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Akagami no Shirayukihime

Short Synopsis: Little miss bland is bothered cause she’s getting courted by a terrible prince only to run away and get courted by a more handsome terrible prince.

Look, I know I am not the right person to judge this show. I have an ingrained hatred of the shoujo genre that just interferes with any enjoyment that could be had. Every single line that comes out of that white haired prince’s mouth just makes me want to punch him in the face. I just can’t understand what people can see in such a bland and boring girl such as our MC and it just bugs me that she makes such a deal about this being her story yet from what I saw she was just a prize to be won. I am sure there are girls who look at harems and think the exact same way, I even agree with them. Plotwise i find it contrived, because this girl has red hair she is being forced to be a prince’s concubine who happens to be channeling the spirit of Shinji from Fate. Runs away and just so happens to run into the prince of a neighbouring country who takes a liking to her immediately. Terrible prince decides the best thing to do is send her poison apples, white prince eats an apple for some reason and then when Miss bland is about to agree to be a concubine rather spiritedly, white prince pops in an flaunts his authority. Only to take her for himself. It’s just so…irritating. I understand if you don’t agree and I don’t fault you if you like this show but I just can’t bring myself to feel the same.

Potential: 0%


Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Short Synopsis: A boy goes to confess to his crush only to find out she’s a vampire.

The thing that’s likely to make or break this show is how well the humor is executed because other than that there isn’t really much heard that hasn’t been seen before. The comedy doesn’t even work on me making it hard to gauge its value. Aside from the comedy it’s a pretty typical harem that eventually leads to the old harem purgatory of no progress or results. The animation seems fine and characters are decent but again its the comedy that will make or break this. But even if all you want is a decent fairly average harem show you will likely get your fix with this.

Potential: 10%


Classroom Crisis

Short Synopsis: A transfer student is taken hostage and his class makes a rescue effort.

It’s still not clear as to what this show will actually be about seeing as this first episode acted more as an introduction to our main cast and potential main character. For one I like this business transfer student who can manage to negotiate himself out of a hostage situation and its interesting that he’s mainly being sent to the class to find ways to downsize their budget. But I am just rather confused about the setting as the “classroom” is more like a club or a company. So far the school setting looks completely unnecessary and these characters could be easily made adults in the working world. It would also make more sense seeing as no matter how futuristic the school is, I highly doubt they would allow students to do something as dangerous and expensive as spacecraft building and piloting. Some of the characters are enjoyable and the setting on Mars colonized by different nations is interesting. But I would just like to know what exactly I am in for the rest of the episodes.

Potential: 35%

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Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan

Short Synopsis: How I learned to stop worrying about giant purple death beetles and cover my crotch in strawberry jam.

Well the standard generic light novel anime of the season quota has now been filled. I really wonder just what unwritten rule demands that one of these be made every season but well here it is. Nothing new to see, protagonist is a secret badass whom all the girls are after, cheap mistaken pervert jokes, bare essential animation and of course, a high school setting. I must really say that the music in this anime is atrocious, it doesn’t fit at all and just sounds grating to the ears. The villains of this show are about as intimidating as a puppy with  a soldier helmet and from the battle shown at the beginning aren’t even that much of a threat. The three main girls have at most one trait and are all annoying. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this.

Potential: 0%


Ushio to Tora

Short Synopsis: A boy and an invisible tiger fight demons.

This season is troublesome as they are so many interesting titles that I would like to keep up with. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this as some could call it Calvin and Hobbes Shounen edition. There’s odd trend going in anime to adapt old manga, in this case a manga made in the 90’s. The problems with this is that the animes are fairly dated in storytelling often bringing up the tropes of yesteryear. But on the plus side this is a completed manga and from the looks of things this is getting 39 episodes so they intend to cover the entire manga. The animation and art are quite pleasing but that at times it’s deliberately limited for the sake of comedy or just using old animation saving techniques like speed lines and still image after attack shots. Speaking of which the comedy is mostly slapstick and it’s hit or miss. It’s rocking an excellent opening that just gets you pumped for an action show though this is going to be not quite that action packed. The main thing that sets this story apart from other shounens is the dynamic between Ushio and Tora, they are a pretty delightful duo and their interactions can be most amusing. My main concern for future episodes though is when the episodic monster of the week formula goes away and a main plot kicks in that it may be a bit too stereotypical to hold interest.

