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Here comes one of the most under-appreciated anime of this Spring season. ID-0 has many hassles that keeps viewers away from watching it: Netflix exclusive, full CG animation and a plot that just plain weird and a bit incomprehensive at first view. I originally took it as nothing more than fun spooky little-seen show until I realized that ID-0 is a well-crafted one. Both in terms of productions, worldbuilding storytelling or characters’ development, they’re all above par. ID-0 also succeeds on introducing their main concepts that not only plausible on the surface, it hints on deeper implications regarding those concepts and the show handles those issues competently. The discovery of the Orichalt – the red crystalline mineral that floating in space – has allowed humanity to travel through space and live outside other planets. In order to look out for more Orichalt, human creates “I-Machines”, the giant robot that is functioned by transferring human consciousness into robot’s operating systems – a robot body with human mind. It’s important to remember those two details since the show explores its theme from there.

The first implication from the show’s concept, which perfectly aligned with the lead Ido’s main character arc – is how much of this I-Machines version independent from its host? Are they the same identity with the host body, or are they their own selves? Normally, it shouldn’t be a problem since human uses I-Machines as a means to perform work in harsh environments. Loose the I-Machines and they will trance their mind back to their original body. No big deal. The Escavate team, a team of Orichalt-pirate, contain many exceptions to that rules. They lost their physical body forms due to different circumstances, thus the I-Machine bodies are their owns now, called Evertrancers. Ido has no recollection of his past, and his ID was erased (hence ID-0). Throughout the series, it’s his personal journey of finding out who he was, and whether or not he’s still Ido the Excavator or the embodiment of his past real self. Another member of the group, Rick – another Evertrancer, adds some more layers regarding this “self-existent” theme as well. His current soul is a copied version of his original consciousness, meaning he has no “real” body and no “real” soul, he’s Rick yet he isn’t Rick. He carries the same personal traits as the original Rick, has the same memory but he’s ultimately his own individual now. Their current I-Machine versions are who they are now, with the consciousness that run totally independent from their former host.

And I just barely touched the ice-tip of ID-0 themes, so let’s dig in further. Now looking back, I really love the concept that Orichalt is already something irreplaceable and invaluable for the humanity from Day 1. Everyone keeps talking about it, all their activities aim to get more of those Orichalt to begin with. It just shows how humanity has taken Orichalt for granted, so that when the Rajeev (the wandering planets) appear, we can sense the high stake of the situation. I also enjoy the philosophy behind this Rajeev. Just like how Joker was inspired to challenge the very concept that Batman has built, for everything that too good to be true for our human race, there will be some sort of drawback, a kryptonite that attack directly to the advancement that we gained. These wandering planets’ main purpose is to consume Orichalt, and they have developed their own intelligence on top of that – a worthy enemy to destroy the human kind. Although the solution come a bit far-fetch as best: teaching them the love of humanity so that they can learn about humanity and leave us alone (Yes, you heard it right), I still firmly believe this is a well thought-out main conflict for this series.

ID-0 also suggests a far darker implication to this Mind-Trance system, albeit a bit under-developed as they don’t have time to progress that angle. It’s the “immortality” theme. A secret organization, using the techniques as a mean to transport their mind to their younger clone to archive living immortally. For me, this actually sounds very intriguing because it’s entirely possible. If there is a second season of ID-0 I would love if the show goes darker and focus on these themes like this. Seriously, there is many interesting variables to the concept that I really want to explore more. All of that jut to highlight how well-crafted the world settings are. Well done, ID-0.

