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The more I hear about Magata’s DID, the more suspect it becomes. According to this episode, Magata didn’t conceive DID out of trauma or accident but instead intentionally crafted alternate personalities so well to the point that it became DID. I personally find the mechanics of this rather fantastical as I don’t think anyone can intentionally create a mental disorder. I see this more like a child creating an imaginary friend that’s been blown out of proportion. I really liked Souhei’s explanation on how Magata was pure regardless that I disagree with it. It is a amusing hypothesis that children are born with multiple personalities fighting for dominance and as we grow into adults that personality is chained down to one. It’s the kind of philosophy that I like to indulge in a lot despite it having no real factual basis. Still to determine that purity just seems wrong as in Magata’s case she doesn’t really account for the value of human life. I don’t consider someone who can take a life without thinking about it pure, rather ignorant or emotionally stunted. In either case Magata is most certainly not pure, she’s far too calculating to be so.

I am dropping any theories on the director’s wife being behind the killings as it would be a boring development and having seen the character in this episode I just don’t think she looks to be the type. Instead I have found myself a new prime suspect, one whom I feel has the perfect motive and skills necessary to pull this off. That person being, Dr. Magata herself. At this point I highly doubt that Magata is actually dead seeing as the only person to confirm it was the island’s Doctor. She’s the only one who can program the facility to have a bug at that exact moment and her dead body was the only thing to exit the room.As put forward in this episode, Magata hated being tied down and I have no doubt that being held on this island is completly agonising for her. This entire situation may be an elaborate escape attempt but it seems that something has gone wrong. The director’s death seems to signify that he was going to be the one to fly her off the island but he either said something she didn’t quite like or he got cold feet. One particular detail which I think cements Magata as the directors killer happens to be something that was revealed in this episode. We see a flashback where Magata went to a shop and bought a knife, this same knife was then given as a present to the director at the end of the episode. This is hinting that it was the director who killed Magata’s parents because she desired it but one thing that really catches my eye is the design of the knife. I am willing to bet that this knife is the exact same knife that is currently stabbed into the back of the directors neck.

When regarding Magata as the killer a lot of things start to make sense. On that note I must admit that another outlandish theory has occured to me. Is it possible that Moe Nishinosono and Shiki Magata are one in the same? The reason I have been having this thought is because Magata seems to have a large connection to Moe despite not actually knowing her. Magata make presumptions as to how Moe’s parents died and one detail that really spurs this on is that when Magata questions her on what she was wearing when they died, a flashback Moe has shows a girl in a purple dress with black hair. The biggest torn to this theory is that Moe’s family seems to be a fairly famous name and when it comes to murder mystery in general, the detective being the killer is generally disapproved of. I still would like more information on the other characters but I am very much ready for more Subete, it’s such a pity I need to wait a week to get it.

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  1. “Is it possible that Moe Nishinosono and Shiki Magata are one and the same?”

    This passed fleetingly through my mind, but wasn’t Shiki in the island for fifteen years? Moe is simply too young.

    Maybe it was a translation error and Shiki wasn’t stuck in the lab for fifteen years, but since she was fifteen years old. Then this would make sense.

  2. Avatar Doug Napoleone says:

    Three things I love about this series:

    1. Everyone is broken. Seriously broken. And yet I still love all the characters. They are interesting and not boring.

    2. I see this as a story of ‘what if’. What if Magata’s life was just a bit different. Would she be Moe? Is that why she is fascinated by her? Is this story exploring the potential two paths a person like her could take?

    3. All week after watching an episode I am still thinking about it. I rank shows by how much I want to watch the next episode when I complete the previous one, how much I want to watch the next episode 4 day later, how much I want to watch it once I have the ability to, and Every day I think about the episode through the week. Shit is a rare show which scores a 10. It is not perfect by any means, but it is still a 10, must watch, right now.

  3. Avatar Doug Napoleone says:

    *sigh* auto correct…. profanity should be ‘this’.

  4. Avatar Jezy says:

    I think you are thinking of “pure” in terms of innocence or naivete. Souhei means “pure” in terms of being true to herself– unconstrained from all the rules of society, which Magata found to be stupid. According to Souhei, as we grow older and learn social rules, we suppress our original thinking and aspects of our personality. Dr. Magata was able to break free of these constraints, making her purely her true self. If she killed her parents, she is definitely anti-social.
    Do you really think Magata would miscalculate an escape attempt? She’s too smart for that.
    The timeline doesn’t make sense for Moe to be Magata. I think there is some link between them though.
    I enjoy your theories!

    • AidanAK47 AidanAK47 says:

      Good point on the purity thing, you are right.
      Magata may be clever but matters of the heart can cloud the mind.
      Yeah I really didn’t take into account the 15 years spent on the island. I think how Magata looks so young on the moniters threw me off.
      Thanks, I enjoy making them.

      • Avatar ;( says:

        Don’t watch this show yet, but honestly if fantasy could be involved, you might not be wrong.
        Time travel,
        Alternate dimensions,
        Literal split personalities,
        Memory earasement,
        These things occur a lot in anime,
        So it’s not impossible for a character to later be revealed as a form of another character despite contrary evidence.

  5. Avatar YotaruVegeta says:

    The way they draw the Director’s wife, I would be sure that she did SOMETHING. She looks disturbed.

    • AidanAK47 AidanAK47 says:

      Well she did seem to know an awful lot about how Magata’s parents died. Almost as if she was there. Still if she played a part in this I am guessing it’s minor.

  6. Avatar Nic says:

    The security system having been built by Dr. Magata is likely the key to this mystery. It’s hard to believe what happened was a malfunction. The director being the killer is not a theory I’d get behind because no matter how you cut it, no one has entered that room for the past 15 years. No human, anyway.

    Robots are probably playing a crucial role because they can move around without triggering logs. But it’s a bit hard to believe the Director’s murder was committed by a robot. However, a robot could bypass the system, allowing the killer to move around undetected. There’s also the fact he was stabbed in the back so he clearly knew his killer.

    Magata’s murder of her parents is likely related to her relationship with the Director. ‘I won’t let you do this.’ is the biggest clue to that. She killed her parents because they wanted to stop her from doing something.

    There’s a wild theory going around that makes a lot of sense but I’m hesitant to talk about it because I’m unsure if that’s only theory or if it’s someone faking a guess. As for the murder, I see no way for a killer to enter undetected. But I see a way for the killer to have slipped out (under that tray robot). When everything went dark, there was an opening for roughly a minute if someone was hiding under there.

    Also, I’m curious where her limbs are and I’m completely baffled by the connection she seems to have to Moe and the death of her parents.

    • Avatar YotaruVegeta says:

      It’s not a malfunction if you command your system to malfunction. ;) Remember, she was working on a superior OS to the one that the facility is built on. They say that the old OS is foolproof, but if it’s foolproof, then how could anyone improve on it?

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