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Wooper: Are you ready for the season of sequels? We’re getting 15 this fall – that’s the most since spring 2018, which boasted nearly 20. What makes this season special, though, is that 7 of those 15 follow-ups belong to high profile franchises. That means a huge number of anime fans will be following multiple sequels this season. Even putting aside blockbuster properties like Sword Art Online, Seven Deadly Sins, and Food Wars, we found seven continuations that were worth bringing to your attention. And for those of you who prefer first seasons and original works, there are plenty of those here, too. With five writers currently on board, we’ve got a thorough mix of tastes and preferences represented in this preview, so we hope you find something to get excited about this fall.

We’re bringing back expectation tiers this time, so you can tell at a glance what we’re really hyped for, and what qualifies as a mere curiosity. With 19 shows being previewed, there are a bunch we won’t be covering, but they’ll appear in the poll below. Let us know what you’re interested in – we’ll take the results into account when deciding what to blog this October.

Which series are you interested in for the 2019 Fall Season?
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Middling Expectations


Keishichō Tokumu-bu Tokushu Kyōaku-han Taisaku-Shitsu Dai-Nana-ka -Tokunana-

Studio: TBA
Director: Harume Kosaka
Series composition: Yuichiro Higashide
Source: Original

Amun: Everyone has something where their head tells them no, but their heart says yes. For me, I gamble on original anime works – I’m really hoping to stumble upon the next big hit. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still trying (I guess I saw the first episode of Re:Zero in Japan before the hype, so that counts, right?). Also, I have a soft spot for straight man rookies thrown into exotic situations – I can’t help it.

Tokunana is exactly such a project. With a composer who was previously an eroge company’s in-house writer (and did Fate/Apocrypha, to be fair) and director Harume Kosaka, an industry veteran without a major project to call his own, Tokunana has low expectations. As an anime original, this looks like a second rate Ghost in the Shell.

BUT. The trailer looked good, character designs look crisp, and as long as the plot can stay on point, this could be a nice, one season action show. For the staff’s sake, you can’t help but hope that this breaks out as the next Battlefront Blockade – it’s unlikely, but I keep my hopes up until I see the first couple of episodes.



Studio: Revoroot
Director: Kiyotaka Suzuki
Series composition: TBA
Source: Novel

Mario: In any anime season, there is always a show or two that is destined to shake the waters – one that’s bold but utterly inconsistent, and sharply divides the audience. I’m thinking of Vatican Miracle Examiner or Kado the Right Answer a few years back, and it seems to me that Babylon is going to fit the slot. The premise about a prosecutor investigating and unveiling a whole underground conspiracy sure sounds juicy, and add to that, the original writer behind the novel is none other than the guy who wrote Kado’s script. Then we have the director who is behind other ambitious but messy works: FLCL Alternative and Psycho-Pass 2. Can’t say the art style in the PV looks that attractive, but even if this show turns out to be a hot mess, at least I’m sure that I won’t be bored by it.


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Long time no see and strap in cause this is going to be a long one. I will preface this review with the assumption that you have seen the first movie of this trilogy and this movie as well as the assumption that whomever is reading this knows what a command spell is. So basically expect spoilers after this first paragraph while I place my general thoughts at the beginning. To throw my final estimate on this right now I will say that Heaven’s Feel II is just as good, if not better than the movie preceding it. Ufotable truly have done great work in bringing this route to life and with two movies out of three adapted as well as this then as long as Ufotable doesn’t make any major missteps in the last movie this will be considered a perfect adaption with only nitpickers trying to amplify its flaws(Take note that nitpicking is to follow this paragraph.) The animation is steller, the music is…well I think Kajura held herself back enough to make my usual complaints of her less evident, the adaption of the source ultimately makes it better by cutting out the bloat and extending fight scenes which were originally nonexistent and the atmosphere and pacing is engaging from start to finish. For those curious I will confirm that yes there is a sex scene in this movie though temper your expectations as it is a sex scene on the level of which you would see in a PG rated romantic comedy. So I am afraid you will once again have to rely on doujins if you require some porn. Funny as it is though I would say that the strongest element of this movie isn’t the fight scenes, character interactions or the further developments of the holy grail war. But the show stealers here is when the story veers into horror as it’s there where Kajura’s soundtrack truly excels and highlights the utterly unnerving nature that the villain of this piece is. The “shadow” captures a near Lovecraftian level of unknown malevolence and any time it’s on screen is a showcase of just how powerless anyone is to oppose it. The combination of CGI and 2D animation makes it truly otherworldly and unsettling, almost making the uncanny effect its advantage. The story is dark to the point of giving Fate/Zero competition as developments long awaited and wished are finally happening to the cast. If there is a detriment it would be that some great scenes with Illya and Kirei were cut to make the runtime reasonable which is understandable but somewhat disappointing. So if you have already watched the first movie and was interested enough to move on to the second then I doubt you need my encouragement to continue.


