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After the explosive popularity of One Punch Man it really was a high bar that another work of the author ONE had to reach. While it didn’t quite manage that it still differentiated itself enough to allow it to be a worthy anime of it’s own right. But admittedly that will depend on whether this anime is for you or not. Boasting a massively experimental animation style over the rough drawing style of the artist, this show is visually dynamic from start to finish though at times can get chaotic. Our story is about a boy called Mob who has immense psychic power. Mob wishes to live out his life normally as an ordinary person but is drawn into conflict when he meets those of the supernatural side of the world. The focus of the story is mainly on the themes of adjusting to society and bettering yourself as a person while having some good humor thrown in so things don’t get too serious. Whether you find this show funny or not will depend on your sense of humor as I got a chuckle out of it but for the most part merely found the jokes amusing.

Mob Psycho 100 tauts some fairly impressive action sequences but these scenes are often filler for personal character development which the show does deliver in spades. Mob appears at first to be an emotionless depan protagonist but as the show continues you can see he is anything but. Even side characters and villains have their own personal arcs or insights into life. I wouldn’t consider this a deep show by any means but it does offer some nice food for thought as well as general good life lessons. The story does somewhat dag when a villain organisation called Claw becomes involved and some character arcs and battles tend to end on a interesting but low key note instead of a more explosive alternative. The show ends with a number of loose ends which only a second season can address and could leave viewers unsatisfied as they are left off with a small skit regarding Mob and his mentor to end the season.

Character development is what drives this series and carries it as we see the personal struggles of Mob and his friends as they are influenced by mentor and villain alike. Reigan is a particular stand out member of the cast with his charisma and boundless confidence despite being a powerless conman. Even comes to steal the show by series end and goes from being an unlikable scumbag to a flawed but great influence on Mob. Music wise I can’t saying I have any complaints but I don’t really recall a particular tune that stuck out in my head besides the catchy opening theme. Pacing of the plot could speed up too fast at times but never to the point of becoming a major detriment. Overall I say if you want an animation showcase with good themes and a pinch of humor thrown in then I wholeheartedly recommend Mob Psycho 100. If you are looking for One Punch Man season 2, well I say keep waiting for season 2.

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It is a remarkably cheap tactic to pull a fake death right before the climax but that aside this acted as a decent finale to Mob Psycho. Through it’s clear that a second season is needed as the story does set up for one and sadly I doubt this has as high a chance of getting one. Well the show gave us the illusion that Reigan was hiding tremendous power only to have it be him borrowing Mob’s power for a moment. This gave Reigan the perfect method to combat the Claw members as with their powers rendered useless Reigan was able to make use of his greatest asset, his ability to talk anyone down. The members of claw that were presented as entities of dark ambition we stripped down and shown how childish their motives were. Even the gas masked leader was reduced to a whining baby in face of Reigans logic.

The battle here was explosive but ultimately Reigan beat claw by breaking down their entire being and showing them just how fragile it really was. In typical shounen it’s par for the course for heroes to force their logic on someone by beating them up. Even Touma from the certain magical index series literally punches his logic into villains until they agree with him.(Made all the more hypocritical when you consider this boy has the life experience of a pillbug) Here Reigan isn’t truly fighting the enemy but rather making them realise just what they are doing. Ultimately it’s the more mature manner of dealing with the problem and a real solution. Enemies beaten up can easily stand by up and continue fighting another day. Enemies stripped of all reason to fight have no reason to return. Batman maybe should start taking notes. I find it strange that the series decided to include a small story about Reigan and Mob hunting a UMA in it’s  final minutes but I suppose it shows that life goes on for Mob.

