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A certain criticism has loomed over this series from its very inception. As the series continued people have asked the question “How can Subaru brush off his horrific deaths so easily?” Today we have the answer to that question and that answer is that he doesn’t. It’s been building incognito in the background all this time but finally Subaru’s deaths have begun to affect him. And it hit him hard. The Subaru of this episode was a fairly broken guy who has little of the happy go lucky meta humor of before. This actually proves that his meta jabs are a kind of coping mechanism so he can help bury his traumatic experiences. But those things are still there and we even see him having nightmares of his previous deaths. The straw that broke the camel’s back was likely Rem’s confession that both her and her sister were just pretending to be friendly with him which I say isn’t quite the truth. Maybe this time around as Subaru was more distant but I do think they were more genuine with him in previous loops. However they don’t remember those loops and that’s what truly destroys Subaru. To him Ram and Rem are people he’s known and bonded with over a month but to them he’s no more a stranger. The pure utter frustration just wells out as Subaru vents his despair at her despite knowing that she has no idea why. All before his throat is ripped out by an unseen attack later revealed to be Ram.

We have learned a number of things this episode. One is that the main reason Subaru is killed by Rem is because he has the smell of the Jealous Witch around him. This smell seems to be only perceivable by Beatrix and Rem, it angers Rem greatly because a group known as the witches cult did something unforgivable to Ram. This may be related to Ram’s ability to manipulate air which seems like really dangerous magic. Looks like there is one area Ram excels at better than Rem as she certainly is the most dangerous of the two. The smell seems to grow stronger with each loop which does explain why Rem only started killing him on the second loop but this could also be because of another thing we learn. As Emilia is confronting him, Subaru decides that he doesn’t have to go through the loops alone and is about to confide in Emilia. It makes sense as many in a time loop situation find someone who believe them and thus help escape the loop. Bill Murray had Andie MacDowell. Okabe and Kurisu. Though Homura is an exception. Just by having someone to listen can really help out victims of this particular scenario. However as it sadistically turns out, Subaru can’t tell anyone about his power. Anytime he attempts to, a hand will appear and threaten to kill him. It’s likely that it’s a clause of the curse he was given that should he tell anyone then he will die for real. So Subaru must bear the weight of his power alone which is unbelievably cruel. Why Subaru was given this power is still unknown but now we have a prime suspect of who gave him his power. The Jealous Witch, Satella.

This time around it looks like Subaru gets closer to Beatrix who sticks with him out of guilt at first but looks to have become attached to him. Due to Subaru making a deal with her to protect his life he then survives to the fourth day. But due to a strange turn of events, Rem dies of the same curse that killed Subaru. I truly applaud the voice actress of Ram for that wail of grief because that was soul shattering. By this we can be certain that the curse that killed Subaru in his sleep is not related to the sisters. But why did they target Rem instead of Subaru? It’s possible that the killer knew that Ram would in turn target Subaru because he’s the most suspicious person in the mansion but there is another aspect to this. For one, Rem originally went to town with Subaru in previous loops. One could assume that Rem went alone to town while Subaru holed himself up in the house. So could it be that something in the town hit them with a curse? I don’t want to suspect the dog bite as it’s a little too silly but it is the most suspect action that happened in the town. The mystery here is who is killing Subaru with that curse? Roswell looks to be out of the running as I don’t think he would kill his own servants. Beatrix looks to be in the clear as well so who is left. Honestly despite him having an alibi, my money’s on Puck. I get the feeling he’s not quite as fond of Subaru as he lets on and Beatrix did state that a death during sleep could be induced by either her or Puck. The only major problem with this is Puck’s time limit.

