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Hello and welcome to another week of Inuyashiki. We are approaching the end, with only 3 episodes left. The end-game has been revealed, Hiro returns to his roots and Inuyashiki gets found out by someone close to him. Lets jump in!

To start off, Inuyashiki tipped its hand this week as to the ultimate ending. A news report mentioned a 50 km wide meteor hurtling towards the planet. This is something far beyond any human technology to stop, but luckily we have two alien cyborgs to save the day. The only real question is which of the two is going to inevitably sacrifice themselves to stop it. On one hand we have Inuyashiki, the old man dedicated to helping people. Its completely in his character to save people, yet he has much more to lose than Hiro. On the other hand, Hiro sacrificing himself would complete the “redemption” arc/theme Inuyashiki seems to be going for. I am not sure which I would prefer, or how both of them sacrificing themselves would fit in. Regardless, the general ending is now obvious, we need only wait and see how it’s done.

Now we couldn’t talk about this episode without mentioning Hiro. Unlike the last two episodes, this one splits its time between both of our leads, yet our time with Hiro is the most eventful. Picking up from last episode, we catch Hiro in the middle of a police raid. Somehow, after supposedly being shot numerous times, both Shiro and the Grandmother are alive. It can be assumed that Hiro healed them, but I feel it could have been portrayed better. Back to the police raid, I am disappointed in the police. At this point they have seen Hiro survive bullets, fly away and shoot without a gun. They should have innovated or tried something different. The idea of a night police raid, shoot first ask questions later was good, but when will they acknowledge that Hiro just isn’t human?

In response to their night raid, Hiro also decides to go on the offensive. All in all, this was a pretty good sequence. We get sociopathic Hiro back, well done action and the promise of more to come. In particular I loved how Hiro flew around when hit by high powered rifles. Flying to the side, sliding on the ground as shot by a hail of bullets. Hiro also running around with his finger guns, as his clothes ripped to pieces. It was all very good. We also get a hint that their bodies, or at least that super weapon Hiro used, runs on water. Inuyashiki drank a large amount in the first episode and Hiro is unconscious here until he drinks some rain water. Its nice to see a limitation on them and I am curious how it will be used in the future, since its being hinted at.

For Inuyashiki, he had a far less eventful but still important episode. We see him continue to practice with his abilities, learning to control cars, and his continued healing antics.  Most of all though, we see his Daughter, Mari, discover him. Its nice to see more of Inuyashiki’s family, to see them finally do something. She even smack talks Eiichiro Oda’s son, yes that who that was. Whats interesting in this though is that Mari thinks that Inuyashiki is actually responsible for Hiro’s twitter act, and will no doubt spread it. Its sad to think that even the small good Hiro tried to do will be credited to someone else. Yet it’s nice to know that Inuyashiki’s acts of good will get out there. Hopefully with this and Hiro going full villain, Inuyashiki will step up and go full hero.

All in all, it was a better episode than the last. The animation was good in some places, lackluster in other. The environments stood out for a city-scape and the plot advanced. I am disappointed that the story is using a meteor as its final act rather than a physical battle of wills between our two leads, but with the sympathy angle used on Hiro I suspected he would end a martyr. The only thing left to do is see how and how quickly Inuyashiki folds this out. With only 3 episodes left, there is only so much they can cover. It worries me.

Regardless, I will see you next time for the beginning of the end of Inuyashiki!


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  1. Avatar Vonter says:

    I think this episode used better a comedic gag than the Magus Bride. When Mari was trying to get why his dad was with one of his classmates. And I think that joke worked mainly because she keep it to herself.

    The police station assault reminds me of the first Terminator movie. Which makes me think this series could technically work as a live action movie. I mean aside from the flying bits we’ve seen these type of things on live action movies using practical effects.

    Lastly I would have liked if the anime could have been able to freeze certain frames of the manga, since I think some compositions looked really cool and it being more of a moment in the anime feels a bit disappointing. Despite the ugliness of the Berserk anime I did like when it dramatized some scenes of the manga.

    • Avatar Lenlo says:

      Yes, the imaginary scenes of Ando and Inuyashiki were amusing without breaking the scene.

      I also recommend you don’t get me started on Berserk. I hate the fact that the anime exists with every fiber of my being.

  2. Avatar MarigoldRan says:

    I noticed that your blog post is different from the blog post written by other bloggers. You do not use the same words.

    Consequently, how do you know that you’re blogging about the same show as they are?

    • Avatar Lenlo says:

      I have a complex about liking bigger words than I probably need. Also, some of the others are not natural english speakers. I am.

      • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

        Oooo. Social attack. Your brain just made up some shi- in response to the belief that a stranger is attacking you. You respond as such because you thought such tactics worked in the past.

        Interesting. By the way, you’re using a double standard. The words I’m using here are no more complex than the ones you usually use. I’m just combining it in different ways.

        • Avatar Lenlo says:

          Im not… attacking anyone? It was meant as self depreciating humor and a jest at my colleagues expense?

          • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

            Go to Rotten Tomatoes and read a movie review on The Matrix or whatever other movie you like. Then read a second review of that movie. Then read a third review of the “same” movie. Etc. etc.