My overall feelings on Mob Psycho are lukewarm personally. I see that it has merit, it certainly has impressive animation and a interesting story. However I find that it didn’t quite grab me as I thought it should. Perhaps this is how some people felt when watching One Punch Man and it not hitting them as hard as it did with others. Though it that is the case perhaps something like Mob Psycho is more to their tastes? The story isn’t exactly what I would call deep but it holds some interesting food for thought while being entertaining. It subverts a viewer’s expectations  bring a more interesting turn of events to stereotypical shounen plotlines. Characters go through some interesting arcs like some side character previously acting niferous only to come to terms with themselves and become better people. Humor was a hit and miss aspect as usual for me but in this case I think Mob Psycho 100 fell short of the bar when compared to it’s brother. Despite efforts from the team to essentially one up OPM I think Mob Psycho is doomed to live in the shadow cast from it’s more popular sibling. But even then it does stand out when compared to other anime. When checking out ONEs work in the future, Mob will likely be a secondary choice but none the less it will still be a worthwhile watch.

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Looks like I need to eat my own words as it turns out Reigan isn’t the organization’s leader but he managed to convince the guards that he was. This was definitely Reigans finest moment as he makes use of pure deception to catch everyone off guard. He has absolutely no idea what exactly is going on and yet through pure luck and his own abilities as a conman he manages to catch the espers of Claw off guard. The result is a funny yet rather impressive feats of Reigan as he demonstrating his “Special moves” such as distracting someone with a hypnosis coin and then walking up and punching them. We also get to see just how Mob met Reigan and how Reigan gives Mob the most important life lessons he needs while still being a pretty shady individual. It is rather surprising as on first impression of this series I thought he would be a character whose act would make him utterly despicable but he may have very well have earned a fanbase with this. He may be using Mob but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Mob.

In fact he may be the very person who cares the most as the others push Mob to unleash his powers, Reigan is the one saying no. In fact even when it comes to his clients Reigan at least lets them leave happy as opposed to the other con artists trying to frame Mob. Even his view of seeing the members of Claw as children who didn’t grow up is not inaccurate. After all they are acting like Saturday morning cartoon villains with their plot to take over the world and their reliance on force instead of reason shows the level of their immaturity. Still despite Claw fighting to the death, Reigan says that there is no reason to fight and they should run. His logic is flawed in that Claw isn’t going to just leave Mob alone if he runs away from this place but he did manage to prevent Mob from using his power to kill the Claw members. Or at least…almost. Considering how the episode ended it could very well be the case that Mob will aim to outright kill them. I doubt Reigan is actually dead though as I most certainly didn’t see any blood.

Ritsu’s story arc looks to have come to a close as Mob shows him that in the same way that Ritsu looks up to him, Mob holds high respect for Ritsu’s abilities outside of Psychic powers. His character arc was handled a little haphazardly but overall this works. Other than that we get the kind of animation you would expect from this show at this point, highly fluid and dynamic. It really is shows like this that show how far animation has come. In the old days you could only expect animated fights like these from movies or the opening of an anime. Now we can actually get anime that live up to the quality of their openings. Next week looks to be the finale of the show and it certainly has turned out to be more or less the hit of an otherwise rather weak season. WIth it’s interesting animation and solid storytelling make a worthy part of ONE’s body of work. Though sadly it’s chances of a second season are not quite as certain as One Punch Mans. If anything this series shows that ONE is not a one hit wonder(Pun not intended.) and does have talent as a storyteller. His talent as an artist is more up for debate but I certainly can say the guy can tell some interesting stories.

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Plenty of action this week as Mob, Terumi and Dimple take on the major members of claw. As far as what happen this episode feels a lot like your standard fare for a shounen anime series. The main group infiltrating an enemy base, split up and encounter the enemies in one on one style battles. It’s a little too standard and even ONE himself mocked this in One Punch Man when Saitama and Genos reached the house of Evolution which was a servel floored deathhouse which you would assume the heroes would have to go through encountering foes alike. But then Genos just blasts the whole building to oblivion. Here however it’s played straight and in that regard it is a little dull despite the animation being quite interesting for the fights themselves.