This episode’s finale is Subaru attempting to kill himself in order to fix things but finding that forcing your body to commit an act that goes against every biological functions instinct isn’t nearly as easy as fiction made it seem. Plus the fear that “Return by Death” won’t activate this time as there truly is no guarantee that it has unlimited uses. Even I question whether it will still work when Subaru kills himself instead of being killed by someone. As it seems that while having nightmares Rem and Ram held his hands and calmed him down. Thus he decides to save them both and return once more. Having found his resolve, Subaru manages to commit the most bravado suicide I have seen so far in anime. I would like to bring up how great it is that white fox sometimes cuts out the anime opening and ending to fit in more content. Normally that is a thing reserved for finales or opening episodes but here they have had a number of episodes were no Opening or ending played at all and instead we were just given new content. It really shows that White fox are putting real effort into this adaption and I certainly hope they can keep up the high level of quality. I can safely say this was the best episode of Re:Zero to date and I am solely waiting on the next episode. I just hope it doesn’t pass by as fast as this one did. That’s a truly annoying aspect of a great show. Time makes it feel so short.


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This week we have focus on the problems of a specific member of the Kiznaiver, that member being Maki.Well my assumption about Maki’s problem turned out to be incorrect though I did think compensated dating is a bit too serious for the tone of this show while proposing it. Her actual problem turned out to be a big surprise as she is really a fairly famous shoujo mangaka who co created a popular work with another girl who died. While it isn’t confirmed how she died, it’s suggested by the opening scene that she committed suicide in front of Maki. While the opening scene shows Maki stopping her from falling, the breakdown she has where she has a flashback back to that moment seems to suggest that she didn’t actually make it in time to stop her falling. Why she killed herself is up for debate but the content of the manga (unfulfilled love, bullying) does suggest that she was dealing with some major issues. Either way Maki’s claim that she killed someone is just as suspected and it looks like she’s just blaming herself for her friend’s death. This looks to be the first part of resolving her issues as she faces the problem of her editor pushing her to allow a documentary to be made of her. She has obvious reservations because of her co writers death and her desire to keep her status as a mangaka secret. I must say her emotional breakdown as she’s put on spot at school was truly excellent visually. The scream she lets out as her pain is conveyed to the others sent a shiver up my spine. Naturally it looks to be the power of friendship which will save Maki from her issues and help her come to terms to her friend’s death which is rather cliche but suitable. The documentary staff were acting pretty antagonistic though which I found too blatant. It’s clear they were meant to play the role of a villain but I wish it was subiler about it as they acted slimy and purposefully arrogant. This is the kind of attitude I would accept if they were reporters but considering their role is to make a documentary with Maki it’s not beneficial to put her on the spot like that. It would’ve worked better if they were confused and accidentally put her in a bad position due to misinformation from her editor. Though this does give the KIznaivers a chance to each chase them off.

This doesn’t look over though as Maki finds out that they helped her as part of a mission and theirs big hints that this whole thing was set up by Noriko which causes Nagata to seek her out. Thus we end the episode with Nagata telling Noriko that he’s “disappointed in her” which as Noriko pointed out, is pretty powerful words to come from the emotionally stunted Nagata. We don’t get a chance to see her reaction but I am fairly certain those words cut hard as based on previous episodes, Nagata is the Kiznaiver Noriko has the biggest attachment to or some personal history. Meanwhile we have Niko who looks to be trying her best to help keep the gang together and I am fairly certain she’s going to have an episode when the topic of what everyone plans to do once the experiment is over comes up. She’s the most attached to the group and I am fairly certain she doesn’t want it to end. for fear of everyone going their separate ways. The love triangle has been put to the side for now though when they are discussing about their emotions getting shared besides pain, Tenga does make a small mention of something he wants to keep hiding. I am fairly certain I know what that something is. Yuta looks to be still trying to woo Maki and I think he will play a large part in resolving her problem. The question at the moment is just how powerful the Kiznaiver bond will get as now the group can feel Maki’s pain over her friend’s death. For now it looks like the bond shares just pain, be it physical or emotional. But will other emotions be shared among the group? I for one would find it most amusing if Maki began caring for the group and that feeling being shared much to her dismay. There’s likely some comedic potential in that.


