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My memory with these kinds of things is not the best, but if I’m not mistaken, then this was the first time in which Kirito actually killed a person, right? I mean, not indirectly like what happened with that one guild of his, but in which he was actually forced to strike down and kill a fellow player. This episode was stuffed with character-development, of which that was only the tip of the iceberg: Kirito was forced to join a guild and he and Asuna officially became a couple (including the two of them sleeping together, which is something you rarely see outside of the outright porn shows). But I do feel that this episode was rather forced…

Kuradeel… I get why he was used, but I didn’t really like him before, and this episode did not change that. I mean, I like that he’d try something, considering that he hates Kirito quite a bit, but I feel that he also could have done that without the overacting. In fact, I think that the points in which the characters in this show go mental are hard to buy and annoying, and it didn’t really help that this was followed by a badly covered “I nearly killed you but because I like to talk to myself your ally arrived just in time to save you”-twist. If you’re going to go with a twist like that: at least deliver it properly, because to be honest, at this point I have pretty much been programmed to exactly point out the moment in which these twists happen due to how bloody overused they are. You could have shown this from Asuna’s point of view, perhaps. that would have spiced things up a bit, and at the same time it’d also show that she actually did something… other than look at Kirito on her personal map. A few weeks ago I complained that we saw her do very little guild-duties, and that’s a problem that still hasn’t really been fixed here.

The direction on was on other points really good though. I mean, ignore the hapless overacting and I got quite a few chills from how Kirito and that one guy were killed off. I also like how the creators succeeded in making the first night between Kirito and Asuna rather awkward. One complaint to this however is that things moved incredibly fast. I mean, the end of the episode moved right from sex to marriage in an instant. Wouldn’t it have worked better if the creators put some time between that?
Rating: 4.5/8 (Good)

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  1. kazid33 says:

    I also complain about the fast passing here, but the chapter has to epic moments to thing about that.

    I thing Kuradell was really a good villain, really dangerous, no like the common talk bad guy. He planed his vengance, execute and nearly succed whit fast passing, i dont see him talking a do nothing, he talk and torture and killed at the same time nearly as fast as he could whit his actual skills. Is not his fault that Asuna got in time. Also Asuna cant killed him, and this nearly cost his life, this was a really dangerous situation and i aplaud the series for that. Kirito saved her and this follow the charm moment.

    let pass the fast passing this was the best episode of the entire season for me. 7/8.

  2. Ransom says:

    We already knew that Kuradell was a creepy stalker from before. I think that making him go mental here wasn’t that far-fetched.

    Also, Asuna’s arrival was also a strange thing in the novel, not because she arrived in the nick of time like the usual trope but because of the time it took here to get to that place, it’s even described in the novels. She exceeded the human limits :)

    • edlar says:

      Kirito has already killed several players, all of them being members of the Laughing Coffin Guild like Kuradeel.

      As for the Asuna-Kirito relationship, that is a failure of the anime adaptation. They were together as a party for much longer than the second episode suggests so they have actually known each other and were friends since close to the beginning.

  3. imredjimmy says:

    I pretty much have the same complaints as psgels does. I really don’t find this show outstanding or anything, I’m rather curious why it has such big buzz. Although buzz about a show doesn’t always have to do with the best animes out there….guilty crown anyone? Sword Art Online is nice. The episodes are better and I like how it used it’s side-stories to develop it’s characters further. I wish it was better. That’s pretty much all I have to say xD

    • Carbine Gammaximon says:

      ….damn. that pretty much sums it up. Do you have any idea how long i’ve been waiting for a faantasy anime? and it comes up like this? ah well, back to waiting again.

      • wicked says:

        Not that long? There was Legend of Legendary Hero 2010, Kemono no Souja Erin 2009, Shining Heart 2012. Do you mean good fantasy? then Kemono might be the only one that makes the list

        • TheUltimateReaper says:

          I don’t care what anybody says about Legend of Legendary Heroes, it was friggen amazing, and I loved every second it it.
          Minus the pilot episode. Nobody liked the pilot episode.

        • TheUltimateReaper says:

          Yeah I just liked it for what it was. Should have been so much more I think, but I’m fine with what it was. I doubt I’ll see a story like that any time soon though.

          • wicked says:

            well it’s popular enough that the Novel is still going on, just dont know if it’s ll ever get another anime since that one drew just awful ratings

        • TheUltimateReaper says:

          I might just read that if I can find translations. It’s a pity, I heard that’s what happened to Deadman Wonderland, even though the anime itself was magnificent, and to be honest, a bit heart wrenching.

        • Carbine Gammaximon says:

          I watched Legend of Legendary Heroes. I liked it, but left me hanging with that cliffhanger. Was disappointed by Tears to Tiara, but I’ll check Kemono. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Gustavo says:

    Can anyone tell me why the hell Kirito was defeated in de duel? His sword was about to cut the Shield guy and, then… What happened there? Was that his unique skill? Like stop time or Haste in near death situations?

  5. wicked says:

    I guess sleeping together rarely in non-mature themed anime, because I think I quickly came up with half a dozen instances of people sleeping together, off the to of my head, Rokka and her man in boytoy body, Kiritsugu with his assistant, Jin and his monster girlfriend, Mine Fujiko with practically everyone not name Lupin, Ole Yandere fav Yuno and her object of obsession Yuki. Unless you mean the main couple getting it on, then that number dwindles back down to next to zero.

    I dont really critique, just liked to poke fun. What’s Kuradeel’s beef with Godfry? Kuradeel must had some real deep hate of Godfry to ignore the stronger Kirito who drank less poison and humiliated him before and kill him first. Failure at villain 101 unless you took that course in Shounen academy.

    Is there a more overused phrase in anime than “xxx-kun, BAKA”?

    I guess with all the hoopla with Kirito “almost dying” everybody just decided not to talk about Heathcliff might be a cheater?

    I dont play online games, but what exactly do you do in a guild really on non-raiding days?

    • hoiut says:

      It seems like every anime this side of School Days. Man, if only School Days would’ve had some good ol’ hanky-panky in there. Maybe with a Nice Boatload of that, the resulting melodrama would have screwed the cast over in the end or something. Oh well.


  6. xyshtoph says:

    I’ve read books, memorials and diaries of young people who took part in uprisings in my country during the second world war and SAO feels very similar to those. The constant rush, battles, focusing on things important for the protagonists only, fast character development – it was all there as a result of not knowing if you will survive another day or month. The fact that they crammed so many things in such short time – from almost dying, killing traitor, spending night together and deciding to get married – feels completely natural in case of Kirito and Asuna, because they experienced the fragility of their lives and want to live as strong as they can. Rather than about fantasy rpg, for me this story is about war and a couple that found each other during that time.

  7. Doug Napoleone says:

    The light novels have Kirito killing more of the coffin group. Somewhere else I saw someone complain that it was out of character for him not to feel remorse over killing. The anime could have dealt with this better. They still might, given the subtle feel at the end of this episode. Kirito was brooding in it, sitting on the bed, fully dresses… It had an odd feel setting up more undercurrents than just the marriage proposal.

    On the side of the fast moving relationship. I don’t think it was rushed in the plot sense. Kirito thought he was dead. He thought Asuna was going to die. These things piling on you, change your perspective. It is rushed, but these are kids. Kids in love and facing imminent death. You also have to consider what ‘marriage’ means in this game. In the end I think it fits in character wise perfectly.

