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Master of Epic is really recommended for all the MMORPG-fans out there. Basically, it’s just one huge parody of nearly all aspects of a MMORPG. Things like fighting monsters, shops, reviving, clothes, haircuts, quests, dungeons, cooking, weapons and item-collecting are just a small collection of all these things it pokes fun at. Heck, most of the characters have some sort of recycled clone with different hair-colour of themselves running around, in true MMORPG-fashion. Oh, and let’s not forget the sentai-team parodies.

Master of Epic definitely is a unique anime. If you’re looking for a continuous story, then you should stay far away from it, as every episode is a collection of the most random sketches. No overall story is present, even the final episodes don’t introduce some kind of dramatic element for the show to close on. The best you’ll get in terms of a storyline has to be the Waragecha, who return in nearly every episode and do something random. Apart from that, other sketches feature former characters returning, but an overall storyline is nowhere to be found.

I’m probably the only one who thinks so, but I found these sketches, with a few exceptions, very funny. They either made an aspect of MMORPGs look ridiculous, or they were just plain random. Certain sketches also were just plain wrong (imagine a couple of tough guys doing silly dances, or a male orc-like creature dressing like a female), while others were too cute at times. My personal favourites were the sketches which featured Bukotsu and Chuu. The first episode already starts them off with Chuu eating a live bat.

In terms of animation… well, Master of Epic was produced by Gonzo. With Gonzo-anime, the animation either is incredibly good, or incredibly bad, and this is the same with Master of Epic. Some episodes have some great animation, while others look horrible. (Small note: especially the earlier episodes feature bad animation, while the latter showcase the better animation, unlike most other anime which feature beautiful animation for their first few episodes, only for the rest of the episodes to look horrible). The soundtrack features a selection of J-pop. It’s not really my taste, but it does fit the mood of the anime well enough.

Aired in the winter-season, Master of Epic quickly became the black sheep. I’ve seen very few people who actually gave it a chance. While I did see this coming, (after all, it’s based on a MMORPG, and it has all looks of a cheesy moe-show) the fact does remain that this is another one of those neglected anime which doesn’t deserve it. The MMORPG- and moe-elements are perfectly parodied throughout the series, and a good balance is kept between male and female fanservice. Another interesting note is that this is one of the very few anime without a main character. The closest person you could call a main character (the orange-haired girl who shows up in the centre of all the promo-art and the OP) never really has a major role in any of the sketches. Heck, she appears in probably the most sketches of all character, but her only role is that of a random passer-by. She’s got like 3 seconds of airtime at most, before she disappears again.

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Short Synopsis: The end of Master of Epic. The last bit of budget is spent on a rather strange song, while the Waragecha-arc literally ends with a bang.
Good: In terms of an ending, it was a great one…
Bad: …but I want more!!!
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8/10

Bummer, the moment is finally there to say goodbye to this awesome anime. The worst thing about Master of Epic is probably that it left me wanting so much more, as I’m really craving to get more of the different characters. I’m really rooting for a second season for this, which focuses more on the characters themselves, but that’s probably a futile hope.

Anyway, sketch 1: the last Bukotsu and Chuu-sketch. They comment on that strange dance, performed by Bukotsu in the previous episode. This is the first time Chuu made herself look like an idiot. XD

Sketch 2: the party with the noob again. Their hair seems to have grown back, and they’re now out to tackle a huge sea-monster. Miraculously, the Elmony manages to defeat it.

Sketch 3: the fishing scene returns Chuu alone when she fishes up a rather strange bloke with a big sword. XD

Sketch 4: Angelica and her quirks again. This time, she attempts cooking. Obviously, she overdoes it yet again, and the boy she loves runs away from her in the end, having gained “a few” pounds. On a side-note: this is the first time we actually see someone log-out. I kept wondering when that would come.

Sketch 5: Chuu doesn’t have it easy, when she gets featured in another fishing-scene. You would expect the closing sketch of Chuu to feature a huge monster, but instead she’s being tortured by a strange kappa-like creature who attacks her with leaches.