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It’s no secret that I prefer shows that emphasis on little moments rather than the plot-driven shows, and Flying witch still delivers that strength, albeit this is their weaker effort. This episode as usual splits into two parts. The first part concerning Chinatsu as she wants to be a witch apprentice. This development comes as no surprise though, since it was apparent in many episodes before that Chinatsu is curious with the life of witch, but I believe (and I think the show knows it) that she’s not cut out to become one. Chinatsu is one of my favorite characters of the show so it’s fun to see her taking a spotlight this first part. I like the way she gets all worked up and motivated to become a witch (because she thinks it’s fun). This is really like the way kids see celebrities, sports stars and they want to become one, but in reality there are more to it. For the 12 years old girl this is just understandable. I’m also quite surprise of how laid back and easy her parents are, which actually feel slightly uncanny at times. They are just cool on everything, it makes me wonder if they really care for it.

In the second part we have Akane teaches Makoto and Chinatsu her simple spell. This is one of the Flying witch’s comfort zone. The part meant to shows the touch of magic in the everyday life settings, make it feel a bit like a magical realism, but in that front this part just barely succeed. Making spells that make people laugh with whatever they see and another one that make them cry is a whimsical touch, but it drags a bit towards the end. The punchline, which having the father both cries and laughs uncontrollably at the same time, feels rather weak. Another thing is I enjoy so much the side characters (Inukai and Nao in particular) that it’s a bit of a let-down when this part just concentrates on the family members. This week of Flying witch is barely passable, but that not to say there is a drop in quality or anything. Flying witch is as consistent as ever (sometimes to a fault). I still have a quality time watching Flying witch this week and hopefully they will include more characters for next week.


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This going to be a ridiculous post review rambling about the ridiculousness of Mayoiga. This week the silliness has gotten to the whole new level. I’m not going to complain though because this is just Mayoiga being Mayoiga. Ridiculous had always been its main element since the first episode. It’s not bizarre, it’s not absurd, it’s just plain silliness and I have become really appreciate that silliness. This week there are so many madness happened and it’s always fun to talk about that. Firstly, it’s amazing that just from a little news article people read last week, they really convince that Masaki was a ghost to the point of tying her and stabbing her just to test her out. Even when the poor girl is bleeding they would think that this is her ghost’s power. What an amazing train of thought this gang has. Consider that this is not one of the series where they would explore the dark side of human by blame someone as a sacrifice thingy, in this show they really believe that Masaki is a ghost. Lovepon remains everyone’s best friend with all her suggestions keep feeding people what to do. Secondly, the backstories this week are just as nuts and ridiculous as last week. From Mitsumune’s story of his twin brother passed away because of his Mom shouting, his mother keeps treating him as his twin dead brother, to the father who actually suggest him to play the twin role, to his sincere apology for things not going according to plan. The most amazing bit is that we also learn that the father was a teacher and he was in the process of promoting, which is NOT AT ALL related to the how Mitsumune turns out the way he is. Other backstory is from Maimai, the girl who saw giant Mitsumune few weeks back. Turns out that her ex was similar looking to our main character, and by dating him, everyone (including the guy) turns their back on her. This must have hurt her a lot, and she must really miss the guy, since what she saw back there was not him, but the giant Mitsumune. And I did remember not only her see the giant monster, but others like Nyanta and Toshi Boy was scared and run away as well. Are they really see the same thing? I guess not but the show seems to forget about that bit as well. The third ridiculous thing happens when our main guy, who always wants to stay on the same side with Masaki and would do anything just to be with her, was defeated and back down from his love when he faced the monster. “Masaki, I’m sorry” he said. Other silliness stuffs include the gang decided to deceive our main protagonist, which make the whole conversation the most human-like moments of the show; and the way Valkana keeps judging Koharun for going with the flow and try to calm Hayato down from stabbing Masaki, but he ends up to be the one who hold Mitsumune down so that the other guys can proceed what they are doing.