Now, I realize that I have delved too much on its themes without giving you an actual critique, so I will do just that below. ID-0 is a prime example of having a great pacing. The story almost never drags, while still allowing many of space for the characters to breathe and all the developments progress quite naturally. In other words, top-notch. The cast’s overall chemistry is another highlight for me. They have easy chemistry and they bounce off each other extremely well. It helps that each of them has their own voices so when the show putting them altogether, their diverse voices are more than enough to shine through. They’re not the deepest bunch by any mean but nearly all of them have enough development to work with. I’m a bit sad that Maya isn’t given enough spotlight in the end (this is, after all, Ido’s story), she serves more as our lenses to that brand-new world more than a flesh-out or deep character, but I am fine with that. In other spectrum, the main antagonist of the show, Adams, unfortunately is one of the worst character that brings the show down a note. Apart from his obvious inferior-complex to Kane and his eight-grade symptom of the world has to revolve around him, he has no real personality to speak of and he terribly overacts all the time that it’s hard to take him seriously. The sequence where Adams reveals Ido’s past is a kind of convenient and way to-your-face approach that personally turned me off, but other than that obvious misstep ID-0 manages to maintain its beat thoroughly.

The CG animation does feel stiffs at times and it takes some time to familiar with the animation, due to its mecha robots that floating in air- premise, but this is one of the few series that not only the CG animation is done right, it has its purpose; as robots and space, and spaceships are all components that CG can be used the most effective. In addition, the character designs are attractive, characters look their ages and even the I-Machines versions have so much personality for each member of the team. Sanzigen continues to be a studio that has its firm grasp on making convincing CG anime so thumb ups for the studio for this amazing anime. This is a solid anime offering, a firm 8/10 rating for me. Definitely the best show that no one watch this season. Now, I just hope that Netflix knows what to do with this little gem.

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With this finale, we come to a happy ending of ID-0 and overall this was a satisfying conclusion. When the character Jennifer was brought up from the flashback, I wondered myself if she going to reappear, seeing that both Kane and Addams are here now. Turn out she was our Alice all along as she herself transported her mind to the Orichalt and now that she regains most of her memories, she determines to find Alice again. Thus come to the quest of both saving the humanity, and looking for Alice and it just so happens that Alice’s consciousness is nearby due to the large chunk of Orichalt and Rajeev around. See the plot convenience there? But that’s the one I’m happy to look pass as it gives our group one last time to work together as a team. I like the way the show portraits the concept of the space within the Orichalt – it’s just like we are delving into the world of consciousness when we eventually lost a sense of self and wandering around like a lost soul. Although the final solution to resolve this man-eating wandering planet crisis is to teach them the POWER of LOVE from human aka the most cheesy way ever imagined, I’m quite happy with the final outcomes.

For our main group, this final episode gives a deserving spotlight to Grayman and his daughter Claire, the one who was underdeveloped the most out of the cast. Her speech in favor for the pain and the loss her father had experienced is wonderful, and Amanza acts a bit out of character is very nice to see. One of the most impressive decision of this episode, howerver, is the interesting choice of music when the band charged through the Orichalt – It’s so out of place that somehow enhance the excitement and the thrilling of that scene. Seeing all of them charge through for the same goal reminds me greatly about one of the strongest element in ID-0: the great characters’ chemistry. The ending might seem a bit too fairytale with the criminal group all come clean due to saving the humanity, but it did tie the plot neatly and it was so entertaining that I have no complain whatsoever. Lastly, the show nails it with its after-credit stills about the whereabout of our cast: Maya and Karla are the ones who left the misfit band, join and contribute to the society. The ones who don’t have physical bodies of course stay on board, and most amusingly, Amanza left the army the join the team, and I have a good laugh at Fa-loser finally “reconciles” with Rick in a very drunken and moody English ED song.

As a final impression, to be honest I didn’t expect much from ID-0 so I’m genuinely surprised week after week how much it kept surpassing my expectation. I originally took it as a goofy fun show, but it turns out to be an understatement, ID-0 is a legit solid and entertaining show. Furthermore, ID-0 serves as another good example of how to use full CG right in anime and the animation is consistent from beginning through end. So bravos to Sanzigen and their great efforts. As far as I know, there is no official announcement when Netflix will release this piece, and until then I guess this one will fly under the radar for most anime watchers out there. Guys, whatever you do, give ID-0 a chance because it certainly deserves more acknowledgement – at least I know those who had watched this show till the end all found it rewarding.

