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Okay, some anime show a few scenes before the opening theme rolls in, in order to warm the viewer up a bit and make him or her curious. Ueki does this as well. Most of the times, it’s just a summary of the previous episode, which can be tedious when you want to avoid spoilers and click on a few wrong buttons. Anyway, this episode, instead they show some new scenes…

That was the best EVER! They made me so curious about the episode, before it even started! First we see that Mori has some kind of horrible condition she has to face (I knew it!). We still don’t get told what it is though. The Law of Ueki really is a master in these kinds of tricks: give a few hints but save the clue for a few episodes afterwards. Anyway, then the first match will be Rinko against a guy named Ban Dicoot. I should have suspected something at this point, but didn’t. The result was that the next scene almost threw me on the ground laughing, when the entire mystery about this guy shifted from one pole to the other. Not only that, but then they show one beautiful picture about what will happen in the episode, featuring Rinko being heavily beaten up. That made me so enthusiastic about the rest of the episode, and the OP hadn’t even started yet.

Anyway, about the episode, I’m officially a Rinko-Fan right now. Firstly, her fight was probably the best combination of comedy and seriousness ever. It so had me cracked up at moments, while mere seconds later I was clinging to the creen and wondering whether whe would make it or not. The fight really ended in an anticlimactic way, but that doesn’t say that I didn’t love Rinko at that point. This really shows that you really don’t want to get on her opposite side. >:)

This episode was very fast-paced, as we get to see the beginning of Sano’s fight as well, which will be continued in the next episode. This guy really is different from the last one and perfect for someone like Sano, as he likes to use his head in combat as well. Needless to say that I’m really looking forward to the next episode.

Overall, the assumption I made in the previous entries was right. You so can not expect things like these. The final goons of the show all prove to be very interesting, and they’ll probably give a very good introduction to the final episodes. These next episodes will also prove to be awesome, as Team Ueki already won one of the four matches. Therefore, it only needs to win one more (wait… that’s not true, because then the score would be even. I’m predicting that the two parties will both end up with two wins, and that there’ll be some kind of decisive match held, otherwise it’s just too easy to predict the outcomes of the next couple of matches…). Anyway, this does mean that a couple of good guys will have to lose their matches. I doubt that the creators will let this go without something very big. :)

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As expected, we have another intermezzo here before the next matches begin. The main theme of this episode is called “father”. We don’t really see much character development from Ueki’s side this time, but his family gets a healthy dose of it.

The episode starts off with the aftermath of the previous “battle”. Basically, Anon stole Robert’s body to get into heaven unnoticed, as the hellions were forbidden to enter it, which totally makes sense. Afterwards, we learn that Mori still doesn’t know the condition in order to use her power. This can prove to be great for some of the future scenes. If I had to guess, I’d bet my money on either sitting on the ground, being hurt, or speaking slowly. But then again, knowing the nature of the show, the real thing’s got to be something else.

Then we switch to the heavenly audience, and for the first time in what seems about twenty-five episodes, Ueki’s heavenly father comes into the picture again. He looked really ragged down, but that’s logical, as the plan he sacrificed everything he had for failed. But still (I have no idea if my memories are correct, by the way), when he met up with Kobasen, he was happy that Ueki still made it through. Why did he get so depressed afterwards?

Then we get a sudden twist, as Ueki’s suddenly at his earthly home, sitting in his underwear, eating dinner. We learn later that Ueki&co were able to go back home for one night, which they immediately make use of. It’s also been the first time in twenty-five episodes since we saw his earthly father and sister again. Earthly father is weird, earthly sister is cute. Anyway, like any anime-main hero with superpowers, Ueki never told his mom and dad about what was happening. Apparently, the creators thought this as well, so they decided to take “hard” measures to set this straight. The result is quite hilarious. Anyway, afterwards, we get to see the fatherly side of the earthly father, and the group sets off to heaven again.

Back in heaven, the group stumbles upon the heavenly father, who, of course gets invited to stay over in Ueki-style. He first hates Ueki, but after spending one night within his vicinity… well, let’s just say that no one can survive that without being converted. We also get another interesting fact to hear. At least, Ueki does. Everyone else has to wait a couple of episodes before it is revealed.

The next round reminds me of the second Roberto-Jyuu round. Everyone gets randomly assigned one opponent, after which one-on-one-matches will occur. And what kind of trump card will their opponents hold? Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable episode, worthy of an intermezzo. I don’t know why, but the both the heavenly as the earthly father really ‘look’ like fatherly types to me. Especially seeing the heavenly father getting ‘converted’ was just great to see.

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Okay, this was officially the best episode EVER! Mori shines like no other, she gets to fight again, and FINALLY discovers her power. There has never been an episode in which I laughed more and harder than in this one. Partially because of Mori’s very *ahem* “peculiar” power, including the way she hopelessly tried to guess what it was, and the way she finally found it out belongs to the Most-Hilarious-Moments-In-Anime-List. Kami-sama was just awesome again, just as the way the creators thought up to make the other team members not to interfere with Mori’s fight. The cliffhanger in the previous episode was just horribly misleading, but that only adds up to the awesomeness of this episode. Rihou was also just hilarious. It’s a very good thing that even the most serious guy like him can get surprised like that.

I just love the way that these kinds of fights, who begin serious, end up so creative. Each and everyone of the fivesome goes down in the most enjoyable way ever. Thanks to the incredible creativity of the authors.

The second half of the episode went back to the main plot (after all, we’re finally down to the last quarter of the series. Something had to happen). We apparently learn that Anon wants to fight Ueki at his strongest, so he decides to let them skip the weak enemies. Or it could just have been a way for the creators to keep the caption team out of the picture. Anyway, the next couple of episodes will feature the fight against the mysterious masked guys. It wasn’t really surprising when I found out for whom they worked… Anyway, that will be the last team Ueki has to face, after which the main plot will probably kick in. But still. These masked persons, they look so serious. I watched Ueki for too long to not doubt this…

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Okay, no Mori. Still, one heck of an episode.