Sketch 6: The Radio-show. The hosts talk about pets this time, and one sells another strong story about how pets can cook for you… right. XD

Sketch 7 is probably the weirdest one in Master of Epic yet. We see two tough fighters (Bukotsu and the grown-up version of Philippe) fighting monsters when suddenly people dressed up like cute and cuddly animals perform a cheesy song and dance in front of them. And the two of them actually participate. XDXDXD One shot of the two of them was particularly wrong, and I loved the expression of their faces when the song ended. XD

Sketch 8: the final Waragecha scene. I wondered how the creators would end the Waragecha-arc, but it turned out quite good. First the five get nostalgic a bit due to boredom, after which the guys from the first few episodes return, armed to kill them. Then another team of Waragecha appears (and YES the main character is among them!!! It’s probably the first time she actually played a role in a sketch, apart from bein an NPC XD). I also loved the Bukotsu-clone dressed in the Waragecha-purple outfit, and what was up with Warage-Black’s expression? XD And of course. How better to end the Waragecha-arc than with a BIG bang? :)

Sketch 9 recycles Sketch 7, where the same fluffy animals appear in front of an Elmony with his bat. A bit cheap, but still hilarious. XD

Sketch 10: the end of Master of Epic, with the announcers announcing that the show has ended. It’s interesting. Usually an ending is very hard to do, as it has to close off a big story in just one episode. But Master of Epic doesn’t have this problem, and it’s perfect to just end the show with a little announcement in the end. Of course, I’m hungry for MORE, but I’m really glad to see that this is like the only anime which didn’t reduce to melodramatic crap in the end, although that would actually have been interesting with this anime. ^^;

Also, the closing picture of Chuu smiling was just perfect to really end this one.

Sayonara Master of Epic, things have been really fun. :)

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Short Synopsis: No real theme of this episode, the girl from episode two returns and the Waragecha finally manage to defeat their enemies. For now, at least.
Good: The cooking-contest; Waragecha; The rather strange beginning-sketch.
Bad: What!? Only one more episode left!? Nooooooo!
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8/10

Dammit, this series only is going to take 12 episodes! That means that next week will be closing off this series. Dammit, I so would have loved to see more of this series. But then again, by keeping the series short, the creators did avoid this series from dragging on. But still, I want more!! Rawr!!

Sketch one: is it me, or was even the voice-actor trying to keep his laughing down? Really, it seemed he could burst out laughing any minute now. But what do you expect, when Bukotsu suddenly does such a ridiculous dance? XD

Sketch two: probably was the sketch who introduced the most new character-designs of any sketch so far. It’s a cooking-match, and both the contestants as the commentators as the audience have never appeared in the show before, apart from Bukotsu perhaps. The scene was really hilarious, as not only did the participants try to sabotage each other, the commentators also had some strange conversations on their own. One of them (a version of Bukotsu with actual hair. :P) even went as far as describing his own sad history. Hilarious sketch. XD (Notice when Juliano seduced the female members of the audience, the commentator also reacted to this? XD)

Sketch three: the news. Another beauty. The reporter is out to interview Philippe as he’s attempting to run for a long time: 922 hours. He’s already been running for three hours. When the reporter asks him for the reason… well, there isn’t. It just seemed like a nice idea. XD

Sketch four: we finally learn the names of the Newtar and the female Pandemos he has a crush on! Tatsuya and Minami. While I usually hate these kinds of scenes, it’s great to see them parodied like that. As usual, Tatsuya keeps goofing off, and in the end he promises her something he could never do: give her a gattling gun. XD Oh, and we see the main character again! Yay!

Speaking of that main character, she’d better have a big role in the final episode!

Sketch five: the girl from the second episode returns. She’s still searching for a way not to fight. Let’s just say that that doesn’t work. XD

Sketch six: the producers finally are defeated in a very humorous way. I kept wondering why the roundy thingies on the robot looked like speakers. Well, this episode showed that they actually are speakers. The Waragecha defeat the duo by unleashing the terror of their theme-song on them. XD I loved how they realized how it’s quite pathetic that their own theme-song is such an effective weapon. XD

I really wonder what the final episode will be like. With a show like this, you’ll never know. I never thought I’d say this for a comedy-show, but I’d love to see some more serious scenes. That scene in the previous episode made me hungry for more. It’s interesting to see that in a comedy-series as this, such a serious scene worked out so awesome. It’s probably because the creators really made me curious for each different character. I keep hoping for certain characters to appear again, and it of course it’s a treat to see these hopes come true.