Potential: 40%


Gakkou Gurashi!

Short Synopsis. Cute girls are living in a school and are having super happy fun adventures.

If you haven’t read my preview for the summer season and know nothing about this show then stop reading this post right now and jump into the first episode blind. Well that was certainly a successful first episode, made quite a number of changes from the manga but they were all for the best. I truly regret reading the manga now cause it ruined this episodes surprise but the great thing was just how subtle the foreshadowing is to the observant. There are hints showing that something is off throughout the episode and I only managed to catch half of them on a first watch. The blackboard was something I can’t believe I missed. Admittedly the meat of this episode is in the final minutes as the majority is typical moe fluff much like any other moe anime. But it’s well crafted and calculated that even I was second guessing what I knew was coming. What really could make this series is contrast, where two completely opposite genres strengthen the effect of the other just by the sharp tonal shift. Depending on how it’s handled, this could end up something special.

Potential: 80%

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Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

Short Synopsis:  In a world governed with heavy censorship, one terrorist strives to teach everyone about the birds and the bees.

When I read the source for this anime I didn’t know how to react to it. Now with the anime I still don’t know. It’s a remarkable weird show with low grade toilet humor based in a dystopian society where the slightest mention of sex can get you arrested. It’s so utterly audacious that it’s strangely engrossing. I mean this episode ends with a class assembly as getting off to a video of two flies mating while the terrorist provides erotic voiceover. That’s South Park levels of pure absurd. I guess this show is mainly to satirise censorship and show that an extreme case that no matter how much you try to cover up the dirty details of life that people will naturally seek them out. Or in this case become even more depraved than they were without censorship. The key question that determines whether this show is can provide even more ridiculous scenarios because while setting has some potential interest, the humor isn’t enough to carry the show for a whole cour.

Potential: 30%


Aquarion Logos

Short Synopsis: A villain is using Kanji to destroy the world and the only defence is a combining giant robot.

Now I recall what Aquarion is all about. It was a pretty traditional mecha series that addeared to the tropes of old giant robot shows. So here we have a protagonist who can pilot a robot with no training whatsoever in the first episode, some pretty sexually suggestive robot combining and people yelling out flashy  finishing moves to defeat the monster of the week. There is certainly an appeal to this old style and I rather like how the monsters of this series are based around Kanji so that the villain infects a certain symbol which throws the world into chaos. In this case the Kanji for twist which results in people getting strangled by twisting scaffs and twisters appearing out of nowhere. Though the Kanji monster itself is pretty lame and I hope they come up with better designs for other symbols.  Admittedly it’s also completely ridiculous and really cheesy in it’s over the top presentation but well that can be it’s charm. My initial impression from the summer preview still remains however, that this is a show that you can enjoy watching but not one that you are going to remember.

Potential: 50%


Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Short Synopsis: A man has to take take of a Lamia girl as part of a demi-human species law.

This is an odd one. On one hand I do have a morbid curiosity about the whole thing but on the other it is indeed a pretty shameless harem material. Though this first episode did focus on only one girl and at least this time the lead has a real genuine reason to not become romantically involved with her, well besides the fact that she has nearly killed him three times in one episode. The aspects of demi-humans integrating into human society I also find interesting but there’s still a hefty amount of fanservice and it still got harem antics. The fanservice this time is also a little disturbing, taking into account that the girl is only technically human. Monster girls has always been a thing that veered too close to beastility for me.(Wouldn’t making love to a centaur be the same as getting it on with a horse?) But if you can get past that it’s…interesting I suppose. The ending card had a surprising amount of detail about various types of lamia that was fascinating. I for one never ever heard of a melusine before or knew there was a mythological snake girl known as Echidna. In a genre as stale as this, this is actually some rather refreshing creativity as questionable though it may be.