    Yes it is rushed. That is the point.

    • Ransom says:


      Kirito’s inner conflict about PK is explained in the Gun Gale Online arc. Basically the whole arc deals with the inner conflict of killing another person… Unfortunatelly we wont be able to see it animated, unless they’re already planing for another season.

  8. UltimateReaper says:

    I was very pleased with this episode, sure it had flaws, but so did the rest, and I’d have to say this was the best so far. I am still quit mad however, about the fact that this isn’t being adapted better! I’ve never even read any of the light novels yet and I can tell that so many details are not being adapted!!! It’s been 2 years! Kirito and Asuna have known each other for a long time! There are likely so many moments between their friendship and development we’ve never gotten to see! Psgels I feel like we are only seeing glimpses of the story when we should be seeing the mass bulk of it! I’m actually very tempted to read the light novels if I can find good translations.

    I really liked the duel. The unique skills were great, and the time stopping thing might be hinting at something in the future, perhaps he is cheating or hiding something, maybe it’s a part of his skill, not sure where that will go though. As for the villain, he wasn’t that bad I don’t think, however with only a few lines they could have made him much more solid. “I’ve been hiding under your noses all of this time, hunting as I please, Asuna was next, you got in the way, now I’m going to kill all of you.” I just made all of that up but seriously, a few lines like that or even that one line would have made him a million times more viliany, better, and more likable.

    And Yes! Kirito and Asuna actually had sex! Found that pretty awesome actually. While most poeple hate cliches in anime what I really really really hate are the taboos. No alcohol, no sex, no disrespect towards authority, you know that sort of thing. I’m sure you guys know what I mean. I’m actually rather pleased at the direction that was taken, but I’m still quite mad about all of the stuff the adaption isn’t covering.

    As for the time span between that and marriage, it’s not so farfetched. Kirito finally got over his issue of holding himself back, from what I’ve seen that’s the first time he held her back or acknowledged her, and that was probably do to his brink with death. Which changed him. I actually thought he might die for a second, or that something else would happen. As for Asuna arriving in the nick of time, since her nickname is lightning or whatever, I know that she specializes in speed so it’s not that crazy though it could be executed better as you say. Back to point, maybe Kirito is being hasty since he almost died, and sacrificed a hand temporarily. A brink with harsh reality as it were.

    I just hope the rest of SAO has as much plot/cool things happening/story development as this, I also hope the execution gets better on everything.

  9. Disappointing. I really glopped to glop some glopping, yet they just glopped away the best part. What a shame.

  10. jonas says:

    “I mean, the end of the episode moved right from sex to marriage in an instant. Wouldn’t it have worked better if the creators put some time between that?”

    Asuna and Kirito have known each other for more than two years. And they kind of have been in love for more than a year.

    • Anca says:

      Show, not tell. It can’t just tell us that the main character and the female lead are suddenly in love with each other nine episodes in without any sort of build up.

      • wicked says:

        I dont know, outside of episode 2, when have we not seen Asuna being absolutely smitten with Kirito? Making him dinner and sandwiches. Taking a nap with him. When Kirito almost died to save her, she pretty much hung onto him for a solid 5 minutes. I feel like that side of it is pretty well established. Kirito is really the one hesitant most of the time. Escalation after a life altering event is perfectly reasonable.

        • Anca says:

          Well yes. They did develop a crush on Asuna’s part, but not on Kirito’s part – when she stripped what I thought was ‘lol she completely misread the situation he’s not into her- o wait’. And they also didn’t develop their bond at all.

          If they got together in the first episode, that would have been one thing and we could have safely assumed that stuff happened in the backstory. But they only just met in the second episode, they barely ever interacted.

          I’ve heard that two years passed in the show, but as far as we viewers are concerned it might as well have been two weeks with how little happened. And in a way two years makes it worse, how much time have Kirito and Asuna spent together? A few days?

          • wicked says:

            you mean grabbing her boobs while she falls on him is not enough development for you? gasp*

            That’s the problem with doing all the side stories first without trying to weave the main story into them, because they would have gone from episode 2 to the time skipped 2 years later, you would have safely assume well they’ve been flirting this whole time. I think that falls on the people that worked the script adaptation

            With Kirito, they really gone with focusing on how much he tries to not connect with other after Sachi, so I’m not sure how much you can get him showing much being so passive. It’s a romance novel archetype when you break it down. The aloof loner and the outgoing girl that melts his heart. The payoff of that scenarios is almost always a drastic switch flip, but the setup may vary. What would’ve been very easy to do was to basically have some flashback still of the time they spend together, you know while he’s “dying” and all, but they didnt.

          • wicked says:

            also I’m surprised that you thought he wasnt into her at that point. Since the previous scene was them two spouting off this huge confession

  11. AidanAK47 says:

    Yep, can’t say this episode impressed me. They should have toned down Kuradell’s insanity a bit. Sure he’s a throwaway villain but come on.
    Everyone else already said everything I would have said but did anyone else notice how obnoxious the soundtrack was here? Really when the violins kicked in at Kirito and Asuna’s “tender” moments it just was cringe worthy. Now I would expect this from some ordinary composer. But Yuki? For shame Yuki. For shame.

  12. Anna says:

    What I think is funny is that it’s actually possible to have sex within the game LOL

    • wicked says:

      Not less plausible than anything else, maybe more plausible. Presumably you can control and feel in the game by machine feeding signals to your brain, so all it comes down to is having anatomically correct avatars and stimulating the right nerves.

    • AidanAK47 says:

      There is an actual explanation for this in the novels. Basically there’s a secret function called ETHICS CODE: OFF.

  13. elior1 says:

    if you think this part of their love was somthing rash just wait becouse the next episode will be the side story of yui which take time after the marrige

    • another side story?
      Great! Who cares about a plot anyway!

      let’s just continue with fillers, featuring:
      ‘kirito is soooo badass’ scenes – including some cute girls,
      more Asuna random tsundere phrases towards kirito, even more useless characters with incredibly stupid character design, some blatant fanservice shots here and there (I especially loved the tentacle monster in ep 4) packed alltogether with the horrible pacing we like so much.

      Simply put: SAO is definetly the worst anime of this year.
      Wanna know why?

      It’s NOT because the anime itself really is horrible.
      It’s because a LOT of YOU GUYS try to TALK this shit into gold.

      And on MAL it’s ranked 41. After 10 episodes of fillers.

      I have NEVER experienced such a bullshit of an overhyped series. Can’t you just WAIT in giving a score AFTER you’ve watched the series? I am really shocked to read that much of fanboyish comments, looking at MAL it’s like the plague, infecting a mass of people and killing good taste.

      Guess what will happen if this series is going to be a success?
      Right. There will be more and more shounen clique crap series without a serious plot.

      If that’s what you want – go ahead.

      • wicked says:

        I think people just tries to pick it apart because of its buzz. I mean if you talk about confusing and unexplained plot, Horizon’s got this beat by light years(Though Horizon doesnt care, it’s really made for the novel readers that knows what is up). If you talk about poor adaptation Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai and Champione pretty much changed the plots completely.

        It’s not great, but it’s not as terrible as people makes it out to be

      • TheUltimateReaper says:

        I don’t think it’s that bad. I’ve watched some crappy overhyped anime which I really hated, but SAO doesn’t come near that level of displeasure. Examples? Penguin Drum (That ending wasn’t art, that story was barley tolerable) Darker Than Black (Another bullshit ending/nothing explained)Love Hina (Not even going to comment) and Full Metal Panic (Meh).

