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To those whom it may concern this is a declaration of my retirement from the Star Crossed Anime Blog and this is a needlessly dramatic sentence. However when I consider my five years on this site blogging shows I feel that some dramatic gravitas is warranted. Now this post will likely be very long so I suspect that most will skim it at best or declare TLDR before moving on but I really feel like giving at least one last post to explain how I got here, why I kept doing this and why I am stopping. After Psgels abandoned the site without a word I felt it would be wrong to repeat that even if my leaving will be met with little lamentation. So bear with me as I take you back to the days of yore when the animated TV adaption of Fate/Unlimited Bladeworks was about to air.

I stumbled upon Psgels really out of nowhere after my old hangout of cartoon-world forums went dead and for some reason or another just stuck around talking to people on the shoutbox and commenting on posts. You may be surprised to hear that back then there was a rather thriving community on the site and we all basically knew each other. It was nice and gave me a place to talk about my interests when the place I am from people don’t even know what anime is, let alone talk about it. Then came the time psgels decided to make this site a multi-author blog and indeed it did seem to be his means of distancing himself from the site. He picked out a number of people from our Shoutbox community to carry on the site in his stead and let me say that I was not actually one of them. As a matter of fact I was put forward by someone else for the sole purpose of covering the new Fate show and nothing else. Seeing as I was the person with the most knowledge about the franchise and was interested in trying to cover it, I decided to offer to do so. With that Psgels reluctantly gave me access to post to the site. Yes, reluctantly. You see dear readers, psgels did not actually like me and don’t take that to mean that I hold it against him. I gave him plenty of reasons to dislike me, potentially even hate me. Nonetheless he gave me access to the site, though made sure to contact me through a proxy email and not his real email address which caused massive headaches down the line.

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I must say, though the spring season is usually a heavyweight in both quantity and quality for anime offerings, spring 2019 surprisingly has a condensed amount of shows airing. This might be the fewest First Impressions posts we’ve done in a while. I’m optimistic about the season, however. There’s a clear cut between the 7 shows we’ve chosen to  blog (well, 6 shows and 1 carry-over) and the rest. That’s another way of saying that I’m happy with our schedule this season. Without further ado, here’s Star-Crossed Anime’s coverage for spring 2019:

Mario: Sarazanmai, Carole & Tuesday, Fruits Basket

Lenlo: Kimetsu no Yaiba, One Punch Man 2, Dororo (carry-over)

Wooper: Mix: Meisei Story

This is where I would finish with a witty remark, but since I’ve just been reborn as a dancing kappa through someone’s butt, let’s just end it right here before I burst out singing.

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Like a cold you can’t get rid of, the new season has come and all the premieres have been aired. Overall, this Winter season looks to be an exciting one. It’s certainly the fewest shows in terms of quantity for quite a while, and shows that supposed to be stand out are doing a pretty good job. Mob Psycho 100 2 delivers one of the best episode in a while, Boogiepop tanks but the rest is what we could’ve predicted. This season also marks many shows cut-corner by animating entirely in CG, and the results are pretty clunky. I hope this trend won’t become dominant in the future.

Below is our schedule for 2019 Winter season:

Aidan: Yakusoku no Neverland

Mario: Boogiepop Phantom (2019), Kemurikusa, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

Lenlo: Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (carry-over), Paranoia Agent (Throwback Thursday)

Wooper: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

Hooray for Wooper who will be back on board with us for the season. Extra hooray for Lenlo for working extra next season (I hope you survive, lad). And let’s hope for this 2019 year to be a better anime year than the last one.


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While there are some shows still lagging behind, we’ve pretty much had the general sip of what this new season has to offer. While personally I don’t have a clear favorite (my top shows only have 70% potential, the lowest since I’ve taken this job), there are many shows that genuinely surprise me. Who would’ve thought an anime with “Bunny Girl senpai” in the title can be this solid, or shows like Zombieland Saga and SSSS Gridman that defy their own tropes in every turn? On the negative side, I can regard this season as the season of bad-taste rape-attempts. From yaoi show about a romance between two sexy boys poisoned by attempted rape; goblins sexual assault to loli abuse, incest romance and a boy who travels to another world to make love with 12 different girls. This season has it all. Welcome to another season of Star Crossed Anime.

Here’s our schedule for the 2018 Fall Season:

Aidan: Goblin Slayer, Zombieland Saga, Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai

Mario: Thunderbolt Fantasy 2, Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara, SSSS Gridman

Lenlo: BANANA FISH (carry-over), Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san (short), Planetes (Throwback Thursday)

Let’s enjoy this last season of the year together, my friends.