Potential: 15%

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Chaos Dragon

Short Synopsis: A boy is forced to take the path of a king

This isn’t a good start. The pacing of this episode was all over the place as the story moved to scene to scene much like a skittish rabbit. Very little of it having artistic cohesion seeing as it starts in an orphanage and when a boy hits another boy and mentions a war we are suddenly thrown into a giant infodump regarding the land and the ongoing war. The show jumps from visions to flashbacks to other character to pointless bath scenes so rapidly that it’s hard to get a clear grasp of the situation. The villains are one dimensional and purposefully idiotically evil. Watch as a man calls people savages only to decide after a sneak attack by a small group that the most logical choice would be to kill everyone in the entire town. Animation was inconsistent with some scenes having some good movement but then others resorting to speed lines and terrible still frames. The episode opens with a bad circular pan of the characters to a poorly animated CGI dragon. There is some potential as Nasu’s and Gen’s characters seem interesting and you can see parts of their writing style in the narrative. I am hoping the pace slows down and now that a hefty amount of info dumping is done we can gather the main cast and have some narrative focus. I am so far not impressed as we have a character death in the first episode and quite honestly it’s hard to feel for a character we have known for about ten to five minutes. Her death was also rather odd seeing as the main protagonist makes a deal to save her life and then the Dragon demands that he sacrifices her so he can…get the power to save her…hmmm try to figure out that logic.I would be pretty angry at that dragon in that case. This could still have the potential to turn itself around but I am starting to reconsider blogging it. If the second episode continues this then I will trade this off for Ranpo.

Potential: 50%


Rokka no Yuusha

Short Synopsis: A dirty fighting man is chosen to fight an ancient evil with five other heroes.

Well I am most certainly surprised. The experience of reading Rokka no yuusha was a rather mediocre one. Yet now that I am seeing the story get a large degree of loving care in the adaption this has turned into one of the best first episodes of the season so far. There was some rather clunky exposition in the middle of the episode where two characters recounted the legend of the six flowers for only the audience’s benefit seeing as both were well aware of the legend already. But the fights are beautifully animated and the art is very pleasing. It also helps that the main characters constant repeating of being the strongest man in the world is not quite as annoying. The animators made a lot of little changes too which make the story a lot more charming such as showing the passing of time with Adelt marking the walls of his prison cell with a sword and the princess of blades cutting up the cell and pushing all the guards in. Admittedly I am still expecting this to fall flat on it’s face once the real story begins but now a potential possibility has been shown. It could actually happen that the animes strength of presentation could make up for the stories shortcomings in writing.

Potential: 70%



Short Synopsis: A virtual reality MMO player has found himself in the MMO world turned real.

It’s decent but overall just pure power fantasy show. There was some interest in the grief Momonga felt at having all his MMO friends ditch the game for real life. Leaving him, the last person who cares, alone to watch the servers get shut down. I really question how successful this MMO would be in our current market as a game which allows you to customise everything is just asking to get exploited and mechanically broken. But the servers shut down and Momonga realizes that it’s all suddenly become real and he is now the overpowered leader of a group of overpowered guardians. One of whom is a girl who he actually edited to fall in love with him at the last minute. Which he would need to do if he ever wanted a human relationship considering that he’s a skeleton…which causes me to question why the girl didn’t find it painful to have a bony skeleton hand grope her. She even offered to have sex with him which I am truly mind boggled as to the mechanics of how that would be possible. There is a charm of being an overpowered god in an RPG that can one hit kill anything but I often find that can become boring after  a while. I expect the same to happen here as it’s clear this won’t be a story about someone becoming mad with power and abusing his situation. CGI skeletons aside the animation is solid and art likewise. This could be fun to watch for a while but there only so long it can last.

Potential: 30%

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Zesshou Symphogear GX

Short Synopsis: Three idol wannabes with mech suits are trying to be the thunderbirds.