Seriously, it would take me all day to talk about all these ridiculousness, and it’s precisely what so interesting about Mayoiga. Don’t let the other stuffs like backstories and theme fool you, Mayoiga has no deep meaning and had no attempt to do so. It’s just loud and madness, but at the same time it really feels like you talking to your drunk old friend, where you know all his talks are nonsense but you can’t help but enjoy them anyways.


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Sometimes being a badass isn’t enough.

On the journey towards the Shogun’s stronghold, the Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress hype train finds itself staring down a massive glowing thing while Memui is fracturing between her newfound companions and her past. Memui’s motivations aren’t all that hard to see given her ability in smashing Kabanes into the ground and following the young master’s orders. An old acquaintance, that looks like Snake from Metal Gear Solid, observes that this is only her redeeming value and it does much to blunt the progress she made in connecting with the people aboard the Hayajiro. There was this picture in my mind that Memui’s master had a super awesome plan to save humanity but the scene where Memui’s friend is executed makes it seem that he isn’t all the benevolent to begin with. References to weapons being stored up for human targets by the Shogun authority will no doubt pay off later down the storyline but more pressing issues are at hand like the Black Smoke and removing the obstacle off the track.

The action doesn’t disappoint with Memui’s assault on the boiler room that mirrors her fight in episode two with a few additions like using a cloud of suicide bags as an offencive tool. Even the music is the same but with the lyrics taken out lending itself to being a foreshadow of the limits of her personal fighting power. It’s just too bad that the sheer volume of enemies proves to be too much for Memui’s as cool as that entire action sequence was. I prefer her when she was just cheerfully murdering Kabane with a carefree demeanor as opposed to recklessly fighting out of a sense of pride and desire to be a useful tool.     .


What exactly is that massive Titan-Kabane that everyone refers to as the “Black Smoke”? It is simply a bunch of individual Kabanes glued together to form a megazord or is this an entirely new creature that is the physical manifestation of Kabane virus? The close-up view reveals all the Kabanes being mashed together but the eerie sludge-like movement and glowing eyes say otherwise. Those new upgrades to the firepower to the steam rifles and Katanas better come in handy because this “Black Smoke” Kabane doesn’t like a pushover at all.


I showed my friends, who have seen Attack on Titan but were not following current airing anime, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and were instantly hooked. It then turned in a marathon session where we caught up to the current episodes and they told it was already better than its predecessor because of its pacing, music, characters, setting and the maddening wait for the next episode. I would be inclined to agree as it ends with the Hayajiro standing alone against a zombie-titan while the Kabaneri duo are off doing their own thing.


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This week Bungou Stray Dogs spends its time to focus on another side character, this time it is Kunikida that has a chance to shine. Out of all of our supporting characters, Kunikida is the one that has the most screen time. He appears in every single episode so far, but sadly, he was also one of the most one-note character.  Before this week all we know from him was he’s a very uptight, self-serious person. He obsessed with his book “ordeal” because he believes his future, his plan… are all written down there. He was also very fond of Dazai, despite they having a completely opposing personalities. All these straits are fine on its owns, but they were mostly played for laugh. This week, however, we learn an interesting backstory that shed a new light into his character. He believed he was responsible for the death of five detectives in a bombing known as the Azure Flag Terrorist Incident, so he still takes his time to look over for Taguchi, a hacker genius type and one the detective’s son. This is a nice development for Kunikida and I really hope the show keeps digging into that direction. On side note I actually think the joke on Dazai worked this time, maybe because he is not rambling about any of suicide method, but just gets so high and talks nonsense. But what a whimsical nonsense.

