose name I’ve forgotten had some nice moments together with Urabe. – *+ (Great)
#9: Medaka Box – 05: I noticed that Medaka is often able to hold the higher moral ground, solely because she’s so ungodly good at everything. Will this get used later? Also Gainax, there are times where a slideshow is good, but there are also times where a slide-show is just lazy. For a Gainax series I am surprised how actually mediocre the action in this series is. – * (Good)
#10: Hunter X Hunter – 29: Uh, Hunter X Hunter… are you serious in this? Do you really intend to have people call out the names of their attacks, accompanied by huge letters? Is that your idea of how to best represent Nen? – * (Good)
#11: Saint Seiya Omega – 05: Is the entire series going to be about training and people being hot blooded? – (Enjoyable)

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  1. Roninski says:

    So glad you’re doing Korra in the Kaleidoscope =D Glad you’re enjoying it.

  2. Kiseki says:

    Most people have been making a bigger deal out of Asami than the main point in the episode. I…almost teared up at the end of the episode. ;~;

  3. Tanz says:

    The romance wasn’t really cheesy. It’s a good thing they actually skipped most of the parts about it. Was pleasantly surprised that even Mr. Jerk can fall in love actually.

    I /cried/ at the end of the episode >>

  4. Mr. Mestopheles says:

    Can’t help but suspect that they might be setting up our young romantic interest for some bending loss later on…

  5. Kim says:

    Yeah the romances in Korra are cheesy (and they were cheesy in Avatar as well) but the writers are clearly aware of this fact. They are cheesy in a charming way, because let’s face it young love is often a bit cheesy and nothing wrong with that.

  6. Martin says:

    It’s cheesy because it’s a nickelodeon show.

  7. cru says:

    I hope Korra makes you more curious in the previous series :D The Last Airbender was truly great, and more adventure-esque and really picks up in its second season with some brilliant writing.

    But the up in production levels for Korra makes it just a feast for the eyes, and I’m loving how they’re exploring an avatar with a much less spiritual side.

    Also, Tenzin is great. Definitely my favorite character. I’m excited to see Zuko though.

  8. Scorcher says:

    Yes, the creators said before the show aired that there was going to be some cheesy teen romance or something like that…
    But the Avatar franchise is all about awesome battles, good characters and cheesy romance, and they are doing a great job in all 3…

    • bobzilla21 says:

      I dunno, the characters and battles are definitely strengths in both Avatar series(so far at least), but the original series’ cheesy romance worked because of the lack of drama involved. I don’t think it’ll be the same for Korra, since it seems to be a much larger focus this time, and it might be a cause for concern.

  9. Stars says:

    Oddly Jormungand episodes never feel like they go for 20 mins, but always feel like not much happens.

  10. mamori says:

    Just wanted to say how much I agree with this. *u* I honestly hate the drama because it’s been done and it’s always the same, bad outcome. I loved the first season better because it was refreshing to watch a story that was fun, quirky, and had a good plot. The selling point in my opinion was the lack of drama because honestly, I don’t need to see another series about American teenage drama.

    Just to back my wording there: I know the story is set in the Asian countries. However, the audience is towards Americans so obviously, they’d write to cater towards what Americans would be able to relate to.

    • mamori says:

      Er, thought it would link under but wanted to say I agree with bobzilla21’s post, not psgel’s post (the characters have been getting more and more annoying and I don’t see anything interesting with the plot; in fact, I predicted exactly how the story would go because it’s so obvious and Korra is really easy to read).

  11. kevin says:

    They call out the name of their attacks because that is what they do in the manga… It is also something that was frequently used in Yu Yu Hakusho back in the day. I do not understand your gripe with this or how it misrepresents Nen in anyway.

    • Hi says:

      The gripe is that psgels doesn’t like it, kevin–that’s why the comment was framed with rhetorical questions. The entry is only intended to be a small window into psgels’ impression of the show–nothing too much more than that, we have to accept–and the most prevailing sentiment psgels actually felt for the episode was disillusionment with how attack names are presented. The remark about “huge letters” implies that he thinks the method is invasive–and that’s a fair enough point, all told. There’s no reason to concur with the idea that his comments are becoming embarrassing just because he doesn’t like something, is there? Especially not when the episode actually got a good rating overall–the experience was just, for psgels, hampered by the presentation of attack names.

      • Machi says:

        I find this move to be a bit uneven for the animators side IMO since this was really something best left with the manga, only other shows that tend to do this are really kiddie shows afraid that the audience might not follow. Which again I find weird given that they do have a focus on action and doing the whole redundancy of literally spelling it out in front of the screen baffling since it does detract from action – you want less reading and more movement.

        This sorta thing may work on the manga, which actually try to add effects to the way they spell out words as it is incorporated into the art style. But not with an animation but again I find this baffling on the side of the animators since they had avoided such in the past.

        • kevin says:

          It was literally 1 second of a 22 episode episode. This is griping for the sake of griping. If you do not like it that’s fine but to say that it misrepresents Nen in anyway is utterly ridiculous. The name appearing on the screen is a stylistic choice that harkens back the old school vibe of classic shonen series such as Yu Yu Hakusho or Saint Seiya. Some of you seem to forget that Hunter x Hunter is a shonen series not a seinen. Another ridiculous statement I hear often is that this series is too shonen, well what do you expect when adapting a shonen manga? *Facepalm*

          • kevin says:

            Not only that but the attack name calling is actually integral to the plot as Gon later on bases his own attacks around this very concept. You don’t have to like it but it is a necessary inclusion.

          • Machi says:

            I never had problems with the calling out I just said if you read closely is that it was redundant to actually literally spell it out. That the effect clearly is different when animated from the manga – which frankly I find odd because the animators had sense to avoid it earlier. In any case its not a MAJOR flaw or anything its just an oddity that you can’t help but notice.

        • Toto y Moi says:


          The problem is that in the future, characters no longer call out their attack names. Gido is one of the few in the entire series that does so. After the Heavens Arena arc, the names of characters’ Nen abilities are placed within fuzzy thought bubbles instead of speech bubbles.

          Although to some, it may seem distracting to have the full ability name placed on the screen. But Togashi’s done an interesting thing with Nen abilities; he’s tied them entirely to a character’s psyche. A character’s personality is revealed through the type of ability they create. As such, the names of the abilities are often sort of complex: he gives them a spoken-word pronunciation and a written one that greatly differs. I always appreciated this when reading the manga, so I’m glad that it makes an appearance here.

          • Machi says:

            I’m aware of the naming sense actually reflecting their character. However, looking at our outlooks its clear that this thing is rather superficial or just plain a matter of taste. Which brings back the point I don’t see this comment as being one necessarily of quality as some have extrapolated.

        • SirDerpalot says:

          @machi “that might not keep up”

          Please, tell me all about how characters stopping mid-fight, chit-chatting and saying the name of every move in every episode everytime is for adults with great attention spans.

    • darkerthanblackswordsman says:

      “[…] because that is what they do in the manga”

      How is that an excuse? (i) The manga is not perfect, no need to replicate things that don’t work. (ii) Manga is not anime – things that work in one might not work in the other.