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I must say, despite my current worry from the direction ID-0 is heading towards the climax, we have another solid episode in our hands. Here’s one of the thing ID-0 continues to prove itself to be quite adept of: their pacing never drags. All the events progress gradually, and there aren’t many unnecessary scenes, if at all. Adam’s masterplan still rubs me in a wrong way (which I will detail below), but I guess that is an issue I have to live with for now. The concept of Rajeev planets, when we really get into it, is rather an intriguing one. Nothing is free. For every gold mine that human get their hands into, there will be some sorts of toxic, something nasty that is born as the result of excessively abused the source because we human break the harmony provided by Mother nature. In this case, the wandering planets are born to absorb the Onichalt. They’re dangerous because they have evolved to the point of achieving new intelligence, adapting freely to the new environment. They’re dangerous also because the human race has become too dependable to the Orichalt. Hey cannot live without it. This might sound like the usual conflict of most of sci-fi fictions out there but here ID-0 succeed because we learn about the irreplaceable roles of Onichalt in first few episodes before this Rajeev bastards start to run wild and threaten to destroy the humanity. As far as solid settings go this is as solid as an Orichalt rock.

In the first half, we back to the dynamic of the group, and serve as a necessary breather before the all-out attack in the second half. Almost everyone (including Fa-Losers) has some solid moments, except for Captain Grayman as he acts out of character. I’m not sure if his reactions are meant to show us how he deeply cares for Ido like his own family, but the switch between “who is that Alice again, why we care” and “I know you need our support Ido, let’s save Alice” moments later is just too jarring for me. Ido and Maya together have an excellent moment, as Ido, in his badly injured body, still insists to mind-trance back to his I-Machine form (at a cost of his body) because for him now that form is the true him.

Thanks god that Adam’s plan of using Alice is just to gather information from her to create his own Orillian. Well, when he kidnapped that poor girl last week I expected much worse. Though imagine he shoots his own “sperms” to the “ovaries” of the planet to save the humanity give a big smile to my face, as silly as it sounds. Like Ido said, Adam’s over-confident, drunken with power that he doesn’t realize the plan has backfired on him. Now to my qualms, I’m gladly to overlook how he conveniently learn all the necessary information and creates his own Orillian versions OFF-SCREEN in that little time, but why he sees the need to shoot himself in the head? I know, he’s MAD but that doesn’t justify how he can mind-trance back to his I-Machine body. He’d need the mask, right? One of the more interesting villain is an old man Hakubi, the one who often talked to Masked Man about various conspiracy plans. This episode reveals his real purpose is to achieve immortal. He has been in some sort of secret organization that tranced back to their clone young bodies to live forever, and they wish to achieve true immortality by becoming Orillians. These guys are much more sinister and dangerous than little Adams who just want some attention, but whether or not these guys die or whatever they plan after the explosion is still up in the air. I would love to see them come back though I find them rather interesting.

Finally, Alice starts talking. What is it that trigger her then? One thing I know for sure is that when that little girl starts talking, the humanity is at its stake.

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Oh no, ID-0. Out of all the possibilities you could’ve picked for the climax, you chose the worst possible one. Ido’s past self, Dr. Kane Arisugawa turns out to be an evil scientist, using human as a sacrifice for his own research’s advancement. If this already sounds well-worn, it’s getting worse from there. The first half of the episode is basically an info-dump where the main antagonist literally throws info-dumps screen served as Arisugawa’s memories without shame. Everything makes sense now, in fact it makes too much sense that it leaves out all the ambiguity it had built up to. Adams Forte blah blah blah, our new antagonist, comes from nowhere to become the worst villain, scratch that, the worst character I’ve encountered this year, not a small feat for a character who only appeared in one episode. It’s worrying signs, really, as the climax now seems to be our group tries to regress this Adams dude from his incompetent plan, as the same time saving the humanity just like Maya loved to do. And I don’t care one iota for either one of those. Such a waste since this one had its feet firmly on the ground for two third of the way just to be swept over by this misfired last arc.