Good god how can a show get more progressively awful with each new season and to make matters worse it get more budget with each season. It just fills my heart with pity for the animators putting their hard work and talent to such a bankrupt story. Well here it is, the fact that the character sing while in battle is still as terrible and distracting as ever. The comedy is even worse as well as the clear lesbian undertones. The anime episode has a pretty blatant music video pasted in the middle of it to advertise a single that’s likely to come on sale after the show. Also I don’t exactly understand why it was decided that girls with mech suits clearly designed for combat was the perfect group to handle global natural disasters and accidents. I mean wasn’t there some creatures called Noise which these girls were supposed to combat or something? Or did they wipe those out in the last seasons? That’s a genuine question because while I did watch those seasons, I fear(Or am glad) I have forgotten everything about them. Look I understand the joy of watching something stupid sometimes but I at least would like it to have some merit of entertaining through its stupidity. Symphogears third season is shameless to it’s core and shows the reason why it exists with every minute. That reason being made out of paper and commonly exchanged for services and goods.

Potential: 0%



Short Synopsis: A guy who can possess other people is forced to attend a high school that has superpowered students.

This started off as quite interesting at first as the main character is interesting seeing as he uses his ability for his own selfish benefit. It even made me laugh hard as the main character started manically laughing in class only to suddenly become embarrassed as everyone started looking at him weird. But then it turns out this isn’t the real setting and the real cast shows up to drag the main into the age old Maeda sitcom portain. It all went downhill from there as they introduced the main characters little sister who acts like that period of childhood where the kid is not cute anymore but continues to try to act cute only to end up ungodly annoying. Sure some may find her cute but people remember, she’s been engineered for suffering. Like giving a child a puppy and then once they have grown attached, infect it with a fatal disease. It’s all part of the plan for maximum tears. Maeda’s written female characters do act like they are ten years younger than they are supposed to be in general. The skits are already starting up and  it’s clear that these rather useless superpowers will be mainly used for comic effect. Then comes the dramatic second half, likely to do with people losing their powers and the mains missing brother(I am guessing he’s dead but used his magic powers to erase himself from their memories so they wouldn’t be sad.) used to wind up the drama to “cry now damnit” levels. I am giving it half potential as it could still surprise but my friends, it’s the same old story, same old song and dance.

Potential: 50%


Dragon Ball Super

Short Synopsis: …Do I even need to summarize this? It’s Dragonball people. Dragonball.

Nostalgia is definitely the main positive factor here and this episode plays that card hard. It’s a lighthearted start to the series which brings in all the old characters and hijinks. But my initial concerns with the series still remain. For one they seem to have placed this before the battle of gods movie and are setting up Beerus as the main villain which is just screwing up the timeline completely. Another is that the characters seem to have gone down in power seeing as Goten and Trunks fought a giant snake in this episode and actually had trouble with it when by all accounts they should have smashed it to pieces with a single punch. Overall while it’s nice to see Goku and the gang again, I just don’t see how we can make a credible threat to them when they should be on the level of unbeatable gods at this point. In Dragonball z it was clear the idea’s were running dry by the end of the series and I don’t think the man can come up with anything new in the years past since it’s end. Nostalgia may carry this for half a cour but if something new isn’t presented then I think this will lose favor soon.

Potential: 60%

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I wonder when it was that a film being childish became a flaw. As a medium grows it takes steps to aim to mature itself and seek a more intellectual level of presenting entertainment. Animation did it as Anime aimed to explore terrontry that cartoons refuse to explore and video games only recently broke away from the stigma of being children’s entertainment. However in doing so I believe a fear was born. A fear to return to making “childish” media or to attempt to step down from creating something that could be considered for kids only. It’s a shame really as some of the most fondly remembered games and shows are those “childish” material.  The Crash’s, Spyro’s, Sly Cooper’s, Dexers laboritories, powerpuff girls, Samurai Jack’s and many more do seem absent in current times. When you get down to it, sometimes you don’t want an intellectual thriller, a political commentary, a satire or philosophical exploration. Sometimes you just want something simple and fun. Trigger have provided exactly that with with the second OVA/movie for Little Witch Academia.

