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This episode mainly focused on a giant Meteor about to annihilate the city and the introduction if S class heroes, Metal Knight and Bang. Bang makes it a point to say how the top class heroes are hardly very heroic with most not showing up at all to stop a city’s total destruction. Even one of the two S class heroes that did show up only did so to test his new weapons. It’s seems that this show is making a point that there are few of these avengers out to do the greater good but more in it for more selfish reasons. So it is that out of the legion of heroes introduced, Saitama may be the closest thing to what a hero should be. Its is at this point where I must remark on the inconsistency of One Punch Man’s animation quality. At times it can be remarkably fluid and gorgeous but at other times it can be heavy amounts of animation saving techniques at work. What’s more concerning is that these random quality highs and lows can happen within close proximity. It really seems that any scene with Genos is given an animation overhaul but the scene with Saitama punching through the Meteor was a mixed with cheap and great animation. But that could be a clash of animation styles at work in one scene, as it certainly felt like the character animation and the explosion were done by two different people. The animators passion certainly shines through to save the scene but it could have had more impact with more movement and force behind the punch. However I must admit that complaining about animation in this show is much like complaining about a lack of sand in a desert. What’s been done has been done excellently, it’s more a minor complaint that I wish it had more consistency.

So Saitama manages to save the city but unfortunately fails to prevent the Meteor fragments from causing serious damage. Thus naturally for the human race, they blame everything on the man who saved all their hides. I have said before that Saitama’s greatest challenges come not from a fist fight but rather a more psychological approach. In this regard the Tank Top brothers actually picked a clever way of attacking him. By drawing in a crowd to berate Saitama for the destruction of the city. Nearly worked too, if they hadn’t tried to stage a publicity stunt of them taking him down in to boost their rank. It looks to be that Saitama’s deeds as a heroes are going to be mainly unsung and in the public eyes he’s an incompetent cheater of a hero. However at least he has Genos on his side who sees his true worth. Due to the differences in language there’s very few times I can judge a voice actor in a subbed show. After all what the subtitles say is merely an liberal interpretation using the closest english equivalent and I like the know how of the nuances of the Japanese language to truly judge the talent of Japanese voice actors. But I think we can all agree that even when lacking that knowledge it could be clearly seen that the actor didn’t handle that shouting scene right at all. From the manga it’s pretty clear his voice should be more angry and powerful but here the tone of his voice really didn’t match the mood of the scene. Quite frankly, it just didn’t sound right and really killed the scene for me. Next episode looks to be the beginning of the sea king attack which has been something I have been looking forward to since this adaptions announcement. However I wonder if they plan to make it a two partner or handle the seven chapter arc in one episode?

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  1. Avatar aramus says:

    You’re right on the mark with Saitama’s yelling scene in this episode. I don’t know any Japanese but it totally felt wrong to me at all. It needed more anger, more bass, more *something*. It just sounded like he was talking normally but with the volume up.

    I explained it away in my head as part of Saitama’s lack of emotion causing him not to sound too angry but now that I see even other people agree with this, it’s hard for me to turn a blind eye to it.

    Either way though, this was still a great episode. Your sand analogy was spot on.

  2. Avatar Bam says:

    The whole mob-shaming scene is awful no matter where it’s used. It’s a great oversimplification of an entire population for plot and character purposes. Different variants of this scene can be found everywhere and they are all cheap and unnecessary. I know it comes straight from the manga, but I didn’t like it there neither, so the anime producers should’ve decided to marginalize this section and spend more time and money on the meteor scene, and specifically the Metal Knight character.

    The problem with handdrawn is that when it shines it shines, and when it gets crappy it really shows; since there is no digital postprocessing to touch it up. In my opinion this episode was the first major blunder, but hopefully they are just gearing down to rev it up again for the Sea King premier; so it might all soon be forgotten.

  3. Avatar Momozo says:

    Man, its been ages since I visited here, but… how this blog has fallen… Where is Psgels?

    Have you ever seen One’s version of the mangá? Its just fabulous, even with the horrible drawing. And here you keep bitching about the animation? REALLY? LOL!!!!!

    • Avatar AidanAK47 says:

      Psgels has moved on with his life.
      Well I would take any constructive criticism but I would prefer it from someone who did more than just skim and not take in any of the information presented. After all you aren’t here to read this but rather complain about the guy who wrote it and remind him of how super special awesome Psgels was and how he will never be Psgels even though he is not trying to be. And even if I tried to imitate him that wouldn’t stop you lot, because you can’t win against nostalgia.

      Well boy, I ain’t writing this for you. I am writing this for me cause it’s a nice hobby. Read it, don’t read it, do whatever you want. Makes no difference to me.

    • Avatar YotaruVegeta says:

      I find it’s the angriest people who use LOL the most.

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