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This week Mob Psycho hits us full force with its unique style. Reigen and Mob get a new job, we meet a bunch of new psychics and a villain makes a questionable tactical decision. Lets jump in!

First off, Mob Psycho went a little crazy with the animation this week. Almost as if to make up for the character focus of last week, as if that was an issue. We got straight up animated renditions of manga panels, slow motion shots, bright colors, wild camera angles and more. Personally, I loved it. I find Mob Psycho’s willingness to go wild with its animation, go off model or use unique mediums, one of its best features. Mob Psycho is, even in its quieter moments like Rock Paper Scissors, always visually interesting. It really makes you wonder why Mob Psycho is so unique in this. I attribute it to BONES, who had absolutely no chill this week, and you know what’s funny? This was all setup for the big sakuga explosion we can expect next week! This was the appetizer!

As for the story itself, having read the webcomic I knew it was coming. So instead I want to focus on how it was adapted. There have been some concerns I have read that Mob Psycho adapted this to quickly, the pacing was a bit fast. That this caused what was otherwise a creepy or oppressive air in the webcomic to be lost or toned down. I understand those concerns, but to me, this was as good as the adaptation could have gone. BONES chose the best ending point, in my opinion, to set up for a following episode. With where they had to get in mind, I think that overall, the pacing was as good as they could have gotten it. At least without needlessly dragging it out and ruining the experience. Basically, I think the decision to speed it up was better than slowing it down to fit.

While we are talking about the adaptation, I also want to hit on the ending. I find it to be hilarious that the villain is forcing a kid who doesn’t want his psychic powers, to live without said powers. It’s so absurd that I just can’t wait to see how it works out animated. And the thing is, just like with the webcomic, its setup perfectly to follow episode 3’s character focus. From Mob working about being evil, to the bullies and his refusal to use his powers. We, as the viewer, already know how this is going to go. Yet we also know Mob is at 97% and climbing, meaning next episode is going to explode. So it makes you wonder. What is going to happen in this all but ideal world for Mob, to cover that last 3%. It’s a weird sort of reverse mystery.

Next up, lets talk about the motley crew of psychics we met today! Aside from Shinra, all of these crackpots are new to us, and boy did ONE have a chance to flex his creativity. From a musclebound exorcist to some weird dude drinking water. Sure, their narrative relevance was almost non existent. But they did make for some fun visual times during their short segment. We also got to see Matsuo from last seasons Claw arc! Always love to see some follow up, and its a sign that those characters might be relevant again. I wasn’t a big fan of Jodo though, as this feels like a retreading of old ground based on the Claw arc of the first season. The same kind of Old Man character, who gets jobbed to show another characters strength.

What was fun about all this though was Reigen, once again being the best non-psychic psychic. Everyone else was convinced of the possessed little girls words. Were ready to turn on their employer at a moments notice. Yet Reigen, being the only one there to have actually trained his people skill, saw through it. This wasn’t bullshit either, what Reigen pointed out was all legitimate. From her knowing he was a psychic, to how she talked and the inconsistencies of her words. It really helps these kinds of mental plays when the things the characters pick up on are animated or spoken in such a way that the audience can as well. For Reigen himself, it continues to show that as much as a con-artist as he is, he does the job as best he can. Leaving his customers satisfied.

For the fights themselves, or well I say fights I mean singular action sequence, I was happy with it. Mob Psycho mostly gave us an light effects sequence, not much in the way of clever camera movements or any of that, but it was pretty. We also got some light martial arts/hand to hand with Dimple taking over Mobs body, which was a treat. Something about Dimple’s voice and how anyone possessed by him has their facial setup change. Aside from the well, dimples, its a good way to differentiate who is in control of the body. We could never mistake that glare for our sweet little boy Mob after all. I am disappointed that none of the other psychics or Matsuo really helped or got involved though. It was a great opportunity for a many vs 1 fight choreography. But I suppose we can’t get it all.

Finally, I wanna talk about the mental world Mob went to and the upcoming episode. While the stark white background was dull, I did find the imagery used interested. Such as Mob turning to stone or us seeing Mogami as his younger self. It’s all based on self perception, and as Mogami went on his rant, Mob started to close himself off. This sort of mental fluidity is going to lend itself well to Mob Psycho’s animation style. It will let BONES get really inventive, well more inventive than they already are I suppose, with how it shows things. Hopefully we can get some more of the colored sand or paint on glass effects. No other anime has really used those effects, which makes them novel and a joy to see.

So all in all, I enjoyed this episode of Mob Psycho. I get that it rushed through the Mogami section a bit quickly. Losing some of the creepiness factor of the whole thing. But I think, for a 24 minute anime adaptation, BONES did well. Sure there are plenty of minor things you can nitpick with this to. Like some of the weird ragdoll animation on Judo, perhaps you didn’t like Mob Psycho’s use of manga panels. Those are all stylistic, subjective experiences though, so there really isn’t much debate to be had there. Personally I enjoy how unique Mob Psycho is compared to every other anime out there. I find it to be one of the most visually engaging series out there. Story wise Mob Psycho is also preparing to hit Mob right in his central conflict of the last few episodes. Should be an interesting time next week.


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  1. Avatar Animosh says:

    I already mentioned this in the chatbox, but you may not always read everything, so I’m going to repeat myself just in case! Since you said before that you wanted to hear about small mistakes: you’ve been misspelling Reigen’s name (as “Reigan” instead of “Reigen”). And speaking of Reigen: apparently his spin-off will be one volume long. Not sure if you tried it, but it’s pretty fun. (Mob barely figures in it though: its main characters are Reigen and Tome.) A new chapter will come out on February 4th.

    By the way, although I agree it is a bit ironic that Mogami thinks he’s forcing this horrible situation on Mob when really it’s exactly what Mob says he wants (to live without his powers), remember that it’s also a test case of sorts: is this *really* what Mob wants? Or has he just taken his powers for granted – not realized how blessed he is to have this power? Or at least, that it is not just a curse? By giving Mob what he says he wants, Mob may come to realize that … maybe his powers aren’t as bad as he thought? So, yes, there is some irony here, but I think there’s potential for some much-needed character development too. The complex Mob has towards his powers isn’t exactly healthy, after all.

    • Avatar Lenlo says:

      I saw, but I will say it again here. Curse my Texas accent! I have been pronouncing his name Ray-gan for forever and its bled into my typing. Thanks for the heads up! I have fixed it. And Good to know! I was unaware it was that long.

      Yeah. Mob complex towards his powers isn’t healthy. Since I only know up through a little past this arc, I am trying my best to write without giving to many spoilers. Viewing it from the perspective of a new reader. But your right, Mob could (and will) learn from this experience.

      • Avatar Animosh says:

        The Reigen spin-off is technically a sequel to the main series, by the way (it takes place after its final arc), so there may be some spoilers for the ending there. So you should probably wait until the anime is done before checking it out.

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