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It’s until this week that I just noticed the rather strange part of the OP of Mayoiga, the sequence was shown in the point of view of Masaki. It starts with her, then introducing the cast and finally ends with her standing alone in the lost village. But when I think about that, only in the first episode that we kind of follow Mitsumune as the protagonist, and that is because he had the most affection towards Masaki. She was also the last person to encounter Yotsun before he went missing. All the speeches from her are kind of prophetic as well. It seems like she unconsciously aware a lot of things about the place. Now I’m not implying she’s the mastermind behind everything but now I have a strong sense that she’s the key to solve the mystery.

We also pick up two important developments this week. The first is when the group felt threatened by the mystery and more than half of them decided to go back. I’ve always enjoyed those characters talking forth and back. Most of them are over the top and ridiculous that it’s rather fun to watch them shouting at each other. In this case they have many oppose opinions on whether or not staying is safe, I know that staying with Masaki is the best option (haha!), but I can see why they decide to leave as well. It’s a small complain but Mitsumune become increasingly annoying, every decision of his was driven by protecting Masaki, staying close with Masaki… makes him a paper-thin personality. The group decided to leave the village is an interesting progression as well, as I’m pretty sure they couldn’t leave the village, I’m curious to see what happen next to them.

And then we got to the mystery near the end. It certainly is fascinating. If the lost village is a passage way between the life and afterlife, where we can meet deceased close people, then I’m all for it. But the way I see it, it seems like Mayoiga is the place where we can encounter our deepest fear/desire. If this show goes to either of these directions, it could become a very interesting show, because when the mystery related to human emotions, there’s a lot to explore and we at the same time get invested. Many episodes ago I complained about the bus driver’s shaky role in the story, but I’m happy to say that this week he had a solid progress here. Still, damn if I know what the giant Mitsumune looks like.


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This week Bungou Stray Dogs had improved a lot over its last episode, probably because the main storyline has kicked in. Look, I’m always in favor for character developments more than plot development, and one of my favorite character development is through the small character moments when the cast interacts with each other. That’s why I like KyoAmi a lot because they nailed those moments and made the characters such a joy to watch. Bungou Stray Dogs, on the other hand, is one of those rare times that I would recommend the opposite. The times they spend talking together is the weakest part of this episode. They spend times do the gags that we already know: Atsushi being shy, Junichiro keeps feeling sorry for Atsushi, Naomi keeps dominating Junichiro, Dazai keeps talking about suicide and Kunikida keeps getting furious over Dazai. And those gags were not even funny to begin with.

Things really got geared up after that, when a woman (Higuchi) showed up with a request for the organization, which ends up being a trap. While I see a lot of issues on the series’ character interactions, it’s actually the main storyline where Bungou Stray Dogs shines. The pacing is much faster and more entertainment, but more importantly, the action part sheds a new light to those characters that we haven’t had a chance to see before: Junichiro can become uncontrollable mad if someone hurts his sister. Naomi, appears mostly as a dominant incest-obsession archetype, literally shields her body to protect Junichiro, our main character Atsushi can turn into a tiger now on his own will, and Dazai is always one step ahead of everyone. The new characters introduced in this episode are a mixed-bag, unfortunately. Akutagawa is a reasonable character with just enough unique skills (Rashomon) and clear motivations to stand out on his own, but the character Higuchi is just plain and feel more like a plot device. Poor Higuchi even got slapped by Akutagawa for not completing her job. Now this is bad writing. Well I guess Akutagawa supposed to be a cold, ruthless guy but showing him slapping woman is no way justified that. Cruelty for the shake of just cruelty is terrible. But I can put that aside for now as long as they don’t repeat that same mistakes. I also love the introduction of Port Mafia gang here, albeit target the weretiger just because of the money is a bit of a letdown. But I guess there is more to it as why the weretiger attracts so much attention from all the gangs. I think the rest of the series we will learn more about it and exactly what they want to do with the weretiger.

The visual and characters design remain strong and actually at this point I trust the show on these. This is a rare compliment I would give to any shows but I believe Bungou Stray Dogs deserves this. Basically most of the second part is a step in a right direction, and if they keep going into that direction, Bungou Stray Dogs could become a very entertaining show.