A particular standout moment had to do with a group of henchmen who encounter Ritsu while he is rescuing one of the captured awakening lab espers. Just when the henchmen are about to fight them, an old grizzled henchman tells them all to stand down. Saying that there is no way in hell that normal henchmen like them can take down an esper. Despite this decision rooted in cynicism rather than wisdom, this man is absolutely right.  Making this guy the smartest henchman I have ever seen as he knew he was outmatched and decided to stand down. Unlike him though, most of the other henchmen follow the normal route and try to fight the likes of Teruki, Dimple and mob thus naturally getting destroyed in no time.

So this episode consisted of fighting and people running around which naturally gives me little to work with. I was surprised to see Mob get beaten up by a physic physical fighter again only for Mob to reveal that he was holding back from fighting because she was a woman. Through once she commented that his chivalry was insulting to her as a fighter then Mob naturally knocked her out with no trouble offscreen. Mob really has ingrained Regains lessons into his mind to a degree that they could be considered a weakness. Though these lessons are important for Mob to retain his humanity. The animation of the fights can get a bit messy but the animators must be having fun with the level of movement they can work with. Teruki’s fight against the pyrokinesis scar did have some remarkable fire animation. So now the group has been captured and it’s really a waiting game for when Mob wakes up to destroy them all. However the organization’s leader looks to have appeared and he seems oddly familiar.

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When watching this I really cannot help but draw comparisons back to One Punch Man whether I like it or not. I can see that Mob Psycho is trying to be it’s own thing but when I see the members of Claw gathered around a table I am instantly reminded of the S class heroes of OPM. The Claw members are equally as diverse a set of characters. The big shots of the organisation are referred to as scar’s and this seems to correspond to the scar each member has. The scars themselves were inflicted by the leader of the organisation and it appears the number of scars corresponds to the number of times that member has challenged him. It’s debatable if we shall see this boss in this series or if he is someone who will show up in a sequel which is uncertain to exist after this. This episode for the most part is inbetween time before Mob and Teruki take on the group in earnest.

As the two make their way to save Ritsu, Ritsu himself is dealing with imprisonment within claw as they attempt to brainwash them into working for the organisation. Ritsu looks to have lowered self confidence due to his dose of humble pie and without dimple he isn’t certain he can control his powers as well as he could. It’s nice to see his ego trip end and him move on but I really must question were all that dark personality went. He’s practically a completely different character now as he’s putting faith in the members of the awakening lab who previously he looked down on. Though it’s nice to see he’s not simply sitting back and waiting for his brother to rescue him.

I was greatly surprised with just how easily Mob wiped out the man he previously fought. Before Mob essentially had to go super saiyan to fight with him yet here he easily just pinballs him around the room and calls it a day. Mob makes a comment about not having time to waste, suggesting he wasn’t using his full power on him before but this doesn’t really make sense. Mob was very emotional before when fighting him and it didn’t seem like he was holding back there. Yet the man still managed to withstand it and steal his brother. If Mob could so easily do away with him like this, it begs the question of why didn’t he do it when the man was taking away his brother? It could be a matter like Terada’s first encounter were the two boys simply took him down when he wasn’t ready. But Koyama most certainly looked like he was giving it his all. I’m a little disappointed as this person was the first to give Mob an actual fight and show that he wasn’t as overpowered as thought. This however seems to suggest that Mob is as strong as the situation calls for. The plot needed his brother to be kidnaped so he struggled against this guy.

However here we need to get to the real fighters so Mob can just snuff him out in a second. It’s a little too convenient for my liking. Dimple appears to have taken a position of good guy now as he tags along with Mob and Teruki in the body of a claw member. My guess is that even with his dubious morality, he’s going to be an ally for now on much like how villains turn over in a shounen series. This episode was a weak one for the usual standard of the series but it does provide buildup to what could be Mob’s best battle yet. Still even though this series has be particularly noteworthy it appears to be overlooked by the anime fanbase. Many are citing it’s unconventional artstyle for turning most people away though that may be only one part of what makes this series overlooked in this season. Personally I never saw this series reaching the heights of popularity of it’s predecessor but it is rather unfortunate that it be passed over like this.

