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Sora to Umi no Aida

Short Synopsis: A dumbass girl tries fishing in giant space tanks.

Aidan’s review:
I have several questions. One, if humanity has the ability to create planet sized tanks and fish then why can’t they repopulate the seas of earth? Two, why did a law need to be passed to allow women to become space fishers? Three, why are the fish monsters that need to be fought with mecha? Four, Why in the hell is the mecha powered by a phone app? Five, why is the tech both highly advanced yet stupidly retro? This and many more questions were pushed aside as my thoughts were immediately preoccupied with how ungodly annoying the main character is. She’s stupid and loud, neither of which is done in a charming way. Her voice grates on the eardrums and I thought that with her getting pulled into some space fishing mission that she might pull out some hidden talent or aptitude. But nope, she’s completely useless, jeopardises the entire mission, gives the guys a reason to act stupidly sexist and walks out of there like she did nothing wrong. And those phone app gods? Are those supposed to be the things that people pay real money to obtain in the game? This plot is just a complete mess. From what I hear this phone app is long dead and looking at this anime, it’s sure staying that way.
Potential: 0%

Mario’s review:
I give this show points for such an absurd take of its universe. It’s about a school for girls to learn a job of fishing in outer space, with our main girl’s inspiration to make sushi out of them. It’s so playful that I, for once, want to explore more about that world. It also has a slice-of-life feel with your usual stock characters so fans of this genre will find heaps to enjoy. The problem with the show is everything else. The main character isn’t that interesting and I don’t really like how the show keeps telling us how clueless she is. The fishing mission remains my least favorite part as it becomes somewhat of a exhibition for its game source. I also like the feminist voice but the show does it by antagonizing the male cast a bit too much. The production is on par but nothing really stands out either. Sily, enjoyable but ultimately forgettable, it’s strictly for fans of slice-of-life fans or viewers who is already familiar with the game.
Potential: 10%


Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai

Short Synopsis: A boy encounters a girl in a bunny suit that no one can see.

Aidan’s review:
The main protagonist really is what makes this one as his banter just works so well with all the cast. Still the main plot of this story about a girl essentially fading from existence does have its draw and the first episode does a good job setting things up. There is light novel cliche to be had but it differnates itself enough to stand out. The general comparisons I am hearing is Snafu and Bakemonogatari (though not quite as chatty), and I can see those in this. It’s difficult to say if this will keep up this level of quality, after all most light novels begin to falter once the volume 1 story is completed but so far I would recommend this as out of everything I have seen so far this season this has interested me the most.
Potential: 75%

Wooper’s review:
I hate disaffected, 2smart4u main characters in anime, like the ones in OreGairu or Classroom of the Elite. They’re a transparent means of representing the author’s dissatisfaction with Japanese society, without the effort of writing a believable personality. Bunny Girl (that’s what I’m calling this show, since the light novel name is too damn long) has the same problem as those series, centering on a young man with resting Kanye face whose middle name is almost certainly “Nonchalant.” Here’s a guy who, while talking to a stunning female classmate and actress, casually mentions that he threw his phone into the ocean because it was frustrating him. (We later learn of a deeper reason for this, but his unflappability in delivering the line is silly.) He’s surrounded by a bunch of attractive women, actually, but anime law states that he must be considered an outcast, a rule which the show makes sure to obey. His ponderous monologues on social isolation and “reading the atmosphere” are nearly as hard to watch as his little sister’s realization that she can’t sleep in his bed because of his morning wood. The show looks lousy, as well, due in large part to the failure of the compositing team to make the characters gel with the backgrounds. There were at least half a dozen shots here that looked like promo art slapped on top of unremarkable scenery. So, all that being said, is there any reason to watch Bunny Girl? Yes, in fact: its supernatural premise holds some real promise as a means of discussing adolescence. I don’t want to over-explain how it works (the show does more than enough of that), but if you can get past some tropey writing and a male lead who is Reddit’s iamverysmart board personified, there might be something here for you.
Potential: 25%


Zombieland Saga

Short Synopsis: Um…A girl decides to become an idol and…things happen.

Aidan’s review:
In the anime preview I stated that Zombieland Saga wouldn’t have anything to offer because everything has been done with Zombies. Allow me to say that I was absolutely, completely wrong on that. I have greatly underestimated Japan. When this started I saw that it was clearly gearing up for a bait and switch that the title of the anime obviously spoiled but the bait and switch is not what I was prepared for. This episode was nothing like I was expecting and just got weirder and more ludicrous as it went along. But it was pretty funny and I am most definitely watching the next episode because I must see where this crazy train is going. I highly recommend walking into this one as blind as possible. For a first episode this is pretty good but I do wonder just what this show will bring to the table for the rest of the series. But hey, I’m in.
Potential: 85%

Mario’s review:
I guess I should’ve seen this coming, combining two most popular pop-culture genres together. It’s a mash-up that can go north or south easily, but thankfully for Zombieland Saga the fundamental is strong enough to make it a fun ride so far. First, within the two genres it’s spoofed of, Zomebieland Saga understands and uses the tricks of the genre efficiency. The first part works reasonably well as a goofy comedy-horror, the same goes for the latter unspoiled aspect it makes fun of. What makes this show a winner, however, is that it knows how to up the ante and it controls the overall tones quite thoroughly. Every twists and turns make it wittier and more absurdist. It’s elevated by the strong screen presence of our main girl, who tries her best to stick it together. That manager’s antic can get in the way sometimes but overall they deliver some snappy chemistry together. Its visual direction is on par too as the show successfully handles many different moving aimless zombies, our panicked girl and their eccentric manager together without losing its wit. How it goes from here is another question given the premise can wear thin quickly, but on the other hand the other girls gain personality which can make their banters a fun show to watch.
Potential: 70%

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