      • komporrhmwn says:

        It didn’t work for psgels (that one caught me off guard!), so it doesn’t work, period? It’s a stylistic choice that may well turn some people off but there’s nothing *wrong* with it. It’s minor, anyway. Good job ignoring the 22 minutes full of wonderful characterization and animation and focusing on one second. This is straw grasping at its most awkward.
        Also, Nen does not stop at yelling attacks at each other. They did fine with the colors, didn’t they?

        Your “The manga is not perfect, no need to replicate things that don’t work” line of thinking, while true and applicable in many cases, could potentially create huge continuity problems with Hunter x Hunter. I guess you’re not familiar with the manga? (…Are you even familiar with the anime?)

        The new anime has actually strayed from the manga a few times, but in a way that doesn’t mess up the continuity. Togashi himself is involved with it, so it figures.

        • Machi says:

          I don’t see how this is straw grasping when we have literally only a blurb for his impressions of the episode. It hardly gives us an idea aside from the rating what he really thought of the episode. It seems to me more grasping at straws if you can extrapolate that much from his one liner.

          So we talk about the effect that’s a topic in itself. But talking about quality of episode in addition to continuity are while related far reaching and stuffing words in his mouth. Why? Because you’re merely assuming that is what the blurb is talking about yet you don’t have that basis since clearly we’re not mind readers – and we’re certainly not going to be able to read a mind with that one-liner.

          • komporrhmwn says:

            The straw grasping has nothing to do with the length of a comment, though. Shouldn’t he be as relevant and precise as he can, exactly because his writing space is limited? What about Gon’s clearly illogical choice to fight? What about Killua’s “quick and dirty is always better”? What about the shockingly good battle animation? What about a hundred other, more relevant things?

            Look at the other mini-reviews at this entry: except for Saint Seiya (which he kind of hated), when commenting on other episodes he’s listing any flaws while acknowleding the qualities. You can get a pretty good idea of what he liked and disliked about them.

            A “Good episode, but…” would suffice… If he would also not squabble over calling out the names of the attacks, as it is completely integral to the story and not just for show.

            I guess the better way to represent Nen (and to do anything, really) would be to do it exactly like the old series did? It would be funny if it was more or less the same then, but I don’t even remember and neither does psgels (he has said so himself), although that doesn’t seem to affect his loyalty.

            I can extrapolate that much from a one liner, plus past reviews and comments.

            I don’t really get what you’re trying to say in your second paragraph, but I was replying to darkerthanblack and I have no recollection of stuffing words in mouths.

          • psgels psgels says:

            komporrhmwn: the reason why I treat Hunter X Hunter differently is because I’ve pretty much been witting through a recap for more than half a year now, with still no end in sight, even though I very rarely rewatch things. The fact that I’m still with this series at this point is a testament to how good Hunter X Hunter is, but I’m not going to try and give a fair review to something that’s already been done before. The comments I give each episodes instead are the things that stuck in my mind the most after each episode, nothing more. I’ve just gotten tired at trying to be nice at this series.

        • Toto y Moi says:


          I think that the issue lies in your reluctance (and apparent dislike) to rewatch things that you’ve seen before. Especially since Hunter x Hunter is a series that, unless you really pay attention to every scene in every episode, a viewer will often miss the mark of what’s actually going on.

          The 1999 animated series is a testament to this: they got the character development of the series’ protagonist entirely incorrect. And in fact, many of the readers of the manga did as well. Madhouse’s subtlety is being lost on you because you’re treating this series as a re-run instead of something new.

          Case in point: Nen is treated very differently in this version as opposed to the 1999 series. In the 1999 series, Nen is treated as a superpower instead of a menacing technique with severe consequences (which both the manga and Madhouse portray). Even characters who are supposed to be “good guys” like Wing are seemingly using a power that seems to be dark in nature. But you haven’t gone so far as to even mention that change. Other bloggers, even ones watching for the first time, seem to be picking up on these.

          Unless you watch this series with a new mindset, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it. You’re predisposed not to. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but your opinion comes across as uninformed due to your often baseless annoyance with the show’s extremely minor details.

          You didn’t even pause to consider the reasons as to why this episode contained less material than the version in the 1999 series (episode 38)–a full chapter’s worth of material. Next episode will only cover another two chapters; Madhouse is spending two full episodes adapting chapters that were covered in 1.5 episodes in the older version. Madhouse’s version is often praised for its pace. So why is this episode shorter than in the old series?

          Give it a thought.

          • Hi says:

            Be very, very careful with this Toto: while your reading of the manga is convincing, it is ultimately an interpretation that is nowhere set in stone. You can say readers and the 1999 series got the reading of characters incorrect, but that is an extrapolation of your own based on evidence: Togashi has not confirmed or made particularly clear that veracity of your own reading of the manga. Pointing to other bloggers might help your case, but I’ve seen you air your opinion across a solid array of outlets: you may have contributed to this enlightened outlook yourself.

            I wish not to offend, but we have had such a paltry look at Nen in this new series that to say it’s been treated more like a menacing power is a very myopic statement. The 1999 series–however much one might berate it for its direction–can still be interpreted as communicating the malignancy of Nen.

            Lastly–and I’m really peeved with this–you do not by any account or any measure have any right to prescribe how somebody should watch a show. Calling psgels peeves to be baseless is utterly absurd: even if Madhouse is laying the groundwork for future events, it’s blatantly obvious that if some of us can complain about it in the here and now, then Madhouse–and Togashi–have done something that isn’t universally palatable. Your analyses are lovely–they really are–but please: your thoughts are interpretations. They are not set in stone: don’t treat them as such and use them to engineer a comment that psgels is going about his business with the wrong outlook.

        • Machi says:

          Given the way he actually writes blurbs from the Kaleidoscope I’d say its far more spontaneous than anything – hence I don’t see his conciseness as being one straight to the point as much as whatever stuck last in his mind (and clearly the flashing text as Kevin already pointed out earlier literally was at the last portion).

          Thus, I see this really as grasping at straws because I’ve never been of the impression that these were supposed to be concise informative lines but spontaneous impressions. I mean just look at the other comments and previous ones he’s written like Jormungand you think that’s a precise enough line to give me a good enough window to figuring out his view? Its easy to say nice character development but on what grounds etc but clearly I’m not going to get any answer to that. Then we simply look at the next sentence which is a quick spontaneous thought on stereotypes. Hence, I see this as just stuffing words down because these are spontaneous off the fly thoughts – nothing I would take seriously.

        • Toto y Moi says:


          “Be very, very careful with this Toto: while your reading of the manga is convincing, it is ultimately an interpretation that is nowhere set in stone. You can say readers and the 1999 series got the reading of characters incorrect, but that is an extrapolation of your own based on evidence: Togashi has not confirmed or made particularly clear that veracity of your own reading of the manga. Pointing to other bloggers might help your case, but I’ve seen you air your opinion across a solid array of outlets: you may have contributed to this enlightened outlook yourself.”