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Well to no one’s surprise this episode was filled with action. Though contrary to what the previous episode suggested, the person Mob is fighting is not his brother but instead a mysterious hooded figure. The matter of Ritsu’s power trip seems to be resolved for the most part as his brothers reaction is nothing like he expected. While Ritsu looked to be provoking Mob to deplore him or hate him, Mob merely brushes off his self deprecation and congratulates him on obtaining psychic power. As well as degrading himself on his brother’s behalf to apologize to the people he attacked. This approach to the problem is rather new to me and I rather like that Ritsu’s power trip looks to be a product of teenager emotional angst as his true feelings come out when his brother suffers on his behalf. That is only the first part of the episode however as after is a long battle scene against a member of Claw who came to abduct Ritsu while mistaking him for Mob. They may be the antagonists for the finale of the series as next episode looks to be an assault on their base. The fight that ensues is quite the spectacle.

The fight of this episode was rough and you could feel the impact of every blow with the sound design. What made this fight particularly noteworthy compared to the ones before is that this wasn’t easy for Mob. Finally the distinction between him and Saitama is made, in that Mob can in fact be beaten. In this case his greatest weakness is his heavy reliance on psychic power as his foe makes use of his physical strength and trickery. In the end, Mob with his near infinite psychic power was completely knocked out by a villain spraying a chemical in his face. Kamijou Touma’s villains should take notes from this guy, as when someone can completely negate your powers, maybe it’s a good idea to change strategy instead of throwing more fireballs like an idiot. I really like that Mob’s explosion meter didn’t move an inch after Ritsu’s attempts to egg him into a fight. But when the hooded fellow punched Ritsu it shot up to 100% immediately. Though Mob didn’t reach ??? level which looks to be reserved for special occasions. Claw looks to be the first thing to give Mob real drive to use his powers and Mob almost feels dangerously motivated. His claim to be able to take down claw singlehandedly does hold weight but the problem is that Mob is not accustomed to fighting other espers when Claw most certainly is. They are not going to simply fight Mob with psychic power but instead use anything to counter it. Well assuming they are clever.

I will admit to not haven’t much to add to this episode this week due to the heavy focus on the battle. Quite honestly I find it difficult to truly come up with something to talk about in regards to this and some of the other shows this season. Hence why my posts have sounded a bit too much like an episode summary as of late. On top of being actually late. I have no real excuses in regards to this as I find lately that my time seems to go far too fast, leaving me with not much room for intellectual musing about an anime episode. Or in many a case I really have nothing to add to what’s happening on screen.I am a bit worried I am experiencing anime burnout but perhaps it’s just a lack of enthusiasm for this current season as Re:Zero gets me writing paragraphs. I did express that this season felt weak to me in the preview and while there are shows with merit that none of the shows in the current season has grabbed me quite like Re:Zero…ah perhaps that is it. In face of a strong anime of the year contender, other shows pale in comparison thus my interest is fleeting. For I pine for the sweet reward of an continuation to the show I really want to see. No offense to Mob Psycho of course as I do think it does have greatness, just that it doesn’t quite catch me for reasons I can’t seem to put into words.

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The fall of Ritsu is rapid, perhaps too rapid as the pacing of this series has sped up. Before it wasn’t really apparent that the anime was skipping material to get to the good content but here you can really tell that a significant amount of time has been removed which showed Ritsu’s more gradual descent. With Dimples help Ritsu manages to unlock his dormant psychic powers which appear to have awakened due to his actions in framing delinquents for crimes under Shinji’s orders. The two look to have become heroes of the school despite their nefarious efforts though Shinji clearly revels in it while Ritsu only feels guilt. Shinji’s karmic payback was quite beautiful when after falsely accusing delinquents in order to keep them in line, he in turn is falsely accused by delinquents of being a person called White T Poison and is promptly beaten up. White T Poison being the mantle that Ritsu has adopted despite it originally being a title given to his brother Mob. This episode attempts to tightrope between comedy and tragedy. WIth all honestly I am not certain it succeeds. On one side you have a series of schools delinquents named after condiments with Mob being conned into buying a vase. On the other you have severe cases of bullying and a boy drowning in power. The stories art style keeps a light hearted tone but as the plot darkens it becomes somewhat mismatched with what’s happening on screen. Sort of like watching Jojo if it took itself way too seriously.

