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When it comes to Psycho-Pass content, it doesn’t rain, it pours. Over the last month, the three Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System movies have been released and subbed as well as season three kicking off with forty minute episodes apiece. In today’s market of endless adaptations, isekais, and trashy throwaway shows, Psycho-Pass is the only original sci-fi anime franchise of the past decade to have any staying power as evident by its multiple media efforts. I love its mature take on a future with a computer system governs its citizens through a criminally-based number and a police force with handheld energy guns. Mandatory viewing of the Psycho-Pass: The Movie as well the sinners of the system Trilogy are required. Those movies don’t really have anything to do with the opening episode but have story elements that I’m certain will become relevant down the road.

Taking place three years after the third case in the Sinners of the System movie trilogy where Kogami agrees to be taken back to Japan by Frederica Hanashiro, the Public Safety Bureau has undergone some drastic changes. Mika is now the chief inspector and two new inspectors have joined the force. I rather like the synergy between the Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov and bring different strengths using non-lethal take-downs and actually being sympathetic to the domestic conflict of new immigrants. It was good they didn’t go for the naive inspector approach as they were quite good at getting a read on their enforcers and hilariously finding ways to continue the case. The one thing that I find grating is new mental trace ability that Arata Shindo demonstrates multiple times to advance the case. Psycho-Pass has always grounded its criminal investigation either through procedural detective work or having the Analyst trawl through the vast databases of the Sybil System to produce leads. In comes this ESP supernatural bullshit that breaks the believability of a world where logic, data and control reign supreme. The way it’s presented with some dude in a MAN WITH A MISSION face in the background makes it difficult to explain away. Sorta like Sherlock Holmes without the evidence.

As for the enforcers, three of the four are brand new characters with Sho Hinakawa being the odd one out. He had the least personality out of all the enforcers of the previous season and movies so he might as well be a blank slate. The two older males seem like they are out to have a good time trolling their supervisors while the new single female is obviously up to no good seeing how she pocketed a piece of evidence. However, the most important character of Akane, who is now confined to her cell-like quarters. Either she is criminally asymptomatic or she did something that wasn’t a crime in Sybil System’s eyes but angered them nevertheless. It will be interesting to see how the writers put her into that situation but unfortunately, Gen Uobunri doesn’t have any involvement in the franchise anymore ever since the Psycho-Pass: the Movie released in theater and it’s up to the other writers of season one and two to craft a new narrative. Makoto Fukami is someone who worked on season one and the movies but Tow Ubukata is a hack of writer and is responsible for much the gripes that fans have with Ghost in the Jar: Arise as well as the Psycho-Pass’s second season.  He probably came up with the villains of this season, who are looking to be some sort of secret circle of people who are pulling the economic strings behind the scene.

I’m excited to cover this season of Psycho-Pass because I simply have no idea how everything. connects or how it will develop. There is no manga, light novel, visual novel or mobile game to go off of. There is something going on further in the background and I can’t put my finger on it. The pieces are all there but there are no connections to anything. The Sybil System is gathering radioactive material for a possible nuclear deterrent against other nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is recruiting members of the MWPSB for something and Akane is relying on the two new inspector for her own plans to subvert the system.

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  1. Avatar evafan says:

    I was out of the loop so I didnt know all this came out, but boy this seems as bad as S2…

    • Avatar Josh says:

      Well to be fair, I do have every reason to be more optimistic about this one compared to s2. That other hack writer Kumagai was not invited to write this one, and the SS trilogy films (which i assume you didn’t watch yet but was written by Fukami) are decent, which automatically makes it better than s2 in my book. The double length episodes also give it a little bit more room compared to having only 11 22-minute long episodes.

  2. Avatar evafan says:

    40min later… Scratch the above. This is sheer nonsense. But it gets worse. It’s infested with politics and propaganda – yeah the bad kind. I swear animegate is here.

    Say hello to immigrants. I’m assuming those are the thousands Pakistani AI researchers Japan called for last week to save Japan from raising Psycho-pass problem (true story, google it). We finally know the last missing piece to make Sibyl complete – no, it is not Shougo Makishima’s brain (what rubbish) – it is, wait for it, yes! Diversity! Of course! How could Gen Urobutchi miss something so obvious! Oh my…

    So let’s go over the good stuff, cause there are some hidden gems here. I wish I was making this up, but I’m not:

    1 How dare the isolationists make excuses and even write reports to go with them?! Those isolating isolationists!

    2 How dare the isolationists’ not change their view of immigrants!! Despicable! How can they not realize their value? It’s so obvious!