          Actually, there is proof… The 1999 series was building to an entirely different conclusion. Episodes 61 and 62 of the 1999 series were originally storyboarded to have an anime-only ending that eventually was changed due to Togashi’s dislike of it. Do you remember the “Eye for an Eye, Nen for Nen” motif (also one of Killua’s catchphrases in the 1999 series) that pops up (often) throughout the filler moments of Nippon Animation’s version? That’s probably the most major theme present within the work that isn’t from the original manga. In Furuhashi’s intended climax, Kurapika and Chrollo would have killed each other in a final battle. Kurapika would have died in Leorio’s arms. Gon would have re-encountered Ging with Kite. If you dig, you can find some scans of those storyboards online. Moreover, you can actually find remnants of Furuhashi’s foreshadowing of Kurapika’s death in some filler moments in the 1999 series–like in episode 45 especially. There are also herrings that imply Kurapika’s revenge isn’t a product of his own desire, but rather indoctrination forced upon him in childhood.

          And as far as my thoughts being “interpretations,” keep watching. Most of my posts convey knowledge common to fans of the manga overseas; rarely do I mention anything that hasn’t already been fully explained.

          “I wish not to offend, but we have had such a paltry look at Nen in this new series that to say it’s been treated more like a menacing power is a very myopic statement. The 1999 series–however much one might berate it for its direction–can still be interpreted as communicating the malignancy of Nen.”
          How was my statement at all myopic? I’d like an explanation for this, since I’m certainly confused as to what you mean. Pay attention to the ways in which Nen is introduced. Instead of a skill that explains paranormal activity and the reasons as to why people excel in their respective fields, Wing introduces Nen as a superpower that should be used by the forces of good. The added dialogue is very moralistic and positive. Contrast this to Wing’s disposition in the manga/2011 series–it’s very different in tone.

          “Lastly–and I’m really peeved with this–you do not by any account or any measure have any right to prescribe how somebody should watch a show. Calling psgels peeves to be baseless is utterly absurd: even if Madhouse is laying the groundwork for future events, it’s blatantly obvious that if some of us can complain about it in the here and now, then Madhouse–and Togashi–have done something that isn’t universally palatable. Your analyses are lovely–they really are–but please: your thoughts are interpretations. They are not set in stone: don’t treat them as such and use them to engineer a comment that psgels is going about his business with the wrong outlook.”
          This is a matter of paying attention to the details. Psgels watches a lot of anime every week, so I understand that it’s hard to pay close attention to something he feels that he’s seen before. But in all honesty, there have been several instances in this blog that indicate that he hadn’t paid attention to details or differing major ideas despite attempting to compare the two versions in just about every post. The show is at a disadvantage because of this. And does anyone really want to read a summary nitpicking some of the smallest details in a 22-minute long episode? His summary for this kaleidoscope focused on two moments that, when combined, lasted for less than ten seconds of the entire episode. And it’s entirely pejorative. But then he gives the episode a “* Good” rating? The rationale makes little sense to me.

          • Anca says:

            Oh, what you write makes a lot of sense. I remember thinking that Kurapika would die during the old series.

            I didn’t like the way Nen was introduced the first way – I remember thinking ‘oh yay, here’s the obligatory generic power. Why did they have to add it now, they did fine for so many episodes without it.’ But this time its introduction was foreshadowed at pretty heavily (imho), and its introduction was quick and not treated as something too special (at least compared to the 1999 version).

            My opinions are an odd case though, because I haven’t read the manga myself and liked the old series, but still think this one is better.

          • psgels psgels says:

            Toto: you have interesting theories. But to be completely honest, I am getting tired of one thing here: the way you keep telling me how I should enjoy my series, and how you keep telling me how to blog thi sereis.

            The thing is that I never claimed to be complete in these reviews. The thing you mentioned above how this episode was longer than usual: I actually did notice that a bit, but I just wrote it off as a random pacing issue (why wouldn’t I?) I just don’t have the energy to keep actively looking for new thigns in a recap after half a year of nearly the same content. Especially with such a focal and forceful fanbase.

          • Toto y Moi says:

            And Hi, I speak my opinion with utmost sincerity and respect for your own views as well.

          • Toto y Moi says:


            You’re right. My apologies. I’ll stop trying to tell you how to blog the show. It largely came from a place of disappointment in what I read. I’m a longtime fan of your blog, and appreciate the work that you do.

      • kevin says:

        The entire point of this adaptation was to adapt the source material in a more accurate manner and when compared to the 99 series it has done just that. It’s conveyed the tone set in the manga as well as having a soul of it’s own. Is it different to the manga? Yes, in some minor ways. But it does ultimately do what it set out to do which is do the original source material justice.

        The 99 series was a bomb in Japan for a number of reasons, the most often stated was it’s inability to accurately adapt a manga that people loved so very much.

        Now it’s not always necessary to follow a manga to the tee, a good example of the is Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon), but in a case like Hunter x Hunter, which has more than 300 chapters to work off of, it is necessary so that plot holes and continuity errors are not created. This series is ultimately a love letter to Togashi’s manga, it is clear that the people working on it have a great appreciation for Togashi’s work and as such they are implementing little details here and there that would come up later on or that only true fans would pick up on.

        Something you may find interesting to know is that the characters calling out their attack names is in fact an important part of the story. Gon later on bases his own attacks around that very concept. So yes it is a necessary 1 second and no it does not at all misrepresent Nen (what a ridiculous statement by psgels).

        • Hi says:

          I need to clarify that the 99 series was not a bomb in Japan: a bomb of a series couldn’t spawn three subsequent OVAs, not least two of which had some pretty high production values channelled into them. That is misinformation. Looking at the BD and DVD sales for this series indicates that there’s some difficulty in shifting copies for the 2011 adaptation, but I’m not going to deem it a bomb in terms of TV rankings.

          BUT, I do understand where you’re coming from as regards adaptation of the manga material. I understand that it may be felt necessary to adapt the manga as close as possible so that any stylistic choices on the part of the author–immediately visible or otherwise–are not ignored. I do understand that–and I think your point should be heard. But please consider that there are alternative arguments that are every bit as valuable–and valid–as that opinion.

          Whether attack names are thrown up on screen in other shows of this kind or the manga is no reason for psgels not to comment on it negatively. Look, we all say things that come off the tops of our heads when we see something: good and negative. That’s what psgels has done. He pointed to the integrity of the rest of the episode when he gave it a good rating: we can’t be blind to that. But something annoyed him–and when you get something that feels unpalatable against a background of what is good, you’ll notice the bad–because it sticks out and can hamper your experience, no matter how short. That’s almost inevitable–and on something so personal and informal as a blog, it’s a poor show to knock an opinion that was never intended to be holistic.

          As you say yourself, it isn’t always necessary to follow the manga to a tee–and I think Machi and darkerthanblack hit the nail on the head: Togashi was writing a manga for the manga form–and he’s very good at it. He knows the manga form inside out, and he tailors it for his own purposes: characters come out of their panels, transitions work in consideration of page numbers, he ends on cliffhangers to keep viewers coming back for the next week, etc–but these things won’t necessarily work for television. He wasn’t writing for television. Attack names coming up on screen is more jarring in the moving form of television, it can be said–and that’s true enough. I feel that way.