Thematically I like the ideas behind this as it shows the main idea off power better residing in those who are apathetic about it. Ritsu seeked power and is now drowning in it while Mob seeks normalcy but is constantly pulled into strange events because of his power. Teruki attempts to pass on the lesson he learned from Mob to Ritsu(While wearing a fairly hilarious wig) but Ritsu is just far too gone to listen. And while all this is going on, Mob is busy being fooled by con artists. This side story feels out of place amidst the telling of Ritsu’s fall from grace while it does show more examples of Seigan caring about Mob. Though I laugh at Mob berating con artists in front of another con artist. Though it does make me wonder as to just why he is keeping up this act in front of Mob. Obviously it could be to exploit his powers for his own gain but I feel like there is another agenda under his facade. Animation looks to have fallen in this series as of late as I notice the number of still frames pop up. It could be due to the lack of a need for flashy animation during this particular arc. It is a wonder just how Mob will react to his brother gaining psychic powers and just what he has done to obtain them. There is also the matter of the mysterious hooded man who appears to be an esper as well. Next episode looks to be an action packed one.

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It a beginning of a dark path for Ritsu as his own inadequacies are pushing him in a direction that won’t end well for him. Part of the problem is the student council president whom is called Shinji. He happens to remind me of another Shinji in another series who had an equally punchable face and crushing superiority complex. But while Mob is depressed over losing control last episode, his brother is becoming more frustrated as his abilities fail to meet his expectations. Mob may be the main reason for this as when he was a child he foolishly promised his brother that someday he too would have psychic powers which unfortunately didn’t turn out to be the case. Perhaps a testament that relation does not equal skill, nor should people expect a person to inherit the qualities of their family. In fact expectation may be the subtitle of this episodes theme as we see it presented throughout. Ritsu is frustrated because people have great expectations of him when he himself feel inadequate. The student council president is expected to match the level set by his older brother. Finally a innocent person is framed of a crime simply because it is something they expected him to do.

Under the grounds of removing delinquency from the school, Shinji and Ritsu frame Tenga by placing girls recorders in his desk and bag. The rest follows suit as mob mentality takes hold and he is left unable to defend himself simply because no one actually believes he wouldn’t do it. It’s more tragic when you see that Tenga may not be as bad a person as first thought when he has a perfect attendance record up to this point and even tries to awkwardly apologize to Mob for tricking him into getting kidnapped by Black Vinegar delinquents. Not to mention him starting to run with the body improvement club and actually starting to enjoy it. But after this he will likly be mistakenly labeled as a prevert for the rest of his school life. It really goes to show the level of cruelty people can display if given the opportunity and shield of anonymity.

Seigan is back fooling the gullible but I find his antics much more fun when his clients are far more reprehensible than he is. One thing quite amusing about the scene though was that when the client was threatening Seigan to reveal a 13 letter password, Seigan responded with “GetAJobYouBum” which actually is 13 letters exactly. In other wannabe esper territory Ritsu paid a visit to a lab dedicated to researching psychic powers. Besides him being greatly underwhelmed by the level of power of the subjects, it did reveal that he manages to unknowingly twist a spoon when he threw it away which does suggest that Ritsu has a level of psychic power that he’s not aware of. Looks like things plan to get more troublesome as DImple is back and looks to have taken an interest in Ritsu. Perhaps the next foe Mob will have to face is his own brother?

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We had a pretty great episode of Mob Psycho this week as Mob faces off against another esper in the form of Teruki. Animation was in top form throughout the episode as the two demolished the school with a psychic battle. Well calling it a battle is a bit of a stretch as the only one fighting was Teruki. Comedy was alright but what really shone about this episode was the actual drama and meat behind it. Namely Mob putting forward his belief of wanting to develop a talent without relying in his natural psychic powers. This belief directly opposes Teruki, whom believes that his powers elevate him above everyone else. Mob’s very existence calls Teruki’s philosophy of life into question as Mob equates having psychic powers to a natural talent. Funny enough this very idea came from Seigan who once again, despite being a horrible person, proves that he just may be the perfect mentor for Mob.

