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Ugh… this is annoying. Almost all of the good shows I’m watching come out on Friday and Saturday, while the other days are really quiet. So, yeah. Expect me to be really prolific on some days while rather absent on other days. ^^;

Anyway, I could be wrong, but I think we’ve struck another manga-arc. And it’s a very unusual as well, as there’s a huge amount of feathers at stake. It does make sense, though. Such a large amount of feathers will probably be enough to fill a huge gap in Sakura’s memories. And if the arc takes up four or five episodes, it’s also a nice way for Sakura to start the third season with nearly all of her feathers recovered. I’m really looking out for the third season, as it will mean the conclusion of this series, and it seems that things have yet to get serious.

I’m just a bit worried about Chaos. It seems that he met Sakura when she was young. As things stand now, he’s going to become a love-rival for Syaoran. I’m so hoping that the creators will either refrain from this, or develop this relationship in an extremely good way, as there’s nothing which can ruin a relationship as much as a suddenly-introduced love rival, who never made a chance of acquiring his loved one in the first place.

Yuuko also came with an interesting message for White Day. In return for eating Watanuki’s cake for Valentine’s day, she returns some advice for both Syaoran as Fay as Kurogane. Everything in this world has a beginning and an end. A good deed will lead to a good outcome. A bad outcome will await a bad deed. Why did Kurogane and Fay look so suspicious after hearing this? This will definitely be an important message for in the future. After all, it’s got to have the same value as a nice cake.

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I can’t believe how awesome Sakura was during this episode! Even though this was another filler, it does an amazingly well job of fleshing out Sakura’s character. Seriously, this was an excellent episode. ^_^

The case is like this: Syaoran and the others land in a large, gloomy city. The feather is being sold in a shop, for a rather high price. The only solution for our protagonists is to work to get enough money to buy the feather. The only problem: the city has a huge rate of jobless people, and there are almost no jobs to be found in the city. That’s what Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane find out when they try to find a job at the Employment Center. They spend more than half a day in a fruitless search for a job.

Sakura, meanwhile, was told to stay in the hotel room, as the city is rumoured to be rather dangerous. Still, she goes out on her own, and she actually manages to find a number of jobs. I loved the little dose of realism tossed into this episode, as a lot of things go wrong for Sakura. During her first job, she works at a mobile distro, though then vehicle breaks down, forcing the owners to close their shop for the day. The second job involves driving a few logistics equipment, though that doesn’t seem to be right job for Sakura. Still, I just loved how she went and tried anyway. ^_^

Then with the third job, Sakura found herself a nice little cafe, in which she has to act as waitress. The reason the job was vacant was probably because the customers looked rather scary (which they absolutely are not, by the way), and the fact that the owner is being bothered by a couple of familiar punk guys. Still, Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane haven’t been standing around either, and they found a job at the same cafe, hired to scare away these punk guys. I also loved how the chair Kurogane broke actually had after-effects, as in that Sakura had to work longer in order to pay the cafe owner back for that particular chair. You don’t see that many times, do you? Most of the times, whenever a random object is broken, it disappears from existence. In the really lazy stories, you can just blow up a building and notice nothing of it in the aftermaths.

Sakura also absorbs two feathers this episode, and they contribute greatly to Sakura’s struggles in order to get money. When she was young, her brother used to take her to the market one time. Even then it seemed that Sakura liked to do challenging things on her own, as it seems that she asked a local market saleswoman whether she could work for her for a while. The way this also was presented in the anime was done brilliantly.

And a rather nice detail, I loved Kurogane when he referred to the woman they sold their small items to as someone from the information bureau, which indeed refers back to the Outo-world, where she also appeared. A rather nice use of coincidence.

The first half of the episode also was one huge chunk of atmosphere. The piano-music and insert songs worked perfectly, combined with the overall mood of the country they had landed in, and the extra touch of realism. Really, this was such a great episode. ^_^

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Hehe, I had to laugh when I saw the fansubbers agitation about the insert songs. They’re a great addition, but I can imagine that it must be a hell to typeset each and single one of them. ^^

About the episode, it’s strange. The way it started suggested a very basic plot about a bad guy who took over a world. Still, even though that was the case, the way this arc was resolved was totally worth the watch. I think we have Chun Yang to thank for that, after her great performance in front of the residents of Kiishima’s world. The way this arc resolved was very light-hearted, but very inspirational as well.

Also, Fay used magic again. At least, I think he did. When Sakura walks on the water, about to transport to the other world. Fay walks on the water, right beside Sakura. That’s normally not possible unless you use magic, isn’t it? ^^

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Chung Yang… boy that’s a time ago. I like that this anime actually goes back to worlds it already visited. It’s interesting to see what happened afterwards. Okay, it would have been better if the time span was a bit bigger, but I’m already happy with this.