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Short Synopsis: The fishing scene returns, just as the main character-clone of the first episode and our two brave adventurers.
Good: Lots of Bukotsu and Chuu; Funnier than usual; An actual serious scene that works out well!
Bad: The creators were SO mean with that serious scene!
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8.5/10

You know what, Master of Epic has been getting better and better for the past few episodes. Mostly because it’s been reusing more and more characters from previous episodes. I don’t know, usually when shows of this nature do this, it feels cheap, because they couldn’t just come up with some new characters. But with Master of Epic, I’m actually very glad that these characters return, as we get to know them better and better, which makes sure of some very funny results. I’ll keep quiet about the main character, though. I’m content for now because her clone had a major role in this episode.

Sketch 1: The Introduction. This time, the two hosts talk about something called Nashi. I had no idea what this was, so I looked it up a bit in an online dictionary. It seems they were either talking about a Japanese pear, or the word “without”. Seeing as the reporters were awfully quiet when they found out about this, I’d put my money on the second option.

And CURSE that second sketch! Finally we have a serious and really touching sketch, and what do the creators do? They decide to go old-tv style by making the dialogue show up on the screen, instead of through voice actors. Okay, I can understand a bit of Japanese speech, but how am I supposed to decipher that much kanji?! The scenes looked amazing, and I LOVED the ending, but I would so have liked to know what the characters talked about. Dammit. Still, ranting aside, this sketch rocked. Big time.

Sketch 3 abandons the seriousness again when it comes with the news. The fishing scene returns again, as the reporter interviews the female Pandemos who’s been fishing on some random docks. He doesn’t get much out of her, and she demands him to be quiet, though. ^^;

Sketch 4: Bukotsu and Chuu again. This time they deviate from the usual formula when it’s not Chuu, but a random bear who does something cute. Still, you can’t deny that their reaction wasn’t cute in a strange way. :P

Sketch 5: The news, 6 hours later. The Pandemos seems to have caught something and almost explodes out of anger when her line snaps. XD

Sketch 6: Our two “brave” heroes return again. Of course, I’m talking about the courageous duo of Phillipe and Syozo. This time, Syozo tries out ways to calm ferocious animals, or in this case a hungry wolf: tempting it with a steak. Okay, it attracts a few more wolves, but it does work, doesn’t it? I mean, the wolves stayed quiet, okay… for a little while perhaps. ^^;

Sketch 7: another fishing scene. This time it features Chuu and Bukotsu. If you wondered where their usual antics were, well, it’s in this sketch, when Chuu has fun with masks. XD

Sketch 8: the news yet again, this time the next day. The Pandemos is still fishing at the same spot, and it seems that the reporter stayed up all this time, watching her catch a pile of sharks. Chuu then comes and fishes up the treasure chest the Pandemos has been searching for all along. The anchor, meanwhile, falls asleep. (^^)

Sketch 9: Waragecha V. When things couldn’t get any weirder for the Waragecha five, the huge black mecha arrives with a fake anticlimax. Yup, a fake one. First she acts like an overly emotional parents towards her child, only to reveal that she actually is on the producer’s side. The Waragecha meanwhile break up their new shiny robot, in order to transform back into it again in order to make sure that this episode also features a transformation-scene. Heh, talk about efficiency. :P

Sketch 10 closes the episode with Bukotsu, who is about to fight the copy of the main character, who is being coached by her boyfriend. I guess she didn’t slay him after all, too bad actually. In any case, Chuu is coaching Bukotsu. do I still have to mention how this ends?

By the way, this episode actually featured a couple of very nice background tunes. I like where this is going. And yes, I’m crazy for liking a show like this.