          I also want to put forward an opinion of my own here: there’s nothing wrong with calling this series a love letter to Togashi, but this new series doesn’t marry up with my opinion of the manga. I think the overacting and bombastic soundtrack undermine the intelligence and subtlety of the manga–and that’s a valid opinion for one who knew nothing of the 99 series till recently, having read the manga from 2006. We all interpret the manga in very different ways, and it’s not up to anyone else to dismiss our own readings of it. You say this new series conveys the tone of the manga, but that’s your opinion based on your own feeling of what the manga represents–and I concur with some of them. But I don’t get the same sense of dissonance between Togashi’s oscillations between realistic and cartoon styles in this new show: I think it opts for consistency by focussing on the younger side. I don’t get the same earthy feeling to Togashi’s artwork in this new show–typified by his backgrounds and grubby artwork in the early volumes. As I said before, I don’t feel the same sense of maturity that I get from the manga in the acting, which is skewed younger in this new show–and I don’t think the music, with its electric guitars and such, really feels the essence of a manga that does so much in the way of implication. I reckon there are too many broad strokes to the soundtrack which can undermine Togashi’s portent and nuance. This is all subjective–and you’re very entitled and not at all wrong to feel differently–but the 99 series doesn’t factor into any of these opinions. I read the manga five-odd times before I even caught a glimpse of the original series when Viz released it. Attack names on screen is a perfectly fair criticism in this case, and even if you watched the old anime only, we don’t deny that calling out attack names is a part of the show: we don’t mind that. We just don’t appreciate the huge, bulking letters coming up on screen because if might feel a bit juvenile. HUNTER may be a shonen–but if I’m going by my own reading of the manga, it’s not an altogether typical one. Some can argue otherwise, but I genuinely don’t believe HUNTER is intended to play the shonen card straight. And a big chunk of its readership feels the same way–just as another chunk feels the same way you do. None are wrong.

          • komporrhmwn says:

            I don’t know the specifics of the ’99 bombing or not, but the animation of the Greed Island OVAs bordered on atrocious.

            I’m not going to comment about the psgels stuff, since I already have, except for this: he thinks almost everything that isn’t a complete pile of garbage is “good”, so that’s saying nothing.

            You’re absolutely right about Hunter x Hunter not being a typical shounen, I don’t think anyone who has read the manga views it as such.

            But here’s the thing: it starts as one, doesn’t it? There *are* hints (some more obvious than others) about the dark nature of the characters and the show, but they slowly build up until they explode during the Chimera Ant arc. Togashi time and time again plays with our expectations of the characters and the story.
            Until now, I think the new anime has done a terrific job of hiding the real nature of the show, just like the manga did early on. The real test for me is the Yorknew arc. That’s when we’ll know for sure what this adaptation is out to do.

            I’m optimistic.

          • Hi says:

            Sorry I can’t respond to you directly, komporrhmwn (page length issues?) but I think Greed Island looks fairly spiffing for its first eight episodes–comprising the first OVA–save for one mishap with gargantuan eyes. Though as I alluded to in my post, that third OVA–which we must never speak of–was handled in a slapdash sort of way, I’d say.

            As for the rating system, “good” is still “good”. It’s not merely “enjoyable” and it doesn’t have a minus rating. From what I’ve seen, psgels makes a good effort to keep his ratings fair. He knows his system; I say we detach our own perspective on it, for it represents his way of wanting to best indicate his feelings.

            Now, I do think that HUNTER starts off with the hallmarks of a shonen–and I’m with you on the inexorable movement towards the explosion later–but I don’t feel, so far, that this series illustrates that movement quite so proficiently. I feel that Togashi lays the foundations for that in ways that this series doesn’t capitalise on. Yorknew’s the test, as you say, but what I’ve seen so far doesn’t lead me to believe that Koshina has quite the confidence to illustrate that transition as cleverly as I would hope. Just my opinion, though–and I’m still watching, of course! We’re in for the long haul: I just wish my feelings for this series–and the manga, and the 1999 series–weren’t so bruised by the mood of negativity that’s been conjured up.

      • SirDerpalot says:

        Just because it was in the manga, doesn’t mean you have to NOT do it. And just because you change something from the manga, doesn’t mean it’s some awesome artistic idea.

        If you read the manga, no one calls out the name of his abilities anymore, except for few, who “think” if it and others who say it to confuse the enemy of what’s coming next (Rock, Paper, Scissors?). As in bubble thoughts. Calling names like Kamehemeha and Rasengan is pretty cliche and annoying. A name written in letters is pretty cool, they did something similar with Uvogin in the original anime.

  12. James says:

    Wow this blog is getting worse by the day.

    REALLY? You set yourself tp watch saint seya and want that on the 5th chapter people are fighting like they are pros?

  13. Juno says:

    Forget what others say. Your blog is never right on the mark for me, but it’s always been a great guide to help me pick up things that might interest me, and to think about things that I might not have thought about in a lot of the anime I watched. I thank you graciously for it all. Keep up the good work!

    On that note, I seem to have an attraction toward pretty generic hero series lately. I wonder why that is.. I’m always looking forward to singing Saint Seiya Omega’s theme song, like I did when I watched the original anime way back when… well, I’m not that old. Just old enough to have found both the anime and manga and liked it all. But the “hero” business really intrigues me as a person.

    • Anca says:

      I haven’t seen the original Saint Seiya, just The Lost Canvas (which was one of the best things I’ve watched in recent years), and Omega’s OP is still stuck in my head. It’s just that good.

      • Juno says:

        I feel really bad about this, but… even though I saw (nearly) every episode of the original series, I never watched even a single movie, nor did I catch Lost Canvas or the more recent Hades arc OVA’s. I’m definitely missing out on a lot, but I don’t know where to find them, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen the series, so I don’t know where to recap myself. ):
        But again, I have never been into the whole “hero” thing until recently, so I’m kinda interested in re-watching the older series completely…

        • Anca says:

          The Lost Canvas is on Bakabt, if that helps.

          It takes place in a distant past and doesn’t really reference the first series as far as I could tell. A couple of things weren’t explained, but I didn’t notice until Omega pointed them out. What I mean to say is you don’t need to know anything about the original series to watch it – it sort of like what Fate/Zero is to Stay Night.

  14. komporrhmwn says:

    Haha, these HxH comments are getting really embarassing.

  15. wicked says:

    Training and people being hot blooded is the saint seiya way,it wouldnt be Saint Seiya other wise. It’d be like Dragonball without people talking most of the episodes while trowing energy balls at each other, would not be Dragonball(it’d be a better anime, but not Dragonball).

    To be fair, though not really mentioned yet, a good amount of Koko’s team are Americans as well, and none of them are blonde or loud mouth assholes.

  16. Jack says:

    @wicked “training” and “hotblooded people” were never the defining characteristics of Saint Seiya – in fact, there was VERY little training because, unlike most shonen manga, SS never had a training arc. The Bronze Saints got stronger through their fights with stronger opponents, not by training. And the only main character that was “hot-blooded” was Seiya himself.