The cliffhanger from last week revealed that Ido is Dr. Kane Arisugawa, and this episode goes an extra length detailing us his backstory. Kane, one of the most genius mind of his time, working together with his colleagues Adams and Jennifer. Jennifer had a daughter, Alice, who was disabled so she wanted to Trance Mind Alice to an I-Machine (she would be the first one, if I understand it correctly, to transfer the mind into an I-Machine). Kane had a better idea though, he transferred her mind into the Orichalt and thus she became humanoid Orichalt, an Orillian. The result upset Jennifer and shocked Adams, so in a state of “saving humanity” he eliminated Kane by putting him into the exile ship and wiped out his memory. Now, although I would prefer ID-0 goes different direction than this (well, it’s not bad, I’s just ordinary), the notion that Kane, Ido real self, was ruthless and heartless creates a nice contrast of how much Ido has grown to become his own person. Throughout the course of this episode, even after he regains his full memory, he assured many times that he isn’t Kane but Ido the Excavator, because now he values the friendship of he has with his comrades, Alice and people around him.

This week also reveals that the person behind all this was Adams, one of Kane’s self-proclaimed best friend. Turn out that the very reason he wiped out Kane’s memory, putting him an exile ship and took over his friend’s identity is a mixture of inferior-complex and saving-the-world mentality bullshit. They are superficial at best and most of the time contradicts each other, making his reasons behind every action sound utterly pretentious and inconsistent. For example, his reaction towards meeting Ido is a bit of childish proud that he became someone important now, a bit of wanting recognition from the person he used to look up to, and a bit of self-satisfied that Kane himself deserved the sentence he did to him. All of this still don’t justify why he wanted to kill him NOW, not THEN. He said that he didn’t kill Kane back then because he still regarded him as friend, then why shoot him in the back at the end? He doesn’t have anything of his own personality to begin with, so it’s hard to identify with all his complex. ID-0 tries so hard to paint him as an opposition to Ido that all his actions are unbearable, and plainly annoying over the times. It doesn’t help that he overacts all the time, even in his I-Machine robot version which was supposed to hide your facial expression.

Not all about this episode is going in the wrong direction though. When the show focuses back on the main cast and their chemistry together, they shine through. Karla has a chance to return to her long-lost body, and the moments when she finally tranced back to her body, the fact that she’s overwhelming both because she’s finally back to her body, and because she still isn’t used to the body, is unflinchingly raw and honest. She then decides to shield herself protecting Maya and Alice as a payback for her betrayal – it’s another emotionally satisfied moment. In fact, I hope the show focuses more about them working together in this last arc because if so they can still provide an entertaining and worthy showdown. Otherwise, the longer Adams stays around and affects the plot the closer ID-0 train is going to wreck. I hear a ticking clock now.

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ID-0 pulled off another excellent episode. With this episode, we’re clear to one of the most central question of ID-0: who exactly is Ido, but the reveal opens up many more fascinating questions, which is totally welcomed. The show still maintains its firm grasp on its main cast’s development, as this episode has a fair share of great moments from many characters, especially Karla and Rick. Even more impressively, those characters’ development tied up very well with the reveal of Ido’s true identity, together they form an overarching theme on existence and comradeship. This show is on its way to become my favorite thing this season now.

Let’s start with Karla, as she receives quite a key development this episode. Last week it is disclosed that the Federation has a hold of her real body, and the first flashback reveals the reason she lost her body and became an Evertrancer. I totally understand the struggle (and a bit of feeling of shame) she has between choosing to take her body back and betraying the trust from her own friends. She has her hesitation, but when the decision is clear, there is no holding her back. She makes the pathway to MT Industries facility clear, almost too clear, for Ido to fall right into the trap. It’s a solid dilemma for Karla. I have no doubt she will come back with the group after this betrayal, but I guess the price she has to pay is given up her own body.

Which come to my next point. The pep talks between Rick and Amanza further inform us about the true nature of Rick’s form, and it’s a knock out. His current “form” turn out to be a copied version of his original consciousness, meaning he has no real body, he has no real soul (something akin to “the second copy of the second will”). Then what makes him now? He’s Rick, yet he is no longer Rick. The answer is relatively simple, he become his own person. Suddenly, the carefree womanizer Rick has given a much deeper characterization. ID-0’s main theme starts to emerge: existence. Are chasing after their long lost memories like Ido, or getting their physical body like Karla, still relevant anymore? Will it change anything? Their current I-Machine versions are who they are now, with the consciousness that run totally independent from their former host.