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I was going to make this a full announcement but seeing as most of it is already known I might as well include it here. I now have full admin rights to the site which means that I now pretty much run the place officially. I managed to get in contact with psgels with the help of a certain passerby and explained the situation. On matters of whether psgels is coming back or otherwise I am afraid I have no comment on the matter. EIther way I have done some minor things such as fixing the headers and adding some user account. I don’t plan on making any major changes other than maybe updating that shoutbox to a more useful version.(If I can find out where it is in the control panel. WordPress is a finicky thing.) Our second bit of news has already been announced by our new writer below. We now have a third writer on board by the name of Helghast. So what that basically means is more anime coverage for you guys. On matters of taking on any more new writers I am hesitant and would prefer to see how things go for a season or two. If we wish to take on new writers then we shall put up a post specifically asking for them and if that does happen I want to make it clear that you should know exactly what you are getting into. I don’t care for disappearing acts at this point. Right then, moving on.

Joker game is turning out to be more episodic than I expected as it looks like we will be following a series of small stories about the team rather than a continuous narrative. Though the escalation of World War II looks to be an ongoing background theme. Today’s story was a decent one though I heavily dislike the use of one of the oldest trope of fiction. Namely the Easy Amnesia trope. Our super spy loses his memory from a bonk on the head and then regains his memory from another bonk on the head. I am no expert but I can at least confirm that you do not regain memories by bashing your head a second time nor is it this easy to gain amnesia in the first place. Otherwise boxers would be a forgetful lot. I am a bit disappointed that Joker game is resorting to using this as a means to make this episode more interesting, especially when their are better alternatives.(Like maybe him faking amnesia) Well our amnesic japanese spy is in a Germany occupied France with three individuals who are with the French rebellion. The Germans are right on their tail with leaves mister Japanese Jason Bourne to make use of his particular set of skills to get everyone out of the predicament. Our new characters aren’t given much development as they really only feature in this episode but at least there was enough here to care about what was going on. Though the episode was essentially a wait for our secert agent to regain his memories and let us know just why he’s here and going through all this in the first place.

Another ridiculously far fetched plot point is that apparently spy school teaches you to embed your mission objectives into your subjective unconscious, just in case you happen to lose your memory on a mission. Hold the phone on that one Joker Game. I am willing to accept the elite spartan spy training school but that doesn’t mean you can use it to excuse everything. I would have just as easy accepted that he recalled his mission objectives due to it being the last thing on his mind before losing his memory. To say that he did it on purpose is pushing suspension of disbelief. It’s strange that they put this far fetched detail in when the end of this episode has a rather clever detail. Before entering the church our spy had one eye closed and he switched to his other eye once he entered. I thought it was a strange detail until I looked it up through reddit and found out that it’s a method of keeping your eye adjusted to the dark. Whats even more surprising is that this is the reason that pirates wore eyepatches. Not because they had some sort of strange habit of losing eyes. I also learned that real life pirates are significantly more boring than fictional ones. I still have a problem with the presentation which looks to be a byproduct of the original novel. It seems to assume the viewer cannot figure out anything themselves and decides to spell out as much as possible. I feel the story suffers as a result of this and if it’s going to continue then it could prove to grow rather irritating. The series still remains good and I am not exactly opposed to the episodic format. Though I would label this episode as just alright and I hope that these super spies don’t end up being overpowered.


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If you been following this site for a while, you may have noticed that someone new has made his first post. My name is HelghastKillzone and I’ll be the newest writing member of the Star Crossed Anime Blog. Before I go into the finer details, here is a little history on what anime means to me.


Just like any typical person growing up in the 90s, anime in my childhood consisted of rushing home on weekdays from elementary school to watch Sailormoon, Pokémon, Gundam Wing and whatever Fox Kids or YTV  decided to throw in on Saturday mornings including the short-lived Escaflowne. Over the years, I picked up series here and there, from Hellsing to Evangelion to 5cm per Second but I never followed anything week to week until the Fall 2013 season. My actual blogging career started that year in the spring with (now known as, (now defunct) and finally, SeaSlugAnime. I have covered such shows as Chaika, Captain Earth, Aldnoah.Zero, Zankyou no Terror, Psycho-Pass 2, Seraph of the End, Unlimited Blade Works and ERASED on an episodic basis as well as having written up on older shows, movies, seasonal preview and the low-hanging fruit of top ten lists.


