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Welcome one and all, to the real start of Joe’s boxing journey. This week Megalo Box’s starts to show its first cracks and gives us more fights than we can shake a stick at. Lets jump in!

Overall, this was a good episode in every respect but one. The music, story and pacing all do wonders. The one sticking point for me this week though was the main fight and its animation. For the most part it works, having Joe struggle with fear as his main opponent was brilliant. With both Joe and Nanbu caught up in it, Sachio had to be the one to save the day. The kid needed to be more than the plucky sidekick. However the fight animation itself worried me. It feels slow, delayed in places. Not smooth and snappy, nor working with the music like previous fights. In addition, ending the whole thing with one punch after all that buildup felt like an anti-climax. It wasn’t a bad fight by any means, let me make that clear, but I was hoping for more in our first big match.


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HisoMaso continues its bright, playful creativeness with another stellar episode, albeit a bit light in terms of plot. It’s an annual Air show and with that our titular characters’ bond is getting a little deeper. The cast’s getting even more expansive with several new faces, although somehow the main supporting characters that we see in the ED are still nowhere to be seen. Here I want to bring up one of HisoMaso’s unique appeal: its simple but incredibly expressive character designs: be it in their facial expressions or in their gestures. I believe the simple designs help loosen the strict movements we usually see in other anime. Here, each character has their own mannerism: their distinct movements can inform us plenty about the characters’ personality. In addition, their exaggerations actually never feel out of place with the tone of the show and the facial reactions from those characters are just something to behold, even with Masotan this episode whenever he hears Forest name. Those things help make up plenty for the lack of actual characteristics in our characters.

The main development of this episode revolves around the appearance of Hisone’s predecessor, Forest, which I’m still not sure if she’ll be a recurring character or just one-off. While she quit the D-pilot job few years ago, Hisone still feels the connection between Masotan and his old pal and becomes jealous of it. I can understand where Hisone coming from, given how she always regards Masotan and her have some sort of special bonding. Turns out, someone else even understands the dragon better than she does, so even her most secure feeling gets crumbling really quickly. Hisone’s speech with the dragon during their flight is another touching moment, further strengthen their special relationship. I also come to enjoy HisoMaso whimsical sense of wacky, most notably from Hisone’s remarks (gold: “I’m envious of your ability to sincerely believe this a proper contribution”. Way to go, Hisone) and her TAC name (which is like a nickname) is her freaking real name. I might not catch the nuance of the wordplays in those names here, or maybe the point is that these names don’t even mean anything excepts sound cool together (HisoMasooooooo)

As I said earlier, in terms of plot this show doesn’t have much to tell right now but it more than makes up by the strength of its stunning visual (I took like 40 screenshots out of this episode) and its easy-going bright atmosphere and fun characters. Being said that, I hope the show doesn’t get dark later on and I still HAVE NO IDEA what it will bring for the main overarching plot. The flights aspect is my least favorite part so far, so I hope they can turn that aspect into something more interesting. Somehow the lack of actual main plot doesn’t really worry me much, as long as HisoMaso still delivers those cute face expressions and introduces us more characters that we can relate to, I will be more than happy to get behind.

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Contrary to what I predicted last week, turns out there is a continuation to the “cliff-hanger” last week, and more importantly, it serves as a catalyst for Hinamatsuri this week’s first half. This is a second week in a row that the show involves little-to-no crazy superpower hijinks, which I’m not sure if it works for the show’s benefits. I always consider these ridiculous power Hina and Ainzu possess one of Hinamatsuri’s distinctive personality, thus without those the show feels more like your typical odd-couple slice of life comedy show. I’m quite glad that Hina and Nitta pair gets a main focus in this first half. Hina gets kicked out of the house by Nitta, it’s a kind of natural progression considering how much of a sloth and mindlessness Hina is. Too useless that she immediately spends her amount of money on food, then stays with Anzu but does nothing but eats food and reads manga. Anzu delivers what might be one of the best line of anime this season: “That girl’s not even fit to be homeless”. She learns the rope of surviving though, when she teams up with the street band and performs “tricks”. The band becomes extremely popular much to Nitta’s surprise.