For those who don’t already know, this anime is a result of studio trigger putting up a Kickstarter to help extend a planned second episode for their 2013 animated short made for Anime Mirai 2013. They asked for $150,000 and with the help of 7,938 backers they got $625,518 instead, over three times what they asked for. Thanks to that we have an hour long, wonderfully animated episode that never overstays it’s welcome and is just downright enjoyable from beginning to end. The story is fairly simplistic and is predictable from the get go, as well as the characters being straightforward. Through that really just adds to the charm, for you see to those who grew up watching saturday morning cartoons this anime brings back that nostalgic feeling. You can really tell that this was made with a lot of heart and soul with the animation which is more cartoon than anime styled. On that note many of triggers works tend to go in that direction and it is their strongest suit in my opinion. When you think of a trigger work it’s not for it’s story or deep thought provoking characters but instead for it’s seer energy and lively atmosphere. In that regard it’s hard to judge a Trigger work on a critical standpoint when the real value is just in how it makes you feel. When watching this I knew exactly what was going to happen, I knew Akko would have a falling out with her friends and this would end up with them making up at the climax to help defeat the villain. I seen all the chekhov’s guns get fired and there were no twists and ends that surprised me but I just didn’t care. The journey and characters were so entertaining that I honestly didn’t want it to end.

I think that if this anime deserves real merit it would be in how contained the story is. Often in anime I find that Japanese works seem to have trouble with a small time frame, anime movies in particular are guilty of this. It always seems like they can never wrap up the story in the movies time frame, pacing can just become too slow or go too fast and endings don’t feel like an ending. It’s like a large story crushed into a short time frame but with this the story doesn’t waste a single moment. It went on exactly as long as it should and ended where it needed to end thus creating a solid satisfying experience. I understand that this might not be the kind anime for everyone as I am certain people will get turned off by its simple nature but if you find the character interactions as amusing as I do I say this will give you entertainment that is harder to find in the current market. I can safely say that the backers of this project got their moneys worth which is rarer than you think with Kickstarter projects. Studio Trigger, I missed the Kickstarter for this episode but if you are planning a new kickstarter for the third episode then you can count on me being a backer.

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Short Synopsis: A deaf man and a gigolo take on a job to wipe out a small time crook getting too cocky

If it’s one thing this show has got, it’s style. Mangalobe always had a talent for great openings and this anime is no exception with a opening with a catchy theme and a very manga style colour scheme. But the music throughout the first episode was just as catchy and sleek which is good as I found that the music never really stopped playing throughout the episode. At times it was somewhat overbearing. Art and animation are good though some far away shots of people had some bad faces and a small bit of animation looked off during the sword fighting near the end. But all things considered this is a very strong start to the season and everything here was more or less a perfect adaption of the manga. We already have an unconventional cast of characters and an amoral setting so all things considered we have all the ingredients for a very good anime. The only reason the potential rating isn’t 90% is because I don’t have much faith in Mangalobe for this. There is high probability of the animation getting limited at this rate and whether they can stop themselves from adding their own material to a story that doesn’t need it. It’s a good start, keep it up.

Potential: 80%


Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

Short Synopsis: A Student wakes up in a classroom with his dead teacher and now must work to prove his innocence.