One of the big bomb has dropped, and to the surprise of no one, Ido is revealed to be Dr. Kane Arisugawa. Now, another concept is brought up: while the Evertrancers are the representative of the consciousness without the physical body, what the real Kane Arisugawa currently doing is creating clones from his body. This reveal of course leads to many more points, what exactly happened with Ido? Who is Alice (I’m still guessing she’s his daughter) and how they going to explore the concept of “too many physical bodies (clones) vs. no physical body” showdown. The next episode is going to be bombastic, I assure you.

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ID-0 has another solid episode this week. Seriously, this show just keeps exceeding my (humble) expectation each passing week. This week our team tastes the first win towards the Federation, but in fact it feels more like they take one step forward but three steps back. After making such a huge splash last week, the group decides to do what sensible group oughta do: staying real low, cutting all the outside communication for 2 months, all the while trying slowly to reach the internet Miguel Net. When they finally get connected to the Net again, there isn’t any report regarding their encounter with the wandering planet, or the destroyed Observer, indicate that the federation indeed controls the public information flows.

ID-0 actually answered one of myquestion last week, as the wandering planet indeed followed Alice first because she still has some Orichalt glowing, but as soon as the Observer prepared for a Miguel Jump (which required huge chunk of Orichalt), it crushed down the Observer’s ship instead. Thus in order to get their hands on the classified information, they need to get it from a data relay satellite. Using Amanza as bait, the team manages to storm a Satellite and Karla has a chance to use her expertly info hacking skills. The only problem is it was almost too easy. She successfully hacks into the main system, but don’t find much useful info except for the name Kane Arisugawa, the developer of Mind Trance system, who isn’t the person they were looking for. Trying to access through the backdoor also mean that they can be traced back by the federation, at the same time Karla has seen face to face with another I-Machine whom informed her about her real body. That’s an offer that hard to refuse of course, but would she take that offer?

Karla has a chance for some development this week, as basically hacking information is/was her specialty. She gives us some more insights about her past as she mentions she was “deceived”, and choosing between her real body and the team would prove to be an solid development for Karla. I also love the briefing sequence in the “old-fashion” classroom where the team discusses to each other to draw out the most effective plan. Each of them has their own perceptions and you can tell that each of them adds up to the balance of the team. Such a dynamic cast I must say. Although this might come as no real surprise to anyone, Amanza using her police reputation to help the team pirating the Satellite (meaning now that she will become wanted just like the rest of the group) still give a warm sensation in my heart. Maya this week either going full-blown optimistic about the idea of saving the world, or the show gives us a bit of hints of her current insecureness. Note that when Amanza mentions if any member of the group has any relative, Maya, the person who most likely have one, remains silent. Lastly, poor Alice getting confined in a room that she has no idea the reason why for freaking 2 months. She just wants to play some balls, guys.

But the biggest reveal this week, beside perhaps the wandering planet starts to destroy habitant colony (that damn planet “eats” the whole moon), is that Kane Arisukawa’s appearance looks exactly like Sam Tailor from the Observer, or the Masked Man last week. One possible theory is that they are the copy version of the original Masked Man one, that explains why the Masked Man remains too young for someone his position, and Sam is explained as a “half-baked” experience. Well, the possibility of Ido and Masked Man as one person still remains high, and I will lean to that assumption until proven otherwise. I like how everything seems to be safe and sound for the team after this Satellite hacking, but it actually feels they’re one step closer to the enemy’s trap right now. If anything this mean that the next few episodes the team will experience something far worse than they’re initially expected. I’m thrilling for some more.