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Short Synopsis: We’ve all seen our shares of bald males, have we? But this really is the first time I saw bald FEMALES in anime.
Good: Ah, Master of Epic exactly how I like it, there were no overly long sketches, and each of the sketches was hilarious as usual. ^_^
Bad: ………main…..characterrrr…..
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8/10

Ah, another hilarious episode. A bit disturbing at times (the evil hairdresser O_o), but overall great fun, and with some great mecha and sentai-parodies. But still, that main character… She’s probably appeared in the largest amount of different sketches of all characters, but all she did was appear for one or two seconds, in order to disappear afterwards. I want to see her featured in a sketch, dammit!

Sketch 1: the introduction. This time, the announcers talk about changing your hair. Interestingly enough, they also visited a barbershop recently, who seemed to have cut their entire heads bald. Cute and disturbing at the same time.

Sketch 2: the party with the noob again. To think that the previous sketch was only a warning, as the group of four heads off to exterminate the great evil hairdresser, who gives all of them rather obscure and hilarious haircuts. In answer to this, they head out to defeat her with an ultimate tactic: shave your entire head bald. O_o Unfortunately, the great evil hairdresser not only can cut hair, she also can give it, so she leaves our four heroines with some rather interesting-looking afro-haircuts. O_o Definitely one of the weirdest sketches so far.

Sketch 3: Resurrection, part 3 (yeah, that’s what it really was called). We return to the guy we saw in episode four, who keeps goofing off in a rather hazardous place. This time, he sets up an explosive trap for the passing-by monsters, though he’s stupid enough to get caught himself.

Sketch 4: Trying to impress the hot Pandemos, part 2. We now see the same guy, working as a blacksmith when the same Pandemos he had a crush on a few episodes ago appears again. She behaves like nothing’s happening, though the guy was too cute. XD

Sketch 5: Resurrection, part 4. The guy is back in the mountains. His next plan: hand-to-hand combat. That doesn’t work. ^^;

Sketch 6: The radio-show. The host tries to tell another strong story, about how a necromancer and a magician are supposed to have been making out. The way he tries to sell his story to the other host was just hilarious. XD

Sketch 7: Waragecha V. I loved the parodies sentai-teams and their giant robots here. You often see that five small robots join together to form one big one, but still everyone fits inside the robot without any problems? Well, Warage Green has made her robot so that one person is actually in each of the limbs of the robot, as Warage Yellow sits in one of the legs, while Warage Blue has to pilot the mecha in one of its arms. Obviously, they won’t like it when it moves very fast. XD Warage Blue also was very cute in the beginning, when it seemed that she had to take on the producer all by her own because the others were slacking off. And no pictures please. XD

Sketch 8: Resurrection, part 5. The guy plants fire-bombs everywhere. That works, until a giant scorpion comes after him. XD

Sketch 9: Resurrection, part 6. The guy takes the initiative when he hears that the scorpion king is still roaming the neighbourhood. XD

Sketch 10: Chuu and Bukotsu. The episode ends very cute again with the antics of these two. Bukotsu is fighting a large number of monsters and Chuu tries to help him by giving him a healing-item. At least, that’s what he thinks. XD

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Short Synopsis: Fishing! Swimming! Afk! Fashion! Giant Robot! Thunderbirds Parody!
Good: As Funny as always; Lots of returning characters, but why is Rosalia among them? XD
Bad: Can “the producer” really be a worthwhile antagonist? I want to see that main character!!!
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8/10

Sketch I: The Introduction. This time, the presenters talk about fishing. Not really the most interesting topic out there, is there? ^^; They realize that themselves as well.