        SAO is fraught with issues, but I think it’s a good watch.

        You can’t always get caught up in what people think man.

      • Avalon says:

        Yea, this anime is overhyped. It also sounds like you just want to hate it though. Get over it.

      • elior1 says:

        actully yui wont be one of the girls that fall in love with kirito and all that she will be somthing very importend to asuna andd kirito also asuna wont be tsundere anymore becouse this story take place after their marrige

      • elior1 says:

        @castlevaniapro9 yui will not fall in love with kirito asuna wont be tsundere nothing what you said above that you think will happen is wrong yui will play a very big part of the end of sao and you will be shocked when you will discover what she realy is.she not what she looks like.this story will be completly diffrent from what you seen until now

  14. Bunny says:

    Are u joking penguin drum was amazing but I guess you wouldnt know an amazing anime if it hit ya considering you seem to like the train wreck known as code geass

    • AidanAK47 says:

      Bunny, this may be inconceivable to you but maybe Penguindrum was just as much train-wreak. Hell it used the exact same storytelling technique as code geass of placing a twist at end of each episode. But hey at least Code geass didn’t try to disguise itself as deep with bullshit symbolism.

      • Kaiser Eoghan says:

        @Aidan:I’m in agreement a bit Aidan on Penguindrum but in my case I did enjoy penguindrum upon a second watch. I agree with you on the symbolism disguising things, being nonsense, but stylized and pretentious as it was I liked the look of it. The plot to penguindrum I did like but I acknowledge it isn’t as smart as it lets on.
        As for Geass I regret re-watching it, alot of the praise I can give it for doesn’t apply second time round and late in season 2 it gets way too rushed and the twists become a bit harder to buy, whereas it was fine before. A re-watch and knowing what happens kills the suspense for me in it which Code geass thrived strongly on. The action and production is still great though a lelouch is very charismatic and I await the new Geass ovas because the story will be fresh and new.

    • TheUltimateReaper says:

      Code Geass was “it” for me. The perfect anime, the ultimatum, the one hit wonder, the masterpiece. My favorite anime, the most satisfying meal I’ll ever have. I’m aware that many critiques and poeple hated it, and there are a million reasons for that. I never once considered it a train wreck though. Plot twists? Bad writing? Yeah right, try living life, crazy shit happens, things go out of whack, friends become enemies and enemies friends. In fact I find it far more realistic than any of the bullshit “slice of life or normal life” stories that you normally see. Honestly, who lives like that? I sure didn’t! Most people I’ve ever known didn’t. Reality is stranger than fiction. And sure it was juvenile, rebellious and cliche ridden, but I loved it for all of those reasons.

      The main character had a interesting personality type, probably the same as the writer. According to personality tests I’d bet that it’s “Mastermind” a very very rare personality type, most people are the more common personality types, therefore, they would hate the ideology/show for those reasons. Same with Yagami from Death Note. Everyone likes L because most people are the same sappy non Mastermind (Basically the top tier of rational personalities)

      At anyrate, everyone has their own personal tastes and views. We all get angry for different reasons, and we all see things in different lights. Our experiences have molded us with bias. Others are more open, some are as focused like a powerful laser beam. But in the end I believe we should all enjoy what we love. No matter how different we experience that love.

      • Kaiser Eoghan says:

        This’ll sound strange reaper but I don’t like code Geass for the reason that I do like it. I loved it and judging on first time watch its fantastic and I still consider it as such based on that first viewing but at the same time I’ve a bone to pick with it from re-visiting it.

        • TheUltimateReaper says:

          I’ve watched it twice, never had an issue with it. But I can feel where your coming from. Watching any anime is never the same the second time, especially when you know everything that’s going to happen. Its like watching a movie over again, The Other Guys was amazing the first time I watched but once you know all the jokes it’s not the same anymore. It’s the same with mystery stories, its really not as fun if you already know the answer. This isn’t exactly what you mean is it? You notice the flaws the second time around and it bugs you? Thats understandable, *shrugs*. Not much more I can say.

          • Kaiser Eoghan says:

            I meant both actually come to think of it. And I totally agree on mystery stuff, thats definitely the sort of thing you watch/read once.

      • wicked says:

        That’s kind of sad if you think about it. If you have seen the ultimate anime, then what reason do you have to watch any other anime at all? To find another like it or surpass it? but then it would not be the ultimate anime anymore.

        I dont know what getting people’s knicker in a bunch. Sometimes bad stuff is still fun to watch, dont let logic and “refine” taste ruin your enjoyment. So what penguindrum is crazy “symbolic” nonsense, it’s got style and Seizon Senryaku is the best anime meme I’ve heard for a long time. If you dont enjoy it, and it’s so bad you have to bashed the hell out of it, why put yourself through this torture.

        • Kaiser Eoghan says:

          @Wicked:Thats precisely why I don’t want to watch sword art anymore I’m sick of “try one more episode” or “it gets better”. Whatever else I complained about it before its in the end another shounen action and those really just aren’t for me and never were.

        • TheUltimateReaper says:

          Look at Leonardo Da Vinci. He didn’t paint one masterpiece, he is known for far more than just the Mona Lisa. Same with Beethoven. It’s the same when you see an awesome movie of epic proportions. Are you done? Are you satisfied? Is that hunger for more gone? See I NEED to consume more. I want to create things too, poetry, art, literature.I love the concept of creating something new, adding to this world, creating meaning and brilliance. Which means I in turn love creations, I want to taste more of humanities delectable creativity.

          Well thats enough being dramatic for one night. I actually enjoyed Peguindrum, but the ending seriously botched it for me. It made me feel so terrible, same with Darker Than Black. I don’t think I was ever more depressed than that… I can’t even call it an ending.

          I agree though if you hate SAO just stop watching it. I’m loving it, if you had to criticize it “Sword Ass Online” is probably a better fit. Something that has fan service, a touch of cliche and flaws. Despite that I think it’s enjoyable, and a good (enough) show, it’s fulfilling my hunger, obviously if you don’t like it than it’s not fulfilling yours, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and devour something else.

      • Sinisgood says:

        Code Geass is garbage. Deal with it

  15. Bunny says:

    Wow that was really rude of me sorry I mean I don’t even know if your favorite anime is code geass and I’m just pissed coz of tari tari. I still think Sao stands for shit anime online.

  16. Bunny says:

    Whatever Aidan

  17. raingod says:

    Paralysis is the ultimate weapon! You can kill one of the most powerful players just by paralyzing them. YEHEY! I’ll put paralysis on all of my gear, swords, shields, gloves, and boots. So if I hit an opponent with anything, he will be paralyzed. Again, where is his regen? Dafuq happened to his regen?!!! I don’t get the duel, either. He chose 1 Strike Mode, right? He was already hit with his shield. Does that not count? WOW. I don’t wanna play this MMO, it has a lot of inconsistent rules.

    • eternia says:

      Yup. He’s definitely in pain when the shield struck him, his face was in agony and his body was bend over. Come to think of it, Accel World also has super inconsistent rules.

    • HunterWulf says:

      His auto-regen only worked when he was facing against low-level idiots, and he had to calculate how much auto-regen he has and compare it to their damage output to make sure they can’t really hurt him, but a freaking Floor Boss at the highest dungeon they reached or a person with a high-level character (clearly Kuradeel is since he is fighting on the front-lines with the game’s best guild) can easily out-do Kirito’s auto-regen and make it obsolete .. it’s very simple and clear.

