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At this point I stopped reading the manga, so here too I’m just blank. And it seems that I quit at a really awesome point in the series, because this episode again was really tense as it showed some hints about why Eren managed to turn into a titan in the first place, as well as hints to how the titans could be defeated and why Eren is special: his father.

People behaving illogically. That’s difficult to do, and yet this series is full of people in panic. In the past it went a bit over the top with how it portrayed the rich guys as egotistical bastards, but in this episode it was really good: Eren indeed is the key to beating the titans. However when you just saw that giant thing turn into him, all you do is want to kill him, yeah. I’m only not sure how Eren knew that he could activate this by biting into his thumb…

And really, the artwork for Eren’s new titan form looked gorgeous. Heck, the atmosphere here was just awesome in how the second episode just kept building up the tension by showing Eren’s inner struggles, and the background music really helped with that.
Rating: 6/8 (Awesome)

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  1. kazid33 says:

    And again this is a chapter of a 7+ Raiting whit a 6. Why do you like more aku hana? is really that awesome? I saw five episodes so far and it bored me to hell.

  2. TheUltimateReaper says:

    I’m total fanboy over this anime. I don’t think I’ve been enjoyed something this much since I first started watching.

    As for the thumb thing, he was recalling some lost memories, but I’m not sure whether or not he reached the basement, so it’s unclear to whether he learned how to transform or not. That scene by the way, completely took me by surprise. I was giddy in my seat. Great reactions by the characters as well.

  3. WatcherZero says:

    I didnt think he had been to the basement since the first titan attack, he was just remembering that his dad had told him to go to the basement for answers (and fondled the key before turning in the stomach) and that he would know when he needed to go to the basement… Turning into a Titan isnt normal for puberty so perhaps he will now be mounting an escape/expedition for answers pursued by the recon corps.

  4. Sobakus says:

    I don’t like this episode. These new guys were annoying. Especially that “Sasha 2”, wearing glasses. Showing how “fun” it is for someone to fight the titans (or how easy it is) destroys the concept completely. It makes Eren and other characters look like morons… And titans not as frightening anymore. I don’t understand the intention of author here… You kill the atmosphere, dammit! Worst Sningeki no Kyojin episode so far IMO.

    • Jyang says:

      Isn’t that the point though…? It’s showing that all the “skilled” people who has a chance against titans are outside the wall and NOT at Trost. Which is how they got into this nasty situation at Trost in the first place [where all the front lines died instantly].

      And you’re comparing people who had years of experience killing titans to trainees who just got out of training camp.

      And it wasn’t the intention of the manga author because the scene with Levi and them were actually from a later chapter. So it’s the director’s intention to put them in to introduce the characters.

      • Sobakus says:

        That boy, who looks like Eren’s twin brother, cannot have years of experience. He’s a teenager, right?

        Also they doesn’t act like veterans at all. I haven’t seen anything special about them. They use the same weapons, jumping the same way, using the same equipment, acting like teenagers. That’s not the right way to introduce skilled characters.

        Besides, that girl with glasses… The way her obsession with titans is shown is completely the same as Sasha’s obsession with food. They talk the same way, they look the same way… So there is the difference between Sasha 1 and Sasha 2? There is the difference between Eren and his “twin brother”? That wasn’t shown in this episode.

        (need to read the manga and compare..)

        • kekkanseihin says:

          Just for your info, the mangaka said in some interview that Levi/Rivai/Revy/Rivaille/WHATEVER is actually in his thirties despite his appearance… of course this isn’t mentioned in the anime so far and I don’t think it’s even stated in the manga, but yeah there you have it, he’s not a teenager.

          Furthermore I really don’t get the complaints. Them being different from the other characters was the whole point since it would be boring to see the same perspective and emotions endlessly. Plus we already knew there was this group of soldiers who were the most skilled among them all, so why is it suddenly surprising to actually see what they can do?

          • Sobakus says:

            If he’s in his 30s – that changes a lot. I’m fine with that. Thanks for the info.

            It is surprising because we have seen other “group of soldiers who are the most skilled” in the first episode. Their commander said that not even one of the titans was defeated yet. It really felt like they are undefeatable. But now… we have seen that there’s a girl with glasses who can kill the titans and laugh… That kind of villain can be defeated like that? They became just a random meat like in any other plain shonen series..

        • Meep says:

          Levi is 5’3″ he’s just a manlet

    • Anon says:

      These are soldiers that have been in the scouting legions for years, and you want trainees that just finished training to be equal to them? I don’t understand the intention of viewers such as you who just want the main characters to be god powered straight out of training when there have been previous hardened veterans out there…

      • Sobakus says:

        I don’t want the main characters to be “god powered”… I don’t want to see other characters to be “god powered” with no apparent reason.