    The reason Omega sucks is because, so far, they’ve failed to reproduce the “gravitas” of the original… The original cast had to go through many sacrifices and hardships to get ANYWHERE. Need to repair your and your friend’s Cloth? Then hand over tree litres of your own blood. Fighthing the Saint with the medusa shield? Then you had better cut your own eyes out, because closing them is not enough. Each victory was won only after the characters had withstood more punishment than humanly possible.

    The new series just feels like a completely generic shonen.

    • wicked says:

      I spoke without watching the omega series, so I may have misspoke. Original saints never “trained” on screen, as they do “level up” in battles that matter, though many battles serves instructional purposes it’s somewhat different from an actual training arc in what you see in Shonen. To me Saint Seiya was always about hotblooded young man fighting, all the main bronze are hot blooded characters at their core, burning with passion in battle, despite their different personalities.

    • Carbine Gammaximon says:

      Wow. now that’s something I’ll choose over generic anytime. See what I’ve been missing!

  17. Andmeuths says:

    I’m quite surprised that Medaka Box manages to stay on your Kalaeidoscope List, to be honest, given how hostile much of the Blogosphere seems to be to the show (beyond those that the read the manga).

    Still, it might be best to regard the first half of the Cour as a mix of character establishment and Filler, especially in light of later content.

    However, the horrifyingly poor action sequences bodes ill for the more substantial stuff later on- unless Gainax is deliberately saving it’s budget for the end of the Cour.

    As for Natsuro Kiseki, I dare say it’s among one of the best Slice of Life/Friendship Series I’ve seen in quite awhile. Of course, it can’t be compared to Apollion, but it’s one tier down in my opinion.

  18. Meow says:

    Why do you compare hxh to the older series as if it were the source material? If youre not enjoying it for that then Drop it :/