      And Kuradeel never stopped damaging Kirito .. and even if he did .. whatever HP auto-egen might have restored would be insignificant compared to Kuradeel’s damage output (or that Floor Boos damage output which was clearly very high)

  18. sato says:

    I totally got the feeling that Heathcliff was the game-creator, taking part in his little experiment. After he stopped time and avoided Kirito’s attack, that look of “oh no you didn’t!” he gave him was interesting… Like he was annoyed he had to use that god-power.

    Anyways… after the paralysis-fight.. the resolution was completely skipped! What happened with Kirito’s hand? I thought in this game, once things were “lost,” that they couldn’t be regained. And how did they explain everything to the guild? HMMMM???

    • raingod says:

      Maybe there is a regen item/spell of some sort that they have. Remember, Kirito found a way to resurrect a comrade but only upto 10 seconds from dying. So, it is not far fetch to have a regen body part item/spell.

      The one thing that is pissing me off is the auto-heal that was missing. They used it in a story and then removed it for the benefit of the story. That is just bad writing.

      • Anca says:

        Not really. Regen-type abilities tend to be useless as far as JRPG go (from what I’ve seen). They always only restore certain percentages. I don’t know what Kirito’s HP is, but I’d randomly guess it in the ten thousands. His damage output ought to also be in the thousands, at the very least.

        Let’s say he has 20 000 HP. 5% in 5 seconds is a reasonable value for a Regen type spell (it might even be a bit high). That’s 1000HP/5seconds. If a mid level players hits for 500 damage, Kirito’s health will recover fast enough that the guy will have trouble putting adent in him; if a low level player hits for 50 – well, he won’t even feel that. But if a high level player (and we can assume Heathcliff was at a higher level than him) – or a boss – hits for 5000 (and this is a low estimate), the Regen won’t be able to keep up.

        • raingod says:

          By your explanation, Kuradeel is a high level player?

          His regen must be pretty low if it only adds 5% in 5 secs.

          It is not that his regen is pretty low but his regen is non-existent. Gone. He has to heal/be healed. Remember the boss fight (blue-eyed demon, i think) and now with Kuradeel.

          • Carbine Gammaximon says:

            Well one could say the regen attribute comes from that cloak he wears until he joins the guild, which would explain anca’s view and also explain why he wasn’t regaining HP under kuradeel’s attack.

            Or we could just say the anime’s accountability system is one fustercluck of a mess. Yeah, I’ll do just that.

          • Anca says:

            My estimate was not low, it was high. As I said, that type of ability is close to useless in other games. The only thing it would be good for is dungeon grinding (if it doesn’t need to be cast every skirmish) and showing off, but it’s fully in the realm of possibility that it might add 1000 HP (that’s like 10HP at 200 total) right before Kirito at 7000 gets hit with 7300. I wouldn’t deactivate it unless there are limited skill slots.

            And 5 seconds is a lot in a fight.

            Or maybe it restores HP continuously at a 100HP per second rate or something like that, which would be even less useful against strong opponents.

            What I’m saying was that it was still there, but made no difference.

  19. RABUJOI says:

    If Kuradeel was really a seasoned killer, you’d think he’d know to be quick and efficient, especially in a game where your luck can change in an instant (and stripping down to underwear is equally quick and workmanlike!).

    We liked his initial apology and apparent willingness to party with Kirito, even knowing he’d probably backstab. Ultimately Kuradeel was a wild, crazed plot device to get Kirito and Asuna into a situation where they’d save each others lives and then take their relationship to the next level. He served his role as pawn well.

    Also, note to Kuradeel: it’s not murder if Kirito killed you in self-defence, brah. It was clearly a ‘him-or-me’ situation. It’s in Kirito’s nature to feel bad for taking any life – but he really didn’t have a choice here and he shouldn’t lose sleep over it. He should learn from the experience and watch his back – and Asuna’s.

  20. Censor this! says:

    This episode…Definitely left a lot to be desired. As most everyone has been saying here the pacing was horribly off for such a monumental event. This really should have been split into two episodes to have 1:more time to develop, and 2; more of an impact. I mean, these were not tiny little events, but huge in terms of character development and plot progression. I thought Kuradeel was also too stereotypical and lame brained to be much of a threat (so, why not kill Kirito first and get things over with?) and the aftermath of the battle was just too rushed to make me care about what just happened to both Kirito and Asuna. Luckily, with this episode it proved that the creators had done the right thing in having all of the side stories before this episode as it wouldn’t have made nearly as much of an impact without the adequate character development(such as the development of Kirit’s and Asuna’s relationship). The fight scenes were also very nicely done, however comparing this episode to the last two was a letdown. I still think this series is good, but it is obvious that it could really have been so much more…Maybe the director of the 12 Kingdoms helming this could have made the series really reach its potential…

  21. RABUJOI says:

    I’m also pleased that after so much time together and what was obviously a mutual attraction, Kirito and Asuna act on their feelings. Too often in these kind of series, a confession or a peck on the cheek is as far as things go.

    On first viewing, we actually took Kirito’s embarrassment at Asuna suddenly stripping after dinner as him not wanting to go quite that far yet (though admittedly we were a bit sleep-deprived). The progression from before to after their sleeping together could have been a bit clearer and less sanitized – while still obviously not resorting to porn.

    Though for all I know, perhaps the producers couldn’t/didn’t want to show Kirito actually IN bed naked with Asuna – so instead we got the less overt scene of him (in clothes) waking her up later.

    • Kiseki says:

      I haven’t watched SAO past episode 2, but this was pretty the scene in the novel? Chapter 16.5 (glop glop), the sex (two! years! of! glop!), wasn’t published.

    • wicked says:

      It is odd that he was fully clothed when he does not appear to be in a hurry to go anywhere.

      • Anca says:

        To be fair, it’s a game. Fully clothed is “Item Storage -> Clothes and Accessories -> Equip” (or something like that), rather than “Locate clothes -> Shit where are my pants -> How did my socks get under the bed?! -> Uch maybe I should take a shower first -> [etc]”

    • imredjimmy says:

      I liked the fact that yes, a couple finally had sex in an anime, instead of never-ending will they won’t they. However, I feel like the pacing of the anime is so weird that some episode take too much time and others are rushed. I felt like this one was rushed and the relationship between Asuna and Kirito felt victim to that.

  22. Scorps says:

    I agree with the super fast-pacing of this episode and the way people get mental breakdown to be annoying. Especially in this last episode…
    Yes, from the beginning we can notice everything does happen real fast because apparently they have a lot to do in little time, but in this episode it felt more rushed than usual.

    I’m in conflict with myself as I watch this series. There are moments that really appeal to me, but at the same time there are a lot of things that disappoint me.

    From the way I see it, this show had a LOT of bad decision with directing, which made the pacing and progression of the plot feel really bad.



  24. Animenz says:

    Why is this show so shitty?

    • raingod says:

      Shitty now. I liked the idea of getting stuck in a MMO game that you have to finish to exit. I liked the idea that in a game where most people play in groups, Kirito plays solo. And the idea that if you know almost all of the rules, you can exploit it (I first started doing that in Diablo II, example: teleport ready in a boss fight). I loved some of the ideas because I do them, too. But now, I don’t know what to think.