        It was told they are cool and all… but I haven’t seen why yet..

        • Anon says:

          He’s the strongest out of all the soldiers, and the 2 are the ace of the scouting legions obviously they’re gonna be stronger than the rest, if they struggle to beat weaker classes titans what hope do humanity have in any of their struggles against titans?

          You say you haven’t seen them do anything special since they use same equipment… but that’s what a veteran does, uses the same equipment but to a greater level, they’ve been shown for 5 minutes how much development do you expect them to have… And really acting like teenagers? Levy calmly dispatched the titans after his comrades fell, didn’t disagree with superior orders, what part of a teenager was this?

          • Sobakus says:

            Ok.. You’re saying he’s the strongest… The same thing was said in the anime.. But that’s just words… I don’t believe it until you show me why. There was other thing – one soldier said that Mikasa is as strong as 100 men. I don’t believe that either. Don’t you see how this anime has only “incredibly weak” and “incredibly strong”? And it never bothers to show us why.

            I see why Eren is strong. They talk about his incredibly strong “sense of purpose” and you can actually see that in action. In every minute of any action scene with Eren you can feel that it’s there.. He has a purpose.

            In my opinion 5 minutes is enough to introduce the character – I’m not talking about development.. Right now, there’s nothing to develop.

            Levy’s behavior itself was teenager-like. He tries to look cool too much (I mean anime creators tries too hard to show him as “cool” (without explaining first why)).

            As for this girl with glasses… She was out of place. I don’t know what else to say about her.. I’m really surprised you’re fine with such a character..

        • Jyang says:

          If you really want answers, read the manga.

          Maybe it’s difficult for non-manga readers to grasp the concept of these new characters introduced, but you’ll definitely see more of them later.

          And address what you’re saying…[this is going to be long so I apologise. I just want to explain/clarify things since there may be some misunderstanding or anime’s lack of explanation as of date.]

          “Showing how “fun” it is for someone to fight the titans (or how easy it is) destroys the concept completely. ”

          “Ok.. You’re saying he’s the strongest… The same thing was said in the anime.. But that’s just words… I don’t believe it until you show me why.”

          Umm…I’m pretty sure showing Levi and Hanji killing normal titans shows how skilled they are. They are very experienced since they’ve been in the Scouting Legion for YEARS [at least 5+ years *manga source*]. So Levi ordering the rest of the group to kill off one titan, while he takes care of 2, shows how strong he really is, and he also does it with ease.

          I’m not sure if they specifically said in the anime, but in the manga they said that it takes an average of 30 PEOPLE to kill 1 titan. So anyone who can handle 1 titan alone is considered very skilled. [Which you can see in the top 10 of class 104].

          I’m not sure what your expectations were when they told you he was the strongest…but that’s him right there. You will see more of him later in the anime.

          “It is surprising because we have seen other “group of soldiers who are the most skilled” in the first episode. Their commander said that not even one of the titans was defeated yet. It really felt like they are undefeatable. But now… we have seen that there’s a girl with glasses who can kill the titans and laugh… That kind of villain can be defeated like that? They became just a random meat like in any other plain shonen series..”

          1. They’re not the “most skilled”. They’re just the Scouting legion.

          2. I don’t remember the commander saying that but I’ll take your word for it. It’s been 5 years since then. They have found out the weakness of the titans are at the back of their neck, so now they could actually KILL titans. Nothing contradicting here.

          3. Hanji [glasses girl] on the other hand, I can’t explain her quirk without spoiling so go read the manga or wait for anime to get up to the point to explain her obsession with titans. Also, they’re trying to SHOW that these guys are skilled. So why would you doubt that she could easily kill a titan? It’s just proving how skilled she really is.

          “There was other thing – one soldier said that Mikasa is as strong as 100 men. I don’t believe that either.”

          Back in whichever ep it was, you see Mikasa taking down like 3-4 titans. By herself. Now if it takes an average of 30 normal soldiers to kill one titan…Mikasa easily killing 3-4 titans herself already makes her 90-120 soldier’s worth.

          “Levy’s behavior itself was teenager-like. He tries to look cool too much (I mean anime creators tries too hard to show him as “cool” (without explaining first why)).”

          Uh…ok. Levi “trying to look cool”, meaning, the “character TRIES to look cool” is different from “the authors try to make him look cool”. One is author making him cool, the other is the character itself’s behaviour. Author portrayal =/= Character behaviour. Whether or not Levi is cool is your opinion. But I don’t believe Levi was “trying to be cool” in any way. He’s being himself.