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With this seemingly never-ending stream of new shows finally comes to an end, it’s time again for the announcement of our seasonal coverage. While I agree with the sentiments that this season is lackluster in general, especially compared to the previous season with only one true hit Banana Fish, there are many under-the-radar, sleeper hits from wide range across many genres. This season might turn out to be more exciting than I thought it would be.

Here’s our schedule for the 2018 Summer Season:

Aidan: Grand Blue, Planet With, Satsuriku no Tenshi

Mario: Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight, Hanebado!

Lenlo: Steins;Gate 0 (carry-over), BANANA FISH

Once again, Lenlo handles another critical hit of the season. Aidan covers two shows where the main characters suffer amnesia (God bless him!) and I go back to my usual territory, cute high-school girls shows, albeit this time they’re a bit unusual: cute girls doing sport (that’s a first for me), cute girls on their way to school and cute girls fighting in a surreal stage play.

Let’s all enjoy this Summer season of anime, hopefully with a glass of beer and NOT with naked muscular men. That’d be depressing!

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The Spring First Impression period has finally come to an end, which personally I regard it as a mixed bag.  This season has one of the most crowded titles in terms of quantity, having around 50 plus airing anime of all kinds and we previewed about 34 new shows . This huge amount doesn’t necessarily translate into better quality, however. We have handful of solid shows, a sea of mediocre and trashy shows and little to no middle ground. I gave 0% potential more than any previous seasons (do I become too harsh on anime or was anime a mistake?). In addition, as most of you already knew, we’re trying something new this season by gathering together and making the first (and hopefully not the only) podcast since the five of us, current writers, came into this site.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s our schedule for the 2018 Spring Season:

Aidan: Legend of Galactic Heroes – Die Neue These, Full Metal Panic Invisible Story, Wotakoi, Darling in the FranXX (carry-over)

Mario: Golden Kamuy, Hisone to Misotan, Hinamatsuri
Lenlo: Steins;Gate 0, Megalo Box

I’m also here to bring you one sad news. From this season onwards, Wooper will step down as a site writer. This is a great loss for us (and you’ll be missed, Wooper), but expect him to be around the chatbox as well as (hopefully) helping us out with the first impression.

With this, let’s the 2018 Spring Season truly begins.

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It’s this time again. After painfully * sat through almost all the first episodes this Winter 2018 has to offer. Here’s what our team decide to blog for this coming season:

Aidan: DARLING in the FRANXX, Fate/Extra Last Encore, Itou Junji Collection, Dies Irae (carry-over)

Mario: Violet Evergarden, After the Rain, A Place Further than the Universe

Lenlo: Kokkoku, Mahoutsukai no Yome (carry-over)

Wooper: 3-gatsu no Lion 2 (carry-over)

Helghast Killzone: TBA

As for Devilman Crybaby, we decided it’s for the best that one of us will do a full review on it.

That’s it, folks. Will see ya’ll real soon.

*a good kind of pain, mind you!

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Well, we don’t normally do this, but considering that now we have 5 active writers for the site, I think it’s fair to make a formal post about who covering what for the new season. This should be a normal practice from now on and traditionally (because traditions have to start somewhere), this post will come after our last “First Impressions” post. Without further ado, here’s our schedule for the 2017 Fall season:

AidanAK47: Kino no Tabi, Dies Irae, Fate/Apocrypha (carry-over)

Mario: Houseki no Kuni, Girls’ Last Tour, Juuni Taisen

Lenlo: Mahoutsukai no Yome, Inuyashiki, (Shokugeki no Souma 3) (note: Lenlo might do a bi-weekly post on Souma. Or not)

Wooper: 3-gatsu no Lion 2, Ballroom e Youkoso (carry-over), Space Battleship Yamato 2202 (OVA)

Helghast Killzone: TBA

We’re all delighted with our choices here. The only show that I regret to not blogging is Children of the Whales, but that further demonstrate how this Fall season is an embarrassment of riches. Another note is that Wooper will take over my coverage of 3-gatsu, consider he’s even a bigger fan of the series than mine. Not that I think you guys will miss my 3-gatsu coverage that much but rest assured that the show will be in good hands coming forward. As for me, I am working on a project right now so make sure to check back in few weeks. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s hoping for a new great season of anime. Thank you, folks.

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Ladies and gentlemen it is I, your resident anime blogger AidanAK47 and I bring with me news. As those of you who visit our little abode might know, we have been running a recruitment drive to get more writers so that we can cover more shows each season. Thank you to all that applied for the position. It is great to see those who wish to contribute to this site and help keep it strong. But alas you could not all be chosen. The results are in and we have decided to take on two new writers: Lenlo and Superwooper.