I don’t get what people have against the Tsubasa Chronicle fillers. Okay, it’s got nothing to do with the main story, but each of the fillers has been a very pleasant watch, with your occasional amazing ones.

This episode tells the story of what happened after Ryoshi disappeared. Remember Kiishimu? The woman that Ryoshi had captured? Well, it seems that she has her own country, and ever since Syaoran and the others left, her subordinates have been attacking the villagers in Chun Yang’s town. Still, there’s definitely more behind this. The villagers are all making plans to fight, though Chun Yang is against it. I’d love to see what exactly Kiishimu’s intentions are.

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That was SO incredibly adorable! Okay, it was a filler. But I don’t care! Mokona was awesome in this episode! I can’t help not to fanboy over it.

Especially when Kero also made an appearance. The story’s like this: we’ve got this country, where a feather has appeared. A butterfly then used the feather’s power to turn every human in the coutry very small. Mokona and Kero are the only ones who can save the country, as they climb the extremely high mountain where the feather has fallen.

That was so incredibly cute to see. Especially when Mokona threatened to fall asleep, and Kero tried to make him sing a song. The song was horrible, but when the two of them screamed it at the top of their lungs, it was so incredibly adorable. This episode’s song also worked perfectly with this. It created a perfect mood for Mokona.

That wasn’t the only fun thing about this episode. The creators decided to emphasize on the fact that Sakura, Syaoran and Fay fall on top of Kurogane quite frequently, much to Kurogane’s dismay. At the end of the episode, Mokona also was flattened like a pancake by Sakura near the end of the episode. Also, Sakura was too cute when Mokona claimed that she moves around too much. Same with Fay and his snoring. ^_^

It seems that a lot of people are ignoring ths series right now. I can’t see why. It’s awesome! :D

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The creators were SO incredibly mean at the end of the episode. If that doesn’t classify as playing with plot-twists, then I don’t know anymore. XD

Anyway, and so, the Lacourt-arc ends. It’s been a great arc, which gave us some god insights about Kurogane and Sakura’s past. Syaoran and Fay, on the other hand, only became more and more mysterious. This episode shows some more of Kurogane’s memory. It seems that he did something to the servants of a servant of Tomoyo, and this servant doesn’t like this and came after him. Tomoyo then stops the two, and gives Kurogane his long-awaited replica of Ginryuu, his father’s sword. In order to be able to use this sword, Kuropon had to make five vows:
1: Behave peacefully towards comrades.
2: Stop fighting on Tomoyo’s land.
3: Never forget mercy, even towards an enemy.
4: Value everybody’s life.
5: Use own strenght to protect dear ones.
I also now understand why Tomoyo sent Kurogane to Yuuko: he broke his vows. Wouldn’t that just mean that she’d take his sword as well? Ah well, that doesn’t really matter. After all, Yuuko did it for her. ^^;

It’s also so funny that Fay keeps using Kurogane, and taht Kurogane himself is SO bad at telling lies. ^^ Is it also me, or has every episode been featuring some kind of unique song?

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Muaha! Another great episode! And it’s actually dedicated to the main story. The Clow Country we saw at the end of the previous episode seems to be the product of Sakura’s powers, meeting the book of memories. This transferred our protagonists to the Clow Country which Sakura remembers. There are a lot of holes in her memory, so the world appears without any people in it. It was a nice piece of background story. ^_^

Fay reckons that the feather is in a place which was mysterious for Sakura at that time. These are the ruins, of course. The fun stuff then realy begins when Syaoran realizes that Kurogane’s mother was killed by Fei Wong’s assistants as well. This does explain why he became more keen on helping Syaoran, as things have gotten personal for him as well.

Speaking of the devil, we finally see him again, after his long absence. He still has no way to see what Sakura and Syaoran are doing, His only method of knowing where they are is the Syaoran-clone, who actually comes into action during this episode. What exactly is his purpose? Why did he take over Syaoran, in order to beat the guardian of the feather?

Also, Fay finally uses his magic. Kurogane starts this by pointing out that if one wants to discern a certain magic, you would need an even bigger magic. Fay pretends to ignore this, but it seems that Kurogane did hit the right nail. For some reason, I’m fearing that Fay’s power is incredible, if it’s even enough to beat the magic which has sealed away a feather for more than 3000 years. Then, when Kurogane goes after the guardian, Fay wonders whether he shouldn’t try to help Syaoran, and in the end, when it seems that the magical influence of the place is preventing Mokona from transferring worlds, he creates a barrier which enables Mokona to do his/her magic.

But why did they end up back in the same world again?

Overall, great episode. Loved it. Want more.

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Ooh, I’ve been waiting for this. Finally, after a month of absence, Tsubasa Chronicle returns. After the previous episode, which was so incredibly awesome, the anime continues in the same world we left off. It seems that the book from the previous episode was a copy of the book of memories. This one stores the memories of the person who touches it, and shows them to whoever gets to be the next to touch it. The real one is hidden in a large library, and it contains the feather. 3004 years ago, this feather caused a catastrophe when it got in evil hands. Ever since, it’s been sealed away, in order to prevent another tragedy like that.