          I…don’t understand why you associate being cool with being a teenager-like. So…I don’t have much to say about that.

          tl;dr I wrote a lot.

          Not trying to argue or anything, I just want to clarify things since I think it may be because the anime hasn’t had time to explain it. [Note: I can’t be bothered proof-reading, so forgive me and my bad grammar and spelling mistakes]

          • Sobakus says:

            I have started to read the manga, of course. And I’m not making any conclusions yet. I love the series (like 99% of it :)) and that’s why those little details bothers me so much – I don’t want to see my favorite shonen ruined by it.

            What you have said here has meaning and I too want to believe that. … I’ll just wait for the next episode, while reading the manga.

            Thanks for your long comment.

        • Jyang says:

          Glad you read my long ass comment xD Glad to know that you still like the anime too =D

          But really, give the anime time to explain. They only have 24 mins for each ep, so not everything is going to be explained in one go.

    • gan says:

      The girl with glasses (Hanji) will turn out to be a really cool badass later on, mark my words & you’ll thank me for that :)
      Well I kind of agree with you a little though…in the anime, they started out portraying her a little too clumsily (which is kind of forced & unnatural) as compared to the manga which perfectly captures her chara!
      Just wait & watch for more mindblowing-ness of this series!

      • Sobakus says:

        Exactly! That clumsiness was unnatural (and the second bad thing about it – she instantly reminds me of Sasha. Like it is one and the same character). May be the real problem here is the actress.

        Ok. I’ll believe you for now. :) And I’ll thank you later, if you’re right.

    • elveen says:

      lol it seems you’re disappointed because the pros made the titans no longer as menacing as it used to be, but that’s exactly the point. Titans alone aren’t really that dangerous because they’re stupid and win simply by numbers. The dangerous ones are the “intelligent” ones and the “real” titans. So sit back and wait for the real deal to come. That’s when the chaos really started.

      • Sobakus says:

        You’re right. That’s that disappoints me. I want this series to be Horror and I started to watch it as a Horror series. This episode wasn’t horror anymore. Because right now the one who’s scary is Eren-titan, but not the others. Levy and Hanji are to blame for that…

        Ok, I’ll wait for the “real” titans. Hope anime will have enough episodes to show them.

        • Lex says:

          I think it was mentioned in some episode that the mortality rate, for Scouting Legion, is at about 50% for first encounter. But if you survive that first encounter, then the odds are fairly well. 90% still die within 4 years, but still… a 5/10 chance followed by a 2/10 chance. You can roll it with a dice, if you are lucky. If I recall Levi mentioned 30% fatality rate during that mission alone. The ones that do survive become fairly proficient, is that so strange? They learn to keep their emotions in check and how to use their gear efficiently against titans, alone or in a group. However, any small mistake can still result in death. Or bad luck. They truly are dancing on the edge of death.

    • Meep says:

      you should read a bit of the manga. They are squad leaders of the elite Scouting Legion. Levi is considered the best of the Scouting Legion and Hanji is high up there as well. The Military Police are elite through rigorous aptitude testing and the Scouting Legion is elite through harsh survival of the fittest environment.

    • animefan352 says:

      Oh trust me, never at any point in this series do the humans have it easy.

      Those two characters were introduced in this manner because they are important to the plot. Their experience and survivability are related and you’ll see later on if you haven’t already been reading through the manga how much they contribute.

  5. Anon says:


    ‘In my opinion 5 minutes is enough to introduce the character – I’m not talking about development.. Right now, there’s nothing to develop.’

    Now I think you’re just hating on the series because it isn’t exactly how you envisioned it. They did just that, they introduced the strongest character, they showed you him dispatching titans with ease, what else do you want him to do? If you read the manga you’ll see him do a lot more, which adds to his veteran status when it displays his calm decisions in the midst of battles when even Mikasa freaks out. If you really think they can show how hes the ‘strongest’ in 5 minutes while introducing other characters, while at the same time complaining about why hes so strong and came out of nowhere, your either a troll or just ignorant. Mikasa was also noted by their training commander to be a genius of unprecedented significance due to her quick rise of prominence and combat ability, she better be worth quite a few average soldiers considering the average soldiers get eaten by titans easily.