Sketch II: The News. The reporter this time is visiting a school for those pigs. It’s quite a strange school, and I can’t imagine what they’d be learning there. Probably how to annoy people, as they demonstrate to the reporter. One even goes as far as abusing him. We never really know what happens, as the female anchor quickly switches over to another subject. ^^;

Sketch III: another Fishing Scene. Chuu has no luck at all, until something catches her hook: a drowning bear. XD

Sketch IV: Rosaria returns, along with “her” faithful partner James. Thankfully, “she” was a lot funnier than last time we saw her, but “she” remains WRONG. “She” continues to roam the online world, giving some very eccentric fashion tips to random people. This includes giving a Warage-Blue-clone a mahou-shoujo-look, and the main character together with the female Pandemos two elephant-ears. I like how the latter two got on Rosaria’s nerves. XD

Sketch V: The Office Again. This time, it gives a brilliant impression of being AFK. ^_^

Sketch VI: The two male Elmony return. You know, the one in which one of them always does everything perfectly, while the other keeps messing up. This time, he dives on top of a bunch of rocks, and gets chased by various dangerous-looking sea-creatures. I really mean it when the voice-acting under water was hilarious. XD

Sketch VII: The Office Yet Again. Didn’t quite get this one, though. The boss makes the woman cry, causing him to get fired. Now there’s a new boss. I still haven’t found the point of this.

Sketch VIII: Waragecha V. The Waragecha seriously are looking more and more like a sentai-team. First they got new suits, now they even have their own giant robot which can be split up in five smaller ones! I may be crazy when I say this, but they looked really cute this episode. The question, however, will remain what this robot will add to the next episode. The cliff-hanger stopped right after the five Elmony left to fight “the producer” yet again. On a side-note: this show is quite clever in its cliff-hangers. XD

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Short Synopsis: A typical noob is bothering some players, while “the produces” launches another attack.
Good: Even though cheesy, the Waragecha fighting scene was great. ^^
Bad: While it was definitely enjoyable, there have been funnier episodes. The first sketch also was a bit too annoying, but I think that that was the creators’ intention.
Overall Enjoyment Value: 7.5/10

I must be crazy for liking this show, but it’s got such a cute charm! This episode was no exception. It already starts out good with the introduction, when the Elmony and the Cognite start talking about parties, and the Elmony confuses this with birthday parties. XD Next up is another scene between Chuu and Bukotsu, demonstrating how NOT to behave in a party. ^_^;

The major part of the first half gets dedicated to another example of how to ruin a good party: include a noob. It features some new characters, recycled versions of ones we saw before. While they definitely looked great (the Pandemos, Elmony and Newtar, at least) I’d wish the creators would start to focus on some of the main characters (like the Main Character *cough*). This sketch definitely had some funny moments, but the Elmony (a blue-haired version of Chuu) was just too annoying at times.

The second half stars with a rather strange radio-show, in which the host tries to tell his guest some completely ridiculous story. ^^;

The Waragecha, meanwhile, still are being bothered by “the producer”. While I do enjoy a good continuous story, I’d rather that it was about more than just stolen uniforms. Ah well, the fight definitely was interesting (and what was up with the animation of the robot at the end? XD)

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Short Synopsis: The Waragetcha get their own Senshi-suits! Random sketches about the shopkeepers we all love! What the heck is up with the main character!?
Good: Whoa, an actual plotline; The first episode finally has been subbed.
Bad: Even though the first episode has been subbed, the number of people who noticed it is… not very big; What the heck is up with the main character!?
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8/10

Two focuses for the episodes this time. The random sketches were all about player-started shops. You know, the ones you see in crowded places, where people try to sell the stuff they found while adventuring. You can make huge amounts of money this way, if you do it right. This episode, this becomes fatal for our green-haired male Elmony when it seems that he’s stuck so many gold coins in his pants that he’s become unable to move. ^^; Another guy uses this system to hit on a girl he noticed. A Pandemos, to be exact. While he was a bit annoying, I do admit that he was kindof cute when he tried to say something to her. :P

The rest of the episode, with the exception of a very strange office lady who likes to turn into a dragon, was dedicated to Waragetcha. And believe it or not, this episode actually introduced a general plot line. Okay, I’m not sure what the creators were planning with this, but still. It’ll be interesting if this plot continues, and involves more and more characters along the way. Still, it also means that I’m going to have to pay attention again, otherwise I’ll miss some of the story parts.