The actual case for this week is uneven at best. The case was set up until the stakes got so high, and then things were resolved rather quickly and quite unconvincing. I still think the set up part is impressive though. We got introduced to the missing case, and then found our way up to the abandoned hospital. The setting itself has a creepy and tense atmosphere, which is a nice touch from the show. We then witness a girl who nearly drowned in a fish tank, and then a bunch of other victims were gassed right in front of them. This was a nice set up with so much tension, unfortunately the other half was very inconsistent. In process of investigating the case, there are only two characters that have a role in the case: one is the female victim Sasaki, and the other is the taxi driver. And guess what, turns out the taxi driver is the kidnapper. This conclusion is jumpy, there are very little clues to actually figuring out the true culprit here. And worse the case turned out to be just a setup for next episode, and the kidnapper turns out to be controlled by the Port Mafia, which all are ridiculous. But at least we then have an amazing fight so I’ll complain no more. Now when I think about that maybe miss Sasaki will have a role in the next episode as well, because why not?

So in the end, in terms of plot development, this episode is a mess. The pacing is never a strong suit of Bungou Stray Dogs and it again shows in this episode. The character development, on the other hand, was on point and I really much hope for the show to follow that direction. Next week we get to the actual bombing case and we might learn who the Azure King is.


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The problems I have with Joker game continue to be an issue as we have another episodic story about how amazing the D-agency spies are. After a overly long minute and a half showing of a train we are shown the plot of today’s episode. Put simply, a D-agent must obtain a newspaper with information encoded in an article from an informant. However the informant is murdered before he can pass on the information. Through some manipulation of some kids on the train, the spy finds out who murdered him and why. Then he knocks them out and…lets them go? Yes, on top of being super amazing spies, our team have a no killing policy which just makes me wretch. Spies are a moral grey area in their job and by effectively making them good guys, you kill part of what makes spies so interesting. I am reminded of the not ninja’s of Naruto or the Bodacious Space Pirates who were pretty much pirate in name only. Of course you can argue that the space pirates acted more like genuine real life pirates but that is the aspect that people love about them. Remove the aspect that makes the occupation interesting and you remove the very purpose of the occupation. If Joker Games spies are always going to be morally in the right then it’s not just uncharacteristic of spies but boring in general.  But back to the episode and I tried to look at this from another standpoint. At the moment looking for depth is a fool’s errand and whatever suspension of disbelief gets shattered once the show pulls something utterly ridiculous. (Where in the hell was he keeping that carrier pigeon?) So I am attempting to find a mindset with which I can enjoy this series more. Much like say adopting a mindless approach as I do with High school of the dead, where I just switch off my critic processes and enjoy the chaos. I find it difficult to do this here however as their looks to be clear intent for the show to be taken seriously. I try to treat it like a James bond film but it lacks the camp and charisma. I try to treat it as a thriller but I am thrown off by the jumps in logic within the writing. I try to look at it like a action movie but there is far too little action and no real threat. Truly, who is this for?

I do like how in this tale the spy made use of the children while making it out to be a simple game. The way he hid his true intent and gave them an incentive to play along was pretty clever and even how he managed to get them away by getting them to spill a glass to attract the attention of their mother. However once we encounter the murderers plot things get weaker as the spy somehow manages to lay down the entirety of the enemies plan with little to no evidence. Based on what was shown in the episode, there is no possible way he could have come to these conclusions. One of the most important aspects, that the informant was traveling with a woman, was completely omitted from the viewer. Why is it that even when things don’t go as planned, they still go exactly as you planned? The level of assumption in his conclusions is ridiculous and there’s no way he can declare this with so much certainly like he read the script beforehand. If I was to get interested in this story then at least make it feel as though some risk is involved. When our spy finds the informant dead his only reaction is akin “Oh well, guess it’s time for secondary plan 47”. When the character themselves displays no real worry over the situation then how is it that the audience is supposed to instead? It would be far more interesting if the murder caught him off guard and he was nervous while sitting trying think things out. That would show that he’s human. But he’s just sitting there, cool as a cucumber while everything just works out in his favor. That’s just not engaging entertainment and kills any reliability these spies have. Despite my griping I must reiterate that Joker game isn’t bad by any means, nor is it good. It’s passable but frustrating when you consider that the story could be so much more. I am hoping that the after credits sequence is an indicator of this episodic format getting replaced with a more interesting ongoing plot but it looks like it will be a while before that happens.