    Levy was still emotionally hurt when his close comrades die obviously he wanted to mock the titans a little if he has that much control over their fate, much like how the titans do it themselves to humans at times

    Also Hanji, the glasses girl, being the same as Sasha? Are we watching the same series? The same sasha who cowered in fear against titans when faced up against them compared to one who thrives in titans presence? Because they have an obssession with something it makes them the same character archetype? Ok TIL people who seem to enjoy something are all the same, thanks Sobakus

    You’re also saying there’s only ‘super weak’ and ‘super strong’, ok so Levy, Hanji, Mikasa will be super strong, the other characters that already died without killing a single titan will be super weak, what about Connie, Sasha, they are neither super strong in that they can take out multiple titans, or super weak in that they’ll get demolished by them, they’re in between.

    During the first episode their 3D maneuver gear wasn’t even developed yet, so they had no known weakness, now think for a second, if you were facing an enemy that you had no idea how to defeat, or facing an enemy knowing its one weakness with gear properly equipped to do so, how would you fare? That’s the difference between their ‘unkillable’ status of the titans in the first episode and the ease of killing them by the 2 aces of the scouting legion with years of experience, as you may or may not have noticed, many years have passed since the first episode… And they never said they were the most skilled soldiers in the first episode they were just members of the scouting legion with little to no information on titans, of course they’re gonna be weak in comparison to soldiers with adequate info

    Really if someone is said to be humanity’s strongest soldier, you’d hope he’d be able to handle a few random titans or humanity is royally fucked with no chance of fighting back, or would you rather have a series where no one can handle a single titan, so they’re confined in their walls the entire show because no one can kill anything despite years of anti titan development? Seems like a very exciting series to me

    And yes 5 minutes was enough to introduce them, which is what they did, what you’re asking for is an explanation for everything which if you can do in 5 minutes, its gonna be shit development, and whats wrong with a titan obsessed character? There are freaks in every culture of society and you think its that unlikely that someone is obsessed over titans? I’m more surprised your arguments are this ignorant and baseless when your attacking the author for not explaining the entire backstory of 2 recently introduced characters


    They are hardened veterans that have shown their worth through the years, and believe it or not humanity has made progress since they were attacked.

    • Sobakus says:

      “”or would you rather have a series where no one can handle a single titan, so they’re confined in their walls the entire show because no one can kill anything despite years of anti titan development? Seems like a very exciting series to me””

      I want to see that “anti titan development” first.

      “”There are freaks in every culture of society and you think its that unlikely that someone is obsessed over titans?””

      Then show them as freaks!

      “”Also Hanji, the glasses girl, being the same as Sasha? Are we watching the same series?””

      Ok they are Sasha young and Sasha slightly older. Both dull comedic characters (at least for now they look like that).

      “”Now I think you’re just hating on the series because it isn’t exactly how you envisioned it.””

      No. There are things that this anime does good and there are things it does bad. Introducing new characters is the second.

      “”your either a troll or just ignorant””

      Oh… So I’m a troll, because I have an opinion which is not exactly like yours? … Have a nice day, Anon. Thanks for your comment.

      • Anon says:

        They did exactly that, show them as freaks in their brief introduction? The anti titan development was made over 10 years do you really want them to go over every little nuance on how they developed the 3D maneuvers?

        Seems in your mind female comedic characters are all sasha types now because they act completely different but in your eyes they’re so same, note taken.

        And introducing new characters because they didn’t explain their entire backstory and showing them dispatching titans with ease isn’t enough to show their prowess, ok I’ll just take note on which series does a character introduction that covers everything you wanted when they’re an established veteran, oh wait its not freakin possible in 5 minutes

        You really wanted this to be a series where the humans are just stuck being beaten to death by titans? The show would end within 10 episodes if they can’t defeat simple titans slowly encroaching in

      • Jyang says:

        *Time to combine multiple posts in 1 go again yay*

        “You’re right. That’s that disappoints me. I want this series to be Horror and I started to watch it as a Horror series. This episode wasn’t horror anymore. Because right now the one who’s scary is Eren-titan, but not the others. Levy and Hanji are to blame for that…”

        I think your disappointment comes from expecting something that isn’t what the series is about. Shingeki no Kyojin [I had a debate with my friend who studies jap] about the meaning of the title and why it was translated as “Attack on Titan” and not “Attack of the Titans”. If it was Titan’s attacking, it would have been Kyojin NO Shingeki. But instead, it’s the other way round, implying it’s the humans who are trying to attack the Titans. [Now whether this is right or not, I don’t know, it was just our conclusion from the discussion/debate].

        What I’m saying is, the series is not about “Horror”. Horror isn’t the main element. It is actually an Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Shounen with elements of Horror in it. It’s main aim [in my opinion], is not horror. The series isn’t intended to solely scare people. It’s a story explaining the world setting along with the characters and the mystery of these Titans. It’s about humans who have been forced into the 3 walls for whatever number of years, trying to fight back against these Titans who forced them there.