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Wooper: Like a summer heat wave that just won’t end, anime is forever new in the eyes of seasonal watchers. Here at Star Crossed, we grind out countless episodic posts in an effort to keep up, but today we’re doing something a bit different. We’ve decided to call it “State of the Season” – a quarterly report on what we’re watching, what we’re most enjoying, and what we’ve dropped like a hot potato. This is our first time doing this sort of round table post, so it’s a chance for you to see which of our writers you’re most aligned with, and who among us has bottom tier taste. Ready? Let’s get started!


What show are you enjoying that you’re not reviewing?

Amun: Granbelm.  Normally I’m not into Mech or Mahou Shoujo, but this is pretty good.  Latest episode is lit!

Wooper: Dumbbell. It’s this year’s Yuru Camp – informative CGDCT that builds its characters enough to create real friendships between them.

Lenlo: Dumbbell. Everything tells me I shouldn’t enjoy what is basically a fanservice workout show. Yet I am all about that Fitmoe life, I enjoy the educational part of it, and Machio is a lovable beefcake. Sidenote: I hated Yuru Camp >.>

Mario: Two shows for me, the first one being Wasteful Days of High School Girls. I have a soft spot for these slice-of-life comedies that play with character tropes, but even then nothing prepares for this show’s quirkiness. I enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor and I love every character. The second show is Lord El-Melloi II, which manages to make the whole Fate universe interesting in my eyes. And that is such an accomplishment.

Helghast: Ramming my way through Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba since I heard about the hype surrounding episode 19’s final five minutes. It’s alright so far with ufotable’s stellar animation propping up the show. 

Armitage: Dumbbell for me too. It’s such an easy watch. And each week, I feel more motivated to get off my couch and you know *whispers* exercise.


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Serial Experiments Lain is weird. It is a series unlike any other, wholly unique in anime, both modern and historical. Every aspect of it, from presentation to narrative, is best described as an experience. It is because of this that I believe Lain is a must watch, if only to experience a piece of anime history. That said, Serial Experiments Lain can hardly be said to be an “enjoyable” series. It is certainly evocative, Serial Experiments Lain will bring about emotions and force you to confront reality in a unique way. But I at least did not end the series thinking I would watch it again anytime soon, and this density will no doubt be off putting for many. However while these may keep it out of my favorites, it is without a doubt worth your time. Lets go.

(Disclaimer: I am working to make 50 the new “average”. 70 is not an average score people. 70 is above average. Carry on.)


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You’re walking along in your neighborhood, going about your daily routine. It’s a fine morning. The sun is shining brightly. But suddenly, you see something strange. You squint your eyes; even rub them, to make sure it isn’t a mirage before exclaiming with excitement, “Oh, look. It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane! No no. It’s a…penguin?”

That is how this particular morning started for young Aoyama, who is the perfect embodiment of a child you would call wicked smart. Smarter than almost everybody in his class. Barring maybe Hanamoto-chan, but Aoyama considers her a bit too complacent. He is a self-proclaimed pupil of science. A true man of research. Well, actually just about 3681 days short of being a man (he keeps count), but you get what I mean. He is secretly in love with the dentist woman. Who is much older but that doesn’t bother him. His love isn’t the sexual kind. Yes, he does think about her breasts 30 mins a day but that’s for relaxation purposes. His sole reason for visiting the dental clinic is so as to get to talk with her for a little while.


