Posted by amun on 4 November 2019 with categories: Currently Watching:, Fire Force

Fire Force has officially kicked off their second cour, and it comes complete with new songs, new characters, and new insights into the world.  Here we go!

Posted by Lenlo on 3 November 2019 with categories: Currently Watching:, Dr.STONE

Welcome one and all to another week of of Dr.STONE! Normally this is where I do a whole spiel, about what happened this week, etc. However this episode really solidified that I am just not into it. That Dr.STONE is really starting to lose steam with me. It has moments of brilliance there, as we see the science play out. But as a whole I just feel it doesn’t work as well as the manga. The gags last to long, the pacing much to slow compared to the manga. Meanwhile, I am realizing my nostalgia for reading the manga so many years ago was misplaced. Perhaps it was the magic of seeing a non-battle shounen anime. Or just the excitement of seeing Boichi’s art once again. Regardless, that magic has worn off, and the flaws are showing through.


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Chihayafuru’s cast of characters is its biggest asset, and these two episodes leave no room for debate on the matter. Plenty of sports series can build impressive rosters over multiple seasons, but how many of them can bounce between simultaneous matches in the same room with this degree of naturality? How many anime series (of any genre) can incorporate significant dialogue from upwards of 15 characters in the span of 45 minutes, each of whom make you smile when they burst onto the screen? How many shows with tumultuous shipping wars at the heart of their fandoms can make all three participants in a love triangle so interesting? “Not many” is the answer to all three questions. I was satisfied with last week’s premiere, but these two were on another level, thanks to the fantastic appearances by non-Mizusawa, non-Fujisaki competitors. And we’ve got another double episode coming next week, too! What have I done to deserve this anime bounty?


Posted by Lenlo on 30 October 2019 with categories: Currently Watching:, Vinland Saga

Apologies for the lateness on this, I let my break with Mononoke affect Vinland Saga to and got a bit to relaxed, haha. This week Askeladd’s band starts to fall apart, meanwhile Thorkell finds his playmates and auditions for the Olympics. Let’s dive in!

Starting off, this was a bloody week for Vinland. If episode 14 wasn’t enough, this week we continue to see just how far Askeladd is willing to go. Quite literally torturing a man to get information on those coming after him. What impressed and surprised me though was just how willing Vinland was the actually show it. I suppose after some previous episodes, I shouldn’t have been. But something about those bloody stumps in the snow was just so… raw. It was one of those scenes I think the anime nailed, truly representing the manga in a way that most anime never reach. On top of this, we are also starting to reach the main “combat” bit of the series. With perhaps the only major fights that actually exist in what is not a “combat” series.


Posted by SuperWooper on 29 October 2019 with categories: Weekly Summary

Wooper: The weekly recap is back, packed with impressions of worthwhile shows that we weren’t able to blog due to a severe case of sequelitis. I say “we,” but it’s just Lenlo and I running things this time around. Mario recently burned himself out by watching Literally Everything, and I stepped in to blab about No Guns Life in amun’s stead this week. They might be back next time, or they might not! Until then, we hope you enjoy these scattered thoughts of some of the season’s better offerings.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 4

Wooper: This episode delivered on the feeling of fun that I want from Iruma-kun. Clara (the green-haired genki girl) received a double feature last week, which was okay, but the show halted its exploration of demon society to give her that spotlight. This time, Iruma is assigned to a class full of misfits boasting nearly a dozen named characters, each of whom have a quirk that gives the classroom scenes an absurd sense of possibility. The biggest addition, both literally and figuratively, is Sabnock, a hulking man whose only aspiration is to become the Demon King. Thus the show kills two birds with one stone: we get a fun macho personality added to the cast, and we hear from him about the process of climbing hell’s military ladder. Clara’s character was also put to wonderful comedic use in the background, whether she was measuring Sabnock’s height with a yardstick, getting eaten by carnivorous plants, or checking out a flight course with magically conjured binoculars. Telling a single story per episode is definitely my preferred format for this series, rather than splitting it into two halves like last week – everything feels fresher and funnier without the need to juggle two distinct plots.


Mugen no Juunin: Immortal 4

Lenlo: Blade did another weird thing this week. As it took some of Makie’s backstory, which was in the 200 pages of cut content, and put it are the front of this weeks. Choosing to use that instead to build up our Antagonist’s relationship with his grandfather, which itself got sped through. Sure, the pacing of the episode itself was fine enough, but the overall story is just burning through content. Rearranging it to fit each individual episode, without much regard for what it does to the overall story. Surprising no one, adapting 30 Manga Volumes into a 2 cour season is not a good idea. That said, I still enjoyed bits of it. I like Kagehisa and his world view, though I wish Blade was giving us more time and exposure to it instead of this chunks torn from the manga. It’s also nice to see our lead getting called out for effectively abandoning her style. And even though she is getting some training from Manji, it still isn’t enough. My major complaint though, production aside, will continue to be the overarching pacing.