My tastes tend to lend towards the more mature and darker end of anime but I’m not closed off to indulging myself in the more lighter, moeblob, ecchii side of this wonderful animated medium. I will admit that there are large gaps in my viewing experience like the staples of Cowboy Bebop, Stein;Gate and Ghost in the Shell. It’s on my to watch list but I have a hard enough time in keeping up the latest and greatest but I would still love to hear your suggestions on what I should watch next. If you trouble grasping on what I would enjoy, my online alias and accompanying display picture is a perfect example of what exactly you’d expect from me. HelghastKillzone is from the Sony’s FPS franchise of Killzone for which I love the gunplay, visuals and aesthetics but the story is something left to be desired. The display picture, though, isn’t from the video game but instead, taken from the movie of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, which is one of the very few anime I have awarded 10/10. If you are still unsure what where I stand, I suppose writing up a top ten anime show article for myself would do the trick.


As for my personal life, I live in Vancouver, Canada in the North America unlike the my other European contributors on this site. I hold a political science degree with some other lesser diplomas and certificate to go along with it. I do find it a little sad and ironic that my best phase of writing came after I received my bachelor degree where it was all about analyzing perspectives and pumping out papers. As for my working life, I’m actually a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces for the last eight years and is looking to further my career within governmental agencies  In my spare time, I play extensively in this little-known MMOFPS game call Planetside 2 under the same name. If you have heard of this peculiar game then I suggest you hit up the Connery server for some sexy times.

For the spring season of 2016, I will be covering Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Unfortunately, due to a work-related trip, I won’t be able to do episode three piece until this Monday.

Calling it now. Anime of the Season.


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Posted on 19 April 2016 with categories: Currently Watching:, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World

We reach the end of the first arc and our villainess is defeated but many questions left unanswered. I am glad that she didn’t happen to perish in our Knights Excalibah! attack as she plays a fantastic femme fatale. Her fighting style resembles that of Rider of Fate/stay night and when she climbed on the walls she almost looked like a possessed corpse. She’s a genuinely intimidating figure and the fact that her nickname is “The bowel hunter” makes her all the more scary. For our protagonist to make an enemy of someone whose primary interest is ripping out people’s intestines is a worrisome matter indeed.  Not to mention she such a beast that to dodge an attack when one of her feet is frozen to the ground she rips the flesh off her foot and freezes it with a crystal so she can continue fighting. That’s some incredible pain resistance. What we have here is an episode which was entirely set in a room with a massive fight scene. It wasn’t the highest quality fight scene I have seen but damn if it wasn’t pretty damn good. It’s nice that anime nowadays can have people fighting while talking instead of tense facial expressions to the sound of sword clangs. In particular the 360 shot looks to me like someone was taking lessons from One Punch Man. Well played White Fox. I would take some well done Sakuga over still frames and yelling any day. What is most surprising is that Subaru isn’t the star of the show here and instead the Knight who was featured last episode showed up to defeat Elsa. While Subaru’s actions did affect the outcome, it is surprising that he wasn’t the one to defeat her. It’s almost taboo for the villain of the arc to be defeated by someone other than the main protagonist.

He didn’t exactly sit back and do nothing however and his skills at fighting are getting a little ridiculous. I mean he was swinging around that massive club with one hand with very little effort. My suspension of disbelief has limits. That delayed cut at the end was also rather cartoonish as they realized that Subaru was actually cut and the damage only showed up two minutes later. Still how it was shown was rather clever. At first it appears his clothes were only cut which makes it comical but then comes the bleeding from his stomach. I doubt this means another rewind for Subaru as this does feel like the end of an arc. Reinharts reaction to Felt pulling out that emblem was also rather intriguing. By my best guess I would say that the medal stole had some charm that made it could only be held by royalty which is why Reinhart started questioning her about her family. There’s also the matter of Sattella whose real name is Emilia. Upon being introduced to Felt and Rom he remarks about her being a half elf. Then Felt panics because a Half elf with white hair is apparently related to something. Even Emilia remarks that she has no relation to that something. My guess is that this has to do with the name Emilia gave Subaru before which appears to refer to a being called the “jealous witch”. I am still loving this show so far and the wait between episodes is really killing me. It’s true that Subaru’s chuuni mannerisms can swing between annoying and funny. The characterisation also needs some work but quite frankly I am looking forward to the further dire adventures of Subaru’s time loop hell.