        So I think you would enjoy it more if you don’t think of this as a “horror” series [if that’s what you are expecting]. It’s more an action, mystery, shounen series, which I think they did show those aspects really well.

        “I want to see that “anti titan development” first.”

        Ep 3. Everything they learnt in military camp was Anti-Titan training. Remember in Ep 4, Eren kept sprouting out that they’re finally ready to fight again against Titans. They trained for 3 whole years just for this. But they got slammed in the face and died so easily [ok specifically referring to Eren’s group]: 1. Everyone apart from Eren in their group is not in the top 10 [aka, they’re normal soldiers]. 2. Eren and the rest has absolutely no experience in fighting against titans.

        If you think about it, everyone who SURVIVED in the Scouting legion must at least have some sort of skill to survive when against titans, even before they knew about the Titan’s weakness. If they were already good at surviving, surely it’s not hard to just hone their offensive skills. [Training to slash the Titan’s neck was also shown in ep 4 I think?]

        “Then show them as freaks!”

        Um…I’m pretty sure everything you said about Hanji is showing her as a freak. She is massively in love with Titans and kills them with a smile, so I’m not sure how much of a freak you expect her to be.

        I also agree with Anon that she’s not Sasha #2, though they share the similar trait of being obsessed with one particular thing. Sasha is quirky in the sense that she is naive, asks stupid questions, can’t read mood, clumsy and not really a thinker. She’s kind of like a wild animal that acts more on instincts instead of anything else. It just happens that she’s also massively obsessed with food because of where she was brought up.

        Hanji on the other hand, is actually very smart and sharp [which you will see eventually]. She’s just very hyper and active when it comes to Titans and very passionate about her work…which is *spoilers which will be explained later*. She actually plays a very important role in Shingeki, and without her, humanity is really screwed.

        I don’t deny that they have similar characteristics, but I think you should really give Levi and Hanji some time for the anime to explain their roles in the story. At the moment, the anime is just showing their existence so that the viewers won’t complain about suddenly having characters popping out of nowhere or something xD Or else people will be like “Who the F are they? Why haven’t we ever seen them before blah blah blah”. There’s no way to satisfy everyone…

        “There are things that this anime does good and there are things it does bad. Introducing new characters is the second.”

        I don’t disagree with this, but I don’t think it was that bad either. The appearance of Levi and Hanji [I think I said before] actually was from a later chapter. I think for the anime…it’s either complain now or complain later. Personally I think they didn’t do that bad of a job. Again, give them some time to develop. At the moment you’re basing their whole character on first impression. Not saying you can’t have a first impression, its just that we [manga readers] know that they will explain more eventually so we just want to tell you to wait for it!

        TL;DR – Sorry for another long massive post! As usual, I would suggest either reading the manga or waiting for the anime to explain more. This series is really more about the mystery of the Titans, and they’re NEVER going to explain anything really early on. This is those series where you have more questions asked than answered, but patience is the key!

        • Sobakus says:

          Right now I think was it really a good decision to show the story in chronological order? May be I wouldn’t have any complaints if they would use the same order that manga has. The characters would be introduced somehow differently..

          I watched episode 10 and this old guy Pixis appeared again. This time he was good, unlike the first scene with him, there he was playing chess with some cheesy rich guy. I hope the same will apply to Levy and Hanji eventually.

          It was interesting to read how other people see the series. So long comments are fine. When it started I immediately decided that SnK is the best Shonen series I’ve ever seen. But now.. may be my opinion will change after I’ll see the last episode of it (especially considering the fact that before the series have started my favorite was Letter Bee :)). And again it will probably end with the anime’s original ending. Or nothing will be resolved at all… Let’s wait and see.

          By the way.. SnK manga is good indeed.

    • Meep says:

      Titans are scary. You will get to see first hand the Scouting Legion lose 30% of their forces when they head out with Eren and the other trainees.