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They literally admitted a love triangle between the three main characters. You're in denial.
Are you kidding? This episode they outright admitted a love triangle between the three main characters. You're in denial.
I actually was going to admit that I was wrong when I heard about the "Kiss" and gladly do so. But when I watched the scene in question it's clear what I said is still correct. They will dance around it, sure. But never outright confirm it.
@Anon, discussed this before when the "Kiss" happened. Despite the series hinting it, and hinting it hard, it still hasn't outright confirmed it. While I am sure it is head canon to the watchers, the series itself is just queer baiting.
Okay... Just watched this week's Yuri on Ice. Haha things got weird again... and they so nailed Barcelona here, I recognized most of the places.
@anon527634: actually about that, I am a bit let down that after that "supposed kiss" in episode 7, no one in the series mentioned it again. Just like that "kiss" never happened.
So when is Aidan going to publicly admit he was wrong about the Yuri romance?
I loved the special ED so much.
Alright... Yuri this week was interesting in so many ways.
I'm also planning to catch BBK/BRK before the year end soon. I'm also find that series entertaining despite its obvious flaws
Kaiser Eoghan
But come to think of it, I do know what its like to enjoy something admittedly flawed, the first season of utawerumono was like that for me, I have nothing but criticism of it in all aspects but yet ended up being one of those things I somehow enjoyed watching.
Kaiser Eoghan
Ah, only flippflappers, natsume, drifters on my end.
I wonder if anyone here is still watching Bubuki Buranki? It's weird but despite how deeply flawed it is I find it fairly enjoyable. Though that fantastic soundtrack certainly helps.
@Anon, Oh they announced a Sonic movie too. Apparently it's a mix of live action and animation.
I am suprised SEGA didn't announce an Sonic movie and went with games like Altered Beast and Crazy Taxi, they probably could have just ripped off one story from the Archie Sonic comics and make an movie based on that, preferably the story where Sonic travels in the multiverse to fight an super powerful Sigma alongside Classic Megaman and Megaman X,Steet Fighter cast,Breath of Fire 3 cast and more
@Anon, A parody Grindhouse film actually could work. I consider Overkill the best of House of the dead. Thing is there actually is already a house of the dead movie so this would be their second attempt. The first attempt...lets just say it didn't work out.
And House Of The Dead: Overkill is probably the best game in the franchise to adapt, i mean, it has Isaac Washington in it and dude's awesome.
None of those games have much of a story, but at least House Of The Dead could make for an entertaining silly movie, i mean House Of The Dead: Overkill is freaking awesome and has silly cutscenes at the start and end of every level.
Kaiser Eoghan
At most moonbeam city seems sylistically interesting.
Kaiser Eoghan
Archer I simply lost track of and it ended up getting to long to catch up on it.
Kaiser Eoghan
Relatively old news, although I've been joking with friends about what if scenarios for a streets of rage film. I know there is a cg/live action hybrid sonic film in the works. I kind of want to think a shinobi or streets of rage film could work if they went full on 70s style action film.
None of these games are played for the story. You would be better off just making a new game for them instead of a movie.
I haven't even seen Archer. On another note SEGA is planning a bunch of live action movies of their franchises and boy do they all sound like a horrible idea. Shinobi, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, The House of the Dead, Crazy Taxi, Streets of rage and Altered Beast.
@Anon522497: hmm, I found Moonbeam City underwhelmed and for Archer up until their last season I actually got a bit tired of the cast (couldn't finish that season 7)
If i wanted Archer i would just watch Archer or Moonbeam City like everyone else.
Anyone here watching Pacific Heat? It's an Aussie Archer-ripoff aired in Netflix last week. I actually enjoyed the 1st episode, not that great but everyone panned it like a plague.
@Anon, Who?
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: That'd be the compiliation film. I watched that based on hearing that the film version trimmed back on the shows weaker moments.
@Kaiser: was it the compilation film or the series itself? That scene is the highlight of that first season. I'm always a fan of KyoAni so it's very natural that I enjoy this series a whole lot.
Kaiser Eoghan
I watched the first season of sound euphonium, not much to say for it other than I liked the teacher guy and the scene where the black haired girl tells the main character that she thinks shes hiding behind a mask. Animation was as expected of kyoani good. All of those emotion shots though and some of the melodrama...
@Kaiser, it does stop if you make an account.
Kaiser Eoghan
Hmmm there we go again, it delayed sending my message for longer than it should have.
Kaiser Eoghan
Anyone notice today and last night that the site has had some loading issues? I kept getting an error page for a while and it was also loading a bit more slowly. A server issue?
Have to say, Flip Flappers ep 5 was pretty good. I love atmospheric settings like that.
Looks like an Epee. The large bell guard, the fact that they are focusing on thrusting attacks instead of slashing (mostly). Fencing is alot of fun. Be prepared for some bruises though, as some people put their full body weight behind their thrusts.
I have one last dumb question, Can you tell what types of blade of Juri in Utena?
@Lenlo: the more you described the more I found fencing interesting. I might take a look around my town to see if we have Fencing here (the curse of living in a small town).
Blades are slightly different, yes, but mostly just in their guard and how much they bend. Sabers bend easily, Epee's not so much. Surprisingly Epee is the slowest, because people tend to be more careful. Saber is actually the most aggressive of the blades, atleast at my skill level
That's all they had to do. Just stay inside and let it pass. But for some weird reason they just keep panicking over nothing.
As far as time/alternate world stuff goes this was ridiculously underwhelming. Just finished another movie called triangle and now that's how you do Time travel mindfuckery.
@Mario, I am not fond of movies where people make stupid decisions for no good reason. For example:
"We should just stay inside"
"No, staying inside isn't realistic"
Showed that movie to a bunch of friends last year and I remembered one of the girl just shut off the movie after 15'
@Aidan: too bad. I found Cohenrent really funny and entertaining. Some of their twists are stupid but I was actually invested in much of their characters. Maybe because I always love movies about a bunch of characters in an isolated setting
@Lenlo: sounds like Epee is the most "all-out-attack" and aggressive one. Their blades are different as well I assume?
Just watched a movie called coherence and man, what a bunch a pseudo-intellectual garbage that was.
For Right of Way, its basically Person A attacks, Person B parries, Person A hits, Person B hits, Person B gets the point because they took right of way with the parry. Saber and Foil both have that, but Epee does not. Epee is simply "Whoever hits the opponent first, doesnt matter where, whole body is target area"
Theres Saber, Foil and Epee. The main difference is this thing called right of way, but there are other smaller ones like how Saber can hit with the edge and Epee is allowed to hit the entire body, instead of just the chest like Foil
For news, Blood Blockade Battlefront getting second season next year. As it was one of my favorite last year I'm really lokking forward to this second season
@Lenlo: that sounds great. From what I know from fencing there are 3 different types of blade right? So what are the differences between them? (Fencing 101 here)
Kaiser Eoghan
Although a fantasy sports thing could also generate interest, such as combining sports together to create something totally new.
@SuperMario, Fencing was great. Favorite sport ever and it helped me stay in shape in College. I find Epee to be the best blade, mostly cause I fenced it, but its a very intense 3 minutes. Unlike sports like Soccer and such which is alot of sustained running, Fencing is 3 minutes of Dont-Stop-Moving then wait till next match. Gets really fun once you figure out your own style.
haha, I wouldn't mind either if each episode focus on a single sport/ character/ country. Or even the positive aspects like role models, sports inspirations and stuffs
That Olympic anime sounds great.
Kaiser Eoghan
And it would be a good excuse to have characters of multiple backgrounds included too.
Kaiser Eoghan
Could be an 13 episode ova series with 48 minute episodes, and if its to be an ensemble character drama you could have 10 minutes to a each character (the ones being focused on in that episode) in each episode.
Kaiser Eoghan
Ah yes, aswell as cheating it could also get into "stage parenting", "abuse", "Disabilities" and also the general politics of sports, the backroom stuff.
I'll be the first in line if that olympic anime ever come out. Could be interesting to see the interactions between athletes in different sports, and then fans/athletes/coaches relationship, then the gold rush, doping... So much to talk around to
Kaiser Eoghan
I don't think theres ever been a manga about hurling either. Hey heres an idea, someone do an ensemble drama anime that deals with the olympics, fit in multiple sports that way.
Personally I find Australian football much more exciting than rugby. Or crickets.
@Kaiser: ha! Interesting that you mentioned Gaelic football, because in Aus we have AFL (Australian Football League), that really similars to Gealic Football to the point sometimes we have the 2 national teams compete each other with modified rules
Kaiser Eoghan
Hmm, lets see, sport under-represented in anime? Fencing, golf , Gaelic football, bowling, boat racing.
Hey, fencing is actually really cool. How did you like it Lenlo?
You have your point there Topgavin, as I clearly remember many instances where players' legs, backs or even necks got snapped during rugby's tackles. But in regards to Rugby I never really care about it. That and car racing
Its mostly the type of injuries you get that differ I think. Football you get concussions and broken bones and such, while in Rugby you probably get alot of bruises and cuts. Granted I have played neither, I was a Soccer man in highschool and fencing in College
American football has alot of rules, and really is just a bunch of millionaires running around chasing a ball. Rugby however, as Topgavin said, has no pads so when you get hit you get hit HARD
I never ceases to surprise me just how high and mighty visual novel fans can be over Mosaics present in localized games. I mean they are literally complaining about not seeing genitalia yet the way they phrase it, it's like they are fighting against great injustice. If these VNs were Nukige they might have a point but in most cases the sex scenes in question are pointless and shoehorned in.
@Mario Rugby is more extreme *because* it has no protective gear. No hiding behind helmets and cushioned shoulder pads when ya get bowled over.
@Lenlo: I'm no expert but isn't American football a variation of Rugby? And I believe american football is more extreme, considering they have to wear helmets, protection gears and all that
I dont think theres alot of manga about it because its simply not that popular outside the US. As far as it being a battlefield, eeeeh? Not really? You want a battlefield watch Rugby.
I can think of other cool sports that could be interesting to see in anime: Kick Volleyball (Sepak takraw), Bossaball (combined soccer, volleyball in a trampoline), or in the same vein of skate figures this season, why not pole dancing competition???
What other sport is cool and popular that remains original to write about by now? There isn't a lot of manga about it compared to anything else.
American football looks like a battlefield with a visible battleline and everything. Id like it if there wasnt so many darn commercials.
I mean, its a sport. Far cry from best, but its definitely a sport.
@Vonter: or maybe because american football IS the best sports ever?
Kaiser Eoghan
@Vonter: Most likely due to the middle section of the original anime being the most popular bit.
Can someone explain me how Cobra, is apparently getting an anime around some sort of space american football?
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Its not safe enough a film for me to properly recommend. Even to exploitation fans, they might find it too slow others would be too sensitive to it. Really una vita violenca, mamma roma, accatone, hawks and sparrows are what Pasolini is really about.
Now that you watched Salo, would you recommend the film to other people? I personally think it's a masterpiece but it's one of the title that I think people would break up with me if I show them this movie
@Kaiser: even him as a director, both Braveheart and Apocalypto don't do much to me, will see if Hacksaw Ridge going to change my mind (but I'm not to fond with war movies in general). La Notte is in my sooon-to-watch list for years, haha
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Mel Gibson as a director, not as an actor =)
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Thats why I prefer the neo-realist/quasi-neo-realism stuff as it deals with the worse off in society. But Antonioni was the master of being able to do films about angsty well-off people, L'aventura, the passenger and La notte for example
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Its not so much that I dislike post 50s fellini moreso I feel that his throw everything at the screen and hope what sticks method can be hit or miss.
While I don't really mind his later stuffs because he was masterclass, I have a pretty hard time for Paolo Sorrentino's later works. The thing is I don't care much about the high class society so everything is just ridiculously over the top and glamour and I'm tired of it.
I haven't watched nights of cabiria but I did watch La Strada and boy, I was sad for few days after watching it. Fellini mentioned that he was inspired to make this movie when seeing a woman pushing a cart from behind. The film really carry that sense throughout its running
Michael Haneke put Salo in his top 10 films. Quite understandable when you think about it. Still for me one of the movie that affected me deeply.
I really admire Elle for its ability to maintain its sharpness because under other inexperienced directors it could easily becomes a mess. Mel Gibson, really? He's one of the few actors that I absolutely dislike
@Kaiser: The Red Turtle remains one of the the most refreshing time I had this year in cinema, but then again I haven't watched much films lately. Agree with you on Sonia's performance, and I still think they could cut out the first 20' of the film because it feels out of place compare to the rest of the film
Kaiser Eoghan
Debating whether to bother catching up on I am a hero or watching the film adaptation. I haven't read it since they got rid of that one female character.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I've a feeling you'll like nights of cabiria, Fellini was cranking out some solidly effective social-realist dramas in the 50s before he fell into self-indulgence.
Kaiser Eoghan
Now I have that sound euphonium compilation film downloaded, I should get to that sometime.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I also finally watched Salo, I ended up meeting it pretty much halfway. Some parts still retain the ability to effect a modern viewer, having seen his other works though its crazy just how different Salo is to them.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Seeing I, daniel Blake tomorrow and rogue one in a few weeks.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I hope Mel Gibson and Isabelle huppert win at the next oscars.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: I liked the red turtle for its visual style of storytelling and animation even if I didn't get as emotionally attached to it as others did. I also watched Aquarius nd was pretty much blown away by Sonia Braga's performance. Elle is now one of my favourite Verhoeven films and its a miracle he managed to maintain such a great balance successfully throughout the film.
I don't care for the sequel of Code Geass at all. Why Spice & Wolf still hasn't got season 3 though is what really bugged me. From what I know their manga and LNs are selling very well
I wonder why that is...
Kaiser Eoghan
Ah, they were always milking code geass though what with those bajillion-million-billion manga spinoffs.
Kaiser Eoghan
Still say I was more fond of the character chemistry in spice and wolf as opposed to everything else.
Kaiser Eoghan
I'll likely pass on the code geass sequel, the memory I have of it has already led to its appeal dimishing for me, I don't want to ruin things further watching an un-neccesary followup. Still avoiding utawerumono's second season for same reasons.
After all there are things which need sequels and things which don't. And Code Geass never needed a sequel after R2's ending. Giving something a sequel can just ruin the conculsion of the orignal series. Case in point. Eureka Seven Ao. Remember that? Cause you shouldn't. Because it was terrible.
Honestly I would have preferred Spice and Wolf Season 3.
AidanAK47 anyone gonna mention that Code Geass is getting a sequel?
....Because Code Geass is getting a sequel.
@Anon, I am watching it as well. But I am a bit behind because I am watching the funimation broadcast dub. It's a very good guilty pleasure. I don't find it quite as funny anymore but it's still pure dumb fun.
@Anon487524: I'm still following it and it still remains a fun show to watch. I love the way they do the fan-servicey completely straight.
@anon I'll admit to watching it. While it is very simple and follows the sport anime formula religiously, it's still a blast to watch every week. This is also helped because you have no expectations for it before watching other than "oh god what's gonna happen this week".
Granted, nothing special, just one of those anime whose only worth is being fun to watch without being deep, but Keijo really is fun to watch, easily the best guilty pleasure anime in a long while to me.
I started watching it expecting an crappy fanservice anime with nothing of worth, but it ended up being actually pretty fun and awesome to watch.
Anyone here seeing Keijo?
What's up with 3-gatsu no Lion? Delayed for a week huh?
Kaiser Eoghan
Checked out Hedeki anno's godzilla re-boot earlier out of curiousity, its a bit plodding/dull at times but sometimes its high camp value played straight is kind of funny, having godzilla evolve during the film was a cool touch and I enjoyed every scene with him and making a Godzilla film today is still very relevant. Not a patch on the old ones though.
I think that movie was just so terrible that people made it into a meme. Stuff like "The Entire Bee Movie Except Evey Time They Say 'Bee' The Movie Speeds Up"
Kaiser Eoghan
I'm sorry lmao I had to, it seemed so appropriate a moment:
Fun Fact: The whole Bees shouldn't be able to fly thing is a myth.
I think that was just a dry realization...
@Topgavin, It's a meme to post the entire script of the bee movie in random places?
....I don't get the joke.
For anyone wondering, I think anon just copy/pasted the entire script for the Bee movie. Memes are goin strong
According to all known laws
of aviation,