As for Nitta part, unexpectedly receives harsh reaction from his group through his bad choice of phrasing (I love that comedy bit where some strangers stand up against him the most), even being banned from Utako’s bar until he makes up with Hina in one of the episode’s most hilarious sequence where Utako throws salt right after he left – an act of cleansing all the evil’s spirits. I particular love the way Hinamatsuri animates Utako clumsy actions – he finds himself worrying about her despite claiming that he doesn’t care about her well-being one bit. This part is supposed to be a break so that both Nitta and Hina can see the importance of the other in their lives, but I’ll be honest to say that it doesn’t grab me much because it has been done to death before. In the end though, what worries me the most is the way after going through many hardships of being homeless, Hina doesn’t change much except that now she knows for sure that wants to be with Nitta. In terms of character’s development, this blue-hair girl is still pretty much a brat. Consider how her two friends grow right before our eyes through their dire situations, I’m a bit concerned that if Hina doesn’t grow soon she might be the least interesting character out of this pack.

Speaking of Hina’s two friends, the second half spends on Anzu and my girl Hitomi encounter for the first time. What I like the most about them is how despite being very contrasted in terms of personality (one timid, one self-centred, ends up at vastly different outcomes (one has money more than she could imagine, the other only makes few bucks a day), in an essence they have been going through the same thing: that they learn something out of their usual personality and they come to do their jobs with pride. There’s a hint of pride in Anzu’s statement of being homeless, there’s a great montage about Hitomi not only being good at bartender, but also excels on customer’s service – provides the kind of atmosphere that Nitta’s boss, her own homeroom teacher and even Utako herself can be their honest self and not worry about their real life. At heart that’s exactly what Hitomi’s doing here. Hitomi even manages to half-blackmail one staff so that Anzu can have those bags of cans, a glaring example of how she adapts real fast. Anzu goes a long way too, bringing her new “friend” home and offering her install-noodle as a repayment, something she learns by heart through her homeless gang. We shall see how they grow as friends but I suspect that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Certainly a better episode than the last but I think I have come to an understanding about this show. I don’t think the comedy will work on me quite as well as the manga did. For example, that running joke about Narumi not being able to remember the colour of her panties when she was going to Hirotaka’s apartment had me chuckling while reading the manga. But here I was mostly stone faced as they did it despite the actual events being pretty much the same as the manga. It could be that I simply knew the joke was coming and what it was building to so it wasn’t funny anymore. However I think there may be another factor, one that I can’t quite pin down. While watching I just have this general vague feeling that while the presentation of the is show is serviceable, it feels rather routine. This show doesn’t require a massive animation budget but here it seems we only meet the bare minimum and there is a lot of reliance on still reaction shots. The direction as well just feels uninspired with it following the manga panels and any other content being bland shots with no life to them. People just feel a bit too stiff in this to me and I think they could take notes from KyoAni in how to make characters feel alive with minor actions.

Still while the humor of this show isn’t quite catching me, I find it a relaxing show to chill out to. Really these characters just have great communication and exchanges. Narumi and Hirotaka know each other back to front so they are always on the same wavelength. The only time they seem awkward is when it comes to romance which both of them have trouble incorporating into their previous friendship. Hirotaka doesn’t quite know how to approach Hiromi ending up with is more aggressive moves being too abrupt and not suiting the mood. It certainly was amusing that he invited Narumi over just to play games while Narumi was mentally preparing herself to go all the way. Certainly there is a disconnect between them when it comes to romance as Narumi seems more experienced while Hirotaka seems less and thus he takes things slow while Narumi expects more. Oddly the other couple of the series has the opposite problem, where in romance they seem to get along swimmingly while fighting like cats and dogs when it comes to anything outside of that.