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With BEM released we come to the end of the First Impression period and the real beginning of this Summer Season. With 2 new writers on board I am happy to say that the 1st Impression had gone smoother and much faster than ever before. To make it even more exciting, we have 2 good news for you readers. First, this season Star Crossed Anime will cover a total of 12 shows, which if my memory serves right is the highest since psgels left the site. After many behind-the-scene black-market deals and fist fights and Mexican standoffs to make sure we can cover shows we wanted, this is our Summer 2019 blogging schedule:

Mario: Kanata no AstraCop CraftCarole & Tuesday (carry-over)

Lenlo: Vinland Saga – Dr. STONE – Kimetsu no Yaiba (carry-over)

Wooper: Mix: Meisei Story (carry-over)

Amun: Fire ForceDanMachi 2 

Armitage: O Maidens in Your Savage SeasonGiven

Helghast: Lord El-Melloi II-sei no Jikenbo: “Rail Zeppelin” Grace note

Second, it’s the new bloods’ idea to give First-Episode Awards where the staff vote for their favorites and worst (Credits entirely to Amun for the concept, layout and those lovely icons) so you readers can have a better grasp on the seasonal reception so far. Let us know if you like the idea and which category you would like us to include in the future. I’ll stop writing now and just let the awards speak for themselves.

Best First Episode
(The Death Note Award)


Spent All Efforts on the First Episode
(The Kyoukai No Kanata Award)


Best Animation
(The Samurai Champloo Award)


Season Sleeper
(The Gargantia Award)


Worst First Episode
(The Bleach Award)


Exceeded Expectations
(The Hyouka Award)


Most Disappointing First Episode
(The Berserk Award)


Best Sequel/Continuation
(The Natsume Book of Friends Award)


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Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2

Short Synopsis: A grade schooler tries to embarrass the girl sitting next to him in class.

Amun’s review:

First of all, this show is more difficult than the others to watch this season – so take that as you will. The first episode picks right back up where the previous season left off – that wonderful age where girls always just seem to be one step ahead of their male companions. The gimmicks and the characters are still great, with always the hint of romance, but I remember one of the issues I had in the previous season – the format is just too long. This should be aired as separate shorts, instead of putting several of them into one 20 minute odd episode. It’s hard to maintain interest through all 3 stories per episode, at least for me. Still, I’ll probably watch this and skip through segments I feel are going nowhere.

Potential: 40%

Mario’s review:

There is a certain charm Takagi-san the series that I always come back for more. “Charming” is indeed the magic word here, as under the cute bickering between our duo (in which they have an incredible chemistry together), we can see what their feelings lie beneath. It might be a roundabout way to express their feelings to each other, but like the old saying it’s the journey that worth it. The repetitive nature is not much of an issue for me, since we follow these short stories through Nishikata’s headspace, and he’s always interesting to follow. It falters a but when it focuses on the other three girls, which for me lacks the charms and the humor from the main duo. Overall, you know exactly what to expect here so if you enjoy the first season well enough then by all means, this season will be a treat to watch.

Potential: 50%


Short Synopsis: Demoted, idealistic cop encounters monsters while adjusting to a new city.

Armitage’s review:

So, to keep up with the trend, we have our yearly 50th anniversary project (Megalo Box and Gegege no Kitaro the year before). Though, in retrospect, BEM has more in common with the latter. We have our lead characters, fighting off yokai who dwell among us mere mortals for the good of all humanity, much like Kitaro, although this show doesn’t even come close to the same level of polish as that ratings juggernaut. Everything’s grim-dark (more literally than figuratively). The animation’s fairly passable but character designs for the yokai looks very jagged. Those of the main characters look pretty stylish, though. Maybe the source material’s strengths can be banked upon to deliver a solid narrative over the coming weeks but as of now, this looks like your everyday monster-of-the-week anime with some gritty dark overtones thrown in for good measure. Don’t expect anything more and you should have a decent time with it. If you like the concept, and wish to be absolutely blown away by its execution, go watch Kitaro.

Potential: 30%

Amun’s review:

Apparently this is the latest of many adaptations of BEM, the story of 3 vigilante demi-humans. The first episode had…a very large bridge, lots of shadows, quite a bit of jazz, a naive cop, gratuitous violence, and anime New York City. And monsters – pretty powerful, but not overly imaginative (they seem to have elemental affinities). With obvious overtones of injustice and class divides, BEM could conceivably turn into an action show plus social commentary…not a great combination. I feel this is going to be a supernatural take on Gangsta – which might not be a terrible thing. However, if you’re expecting something more upbeat like Battlefront Blockade, this is probably not the show for you. If you’re into urban, gory shows (and jazz…so much jazz) that make you feel good when the opulent overlords inevitably get what their nefarious schemes deserve at the cost of some minor character’s life or a major character’s appendage – watch this one.