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I swear, this show makes me want to jump into the manga and read ahead because I simply can’t handle the week long wait between episodes. Today the culprit behind Subaru’s death is revealed to be none other than Rem. Now I know what you are thinking. Which one is Rem? I don’t blame you on that as I too get mixed up on which is which and this is further confused by the similar nature of R and L in Japanese. Basically you can call them Rem and Ram or Lem and Lam as both are technically correct. For these reviews I will be going with the R version and I have a means to remember it. Simply recall this sentence. “Rem is not red.” So this reveal is pretty surprising as I was hedging my bets on Ram(Pink hair) being the mysterious killer and yet out of the woods comes Rem(Blue hair) swinging a flail like Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill. So it seems that Ram truly is good for nothing as Rem is the cook, cleaner and assassin all rolled into one. Though her level of proficiency makes me think her skill is otherworldly. There is definitely is something off about these sisters. Considering Rams reaction to Subaru telling the tale of the red and blue oni, I believe this story hits a bit too close to home for them. Maybe Roswell is a demon and Rem made a deal with him in order to save Rams life? Either way these two seem related to demons and I am willing to bet they are some kind of demon or variant. One thing I noticed which is odd is something that happens when Subaru declares his reward at the dinner table. The first time he did it, Ram sneezed. The second time, she hiccuped. And the third she yawned. It could simply be a joke on the animators part or it could suggest that Ram remembers the previous time loops. When Subaru attempted to retrace his steps in the last run, Ram was the one who set him off track and made him do different things. There is also the fact that in this run Rem avoided him while Ram got closer to him. She could be a future allie in this regard or maybe this is all just done subconsciously.

Subaru’s killer came after him much faster this time around as he was acting a lot more suspicious in this run. He woke up screaming, scaring the hell out of Rem and Ram. He asked to be a houseguest instead of a worker and spent his time sneaking around the mansion and trying to talk to Rem and Ram. Even Roswell seemed a lot more wary of him and it’s likely that hush money he gave him was simply a means to keep Emilia happy thinking that he was going to let him go away without incident. Once Subaru is away from the mansion we see some cracks in his facade as he tries to remind himself of his conviction. There was an odd scene in the beginning which had Subaru walking with a spinning Beatrix. The thing that was meant to be conveyed here was that Subaru was walking around Beatrix. But Beatrix was spinning far faster than Subaru’s walking speed which gave a weird jarring feeling like Beatrix was just spinning randomly in place. Either way Subaru has taken to visiting Beatrix as a coping mechanism and help get rid of his fear. Beatrix happened to mention something quite interesting to Subaru as well when asked about magic that can kill someone in their sleep. She names out two potential causes, on is a shaman’s curse from the north and another is to drain the mana out of someone. What makes this particularly interesting is that she specifically details that the only ones capable of this feat are her and Puck. Puck killing Subaru for getting close to Emilia is a interesting idea and not too farfetched. Though their is a big hole in this theory and that is that Puck can be only active during the day and Subaru was killed during the night. He seems to be getting closer to Beatrix but it does prove to be a dilemma as while Subaru becomes more familiar with them, they still see it as a first impression which causes them to get put off by him. Some like Emilia take it in stride but it clear that the fact that no one can remember those moments he spent with them is taking it’s toll on Subaru. There is one more thing that I believe is very important in this episode and it came up while Subaru was telling the fairytale to Ram. He mentioned a dragon that made a contract with the royal family but more importantly he mentioned a fairytale about “The Jealous Witch.” This is the second time this witch has been brought up as the first name Emilia gave to Subaru was Satella. When he called her that after a repeat she got angry at him for calling her by the name of the jealous witch. I have a feeling this witch may be very connected to Subaru’s “Return by Death” power.