Posted by HelghastKillzone on 28 October 2019 with categories: Currently Watching:, Psycho-Pass 3

When it comes to Psycho-Pass content, it doesn’t rain, it pours. Over the last month, the three Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System movies have been released and subbed as well as season three kicking off with forty minute episodes apiece. In today’s market of endless adaptations, isekais, and trashy throwaway shows, Psycho-Pass is the only original sci-fi anime franchise of the past decade to have any staying power as evident by its multiple media efforts. I love its mature take on a future with a computer system governs its citizens through a criminally-based number and a police force with handheld energy guns. Mandatory viewing of the Psycho-Pass: The Movie as well the sinners of the system Trilogy are required. Those movies don’t really have anything to do with the opening episode but have story elements that I’m certain will become relevant down the road.


Posted by SuperMario on 28 October 2019 with categories: Beastars, Currently Watching:

I must say that I find this episode less effective than the previous two, as we move a bit further away from Draft Rabbit and more to the Deer and his play. As some random teammates notice the fact that the core team member of the drama club have their own personal issues that make them the perfect candidate for the role, one (including our Legosi) would think what is the secret that Louis is holding. From his interaction to Legosi this week, it feels as if he feels his herbivore nature as his weakness, thus he is ticked off by Legosi, the carnivore type that tries his best to suppress his own nature. His dream of becoming a Beastars is quite obvious, but I still don’t see the extent on why he pushed himself so much to perform the plays. It’s clear how Louis is the type of model character that Legosi dreams to be, but like the tragic play Louis performs, he’s heading towards a tragic end here so I suppose he will soon reveal his vulnerable sides once his “number one” status crumbles down the floor.


Posted by amun on 28 October 2019 with categories: Currently Watching:, Fire Force

I’m going to consider this the finale of Fire Force. You know those complaints about fight scene choreography I had in previous episodes? The reason for the problems was everyone was working on this episode. Seriously, I actually watched this one twice. Fire Force is on an upwards trajectory and I’m pumped!

Posted by Lenlo on 28 October 2019 with categories: Anime Reviews, Finished Series: Horror, Mononoke, Reviews by Lenlo, Throwback Thursday

I have reviewed a lot of odd shows recently. From Paranoia Agent to Serial Experiments Lain, they each had their own… je ne sais quoi, their own unique flavor. Keeping with that trend is Mononoke, a sort of Horror Anthology reminiscent of Tales From the Crypt or a Stephen King short stories collection. Though where those went for a more classic sort of horror, Mononoke aims more for a permeated dread. Working to bring horror from the actions of man, but basing it on traditional Japanese monsters. Like a sort of mix between Stephen King and Mushishi. Little jump-scare horror, with more slow built environmental and naturalist horror. How’s that for a sentence you thought you would never read, eh? Made by Toei, directed by Kenji Nakamura and spun-off from the final arc of Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror, I believe Mononoke succeeds at just that.

So without further ado, let’s dive in. And make sure to stick around until the end to find out what series will next be featured on Throwback Thursday!

(Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers. Also, I am working to make 50 the new “average”. 70 is not an average score people. 70 is above average. Carry on.)


Posted by Lenlo on 27 October 2019 with categories: Currently Watching:, Dr.STONE

I hate to say it so flat out like this, but I did not enjoy this week of Dr.STONE. From the focus on the overarching story to some issues on the actual presentation of it all. I found a lot of issues with this week, and it’s time to just dive into it.

Across the board, nothing in this episode of Dr.STONE really wowed me. The whole thing just felt rather dull. This isn’t unique to the anime of course, I wasn’t huge on this section of the manga either. But for me it highlights one of Dr.STONE’s biggest issues, that being the overarching story. We saw it when the series first started as well, with Tsukasa. A lot of the opening section as it sets everything up was just weak. The series really only coming into its own as we left Tsukasa behind and transitioned to Ishigami village. Focusing much more on the science and such. Here we are returning for a moment to the overarching story. However instead of focusing in on our leads, instead its backstory. Even for good stories, backstory is a pain, so for Dr.STONE’s dull main story? It’s a bit of a death kneel.


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