Well now that’s one way to start an anime. The opening was unique to say the least and after that we are greeted with a feminine like boy waking up in a classroom to see his teacher dismembered into a meditation pose. I did a double take when this character who looks like a girl in every aspect was in fact a boy. But at least from research, Kobayashi was said to be adept at posing as young women so it’s accurate to the character at least. What isn’t accurate is the title of this episode which was called the human chair. Now Ranpo did write a story called “The Human Chair” but that story was about a crazed carpenter who build a compartment inside a chair and hid himself inside it so he could rob the hotel the chair was sold to. The story eventually led to the chair getting sold to a rich couple and the carpenter growing obsessed about the man’s wife. It was a disturbing story that had no murder in it though this episode looks to have just taken the title and ran with it. The main character is interesting to say the least, seeing as he reacts to his teachers death with an unnerving calm and proves to be a highly observant. Akechi looks to be a good detective, already channeling a more depressed and somber Sherlock Holmes. I am still at odds with making the characters high school students and the show itself seems to be going out of it’s way to excuse it with Akechi’s ridiculous exposition on why he can solve crimes for the police while still being a student. I also cringed at the sight of a teacher who dressed herself up and had cat ears with a try hard cute act. They made her a little more interesting by showing her scars from cutting herself in a handshake but I don’t understand why she had to be so….peppy. Another thing was that all background characters were represented as gradient silhouettes which I understand what they are going for but I don’t think it works. Still those things aside we have the ingredients for an interesting anime, one I plan to keep an eye on.

Potential: 85%


Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There

Short Synopsis: A medieval fantasy world attacks the modern day world.

It’s a solid start to the series but admittedly not the most engaging. In the manga the attack on Ginza was only covered briefly whereas here it was made into a full episode. This may be because the light novel put more detail in the event or simply because the anime wanted an exciting pilot episode. My opinion is fairly mixed at the moment. I really like the fantasy vs technology aspect of the story and the real worlds reaction to the Gate. But I find the comedy to be pretty terrible and the main characters Otaku traits to be rather irritating. There are definite positives such as the absence of a school setting and that the cast is well over their teenage years. Music is not the best with the opening and ending themes being out of place in their bubbly J-Pop and the soundtrack rather mundane. Animation and art are passable, nothing really special. The big question is how close the adaption is to the original work and whether they can keep a good pace going. So far it’s promising.

Potential: 70%

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The second season of Sidonia makes a number of mistakes that a lot of second seasons do. That namely being that the anime slows down and introduces characters and conflicts that are often resolved in a undetermined to exist, third season. A new antagonist is introduced, whom does very little in the season and only foreshadows a future conflict. A war is started and the season ends when Sidonia takes a planet as a base of operations for future conflicts in the war. This season is really just a build up to a third season which may or may not come to be. So it can be said, undeniably, that this season is much weaker than it’s first. The biggest detractor to its enjoyment is the sudden increase of slice of life harem antics which strangely enough was started with the introduction of an inhuman character. A chimera called Tsumugi is introduced to the cast and with her introduction the plot of the series takes a massive backseat. The story puts her directly into the spotlight where more or less all events for a large amount of screentime have to do with her. Previously her role looked to be the start of a conflict with the use of Gauna based weapons and the people’s rejection of Tsumugi but this conflict is wrapped up very fast. Then she’s treated as another girl around Tanikaze despite being in no way human, in some ways it comes across as alien just how accepting these people are of a giant pink tentacle squid that talks with a cutesy girls voice.

Art for the series remains consistent and can look great but animation can take some time to get used to. There are still some uncanny valley moments with the stiffness of human characters that even went gotten used to can be distracting. It is a shame, as with just a small improvement in movement would make this a non issue. The mecha battles are fantastic and remain a highlight of the series but are more sparse in this season. Which brings me to what I consider to be the biggest failing here, that being the increase of harem antics. Sidonia’s first season also had these moments but they were broken up a lot more due to more action set pieces. The pace of the first season kept moving, never letting characters sit too long for the viewer to notice the lack of depth to them. But here the pacing comes down and when the story begins to focus on the characters it really comes to light that there isn’t much there. Tanikaze remains a typical anime protagonist, who has a huge talent for piloting and attracting female companionship despite having a lack of charisma. Izana has potential for grown but remains a role who is defined by her love for Tanikaze. Yahata has her role as a commander during action but out of that she serves the same role as Izana. Tsumugi you would think would have a much more defined role, but despite how disturbing it is, also plays mainly as love interest after her initial introduction. So it’s not hard to see that the story has veered off course when you are watching an episode dedicated to teasing a potential romantic relationship between Izana and Tanikaze. Almost as if the writer has been pushed out of his role and replaced with a shipper.

