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Welcome to the finale of Kimetsu no Yaiba, one with just as many ups and downs as the series itself. As this week we wrap up some plots, start some others and prepare for a newly announced movie sequel! No time to waste, let’s dive in.

As I said, this was an odd week in that it basically acted as setup for the newly announced movie. I can see some people being annoyed with that, but all things considered, it should be expected. It’s not like anything would be any different without the movie, Yaiba would just setup for the 2nd season. All things considered, I actually think Yaiba found a good spot to leave off on. With our leads literally leaving off for another adventure. The sad thing is just that Yaiba was sort of a mixed bag. With the opening bit with Muzan working very well, while some of the latter parts with Kanao not so much. Regardless of how well they worked though, I think Yaiba wrapped up a lot of plot points while giving us some much needed answers. More details after the break, for those avoiding spoilers.

First up, Muzan’s whole section, specifically production first. Ufotable really went all out on this environment and I think they did a fantastic job. Effectively creating an MC Escher like scene in a 3D environment, with proper lighting and interesting camera movements throughout. Legitimately I think it looked fantastic, the generally dark environment hiding a lot of the iffy parts of the CGI as well. You can see this effect again in the 2nd half as our trio jumps on the train. That actually looking pretty fluid, and the darkness helping mask how out of place they are. The only negative I can really point out with the whole scene visually was the blood itself. As with how the light shone off it, the liquid actually looked rather out of place in the environment. The scene still worked of course, but it was rather noticeable.

From a story perspective, the scene also addressed some concerns I had in regards to the Moons. Such as how weak Rui was compared to Giyu, and how the power scaling of everything worked. I still don’t think it makes up for the bait and switch in episode 20. However it does put the war with the Slayers in perspective. With the Upper Moons remaining constant and being the primary combatants in for Muzan’s side. Meanwhile the Lower Moons mostly just terrorize the weaker demons. I am a little concerned about the inevitable power leap though. As Tanjiro couldn’t even defeat a Lower Moon, and now the Upper Moons are getting setup as even greater? Yes he just got the new breathe power up. However compared to the rest of the Hashira, I just don’t see how he will stand up to an Upper Moon. I suppose we will see.

What I find most interesting about the whole moon scene though is Muzan’s relationship with them. Until now he has mostly been a kind of abusive parental figure. Getting on their side, abusing that trust, etc etc. Now though Yaiba is also showing us that he is effectively a drug seller, hooking them on his product (blood) and promising them more if they do well. They are basically addicts working for their dealer. With no way to fight back. However if the gap between Lower and Upper Moon is that great, I am curious about what his relationship with the Upper Moons is like. Are they even greater addicts? Or are they more independent and free to act, having Muzan’s respect? Sort of like Lieutenants vs Street level. Hopefully the movie eventually gives us some answers to this.

Moving on from Muzan, lets talk about Tanjiro and Kanao. I am so… split on Tanjiro. Because when dealing with Demons, I love his attitude. This incredible maturity of recognizing that Demons need to die, but that he still empathizes with them. There is no normal Shounen MC naivete of “I will save even the villains”. It’s a welcome change. Yet outside of combat, he just sort of reverts to the emotional maturity of your regular Shounen MC. In some ways this is fine, its his character and Tanjiro has been through a lot for his young age. Where I have conflict with it though is Kanao, who is seemingly being set up purely as a romantic interest. This doll like, very demure woman who needs Tanjiro to break her out of her shell. I think this relationship can work, I just am not sure Yaiba can pull it off.

After that we have Zenitsu and Inosuke, who once again I am split on. Inosuke is still a loveable little monster. Yaiba toned him down a bit, and kept him so. Still playing on his ignorance of modern society, what with the whole scene with the train. He also still pairs well with Zenitsu, keeping each other in check. It’s just… I really don’t like Zenitsu when he is turned up to 11, his “womanizing” screeches. When he calms down a bit, he works great! The quiet, introspective guy who acts how he does for attention and what not, concerned and chivalrous works. Let him white knight female characters because of a dated sense of chivalry. I really enjoy all that! I just dislike how he acts in the more comedic situations. As Yaiba’s treatment of him there really just ramps him up to unnecessary levels.

Finally, I want to talk about something Yaiba brought up, but didn’t really get to explore. That being the Demon Slayers effectively being an illegal militant group, with nor formal recognition. This is actually really interesting and something I really hope gets explored further. That they are not just combating Demons, but public perception and the government as well in their quest to protect humanity. In an era where swords are outlawed, yet the only weapon capable of fighting their enemies. Maybe one of the Demons could be in a Government position, forcing them to fight or avoid law enforcement or something. There is a lot of potential here and it’s one of the best world-building ideas Yaiba has had so far. when the world is otherwise rather static. Its a shame it’s only now getting brought up, because I would have loved to see this explored in more detail.

But yeah, all in all, how was the finale for Kimetsu no Yaiba? Nitpicks aside with certain characters, I think it did fine. The episodes leading up to it were still rather dull for the most part. Ending on a training arc was not the most… inspired decision I feel. However this episode managed to ramp up the tension enough with the start of a new arc that it at least came out net neutral for me. Meaning that I have wanted to watch Yaiba before, and I now want to continue watching it when the movie releases. I will go more in-depth in my final review (To come out later this week/weekend). But I think as a whole the series did a fair job. No serious missteps, maybe killing a few of its hype moments and what not here and there. But in total? Yaiba was fun.

6 Responses

  1. Avatar Đỗ Thành Thông says:

    Actually it seem like it gonna be a canon movie since it gonna adapt the Train Arc. and boi does it have some important plot point and character development.

    • Avatar Lenlo says:

      Ah yeah, maybe I didn’t make that clear. I was meaning that a movie like this, adapting a cannon arc, is better than a filler arc movie like the MHA one we are getting at the end of the year. Slots in much easier.

  2. amun amun says:

    Good guy Yaiba – giving the big baddie a built in genderbend for all your cosplay needs!

  3. Avatar Veronikko says:

    Fun Fact! The entire Muzan and Lower Moons scene is storyboarded by the one and only Yuichi Terao, Head of Photography Department and who has worked on every ufotable project and is one of the driving forces to how ufotable productions look like.

    Maybe one day we’ll have an episode or something entirely led by him… He’s improving real good since the Black Rock Shooter game OP from a while back (and Fate/Zero OP 1 if i remember right).

    • Avatar Lenlo says:

      Very interesting! I knew he handled lighting and such for the series, as he has had that position for basically every Ufotable Fate product since Zero. But I was unaware he actually storyboarded that sequence.

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