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This week found the three main characters: Ido, Maya and Alice all got “eaten” by that huge annoying rock. Thankfully, being a rock – they themselves call it a wandering planet, or Rajeev retrieved, it can only swallow them whole – not chew – but it effectively cuts down all the communication and oxygen from the outside; as a result Maya, and to greater extend Alice, have to find a way out before running out of oxygen. While in there, they found out about the lost ship who experienced the same fate and managed to restore some data from that ship. Outside, Rick and Amanza are responsible to find a way in by Rick distracting the defense mechanism of the satellite and Amanza attacks on its weak spot (love the chemistry between those two). At long last, it’s Grayman and the rest of the cast had to charge the precious Orichalt (the amount equal to half of their year’s earning) to get through the rock, and later spend the other half to destroy it (of course, giving away all their income is a taboo in this pirate’s job.

Also with this episode, we learn something more about the space “conspiracy” of that world. Ido and Maya conclude that the Police and the Observer from last week know about the dangerous of those wandering planets, but keep their existence in the dark from human because the prospect of going to space is too huge to ignore. Those wandering planets are attracted by the Orichalt (not Alice, huh, a bit confusing here) so they could pose a potentially huge damage if someone possess a huge chunk of Orichalt. At last, we get to see the real face of the masked man and this guy’s surprising young, reinforce the theory that he is the real version of Ido. We do have a bit of a clue with the spilling of someone named Dr Arisugawa, with for me he/she will have vital information regarding Ido’s identity and what is going on.

Again, the main cast’s chemistries become a highlight of this episode. Maya, in particular, shines when she reflected about where she really belongs on the edge of her death. I know this is nothing deep but they hit all the right notes with her development so far. We get to know more about the mateship between Rick and Ido. On the outside, Ido is the “everyone for himself” kind of guy, but he treasures his friends more than that, as more than once he saved Rick’s ass despite the high risk of rescuing him. This is pure speculation at this momonet but I like to think that this trait of Ido might be what make the current version of Ido differs than his previous self. Also the back and forth interactions between Rick and Amanza are a welcoming one, them being the most unlikely duo based on Rick’s relaxed personality and Amanza’s total seriousness, but they give off a nicely chemistry all around. Though I’m not in for their romance, as I don’t think developing a romance at this point is necessary.

ID-0 continues its winning streak this week. Usually for shows this calibre, at this stage after introducing the cast and the settings they tend to go big with facing down the evil corporation. Not so with ID-0, which I am kind of glad. They understand that the dynamic between their cast is one of their greatest strength, so they spend this whole episode revolving around them instead: Trapping the main characters inside the satellite, with the rest of the cast tries rescuing them. At the same time, the show gives us some new info about what is going on and the pacing, in particular, never drags out, something that their previous effort BBK/BRK was struggled with throughout its run. I’m quite happy with the development of ID-0 right now. This little gem is one confident show.

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With this episode we start to learn more about Ido’s true identity but the reveal feel far-fetched at best. I know he’s supposed to be someone special, but “an enemy of mankind”? Seriously? That trope again? So he was a Titan or some kind of disease that destroy the human kind? Oh since he’s in space he might as well be Frieza or Darth Vader for all I care. That cliché aside, this reveal opens more questions of whether his past self was truly evil, or he was anti-hero of some sort. Although based on his current skills and knowledge I can safely say that he was dangerous either way. I find the development will have some potentials as doesn’t matter if Ido’s past self was evil, this current version of him is his own individual. It’s interesting to see the conflicts of multiple selves of sort. Although I must say I don’t prefer this passionate, newfound-hope mode of his (he laughs and then embraces a loli girl – such image gives me a creep). The collected Ido we know previously is always the best.

Continuing from last week, the Orichalt satellite comes in full force and tries to crush down the team. Quite a persistent bunch. Those satellites proved to be very dangerous, as they have their own intelligent and they nearly succeed to damage our team. But then our members are saved from another force by the warping weapons. Now, this is some powerful arms. Imagine you just shoot and send your enemies to the other side of outer space. Save you the trouble of cleaning up the bodies. This episode ID-0 also introduces a new force that run entirely independent from the Military force: the Observer -who presented by the guy named Sam Tailor- overseeing the operations of ins and outs spaceships. They appear to know everything, from Maya’s false accusation to Amanza’s deserter situation and they suggest the entire ship to cooperate with them for a testimony, with the promise of coming clean all the illegal activities the ship has done. Such a nice bait I must say, although that request received mixed reactions from our team. I love how they voice their opinions and the overall reception is so all over the place.