Though his teaching does hit a flat note when he he attempts to make a metaphor about knives. Even Dimple remarks that it all sounds very impressive until you realise that Seigan is the one saying it. Still there is sound logic in what he says, a esper can lift a boulder with his mind but that doesn’t make him any more useful than an ordinary person if you asked him to help program a mobile application. When you take it truly into consideration, just how useful are superpowers in a modern society? The obvious end result is to become a superhero and stop crime but for those looking for a more average job, superpowers are surprisingly not that useful.

What’s the point of having telekinesis if you work in IT? Or having super strength if you are a cook? Or having the ability to fly if it rains a lot?  It’s true in certain circumstances these things could have a use but in regards to daily life I think it would be surprising just how little a difference it would make. Superpowers are cool but they don’t make you a perfect human being and what’s more important is that relying on something that was given to you at birth makes your actual character hollow. As Mob put it, he wants to earn something by his own effort than rely on a power he was blessed with. Otherwise if his power was taken away from him, all that would be left is a empty being. Teruki doesn’t take this well, in fact Mob practically emotionally breaks him that it makes him determined to prove Mob a hypocritic and force him to rely on his power.

This is a rather interesting concept as Teruki is forced to face that rather than being the center of the universe, he is just an average person. If you are to contrast him to a standard shounen protagonist it make for some food for thought. After all a lot of shounen protagonists are driven by a need to prove themselves and grow stronger. Mob says that the reason for this is because they have crippling low self confidence which makes sense. For a famous example, Naruto was ostracized and belittled at the beginning of the series. As a Ninja he was failure and it’s possible that even as he reached the heights of power, he still holds a inferiority complex that pushes him to be cocky and strive for more power.

At the end we see that Mob has a level of power beyond that of his 100% mode and upon seeing that Teruki finally comes to terms that he is indeed a average person. But perhaps seeing the friends Mob has made in the body improvement club might help him mend his ways. Who knows, maybe even his hair might grow back. Dimple apparently died in the fight but I highly doubt it’s the last we see of him. It was pretty interesting to see Mobs emotional meter not rise a bit despite DImple being exorcised and even the montage showing that Dimple wasn’t exactly a pleasant being was pretty amusing. What looks to be important here is Mob’s brother and his jealousy over Mobs powers which looks to play a role in the next episode. There’s also the matter of how all this affected Mob himself as this was a high test of his character and in his eyes he broke one of his principles.

I think what has become the big drawing points of the series is the character of Mob himself as he continues to prove to be not quite as emotionless as he appears. He originally came across as psychic Saitama but now he may have more to him than Saitama ever did. Still despite this Mob Psycho doesn’t seem to be that popular this season from what I have seen. Perhaps due to a lack of resonance with the art style or simply disappointment for those expecting another One Punch Man. While I doubt Mob Psycho 100 will reach the level of popularity of One Punch Man, I think that if it continues to bring episodes like this then it may outclass it in other areas. Though that all depends on what is to come.


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As Mob Psycho continues I believe it is slowly getting better as the introduction of more characters helps to round out Mob’s emotional range. With last episode we got the introduction of Dimple, the cult leader spirit who has now decided to follow Mob around in an attempt to find a chance to possess him. This character looked to be quite annoying from the opening sequence but he actually plays a good role of a voice of common sense for Mob. This main conflict of today’s episode is a battle between school delinquents and Mob ends up getting tricked into being kidnapped. Mob may be an extremely powerful esper but he’s also innocently gullible to a fatal degree. But that is a quality that separates him from his counterpart Saitama in that Mob is a honest and childish person at heart and that makes him quite endearing. Though it’s worrisome as well as I am certain that sparing Dimple will come back to bite him later on.