      • Sobakus says:

        Good to hear. But I would prefer 50-50 balance for most of the series. And the last battle for last 5-6 episodes with complete massacre, close to 90-100. :)

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@afgm: you talking 'bout the anime, right? Because the events after the anime are when sh!ts just got real.
It's one of my favorite series
@SuperMario: Flowers of Evil is anti-romance, but it is a celebration of love apart from it. Nothing makes me more hopeful than to watch a protagonist recover from a prolonged and debilitating manic episode.
So I guess technically she does have Finnish name even though it doesn't really sound like it to my ears...
Just to note Luvia is tiny municipiality here, never heard of it before though. Edelfelt sounds like it has Swedish origin, but it is name that is name of apparently somewhat famous Finnish painter. I haven't heard of that guy, but I don't really know many Finnish painters because I'm not into art history.
Joking aside, like I said, Finland is mostly mentioned in otaku pandering material for some bizarre reason. For example, I once saw review of game that is about stripping vampires(not hentai game, can't remember name though) and I noticed it had one random Finnish character who actually did have Finnish name.
@Aidan: Hah, take that for being arrogant "its on your head" : D I know what I'm talking about most of the time
But isn't it fitting that the anime/manga I'm currently following is Flowers of Evil, a pretty much anti-romance manga. Well, might as well write a reflection on the manga if I feel up to it :)
@Kaiser: I wish I were joking, but it's okay. I don't want to bring the atmostphere of the shoutbox down by my personal affairs.
@afgm: thanks man. Well I'm just keep moving on, no use thinking back too much on that.
Kaiser Eoghan
Oh. whoa whoa, I thought Mario was taking the piss/joking with that post...thought wrong.
@SuperMario: That sucks man. How are you holding up? I know long distance relationships can be hard to maintain -- it gets pretty lonely.
Kaiser Eoghan
Really glad to see that Vinland saga has gotten properly good again, it was starting to get back on track slowly but surely, now it, with this new chapters revelation fully has,
Kaiser Eoghan
Ireland was mentioned in Nabari no ou and an episode of original gundam, two of gundam 00s characters are Irish.
Kaiser Eoghan
I don't like generalized statements, much prefer Colonelized ones actually.
Kaiser Eoghan
There was a dating sim adaptation by studio deen in 2003 that did a girl of the week format, one of the girls was finnish.
Just broke up with my girl after 3 years. Figure that it never works out for a long-term relationship... (That's a generalized statement right there)
So that's one. Can't say I remember seeing Finland elsewhere besides that show where all the countries are turned into anime characters.
Luvia Edelfelt is from Finland?! Well damn you learn something new every day.
And now I find a screenshot of them saying Miyu is from Finland. Which is weird because nothing of the sort was mentioned in the manga.
Most I seen was anime characters saying Norway which was generally used as a means of saying NO WAY.
@Anon48363, its sad that when I see a comment like this my first reaction is suspecting its a Bot. Thanks though.
@Masky, nope. No they didn't. I think this may be in your head.
Been enjoying the site for 7-8 years, if not longer. Thank you for your efforts in keeping the editorial line intact wrt reviews and happy to discover new content in the process. Keep up the good work!
Anyway, speaks of your "high taste" I guess. Finland gets brought up in some of otaku fanservice material for some bizarre reason. I'm weirded out by that since Finland is most obscure backwater place I've seen mentioned most out of other obscure countries xD
Of course it is possible I'm remembering wrong too(and did read wrong) and they did mention it only once :P
How funny you say that and then mention that weird magical girl spinoff right after wards xD The part where they introduce Miyu to rest of class has teacher saying she is transfer student from Finland, unless I read subtitles wrong
Gonna wait on the Prisma Illya episode post. Figure I cover two episodes in one considering the slow pace isn't giving me much to work with.
Got to say I thought this would give me much more to talk about.
I don't remember Finland ever being brought up in anime. Or video games. Or anything for that matter.
Speaking of the preview I have at least checked the source material. Just need to buckle down and start writing it.
@Bam: I know right? :D
I agree with K-off regarding keep the business end of stuff off the shoutbox- I just have no means of communicating with all of ya'll. We can Skype, but I suggest Google hangouts for conferencing. That way we may be able to record special podcasts, and now's probably a good time to get this to the next level.
I also volunteer to help with the workload for the season preview. I would be down to cover two series, but they have to appeal to me, cause there's no way I can be fair and PG-13 with the reviews of aweful shows.
@Masky: "Generalized statements are in general rather annoying". Hehe, that awefully sounds woefully like a generalized statement to me m8.
First Dark Souls III DLC titled Ashes of Ariandel just confirmed for an Oct 25th release. Thankfully this time, all regions and platforms are getting the expnasion on the same day. Here is a reveal trailer to launch the Hype Zeppelin:
Friend: please send me, or post, the finished banner once you have it complete. I would like to take a gander. Thank you.