      • hoiut says:

        I never played an MMORPG in my life. Closest I ever got was LoL, but that’s a stream of 40-minute RTS combat sessions.

        BUT! I like it for the same reason: the setting. What if everyone HAD to play the game you loved for whatever societal reason? I’m sure most kids/YA nowadays fantasize likewise. Remember the ever-popular “why can’t my life be like games/anime?”

        BAM! Wish fulfillment with a helping of chicks and near-death battles around our lead, the ever wonderful Marty Stu (trope). But this story is older, written in 2002 before WoW “changed the [whole] game.” And it seems like the elements of realism people were expecting were significantly downplayed.

        But the show remains decent — It simply can’t encompass or live up to these wishes as we like while maintaining a modicum of (believable) intrigue at all times.

    • HunterWulf says:

      Why are you still watching it ? (and commenting about it too) ..i really hate illogical and pointless comments like yours.

  25. elior1 says:

    here the next episode preview finally it yui side story this is the most great side story ever in the novel

  26. hoiut says:

    I think SAO is fairly solid. Maybe even better, by shounen standards.

    I agree — if the timescale was compressed to that of a “modern” MMORPG (aka 2 weeks to hit the level cap), their seemingly short relationship-building phase would have seemed more reasonable (although her past as a depressed recluse wouldn’t have made as much sense).

    Of course, differences in cultures worldwide notwithstanding, the reverse could have happened just as well. In-game marriage is fairly common before players sleep together, I daresay. Shared item storage would arguably precede IRL promiscuity by at least a couple days.

  27. HunterWulf says:

    Quite a fantastic episode, specially the moments when Kirito was an inch or less away from death .. phew .. that was tense even though anyone can tell he was going to be saved somehow (although i expected it to be the paralysis effect ending in the last moment, but the decided to used this event to develop the relation between Kirito and Asuna .. can’t object to that).

    And Psgels, it seems you missed something about Kuradeel, he could have been a typical cliche guy-with-a-grudge-went-mental case if it wasn’t for the fact he was working with Laughing Coffin and had their Guild insignia on his arm (meaning he didn’t just buy the poison from them … he is one of them), and frankly anyone who joins a PK guild like that in SAO is clearly mental and a psychopath long before this episode(considering the amount of pressure a lot of people have been through being trapped in SAO a lot of mental break-downs surely happened among the population) .. he was just good at hiding his lunacy while around others, but when he set up both Kirito and the other guy (whom he clearly had a grudge against for some reason) and they were alone he had no reason to hide that anymore (and i can guess he might have done the same thing before to other guild members) and came back crying claiming bandits killed them.

    And he didn’t waste time at all, he killed the first guy and proceeded to stab Kirito lowering his HP immediately after that .. he didn’t waste any time standing there while talking and doing nothing .. but being the lunatic he is he surely savored every moment of Kirito’s near-death experience (and gave me the chills in the process .. i wouldn’t want to be in Kirito’s shoes in that situation) .. IMO actually it happened too fast .. one second they were sitting there resting and a moment later one of them was killed off and the other was being drained of his HP faster than a water tank with a major leak XD

    Some people might have commented on

    As for Asuna’s guild duties .. she mentioned many items that she needed some time off with Kirito .. also .. they did show her guild duties to us .. they don’t have to waster time every episode showing it to use again unless it progresses the story .. otherwise you can imagine it happens off screen (they don’t need to show us the characters eating or going to sleep every episode … we know they do off-screen).

    As for moving from sex to marriage .. what’s wrong with that, they have been warming up for each other for quite some time, also sex and marriage mean very little in SAO physically since it’s a virtual world .. it’s all about the two of them wanting to be together all the time and committing to each other .. and the best way to achieve that in SAO is through the marriage system in the game, again it was nicely done.

    And finally .. for the people who just write to bash the show without contributing anything meaningful to the discussion, at this point you are clearly nothing but trolls, if you didn’t like the show you would have stopped watching it a long time ago, so please spare us and yourselves the trouble and go look for your masterpiece anime elsewhere and let us enjoy the show we like to watch.