I don’t think I could understand just how someone could put that much work into something like Doujin though. I already struggle with updating this blog and having a job so the idea of taking on making Doujinshi seems ludicrous to me. I got anime and videos game the get through damn it! But man Hirotaka was the ultimate wingman on this and coming through on his promise to help her with it. Again outside of romance these two seem made for each other as each supports the others lacking areas. Though Hirotaka’s denseness did help him not notice that a guy selling BL manga gave quite the wrong impression to people. This episode does show the mangas age as we got people playing Mariokart on the Wii which is rather odd as they did show that Hirotaka owns a switch. Huh. Also Hiro’s stashing his porn at work cause he knew they might search the place was quite clever but what makes it quite odd is that he seems prefers big breasted women and he’s dating Narumi. In the same way that Narumi declared that Hiro wasn’t her type it seems that she isn’t his either. Yet they date despite that. Made all the stranger when the other couple seems to be both their types. I guess you could say that when it comes to love, personal preference isn’t really a factor and I suppose what attracts these two isn’t their looks but the actual personality behind them. Which is rather romantic when you think about it.

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With the previous episode we got the backstory of Reinhard and with episode and the next we are getting the backstory of Yang. I know it’s likely a rather typical response to the “Who is my favorite character from LOGH?” but I really do love Yang. This episode actually did a better job of introducing him than the previous series did as before his past was relegated to a prequel series made afterwards. The pacing was a bit fast but otherwise this does a great job of setting up Yangs character. Yang is a man who wants to study history but finds himself more often than not forced to make it. Almost a polar opposite of Reinhard, he isn’t an overachiever and is lazy to a fault while only harboring the ambition to use the military as a means to obtain a paycheck so he can study history. Yet because he’s such a history buff he has a gift for tactical strategy which unfortunately pushes him up the ranks and some serious bad luck. For example she was positioned in the military at El Facil in this episode and found himself in lead command after the army abandoned the people. Though his wit he managed to use the escaping army as a decoy and evacuated the population. Now this event was still a big loss for the Free Planets Alliance but to divert attention away from that they focused public attention on Yangs evacuation and thus he was propelled to the status of the Hero of El Facil.

Honestly I love his demeanor of calm easy going mood even during the most dire of situations while still being rather socially awkward. This episode mainly set up his love for history and his friendship with Jessaia and Jean. I particularly liked how Yang tended to support Jean in pursuing Jessica romantically while signifying that he too may harbor romantic feelings for her. If there was certainly something I adored from the OVA series it was Yangs speeches on history and in this episode his opinion(Or rather his dad’s opinion) on Rudolf is oddly chilling. “People supported him…because they wanted their lives to be easy”, “Rather than solving their problems on their own, they were waiting for some superhero or saint to show up and take it all on single handedly. Rudolf took advantage of that”…my friends do these words seem oddly relevant? For these are lines taken word from word from a novel written in the 1980’s. Thus much like Yangs opinion on strategy, If one knows the past then it makes you better at predicting the future.

Now I have heard complaints that the strategy in this series is somewhat dependent on rather obvious tactics made brilliant by the incompetence of the opponent and I do see where that is coming from. It was rather odd that the best student in the school had the basic strategy of fighting Yang head on without considering to defend his supply lines. However while I admit the tactics of this show are a bit basic, I have two points which I feel negates that somewhat. One is that this series isn’t really about the space battles themselves but rather the politics around them so high level strategy isn’t so much needed when it’s the outcome of the battle on the political landscape which matters to the overall plot. The second point is that there is some claim that the author based these battles on real historical battles which I too suspected so. As I stated previously, stupid people in high positions is quite the common theme within history, you would be rather shocked how often it comes up. So I find the idea of Yang and Reinhard facing incompetent commanders to be at least fairly feasible. As a final note, the last episode showed us that the Galactic Empire has is dark sides to it’s society and this episode does give a glimpse that the Free Planets Alliance has its fair share of darkness too. While less constrictive that the Empire and closer to our current society, there is mention of a war orphans provision which basically amounts to soldiers being able to raise orphans and have a loan lent out by the Government. Then when the kid turns 15 they can veto the payback of the loan by joining the military. Essentially grooming war orphans into future soldiers. A democracy the Free Planets Alliance may be, but it is one that makes becoming a soldier the most attractive and in some cases, only option.

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Welcome to another episode of Steins;Gate 0. This week we have suffering Okabe, suffering Mayushii and, oh yeah, suffering viewer. It’s a good week to be a Steins;Gate fan. Lets jump in!