Potential: 33%

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Short Synopsis: Chancing upon an encounter with a doe-eyed boy his age, a teenage guitarist find his love for music once again.

Armitage’s review:

I can see why this is undeservedly flying under the radar for most people. The core demographic for this show (those unfamiliar with the manga, which is outstanding) comprised of two kinds of viewers. The ones who were wishing for a Free: Rock Band Edition, with pretty boys having glistening abs locked up in a music room. And the ones who expected this to be an all-out music themed story. First of all, to clear the air, Yes. It’s a Shounen-Ai anime so there are bound to be pretty boys being awkward around each other and stealing the occasional side glance. But, if done right, it can turn into a highly compelling story like the Classmates movie which came out a couple of years back. And the kind of story Given tries to tell is a very compelling character-driven drama with music serving as a subplot.

It’s about Uenoyama and his attempts at finding his passion in life once again. It’s about Mafuyu, who from the moment he heard a guitar strum just felt completely enamored by its sound. And It’s about the journey that these two will take, breaking down each other’s defenses and growing as people, together. And as someone who is familiar with the source material, I can say that Lerche has done a solid job adapting the manga. The backgrounds aren’t lush or highly detailed but the character art stands out, giving the pivotal scenes the vibrancy they needed. Hearing these precious boys talk was a joy in itself. No complaints on the voice acting front. And, boy! That instrumental band performance was the highlight of the episode. The sound design was absolutely stellar; each instrument sounded very real and the entire showcase and made me reminiscent of Kids on the Slope. Whether Given is able to stand toe-to-toe with that series is something which will only be revealed over time. But the premiere has given (ha!) me high hopes.

Potential: 80%

Mario’s review:

Given is a show of two halves for me. When it focuses on the lead guy Uenoyama, it delivers with solid characterization and the guy has enough complexity for us to care: he finds himself losing the sparks of playing guitar, and finds that sparks in the new guy. It helps that every subplot around him is pretty good as well: he has a natural chemistry with his older sister, he has a band in which the bandmates serve as a nice supporting roles. But when it comes to the other “lost-puppy” character I am almost put off by it. I don’t know how anyone can find him remotely interesting since his head is over cloud 9 all the time. The production, aside from weird smoke effect at the end, is much better than I expected. The use of color and how they put characters into frame strengthen the mood of those scenes, and there’s an attention to guitar sound, which is gonna be key elements for the show going forward. So basically how Given handles that Satou character will be a make-or-break factor for me.

Potential: 50%

Okaasan Online

Short Synopsis: An ungrateful teenage boy and his doting mother are summoned into an MMORPG.

Wooper’s review:

Okaasan Online gives you exactly what it says on the tin: an RPG-themed story about moms. The white-pupiled character designs remind me of the protagonist from Net-juu no Susume, though that series aimed a bit deeper than this one. I feel confident in making that judgment after just one episode, because this show is pretty fetishistic at its core. The mom character is youthful, buxom, and freakishly supportive of her child. She says stuff like, “Look at how cool you’re acting!” and “I’ve discovered a new side of my son!” without the slightest hint of irony. As he’s being sucked into the game world, the main character even hopes that when he returns, he can be “more honest” with his mother. Gee, I wonder what that’s supposed to mean? The twist, which is also the show’s one redeeming feature, is that she’s far more powerful than her son in-game, which will probably lead to his humiliation in future episodes. Their immediate goal is to recruit a bunch of hot female party members for him to flirt with, but with his mom around to accidentally blue-ball him at every turn, this fanservice series might end up a half-decent comedy.

Potential: 25%

Lenlo’s review:

What is with anime, or Japan in general I guess, and fetishizing the family? I like a hot girl just as much as the next guy. But there are certain territories that are off limits, such as “sister” and “mother” and “family members”. Basically, as Wooper was saying, there is a whole lot of mother/son subtext going on and I don’t care for it. It’s an ecchi rpg isekai like series. That’s like… all of my negative tick boxes excluding loli. The only thing it has going for it is the comedy aspect that comes with ecchi series. Which this one has a bit of a twist on with, as Wooper said, the mother blue-balling her son. That at least is novel! However, comedy isn’t exactly my genre. So if it’s yours, this might end up being worth your time. For me though I have so many other things to watch this season, that Okaasan just isn’t even on my radar.

Potential: 5%

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II

Short Synopsis: A white haired boy finds love and adventure in a mysterious world called “Dungeon.”

