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Maou-sama, Retry!

Short Synopsis: A game developer is taken to the world he created following the game’s shutdown.

Amun’s review:
No two ways about this – Maou-sama Retry should take a mulligan on that first episode. As a moderate fan of the Isekai genre, I feel this is a case study in what not to lead with. Isekai’s major strength is that it gives an excuse for a fantastic world – Maou-sama did absolutely nothing to interest me in this world or these characters. While posturing as self aware, Maou-sama Retry seems to misunderstand what core strengths made other Isekai titles like Konasuba or Re:Zero enjoyable: unique characters in a well-built world. This anime just seems poorly done all around – sloppy writing, forced voice acting (props to whoever is doing the subs though – they are trying mighty hard to embellish this wooden dialogue), poor environment, and really blatantly shoddy animation. This young studio brought us Crossing Time, which I have mixed feelings on, but this episode highlights clear weaknesses that do not bode well for future projects.
Potential: 5%

Lenlo’s review:
Maou-sama managed to impress me with just how terrible this first episode is. Literally everything bores the crap out of me. This is below even your bog standard Isekai. The world is dull. The character designs, are dull (And who thought putting a mafia boss in a fantasy world was a good idea?). Maou-Sama even managed to make its opening showy fight, dull. At least with last seasons One Punch Man I could sense the passion behind parts of the project. At least some people clearly cared. But this? I don’t want to watch 5 more minutes of this, let alone an entire season.
Potential: 0%


Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba

Short Synopsis: A local adventurer finds a lost demon girl in the forest and adopts her.

Amun’s review:
On paper, Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maō mo Taoseru Kamoshirenai (or roughly translated, If It’s For My Daughter, I Could Defeat The Demon King) seems similar to another current show, Maou-sama Retry: both have devils in the title, both have abandoned little girls, both are made by extremely new studios, and both are adventure shows at heart. However, the similarities with Maou-sama Retry end there, because If It’s For My Daughter sparkles in its first episode. Sure, there’s a bit too much close up Moe Eyes, sure there are some plot holes and suspensions of disbelief (let’s overlook kidnapping and child endangerment), but this is how to kick off a season right: clearly define characters with room to grow, introduce a nice world setting and mechanics, and show some clear problems to keep the viewer interested – looks good so far!
Potential: 85%

Mario’s review:
If you regard this one as a lesser-Usagi Drop, or even a lesser Udon no Kuni, you’re pretty much on track. It offers the same feel as those titles, with much less subtle and even less production quality. On the bright side, the chemistry between the main guy and Latina is solid and Latina IS CUTE. The show also adds some extra flavor of raising the child not in the real world like its predecessor, but in a fantasy world where they can explore the “race” issues. And while Latina’s cute appeal is the show biggest asset right now, the same doesn’t apply for the other lead. The main guy is undoubtedly likable, but he’s also unmemorable and the casual remark that he’s just 18 leaves me somewhat baffled (AN 18 YO KID CAN’T POSSIBLY RAISE A CHILD, LET ALONE THIS DUDE WITH NO EXPERIENCE). Add to that my biggest concern is the production values as it already looks stiff in this first episode, especially the facial expressions of everyone except the little girl. Still, the healing feel is right there so if you’re a fan of this particular genre, or you just want a feel-good show in your weekly dose, then this remains a solid pick.
Potential: 40%


Joshikousei no Mudazukai

Short Synopsis: A teenage girl starts high school and pesters her friends about wanting to be popular.

Wooper’s review:
Joshikousei’s title translates to “Wasteful Days of High School Girls,” but if I were in charge of its localization, I’d call it “Wasteful Time Spent Watching This Show.” And that’s kind of a shame, because I wanted to like it. If anybody remembers Nichibros from 2011, this show is a more straightforward, less energetic version of its High School Girls are Funky segments. In both cases, the emphasis is on satirizing the eternal CGCDT trend in anime and manga, which isn’t a bad concept. Unlike the characters from those side stories, however, Joshikousei’s main cast comprises three dead fish whose dry deliveries had me wishing for the end of the episode by its midpoint. The main girl, whose non-sequitur dialogue consumes most of the script, can’t carry the unimpactful gags on her own. This issue is compounded by her friends’ disdain for her shallow personality, so it’s not as though the show can use them to bail itself out. There are two bright spots on the visual end, though. Both the character designs and background art nicely emphasize the idea of wasting your life; the girls’ simple appearances make them look bored at all times, while the pretty backgrounds provide a pointed contrast to their idle chatter. It’s a good trick, but I’d rather take a stroll through town myself than watch these characters do it a second time.
Potential: 30%

Mario’s review:
I remember checking out the first few chapters for the Preview and bailed out because the jokes don’t work at all, so I’m glad to say that it translates quite well in the anime format. Joshikousei falls comfortably in a same range as Nichijou and Daily Lives of High School Boys (Nichibros – that makes it Nichisis??), a parody to countless slice-of life High School and CGDCT shows, but it manages to stand apart. Part of the success lies in its witty exchanges from its varied cast, and these three mains (another wink to its inspirations) bounce off each other nicely. There’s a level of self-awareness in its humor and I enjoy the talky, loose nature of their jokes which reminds me a great deal of Kouji Kumeta’s (Sayonara Zetsubou sensei, Joshiraku) works. The art and character designs are pleasing and so far with the large cast of archetypal girls, they have more than enough room for parodying these characters in the future.
Potential: 50%

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  1. Avatar Firechick says:

    Speaking of Bunny Drop, from what I’ve heard about the light novels in regards to If It’s For My Daughter, the novels try to pair Latina and Dale together. Yes, the father is paired with his adopted daughter…yeah. Not even kidding. I haven’t read the novel, so I can only speak on what I’ve heard, but…I think you know where this is going. >___<

    • Avatar Firechick says:

      Romantically, I mean.

      • I’m going on the assumption that the girl eventually ages? And thats where the romance plot kicks in?

        • Avatar Firechick says:

          So I’ve heard, yes. But it doesn’t make it any less creepy. Man, I would have eaten this series up if it weren’t for that, and I stopped reading Bunny Drop’s manga at volume 3, too! Good thing Bunny Drop’s anime avoided this, thank God.

          • Avatar Nimroth says:

            Bunny Drop was especially bad though because it felt like it wouldn’t commit to that direction until really late in the story as far as I remember, it was if the author just suddenly forced it on the readers to piss them off.

    • Avatar SuperWooper says:

      Not sure what any of that has to do with Bunny Drop, which was an anime original series and definitely did not spring from source material that eventually went off the deep end.

      • Avatar Firechick says:

        Bunny Drop and If It’s For My Daughter have the exact same father-gets-romantically-paired-with-adopted-daughter twist. Yeah, I know. Sorry to break it to you.

    • Avatar jimtim says:

      thanks for confirming what i expected. thats why i cant give shows like this a chance. still there is barakmon and yotsuba

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