there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway

because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.

Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.

Ooh, black and yellow!
Let's shake it up a little.

Barry! Breakfast i
Kaiser Eoghan
Actually I think it was up to about episode ten or so I saw.
Kaiser Eoghan
From what I can recall I watched legend of the galactic heroes somewhere past the part with the Caligula guy.
That is one thing I wonder about the remake. How are they going to make the space battles interesting? Cause for me theres only so many times you can watch tin boxes shoot lasers and explode.
I didn't like LOGH until the third episode. That's when it started to catch my attention. It also helps that I have a interest in history as the plot of LOGH practically reads like genuine history.
In my case the overhype didn't kill it for me as I generally try to avoid that. When I walked into LOGH I was under the impression that it would ahve merit but not be for me. After all I heard it was mostly politics and the politics of Gundam bore me to tears. Funny enough the opposite happened. The space battles bored me but the politics got me really interested.
@Leahcimali, The problem is that the people who say that something is the best thing they ever seen don't actually mean it. Often it's just hyperbole. When talking we other people fans tend to blow certain things out of proportion unintentionally. Overrated is likely the wrong word but you get what I mean.
@AidankAK47 oh and are you going to write a review about it or because psngel already wrote a review of it you are not gonna write it ?
the problem is trying to rank art . Even comparing a comedy show and a story focus show is clearly impossible. @AidanAK47 do you think the overhype of some hardcore logh fan killed you enjoyment of the show ? Because sometimes when you expect nothing of something you can enjoy it more than when waiting for something incredible.
i hear the same thing from fan of lord of the ring, star wars and game of thrones, star trek ... etc. The hardcore fan of those says that they are the greatest things in history ... but saying there are overated is discrediting the quality of those. Nothing is perfect and again maintening equal quality in a longuer running show is impossible. But having a longer story create a more rich background
@Mario Kimi no Na ha is pretty damn good. Watched it while in Japan a couple weeks back. The story has well done surprises, and on the graphics side you can *really* see Production IG worked on it.
I don't think saying logh is overated is a good way to say it. All media with great aclaimed critics or even highly popular show suffer from the fan reaction. If fan claim that it is the best things that they have ever saw and you don't agree, it feels overated. But this is only pure subjectivity. Saying he is greastest thing in history is a way for fan to exprim there love
However it has been placed on a unreasonable pedestal that nothing could live up to. Eva is sort of in the same boat. So yes it is overrated but that does not mean it isn't great.
@Leahcimali, if anything is claimed to be the greatest thing in the history of mankind it is overrated. The basic idea that there is a single anime out there which is fundamental and universally better than all other anime regardless of genre or intent is inherently a flawed concept. I do certainly see why LOGH is so highly acclaimed and I believe it is well worth watching.
@Anon, I didn't look into the details of the new LOGH remake. I was planning on doing that when I am doing an anime season preview for it whenever it's going to air next year. For a long anime it does rate highly but even then I am not certain it really needed all 110 of those episodes.
about your comment are you thinking the LOGH anime is overated ? i ask Because you said that there is plenty of anime you consided better .
about the remake won't it be a straight adaptation from the manga remake by the artist that made shiki ?
AidanAK47 personally i really loved legend of the galactic heroes and it is one of the anime that make one of the biggest impact on me. I found it the best "long" anime that i ever seen (more than 24 ep). But comparing it to anime with shorter format is a bit hard. you can make something that have perfect pacing in 1h30 but it is impossible with a 110 ep anime.
Either way I am pretty certain that all other isn't crap to me now seeing as I have seen the so called pinnacle. In fact There are plenty of anime I consider better that LOGH.
There are aspects of its story which wouldn't really work by today's standards.
And I did it. I watched legend of the galactic heroes. I have slain the white whale of anime. It certainly was interesting to say the least but I think the remake coming is going to have trouble. I am in between giving it a 8 or a 9 but it's clear that LOGH is very much a product of its time.
Kaiser Eoghan
I didn't really care for this weeks flipflappers, the fanservice and also it was even more trigger than I could take.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Gavin@Mario: I'll get round to your name someday but I think this might be my last chance with shinkai.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: That disgaea review made me nostalgic because I remember my friends and I playing it back when it first came out. We found it difficult but were amused by it/liked the characters.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: Are the manga posts exclusively for series with only a few chapters translated or series that came out in the past year or so? I've been reading gunka no balthazar and enjoying it enough and think it should get recommendation out there.
Just booked tickets to go see it on Sunday with my little sister. Was surprisingly reluctant but I know she'll like it, I've already seen it but pumped either way.
Your name movie has been showed theatrically here in Aus, I'm planning to rewatch it soon in theatre and then do a review on it. Is that alright with other admins?
so I guess the top 6 will advance to the final are: Otabek Altin (Kazakhstan), Giacometti (Switzerland), Yuri, Yurio, JJ and Phichit? Will be very cool final event haha
At the very least Yuri on Ice shows me how entertaining ice skating can be
@K-Off: have a good trip ahead K-Off. Well, it's still better than Japan (earthquake) I guess
Well, heading to Korea tomorrow. What a time to go. In the middle of Korea's biggest financial scandal since the 80s.
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I am really starting to dislike how this show is killing off the characters I grow remotely interested in while leaving only the dullest characters to carry the show. Don’t take that to mean I cared about the remaining twin angel that got killed off because her death was pretty deserved. But this cements the […]