It starts with the aftermath of the previous fight. We learn that Marilyn has some kind of secret, as well as the fact that even God has trouble controlling his employees.

Then we switch over to Marilyn. And somehow, the battle finishes in this episode. I have to say, when compared ot other “boss”-battles, this was an extremely creative one. I would have expected Ueki to use some kind of strategy to win. But instead of that, we get to see Marilyn’s mental breakdown.

Anyway, in the next episode we get to learn Mori’s power. Yay! Still, I am wondering… why would they have Marilyn’s fight first, before her subordinate gets taken out. Don’t get me wrong, I love this kind of twist. It so much better than the beat-goons-then-boss-concept. But there has to be something else. I don’t know why, but I’m expecting the next episode to be one of the best episodes yet.

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Whoa! This episode really reminded me why I love the law of Ueki. It couldn’t have been done any better. It starts out mediocre, with Ueki and Marilyn fighting, Marilyn bragging and Ueki discovering her power. Then we switch over to Sano, and the fun stuff begins.

To begin with, Sano gets all beat up. This is indeed logical, as he’s been fighting for quite a while now, and he took quite a lot of punches. Then he discovers his level 2, in a very amusing way. It couldn’t have been a better level 2. It offers so many possibilities for strategy. It’s like he said: “I can do a lot of fun stuff with this”. And Sano really demonstrates this to us. I’d have to say that this was the best fight yet. At least in the second half.

Next up will be Mori! Yay! I’d just love to see her fight again!

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This episode was split into two parts. In the first part, Hideyoshi came in the spotlights, along with the total randomness as usual. We get to see a bit character development on his side, as well as some pretty funny scenes. We also get to see Marylin using her power for the first time in the series. Unfortunately, I’ve been spoiled for it, so I already knew what it was. I’m wondering what my reaction would’ve been if I wasn’t. I’m therefore urging everyone talking about spoilers to put some kind of warning up for it. It may be me being allergic to spoilers, but I doubt I’m the only one who’s bothered by this.

Anyway, enough rants for today, the second part featured an announcement which outlined what would be happening in the following couple of episodes, as no one other than God himself gave away a couple of hints to winning the battle. The hints for the Marylin Team had it coming. Afterall, if it didn’t, the tension would so be taken away. As for the Ueki-team, well… let’s just say that God was being very evil. You’ll understand when you see it.

The next episodes will be extremely cool, as we get to see three one-on-one fights. I can hardly wait for them.

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Ooh, how awesome. For a minute I was afraid that they were going to let Ueki have all the fights, but right after his first scene, it became clear that this was going to be a Sano/Mori/Hideyoshi episode. You’ll get what I mean with this if you watch the episode.

Anyway, I loved this. Both teams have really creative plans (and powers too), and each plan is extremely well though-out, without becoming too vague. It was really noticable that everything was used to its full extend.

As Marylin seems to be superpowerful, I guess the creators wanted to wait a bit until showing her in battle. The reason they used to keep her away from it is pretty creative, especially when you take the last episode and Ueki’s "adventures" in account.

Anyway, the next episode probably features Ueki getting back again. I so hope it’s not at the last possible moment. Anyway, I’m extremely curious about the coming roles of Mori and Hideyoshi. If they get to shine in the coming episodes, it’ll certainly be great. :)

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Aha, after a couple of weak episodes, The Law Of Ueki shines again. This time, every criminal goon gets poked fun at (aah delightful :)). We basically have a big strong guy versus Ueki. This big strong guy strongly believes that listening to people is the right thing to do. While that’s a very noble cause, this guy believes in it a little too much. With hilarious results.

Also his powers are another beautiful piece of creativity you hardly see anymore in anime.

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I was so busy with my rant from last time that I completely forgot about the new intro. It actually reveals quite a lot of things that will be coming in the following episodes, including the introduction of a few new interesting-ooking characters (or just old characters with a new haircut). I have no idea though why they included the scene of Marylin collapsing right at the beginning of th eopening… will there be something special about this? Rinko and Mori also begin to look more and more like the ladies-in-distress, who Ueki and the others have to rescue. This is such a pity, because their amazing personalities deserve way more than that. I’m wondering who the crying kid might be. It is a bit hard to see in such greyscales, but nobody in the show has similar eyebrows… Anyway, he or she looks like an interesting character. It also seems like we get to see God fighting in action. That will be interesting to see, I can’t wait for it, but it’ll probably be featured somewhere in the later episodes. I’m just a bit worried about the fact that Ueki is going to have wings… it seems awefully cliché… especially when you see him save a falling Mori…

Anyway, about the episode. Thank god this one was better then last time. I know again why I liked Kobayashi’s charcter so much. He’s just awesome. The new opponents also seem very interesting, especially during their introductions. The last team was a team about artists, this team is a team about soldiers. It works pretty well, and I really liked the way Ueki tricked everyone to buy the others some time. It really shows that the bad guys aren’t perfect as well. It also offers lots of possibilities for the next couple of episodes.

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Ugh… the battles are turning slowly into power-based battles, instead of strategy-based battles. This episode as well. Rihou starts off well, advising Ueki that he shouldn’t abuse his sacred treasures too much. Unfortunately, instead of advising him to use more of his brains, he advices him to use more of his power. What happens afterwards… well… *dies from the countless DBZ-references*

It’s such a shame that such an excellent series loses itself like this. The strength of this series was the huge creativeness in the battles, but somehow the creators thought that more power means a better show.

Please, go back to the brilliance of the first season. T_T

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