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Hello all and welcome to another Throwback Thursday that actually gets posted on a Friday, because my schedule is terrible! This week Mononoke continues it’s terrifying sea story, everyone faces their worst fears, and I get to enjoy being right for once. Let’s dive in!

Starting off I will once again gush about Mononoke’s art. Every week it shows off something a bit different. Trying something just a little new, while keeping the almost papery look. This week however, as much as I enjoyed it visually, I don’t think the horror aspect really worked. Perhaps it’s a consequence of this week being much more upfront with everything. Or maybe the more… not really actiony, but dynamic nature of it? Regardless, Unlike the first 3 episodes, this one seemed far more geared toward answer questions than creating them. Towards establishing things than scaring the viewer. This doesn’t mean there weren’t some scares of course, they were just different. If the first few episodes were jump scares, these were closer to psychological scares. Almost existential ones, taking shots at each characters core. In general though, I think the previous episodes in general worked better than this one.


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I’m glad that Kanata no Astra doesn’t beat around the bush with the game changing revelation last week. Once they learn about Quitterie and Funi’s DNA match, they figure out themselves being clones from their respective single parents. It makes total sense as one of the common themes they all share is the neglectance from the parents, by design no less. But allow me to take a moment to dissect how good and bad this revelation gets. In order to do that I’m gonna address it from most to least effective. At its most effective, this twist asks the very question of their existence. They have been born as lab tests and now are being thrown away by their original selves. The weight of it sure is hard to dismiss. Secondly, as soon as we learn about the truth, we proceed to the perspective of the adults, who make it clear that they wanted to erase their clones from existence. It partly works as a tense reminder of threats of them returning home: there’s no home to begin with. On the less positive side, they do want to return home! Goddamnit, why don’t you just settle down somewhere and perhaps enhance yourself with skills and experience first?


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For some, Cop Craft might not deliver the ambition it promises in its first two episodes: the production values is still barebone for one, and it lacks the central narrative focus for another, it still burns through the material like gasoline on top of that. But for me, I enjoy Cop Craft much better when it isn’t dealing with heavy-handed overarching plot. The universe in Cop Craft is seedy, corrupt and crimes-ladden, but the show flirts around with its dark settings with light tone and even pokes fun at its absurdity. Sure, aliens are obssessed with human’s porno mags because why not, and in the case of episode 7, a politician gets tangled up in alien prostitute’s ring. Episode 7, titled “Girls on Ice”, remains one of the best episodes in Cop Craft, seemingly because it weaves seamlessly between its dark subject matters and lightheart screwball moments, making the case in this episode fun to follow and still has room for more thoughts if we want to dig a little deeper.


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I respect when a show doesn’t treat the viewers as idiots. What that means in practice is not writing out easily contrived situations where someone acts illogically, just as a plot device or to get out of a pinch. This week on DanMachi, I would say everyone acts logically as the episode comes down from the night in the Pleasure Quarter.

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As expected, Kanata no Astra offers many foods for intriguing thoughts on the table, and a revelation that is pretty much a game-changer here. But first let’s get into the new card of this week, the awoken of Polina, a former astronaut. As with any other Kanata no Astra plot threads, and I mean it in the best possible way, every answer is followed two more bigger questions. Just like the kids (and us), Polina is just as surprised when she finally gets rescued by our leads… just to learn that they had been stranded themselves. The most question mark about her, however, lies on her reaction upon learning the year she wakes up. By her expression, I suppose that something she expected to happen doesn’t happen in this timeline. That might have to do with what the adults have been scheming all the way.


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I hope everyone had a better weekend than Thorfinn, because Vinland Saga was not kind to him. This week he gets his duel with Askeladd, a peek into Askeladd’s worldview and finally Thorkell makes his anime debut. Let’s dive in!

Starting off, let’s take a look at the major themes of Vinland Saga this week. Thors’ philosophy of nonviolence has permeated the series since he was first introduced. It is something Vinland will be revisiting time and again. This week though we see it contrasted with what Thorfinn has become and how conflicted he is because of it. Wishing to live up to his father’s ideals, but also his own desires. This of course ties in to another theme of the episode from Askeladd, IE Freedom. The idea that no man is truly free, that everyone is a slave to something. We will focus on this the specifics of this later. For now though, it’s important to note that Thorfinn is currently caught between two competing ideals, those mentioned prior. And this idea of peace and violence for personal satisfaction is something every character will explore in a different way.


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So I missed writing about last week’s flame fest due to travel so let’s make it a double header this week! Not the best two episodes to stick together, but we’ll make it work somehow.


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In episode 17, Etergun receives the spotlight when he basically got the rug pulled off his feet and gains some back at the end of the episode. While the event played out is too quick for me to register his loss, it feels hilarious nonetheless that such a guy with high-esteem like Etergun can feel low and depressed at times. After all, he has to fight between Good Etergun vs Bad Etergun in his head, and the way he was scammed by his Pinocchio AI is a hood tweak on the beloved character. One thing that I feel amiss though, is that there is little to no interaction between him and Carole & Tuesday. Well, he did crash into their house but there’s hardly actual conversation between them, and guess who he wanted to sing for his new song? ANGELA. Well, isn’t that a betrayal of sorts? Kidding aside, the way he and Tao have a totally different approach towards AI music, but are pretty much acknowledge other’s style is another high note for me.


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The last two episodes of Carole & Tuesday give the focus on 2 one-off characters, and frankly it doesn’t surprise me that these characters leave a much bigger impact than our central characters. Both Desmond and Flora have so much screen presence and the way the approach music, as well as how music affects their lives, leave something substantial to talk about. The show also provides a rare occasion where I greatly enjoy the whole music playing in these episodes. The music feel grandeur, and they pack with emotions unlike those songs from Angela. Not only do they serve as interesting characters on their own, they help broadening Carole & Tuesday’s own approach into music. As a whole, Carole & Tuesday the series sadly trades any thematic complexity for accessibility. If you were looking for a show with depth, you might come off disappointed.


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This week in Kimetsu no Yaiba is, for the most part, a calm one. As we wind down this arc Yaiba shows us the cracks in the Demon Slayers, Rui’s backstory and more of Muzan’s manipulative side. Let’s dive in!

Starting off, the flashback opening. As much as I was dreading the possible empathization of Rui, I think this was actually pretty good. As it focused more on Muzan than many of the previous flashbacks, mostly likely because Rui was a Moon. I will admit it was rather confusing to open an episode with it, as I was lost for a moment. But once everything was established the content managed to stand on its own. I am still not the largest fan of these, as using them to bookend every single arc has started to get old. I felt it could have been delivered as we went through Rui’s family. But getting Muzan in this one burst really helped it. Splitting the focus from an already defeated foe with our ultimate big bad, continuing to build him up. Sadly, with the manga still ongoing, we probably won’t get him though.


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