...Espicially since characters supposedly from there rarely have names that sound Finnish.
So anyhoo, so why is Finland one of countries that tends to get name dropped a lot in anime/manga/japanese video games? As Finnish person that weirds me out
@Friend Damn, kind of surprised to see how abstract some of those concept art are for Mulan. But generalizations are just easier to make if all they care about is validation.
Generalized statements are in general rather annoying, but everyone loves to make them anyway for some reason :D
I'm nearing completion with our banner, in terms of work-hours Id say 3 hours? But in real life that equates to about 4 days because of stuff.
Something that annoys me: when a fellow artist makes a generalized statement about the industry by saying something silly like "japanese animated films have more creative input involved." Uggh Google "Alex Nino Mulan Concept" and tell me if you still think that. Sorry about that X/
And it might sound weird to you guys, especially majority of you are in one of the hottest days of summer, but I'm gonna head off to snow mountain for skiing this coming weekend. So expect the weekly posts will be a bit later than usual.
I don't know if that guy @Bond is still lurking around here, but I'm still interested In doing that thing with him
@Aidan: imho, those numbers don't really mean if we have nothing to compare them to. I'll say the ratio between original/ all anime for particular seasons would tell us a lot better
But it does counter the point of "We don't get enough original anime anymore" which in itself was a pretty silly statement.
Of course just because they are original doesn't automatically qualify them as good.
@Anon44887, that logic would apply if it was an exception. 9 original shows last season, 14 original shows this season. 20 in the next. Are they three seasons all an exception?
@AidanAK47: An exception that proves the rule
Just to ask does any of the shows being reviewed have a great soundtrack. Just asking for asking.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Aidan: I recall he posted under the name Bold/bond, the same poster who made the chart.
Who was it again bemoaning that we don't get enough original(Not adaption) anime anymore? Cause there are 20 original shows next season. Great for anime but hard for me cause what am I gonna write in the preview?
I am a bit too stubborn to burnout.
@afgm, I didn't change a thing.
I hope AidanAK47 would not suffer an Anime Burnout. I love this site and it pains to think that one day, no one will be writing the seasonal previews and yearly summary.
@Aidan: you have 91 days's episode as 9 instead of 7
Bloody hell, even the spambots are referencing Pokemon Go now.
For future reference, let's direct admin dialogue to email, apart from direct feedback.
@Mario We're working on allowing users to set up accounts.
And the constant anonymous names just keep bugging me. Can we make it back to the old shoutbox, where you have to put down your name in order to write message?
I think it's one thing leads to another. he's getting too burnout that he doesn't know what to write anymore.
@Anon36049, pretty much what he said. Though it seems to be a combination of anime burnout and writers block.
He suffered from anime burnout and is getting on with real life.
Hi guys I havent been around for a long time. Does anyone know what happened to psgels? I see that the new posts are not his.
Disgaea 2 coming to steam. Sweet.
Gotta finish Disgaea 1 and hope they don't screw up the port on release day again.
Illuminati are everywhere, regardless of wherther it's anime or not. Sword Art Online was the work of the illuminati. All in the name of the gaint magic eyeball triange god do they rule the landscape of entertainment medium.
Also Magic Eyeball-kun also argees that Rem is best girl. And none shall dare denounce that claim.
@Anony35181: never thought they're that much interested in anime thou
@supermario, illuminati confirmed
Is it just me or couple of messages from the shoutbox just gone missing?
Haven't been watching it myself, but apparently in Taboo Tattoo, that large-chested high school girl died while running *onto a live battlefield* to check on her boyfriend with a shirt that said "flag". 10/10
@afgm Sent you a message.
@Friend Looks good, I'd be interested in seeing multiple witches as well.
Chemotherapy is a cause of cancer rather than a cure.
If you know someone dying of cancer, immediately inform them that allopathic medicine will kill them and turn them to natural remedies which often work.
"Medicine and science are powerfully institutionalized, but no institution or profession has existed for the purpose of encouraging people to act reasonably." - Ray Peat
@Friend: yeah it's a problem
@Koff: I emailed you a while back. did you get it?
Huh, I can't use my username.
@Bam You're right, I'll work on it.
@K-off: It's moments like these that really remind you of mortality. People pull thru tho. medical science has come far in that field; but definitely not far enough.
@Friend: It's looks pretty good. I like Mario's suggestion of a series of witches, but a solitary one is more in-tune with the current banner. I would say however that there is too much dark in the negative space to the right. Could be just me tho.
@Kaiser: a series of consecutive 'yes'. I was really into Laloux, but FP is the one I liked the most. I've been watching Mr. Robot since season 1, and it's well worth your time. Not really all that cyberpunkish tho; mostly just cyber. And anybody who hasn't read Gibson's masterpiece is a fool of a Took.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Bam: Have you been looking into that Mr Robot series? I heard its meant to be some kind of cyber thriller, it could be our thing. Also have you read Neuromancer?