This looks to be the first main villain for Mob and he plays an interesting contrast to him. This guy is under the belief that he is the main character in his own story and acts entitled due to his psychic power. Whereas Mob wishes only to be a normal person and his tremendous psychic power makes that a difficult task. Mob’s brother seems to be envious of his brothers powers while Mob is envious of his ability to be popular. They both want what the other person has and don’t truly appreciate the value of what they have got. Mob’s brother brings up an interesting point that when growing up with Mob, his expectations were put on an extraordinary level and thus he isn’t satisfied with simply being a normal person. Mob on the other hand has grown up on an extraordinary level which has caused him to be ignored by society, thus he has come to desire a normal lifestyle. When you are normal you want to be extraordinary. When you are extraordinary you want to be normal. So put in simple terms, you always want what you don’t have and come to appreciate what you did have when you have lost it. Human nature in a nutshell.

The body improvement club remain a solid cast of good people despite their overly aggressive design and as I heard this being pointed out, they seem to be the only characters who aren’t trying to use Mob for their own benefit. Mob has no real stamina or strength for bodybuilding and yet the club is nothing but supportive of his efforts to improve himself. Meanwhile Seigan is using him for money, Dimple wants to possess him and the telepathy club wanted him to join just to have a place to goof off. Thus the nicest people in the show are the guys who look like a violent grunt from Jojo or Fist of the North Star. Animation remains stellar though admittedly that may depend on your taste in animation. I however find it rather charming even though it can get a bit too liberal in exaggerating movements. There are still frames but these are often used for comedic purposes like one of the screenshots above, were they are often over detailed and make for some great reaction images. I think we have gotten past most of the slow start of Mob Psycho and perhaps after this is where the show will truly shine.


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Mix is, by my count, the eighth Mitsuru Adachi work to be adapted to animation. I’ve only seen one of the other seven, so it may not be my place to say this, but Mix probably ranks around the middle of those eight. Its main cast is complex, but the non-baseball players among them slip […]

DanMachi2 Anime Review – 40/100

“Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon” burst onto the anime scene as something of a B-tier cult classic.  2015 saw Season 1 massively outperform expectations  – ignoring the occasionally shoddy animation – to bring excitement and mostly fan service (and the cosplayer favorite: the Hestia ribbon).  Now, four years later, the […]

Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Review – 80/100

It’s hard to find a more ubiquitous genre in anime than Shounen. Maybe romance/moe-blobs, but it’s a close race. With series like One Piece and until recently Naruto, being a constant presence each season/year. Often this makes it difficult for newer series to break into the anime market in a meaningful way. With the recent […]

Youjo Senki Movie Review – 85/100

Outside of a very few exceptions, I have come to despise the isekai genre with its predominantly self-inserted overpowered male protagonists, massive harems, fan-service bait and overused fantasy settings. Youjo Senki is none of those things and it has gained a very special place in my heart where it features the combined arms of a […]

Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel – II Lost Butterfly Anime Review – 91/100

Long time no see and strap in cause this is going to be a long one. I will preface this review with the assumption that you have seen the first movie of this trilogy and this movie as well as the assumption that whomever is reading this knows what a command spell is. So basically […]

Serial Experiments Lain Anime Review – 78/100

Serial Experiments Lain is weird. It is a series unlike any other, wholly unique in anime, both modern and historical. Every aspect of it, from presentation to narrative, is best described as an experience. It is because of this that I believe Lain is a must watch, if only to experience a piece of anime […]

Penguin Highway (2018) Movie Review – 89/100

You’re walking along in your neighborhood, going about your daily routine. It’s a fine morning. The sun is shining brightly. But suddenly, you see something strange. You squint your eyes; even rub them, to make sure it isn’t a mirage before exclaiming with excitement, “Oh, look. It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane! No no. […]

One Punch Man Season 2 Anime Review – 34/100

Often at the start of one of these reviews, I will wax philosophical about a series. Attempting to slowly draw you, the reader, in to whatever topic or anime I am discussing in that review. This time, none of that. This time, I have to come out and say from the beginning, that One Punch […]