Drifters – 09[Serious Bomber]

Drifters is at it’s best when the Orte are getting trounced and they are certainly getting a beating here. I could complain over how the Orte are one dimensional villains but after the master race bull and the concentration camp here they are quite literally Nazi’s at this point. Nazi’s are the one type of […]

3-gatsu ni Lion 08

3-gatsu no Lion – 08 [Image – Distant Thunder part 1]

We’re back with 3-gatsu no Lion after a week hiatus from sick leave (I know everyone got sick last week, be it in springtime in this corner of the world, or the start of winter elsewhere) and I’m glad that the show returns in good form. Kyouko might be the most distinctive character the show […]

Flip Flappers 09

Flip Flappers – 09 [Pure Mute]

Again this week, Yayaka takes up the stage and by the end of this episode her arc is basically over, now that she is abandoned by the Cult and is taken over by Cocona and Papika. But what an emotional ride this episode delivers. I’m particularly taken not only by the action and consequence she […]


Occultic;Nine – 07-08[Happiness is a Warm Gun]

By episode sevens end it did confirm that indeed, the majority of the cast is dead which brings up a whole host of problems. For you see while this twist may seem like a interesting left turn, it only really works if you consider the time a character is shown on screen the only time […]

Sound Eupho 2 - 09

Sound! Euphonium 2 – 09 [Sound! Euphonium]

Two-third of this Fall season have passed and usually this is the time for our shows to reach to their full potential. Sound Eupho, comfortably delivers one of its best episode of this second season. As you can probably tell by the self-titled nature of this episode, our Eupho players are given as the centerpiece […]


Magical Girl Raising Project – 09[Notice of New Rules]

Calamity Mary dying was pretty expected and the death that followed was equally something that was bound to happen. Though having a third death was not quite what I expected. Considering the small line in one of the halfway blurbs about Nana having some other intentions I thought she might have more to her than […]


Drifters – 08[Mystery Call Me]

It looks to be a trend of drifters to follow a high action episode with a cooling down period. Though it does leave me with little to comment on. Scipio meeting Kanno and neither being able to understand each other lead to what may be one of the few jokes that actually hit with this […]

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Hooray, I’m finally back to this section after a while. I originally plan to review a more in-focus groups of animated films, like Korean movies, anthology movies, female-directed films, etc but now I have a different plan. The days that I cover all these will come, I promise. Instead, this time I want to highlight […]

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Sometimes you dread for the current state of anime: high school settings, cute girls, fan-service jokes, idol madness… that you wish for once to see something different, and out of nowhere an oddball like this just pop up: a wuxia puppetry show influenced by Taiwanese glove puppetry written by Gen Urobuchi. The sheer fact that […]

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What would you do if you receive letters from your future-self saying that you can change your future? That’s exactly what Naho experienced as she obtains ones from herself 10 years later that urge her to look after her new friend and prevent him from committing suicide. The premise, I agree, is hardly anything groundbreaking, […]

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When taking up the job of checking out every anime season you really can starve for something different. Variety is the spice of life and yet the entertainment industry seems determined to give us more of the same. So in the sea of average high school students gaining superpowers and harems I see an anime […]

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Mob Psycho 100 Review – 80/100

After the explosive popularity of One Punch Man it really was a high bar that another work of the author ONE had to reach. While it didn’t quite manage that it still differentiated itself enough to allow it to be a worthy anime of it’s own right. But admittedly that will depend on whether this […]

[HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 18 [480p].mkv_002253.373

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World Review – 91/100

I will be the first to admit that this is very much a biased review as I have come to love this series very dearly and will now proceed to devour every piece of entertainment related to it that I can find until the day a second season is confirmed. The story involves a boy […]


The House in Fata Morgana Video Game Review – 83/100

Well I promised I would do a review of this visual novel quite a while ago and believe it or not I only just got around to finishing it. If the fellow who requested it is still here then here you go, I kept my word. Anyway it has been a while since my last […]


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Review – 65/100

The title of this game rather says everything you need to know about my initial reaction, and I’m still all around puzzled at the mixed bag that this turned out to be – it IS just a standard mashup while having a bit of fun with some experimentation, but the game itself is actually a […]

vlcsKizumonogatary 01b

Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu-hen (2016) Movie Review – 85/100

Just a quick note that I originally intended this week’s review to be about Miss Hokusai. But because of the DVD release of this Kizumonogatari (with good subtitle to boost), I decided to bump this up and review it instead. Monogatari series has been among one of my favorite series, and certainly the one that […]