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Yeah, This weeks Flip Flappers disappointed me. Maybe because there was no Pure illusion this week.
@lenlo: Flip Flappers is one the most original anime out of this season, in both good and bad terms. You could try the first episode to see if it's your thing.
@anon381106: I actually found this week's Flip Flappers to be my least favorite episode so far.
How is flip flappers? Only things ive really started watching this season are Yuri!!! on Ice and Drifers
Flip Flappers episode 4 was just lovely.
Also real dickish that she has an attack in her last form that specifically counters shields. Maybe the whole problem is that I just picked the wrong kind of style for the fight but Zeiwhander and shield has never failed me before.
However any time I got trapped in the corner it was because she was just constantly attacking without pulling back. Rolling was dodgy as you could be easily caught in her next attack. Blocking does no real good either as she's still draining your stamina, health and pushing you back.
@Lenlo, yeah I started aiming for him to get through it but then I was still getting blindsided by her. My build is strength based and I was using a zeiwhander and shield. I couldn't wail on the big guy hard or else I would be in a attack animation when the girl lays down the ice.
See, I never had a problem with the second form because the large guy is so easy to hit and will simply miss you if you stay close to him. I think the one gripe I have with the fight is the heal, because with 2 bosses, you cant stop it alot of the time. I would argue that not getting trapped in a corner though is a skill you cultivate and is more the players fault than the bosses.
Though I actually was happy when they went invisible as that's when I can shave off a heavy chunk of their HP. Still if you happen to miss the small sign of where they jumped then you are screwed on that.
Healing, huge area of effect attacks, grab moves with barely any windup, freeze weapon effects that slow down attack animations, three goddamn forms, can turn invisible, long ass combos leaving little counterattack room and having to fight two bosses at the same time. Honestly, my victory here really depended in them not using certain attacks.
@Lenlo, I liked the visual design and the idea of it. However they gave it far too many cheap attacks. The second form is way to chaotic and depending on how they attack can put you in a position where you really can't do anything. Like when one breaths fire while the other starts healing, then you can't stop it. The final form as well, the minute they get you into a corner, you are done.
Whaaat? I loved that last boss.
Took me 2 and half hours to see everything in the DLC. Took me another 3 hours to beat the boss. Damn that boss had me in the zone. I think its was a serious bullshit artifical difficultly boss but man...beating that bullshit boss solo...felt good.
@Mario, starting to think I didn't need my help after all. I hope they make something worthwhile.
On a unrelated note the Dark Souls 3 DLC boss is serious bullshit.
Hey Aidan, thqt Kickstarter project Mecha-ude has passed its goal (nearly double now with 10 more days to go). Seems like people getting real hype for it
Wonder if Bam has played the new Dark Souls DLC. Found it rather lacking when compared to previous DLC from the last games.
@Anon, it's just a video of a still image of anime girls in bikini's with a red circle around one of their chests. Seeing as this thing has no views or subscribers my guess is someones is fishing for views. To which i say...what really is the point of making videos if this is the only way you can get people to watch them?
[link src="
I"] hate this crap that they corrupt anime with (crappy video that insults anime)
So RWBY's back. I actually miss the whole RWBY team. Still prefer Ruby's old custom more. Nora looks cool.
With the fourth episode, Vivid Strike seems to have crossed an invisible line that makes it more like the original Nanoha shows rather than Vivid. The kind of brutal beatdown delivered by the co-protagonist and the build up to it is something quite alien to a normal SoL/Sports anime show.
Ep. 4 of Tiger Mask was a lot better than the last 3, quite a hyped fight that was a full 6mins long. Will continue watching in hope of an awesomely long final fight.
Kaiser Eoghan
Kaiser Eoghan
Going back to the fanservice topic, its very easy to complain about it in anything but then something actually comes along that actually does it for you. I mean I always say that I don't watch a show/movie for its fanservice elements and stick with pictures on image boards, but then I ended up seeing a film where I actually got something out of the fanservice while watching the film its.
Kaiser Eoghan
The oujia prequel was competent genre fare, the director cared about the characters and every now and the built up a decent mood. Although jump Scares are there . And I always appreciate a horror film having a mean spirited ending. One of the rare cases where the young actors do well in a horror film. The pace is a bit uneven, rushed and a bit laggy .
Kaiser Eoghan
In the sense of how messed up/especially bleak those two episodes were.
Kaiser Eoghan
There was the sense too with both those episodes of "Jesus...I wasn't ready for that...."
Kaiser Eoghan
Though the first episode of the first season and the third episode of season 3 are very hard to beat. Adding to what I thought of s3 ep3 I felt that one hit me on the same level as s1 ep1 did so.
Though in previous seasons I generally only really liked 2 out of the 3.
@Kaiser, though the previous seasons where only 3 episodes long and you enjoyed 3 out of 6 in this season. So yo essentially get the same amount of enjoyment as previous seasons.
Kaiser Eoghan
Based on my comments, it looks like I had a mixed reaction to the third season. Three out of six, but the great was was great and forgives it but I still feel that there was more of a consistentancy in quality in the other seasons. I enjoyed every story in seasons 1 and 2.
Kaiser Eoghan
The final episode felt like a movie all on its own, I'd have gladly watched another thirty minutes of it, ending was a nice punch in the gut.
Just finished black mirror season 3. I hear people basically complaining that it's not as strong as the previous two season but I disagree. I really enjoyed this and this is a show that deserves much more episodes. Personal favorite is between shut up and dance and hated in the nation. Worst I thought was San Junipero. Overall thought each episode was interesting.
Kaiser Eoghan
On the upside I loved black mirrors fifth episode, I'm a sucker for war/action-dramas and I particularly liked the tech in this one.
Kaiser Eoghan
Yeah this is impossible for me to sit through, the romance part is also rather dull.
Kaiser Eoghan
Eh, this fourth episode is plodding and trite, feels like a bad, poorly dated 90s film.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: Third episode also instilled a great sense of paranoia.
@Kaiser: thanks for that mate. I have too much to say for Flipflappers but to put them all in coherent flow is goddamn hard. And like I said I still fell I left many details out: that gung-ho potato or Yayaka and the twins
@Friend: jugding from the last convention I went to, people loved Re:Zero customs (Emilia and Rem, Ram were highlights. Or you could try RWBY characters (I for once love to see someone cosplay Pirrha Nikos or Velvet Scarlatina)
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: Didn't care much for new black mirrors second episode, then again I'm not really the target for that story. The third episode while a bit heavyhanded and predictable was suspenseful, nasty/mean and I liked that about it, did in 50 minutes what some thrillers fail to achieve in two hours.
Holo is a good one :0
Materials aren't a problem at all for the most part, except for anything too crazy like working in brass. I'd prefer it to be characters I'm familiar with.
Does it matter to you that they're from shows that you like, or are you just in it for the challenge?
@Friend Aidan has some good ones there. I'd also give the cast of Akame ga Kiru a shot, I don't like the series but it has a lot of neat character designs.
I was thinking simple as I didn't know what kind of materials you got on hand. I was also thinking of Holo from spice and wolf or Kino from Kinos journey either.
Mm, Tatsumaki might be not challenging enough to design for. Doesn't Shiki simply wear either a coat or Japanese kimono? I do work in set design and not in character prop design, but I'd love to try something that would let me reasonably challenge myself.
@Friend, Spit balling here but Tatsumaki from One Punch Man? I know the costume for that one would be simple enough. Or maybe Shiki from Kara No Kyoukai?
*I don't want to do anything too complex for my first try, but I also don't want to do anything boring. Boring would be a character like Rukia or Celty. Any ideas?
I remember talking about this with Emma/Kaiser before, but has anyone here gone cosplaying at an expo before? I thought it would be neat to try designing my own costume and try something else beside drawing on a computer.
@Kaiser, I am up to episode 4. 3 has been the best one so far.Though in all these episodes I pretty much figured out the twist from the get go. Still this shows always tends to get you thinking.
Kaiser Eoghan
I think the roles/identity thing with flipflappers, at least with the protaganist does fit in well with adolescence.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: I've only seen the first episode so far. I felt the acting was intentional and reflected the satire Brooker was going for on the shallow nature of society. Bleak as ever but gloriously grotesque.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario:Good in depth reviewing there Mario of flipflappers episode three.
Good god this first episode of black mirror is hard to watch. I know exactly how it's going to turn out but it's just so damn painful to watch.
Well, tbh up to where I've seen there's not much explicit yaoi in yuri on ice, only a lot of fujoshi fuel.
@Kaiser. thanks for the torrent. Gonna blaze through this today.
@Topgavin, as someone who watches a metric ton of anime I am rather surprised at that estimate that 90% of it contains Yuri.
My god those gay scenes in Yuri on Ice are hard to watch for me. Wonder if this is how it feels to be a girl watching 90% of normal anime nowadays.
okay, Flip Flappers episodic review was up. This is my lengthiest weekly review so far and I still feel I missed a lot of points. Damn you Flip Flappers
Kaiser Eoghan
You have seen the light, not needing to know everything thats happening to enjoy something ^_^
Kaiser Eoghan
I've given some consideration to reviewing that oujia film followup.
Whether you see one or the other is entirely up to your preferences, so it makes no difference to me which is worse. I have gotten very tired of generic character types, but again that's just because of the things I decide to regularly follow.
I will say if it must come down to either unnatural dialogue or unnatural character types, at leas the character type is speaking their own words and not the words of the script writer.
Or was that a black and white fallacy? Maybe it was a little of both.
@Realjustified, K-Off wasn't agreeing with me. That's a Moving the Goal Posts logical Fallacy but well I will answer regardless. Honestly it's preferable to have neither. The big mistake you are making here is that you are putting down a condiction that a show must have one or the other. But both cartoons and anime can have both. I just think it's a lot more prominent in cartoons than anime.
Like, having read hundreds of harem manga over the years, a majority of the ultimate love interest always happens to be the first girl the protagonist meets.
Wait wait wait wait. Aidan and K-Off. I get that dialogue in cartoon can seem like it was written by a script writer, but at the same time, lots of anime have characters whose sole purpose is entirely scripted. The whole spectrum of "deres" and everything. What do you think is worse? Unnatural dialogue, or unnatural character types?