Notice how Amanza doesn’t really have a say in that matter, which echoing later by Tailor that without her social status she would be nothing. Even now when she’s in this group her situation is rather intriguing: not really a Prisoner of War, not exactly an ally. In fact, her reason for escaping this dire situation makes sense: just toss Alice aside and the Police, the Observer and the Satelites will stop bothering them. She becomes the voice of reason for the ship and it makes sense because she thinks about the issues as a soldier. Follow the instruction, not your dream. The group quickly shot her idea down though because they view each other as a member of a family, so when Ido shows some motivation of keeping Alice and tracing down his past, they all agree to do it. Now, she’s still some steps away from being a true member of our group, but how she eventually gets there will be interesting to watch. But please stop doing that standing pose, it’s starting to get on my nerves.

However, as soon as Grayman and his ship decides to turn the offer down, they realize that Alice was kidnaped by Tailor. Didn’t I tell you that the Observer knows everything? Our team thinks they hold a secret triumph card here, but the truth is that it was their plan all along to capture Alice. What’s all the deal with all the crazy attention to this Alice-girl? As soon as Ido faced Tailor, however, that observer recognizes him. Then of course he was crushed down before he had a chance to spill it up. I don’t really like the way Maya behaves in this latter half as it feels more like it was for the plot’s advance but I let it pass for now. Half way through, ID-0 still performs well, and with its overarching act is beginning to form, I am confident that it will get even more awesome later on. You guys, pick it up! ID-0 isn’t the show that scream “Best of the season” but it has its own respectable quality. On final note, the episode came earlier than expected as the fan subs seemed to be picked up sooner. Whoever you are who have been doing the fan-sub for ID-0, you have my gratitude.

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Welcome to another instalment of space opera mechas, this time though the episode leans towards to Alien-inspired thriller as the story unfolds mostly inside the spaceship, but for my money this is the best episode Id-0 has pulled off so far. To even my surprise, this show just keeps getting better and this episode gives more insights about Ido and his (possible) connection to that loli tailed girl Alice (codename: Ore). Its success also has something to do with excluding the scenes involving the masked man and focus on the dynamic between the cast and most of all, give Maya a necessary development as a true protagonist.

Prior to this episode, she serves mainly as our perspective, our “lenses” towards getting accustom to the new cast and the new environment she ends up with. This episode, however, shows us how much she cares for Alice and how she stands up for herself to do what she feels necessary. In particular, she acts even before Grayman’s approval in order to save the girl when the communication was lost and her burst out when seeing Alice outside the space is just goddamn effective. There’s no hurt when the show giving us a lead worth caring for so I hope ID-0 continues to flesh her out even more.

Now to the main plot of this episode, the “Alien invasion” in question is the foggy space dust, itself a satellite that Alice summoned last episode, and now its main mission is to bring her back. The satellite can transform into various forms, from foggy form to hard solid and it proves to be a hard case to crack for the gang. At long last, our band succeeds in luring it out of the spaceship, but it grabs Alice outta space as well. But Alice freakily survives, as she’s encasing herself in an energy barrier and swims towards Ido (remember everyone said she’s special. Yes, she’s THAT special). Her presence again gives Ido some flashbacks of his long-forgotten past. He knew this girl all along and calling her “Alice”. Now who’s exactly is Alice? Who is the real Ido then?

Most people have guessed, and I tend to agree with that hypothesis for now that Ido was the masked man. It makes sense narratively that Ido had to face his past demon to really become his true self, you know, the fight with the enemy both from external and internal forces. About the reason the masked man abandoned him then? I think more along the line with cutting one of your personality to fully commit to power. But of course, all of this are just guessing game for now and I’m sure we will have a clearer picture in ID-0’s later episodes.