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With the second episode we have some clarity over what Kiznaiver is going to be about and it seems my assumption was correct. What we have here is a kind of Kokoro Connect drama with some trigger style humor. Our characters are placed in a Saw like game where they must reveal their biggest secret or receive a electric shock. Our game master threatened that they would die if they didn’t pass but I find it hard to believe she would kill them in cold blood, especially when she looks to have a fondness for our whited haired protagonist. The situation gets exceedly dangerous but with the humor it makes it hard to determine just how dangerous the situation really is. If the place exploded I wouldn’t be surprised to see all the characters come out unharmed and covered in soot. That is good as it prevents the show from becoming overly melodramatic and getting dragged down with serious tone. What I find most interesting at the moment is the nature of the characters secrets for you see in the first episode Noriko made a comparison between the main characters and the seven deadly sins. At first I thought it was a one off joke as she later goes on to say the deadly sins have changed their forms and suggests alternative names which Agata dismisses as her making fun of them. However what is interesting is that each of the secrets the main characters revealed in this episode related to the seven deadly sins. Tenga is afraid of dogs and hides it for fear of ruining his reputation. Pride. Niko pretends to be eccentric because she thinks otherwise people will be jealous of her. Envy. Chidori is in love with Agata. Lust. Yuta used to be a fat kid. Gluttony. Agata is apathetic towards everything. Sloth. And Maki claims to have killed someone before. Wrath. So you would naturally assume that Noriko is our Greed but there is another member featured in the opening who hasn’t yet been introduced. The mysterious fellow with bandages on his hands. Likely he will be introduced in the next “Mission” and I am willing to bet his nature will have something to do with money. I am guessing he joins the Kiznaver project due to payment.

This episode’s mission acts as a nice character development episode and does act to further the plot. I can sort of understand the logic of this exercise. In getting these people to share their secrets you create a personal connection between them. As the wise Katsuragi Keima said, for people far apart secrets can be superglue. Or in more practical terms, sharing a secret with someone allows people to get closer together. By forcing them to spill their secrets it forces them to coexist with someone else as they can’t leave them alone in case they tell, and in turn that person knows them better than anyone else. Sound logic even if the means to achieve this involve demolition. In tone the secrets are half in slapstick territory and half being deathly serious. For one I find it most amusing that Niko pretends to be eccentric without really realising that she is naturally eccentric. As for Maki’s claims to have killed someone I am fairly certain she is embellishing the details. Her “Murder” was likely something she did indirectly or blames herself for. While I would love it if she truly did murder someone with full intent instead it’s not likely that is the case. THis happens to be another strong episode of Kiznaver and I hope it stays this way after seeing Maigo go downhill very fast. Hopefully Okada’s bad tendencies are all taken by that show and don’t seep into this one. On another note the opening is fantastic and really gets me in the mood for the show. In particular I love the prism styled showcase of the characters. It’s only flaw is that after seeing it I have “Take on me” by a-ha stuck in my head for the rest of the day.


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You know, I always have problem with the 3-act structure, where usually they imply that the story need to have a meaning and the main characters have to grow. While those incidents that change your life indeed happened, each people have 4 or 5 of them at most, and the remaining time between those incidents we function like those in slice-of-life series, where everything don’t seem to change and we stay the same as well. So for me, slice of life is a genre that I certainly appreciate. The main problem with slice of life series in not because nothing happens, but rather because they tend to repeat things that we already know or the cast is not endearing/ interesting enough for us to care. I’m happy to say that this is not the case for Flying witch. The show already demonstrated strong execution in both fronts. I enjoyed a touch magical realism and characters feel like real people, without all those annoying exaggerating gestures.

The episode splits into 2 parts, and we got introduced to a harbinger, the spirit (I guess) who brings summer to town there. The harbinger has quite an amusing character’s design. Chinatsu’s reaction towards the harbinger steals the show for me. The comic timing is great, and she also acts like someone her age, and not in moe-mode (This season does offer many strong 12-years-old-and-under female characters, with this show along with Kumamiko and 12-san). The flowers just bring a smile to my face all the time. The second half is also wonderful, with her dream is my favorite part. I love how she keep rambling that witch’s dreams are like a prophet, and right after that just plainly say “It’s all myth”. Bakke cooking scene is very endearing as well.

The thing I love from the show so far is there are still too much to explore from their world. Just by 2 episodes they already provide something new each time, yet never distract the atmosphere. The score used in the episode also fits nicely to enhance that atmosphere as well. You know a show is good when 20 minutes run almost effortlessly and I enjoyed every moments of the episode. The show certainly gives you a charming feeling, with beautiful winter-turns-summer background and if you don’t mind slow pacing and almost no conflict situations, you will enjoy Flying witch.