Things start rather random again, when Warage Black seems to have found new uniforms for the Waragetcha. These transform them to some kind of strange Senshi-team. They spend most of their time then acting like a proper Senshi-team should behave: make lots of random poses at lots of random places. Then a giant robot appears in front of them, claiming to related to the producer or something. I didn’t quite catch that part. When it’s defeated, it returns to its base, and it appears that a male Pandemos has been piloting it (Bukotsu?). I’m not yet sure what this is all about, but who knows. It might become interesting.

And it may also have been great to see the main character on a date like this, but when will we actually get to see her in action? I mean, her pink version was someone else, wasn’t she? She’s also been in almost every episode, though all she did was act like a mere NPC. What are the creators planning to do with her? XD

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Short Synopsis: Angelica falls in love with a male Elmony; Chuu is being cute again; Deep in a dungeon, two brave*cough* adventurers struggle for their lives.
Good: Hilarious, probably the funniest episode I’ve seen this year; even more characters are returning; the two adventurers were SO INCREDIBLY CUTE; Actually good animation!
Bad: Some Gonzo-advertising managed to slip in at the video-file I watched (from Saiyaman). Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem, but please chose some better series than Garasu no Kantai and Witchblade.
Overall Enjoyment Value: 8.5/10

First of all, I finally found out a few more names of the characters in this show. Very handy, especially in this show, which has the nasty tendency to recycle most of its characters into other ones with different hair-colours and outfits (but what else did you expect? This IS an mmorpg-based anime, after all ^^). A quick rundown:
– Angelica: she’s the blonde Newtar in a pink school uniform. It seems to be quite a popular costume. ^^; Anyway, I’m glad to see her return. It’s better to see recurring characters than new ones at this point.
– Karen seems to be the Warage Green clone with Warage Pink uniform. I’m not sure why she keeps following Angelica, though. They’re probably two very good friends.
– Fuu-chan is the monster that keeps accompanying Karen. I’m not sure if this Fuu-chan is the same monster that’s accompanying Chuu when she’s in Warage Pink-mode.
– The Pandemos in traveller’s clothes we always see with Chuu appears to be named Pukotsu.
– The white-haired Cognite seems to be called Phillipe, though that’s his chibi-form. I’m not sure whether Philippe also plays the role of the other white-haired Cognites we’ve seen.
– Philippe’s Newtar companion gets called by Syozo (I bet that’s spelled differently).

On a whole different note, I loved this episode! First of all, it finally has a bit of decent animation. People move fluently, there are lots of close-ups and we see a few high-quality drawings, and some actual CG is used with the submarines to simulate the particles in the “ocean”. It definitely makes the characters look a lot better. I also appreciated that the unimportant bystanders actually had some original character designs this time, instead of being recycled versions of main characters. I knew this anime could do well if it tried.

The first sketch: Angelica and Karen return, like mentioned above. In this episode, she finds a new obsession: making clothes for the boy she has a crush on. She yet again gets a bit carried away, scaring this boy in the process, when she manages to create a huge pile of different clothes for the two of them to wear. I really liked Karen’s role in this, as the bystander who watches and tells the story a bit. And who eventually gets chased because Fuu-chan ate Angelique’s wallet. ^^;

The second sketch: yet another adult in the real life acting funny. I think I finally know the meaning behind these scenes. They’re supposed to be real-life events, with a mmorpg-element added to them. This time, a shop. I loved it how the shop-menu was opened when the guy tried to buy something. ^^

The third sketch: Pukotsu and Chuu again. This time, his backpack is broken, and Chuu managed to find a new one for him. Obviously, it’s an extremely cute elephant rucksack, not fitting his character AT ALL. It would be funny if he’d be wearing the same backpack in the next episode as well. ^^:

The fourth sketch is about two male Elmony. I’m really not sure whether we’ve seen these two figures yet, seeing as their particular character design gets recycled in many, many other characters. The only difference is the outfit, hair colour and the colour of their cheeks. In any case, in this time, we see a red-haired Elmony do all kinds of cool stuff and blow up enemies, and there’s a green-haired one who wants to either copy him, or hit him with the same method that the red-haired one uses. Obviously, he fails. ^^