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Off to the woods we go and with it we have our characters get along better. Tenga looks to be playing full wingman for Chidori and attempts to get her and Agata closer together but Chidori’s own reservations are getting in her way. Tenga and Chidori seem oblivious to the fact that feelings are blossoming between the two of them and I hope they wise up to it soon as I find Chidori’s situation to be far too predictable. As Yuta put it, he’s too “heavy” and emotionally charged for someone like Agata who is more relaxed. Tenga is a better match because he’s as emotional as she is while being able to interact with her well. Her feelings for Agata are more or less shown to be the remnants of a crush as she did say that she was in love with the person he used to be. Not the person he currently is. Plus this is a love which is by very nature doomed. Chidori, you are his childhood friend, and the childhood friend in anime rarely wins the main characters heart. Even if they happen to be the best girl. When looking at it from that front all these scenes teasing this relationship just feel like empty promises as I would be very surprised if those two ended up together. I would very much like this aspect of the show to disappear as soon as possible as it’s bringing in Okada’s bad habit as seen at the end of the episode. As Chidori offloads her feelings like a death metal vocalist shouting into a microphone I can’t help but see the various examples just like this in her previous work. I remember plenty of shouting matches in the likes of Sakuranbo and Anohana, those of which never fail to sound unnatural and be forced drama. I am going to articulate my feelings perfectly into a impulsive emotional rage! There are quieter way to resolve conflict, ways that don’t require a character to shout a prepared monologue like an idiot.

On a smaller note Niko looks to be living up to her title of being envy as when Tenga lavished attention on Chidori, Niko was looking to be quite jealous. This likely isn’t due to any feelings for Tenga but rather her desire to be the center of attention. Maki on the other hand looks to be up to strange antics as she heavily comes on to Yuta. This is pretty amusing as Yuta previously mentioned that Chidori was too “Heavy” for guys to like yet the girl he is most interested in has much more severe emotional baggage. This is purely speculation on my part but I believe Maki’s sudden advance on Yuta is a product of that phone call. It sounds to me that Maki is being pressured into compensated dating and due to her guilt relating to the person she “Killed”. She seeks to punish herself but is reluctant due to being a virgin. Thus she attempts to seduce Yuta whom she mistakes for someone experienced in such matters. Much to her surprise, Yuta isn’t keen on the idea of simply jumping into bed with her and would prefer something more genuine. As she pushes further she even gets him to reveal that, despite having girls fawning over him, he is still a virgin. Unlike the drama of Agata’s little love triangle, I find this relationship much more engaging as Yuta and Maki’s interactions are much more mature than the rest of the cast.

The interactions between the cast remain fun and we have a usually bout of trigger madness as they are all chased by the strange mascot characters in a odd test of courage. We learn a few things in the process of this. One is that the school counselor and the teacher are both part of the Kiznaiver project. Two that the teachers faction looks to be aiming for a different agenda in the project. And three that the Kiznaivers share more than physical pain as Chidori’s pain of heartbreak and over Agata getting bullied is transferred over to all the others. Considering this upgrade it’s possible that other emotions will get transferred as their bond grows and perhaps the goal of the project is to achieve a level of hive mind between certain individuals. So far Kiznaiver has been a fun show but it is lacking something to push it into great status. I believe some idea of direction is needed in order to get an idea of what this show is going towards. Right now I am clueless on just what is coming next which makes it difficult to get excited for.


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Flying witch pulled another consistent episode this week, albeit not as stand out as the one last week. I have to say, for a slice-of-life show, Flying witch has a very neat timeline, everything happened in sequence. Last week we had Akame coming over for the Cherry Blossom festival, and she staying till this week, although all she does was lying down all day. This week we follow our Chito-san (the black cat) twice, first through Chinatsu spying on her, and second time when the cat leads the way for Makoto. The repetition between the two parts comes off as a low point from the always-consistent-show here. You see, for a show that relies heavily on small moments, atmosphere and slow building, the repetition is its worst crime. It feels drag out but thankfully, those were just small parts in the episode. For the first part, Chinatsu senses that Chito the cat is up to something, so she decides to follow her. Meanwhile, Makoto goes through all the old boxes she left when she stayed long time ago. Chito obviously is the star of the show. I like the way Chinatsu keeps sneaking and speculating Chito’s actions, but mostly what the cat does is just what normal cats do. From teasing the dog, climbing the trees, investigating the hole where the kids buried the box, or catching the butterflies. All of these are your typical cat’s activities and the show pretty much portrays these actions fittingly.