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Out of the 3 shows that I’m covering this season, I actually worry about Mayoiga the most. Sure, so far Bungou Stray Dogs isn’t good, but at least I enjoyed its visual and know what to expect on it, same goes with Flying Witch and Flying Witch will be the more consistent show of this season here. But 3 episodes in, I’m still not sure how Mayoiga will play out, it can range from the more ambitious show to the more silly show, or perhaps will be a combination of both.

To the surprise of no one, Masaki returns this episode after allegedly “vanished” from last week, and she was protected by our main protagonist Mitsumune (to no surprise as well). I enjoyed the back and forth confrontation between the group. Each of them have a distinctive voice so it’s always fun to see them playing off each other, even most of these are way over the top. But at the same time, I hated their reactions. Many of them overreact over a small, nonsensical comment. The overreaction has sadly become anime-staple now so we just have to deal with it. It’s nice to see a bit of background info on some characters, since we won’t care about them unless we know them. Those moment, unfortunately, is so few and far between, because- uh… the series have to spend time for other stuffs I guess.

And that other stuff in this episode happens to be when everyone decides to group together and making food together. These scenes sadly drag the whole episode down, and out of it we won’t learn anything (even who was in the group), the only thing we learn is the variables of rock, paper, scissors – which are nice on its own but feel out of place with the rest of the series.

About the mystery, now we get a bit of new clues: the vegetables have been well-growth indicates that someone still take care of them, we have a prison cell in this village so I reckon the same occurrence has happened before. We also have a bear-claw shape, and a body at the end. Things now just begin to get crazy, but based on the shaky execution from the first 3 episodes, there is doubt if Mayoiga going to hit a home run.


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Boy, this episode does highlight many of the show’s shortcomings. In a way, that is a good thing, because we now know what elements that DON’T work for the series.

First and the most jarring issue is the comedy. All the gags, from Atsushi considers himself to be useless, Dazai suicide’s obsession, Kunikida’s being constantly teased by Dazai, already feel dragging and wear out its welcome. Consider this is just second episode this is not a good sign. The dialogue in general is not great either, it either does not advance the story or flesh out the character, and mostly stays too long on its jokes. While a little comedy would definitely be welcomed, making the comedy the central focus is a wrong step for this series.

The second weakness of the show is the characters themselves and their relationship. The central relationship between Dazai and Atsushi, for example; have been done countless times before and this one so far doesn’t offer anything new on the table. This week we get introduced again a whole bunch of new characters. They are, like last week’s new characters at the end of the episode (which completely disappeared this week), feel like just a decoration of the show. Although they are based on real Japanese authors, for now all of them are just one-note, over the top and I get the feeling they’re just there for kicking, screaming and supporting the main characters. It seems like next week we going to get a whole bunch of new character as well, so I’m a little worry there.

Lastly, the plot in this episode is a step down from last week. It’s always a given that Atsushi will be a member of Armed Detective Agency, so giving an entire episode just to reach that again is a wasted and really slow the story down. The plot itself is ridiculous. So the Agency gave Atsushi a trial without him knowing it and he passed it because he used his body to shield the bomb. REALLY? How on earth is that a plausible action? I’m actually thinking of a line from Joker’s Game “Getting killed or commit suicide is the worst possible decision a spy can make”. It actually can apply very fittingly here.

But not everything from this episode is negative though. I still pretty much enjoy the direction of the show. The use of color-palate, for example, give me a strong atmosphere that I rarely find in other anime series. I also enjoy the production design of Bongou Stray Dogs, from last week’s Under the bridge at the beginning to the warehouse at the end, or the place where Atsushi wake up in the morning or the Agency office, each of the place have such rich personality and give them a very distinctive feel. Bungou Stray Dogs shines when they focus more on the characters, like when Atsushi talks to Dazai about him being left out, there were a sense of sadness in his speech; the show also shines when they deliver the supernatural twist to the story (which appeared none in this second episode). I still have hope for the show. Next week it seems like the story will get dark though, and I pretty much prefer the series to be dark than its current light-heart, so here hoping the for the show to pick itself up from this misstep episode.