This episode does set up nicely what direction ID-0 is heading for the rest of the series. Plot-wise, there will be an ongoing conflict between this Pirate gang and the police authority. There are men who seems like to control the Orichalt for themselves. Then we have Maya growing as a valuable member of the team, and the secrets surrounding Ido and loli-girl Alice. They hold quite a trump card here (Alice), the question now is how they will treat her? As a member of a family or as a captive for negotiation?

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Like I mentioned in my Sakura Quest’s post, I just feel underwhelmed by the recent development of that show, and in truth this little bastard here just keeps growing on me, couple with the fact that ID-0 is hardly covered anywhere else; so I hope that my posts will help the show getting more attention it deserves. I blame Netflix for this unfortunate, as the way I see it, anime shows need to be more accessible instead of exclusively available by certain viewers. The recent development of music industry, for example, has bands release/share their albums for free online in order to gain solid fanbase before aiming to get profits back by live shows or physical CDs. In that same vein, anime shows need to be watched in order to gain worth-of-mouth and increase sells (do you really watch shows that nobody talking about? Like, have even you heard of ID-0 yet?) and I witnessed the restriction hurt the chance of Re:Life last year and now seems to bring Little Witch Academia down that ship and I personally think it’s dumb, dumb idea. But enough about that and let’s talk about ID-0, an original CG show about a bunch of space pirates by Sanzigen, the company responsible for Bubuki/Buranki last year.

Episode 2, 3, 4 focused mainly on the crew members of Escavate Company, a band of misfits that steals Orichalt chunks in space (I don’t even know what they’re worth of, energy, maybe?). Many of its members don’t have their physical form, which mean, their consciousness lies within an I-Machine permanently, most of them due to unfortunate consequences. Ido is a prime example, having lost his physical body, his memory taken away and his ID erased, (his ID is 0 hence the name Ido), he doesn’t know who he was but he’s skilled and ruthless and because he has nothing to lose, he’s determined to go all the way to his death in every mission. The other casts have great, easy interactions to each other, and moreover each of them fit their roles very well. Rick (the red I-Machines) has an outgoing personality but I found at no time he’s annoying. The captain Grayman with his well-built body often in command to protect the crews, but sometimes his childish side still gets through and you always feel the responsibility he has for the safety of his crew.

Maya is our protagonist though, and so far, she’s quite refreshing to watch. Still inexperience outside of her skills, she acts innocently most of the time, but by no mean she’s boring. While in action, she has a quick decision-making that comes more of her nature and never feel too geeky or too forced. I really appreciate that ID-0 never pushes up its fanservice from these girls. Well, they could easily fill up with fanservice scenes but they haven’t gotten around to it, which I’m glad. Episode 4 introduces a new crew member, Amanza. She’s in an interesting position as she’s a policer whose main mission is to catch the Escavate crew, but she got sucked by the Miguel Jump (they jump through dimensions) and thus has to live amongst our crew. Moreover, she fits right in with the rest of cast, making their interactions a joy to watch. I know these fellas aren’t the deepest bunch around but their nuances and their easy chemistry more than made up for that.

About the world building, so far I like the concept of these guys stealing the Orichalt chunks in space and there seems to be an overarching plot of the men in power who aim to steal the Orichalt chunks for whatever reasons, and honestly, for now those scenes revolving the man in mask are a dead weight. They tend to over-analyze the concepts which drag on too much and their intentions are so vague it’s hard to take them seriously. Episode 3 also introduces an abnormality, a loli girl who lives in the Orichalt that seems to have a strange power that affected satellites. Whatever her real power is, getting to know who she really is and what role she has in the big picture will be one of the overarching plot of ID-0. As for the CG part of the show, the action part is mostly done well and I enjoy majority of the animation sequences. Sometimes we can see the stiffness in character’s movements but because they’re robots, it’s rather appropriate, right? The character’s designs are attractive so visually, really I have no complain so far. It might take sometimes to get used to the visual but it’s a treat once you are up to it.

I know most of you readers don’t watch this show (either because of streaming rights or the CG or you just don’t aware about this show), but that is one of the reason why I really want to cover this show: to get more people know about this show. I have a blast time watching it so far, so I hope you guys give this show a chance. It deserves much more attention.

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