Despite now there being less of them, the action scenes are still a joy to watch and the series does have a great ending battle. Though predictably it ends with a tease for a another season and could leave viewers unsatisfied. Overall it’s a decent season held down by its slow moments. Provided you can put up with some age old harem scenarios it can be enjoyed and it never gets to the point of being insufferable to get through. What plot there is, is engaging and it does hold promise for a future season. If that comes to be. But I know this season will likely be a breaking point for some and I can see why. I just hold out hope that if there is another season, it’s doesn’t make the same mistakes this one did.

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Tanikaze’s rendezvous with Benizumie looks to have been cut short as Izana interrupted with some hacker magic. The entire sequence being as uncomfortable and disturbing as you could imagine. I still wonder just what was her goal in doing all this to Tanikaze. Was it some method of killing him or just some really kinky reproduction? Probably both. I did really like that moment before Tanikaze dove the knife in for the killing blow, like he was breaking her heart. The Hayakaze bombardment was also a great highlight, being mesmerising in how each unit locked in together and blasted everything to kingdom come. From what I hear this was an anime original addition and if so it was a great way to conclude the final battle. After this was just a few call backs to the start of the series and a montage ending with the first opening theme. One thing that really proves this was a weaker season than the first was that in the montage there was an abundance of great action when montaging the first season but when it jumped to the second it suddenly was showing scenes such as Izana bursting out of her pilot suit and a bath scene. That really speaks for this season as a whole.

The ending scenes acted more as a makeshift live goes on ending for the series and there seems to be no sight of a third season so far. I think the probability of another season is actually quite high and I would be interested in seeing how things develop with the Benizumie placenta, the parasite controlling Kunato and the second Chimera. However I also dread the thought of having to go through another number of slice of life harem antics such as this season was.  My overall impression of the season is positive but I think the middle section of the cour did drag a bit. If this is the last of the Sidonia universe in animated form then as an ending to the series this is deeply unsatisfying. There are far too many loose threads and foreshadowing to a conclusion that viewers would need to read the manga to see. A filler ending would be a bad way to end things as they can never find a way to tie things up without seeming forced but to have it end this way is also a shame. I at least want to see them do something with Kunato as he does feel like a villain who was introduced only to dwell in the background, looking menacing.  I had fun watching this show and to see it reach a half baked conclusion is disheartening.

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For a long time now this adaption has been the dreams of many a Fate fan with many believing it would never come to pass, but now that it is here is it everything that we dreamed? Short answer to this is no, long answer is nearly. I feel this show will have many divided on what to think of it, some will claim it’s overhyped garbage, others will think it’s the greatest thing on the face of the planet and few such as myself will see it as good but short of what it could have been. Let me give two pointers on things which could help your enjoyment. One, do not walk into this expecting Fate/Zero 2, many did and naturally they were disappointed. Basically what you should expect here is not a mature thriller but rather a shounen action. This isn’t Fate/Zero and it isn’t trying to be. Second, marathon it. The pacing of this series is dead slow and it’s better experienced in binge sessions rather than sporadically. For those who have no idea on wherther to start from here or watch Fate/Zero first you can start from either and there is no real proper order to watch these shows.

The characters and their interactions are enjoyable though some characters basically disappear in it’s second half. Shirou and Rin make a enjoyable partnership thats a joy to watch and the charisma of Lancer and Archer makes it just impossible to dislike them. The plot has interesting themes though at times they can feel forced down your throat but overall the presentation of a selfless hero’s flaws is interesting. Your enjoyment of the series may depend on your knowledge of the source material as the anime does a poor job of conveying some things which can make certain parts of the story seem like deus ex machina or cheap developments. That aside there are also weaknesses in the original text that carry over to the anime such as excessive monologuing and exposition which becomes tedious in the second half of the series when the fights become much shorter due to either a waning budget or poor decision making.