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Joker Game is still proving to be an interesting thriller though this episode started off a bit rough. There was over four minutes of flashing back to the previous episode and even the opening of this episode. In a way it was used to show just how Sakuma came to his conclusion which revealed the man to be an American spy but it felt a bit excessive. That said I love how this all played out and just how the American managed to fool the Japanese military on the first search of his house. It truly is a mark of genius to place the microfilm behind the imperial portrait as based on the mentality of Japanese soldiers of the time, they would never dare desecrate the portrait and leave it untouched in a search. At the moment Sakuma was about to cut his own stomach open, he remembered the lessons of the spy agency and managed to figure out the trick. It’s a great moment to see the smug look of the American disappear into pure panic as one of the members of the D agency revealed his hiding place. And with that all’s well that ends well correct?

Wrong. For there was more to this raid than our soldier was privy to. The second raid on the Americains home was all a ploy to disguise his superior’s failure to find anything in the first raid. He intended to make Sakuma a scapegoat in order to keep his reputation clean. He never intended him to find anything. Through some elaborate investigation Sakuma manages to find out this as well as details about the boss of the D agency and his intentions of taking advantage of this matter. He does so well that the boss even offers to train him as a member of the D agency. What we have is a series of schemes in tandem. The American spy was trying to steal intel, a superior officer was trying to cover up his mistake and the boss of the D agency trailing the superior in order to find an exploit to blackmail him into investing more into the D agency. In the beginning Sakuma berated the D agency for making use of underhanded methods and here he now understands that the military is not above such measures. HIs final resolution is interesting in that he has not embraced the D Agency’s philosophy but rather he wishes he can die with honor rather than be used as a tool for someone else’s agenda. To me those things are the same but to a nationalist member of the society of the time it may not be the case.

At the moment while I do love Joker Game, I find it’s being a little too straightforward in it’s storytelling. I feel we could have a greater layer of nuance in its production as this small doesn’t leave much room for moral complexity. Everything is laid out and explained so even a child could understand the plot. In some regards that’s a good thing as simplicity doesn’t mean it’s bad but considering it’s a fairly mature story I would think it would be good to leave things up to interpretation. I for one would have liked to speculate more on just why the Boss walks with a cane despite his legs being perfectly fine. I would have likened it to a psychological tactic in order to make people underestimate him but instead it is spelled out to be a distraction from the bosses real disability. His left prosthetic hand. On that note I am surprised he can get a prosthetic hand of such quality which can fool people into thinking it’s real. I am not certain on the plan of disguising a disability with another disability other than preventing him from being identified by word of mouth. Despite my gripes there is an air of style around this piece; it has an atmosphere that clarifies the word cool. There is a certain suaveness in how the characters carry themselves and the smug knowing smiles that exemplify a kind of hidden badassery. Even if this doesn’t appear to be a particularly deep story, at least it’s going to be an entertaining one.



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  • Bam
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 10:26 AM)
    What do you think?
  • Bam
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 10:25 AM)
    I met a French art student in a bar tonight, and after getting into Hugo and Notre-Dame de Paris, he suggested a more faithful French theater production of it. He believed that this is a much better portrayal of the conflicted priestly character of Frollo, and specifically offered this Hellfire-esque song sang by the talented Daniel Lavoie as evidence:
  • SuperMario
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 08:22 AM)
    @Kaiser: haha. If this film indeed was made I’ll be the first one on the line to watch it.
  • Kaiser Eoghan
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 06:32 AM)
    @Mario: This made me laugh far more than it should have:
  • Bam
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 06:30 AM)
    Anybody else seen Jungle Book yet?
  • Bam
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 06:25 AM)
    @Kaiser: I see. Look retro, so I might actually enjoy.
  • Bam
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 06:24 AM)
    I don’t wanna hyperbolize, so I admit that some of the Disney/Marvel stuff has ingenuity to it. Guardians and even Antman had their moments of disarming charm, and genuine sentiment from the cast and crew, that made it special and not just another superhero flick.
  • Bam
    (Thursday, May 5. 2016 06:22 AM)
    @Aidan: Marvel movies feel like a very nice amusement park ride- they are always fun, but the return diminishes after successive exposure. Everything in the movies, from the fights, to the dialogue, and plot is incredibly formulatic. You just don’t get the same effect when you know what’s coming.
  • Kaiser Eoghan
    (Wednesday, May 4. 2016 06:05 PM)
    @Bam: Actually let me rephrase
    I meant that you will like:
    Because it is fairyrale inspired
    Because you liked brotherhood of the wolf and tale of tales.
  • Kaiser Eoghan
    (Wednesday, May 4. 2016 06:02 PM)
    @Bam: I meant tale of tales =)
    @Mario: My usual ratings are ***/***1/2 rating and ****
    Generally that indicates a film is kind good/good or great.