            What might you notice about all the reviews? None of the reviews are exactly the same. So, then, why do we assume each reviewer saw the “same” movie but “interpreted” the movie differently? Given the evidence, can’t I just go ahead and say each person saw a different movie?

          • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

            I’m literally writing a book on this. Since you’re a decent writer, I would like your opinion on this idea.

      • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

        Perhaps I haven’t been clear. So let me clarify.

        No one responds to shi- the same way. So why do we assume they’re responding to the same shi-?

        Look at the comments here. No one wrote the “same” comment but everyone assumes they’ve watched the same show. Why?

        I’m not criticizing what you wrote about Inuyashiki. I’m just curious: is ANYONE writing about the “same” Inuyashiki as anyone else?

      • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

        Personally, I think your writing is pretty good. I understand it’s just “one author’s” viewpoint.

        What I’m curious about is this: if EVERY post is “just some person’s” viewpoint then why do we need to assume there exists a single “same” show that everyone watched?

        • AidanAK47 AidanAK47 says:

          So basically you wish to inquire about the cognitive dissonance of individual consensus and how interpretation effects the media we consume to digest it into categories of congestive quality terms such as good, great or terrible. Thus if the “same” show can be categorized drastically different by alternative people then is it possible that everyone is not watching the exact same show. That through another perception a show can be completely different?

          So the real question is if people are truly watching the same show?
          And the answer is yes. Yes they are. Don’t be a dumbass.

          • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

            And the blogger accuses me of using long words. Sigh.

            People launch personal attacks because they think it worked in the past. I really don’t give shi- what you think about me meaning that I don’t even particularly care to waste my time insulting you, personally. My point is simple:

            No two people will ever write the same shi- about a TV show. So why do people assume they watched the same show? There’s no evidence of it. It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.

          • AidanAK47 AidanAK47 says:

            Shit. Just write shit. Removing the final letter doesn’t somehow make it no longer uncouth.

            Anyway I used those words on purpose, just to give you a reflection of yourself. Pretentious isn’t it? Look my friend, before writing any books you might want to do an awful lot of research as you will come to find that anything you thought up on your own has been thought up and debated till the end of time. In this case your inquiry falls apart because you claim that two people cannot prove they watched the same thing. But they can, they can recount what happened in the episode. While opinions may differ, the actual content that they watched is the same. So there is nothing to prove, because it’s obvious.

          • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

            But that’s proof that two people DIDN’T watch the same show.

            Because when two people argue, they never use the same words to argue about anything. Two people can write a summary of an event, and there are similarities in the summary.

            But similar isn’t SAME.

            More personal attacks. Whatever. I really don’t give a shi- about what you think about me. My point remains: you think we’re having the same argument even though from the evidence of our words we’re obviously not.

          • Avatar MarigoldRan says:

            When people write shi- about other people, they’re really not writing about that person.

            What they’re actually writing about is a memory construction of the other person.

            For example, you don’t know who the f- I am. So when you write shi- about me, what you’re doing is you’re writing shi- about a memory construction made by YOUR OWN BRAIN cobbled together from bits an pieces of other constructions you made in your past.

  3. Avatar Strength says:

    50km asteroid is massive. But the idea of such unknown asteroid existing and even on a collision course with Earth nowadays is virtually impossible, unless we are talking about a comet. The object in Inuyashiki was reported to be fast, which implies it is indeed a comet.

    Some correct terminology for the writer:
    – Meteor is the “shooting star” phenomenon – asteroid burning in the atmosphere.
    – Meteorite is the remains of the actual object that has fallen on Earth.
    – Asteroid is the original object in the space.
    – Meteoroid is a small asteroid.
    – Comet is an ‘asteroid’ that contains ice and comes from the edge of solar system, often has a visible tail because the Sun sublimates it when nearby and is very dangerous because far away regions are not mapped and worse – it is incredibly fast due to its high orbit eccentricity (which means its coming directly at us unlike asteroids which have mostly the same orbit as planets, hence very small speed relative to us).

    So comets are many, are far away, are unknown, go right at us (harder to detect) are fast and do muuuch more damage! The ultimate life-killer.

    PS: The largest asteroid to fly ‘near’ Earth ever observed has flied by just 2 months ago and boasted size of 4 kilometers!

    • Avatar Lenlo says:

      I was not aware of the distinctions! I was merely running the the translation given to me.

      Interesting that speed is a qualifier for what name something gets.

      • Avatar Strength says:

        Not many people know the distinction, but it interesting so I always provide when I see it getting mixed up.

        Ah no it isn’t, it is merely a consequence of their orbit that is (usually) not circle but (very prolonged) ellipse, so they accelerate (i.e. fall) from the end of solar system to here. Comets truly are structurally different from asteroids.

        PS: HorribleSubs (that I’ve seen) used the word asteroid for the news scene. The Japanese word (wakusei) tells me nothing as far as technical terminology is concerned.

  4. Avatar Strength says:

    The asteroid development is a large cop out.

  5. Avatar MarigoldRan says:

    “The messages anyone sends will never be the same as what people hear.”


    If so, then why assume anyone will ever watch the “same” show? Maybe everyone is watching a different show and just sort of assumes that everyone else is doing the same.

    But yeah, the asteroid development is a large cop out. Ah well.

  6. Avatar KTravlos says:

    Lenlo thank you for the reviews.

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