This episode hit me about as hard as it hit Okabe, for one simple reason. I fell for the exact same trap he did. Throughout the entire episode Okabe is talking with Amadeus, more than any other cast member. He speaks to her before/after class, during lunch, before dates, while just walking around town. Both Okabe and we, the viewer, get more and more comfortable with Amadeus and we watch him get more and more animated. It gets to the point where he leaves a Christmas party just to talk to her, hes like an addict and shes his drug. And I loved it. Steins;Gate 0 used the entire episode to build up to one simple reminder: Kurisu is dead and shes not coming back. S;G 0 is determined to break us down before getting to time travel shenanigans and its working.


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We have a sparser episode compared to the one last week, but believe me it’s still a dense episode with many seeds being planted and this week is essentially your Ainu 101 episode. The mangaka does a thoroughly research over Ainu culture, and he’s more than happy to show off here. But apart from the Ainu cooking porn in which I still feel out of place, Golden Kamuy uses the Ainu traditions and their culture to inform us about who Asirpa is and where her perspective comes from. Take the matter of rising a cub for example, Anui’s belief is to raise them and send them back to their kamuy (Anui’s god) life through sacrifice. It’s a fascinating view to how they approach life and death and I do really respect their belief. Asirpa belief grows beyond that view, the way she approaches it more realistically and she says it best herself “Our beliefs contain our way of life”. It could apply to any culture, to any individual belief out there. She really is mature and wise beyond her age.

Plot-wise, the duo gets chased down by more members of 7th Hokkaido unit, this time they all meet their miserable end, but not without a good fight. There of the soldiers are in hot pursuit for Sugimoto, and he escapes them just by a hair only because of Asirpa’s wisdom (although I like his quick resolve I have to say the “Bears won’t attack people who enter their hole” setup was hastily set up here). And the three still manage to take down the bear before dying themselves, just to show us the fighting spirits of those men (one of the men even had his face ripped off. Badass). Another soldier pursuits Asirpa and nearly kills her when he realized that she’s involved, but soon taken by the white wolf, Retar. If there is one central moral of this Golden Kamuy story, it is you need to kill your opponent properly because otherwise they’ll come back to haunt you. Asirpa leaves that poor soldier Tanigaki alive, and he vows to kill the wolf at all cost. I’m not keen on this development at all. It means trouble.

Speaking of Sugimoto and Asirpa’s real troubles, I’m worried for Asirpa’s kotan right now as the two seems to forget that they are being followed by a bunch of ruthless and skilful teams. The enemies’ character designs have now gotten to Rurouni Kenshin’s level of ridiculousness, which personally I’m not fond of, but well I can’t disagree that both teams following our duo are badass and will prove to be real threats. On the one hand, we have the army unit, lead by a “missing-the-front-of-his skull” Tsurumi, so you know he’s mad as hell, and on the other we have Hijikata himself, who figures out the way to take the tattoo NOT by skinning them off, so naturally he just kills for the fun of it (that’s half-true though). The next step should be for those two hot pursuers to kill off each other, right?

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It’s already 2 episodes in and I still have absolute no idea what HisoMaso’s overarching theme is going to be, which might no be a bad thing given I enjoy the show for what it is so far. HisoMaso’s main concept is quite silly when you think about it. A dragon camouflages as a military aircraft in which the person pilots it inside its organs. Yuck. And you see how he throws Hisone up? The show could easily fall apart if they take that concept seriously, yet so far they manage to get away with it. Even heaps of scenes in this episode could be viewed as workplace sexual harassment with all the touching, sexual innuendo (not to the level of FranXX but still,) and fetish-fuel suits, yet somehow they still work? Why then? I have no clue, but if I have to guess, it’s because of the show’s subtle parodical tone. Main characters, for example, have betrayed their common archetype tropes: Hisone is first seen as a character who have no qualms to be pushed around, turns out she’s the blabbermouth who says all negative things without thinking. Likewise, with Nao appears as your typical grumpy but kind-hearted partner, but this episode goes a long way to establish that she’s mean to Hisone through and through. Or even with the yoghurt lady who supposed to be a source of wisdom, turns out she just gives Hisone some random food (or is it not) and it’s Hisone who tries to make the meaning out of it.