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We now back to the status quo on Mayoiga this week, as the group who left the village decided to come back, and the cliffhanger happened last week was never explained probably. I will say this upfront: this is not a good episode. We don’t learn much after it ends. We have even longer conversations […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – 03

                There are no brakes on the Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress train even when it goes for a pit stop to pick up some water and say a prayer for the dead. While my fellow writers firmly believe that Koutetsujou no Kabaneri will disintegrate into a trainwreck […]

Bungou Stray Dogs – 04

Bungou Stray Dogs sure never get tired to showcase more new characters every week, and judging from the OP I’m certain that there are more to come. This week there are 3 more new faces and each of them is over the top in their own ways, but that turns out to be for good […]

Joker Game – 04

I am starting to get a little worried about Joker Game. After a very strong start it’s gone down in quality once it revealed it’s episodic format. This episode marks the lowest point of the series so far though I still don’t think of it as bad. Rather than focus on a member of the […]

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World – 04

Despite nearly dying our protagonist wakes up out of the loop and now in the mansion of a strange clown like fellow with twin maids. The mansion looks to be Emilia’s home and we not look to be in a new time loop as evidenced by the last scene where it appears that Subaru was […]

Kiznaiver – 03

So this episode was an introduction to our new seventh Kiznaiver who looks to be a roguish shut in with a pendent for self harm. Adding a masochist to a group that shares pain is certainly a dilemma but I wonder just how they plan to make use of him in the plot. Considering that […]

Latest Reviews

Schwarzesmarken – 65/100

Schwarzesmarken is a strange title in that it has a setting with fantastic potential yet the story is dampened by a rushed pacing and Missing characterisation. Despite this there are signs of a greater story under the hood and at times that story can shine despite haphazard adaption. The Stasi make for a great villain […]

Boku dake ga Inai Machi – 85/100

In the large reservoir of anime it is surprising just how few titles focus on the concept of time travel. There are of course titles which feature time travel but few that make it the core focus. So here we have Boku Machi or ERASED, a tale about a mangaka time traveling to his childhood […]

Gangsta. – 58/100

Gangsta is an anime with a lot of things going for it. A mature cast, gritty themes, a interesting setting and a trio of main characters who can carry the show. However due to a number of factors it never quite reached its potential. The main trio of characters are unconventional and quite interesting with […]

Gakkou Gurashi! – 80/100

Gakkou is one with a good facade as promotional material would have you believe it was some dime a dozen moe slice of life. I was one who wasn’t fooled by the cute cuddly exterior but I was truly surprised with just how good this anime ended up being. Gakkou is one of those rare […]

Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade – 81/100

I wonder when it was that a film being childish became a flaw. As a medium grows it takes steps to aim to mature itself and seek a more intellectual level of presenting entertainment. Animation did it as Anime aimed to explore terrontry that cartoons refuse to explore and video games only recently broke away […]

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks Review – 85/100

For a long time now this adaption has been the dreams of many a Fate fan with many believing it would never come to pass, but now that it is here is it everything that we dreamed? Short answer to this is no, long answer is nearly. I feel this show will have many divided […]

Shirobako Review – 80/100

When you see a harem anime and sigh as the breasts of the female lead jiggle with every step and wind that can flip a skirt it’s easy to forget that somewhere in Japan a group of people worked hard to get that jiggle right and draw each frame of animation. The hardships of the […]


Nerawareta Gakuen Review – 84/100

Let me talk a bit about Ryousuke Nakamura. For a long time, this guy was my hero. He started off as an assistant director to Monster, in my opinion a big reason why that series got such a ridiculously solid adaptation, and then in 2008 he came with the groundbreaking Mouryou no Hako. No TV-series […]


Kick Heart

Okay, so I didn’t want to exit 2013 without having seen Masaaki Yuasa’s Kick Heart. It’s only twelve minutes anyway, and I consider him to be one of the best anime directors out there. The story here is pretty silly and mostly serves as a backdrop, so I mostly want to talk about the nature […]