    3 MC is not a zealous anti-isolationist. Phew. Fortunately for her country, she is smart centrist, who sides with what suits her. Smart girl! She will make it far in the clown world.

    3 Enforcer’s duty is – yes – providing psychological care to the immigrants. Forget doctors, for immigrants, we need the best of the best. Go heal them with – yes – Dominators. Don’t be confused at the glaring oxymoron, as a centrist, she is already doing her best – serving The Narrative.

    4 How dare they measure immigrant’s Psycho-Pass – that’s so racist. Obviously, only natives should have their Psycho-Pass measured. Why, of course, because the numbers would be racist to the immigrants.

    5 Those filthy latent criminals are aiming the Dominators at the poor immigrants. Get it? It’s obvious why their Psycho-pass is beyond saving. They are hating marginalized groups! They are Anti-Narrative.

    6 Immigrant trouble seems to be on the rise, he says. That’s borderline hate speech right there my friend. His days are numbered.

    7 This ‘victim’ is an immigrant male. “Don’t hurt them, kick them out” (mistranslation?), says the immigrant while trying to kill the enforcer with a butcher knife. He has a valid reason to be angry and murderous, do not judge.Fortunately, they understand he is a good person (no need to measure it with Psycho-Pass, duh). So:
    – They explain his crime to the Immigration – it won’t affect his life in any way. No matter that mere pointing this absurdity outloud would warrant an investigation on any normal person, he can do anything. He is a privileged.
    – And he will also get free advisor on housing to solve his problem. Hurray!!! Risking life to go to Japan was worth it after all!
    – He is waiting for his family to come to Japan too. Yay!
    – And he is told to protect his family. Family is important, yep, if you are an immigrant. For everyone else – don’t you dare breed among yourselves – and just in case, we will make it economically impossible so you don’t get funny ideas. Porn is better than RL anyway.
    – aand they disabled the alarm so all the other citizens can feel safe with this guy with a butcher knive living near them and police patting themselves at the back for the good work.

    9 Another victim is beautiful blonde white woman. She’s got all the qualities of sin. This gunna git gud:
    – She already questions if she can stay in the country. So weak-minded. Begone, we dont need stupid blondes. We need those AI researchers.
    – Her husband’s psycho-pass was deteoriating. He picked a blond Sweedish, of course he wasn’t right in the head. So obvious. Duh.
    – He is her 2nd spouse. There’s no mercy for her after dropping that bomb. No mercy for you. This immigrant bitch!
    – “How long do we listen to the sob-stories?” Enforcers are better than this. Pros dont care about a tears of a traumatized woman, who is not making babis to save the country.
    – She cries now. How dares she manipulate them with her selfish womanly emmotions.
    – They tell her they will do what they can. Ahahahaha. Oh the empty platitudes… She should pull out the butcher knife.

    AAaaand thats enough I think. Brainwash. Neo-wave anime shit not even pretending…

    • Avatar Jingo says:

      Oops. They wrote a contemporary topic into their anime about contemporary society. What a pack of SJW beta cucks.

      Incoming, an incomprehensible list of points that barely factor into the actual plot in question. Becuz immigrantz make me mad.

      As for the show itself I’ll give it a chance, it’s Psycho-pass afterall.

      • Avatar evafan says:

        Look, I did not make the show political, the creators did. What’s wrong with calling them out on it?

        People like you, who enable exploitation of the medium to promote the so called narratives are the reason for the impending death of it. Happened with movies. Happened with games. Happened with comics. Is happening to anime. We all know it by now.

        “points that barely factor into the actual plot”

        It does. It means the plot is carrot for you to consume the real dish. The whole thing is not only spoiled, it is meaningless, because the foundation is rotten. Talking about plot is a fool’s errand. Meanwhile someone is planning ahead about how to up the BS dosage in your next fix.

        Some people say no right away, some only when twitter mob knocks on their door.

        It is not my place to tell others what to think, but that the subliminal messaging is happening here is an obvious fact. You can ignore it or discredit me as a triggered troll, but the fact will, unfortunately, remain.

        “give it a chance, it’s Psycho-pass”
        At least you admit that you will illogically care as long as they call it Psycho Pass. Would you watch this show if it was called Psion Pals?

  3. Avatar czai says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of everything after the original Psycho-Pass. but the mental trace is just overdoing it. it was probably what put me off on this one. But I’ll probably still watch either way.

  4. Avatar Tayo Jones says:

    So I other words the fist Psycho pass is the only thing worth watching.

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