Kaiser Eoghan
And I suppose that brings me to that stranger things show then, I love horror so I guess that caught my eye, but apparently its a family/kids thing =< don't know whether to bother.
Kaiser Eoghan
I still say it takes me that extra bit of convincing to watch a childrens animated film.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Friend: The banner is in good hands I see.
Well Coraline wasn't written by Laika. It was written by Neil Gaiman. Laika just adapted it. Still I would like to check out Kubo to see what all the hype is about.
@anony29442: I will watch Kubo this coming week so I will comment on the movie then. But I'm not that surprise if Kubo has a weak writing. Laika never really great at story development: I mean Coraline is exellent, ParaNorman is just okay and Boxstrolls writing is just so underdeveloped and full of plotholes
@friend: wow. It looks awesome. But why only one witch? ^^
Hey everyone! Just an update on our new banner, here's my WIP up to now: [link src="
I'm"] trying a witch as a tribute to one of psgel's favorite anime maho shojotai. Feedback is welcome, I have a lot left to do. A 5:1 aspect ratio is the weirdest dimension I've ever painted in
I just saw Kubo and the 2 strings and im really shocked at all the praise its receiving. People calling it an instant masterpiece on looks alone but not enough are talking about how underdeveloped the characters and story were. It felt as if they made the whole thing up as they went along to the point where I couldnt suspend my disbelief any longer and got irritated.
qualidea code's characters havent become better in terms of how they are written; only that they have been fleshed out in the most generic and trivial of ways as to sympathize with them; and sure, they have become some what likeable in the same way you'd like a person who you heard nothing but kind things about but that does not save the characters from being boring. QC is still a bad show
@Anon27511, even if the animation was kept consistent the story still can't really escape the done to death aspect of it's story. I agree that the writing has gotten better but despite that the show just feels...meh.
Fucking Qualidea Code, as the story and characters become more interesting, the animation and drawing proportionately decreases. Sad they simply do not have the budget to pull off what seems like a potentially very good story
@Mike I'm sure you already heard but for some reason I didn't keep up to date. I thought it was strange that releases stopped in March after chapter 68,.
Just learned that the writer of my favorite webtoon is battling terminal cancer, but despite it she hopes to finish it someday. God damn I would've never expected this.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Mario: Once spilled hot microwaved food over my hand by mistake, hurt for a day.
Kaiser Eoghan
Kaiser Eoghan
@Bam: The story and ideas however were better in gandahar I felt. Time masters while good was a bit stop and start in its pace and animation.
I’m definitely interested in Laloux’s other, short animations and Mobius’ comic book work.
Kaiser Eoghan
@Bam: I watched Rene Laloux's remain animated films, Gandahar and time masters, I enjoyed both but not as much as Fantastic planet. I remember we talked about fantastic planet two years ago. Did you see the other two I mentioned. I liked the big moments and the ending to time masters, especially those angel things.
Ok. I beat Federation Force. I think the main positive is that the levels were playable despite the lack of voice chat. The bosses took a lot of damage and the beginning and end are relevant to the Prime continuity.
@K-Off: I did it once just like you did, and once when I put a metal bowl into a microwave. So yeah, boys will always be boys.
I tried my best not to half-ass either of them tho. Any oddity you guys see just write it off as mental exhaustion.
Okay, I'm officially beat. These two reviews should be considered companion pieces, as some material from one flew into the other. Thank god that episode 08 was not a heavy one, or I'd be completely depleted.
Shit, I'm a damn idiot at baking, slightly burnt my hand a minute ago grabbing a hot tray with a wet towl. Why do I even try.
@afgm Alright, send me a message at and we'll work it out.
@K-off: I second that, as although the Poirot series has very well-done choreography, casting and music, there is still a little more of that unquantifiable magic sprinkled on the Granada series. But keep watching and I'll guarantee that Suchet will become the quintessential Poirot in your mind as well.
I said that while I liked the performance and the direction, I didn't think that it did for Poirot what Granada did for Holmes.
@Bam Yeah it is, and generally when I camp I like to stay for 1-2 weeks, places like Niagara or Yellowstone I can pretty much see everything I want to see in a few days so I don't find much value going to those places. The Adirons on the other hand is diverse as hell.
@K-off: I'm not sure if you mentioned it while I was gone: but did you get to watch any of the Poirot series with David Suchet? And if so, what are your thoughts?
I generally go to either the Muir Woods north of SF, or the forests around Big Sur. It doesn't take much to please me really.
@K-ff: is that by Lake Champlain? Cuz I've been there once and loved it.
@K-off: I thought of a combined post, but my OCD wouldn't allow a skip in the episodic order of the reviews.
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