You guys should really go fuck yourself, it's a solution and it's nothing short of great!
You guys should really watch the first 4 episodes of Bungo, it's a prequel and it was nothing short of great!
omg!! I just realized To be Hero was one of the show that I reviewed its 1st episode back in Chinese Animation post. I watched raw then though
forgive me if I'm a bit too overwhelmed by Flip Flappers... For this episode alone I took like 25 screenshots...trying to write a review now...
I have absolutely no idea what is going on in Flip Flappers plot. And yet for some reason I am OK with that.
Anyone out there that's a fan of crude humor should go watch ep.3 of To Be Hero. Certinately stepped it up a notch from the last two humor-wise.
One downside I can think of already is that I'm bound to lose or break one of the detachable controllers. The cost for those pieces is what I'm most interested in.
Nintendo Switch hmm? Honestly it looks too good to be true. I expect some major downsides to this thing.
I like cartoons, don't get me wrong. Certainly good for a change of pace. But there is something about the way they are written that I find rather distracting.
I don't know, maybe if I said it's like the difference from how characters talk in movie vs how characters talk in a sitcom?
@K-Off, I said one liner's or jokes. Not one liner jokes. It's hard to explain. Basically when I hear a conversation in anime even if it is based in stereotypes, it at least feels like a conversation that's being had in the moment. In cartoons however there is a layer of artificiality and it feels like characters know what a person is going to say and has a response prepared.
That's probably why some of my favorite anime in recent years haven't been very heavy on character archetypes, or were either parodies of it.
Comedic dialogue with anime in recent years have leaned too much on the idea of playing off character archetypes. The collected character vs the energetic character, for one. I'd like to see more variety. Some more word play, hyperbolic humor, body humor, etc etc.
@Aidan Not quite sure what you mean by that, because it's certainly not even a majority of cartoons that rely on cheap one liner jokes. I suppose it's entirely up to taste, but I can appreciate the energy in cartoons like Steven Universe or Regular Show when compared to the increasingly repetitive dialogue found in some recent anime.
@Topgavin: I just read that review and his main reason being Shelter is pretentious. oh well! Can't never please anyone.
Thought I'd check out the reviews for Shelter on MAl and the top review is a 1/10. Apparently because it's a cute girl we sympathise with her more, which is bad because reasons. I mean.. what? MAL never ceases to amaze me
@Mario, no. It's more that the dialogue keeps trying to push out one liners or jokes regardless of whose talking.
@Aidan: maybe because they spoke in your native language do you can feel that it's artificial, ya know? I know I have the same problem with Vietnamese drama/ cartoon and maybe Japanese people have that same issues with anime?
By which I mean, the way characters talk in cartoons is very...artificial. Like you can tell that the dialgoue was clearly written beforehand and it never really sounds natural. At least to me.
@Anon, I wouldn't. The writing and structure are too cartoon. What with the episodic nature and dialogue that generally pushes for a comedic tone.
Kaiser Eoghan
Flanagan also directed absentia which I haven't seen yet but I think someone I came across of 4chan linked it to being lovecraftian?
Kaiser Eoghan
Oculus was a film of two halves for me. Hush was a pretty standard home invasion thriller, making the victim deaf was an interesting twist but not as unique as you might think, still suspenseful though.
Kaiser Eoghan
I never saw the first oujia film. Though Mike Flanagan who did the sequel, he's never made a bad movie but he's never really made a great one either.
Kaiser Eoghan
I stick to the firm belief that cartoons and anime, visually should do and be their own thing. I'll prefer a western artstyle for cartoons rather than one pretending to look like anime style.
But this is a good topic and I'm sure everyone has their own opinions so I'm looking to hear some more arguments
@anon352392: no they aren't. For me not because of where their production based, nor their intended audience, but rather their styles, both visually and storytelling-ly, are different
Anime,” they assert, is not a “style” of illustration or animation.
That's where I differ to those guys. For me, anime is a style. In that sense, I consider RWBY, and Canadian-produced short Flutter as an anime. Thunderbolt Fantasy is not and anime-influence shows/movies that are intented for Western audience like AniMatrix or Afro Samurai are anime
@Anon nah they wouldn't be because they aren't made by a japanese producer for the japanese market. Quality isn't the question, production is
NX and Red Dead Redemption 2 trailers tomorrow.
They are good series and i honestly like them alot more than most anime series, would their quality make them anime?
What about cartoons like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil?
In other news a sequel to an absolutely terrible horror movie called Ouija is out and it's...actually pretty good? Wondering if critics were paid off or it is legit good. Well it did have the guy who was behind Oculus and that was a pretty good movie.
Simplify the term down enough and anime is literally anything animated but the whole point of the term is to distinguish it. For to call Spongebob an anime makes me want to projectile vomit. Point is this, you say you watched a cartoon, people think Tom and jerry, Scooby doo etc. You say you watched an anime, people think Cowboy bebop, Attack on titan, etc. Whole point of the term.
For example, I don't consider Avatar or RWBY to be anime for while they use anime style, the writing is fundamentally structured like an American cartoon. Through I would consider Bloodivores an anime even though it was made by a Chinese animation company, making it technically a Chinese cartoon.
As far as what is and isn't anime I honestly think of the term as a means of distinguishing it from cartoon which gives the impression of being for children. It's like Graphic novel is to comic book. Though techically graphic novels are issues of comics bound in book form, the term Graphic novel is often used to distinguish works that go above superhero comics and whatnot.
Basically I think it was due to Porter Robinsons involvement that they didn't consider it anime.
@Aidan: Did the mods give any concrete reasons why they didn't consider it an anime?
@Mario, It wasn't the community that had the problem. It was the mods. The community made it pretty clear that they considered it anime.
So despite the art style is obviously anime, the character speaks in Japanese, and the production was animated by A1 Studios, it's not an anime? Sometimes I feel sad that the anime community keeps limiting themselves with such fixed minds.
I saw it yesterday and yes it was good. For a 5-minute story, they don't make it too overwhelme with details, and still pack an emotional punch. Moreover it elevates the song. Good stuffs.
Shelter was quite good though. It works well and the animation was beautiful. Song is not bad either. It's got a nice emotional punch to it though it's a bit simple a story.
Well anyway I only saw all this because I checked out the video for the first time and wanted to see how others thought of it with a quick scan through reddit. And I get this shitshow instead.
Playing the victim is the one really pisses off the internet. For refusing to admit you f*cked up only encourages people to shove how you f*cked up into your face. That's what really grinds peoples gears.
Yep, seen that too. The mods even put up another tread about the video and tried to guilt trip people by saying they got death threats. Look, internet rules 101. If you said or did something stupid admit to it and just walk away. Do not try to deflect blame or play the victim, that only adds fuel to the fire.
@Aidan oh yeah saw that live lol. Porter himself even commented on twitter about it, gotta love internet drama
So did anyone happen to catch the big old shitstorm of that Shelter music music when a mod of the Anime subreddit decided it wasn't "Anime" enough and removed the discussion post about it? Oh internet drama...what silly nonsense.
Finally caught up with JoJo. Diamond is Unbreakable has turned out to be much better than Stardust Crusaders. Should have waited for the season to finish through as I really loved marathoning it.
I had a feeling that might be the case considering the source materail for luger.
@Mario Oh I watched that, certinately worth it. Packed more story that some 12-episode shows do nowadays and gorgeous animation.
and I will check out "Shelter" music video to see what all the fuss is about
*this weekend to be exact.
Sounds like Luger Code 1951 is an OVA that will air next week, the same air date with "my" Zaregoto OVA.
@Mario: doesn't sound real at all to me lol
@Mario, I might be able to manage. If all else fails I can talk about the past of these historical figures.
While I don't mind watchinng Drifters, I swaer if I had to cover that show, I couldn't come up with anything to say.
Do you guys know what language the fairies speak in Drifters? It does sound like a genuine language
@topgavin: humanity has declined is a great show. It has good writing and dark, witty sense of humor. I could talk about it in length but psgels pretty much covered it all. He was really impressed by that show however.
That should be me covered till the weekend. Why do all my shows air on the weekend...
@Mario nah I've watched the whole thing but I'd heard about it at the start of this year and put it off. The dialogue between her and the fairies was great stuff, probably gonna rewatch it this weekend now that you mention it
Alright, I got three posts written up and will be throwing them out in about two hours or do.
I thought you've finished it. Yeah I love her character a lot, so cynical but witty. My favorite moment was when she read about fairy's plan to invent religions. She was like "so religions are invented?" (beat) "I've learn something new today". Priceless
@Mario Oh nice, it was one that I had heard about but never got round to. To put it in simple anime terms, Watashi is best girl
@topgavin: I just finished the series yo mentioned the other day: humanity is declined. Man, I love it. I know now I have a thing for dark twisted absurdist anime
@Ano340004: the name is Watashi ga Motete Dousunda, or to put it short Motete. I have fun with it but i'm not that enthuastic
@anon the english name is Kiss him, not me. Search through the first impressions if you need the jap name.
then that girl really loves BL (boy love)
what is the name of the anime that the girl is fat and then she got depressed because her favorite boy anime died then she got thin?
Season 7 is awesome so far too. It feels like the tone of the show is finally back to normal and it feels like Adventure Time again.
Whew, I binged all seasons of Adventure Time this weekend. The show hit a low spot in Season 6 but I think it needed to happen...Poor Finn needed the serious character development after what he did to FP.
You guys are too hard on it
Motete is very funny
Kaiser Eoghan
When it comes to gag manga and four-koma, I just eventually reach a stopping point with a comedy series in that format. Even with hidamari sketch.
I think it was typical light novel trash based on what was in the PV. I laughed that despite it being horrible that the crowd still cheered anyway, likely because it had a bath clip in it.
The PV was hilarious. I had no idea what the anime was about.
@Aidan I'm good, I'll stick with Working.
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Occultic:Nine – 03[She Cracked]