Then again, I figure our best approach to HisoMaso should be don’t delve too deep into it and just enjoy the simple yet absolutely outstanding visual wash over you with some mild emotional core and some tweaks at the common tropes. And on that front HisoMaso more than shine through. This episode is all about Nao the delinquent who unsuccessfully bullying our main girl, but successfully steals a scooter and gets herself swallowed by the dragon (yay!). Her arc involves how Nao feels insecure with her position after Hisone becomes a main pilot. Ignored by her idol and had her rival standing up for her for all the wrong reasons, it comes to the breaking point where she need to revenge. Vengeance is the best cold dish there is. But why Nao, why do you have to go all the way to cook a meal for your rival? But further down the line and you realize that what Nao afraid the most is not living up to her mother. Kakiyasu the Captain does a crappy job to remind that her every single goddamn time. There’s a subtle hint that Kakiyasu used to be Nao’s mother junior, hence she understands what Nao is going through right now. But what she doesn’t understand is Nao the person, as the girl lashes out and runaways. Okay, Nao is pretty much a meanie but her character ticks with me through her little adorable details: her sketchbook with all the drawings are kawaii (with a commentary to boost), reading Princess Tutu / Black Swan manga, the way when she’s hurt she calls out for her Mama (big girl always calls out for Mama)

Judging from the OP and ED, there going to be three more additions that it makes me wonder if there is going to be another dragon appear. As I said earlier I absolutely have no clue whether HisoMaso will be more serious later on. I hope it’s not as for the moment I enjoy the chemistry between the titular characters, the bright and impressive visuals and I have a fondness for these quirky characters with no nose. The same can be said for its catchy French ED (I love French Pop, their sounds always remind me of bright summertime. German always sounds to angry for me – fitting for Metal music). One thing for sure is that whichever direction HisoMaso going to head, I am gonna be happily on board.

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A long awaited return of an old favorite is quite enough to make me smile but this episode makes it clear that this will not be the same happy go lucky FMP of the past. The light hearted shenanigans of the old series are pretty much gone now with Kaname coming to grips with several things that she has been ignoring to this point. That her status as whispered puts everyone around her in danger, that her normal life has officially ended and that the boy that she smacked on the head with a paper fan is in fact a killer. This new direction could be a turn off for some but I personally welcome it, even though it wasn’t clearly planned to be as such, it’s like FMP matured with the audience that watched it so long ago thus it decided to push for a more mature tone. Seeing Kaname get freaked out over Sousuke ignoring injured pedestrians and even smiling over enemy soldiers getting mowed down with gunfire felt like something a long time coming. Because Sousuke’s military nature was always played for laughs and she got desensitized to it but now that she’s right in the thick of it she truly understands that for all his eccentricity, Sousuke truly has killed a lot of people, some of which being innocent people.

Naturally I will have to bring up that rather awkward chase scene. Xebec so far has been doing a pretty good job, not KyoAni level but they do at least seem to be aiming for that level of quality. Naturally compromises have to be made like the CGI mecha but I personally don’t mind that as the mecha have looked pretty good for the most part. I understand that this series is likely a demanding one as far as action goes and this will be action heavy season yet. But that chase scene was just…terrible looking. Like on the level of PS2 gameplay. The cars felt floaty and the background was full CGI that didn’t feel convincing in the slightest. It’s my hope they fix this for the Blu-Ray release because the scene itself was fine, great even. But it just didn’t look right as all, nearly on the level of the CGI Bears of Golden Kamuy.

Tessa also has her moments here as the series goes to lengths to show us that she is the leader of Mythril for a reason. I will say the means of doing so was rather contrived, namely through a random soldier suddenly proposing mutiny against her and Tessa conventently showing up to put him in his place. Indeed it was a forced circumstance but nonetheless it achieved the goal of making Tessa look good. Basically with her declaring that she would kill any traitor without hesitation personally and reminding them that this isn’t some Tessa fan club but a military organisation. You can argue her methods are extreme and the threat was an empty one at best but it still is a badass moment for Tessa. She even reenacted the “Say my name” scene from Breaking Bad…about eight years before Breaking Bad did it. Huh…wonder if this is were they got the idea…likely not. So shit has hit the fan for Mythril and now it looks like even Sousukes classmates may come to know the truth about him. With the fun and games behind us, where will FMP go?