Amun’s review:

1,476 days ago, I last saw the adventures of white haired Bell Cranel and Hestia the short, stacked goddess. DanMachi S2 Episode 1 had the accumulated expectations from the past 5 years to assuage us fans that our patience would be rewarded (I do not accept the existence of the spinoff show as canon, by the way). From episode 1, I can safely say…it’s been worth it.

One of my major concerns was where the series will go – will they continue the MMORPG progression raiding or will they introduce new characters and complications? From the looks of it, the latter. However, instead of the normal character creep that sets into these shows (think Fairy Tail), DanMachi – at least in their first episode back – has done a great job of clearly defining the conflicts, the goods and the bads, and bringing in a balanced mix of familiar side characters and fresh blood. With a surprising amount of relationship progression, nice fighting scenes to remind you this is an adventure show, and a quick tour of all our old friends, DanMachi is back with a bang. Wave your ribbons, fire your firebolts, splatter your minotaurs – the Dungeon is back!

Potential: 10000000%

Helghast’s review:

I watched DanMachi when it first came out and I wasn’t impressed by it at all as it was an amalgamation of every single stereotypical trope of the anime industry. It looked nice but it might as well be an isekai given the video game-like fantasy world with its RPG mechanics, shallow and pedantic characters and a massive amount of fanservice. There are the goddesses that fight over each other like teenage girls in high school and another one that just screams out just how all the little adventurers would enjoy being stepped on by her.

I suppose the best moment in the whole episode was how Bell and the Sword Princess ended up dancing courtesy of Hermes being a completely boss of a wingman. Ais still has the personality of a cardboard cereal box but that was probably the nicest moment between the two characters. It all comes down in the end as the next main conflict gets set up between the Apollo familia and Hesita in an overly dramatic reveal filled with rapey vibes that only emphasizes just how comically bad our new villains are. I’m not a betting man but I’m pretty sure who is going to be the winner in the war games and how Apollo will deservedly get the beatdown that is coming to him.

It’s animated decently enough and you can really see where J.C. Staff focused their efforts on instead of bothering with One Punch Man Season 2. If you into shows like DanMachi then you don’t need me to tell you to go watch it, but for the rest of us, season two isn’t going to change your mind in the slightest.

Potential: 34.5%

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Kochoki: Wakaki Nobunaga

Short Synopsis: Oda Nobunaga in his younger days before making a name for himself.

Armitage’s review:

Oh, yes!! Here we have a completely original story about a historical figure you have NEVER heard of before. Especially, if you follow seasonal anime. That’s right! None other than… drumroll Oda Nobunaga!  Can I get a ‘Hell, Yeah!’ exasperated moans 

Okay, okay. I know. This is just a classic example of anime giving you a sense of Deja vu by re-adapting a story and giving it a modern spin. Sometimes that works out pretty great! That is what I was thinking before I watched the premiere. But I am now here to report that, it was actually just, um…okay?

I mean, you’ve been there, seen it all. This story just follows Nobunaga in his teenage years. That doesn’t really make up a massive difference though. All the characters apart from Nobu-chan himself are going to be forgettable. You know that. The animation is mostly lacklustre but barely competent. That’s to be expected though. It’s being adapted by Deen. Even their best shows like Rakugo and KonoSuba have shoddy animation. You know that. So, it’s up to you really. Would you like to go into this series to experience a story you already know and are familiar with? Or would it be a soft pass so you can watch the better shows airing this season? My recommendation, is for the latter.

Potential: 20%

Mario’s review:

How many times that we see Oda Nobunaga in animated form? And hot young boy on top of it? This premiere focus on him in adolescent age, and put him through some troubles to determine what sort of person he will eventually become. On that front we have an alright execution of him acting against his father’s will. It helps that he’s an interesting character and the confrontation at the end feels somewhat earned, but the rest of the episode feels unremarkable at best. Maybe one of this first episode’s successes lie in the fact that it has little to do with the main overarching arc yet, so instead it lays its focus on developing him and introducing other main characters. For what it set out to do in this first episode, I can say that they did a decent job, it’s the coming events that I’m not sure if I am interested enough to follow.

Potential: 30%

Isekai Cheat Magician

Short Synopsis: Two childhood friends are transported to an alternate world, where they begin their journey as adventurers.  