The fifth and last sketch is the funniest of the episode. And the cutest. We return to Philippe and Syoso in chibi-form. They’re inside a scary dungeon, trying to get to the centre. Obviously, they fail in a horribly cute way. They first have to beat the dangers of travelling underwater, which is followed by a highly amusing talk under water. This really makes for the funniest accent. XD Next up, they reach the lair of the boss of the dungeon, who’s been sealed in a very eerie place and who gives off some very strange voices. Obviously, Philippe and Syozo ignore him and go for some more challenging enemies: the ordinary bats. They’re quite fearsome, as they weren’t even hurt by Syozo’s Miner Burst, lv1! This calls for Philippe to put on his super invincible armour! It gives him unfathomable strength, but it has one major disadvantage: he’s unable to move. XD

I’m not sure whether someone who has never played an mmorpg would get some of the jokes, but for the people who do have played their share of them, this anime is pure gold. It’s so full of the most hilarious parodies. A definite recommend.

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Short Synopsis: An eccentric fashion designer; Warage Black is missing!
Good: The introduction-sketch; The main character gets more screentime than ever (as in, 10 seconds ^^;); I LOVE the smilies.
Bad: This episode wasn’t as good as the previous ones, unfortunately; this show deserves better animation.
Overall Enjoyment Value: 6.5/10

Aw, too bad. While this episode definitely was funny, it wasn’t as outright hilarious as the past few episodes. Especially Waragecha used a rather overused joke, and too many of the jokes centred around people getting beat up. While it is funny once in a while, you don’t want to repeat this too much.

Still, the episode definitely was memorable. Mostly because of one particularly wrong sketch, in which we saw a Pandemos who dressed himself up as a fashion-designer. He also got angry whenever someone dared to call him a male. He really gave a totally new meaning to the word “trap”. And when you think things couldn’t get even wronger, the episode ends in a very strange, and very, VERY wrong way.

I also loved the end of the introduction, where the male Elmony started to chase the Cognite with a giant club. ^^ The main character also actually spoke more than one sentence. We see more of her with every episode progressing.


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    What I can’t forgive Genesis for though is kiddifying terminator.
  • Kaiser Eoghan
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 09:18 PM)
    @Bam: Though I think Cameron may have gone mad after 1997.
    Ah-ha, but Miller is a true Aussie, they live through volcanic, Venus/Mercury summers there. =P
  • Kaiser Eoghan
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 09:16 PM)
    @Bam: No, no avatar, my Alita movie, done right, done now. =P
    Terminator 3 and salvation were very very mediocre. T3 is fun to laugh at at least, salvation wasn’t very good but it did show the whole dark future schtick.
  • Bam
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 08:52 PM)
    I’ll torrent it later just to see how they attempted to make sense of this fucked up chronology.
  • Bam
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 08:51 PM)
    I haven’t seen Terminator Genisys, since I refuse to drop a penny on what is clearly a monument to artistic compromise. How Cameron lets these idiots desecrate his legacy for the money he doesn’t even need is beyond me. He should get his head out of his ass and either finish that 7 years-in-the-making Avatar 2 and make a good Terminator and set it right, or just live and let it die.
  • Bam
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 08:38 PM)
    I also wanted to see a bit more of Max’s character, but I think Hardy did good with the little he had to do. I mean he spent the first act of the movie tied to a pole with a muzzle on his face. Guess we have to wait till the sequel. It’s crazy to have this 70+ years old man directing movies in the dry extreme heat of the desert. Mad props to Miller for keeping it real.
  • Bam
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 08:35 PM)
    @Kaiser: see you updated the list. I’ve unfortunately have only seen Fury Road and what We Do in the Shadows from your 2015 lineup; I also liked both.
  • Bam
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 08:32 PM)
    @Kaiser: pretty comprehensive list, just add High Noon, The Wild Bunch (another Kurosawa rip-off but done well), Once Upon a Time in the West, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and that Brad Pitt Jesse James movie and you pretty much have the important Westerns covered.
  • Kaiser Eoghan
    (Sunday, Aug 30. 2015 08:30 PM)
    =< Terminator genesis! why God why God why!

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