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Alright Franxx, you are forgiven for episode 14 and thank god this whole mess was sorted out relatively fast. I was truly prepared for this to drag on for several episodes but looks like they had the sense to cut it short and give the audience what it wants. So we get an animation extravaganza with a grand battle against what looks to be Klax headquarters. So it’s actually understandable why the previous episode felt a bit forced, they needed to split these two so that they could get the real fireworks ready for a full reunion and confession. Honestly I don’t think that aspect was handled well as the breakup just made everyone look bad with how sudden it was. The resolution does make for a bombastic spectacle but the means to get to it was clunky.

Goro wins the best character of the episode award for seeing Ichigo once again be ready to block HIro from getting to Zero Two and making the best call for the situation. So much so that I wonder just why Ichigo is squad leader when Goro is clearly more qualified for the position. When this episode was about to go down a long and annoying road Goro stepped in and decided to put a stop to it. And thanks to Hiro riding with Ichigo she was able to see that she pretty much didn’t have a hope in hell with him, finally allowing her to get over her crush and make the right call. Albeit with a little bit of a sore loser attitude. Thus does Hiro and Zero Two do what any couple should do regarding a misunderstanding like this and talk. Cue emotional confessions, crying, kissing and a metaphoral representation of what sounded like really good sex.

So as we can see the major character conflicts have been resolved, Ichigo has given up on Hiro(Or at least I hope she has by this point), the team have worked out their differences and Hiro and Zero Two are together again fully embracing their love for one another. By all accounts you would think this is where the series would end and yet we still got nine more episodes to go. So here’s my take, throughout the series Franxx has been teasing a dark turn of storytelling, several hints have been dropped to that effect for in this episode alone we have the higher ups suicide bombing both pilots and adults for their own agenda and the human like cocoon that dropped out of a Klax core.(Klax being humans is a rather predictable turn of events but hey it could lead to some good story development.) If there was any point where Darling in the Franxx would shift to a darker toned story then this would undoubtedly be it.

We got confirmation of a new threat but with Strelizia’s new upgrade in power I see this going either the way of Gurren Lagann whether the threat gets massively overpowered and needs the power of love to upgrade everyone to defeat it or we are going to go the road of Evangelion where in the challenges become more mental and the organisations cruelty and hidden agendas comes to light. As far as the adults are concerned, I previously stated that I don’t care and I still don’t. The thing that carries this show and keeps me coming back is the characters so my primary focus is just how much this change of tone is going to affect them. Considering episode 14 I fear they may botch it but making developments purposefully infruitating. Still I am interesting in just where this is going, sadly though we won’t get to see this next Saturday as likely to recover from the animation explosion that was this episode, no Franxx episode will air. Instead we got to wait an extra week for the next episode. I don’t mind leaving it at this for now but truly were is this going to go once things start up again?

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Outside of a very few exceptions, I have come to despise the isekai genre with its predominantly self-inserted overpowered male protagonists, massive harems, fan-service bait and overused fantasy settings. Youjo Senki is none of those things and it has gained a very special place in my heart where it features the combined arms of a […]

Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel – II Lost Butterfly Anime Review – 91/100

Long time no see and strap in cause this is going to be a long one. I will preface this review with the assumption that you have seen the first movie of this trilogy and this movie as well as the assumption that whomever is reading this knows what a command spell is. So basically […]

Serial Experiments Lain Anime Review – 78/100

Serial Experiments Lain is weird. It is a series unlike any other, wholly unique in anime, both modern and historical. Every aspect of it, from presentation to narrative, is best described as an experience. It is because of this that I believe Lain is a must watch, if only to experience a piece of anime […]

Penguin Highway (2018) Movie Review – 89/100

You’re walking along in your neighborhood, going about your daily routine. It’s a fine morning. The sun is shining brightly. But suddenly, you see something strange. You squint your eyes; even rub them, to make sure it isn’t a mirage before exclaiming with excitement, “Oh, look. It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane! No no. […]

One Punch Man Season 2 Anime Review – 34/100

Often at the start of one of these reviews, I will wax philosophical about a series. Attempting to slowly draw you, the reader, in to whatever topic or anime I am discussing in that review. This time, none of that. This time, I have to come out and say from the beginning, that One Punch […]