Regardless of whether people love it or hate it, this anime has set a new standard in animation and art for anime to strive for. The fight scenes only are the kind of thing that action anime dream of. I mean just look at the screenshots for these reviews, this anime is beautifully drawn and beautifully animated. This kind of quality is unimaginable for anime years before and if studios each strive for it we could be seeing an upsurge of truly visually stunning anime. Perhaps then the best animated fights in action anime will not be in the opening of the series. Music for the series is excellent but sadly not quite as noticeable, while scenes are enhanced by it there are a bit too many points of silence in episodes. The pacing of the series is it’s biggest flaw, ranging from hot and cold periods before entering into a snail’s pace for it’s second half. The second half of the series is were the main problems come in as the amount of material left in the game was not enough for a full one cour season. Things begin to get dragged out as dialogues stretch on and less and less happens each episode but if you can get through it you will receive an excellent climax with a resolute satisfying ending.

Despite it having many flaws I do believe this is an anime that anime fans should make a must watch even if only for the visuals. The first half of the series truly is excellent and for all the problems of the second half there are still standout moments such as internal visualization of Shirou coming to terms with his answer to the battle of berserker and Gilgamesh. There is definitely things to love in this adaption and hopefully for new fans it can birth an interest in the series as a whole. Now there’s only the hope that maybe the blu-rays will add more action scenes to the second half and that the upcoming Heaven’s feel movie can be as great as it can be.


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  • Wicked
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 01:10 AM)
    well, this place changed a lot. Gotta say, I’m not a fan of how they adapted GATE into an anime. It feels too decompressed. Manga did a better job at keeping the tension taut
  • ;(
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 01:08 AM)
    Also I am not the blog, I’m just a poster… I really hope you have enough sense to tell the difference…
  • ;(
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 01:07 AM)
    @Emo: you’re saying all that like that doesn’t fit your description to a T. Kinda sad actually…
    Well I guess now at least I gave you one more thing to get angry about so your day seems just a bit more active than your last.
  • ;(
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 01:03 AM)
    I don’t think people are really expected to read it from the start anymore. I mean that’s probably why it stays popular in Japan considering people would have to be in their 20s at least to keep up from the start without reading hundreds of chapters just to keep up.
  • ;(
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 01:00 AM)
    Well admittly comics don’t seem to be that easy to follow (don’t actually read comics despite liking a lot of DC and marvel media), but anyway it’s not like the other long-running shounens in terms of continuity and more like the long-running comedies like say Kochikoma.
  • ;(
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 12:56 AM)
    If you don’t like it, it’s cool.
    If you don’t feel like watching a thing that still airs weekly that’s also cool.
    If you leave it because it’s long or far from ending, you’re really missing out for little reason. One Piece is like western comics, the characters and setting has been around for years but each saga comes as a standalone story and for the most part is directed at both veterans and newcomers.
  • jerkocaust
    (Saturday, Aug 1. 2015 12:35 AM)
    ;( tell me more about this world, oh anonymous anime fan on some minor anime blog who spends his days rotting at home watching anime, tell me more about this world you must know from the window of your computer monitor
  • AidanAK47
    (Friday, Jul 31. 2015 11:20 PM)
    ;(, It goes against my code. If I start something then I start at the start from the start otherwise I feel like I am missing something. I gave one pieces manga and anime a pretty fair shot. Made it up to that shark pirate guy and I can sort I see why people like it but I am really not keen on getting into something with no end in sight. Plus the art style really doesn’t work for me.
  • ;(
    (Friday, Jul 31. 2015 10:52 PM)
    If this world is so overcomplicated for you, you can just quit it. I won’t mind.
  • jerkocaust
    (Friday, Jul 31. 2015 10:36 PM)
    Lord Christ what an overcomplicated world i live in when someone like ;( needs an unnecessarily complicated reason for liking/hating a show. The explanation which, btw won’t change aidanak47’s opinion on the shonen garbage that is One Piece of Shit. We just dont like the show and forcing ourself to come at it from a different angle which is what you push is disingenuous and tiring.

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