Amun’s review:

This season must set a record for the number of mediocre (or downright awful) isekai offerings.  Isekai Cheat Magicians may be the best one, but that’s not a compliment – this show is so set on being mediocre, it can’t even make an impression as remarkably bad…just remarkably bland.  I think probably the most original idea I saw was bringing a girl from one world to the other…although I guess Konasuba sort of did that. Other than that twist, this episode is so utterly forgettable, that I’m having trouble discussing anything aside from the jarringly generic textures that were used for any particle effects – did someone just learn how to use MS Paint?  Fan service and overpowered MCs also happened, I guess. This is a pass from me (go watch DanMachi instead).

Potential: 1% (and that would be by accident since I forgot the title)

Helghast’s review:

Isekai shows are a dime a dozen nowadays but Isekai Cheat Magician is like a dozen dimes put together and that’s a lot of dimes. Instead of a single person being magically transported into yet another fantasy, they manage to blow my expectations by having an entire TWO main characters. On top of that, we have the added bonus of the classic character female childhood friend trope which has high potential for some deep character development as these two will no doubt grow in their relationship with each other. Speaking of developmental growing, the character designs may be a little generic but at least all the females are cute and have giant boobies which more than makes up for it as that’s the only criteria for a good show and they deliver in spades. I’m not worry at all about how seemingly overpowered the main characters are or how welcoming all the other adventurers are. This can only mean that as we get further into the show, there will be some really really hard challenges that only the powers of friendship, overpowered cheats and love all combined together will be able to defeat it and I can’t wait to see it.     

Potential: Unratable as no scale can describe how amazing this show is going to be.

Machikado Mazoku

Short Synopsis: The descendant of a demon clan learns of her heritage and sets out to defeat a local magical girl.

Wooper’s review:

This show has one thing going for it, and that’s hyperactivity. It only paused to catch its breath once or twice during this entire episode, preferring to spend most of its time providing raucous self-commentary. Even the opening scenes, which bluntly laid out the entire plot, contain violent commands from a cute demon spirit and lots of fretting over the main girl’s newly-grown goat horns. Characters are constantly interrupting each other and making snide comments under their breath, and screen tone backgrounds are employed one after another in heightening this sense of chaos. When everything about an anime is played for laughs, though, it’s hard to find anything to connect with. The story of a recently awakened demon girl who accidentally befriends her mortal enemy is ridiculous, and the show isn’t wrong to poke fun at itself, but I would have preferred at least a small serving of heart to offset the nonstop gags (which grew tiresome after the first five minutes).

Potential: 15%

Amun’s review:

Magical girls, while not as commonplace as some seasons past, always seem to have at least one offering show up.  Due to the numerous renditions, I think the genre has become a little self-aware – thankfully, Machikado Mazoku at least tries to switch some tropes up instead of doing another Black Rock Shooter (cute edition).  So far, this reminds me of Endro! from a few seasons back, with some slight variations on the characters and themes – the upbeat energy, bright colours, and cute girls are all present as expected. That being said, this show did make me laugh a few times and had pretty good comedic timing and sound effects (for the genre).  If Mahou Shoujo is your cup of tea or if you’re just looking for some light hearted laughs at cute hijinks – this show is for you.  

Potential: 45%

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Cop Craft

Short Synopsis: A human policeman is forced to partner with a female alien and track down a kidnapped fairy.

Mario’s review:

Despite its formulaic premise, Cop Craft’s first episode is such an enjoyable ride. It has an interesting settings for one thing, and while in concept it reminds you of Blood Blockade Battlefront, it does have many elements to make it its own. Then the two odd couples have their own distinct personalities and they bounce off each other nicely. On top of that the dialogues are on the better side of the spectrum, both does its job to establish character’s motivation, and each character has their own way of speaking. The production can be a bit shaky at times, but for now it manages to hold up. The gritty tone also brings a lot of potential, and a right mix between real world and fantastical elements are explored in just correct amount. I’d say that its best quality so far is the right mix of all its ingredients, make it a show that is familiar enough but still has its own personality.

Potential: 60%

Wooper’s review:

There were a lot of visual choices here that I didn’t like. The drab color palette, featuring mostly brown and gray environments, is rescued only by Tilarna’s elaborate red outfit. There are moments when the series feels like it was animated in Flash, especially when side characters are put through their stiff walk cycles. The ship on which Tilarna arrives has a rough, sketchy quality to its illustration that doesn’t match the rest of the art. But you know, I kind of dug this episode. It’s another buddy cop show like Double Decker, but it aims for a grittier tone right off the bat, and mostly manages to hit the right notes in the process. The supernatural element and Tilarna’s curiosity about human technology give the script a little flavor, without which it would have felt too familiar. Most importantly, it quickly established who the main characters are and what they want, generating a clash of personalities that it can resolve as it progresses. In short, it didn’t waste my time.

