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Satsuriku no Tenshi

Short Synopsis: A girl wakes up in a strange facility and is hunted by a scythe wielding maniac.

Aidan’s review:
Well this is quite interesting. This premiere certainly has problems and it most certainly can be all downhill from here but I really like the setup, atmosphere and general mystery here. It just feels so fresh to have a story like this with all its characters all having something clearly wrong with them and the surreal building with typewriters that question people and mirror blockades with announcements about sacrifices. While our main characters seems rather bland at first it does seem like the story is hinting at her having serious psychological issues for what girl sees a dead bird, starts claiming it’s not “her bird” and shews it back together. However there is a problem with the two other characters here, though I am willing to give Zack the scythe wielding murderer a break as it seems he purposely goes over the top because he likes to get some sport out of those he hunts. As when Rachel lost any will to live and escape him, he too lost any real desire in killing her. The doctor on the other hand…yeah they went too far with him. Again there were hints of something deeper there but then he went cuckoo bananas and in no way could anyone take him seriously with that long tongue. This anime also seems to be struggling with incorporating the game aspects of this story as you can certainly see the points were gameplay is supposed to take over and the story just kinda skips past any point were she is exploring or searching for something. Still I admit that I am curious, this story is a rare case as far as anime goes and I have heard word that the story really kicks up around the halfway point of the game which the anime seems to be fast forwarding to. I think I will continue following this to see where it goes.
Potential: 60%

Mario’s review:
Woah, the art is quite impressive, not so much with the story. and the characters are just… duh. Satsuriku doesn’t hide the fact that it’s based from a game, as game format bleeds right through this story in every moments. Girls waking up doesn’t know who she is or where she’s from; clues written over the wall, each “villain” situated in each floor. Even the show’s wash-out aesthetic, and some of its visual choice reflect the game mechanic (like the door automatically opens). It has a strong visual sense, solid camera composition (look at one of the screencap, where the camera pans around Rachel but intentionally keep the light on top of her head, illustrates that fact that she’s an “angel of death”. Being said that, the characters are god awful. They’re loud, they talk nonsense and the show makes their expressions completely deranged, for what? Creepiness for its own sake ain’t gonna make it, ever. The story has own central mystery and so far, it doesn’t sell well on that either. I see no chemistry whatsoever between the two leads, so they will have to try harder to make those characters relatable. Well, I highly doubt they can do that.
Potential: 30%

Ongaku Shoujo (2018)

Short Synopsis: A failing idol group happens upon a promising newcomer at an airport

Aidan’s review:
If there’s one thing I rather hate, it when shows give a character a gimmick as a means of differentiation. Admittedly this is the first episode and we got a cast that is far too large with eleven(twelve by episodes end) idols. But I would take three well thought out idols over twelve tropey interchangeable stereotypes. The dialogue here just has a forced tinge to it, similar to a sitcom, where nobody talks like an actual human being. My guess is that it’s trying to be funny or cute and not succeeding with both. The girls designs don’t make them distinct and mainly just look like elements recycled from the bargain bin of factory standard anime girl. I don’t know these girls names and their personalities are just one note. The only girl that stands out is the main girl who they decided to throw on stage before confirming if she could sing. Very funny, maybe if I cared I might have laughed. This is an anime about a C-grade Idol group and they certainly look and act like one with the anime following suit by being a C-grade idol anime. And I don’t even like Idol anime.
Potential: 0%

Mario’s review:
This is your idol fix of this Summer season, so pretty much if you don’t care for idol shows you won’t find much in here. Within the idol genre, however, this actually does a decent job. The only thing that works against this show is that it feels like a second-rate version of THE iDOLM@STER (it doesn’t help that I just watched the Idolmaster so it’s still fresh in my mind). From an underdog idol team of 10 plus girls with slightly different traits, to the same kind of bland male producer, they repeat the same formula here. The factor that differentiate this to its inspiration is the involvement of Hanako, a girl who just comes back from overseas but has the X-factor. It’s hardly anything original, but so far they don’t make any wrong step yet. I say this is an above-average idol show but it doesn’t have a widespread appeal. If you’re within their niche market then you will enjoy the hell out of it, others might approach with caution.
Potential: 20%

Hataraku Saibou

Short Synopsis: A germ invades a human body being run by anthropomorphised cells

Aidan’s review:
I learned something important today. And that is that I have Ojou-Sama’s in my spleen and Loli’s in my lungs. Now despite the bloody encounters(Yes, cells apparently have blood too) this show is like those old saturday morning cartoons that you watch. Rather silly and cheesy but wholesome and fun. Plus it makes an effort to actually teach about cells and the human body which I most likely will never remember but hey it’s a good effort. Honestly I am rather concerned over some stupid otaku cutting themselves and being surprised when they don’t see red haired waifus pop out. I wouldn’t say the storytelling here is on any deep level, as I said it’s more saturday morning cartoon material but it’s undeniable enjoyable. Those platelets sure were adorable and oh fun fact! Platelets have a lifespan of only ten days so in ten days time, all these lolis will be dead….boy that got depressing fast.
Potential: 70%

Mario’s review:
I approve this fresh interpretation of the cells in our body. This is something that can work for general audience, as kids would find out a lot for their knowledge, and us can appreciate the whole world building on another level. First, it’s nice (and certainly informative) to learn more about these cells and what their main function is, as we have the Red Blood Cell in their red uniform delivering boxes of oxygen, while the White Blood Cell’s more macho, trying to protect the body from outsiders. In one of the most refresh take, Platelets are portrayed as kindergarten kids doing their jobs, it’s the cutest thing there is. Second, the two main leads more than carry this episode. Not only they have their fair share of distinctive traits that make them different than the rest of their own team (she is hopeless with direction, he has this deadpan delivery), they share a strong chemistry together. Third, the rich backgrounds are lovely to look at, with many details on others organs and cells, and I’m sure interested to see the designs of other body organs in the future. Lastly, the story of this week serves as a perfect plot to introduce this world, and even if the show does monster-of-the-week format (which I doubt), I won’t complain as this one’s brimming with exciting sense of adventure. I can’t wait to get back to this world next week.
Potential: 65%

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  1. Avatar Firechick says:

    Yeah, I didn’t like Ongaku Shoujo myself either, mostly because EVERYONE kept shilling and praising the main girl mere SECONDS after they meet her, and said girl is so magically talented that she’s able to help a girl with her choreography, she even manages to straight up copy another girl’s dance routine PERFECTLY despite not having danced a day in her life! I’m already seeing signs of Mary Sue material with Hanako, and even though I’m not a professional writer myself, even I can tell that’s bad writing.

    I will say this though: As painfully average as it is, it’s STILL a THOUSAND times better than the God awful OVA that inspired it! Seriously, I’d love to see you guys review that piece of trash and give it the riffing it deserves, as I’ve seen it and it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen!

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