Hello everyone! I want to take this chance to quickly introduce myself and tell you afew things about me, so lets get started. I am a recent University Graduate with a degree in Computer Science, my personal focus being Machine Learning. I currently live in Texas in the United States but expect that to change soon. My hobbies include Fencing at the regional level, gaming with my current addition being Final Fantasy 14, and now writing. As far as anime goes, my tastes are pretty simple. I enjoy drama’s, things with a meaty story, and darker pieces with no guarnteed happy ending, things such as Monster, Mushishi, Sword of the Stranger and more recently Rakugo. I also enjoy a good romance such as Ore Monogatari and Your Lie in April, though those are harder to come by. Finallly, for this season I will be covering Stan Lees The Reflection and Katsugeki Touken Ranbu. Im looking forward to writing for you all!


Hey there! I’m Superwooper, a 27 year old Education student and recently-minted anime blogger. When I’m not at school or working as a tutor to pay the bills, I’m usually attending Smash Bros Melee or Pokemon TCG tournaments. My list of favorite anime includes Cross Game, Mushishi, Seirei no Moribito, and Usagi Drop. I’ll be writing about Ballroom e Youkoso and Shoukoku no Altair this season, along with Space Battleship Yamato 2202 if the next few episodes appear online soon. I’m grateful to be writing for a blog that’s been a personal resource for years now. Thanks for having me!

So what does that mean for you? Well it means that more shows will get covered each season and this site will be significantly more active with content. Now I must ask for you readers to be kind to our new writers. Constructive criticism is welcome but blatant abuse will be met with the reception it deserves from yours truly. Now I doubt such a scenario will come to pass as I like to believe our little reader community has a little more class than others…well, mostly. Thus I hope this change will result in a more positive direction for this site. Our two new writers will be starting with us in this new summer season so we will be covering quite a lot from this point forward. May you enjoy reading our written musings on anime to come.

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I’ll be straight to the point, it’s time for us to recruit a new permanent writer.

The reason, you ask? Welp, as much as I don’t want to admit, each season I feel we left out too many shows that worth covering. Having another writer on board, along with the support from casual writers like Helghast Killzone or Bam, we’re aiming at 9-10 shows per season. With psgels is now returning on the site with his monthly summary, the site can finally be in an active mode. Having new writer also mean that more shows for you guys to follow and enjoy.

But I’ll stress this again, for those of you who wonder if this site is ever going back to the glory times before psgels left, I can safely say we won’t, nor we intend to. We run things differently now with all the respect towards his bloggings from before, and rest assured that we still inform psgels on any development/ change we plan for this site, such as this.

But if you’re tempted with the idea of blogging anime, let be warned: this is a job that have little to no reward, time-consuming and require a strong commitment and frequent update. If you frequent this blog you would notice that usually we have little response rate, we’d be lucky if we have 1 or 2 response per post. Writing a post can eat up a lot of your free time as well. Usually, it’s about 3 hours per post, and you need to write them constantly almost every week.

Now, are you still keen on giving it a shot? Then, to the application:

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your favorite anime/ genre, what can you bring to the site (nah, we are not some kind of stuck up employers), and a sample post on any recent episode of your choice, or even a full review. The main reason for this sample post, apart from us having a good grasp of your writing style, is a little challenge for you guys to test yourself. “Try to write a post a same size as us (about 500 – 600 words), time how long it takes and ask yourself if you can really do that 3 times a week, for every single week of the year.” I’m just quoting roughly what Aidan said to me when I first approached him for the job and it did scare the hell out of me, but I survived. Ask yourself can you devote that much time each week to write reviews. If after you finish this sample post you still feel perfectly fine with all that, then you’re basically who we looking for.

One more thing that I suggest you do if you give this blogging a shot, just be yourself on your writing. Having a competent writing skills and good critical writing ability of course help, but having your own voice is what matters most. Let us know more about you through your post.

Send your application to this email: redriver(underscore)2005(at)yahoo(dot)com with the subject: “[your username] Writer’s Application”. The deadline will be until the start of next season (1st of July), meaning you will have approximately 3 more weeks to get involved. Depending on how many applications we get, we will try to email you back whether you made it or not as soon as the decision is made. If you have any question, shoot it down the comment section. We honestly don’t know how many applications we will eventually get, but it’s part of the fun. Remember, as long as you think of this blogging as your hobby, you’ll be fine. That I can assure. You won’t go far for things you don’t enjoy. So don’t be shy, give this a shot and good luck.

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