Potential: 50%


Short Synopsis: A gutless high school boy must figure out which of his smoking hot clubmates gifted him a pair of her panties.

Wooper’s review:

Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s cute? This is the literal translation of HenSuki’s full title, as well as the philosophical quandary at the root of the show’s deftly-woven narrative. Japanese society is largely conservative (I know this for certain because I am an anime blogger), so even mild sexual deviance on the part of an individual can have lasting ramifications in their life. With this in mind, our potato-faced main character must approach the girls in his after school club with caution. One of them has left him a love letter, which would be scandalous enough on its own, but to include a pair of her panties alongside it? Such a woman could drag him into moral degeneracy! Nevertheless, such a bold maneuver could indicate a favorable temperament with regard to such lewd activities as hand-holding. Thus HenSuki establishes its central theme, exploring the personal cost of pursuing an anime gf with big tiddies. Subplots include incest teasing, breast envy, and sexual slavery. You won’t want to miss this thoughtful, daring, and not at all pandering look at modern teenage romance!

Potential: 0%

Mario’s review:

I expected this show to be trashy but I didn’t expect it to be this boring. This premiere’s main flaw is that it focuses entirely on romance aspect and not too much about comedy. Up until the very last reveal (which put this show into interesting direction, I admit), it feels not unlike a dating sim game or dating visual novel where all girls have a hot for this totally plain male lead. That sense of visual novel extends to its production too, as there isn’t much actual animation and the show’s hanging there with key still frames. The decision to play it straight with romance could have been fine if the dialogue weren’t this boring. Every conversation comes from boy’s wet dream, in which if my memory serves me right he was dreaming in the beginning (See, I already forgot). In theory, this show could serve as a dating genre-reconstruction where all the girls have hidden sexual fetishes that are way beyond this guy’s head but when you care nothing about this faceless dude, you have a hard time getting invested to what it’s trying to say.

Potential: 10%

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Short Synopsis: An adventurer from another world is betrayed by his classmates before eating monster flesh and turning into a badass.

Wooper’s review:

“Incompetence” is the word that kept springing to mind during this episode. It begins in a cave so dark that the main dude’s hair had to be traced with a white outline, because otherwise you can’t tell where he ends and the background begins. Every combat scene, including the one where he loses an arm, depicts the slashing of claws and blades with limp effects animation. As a result, it’s hard to care about any of the fighting, especially the bits with CG skeletons that hardly interact with the characters. All of the flashbacks seem to have been placed in the script just to emphasize the hero’s weakness and his former classmates’ cruelty, setting the stage for his rise to power. Sounds exciting, right? Nope, he promptly attains this power by getting really pissed off and eating monster meat, rather than by training or learning anything. And then the show has to trot out the concept of in-game stats and skill trees to show how much he’s leveled up, so that even people who don’t leave their rooms can understand how awesome he’s become. If you still remain unconvinced that this show is a turd, check out this climactic moment from the ending. In case you’re wondering, that clip isn’t slowed down, darkened, or modified in any way. The show is just that bad.

Potential: 0%

Mario’s review:

Anime medium is known for its entertainment, but once in a while there are shows that aim for something much more profound, something of a life lesson. Watching Arifureta reminds you time and again that life isn’t all rose-tinted color and that in life, many people have it way worse. Our hero’s innocent outlook of life is shattered through harsh reality. Yes, life is cruel, life is unequal but that makes his transformation all the more powerful. I felt shocked, but I also felt sort of uplifted to see him bounce back and claim his life back. Yes, that is the strength of humanity: To never give up, to enjoy every piece of food you found, and to look Death in the eyes and say: “I will kill because I am hungry”. Arifureta is a story about survival, Arifureta is a story about revenge and Arifureta is a story about breaking your own weak self. Beneath the shocking content, I can see the layered messages that work together perfectly. Its thematic complexity is something that blows away any other contender of this season, Hypeland Saga included. It’s too early to say anything in terms of how the story will go from here but I have no doubt that Arifureta will change the way I view life forever.

Potential: put Vinland Saga into a pit of shame!!!!!!!!

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