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Short Synopsis: A school is transported to a dangerous world and a group of friends must fight off robotic monsters.

Aidan’s review:
Well an impression of this show may be needless as you can watch the show in it’s entirely due to all 12 episodes being out on Netflix. No dub as of yet though. Now as stated before this is a show from the mind that brought us Code Geass and in a way you can see his style in the episode. The animation is full CGI but they at least seem to have realised that limiting the frames per second does not make it look like seamless 2D. The CGI isn’t what I would consider on the same level as Houseki and can be a bit too distracting at times but you can get used to it. The story itself has a good setup as well with a main protagonist with a big hero complex and a group of friends who are distinct enough to potentially become good characters. The only character I found rather off would be Milo, the futuristic cyber stripperarmour lady who’s so textbook that she might as well say “Come with me if you want to live.” The setting looks like it could lead to something interesting but I kept getting this feeling that this story could very easily take a nosedive considering who’s behind it. But so far I consider this at least a good start but maybe wait for people to watch the remaining episodes and get word online before giving it a shot.
Potential: 60%

Mario’s review:
My very first impression of this show is that I can never get used to this clunky CG model. It reminds me of Ajin few years ago which was the main reason why I dropped it. As for the story itself, at least in this first episode it fares much better. Yep, the main lead has a hero complex (and his tendency annoys the hell lot from his friends) but there’s a solid reasons behind that. The 5-member cast has some solid chemistry and the flashback has some neat moments here and there. It’s also neat to see how despite the main guy prepares everything for this very day, when the moment comes he’s freezed out of scare. What I’m not too sure is the present where it evolves into some sorts of mecha battles between the good guys vs bad guys, which is a road well trodden at this point. Surprisingly to say the characters’ chemistry, and not the sci fi settings or “saving the world” premise, is what I’m interested in. I will give it some more chance.
Potential: 30%


Meiji Tokyo Renka

Short Synopsis: A girl who can see ghosts is transported to the past to flirt with pretty boys

Aidan’s review:
You know when it comes to writing child trauma, maybe it’s best when the trauma makes sense? I mean this girl is ostracized cause she decided to openly talk to her little spirit friends at her own birthday party. So I am sitting here wondering how the goddamn parents neglected to tell her not to talk to her imaginary friends in front of her real ones. Also how is it that this girl never noticed that no one could see them before her fifth birthday? Well realism this series certainly isn’t going for but if it was the poor animation would break it in an instant. But the soundtrack is also just sickeningly saccharine and well our protagonist is an indistinct piece of wood. And yes, the pretty boy harem are disturbing violating her personal space. The first one introduced has barely known her for a minute before he’s feeling up her legs under the pretense of “Checking for wounds” Oh and our main girl has amnesia because of course she does. For Otome protagonists always have convenient amnesia for one reason or another. Honestly this Otome anime has the same problems as any otome anime, cheaply made, a self insert protagonist, a cast of stock pretty boys and a plot that only serves as a vehicle to interact with said pretty boys. Unless you have a fondness for these kinds of shows, I would give it a pass.
Potential: 0%

Lenlo’s review:
Ah, the obligatory hot-boy harem show of the season. Meiji is definitely not the most inspired of the genre, that’s for sure. From the the amnesia to the spurned from childhood for a ridiculous reason, this show is nothing but cliches. Granted some people like those cliches, and in that respect, Meiji serves it purposes well enough. Personally, I detest this genre, which makes me a particularly poor individual to do a first impressions on it. But I am the best you got! Suffice to say, if you like Male Harem shows, Meiji isn’t bad. However if that isn’t your fare, it’s best to stay away. Just like every other harem out there.
Potential: 5%


Girly Air Force

Short Synopsis: A teenage boy is rescued and kissed by an attractive female pilot, then gets the sudden, inexplicable urge to join the JASDF.

Aidan’s review:
Better call me a plane cause my mind was in auto-pilot for this one. It’s not as if I had high expectations from an anime called Girly Air Force but I wasn’t quite prepared for how inexplicable bored it made me. I quite literally fell asleep after the episode due to just having no interest whatsoever. It’s clear that the writer can’t write worth a damn with the story being so rote and cliche along with a slight undercurrent of racism. I mean the enemies a enemy group called the Xi who seem to have turned China into a hellscape where people are escaping the great and peaceful Nippon! The writer has jets pointless fight the super planes just to show how cannon fodder reguler planes are and why we need waifu power planes. Painted in shocking pink because why the hell not. But a bit of advice, if you wish to keep you super plane a secret maybe don’t just stroll it around town when it’s the most noticeable colour possible. I facepalmed when our blander than oatmeal protagonist just so happened to catch sight of the plane while he was busy moaning over that plane that saved him in the past. Plot contrivance is just all over the place with this one and whenever the author tries to inject drama he does it in the most predictable way possible. Random emotional hissy fit in the middle of an argument complete with exposition over why they be sad. On top of this the dogfight music sounds like something from a rave. Trite, predictable and boring would be the perfect one sentence review for this one.
Potential: 0%

Wooper’s review:
This is one of the worst anime I’ve ever seen. Usually, when a series is remarkably bad, I can shit on it and derive some amount of pleasure from the act, but Girly Air Force’s production feels like a cry for help. In my mind, this premiere is already a lock for Worst First Episode of 2019. Here are some things that I hated about it. The chaos at the start of the story attempts to depict the alien antagonists as threatening, but the hastily-sketched looks of confusion on their victims’ faces render the whole scene ineffective. The bedheaded main character’s obsession with the JSDF appears to spring from a kiss he shared with the female pilot who saves the day, despite the fact that they had never met before. The CG planes move through the air like they weigh as much as kites, and the interior backgrounds are lazy templates. The tension between potato-kun and his childhood friend is awful, with his petulant rejection of her concern reading like an allegory for the author’s frustration with his own mother. But the worst part has to be the minutes-long technical explanation of what recharges the magical red plane from the start of the episode. Spoilers: it’s the MC’s dick.
Potential: 0%

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