This week on Occultic;Nine…stuff happens I guess? In watching this i am getting reminders of Chaos;Head in a lot of ways. Now the Chaos;Head anime was a mess but the visual novel actually started really well with a lot of intrigue before D-swords were introduced and the whole narrative just became a giant nonsensical mess. […]


Magical Girl Raising Project – 04[Add More Friends!]

Guess I gave Ruler a bit too much credit than she deserved. I still think in her own way she did care about her team but she had a much bigger ego than expected when you see her real self. Ruler has the problematic nature of overestimating her own worth and in doing so pushes […]


Drifters – 03[Army of Ours–Sortie at Dawn]

After two episodes of pretty solid quality I happen to notice this episode took a bit of a downturn in animation. Though to be fair this was the most action focused episode yet which strangely didn’t feature our main trio. Instead we get introduced to the other protagonists and our main antagonists. We also get […]

3-gatsu no Lion 3d

3-gatsu no Lion – 03 [Harunobu – Beyond the Night Sky]

Another week, another touching little stories from Rei and his friends. Still follow the same structure as previous 2 weeks, we have the first half of Rei competing against Harunobu, his lifelong rivalry (or so that guy thought), and the remaining half of Rei visiting the three sisters on the last day of Obon festival. […]

Flip Flappers 03d

Flip Flappers – 03 [Pure XLR]

Flip Flappers again raises the bar of what is expected of them, as this week the show goes even much trippier than the previous two weeks, and much darker too. They break out even their own formula, starting this episode right in the middle of desert wasteland. While this episode certainly reminds you a lot […]

Sound Eupho 2 03a

Sound! Euphonium 2 – 03 [Troubled Nocturnes]

This week, we follow an almost 24 hours of Kumiko practicing music, Kumiko interacting with other members, Kumiko having a sleepless night in a band camp, and that’s basically it. In a very Sound Eupho’s way of storytelling, there seems to be not much going on, but this episode actually lays a lot of groundworks […]


Occultic;Nine – 02 [My Cold Dimension]

After a disastrous first episode that has likely pushed away a number of viewers, Occultic;Nine decides to slow down it’s pacing to a more acceptable degree which is a good move. This does make the show much more watchable as the dialogue isn’t running off like a machine gun and we can actually take a […]


Magical Girl Raising Project – 03 [Update Notice!]

Mahou Keikaku continues steady ahead though it’s writing still leaves something to be desired. In particular I was surprised as to just how lackluster the reveal was that whoever drops out is killed. The previous episode made it seem as though Fav was intentionally keeping that aspect in the dark with how he removed the […]


Drifters – 02 [Footsteps]

I originally wasn’t all that impressed with the Drifters manga but when looking at it in motion it truly shows its worth. i guess that is because of the very nature of this series being what it is. Looking at drawing of a man being cut in half and seeing a man be cut in […]

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orange Review – 73/100

What would you do if you receive letters from your future-self saying that you can change your future? That’s exactly what Naho experienced as she obtains ones from herself 10 years later that urge her to look after her new friend and prevent him from committing suicide. The premise, I agree, is hardly anything groundbreaking, […]

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91 Days Review – 68/100

When taking up the job of checking out every anime season you really can starve for something different. Variety is the spice of life and yet the entertainment industry seems determined to give us more of the same. So in the sea of average high school students gaining superpowers and harems I see an anime […]

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Mob Psycho 100 Review – 80/100

After the explosive popularity of One Punch Man it really was a high bar that another work of the author ONE had to reach. While it didn’t quite manage that it still differentiated itself enough to allow it to be a worthy anime of it’s own right. But admittedly that will depend on whether this […]

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Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World Review – 91/100

I will be the first to admit that this is very much a biased review as I have come to love this series very dearly and will now proceed to devour every piece of entertainment related to it that I can find until the day a second season is confirmed. The story involves a boy […]


The House in Fata Morgana Video Game Review – 83/100

Well I promised I would do a review of this visual novel quite a while ago and believe it or not I only just got around to finishing it. If the fellow who requested it is still here then here you go, I kept my word. Anyway it has been a while since my last […]


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Review – 65/100

The title of this game rather says everything you need to know about my initial reaction, and I’m still all around puzzled at the mixed bag that this turned out to be – it IS just a standard mashup while having a bit of fun with some experimentation, but the game itself is actually a […]

vlcsKizumonogatary 01b

Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu-hen (2016) Movie Review – 85/100

Just a quick note that I originally intended this week’s review to be about Miss Hokusai. But because of the DVD release of this Kizumonogatari (with good subtitle to boost), I decided to bump this up and review it instead. Monogatari series has been among one of my favorite series, and certainly the one that […]

The Murder Case of Hana & Alice a

The Murder Case of Hana & Alice (2015) Movie Review – 85/100

Welcome to the third installment of World Animation section, but this time we head back to Japan for my favorite anime movie out of last year. If anything, I have always wanted those reviews to be a recommendation if you want to look for something different. So if there is anyone who would check out […]


Legend of Legacy Review – 80/100

Oh Square Enix, this is the kind of avant-garde work you need to do. Developed by Furyu with the people behind SaGa, and written by Masato Kato of Chrono Trigger, I knew I was in for a unique game right from the start. But its gameplay is certainly divisive and for good reason, as this […]