The best parts of this episode are the scene revolves around the old woman. She appears in each part and each time we learn more about her. This is the kind of observation that Flying witch is always excels at. Her interactions are charming and her manner and gestures speak a lot to her personality. On the first part when she met Chinatsu for example, she inspires Chinatsu for the lucky cherry blossom pedal, in the second part though, we learn that she had a close friend who was a witch, and that she tried too many magic luck charms to know which one was effective (maybe all of them are). There is a parallel between that old woman and Nao in that aspect, both of them are normal people having witch as a friend. The old woman was so fond with her witch friend, so does Nao. This is a lazy Sunday afternoon watch (indeed some of the cast does this week are sleeping) and I think Flying witch and Kabenari would be a perfect combo to watch back to back.



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  • K-Off
    (Monday, May 30. 2016 08:46 AM)
    How pissed off will I be when I purchase Mirage Sessions and it turns out to relegate the gamepad screen to some map like so many other WiiU titles. It already seems like it’s incompatible with offscreen play, so that’s not a good sign.
  • K-Off
    (Monday, May 30. 2016 08:35 AM)
    Looking at my bill to fix my WiiU gamepad, total comes out to $150 at a local game shop…This is why having an overly high-tech glorified remote controller with a thousand things that can break is such a shit idea.
  • K-Off
    (Monday, May 30. 2016 08:26 AM)
    @Spike Good point, wordpress already has good plugins like wp-recaptcha that I’m pretty familiar with and it does seem to work well. In the past I’ve had to deal with spambots that could retrieve emails from sites and it took a while to figure out how to tinker with javascript to get that shit sorted out over the course of a month. With this site I’m just a writer hence I cannot install entirely new plugins, hence I was looking for alternatives on my end.
  • Spike
    (Monday, May 30. 2016 07:31 AM)
    Most decent Spambots have IP and MAC address spoofing, you will never be able to ban them effectively. Board needs a string re-CAPTCHA to prevent bots posting all together.
  • K-Off
    (Monday, May 30. 2016 07:04 AM)
    @Aidan Can you somehow give me the ability to ban devices, apart from IP addresses? I get a message every few hours telling me I’ve got a message from that fucking spambot in the Primerose review, whose IP address changes with each new comment and every time I ban one.
  • SuperMario
    (Sunday, May 29. 2016 10:38 PM)
    @Bam: I just glanced over the lightning in a Bottle 2016 and it’s quite impressive. Grimes, Chet Faker, Hundred Waters, Jamie xx? Yay. Yoga & meditation class? Count me in!!
  • AidanAK47
    (Sunday, May 29. 2016 09:40 PM)
    @afgm, positive. DS2 relies too much on mobbing your character and the bosses are terribly unimaginative. DS3 has faster combat that DS1 but I still think DS1 one bosses are better and DS3 had less interesting level design than DS1. Plus DS3 also focuses a bit too much on Mobbing and referencing DS1 instead of making it’s own lore.
  • afgm
    (Sunday, May 29. 2016 07:49 PM)
    @Aidan are you sure you aren’t looking back on DS1 with rose-tinted glasses?
  • Wicked
    (Sunday, May 29. 2016 05:39 PM)
    Other wise I’d have recommended Life and Limit by Keiko Suenobu or maybe something like Mars. Although I don’t think Mars ages very well
  • Wicked
    (Sunday, May 29. 2016 05:33 PM)
    @kaiser Shoujo don’t tend to be as twilight zone-y as Partner, plus it’s only 3 volumes. There are shoujo that deals with heavy subject matters like bullying or forbidden love, but i don’t know if that’s what the person is asking for

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