That’s another way you can do it. During the first arc, there were two arcs dedicated to people, abusing the power of the feather they received. But if such a thing happened 3004 years ago, this matter definitely had already been solved by other people. I like this setting a lot. It really shows that Tsubasa Chronicle is full of originality.

I know. I remember calling this series a horrible mess around episode five and six. I totally take these words back now. This anime is great, period. The characters are just so incredibly likable. Both in moments of comedy as in moments of drama and in moments of romance. This episode definitely was no exception. It was another brilliant episode. Ranging fro Syaoran’s apologies to Kurogane to Mokona, portraying Kurogane as the father of a poor family and Syaoran comforting Sakura to the cliff-hanger at the end of the episode, in which our protagonists suddenly ended up back in the Clow Country.

(On a side-note: during the eye-catch, it seems that the official spelling for “Fye”‘s name is actually “Fay”. I’ll try using it from now on.)

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This episode was just incredible. This is what Tsubasa Chronicle should be, in every single way. A true masterpiece.

We get to see an episode entirely devoted to Kurogane’s past. He used to be the son of a demon-slayer and priestess. The country he lived in was the Japan Country, or rather Nihon Country. In this country, monsters and demons have been roaming free. Kurogane’s mother has been creating a barrier to keep their lands free, which takes a toll from her health. This border isn’t really perfect, and his father slays the ones that get through. An interesting fact is that Kurogane and Tomoyo seem to have different names. I think that that’s because of the different languages spoken in the worlds.

In any case, when he was young, Kurogane was an energetic little fellow. He really loved his mother, and he always looked up to his mother. Because his father was a demon slayer, he became inspired to learn how to fight. Over time, he began seeing his father as a rival. Then, at one night, it happened. Kurogane’s father ran into an extremely strong demon. His mother attempts to weaken it, even though her health already is incredibly weak, in order to help her husband. Still, she fails, and dies. Kurogane breaks when he sees this. When he sees his father, being devoured by the demon as well, he loses his mind and goes berserk.

That was so amazing. Afterwards, Kurogane has slain the demon, and continues to idly sit in his rampaged state. Tomoyo and her big sister then arrive, because of a dream she had. She then manages to calm him down, and he starts crying. In the end, it seems that Syaoran picked up a book in a library somewhere. This book told him Kurogane’s history. It’s indeed no wonder that he also starts crying afterwards.

With this episode, my respect for Kurogane has gotten even bigger than it already was. This episode explained bit about how he became the person he is today. We still don’t know what happened to him while he was under Tomoyo’s service, though I do have some theories. I believe that afterwards, he was admitted to the royal army, though somehow, he kept setting his mind on battles. He only wanted to fight stronger opponents, probably in false hope of getting his father and mother back. Over time, these feelings subdued a bit, though his lust for fighting didn’t. That’s why, once he was the strongest in the country, and kept causing trouble, Tomoyo decided to send him to Yuuko.

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Well, that was rather cure, wasn’t it? This was probably one of the first really slow paced arcs of Tsubasa Chronicle. Clearly, the creators couldn’t manage to fit these two episodes into one, so they decided to stretch them a bit. The result is interestingly enjoyable. Still, a lot of strange things happened during this episode.

Remember when Syaoran planned to steal one of the bad guy’s motors during the previous episode? Well, somehow, this plan gets lost and he and Kurogane only manage to chase them away. Then, they board the bus again, as if nothing ever happened. ^^; The silent, long-haired woman also appears to be a former mechanic of the rail bus, now fleeing as well because of the usual things. She worked too hard, lost sight of the important things in her life, broke down and now attempts to take a break.

The true identities of the two eloping lovers? An idol and her manager. This gets found out when a news reporter conveniently mentions the fact that they’re missing. I have no idea why those bad guys are after them, by the way. It seems to be some kind of revenge, or something, but that’s never explained. In any case, the two of them are eloping because they believe that a relation between idol and manager is taboo.

Also, for some reason, either changing tires on a truck takes an awful lot of time, or the truck managed to catch up an interesting distance. Then the cute stuff begins, when Syaoran manages to land on the back of the truck and the bad guys arrive. All of the passengers on the rail bus are cheering for him, and Kurogane, Fye and even Sakura spend their time with attempting to shoot down the bad guys. For some reason, the bad guys keep their attention at Syaoran, and never even aim for the others. All of this is accompanied by an “interesting” background tune.

Despite the obvious flaws, the episode just remains very enjoyable. It’s like I’ve said before. You don’t need to think too much while watching Tsubasa Chronicle. It’s got a story it wants to tell, and it will tell this story no matter what, even if some parts don’t make any sense at all.

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